Monday, August 31, 2009

Demo-Dopes using power to quell dissent

On Thursday, Glenn Beck ran a special on how the Dear Dope was advocating forming a “domestic army” that is as well funded and as well trained as the regular army. That’s scary stuff. But hey 52% of American voters apparently thought that that was a good enough idea to give dopus a chance. Well Glenn wondered what the “domestic army” would be responsible for and who would make it made up. ACRON, AmeriCorps, union thugs and the New Black Panthers are all givens. But what about the local police? Check this out.

This is pretty chilling. I love the line, if you don’t do what I tell you, “Then I can charge you with whatever I want to charge you with.” Wow, officer Cheeks. So if you tell me not to jay walk and I go ahead and do it anyway, you can then charge me with treason? This the world of the Dear Dope. Shut people up. Notice the first amendment was never raised. Notice also the Dear Dope @$$ kisser trying to explain the whole thing away, “Actually school grounds blah, blah, blah” “The Supreme Court blah blah blah.”

It’s political dissent. That’s the exact thing the first amendment and the Supreme Court are supposed to be defending.

Now watch this. A man is arrested (escorted out by police) at a town hall for asking HIS REPRESENTATIVE why union thugs were invited into the meeting an hour early. WTF? Arrested or forcibly removed?

Now in a further homework assignment read this bit about Scrawny Harry the crooked land dealer Reid. Sherman Frederick lambastes the scrawny one for threatening his newspaper. This is the Dear Dope’s world. Joe the plumber gets in your way, destroy him. Jimmy the I beat up an 8th grader Moron Moran doesn’t like your protest sign, kick him out of the town hall. Carol don’t ask me about union thugs Shea-Porter doesn’t like a question, use the police to remove the questioner. Harry I can get my dopey kid a job Reid doesn’t like the editorial spin of a paper, shut it down.

They are using their power to shut people up. We need to to awaken to our power to throw them out.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Ridge is the real loser

In last Saturday’s “Winners and Losers” section of the Ft. Wayne Daily Fish Wrap, the editorial board decided that the “Bush administration” was a loser because of unsubstantiated charges made by former Homeland Security Secretary, Tom Ridge. Lex sent a love note to the editors:

Real losers:

Tom Ridge, in effort to sell books to enrich himself, has made an UNSUPPORTED charge that top advisers to President George W. Bush wanted to raise the national threat level just before the 2004 election. Ridge SUSPECTED the move was political.

First, I SUSPECT that setting the national threat level is a bit like judging Dancing with the Stars in that there is a lot of subjectivity involved in both. Second, Ridge has not provided one piece of evidence to support the notion that politics motivated the setting of threat levels. Next, we used to raise the threat level for the Super Bowl, the World Series, national holidays like the 4th of July, Christmas (and yes Christmas is STILL a national holiday) etc. We STILL raise the threat level in places like Iraq and Afghanistan during their NATIONAL ELECTIONs. So is it really that far fetched that some well-intended bureaucrat might think it a good idea to raise the national threat level during our own elections?

Last, while researching a book, NY Times reporter Eric Lichtblau asked Ridge if politics played any part in setting the threat level. Ridge responded, “[There’s] not a chance. Politics played no part.” Up to the point that Ridge needed to sell some books of his own, he has maintained that politics never entered into the equation for setting the threat level.

Besides Ridge, the other big losers in this mess are the small-minded willfully ignorant buffoons who populate the editorial boards of dying newspapers in small and mid-sized communities. It seems it is more important to these “losers” to advance their political agenda than the truth. So as circulation dwindles, the editorial board decides all we need is more Eugene Robinson, more Garrison - my head is so full of rocks I can’t hold it up – Keillor, more LA Times rip-offs and a more predictably leftist stand on everything. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Good luck with that.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Heroes: They’ve got fat Teddy. We’ve got Ronald Wilson Reagan.

A common complaint from the people we know when something bad is happening, like what is happening with our government now, is, “Well, what can you do? Nothing really. Politicians don’t listen. If you make a good point, Demo-Dope scumbags end up sliming you like they did Joe the plumber.”

It turns out Plato knew better. Plato said to mankind: “Most of the social and political ills from which you suffer are under your control, given only the will and courage to change them. You can live in another and a wiser fashion if you choose to think it out and work it out. You are not awake to your own power.”

Uh oh, the Demo-Dopes are hearing loud and clear from a lot of us who are beginning to awaken to our power about the social and political ills from which we are currently suffering. Those ills include a half breed nitwit Dear Dope who has surrounded himself with socialist, communists and radicals. This gang of anti-American anti-capitalists is in the process of redistributing wealth from people who earn it to those content to do nothing more than check the mail box everyday to see if anything has been redistributed in their direction.

Another ill from which we are currently suffering is the fact our elected…oh what’s the right word here - not leaders…douche bags in the congress are content to let THIS Dear Dope run amok with a bunch of un-elected, un-confirmed and un-accountable czars who run everything from the kind of food we eat to what we listen to on the radio and watch on TV.

