Friday, May 06, 2011

A new BS reason not to release the UBL pics

In the ever changing of stories about why we’re not going to release the photos of UBL’s dead miserable @$$ here’s one that just doesn’t add up. Yesterday we debunked the, “it will enrage the perpetually enraged religion of peace” BS. Today Lex takes on the “it’s for the troops” BS.

Reasoning for this pathetic argument goes that by releasing the picture it’ll make the job of troops harder. Oh really? And killing the sack of crap made their job…what? Anyone pissed about pictures is already pissed about UBL reaching room temp..uh make that bottom of the Arabian Sea temperature. So, here’s the question class. Was the photo above taken before or after we released the photographs a dead and thankfully gone to hell UBL?

And look who’s making the argument - Robert gates and Adm. Mickey Mouse Mike Mullen. Aren’t these the guys who didn’t give a crap about making the troops’ job harder when they forced a repeal of DADT? Why yes, I think it was.

And (g)@$$bag Demo-Dopes all over have picked up the meme. RC Turdbin, who compared our troops to Soviets running the gulag, Pol Pot and Stalin when Abu Ghraib broke, now suddenly has the troops’ best interests in mind? BS. Cambodian war hero John François Kerry accused our troops, who didn’t have any education, of air raiding Muslim villages in the dead of night and terrorizing women and children. Now the man in the black beret wants us to believe he is only interested in the well being of our troop. Double BS. Oh and how would you describe the SEAL Team raid Mr. François? They flew in, “air raided” if you will, at night, assaulted a home where women and children were present and killed at least four of the occupants. Shooting a woman in the leg and killing a 12 year old girl's father in front of her.  That won't creat at least one new terrorist, will it?

Don’t get me wrong.  I couldn’t care les how the murdering POS met his demise.  I’m just saying the circumstances are pretty consistent with what horse face Kerry found deplorable when GWB was president.

And how about the guy making all of the gutsy decisions, the P-BO himself? He cannot possibly be worried about the troops. This is the idiot who didn’t give one hoot in hell about making the troops’ jobs harder when he ordered more pictures of Abu Ghraib released shortly after taking office. This guy is the BS king. He’s so full crap he could have made the entire state of Carthage a farming wonderland one day after the Romans finished plowing salt into the earth. He’s that full of BS.

Nice try. Uh, no, on second thought, miserably poor try. Nobody with an ounce of sense is ever going to believe that any of you (g)@$$bags give a crap about the troops. This weasel move sounds so much like the Demo-Dope meme when they are pushing one their hare-brained socialist social policies, “it’s for the children.” That’s all BS as well. It’s for them and their attempt to grab power.

Rep Debate

I watched a good portion of the debate last night. I thought it was way too early for this stuff. Now I’m thinking maybe not.

Herman Cain was clearly the winner. Is that racist? Herman Cain is black. I suppose we need to clarify – all black, and spent a good portion of the evening trashing the P-BO. Is that racist? So how long will it be before Eugene Robinson and the rest of the tolerant left begin to call Herman an Oreo?

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