Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Some stuff in no particular order

Does anyone else have the feeling that things are getting away from us here in the good ol’ US of A? And by “things” I mean specifically freedom. You be the judge:

In the post under there’s a link to a story about a man harassed for lawfully carrying a weapon.

Last night on tv, I saw a commercial about cops stopping drivers and giving them tickets for not wearing a seatbelt.

Yesterday’s news had the story of corrupt pols handing out waivers exempting their special interests for being FORCED into a government run healthcare system like the rest of us.

IN Supremes do not have a problem with cops forcibly entering innocent people’s homes, but they do have a problem if the innocent people resist the…what…lawful forced entry by cops of a law abiding citizen’s home.

The Feds are suing AZ for enforcing a southern border that Feds obviously have no intention of ever defending.

Supreme idiots of the land have determined that the government can seize your home or place of business under imminent domain and give it to another citizen if he can improve the tax base.

NLRB has told Boeing that they cannot build their Dream Liner in SC. Rather the company must submit to extortion by union thugs, lay abouts and thieves in WA.

The P-BO is considering issuing an Executive Order forcing contractors interested in government bids to reveal their political contributions.


We’re now up to 1,300 waivers to the P-BOcare nightmare passed unread in the dark of the night. 80% of those waivers have been granted to union creeps. The latest round of waivers went in large part to Grand Fran Nan Pelooser’s campaign bankroll in San Fran.


Look, I love police officers. But I do not think that they ought to be able to pull you over to check if you’re wearing a seatbelt.

Neither should they be able to knock down people’s doors in the middle of the night and not expect a fight – especially when they make an error and forcibly enter the home of law abiding people. And it’s for the police officers’ own good. Nothing is going to cause more contempt for the police among the protected than the courts setting them up on an unassailable pedestal above the people they are sworn to protect. That has such communist ring to it. When law abiding citizens begin to despise and fear the police, we’re in trouble. This ruling sets us farther down that path.

The second amendment exists in part to guard against such intrusions. For the safety of cops everywhere, the Supreme Dopes of the land ought to weigh in on this BS, smack the IN Supreme Dumb@$$es down and set us back to place where law abiding people don’t have to go, aww $h!t, every time they see a police car.


Unions are the teat upon which Demo-Dopes have been suckling for the last 30 years. The weaker they get the more vocal, disruptive and violent they get. The final bill for the union uprising in Madison WI is 8 MILLION bucks. If WI Gov. Scott Walker wants to be an even bigger hero, he’d tell the unions that he’s suing them for the damages.

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