I’ve been forcing myself to watch Glenn Beck at 5 pm eastern on the Fox News Channel. He’s been laying out in pretty clear detail what is happening to us and urging us to wake up to our power and take back control of our government. Town hall protesters are beginning to wake us up to our power. Teabag parties are another wake up call to the people. Last night Mrs. Lex – as non-political as they come – mentioned that we ought to go to a town hall. Wow, that is a wake up call.

Now, as the fat Teddy all-channel-telethon continues, Demo-Dopes are trying to use the demise of one of their “heroes” to push Dear-Dope-a-care across the finish line. Teddy Kennedy was an amoral windbag who drowned a woman in the backseat of his car. Immediately after the “accident,” the blob thought it was more important to get somewhere to confer with aides about his political future and sober up than to call authorities to help the young woman.

In a sane world where the people were awake to their power, Ted Kennedy would have been jailed for his negligence, shunned for his cowardice and forgotten 40 years ago. Instead, the lying bag of crap is a Demo-Dope “hero”, which sadly tells you about all you need to know about Demo-Dopes. Fine, they’ve got fat Teddy. We’ve got Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

If you don't want to get sick to your stomach, avoid the news for the next couple of days

Posted by PicasaTeddy I only drown ONE woman in the backseat of my car Kennedy is dead. Everything you need to know about Teddy is right here at People’s Cube – which is where the photo above was copied from. Now, in really tragic news, four US servicemen were killed in Afghanistan yesterday.

Except for having to listen to the MSM insult our intelligence as they spread tons of BS around about how great the drunken ol’ sot was over the next few days, I could not care less that the philandering staffer drowning tub of lard drunk hypocrite is dead.

Lion of the senate. That’s what they called Kennedy. The fact that Teddy was “the lion of the senate” is a good indication of why congress is so fouled up and why we get 1,000+ page bills that nobody reads passed into law. Making Teddy “the lion of the senate” is a kin to the Eagles electing Mike Vick team captain and making him your union rep. As Jim Hill, an Alaska Air airline pilot put it in his letter to senator Babs Box o’ rocks Boxer, after her bratish behavior toward a Brigadier General for the unspeakable crime of addressing her as “ma,am” instead of senator put it:

“Congress is a cesspool of liars, thieves, inside traders, traitors, drunks (one who killed a staffer, yet is still revered), criminals, and other low level swine who, as individuals (not all, but many), will do anything to enhance their lives, fortunes and power, all at the expense of the People of the United States and its Constitution, in order to be continually re-elected. Many democrats even want American troops killed by releasing photographs. How many of you could honestly say, "We pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor"? None? One? Two?”

Hey, given that description and the low moral character of the people comprising that body, maybe ol’ drunk drowning Teddy really was the lion of the senate.

One thing is for sure, it’s going to take more than a neck brace and a sad story about how Teddy “once again dove into the murky waters to try to save Mary Jo” to slip past St. Peter. St. Peter might just ask, “So Teddy, on the night Mary Jo died, you had time to call aides to get your story straight but you didn’t have time to call the police, why? Then you go on TV wearing a neck brace and telling some pathetic lie in order to garner sympathy for yourself. Explain that to me.” I think Teddy’s audience at the gate is going to be far more curious and judgmental about Teddy’s life than the brain-dead knee jerk (find the D pull the lever) voters of MA.

Yeah, four heroes died yesterday in Afghanistan. But we’ll spend the next couple of days paying tribute to a weasel who should have been jailed, shunned and forgotten 40 years ago.

God bless the four and their families. As for Teddy, enjoy the descent. It’s all hell after that.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Another Dear Dope boot licker gets leveled

There’s this bit of great video of Marine David Hedrick vaporizing Dear Dope water carrier, boot licker and @$$ kisser Brian Baird:

Baird is the clueless brain dead dolt who compared people showing up at town halls to Tim McVeigh. So who/what do we compare people like Baird to? I don’t know, but it has to be something spineless, slimy and brainless.

Hedrick talks about the oath military men swear upon entering the service. This is the officer’s version of the oath:

I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

Notice when Hedrick talks to the dolt about the oath, there’s an emphasis on the word “domestic” as in “defend the Unites State against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.” Hmmm, Hedrick couldn't have been thinking of DOMESTIC threats such as dolt congressfools like Baird.

Hedrick and the military get it. A few days ago I was talking to some folks out on the swale. I mentioned that I’d sent 20-30 e-mails into the Dear Dope’s snitch web site before the Dear Dope ruined that bit of fun and shut the site down. One of the ladies was shocked. “Aren’t afraid they’ll get your name and cause you trouble?” Now these are reasonable people. Yet, they're is fear among some of them that the government may come after citizens for e-mailing the White House and telling them that a dope lives there.

There was some fun discussion about the IRS showing up at my door; of the military shutting down town halls and martial law being declared. Imagine, Americans talking about their government declaring martial law just to shut them up. And why not? Look what Demo-Dopes did Joe the plumber for daring to ask B-HO a simple question. No doubt the Dear Dope has ordered Demo-Dope opposition research to ruin Hedrick as well.

