Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Very weird

This is the biggest crisis in the history of the world – nay universe. If we do not act immediately, life as we know it will end.

So what should we do?

First, we adjourn until Thursday.

Weird huh.

Democrats control both houses of congress but blame Republicans for the failure of the bailout bill.

Weird huh.

Dems use Freddie and Fannie as personal ATMs for themselves and fiddle while the two mortgage companies burn to the ground but claim to be the best ones to fix the problems they created.

Weird huh.

President Bush claims to be a free market capitalist but has yet to propose even one free market idea to steady the ship. The only thing the administration has put on the table is an onerous $700 billion federal market manipulation plan.

Weird huh.

The bailout fails. The ones who were to prosper from it throw a hissy fit. The market plunges nearly 800 points. Now lawmakers, like a beleaguered parent trying to get through a crowded department store toy section dragging a screaming 5 year old, are considering giving into the pampered class’s extortion.

All the talking heads are blaming Republicans for yesterday’s “market meltdown.” First, a 6% loss in value doesn’t make the top 10 “meltdowns.” Besides, when was written that markets cannot go down? Steady money is sure to buy into some pretty good deals this morning.

I don’t know how much I lost yesterday – was probably wiped out. Who knows? I’ve never followed it. I’d rather be wiped out than have the country turned into another namby pamby socialist wealth redistribution welfare state.

Weird huh.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The check is in the mail

I'll respect you in the morning.

You can sleep during the flight.

The government will make money on the bailout.

Of all of the Tom Foolery associated with the bailout, the idea that the government – the very entity that got us into this mess – is somehow going to be savvy enough to profit from their own mismanagement is insane. Prediction, the bailout will turn into a corrupt ATM for every Dem and worthless corrupt Lib organization - not only in America but in the world. The total cost of the bailout will go from 700 billion to 1.7 trillion.

I sent my representative a simple message, “If you vote for the bailout, I won’t vote for you.”

I mean it too. I won’t go so far as to vote for the socialist Dem – wait, a bit of redundancy there – I won’t vote for the Dem, but I won’t vote for the Rep who supports this nonsense either. Whooooa Lex, what about McCain? A stand, if a stand is to be made, will be in the house not the senate. Besides there’s too much at stake nationwide not to vote for McCain. I think IN’s 3rd will somehow muddle through for two years with the blue dog Dem running against the Rep.

But hey, as Lex noted last week, this is a done deal. We’re screwed. This will pass. It will result in a level of federal interference in our lives that will make the New Deal look down right conservative. Like the New Deal, government interference will prolong and make worse any problems we may be facing. Worse of all, this will become a model for future government interference.

We voted for these dofusses. We got what we deserved.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The non-essential B-HO

I’ll not be watching the debate tonight. It’s Friday night, and I’m sure there’s paint drying somewhere. Why watch? Let me guess, B-HO takes 10 minutes working hope and change into every non-answer answer while McCain takes 2 seconds to answer yes or no, then 9 minutes talking about reforming Washington.

Sorry, I’ve heard it all before. Besides I’m not exactly undecided. McCain would have to be removed from the Republican ticket for me not to vote for him on 4 Nov. B-HO’d have to be running against Bin Laden - even then I’d have close my eyes and hold my nose - before I’d pull a lever for the know nothing, do nothing, be nothing dope.

The only interesting thing in the entire evening – after we determine whether or not McCain shows up – is will McCain cut B-HO off at the knees as he did with his chief Republican rival Mitt Romney. I’ll be disappointed if McCain is not at least as aggressive with B-HO as he was with our own guy.

Did anyone else laugh yesterday when the Dem leadership announced that a “framework” had been agreed to only to have House Minority Leader John Bohner come out and say, “Uh excuse me. No it hasn’t.” And then the whole thing decendes into a shouting match at the White House meeting. I guess Bohner was right and the Dems, as usual, were wrong.

And how about the B-HO statement of, “if you need me, call me and I’ll be there.” The White House called but the Dems still haven’t. That tells you about all you need to know. When the announcement went out in the Marine Corps that Fri was a day off for all “non-essential personnel,” I always made it a point to be at work on Fri least anyone think I was “non-essential.” B-HO has declared himself non-essential in the biggest crisis of the day – brilliant and correct.