But I had to draw the line at the military being used to advance Dear-Dope-a-care. I told them there is no way the American military would have any part in something like that. As noted above, while dolts like Baird pledge allegiance to the Dear Dope, the military swears to support and defend the Constitution.

But it was shocking to me that conversation was even taking place.

Dear Dope still responding to washed up Palin

The Dear Dope lies straight faced for about six minutes here. If you like beating your head against a brick wall, watch it. Excrement for brains, aka $h!t for brains, aka SFB, aka Sierra-Foxtrox-Bravo, claims he’s offended that someone (Sarah Palin) spotted the “end of life counseling” portion of the House bill and labeled it a “death panel.” So SFB is technically correct when he says the term “death panel” is not in the bill. But he is his usual jug eared lying @$$ self when he doesn’t admit what the term “death panel” refers to in the bill.

So Dumbo, if there is no “death panel” in the House bill, why has the Senate chosen to eliminate the “end of life counseling” clause from their bill? Don’t even bother asking the clueless sock puppet, he hasn’t the slightest idea what is in either bill.

Now we have Arugula Boy offended by the term “death panel.” In an irony of all ironies, we have a callous amoral weasel sponsoring bills making infanticide legal in IL and voting against mandatory healthcare for babies born alive after botched abortions claiming he’s “offended” by the term “death panel.” So Mr. Healthcare for all – except for the most innocent and needy among us – is offended by a two word phrase – “death panel.” Hmmm, isn’t that sort of like Hannibal Lecter saying he gets grossed out when he sees someone eating popcorn?

After 20+ years attending Rev Wright’s Church of F&%K Whitey Now, sponsoring and voting for infanticide, we’re supposed to believe that this jackass is even capable of being offended? The ONLY thing that offends this arrogant affirmative action pass through is when someone tells him the truth about himself or his idiotic policies.

Oh and how about that supposedly stupid, unread, breeding machine, Sarah Palin? With the turn of one phrase this “simpleton” has derailed Dear-Dope-a-care and has all of the “smartest” people in Washington chasing their tails, shouting louder and louder and generally wondering, “what the hell just happened?” Yup, she done, no longer a player, irrelevant, totally washed up. Ha!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bomb Libya; Tom Ridge's bombshell a dud

Abdel Baset al Megrahi

The Dear Dope administration claimed it “deeply regretted” the release of Libyan $h!t for brains Abdel Baset al Megrahi. Oh really? Well how does the Dear Dope feel about the entire worthless country of Libya then for giving the scum bag a hero’s welcome? Of course the Dear Dope not long ago was on bended knee (literally) French kissing every Muslim @$$ available. So what can Dopeus Dumb@$$s say now? “Uh, wow I was wrong. I guess I’m as big a dumb@$$ as Lex says I am. You f&^king people ARE savage @s$$holes that by and large deserve to burn in hell immediately after being turned to dust by a 1,000 pound laser guided bomb. Religion of peace my @$$.”

Apparently the Dear Nit Wit thinks “we are God’s partners in matters of life and death.” Great! Drop a bomb on Abdel Baset al Megrahi. Hell he’s going to die in few months anyway and under Dear-Dope-a-care the sooner the better. So let’s just move the process along. It would be best to find him when he’s with large gathering of his adoring followers of the religion mayhem and murder and kill ’em all.

Tommy tattletale Ridge

Former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge says was pressured to raise the terror threat level in the run-up to President Bush’s re-election. Huh? Why the hell would we raise the security level during an election in the US? Sure we do the exact same thing in Iraq and Afghanistan. But come on, it’s not as if a presidential election is on a par with the Super Bowl or World Series – which are other events for which we raise the security level.

Word is Rummy wanted the level raised. Rummy says Ridge is full of bull$h!t. Some talking head said that Ridge “had no reason to make it up.” No reason huh, really? Well except to sell a few books to left wing Keith Olbermann wannabes that is.

Seems to me setting the threat level day to day is a bit like judging Dancing with the Stars – very subjective. So who cares Tom? Rummy wanted it orange. You wanted it yellow. Nothing got blown up so you’re a big hero? No, you did your j-o-b. Now you use the incident in the most self-serving way to hawk a couple of books to Bush bashers. Frankly Tom I’m happy to hear that there was debate about where the threat level should be set.

You can bet there ain’t no debate in the White House these days. Anyone debating the Dear Dope is an “evil mongering,” “anti-American,” “racist,” “Nazi.” Calling people names like that tends to sort of chill debate – among the spineless Demo-Dopes anyway. Granny and grandpa just keep giving ‘em heck.

Boycott the boycotters

Now this is silly. Advertisers are boycotting the monstrously popular Glenn Beck for telling the truth about the Dear Dope – he’s a racist. Beck isn’t even the first guy to point it out. Rush Limbaugh has been doing so since before the election. Rush warned us that anyone who dare disagree with the Dear Dope about anything would immediately be labeled a racist.

See the Dear Dope and his minions know that YOU, being a backwoods gun toting Bible clinging moron, could not possibly disagree with grand and glorious Dear Dope on principled ground. No, if you disagree with the half black punk moron, it must be because YOU are a racist – or at least half a racist. And surprise, surprise Rush was right.

But El Rushbo’s analysis went much deeper. It went beyond some lying punk sitting in the Right Rev Wright’s Church of How’s Whitey Screwing us Now. The Maha Rushie told us the Dear Dope had a life long anger, distrust and loathing for white people who the Dear Dope somehow believes have kept him down. Odd huh? Yale, Harvard grad, IL State Senate, US Senator and President. Gee, I wish whitey would start kicking me around like that.

All Beck did is look at the body of evidence of what the Dear Dope has said and done over the years and what he HASN’T said – you know something like:

“Wow, those founding fathers were pretty smart cookies. They set this whole thing up at a time before it had ever been tried and when nobody though it would work. It has lasted over 220 years and they did it in what now amounts to about 12 type written pages. By comparison, it took the Demo-Dopes over 1,000 pages to disguise the porkuls bill as a stimulus bill and 1,200 pages to put Dear-Dope-a-care on track to wreck American healthcare.”

So Beck is being a boycotted for being a Johnny-come-lately to pointing out the obvious. Although to Beck’s credit he has done it in his typically clear fashion calling President Obama a racist, who has “deep-seated hatred for white people of the white culture.”

Whoa, there Glenny. You cannot call the guy who calls everyone who disagrees with him a racist…a racist. Why that’s would be, well, racist. Look when everybody and anybody is called a racist, what do you call a real racist like the Dear Dope? It’s like using Hitler images at every protest, calling every government policy you might disagree with Nazi like, or having the N word (ni**er in this case not Nazi) being a mainstay in rap. The public becomes so used to hearing it it’s like city traffic, at some point nobody pays any attention to it.

So here’s a partial list of boycotters, Best Buy, CVS, Travelocity, GMAC, Wal-Mart. Look I don’t shop at these places anyway – well I don’t shop at all – but let’s counter boycott them for awhile.

Oh and this. The Dear Dope was on the blower yesterday to “religious leaders” - Rev Wright? - to sell Dear-Dope-a-care as moral obligation of religious people. BULL$H!T!! I don’t think Jesus ever said, “givith unto the government so that the government can waste half and spread the other half around.” You won’t get past St. Peter at the gate by answering the question, “What have you done to help your neighbor?’” with, “Well Pete, I paid my taxes.”

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hire a felon and just win baby

Well lemme see, Michael Vick has returned to NFL as a Philadelphia Eagle. Most people say fine; he went to jail; he did his time; you can’t punish him forever. People with the Eagles are saying things about second chances and helping a guy by giving him a job, rehabilitation, community service blah, blah, blah. The ONLY good thing about this is that Tony Dungy – by all accounts a stand up guy - is in Vick’s corner.

I agree. You can’t or shouldn’t punish a guy forever, but if anyone thinks that the Eagle’s motives here are about giving an ex-con a second chance, they are nuts. The only motive the Eagles have is to win football games. And that’s fine by me too because that’s the business they are in. But don’t give me that we’re bringing Vick in because “everyone deserves a second chance” bull$h!t. If Vick were some offensive guard with a slightly bum knee who did what Vick did, he’d be selling slurpies at a 7-11 somewhere hoping to God not to be late for his next parole meeting.

The ONLY interest the Eagles have in “public service” and “rehabilitation” is a public relations interest. Well, if Vick doesn’t follow through on these things, there’s likely to be a backlash. There will be a backlash anyway. And it will occur because people know what a demented individual Michael Vick is. You cannot do the things this vile guy did without a serious short circuit in the “this is right and this is wrong” part of your brain.

But hey, as long as you win, these things tend to go away in the NFL. Ray Lewis played some significant role in the murder of two men. Mysteriously and quite miraculously for Lewis, witness statements changed and murder charges against Lewis were dropped. A year later he was the Super Bowl MVP and is celebrated around the league as a “true leader.” Yeah sure, the platitudes to Lewis go something like this, “When it’s fourth and one or I want to beat down a couple of punks in bar at 2 am or I want to beat a murder rap, there is no one I’d want in my corner more than Ray Lewis.”

Look the Eagles can do whatever they think is in the best interest of franchise. If they think hiring a dog torturing, killing psycho ex-con is good for the team, well they should hire him. But don’t tell me they have even the slightest concern for Vick’s rehabilitation outside the PR nightmare any relapse might cause. The Eagle’s presser on Vick should have gone like this:

“Look, we’ve been so close for so long we’re willing to do ANYTHING to win the Super Bowl. So when the dog torturer and killer became eligible, we snatched him up because the child rapist isn’t gonna be out on parole for another 10 years and we’re worried about his arm strength. Besides, adding Vick gives us ONLY 10 felons on the team. That’s well below the league average of 15 and the league cap of 25. I’m mean, it’s not as if we’ve become the Cincinnati Bengals or something.”