Oh and how about this one. While McCain was sneaking out the back door at the White House after yesterday’s meeting, B-HO was rushing to the banks of microphones set up out front to tell the assembled multitudes that “injecting presidential politics into the process wasn’t helpful.” So who exactly was injecting presidential politics into the process - the guy who suspended his campaign and left out the back door or the guy who has left his attack ads up and rushed to the mic after the meeting?

You can’t make this stuff up.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain looks like a leader. B-HO looks like aPol.

John Fund made the most sense explaining the bailout. Fund said it’s a done deal because no pol on either side of the aisle wants to go home and campaign for reelection with a tanking economy. So they are going to do what grandma and grandpa do when taking the grandkids to Disneyland – throw money at the problem.

The more you read about unfriendly foreign banks, illegal immigrants and terrorists all turning a quick buck on the housing industry, the more this deal stinks. If, as the president told us last night, there’s a good chance the government will make money on the bailout, why not give that opportunity to the private sector with tax incentives? Either the picture isn’t quite as rosy as the president paints it or it’s an unnecessary power grab by the government.

There is no way the government is going to make money on this deal unless they hire Mitt Romney to manage it. You cannot have the same people who ran and looted the program to begin with now running the bailout. An idiot is one who keeps doing the exact same thing and expecting a different result. Washington is loaded with idiots - sleazy, greedy, greasy, unpatriotic idiots – also know as politicians and in the main Dem Pols.

So, John McCain has suspended his presidential campaign to head back to Washington to work on the crisis that Washington created. I believe McCain is sincere. I don’t think he’s the right guy to be heading up negotiations. No doubt he’ll “cross the aisle” and give away the farm.

But McCain’s sincerity places B-HO in the position of appearing to be a total partisan – good bye independent vote – or, at a minimum, very slow on the draw. President Bush compounded B-HO’s problem by inviting him to the White House to work on the problem. What’s B-HO gonna say, “I’d love to, but Indiana is in play and I have a rally scheduled for Thur noon in Ft. Wayne.”

Also postponing the debate is slick move. McCain has challenged B-HO to 10 townhall debates. B-HO the dope who said he’d debate McCain “anytime anywhere” refused McCain’s invitation. So what’s the B-HO to do if he’s the only one standing on stage Fri while McCain is away wrestling with the nation’s most serious and immediate problem?

They could cancel all of the debates and both suspend their campaigns until 6pm on the 3rd of Nov. Only an idiot couldn’t make up his mind on this one.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A FOX tutorial on the financial mess

The best three-and-a-half minute rundown on the current financial crisis: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHj8-HSi5AA

So yeah, as noted two posts down, Dems caused the problem they are now railing against. They shout about the lack of oversight that THEY BLOCKED. Reid, Dodd, Frank and Pelosi somehow lie straight faced while throwing blame on others for the problem THEY CAUSED. They feign outrage with the administration while knowing all along it’s THEIR FAULT.

Dems remain the hairy fat guy in the Speedo strutting on the beach described below. But now we see he has an ugly face, a slopping forehead, big crooked yellow buck teeth with huge gaps, a scraggly beard to hide his acne infested skin and a boil the size of golf ball on the end of his bulbous nose. Yet, he continues to stride up and down the beach with the supreme confidence that’s he’s the hottest guy out there.

So will Dems do anything useful to correct THEIR MESS? I doubt it. They have gotten a bump in the polls as a result of voter panic. Any party willing to lose a war for political advantage will have no problem allowing the country’s economy to tank for a few house seats.

Anyone who understands the facts in this mess and remains supportive of the Dem party is as corrupt, unpatriotic and full of excrement as the Dem “leadership.”

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I don’t know much about the economy except that government getting too involved in it has to be a bad thing. So, this massive bailout has to be a bad idea. Yet it is being rushed through congress faster than a declaration of war after Pearl Harbor. So Lex fired this e-mail off to his congressman and senators this morning.

The bailout is a bad idea.

First, it’s too much money with too little control. No doubt the exact same people who created the crisis will profit from the government free-for-all bailout.

Next, there is no guarantee the bailout will work. Apparently the financial gurus crafting the bailout couldn’t see or hear this train wreck coming while standing right next to the track. So, how can they possibly claim to know how long the train is?