As the original douche bag of the NFL – Al Davis – said, “just win baby. Murders, dog killers, rapists, reprobates, felons, who cares, just win baby.” Or something like that. Oh, note to the NFL it does make a difference how you win. I hope, for Tony Dungy’s sake, this works out. As for Vick, he can go to hell and is, I’m sure, well on his way.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nazis calling protesters Nazis

Quick! How many troops does the US have in Iraq today? 0 like the Dear Dope said there would be during his lying @$$ campaign? No. As mentioned, the Dear Dope was lying his skinny @$$ off during the campaign and had less understanding of the geo political situation in the Middle East during the campaign than he currently has of throwing a baseball. Well then, we must be down to a couple of brigades and support troops, say 60,000? Wrong again. 90,000 then, but just for security, we’re not doing any of the actual fighting. Wrong. 100,000? Nope. Try roughly 130,000 the same number that was there when President Bush left office.

So nothing much with regard to the numbers of US forces in Iraq has changed since the Dear Dope took over. But where oh where did all of the war protesters go? Hmm. It’s easier to find a Leprechaun or even a Demo-Dope with a functioning brain than a war protester these days, even as the war in Iraq trips along at about the same pace as before. Oh, and the war in Afghanistan is actually expanding.

As the Dear Dope’s healthcare strategy begins to fall apart like a Ralph Cramden plan on The Honeymooners, the “former” war protesters have now have turned on their fellow citizens. Instead of protesting something as mundane as war, the former war protesters are now protesting their fellow citizens for protesting an idiotic government policy that will destroy American healthcare.

And they use the exact same tactics. They called Bush Hitler. Now they are calling granny with her handmade “No Hell Care” sign a mob member using Nazi like tactics. So you have quite a bit of irony here. Granny who actually may have been around to contribute to stopping the Nazis, is now being called a Nazi. She’s called a Nazi by professional “rent-a-mob” whiners (AKA union thugs and ACORN weasels), because granny has the audacity to speak out against the Dear Dope’s foolish ideas on nationalizing healthcare. Ironically the Dear Dope’s ideas on “nationalizing healthcare” would fit better with Hitler’s way of thinking (Nazi is short for National Socialism which sought control of public industry for the good of the state) than with the healthcare protesters' ideas which insist on private healthcare.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The so called "pitch" revisited and everything you need to know about governemnt healthcare CoOps

After it happened, Lex commented on the Dear Dope’s sissy like throw at this year’s All Star game. I even linked to President Bush’s first pitch at Yankee Stadium after 9-11 to show how a man would have thrown out the first pitch.

But check this out (use the arrows on the toolbar to advance the slides). I got this from both AF Bro and the Griffin so I thought I’d share it with the other two regular readers of this blog.

If that post included a picture of Bush’s laser like pitch breaking right across the plate and the Dear Dope’s fluttering to the ground like the first leaf of fall - WELL IN FRONT OF PLATE - it’d be prefect. In fact as funny as the “assessment” of the Dear Dope’s pitch is – that it’d be hit so far it would need FAA clearance and a flight attendant – the more accurate assessment would be – like the Dear Dope himself, his sissy pitch falls so far short of the mark, the batter, the umpire and the catcher laugh hysterically while the manager bounds from the dug out to yank the sissy punk for a male pitcher. Further assessment – first attempt to let girls pitch in the bigs is an utter and complete failure.

Now check this out. And this – notice Albert Pujols sets up IN FRONT OF THE PLATE and the Dear Dope STILL can’t get it there. “He didn’t bounce it” because Pujols saved his skinny arugula eating ass. Also compare Bush's manful stride to the mound with the Dear Dope's punk "I'm so cool" trot.

Does throwing a “first pitch” tell us anything about how good a president will be? Yeah it probably does, but I don’t have time to explain it here today. What it really tells us is what a bunch tools the MSM are. After “the pitch” – if you can call it that – the MSM were all a glow about how good it was. It was only after video made it to the Internet that MSM shut the hell up about it. Notice it says “shut the hell up about it,” not “told the truth about it.”

Ever since the Dear Dope emerged from the surf with his Moobs hanging out, the MSM have been all agog telling us that the Dear Dope is the “most athletic” Dear Dope we’ve ever had. Now he’s proven on camera that he can’t bowl, throw or golf. Since ESPN has turned the world series of poker into a sporting event maybe the Dear Dope plays a mean game of Texas Hold ‘em and that’s what the MSM means by athletic.

And while we’re checking things out, this is what your “national healthcare number” will lead to: Oh and don’t believe that substituting “healthcare CoOps” for the public option is a big change. Think government funded Feddie Mac and Fanny Mae for healthcare insurance with the exact same results: corruption, foolish business practices, no accountability and utter and complete failure.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Dear-Dope-a-care about control not healthcare

Today’s flag post:

Uh oh, some half-black jug eared dope said that doctors are cutting people’s feet off for 30, 40 or 50 thousand dollars. This sounds “fishy” on two counts. One, the AMA says Medicare pays between 500 and 700 dollars for foot amputations. So, this idiot is either a horribly ill-informed jackass making it up as he goes or a damn liar. Which is it?

Second, this is the second time this buffoon has accused doctors of performing unnecessary procedures for profits. If he knows or believes this to be the case, why hasn’t there been a single doctor arrested for defrauding Medicare and causing unnecessary pain and suffering of patients?

Go flag yourself watch it:

Today’s Lex post:

First the Dear Dope tells us crooked insurance companies won’t allow us to have medical care that we desperately need. Damn insurance companies. Then the Dear Dope has tells us twice that insurance companies are so lackadaisical that doctors can cut off perfectly good feet and rip good tonsils without so much as a, “Whoa there doc. On average, you have been cutting off 15 feet a day for the last 10 years. We’ve noticed the number of feet you cut off increases every year when your son’s Harvard tuition is due.” So which is it – damn doctors or damn insurance companies?

This is all bull$h!t! This is not about insuring the uninsured. Once you strip out illegal aliens and people who can afford insurance but don't have it, the number of uninsured Americans is a manageable number. There is no reason to turn the best healthcare system in the world into Canada’s because 8 million Americans can’t get or afford medical insurance.

There is a lot of talk about insurance companies not taking people with pre-existing conditions and people too poor to afford insurance. Fine, government can sweeten the pot with insurance companies for that limited group of people. Or better yet the government can offer tax incentives for doctors and hospitals who offer pro bono healthcare for people who either can’t get or afford health insurance.

But providing affordable healthcare to Americans is NOT what’s in play here. It is another government power grab pure and simple. If the government wanted to take care of the few worthy uninsured Americans, it could do so a at a fraction of the cost and .00001% of the administrative confusion associated with Dear-Dope-a-care.

Government wants the power so they can control every aspect of your life. Hold on Lex that’s over the top. Really? Look at the cash for clunkers program. It controls behavior with YOUR tax dollars. Try taking your 2006 Navigator in and trading it in for a 2009 Ford F150 and get $4,500 of your neighbor's tax dollars to do so. It ain’t gonna happen. You HAVE to trade in your classic car and you HAVE to buy some 22 MPG hybrid GOVERNMENT APPROVED piece of crap.

The exact same thing will happen with Dear-Dope-a-care. Sure we'll give you healthcare. Now stop smoking and only two beers a week and no motorcycles or skydiving or Oreos. Also food alleys at county and state fairs are now banned along with McDonalds, Burger King and Pizza Huts! Wendy’s can stay open because they contributed the most to the Dear Dope's campaign. (That's just as an example. I don't know which fast food giant gave the Dear Dope the most campaign cash.)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Swastikas all Peloser's fault

Posted by PicasaSince the dumbest woman in North America said that Dear-Dope-a-care protesters were wearing swastikas, magically, almost as if on cue, the Nazi symbol has been cropping up. The one above showed up at the office of Demo-Dope – uh is it racist to call a black man who happens to be a Demo-Dope a Demo-Dope – David Scott.

You might recall that Scott is the glittering jewel of colossal stupidity who blew up at man who ask a difficult question at a healthcare town hall for not being from his district – the man was. Scott then claimed the man never called his office to ask for a meeting – the man did. His calls were never returned. Scott claimed the man never put his concerns in writing – the man did. His e-mails were never returned by Dope Scott. OK he’s 0-3. So the lesson here is that if you’re a Demo-Dope with a tough question lash out at the questioner. Why not just answer the question?

So now Dopey Scott has a swastika on his office sign. Sorry I’m not buying it. Conservatives are smarter than that - Demo-Dopes aren’t. I recall a black collage girl finding the “n” word on her dorm room message board. An investigation showed the girl put it there her self.

Right here at a Ft. Wayne high school there were charges of racism when the “n” word was showing up here and there. Officials assured the public that if the culprit who was doing it was ever caught, he’d be expelled. When suspicion turned to a black boy, – can you say that if the person is a boy who happens to be black – the story just disappeared.

So until proven otherwise, I will believe some dope who supports the congressdope scrawled the Nazi symbol onto his sign. What better way to deflect the embarrassment of shouting lies at constituent than to make yourself a victim.

So now the Demo-Dope says, “"We have got to make sure that the symbol of the swastika does not win, that the racial hatred that's bubbling up does not win this debate. There's so much hatred out there for President (Barack) Obama."

Huh, you’re a lying scumbag dope and anyone who points it is now a swastika toting racist?

Scott went on to say that he thinks the racism is isolated but can't be ignored. Let’s just say some dope conservative did put the swastika on the sign. Let’s not paint the movement with too broad a brush. After all, when I was about 8 a black girl on a bus stuck her tongue out at me twice. I think she’s a dope. I don’t think every black girl is a dope.

The lesson here is that Nanny Peloser should shut her pie hole. If she is going to say something, as hard as it is for Demo-Dopes, she ought to stick with the truth. If she’s going to issue the usual vague misleading or totally false statements, how abouy something like, “Protesters are carrying signs unity and peace and my favorite, ‘Can’t we just get along.’” Then signs of that nature would begin croping up and we could all join hands and sing Kumbayah.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Perfect, Newman running your healthcare post of the day

At the risk of being labeled un-American or a Nazi or a racist or the trifecta of Dear Dope opposition an un-American Nazi racist, the Dear Dope was out yesterday lying his skinny arse off to defend the indefensible – some healthcare proposal he didn’t write and hasn’t read.

Proving - once again – that he’s dumber than a hoe handle, the Dear Dope used the US Postal Service to tell Americans what a great deal Dear-Dope-a-care really is. Hmmm. USPS is set to close down 700 offices and cut back on Saturday delivery. What a great model to use to show Americans how government will manage their healthcare.

But the Dear Dope slipped into his best Eddie Haskell routine – “Why, Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver you’re looking particularly spectacular today. Now, why worry about your healthcare being managed by the government? Look at UPS, FEDEX and the USPS. Among those three, the post office is the big loser. So why worry if we take over healthcare? That’s just silly.”

And here’s the one big thing the Dear Dope didn’t mention. The USPS uses its MONOPOLY on letter service to subsidize its comparatively inefficient haphazard package delivery operations.

Here’s the one question some giant in the MSM ought to ask lying Demo-Dopes, “So if the USPS cannot compete with UPS and FEDEX while subsidizing package delivery with proceeds from its MONOPOLY operations, why in the hell would we trust the (g)assbags with our healthcare?

Or how about this one, “How will the government subsidize healthcare? Maybe they could write themselves a monopoly on the most common procedures like appendix operations or botox injections or anal cranium removal events for members of congress.”

Meanwhile back at the White Hose the Dear Dope is being told by the large group of sycophants he surrounds himself with, “Here’s your arugula your High Ness. Using the USPS to sell Americans on Dear-Dope-a-care was brilliant your Excellency. Every American is amazed at the prompt courteous service provided by the USPS and we all know that the mailman - “Newman” - on the Seinfeld show remains one of the most dearly loved characters in all of TV history.”

Now, in your best Newman voice, "Damn you Lex."

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nanny & the Demo-Dopes the original un-Americans

Today’s “flag” posting

Wanted: Immediate positions are available at the White House for amoral, low-rent creeps to screen e-mail. Un-bathed, nose picking, booger eating losers preferred but will train - excessive body odor and flatulence a must. Duties include screening e-mail of fellow amoral, low-rent creeps snitching on their neighbors for opposing Dear-Dope-a-care. Nazis, Communists and Nazi, Communist sympathizers perfect for the job, Che t-shirt wearing fans of Hugo Chaves and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also an easy fit. Prefer people with no prior work or education history. Send blank resume to Dear Dope C/O

Peloser news

Nanny Peloser and her boot licking bag boy Steny I worked on the Erie Canal Hoyer called people protesting against Dear-Dope-a-care un-American. Yeah, these are the same (g)assbag leaders of the Demo-Dope party who lead the effort to sabotage US war efforts in Iraq.

Is this hypocrisy? No not at all. It is the pampered leaders of a pampered class upset that a few of us small people are stepping out of line to point out a few shortcomings in a 1,000 page bill that the Congressdopes have not even read. I sent that hooked beak punk Hoyer an e-mail challenging him to look me in the eye and call me un-American, if he had any “manly equipment.” I told Hoyer that since I was pretty sure the “she” and North America’s dumbest woman shared the exact same kind of “equipment,” I didn’t expect to see her anytime soon.

In other Peloser news, it looks as if the queen of the house might lose her private air force. Politico reports:

“After an uproar over a proposed purchase of new executive jets for use by senior government officials, including members of Congress, the top Defense appropriator [That would be Jack the ass Murtha another chief saboteur of American troops in Iraq.] in the House has offered to eliminate funding for the planes – but only if the Pentagon, which operates the jets, agrees.”

Well, well, well maybe the people are being heard.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Too many stories

There’s a lot going on:

The Dear Dope continues to compile his enemies list at I must have reported 12-15 people already starting with the Dear Dope himself and the White Hose communications director, Nanny Peloser, Scummy Harry Reid, Steny Hoyer, SEIU, some congress dope named Scott Etc. Etc.

Speaking of Nanny Peloser – the same pompous (g)assbags who were critical of auto execs for showing up to their Congressional inquisition in COMPANY jets, PAID FOR WITH PRIVATE FUNDS, have ordered the Air Force to buy 8 more executive jets to haul the sizable @$$es of congress people to and fro at taxpayer expense. In case you are wondering, no that is not hypocrisy of the highest order. That is OUR congress acting per their best self-serving instincts.

And yet another Peloser dozy. The dumbest woman in North America has declared anyone protesting Dear-Dope-a-care as un-American. Well, well, well what’s next “Anyone who votes against me is un-American and will be sent to the gulag!” Then the sail eared Dope himself chimed in and said anyone disagreeing with him should shut up. Well of course, we should all just shut up and let the Dear Dope and his Chicagoland thug army run things for us.

The exact same dopes who declared that returning war vets were a domestic terrorist threat to the United States have declared that there is no global war on terror. Cool, when did it end? Who won? These are the same luminaries who have also declared global warming as the primary threat to the US. So just how many tall building in the US has global warming knocked down?

Given the threats were facing, we shouldn’t be e-mailing some loser at the White House about Demo-Dopes lying about Dear-Dope-a-care. We should be buying ammo and stockpiling MREs. But it is fun to shoot a few lines off to some nose picking intern in the White House. So here’s the latest:

Whoever is reading this, your parents must be sooooo proud of raising an off-spring content to sit and read e-mails of un-Americans ratting out real Americans because they disagree with Dear-Dope-a-care. During WWII, the French called weasels like you collaborators. "So, little Sally what do you do at the White House?" "I pick my nose and read e-mails of people snitching on Americans for exercising their 1st Amendment rights." "Oh my, you're sort of like the Gestopo. Do you have a fancy uniform?" You and that jug eared thug you work for can go to hell.

Friday, August 07, 2009

It's our duty to report "fishy" stories

What!! I go away for a few a days and get back only to find more evidence that we are slipping into - not Socialism but - Communism. Yeah Communism! English Socialists don’t ask neighbors to rat each other out to Big Brother when one or the other opposes a government policy. That is exactly what Communist regimes do. So what is this bull$h!t from the Dear Dope’s White House:

“There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to”

First off, I’m all for ratting out criminals to the appropriate authorities. If someone you know is planning a armed robbery, not only do I think that you should alert the police, I think it’s your duty to alert the police. But it’s a far cry from telling police about a crime where great bodily harm is likely to occur and personal property taken to squealing on a neighbor to the White House because the neighbor pointed out - correctly - that Dear Dope’s health care plan is an unworkable bag of excrement.

Well if the Dear Dope wants us to rat out people saying things “that seem fishy” about the Dope’s healthcare plan, then I guess it’s our civic duty to comply. So far I’ve sent YouTube clips ratting out pompous jerks like Stenny Hoyer and Nanny Pelosi for lying. They go something like this:

Much bad news is percolating in heartland of Mother Country. “Fishy” stories about Dear Dope’s most excellent health care plan are popping up everywhere. Here smooth talker in expensive suit (too expensive to have come from my local clothing CoOp) is lying through his many capped teeth – which in no way, in my opinion, could have been government approved given smooth talker’s cleverly botox disguised advanced age. He gave advanced age away when he spoke of Erie Canal which he actually worked on.

Keep up good work! In desperate times like this, what we really need to do is to pay more trolls like you to watch over the masses like us so that the Dear Dope has no inkling as to how much his bull$h!t policies are despised. After all, as long as the Dear Dope is happy, shouldn’t we all be happy?
Heil Dear Dope!

Also this one:

Hey ya’all

I was noodlin’ the other day and pulled up a 75 pound catfish. Really, no $h!t! Heard you ya’all was interis’d in fish stories. Seems fishy to me to be paying people at the White House to read fish stories, but that’s mine. Have a nice day.

I plan to send three or four a day until I run out of lying Demo-Dopes to report. I guess I’ll be in business until at least 2010. Oh, I know, I'll report this report next.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Demo-Dopes cause problems then blame others

According to Demo-Dopes, it was the oil companies - not idiotic anti-energy government policies – that were screwing us during the last energy “crisis.” That’s right the companies that actually did something useful to solve the problem were themselves the problem according to Demo-Dope luminaries like Maxine nationalize the oil companies Waters. It was Waters who famously - if just a bit incoherently – argued for the nationalization of the oil companies. Sounds good! After all look at what the government’s done with AmTrak.

Now Waters’ fellow well –known fool in a skirt Nanny Peloser has zeroed in on a villain for the America’s health care crisis and it is the companies who pay for our health care – the insurance companies. Once again Demo-Dopes find the one useful entity in a made up crisis and blame that entity for the crisis. Hey if you think your insurance company is screwing you, go door to door and start your own collective. If you do, the government will have you shut down by noon the next day – so onerous is government regulation of insurance companies.

The problem with health care in America is that it’s too expensive. It’s too expensive because we always expect someone else to pay for OUR ailments. When we and our Dr. thinks “someone else” is footing the bill we tend to expect the best. Add in to that equation that for some reason we think it’s our employer’s responsibility to provide our health care and you have a real mess.

There was an episode of The Office where Dwight had to find a health care plan to cover everyone in the office. He asks for input and it turns out that someone in the office has some form of every ailment known to man. That’s the trouble with your employer buying you healthcare. The insurance provided by an employer of a large group of dispirit people is going to be very generic and cheap or very wide ranging and very expensive.

Like people should group together and buy insurance for themselves. Healthy people get the discount. Obese, smokers, who drink and drive a motorcycle to their extreme skateboarding lesson can share their risks at a much greater cost.

Oh yeah, and anyone who sues a Dr. or insurance company and looses pays the bill.

Lex is off with the family to WV for a few days. See you back here Fri.