Next, the world economy is so intertwined now, we’re sure to be bailing out some corrupt entities somewhere in China, Venezuela, Korea etc.

Next, people who make bad decisions shouldn’t be able to expect that Uncle Sam will pick our pockets to pay for those mistakes. Nobody, not even mom and dad, bailed me out when I bought that stupid 1968 Dodge Coronet.

Last, thriving capitalism requires that dead branches caused by greed, overextension and/or mismanagement be pruned to allow the opportunity for rest of the plant to flourish.

The fix:
There is incredible opportunity in this market. Any bailout ought to come from the private sector. According to Newt Gingrich, no government money would be required to correct this economic crisis if congress would simply suspend capital gains taxes.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Freddie's dead

There’s something funny going on. Dems who profited from the mortgage meltdown are now demanding that the people who profited from the mortgage meltdown do not profit from the mortage meltdown.

B-HO has in his employ two thieving scoundrels who drove Freddie MAC into the ground while driving themselves to the bank with tens of millions of dollars in bonuses. Franklin Raines, who is a “sometimes” financial adviser to B-HO, looted Freddie for $100 million before being booted, made to pay a fine and return stock options. Raines’ buddy Jim Johnson, who headed up the B-HO VP search, looted Freddie $40 million. I guess for B-HO though Johnson’s looting of Freddie pales in comparison to his VP pick.

But wait there’s more. Barney Frank was lisping his way through a series of Sunday morning talk show interviews demanding that the government protect home owners as well as the banks. That’s the same Barney Frank who insisted that everything was fine a couple years ago when auditors found that Freddie’s books were being cooked.

If that weren’t enough to make your blood boil, Chris Dodd – who received more campaign money from Freddie than anyone – was echoing the sentiment that the home owners need to be protected as well and that managers who “caused the mess” shouldn’t benefit from the government intervention. President Clinton, Frank, Dodd and their Dem buds were the idiots who set up the sub-prime time bomb in the first place.

So I guess Dodd will be calling for Raines, Johnson and current Freddie miss-manager Mudd to return the millions they took from the Dem cash cow. Also, every pol who took even a dime ought to be made to return the money.

How did the whole mess get started? Worried that there was discrimination going on in the home loan industry, Wiley E. Dem (Pres. Clinton, Frank, Dodd et al) bought an ACME Sub-Prime Lending Scheme kit. Well it turns out there was discrimination going on in the home loan industry. In yet another case of "I don't know when discrimination got a bad name" - those bastards were discriminating against people who couldn’t afford to buy a home!

The Dems fixed all of that. Anyone who wanted a home loan was given one without regard for whether or not they could make the payments. When it turns out they couldn’t make payments, Wiley E. Dem comes down with both feet on the banks for screwing the “home owner” – an odd term for a guy who didn’t put ten cents down on “his home” and isn’t making payments.

Now the mortgage industry has blown up in Wiley E. Dem’s face and in the process has torched the banking industry, insurance industry and is threatening the entire economy. When the grown ups show up to clean up Wiley E.’s mess, he’s like a five year old with chocolate all over his hands and face swearing to mom he didn’t eat the last piece of chocolate cake. Then he shocks mom by brazenly demanding she bake another cake because the last piece has somehow disappeared.

Ya gotta give to the Dems though. Dems are like a grossly overweight guy with hair on his back in an impossibly tight speedo strutting up and down the beach grossing everyone out all the while thinking he looks good.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Feeling patriotic? Put out an American flag.

As if anyone needed further proof that Slow Joe is a dope, yesterday, Slow Joe said that paying higher taxes is the patriotic thing to do for wealthier Americans. In his words, “it’s time to be patriotic … time to jump in, time to be part of the deal, time to help get America out of the rut.”

First and most important, when Dems aim higher taxes at the wealthy, they always hit the middle class. Remember when Dems imposed the so called luxury tax on east coast boat builders? Anyone who can afford a multi-million dollar boat can afford a 15% surcharge, claimed Wiley E. Dem with his ACME Tax Code pamphlet in hand. Well, if they could afford it, they weren’t willing to pay it.

As a result, all of the middle class people who earned their living off of the boats - the guys who build them, those who outfit them, supply parts and materials to them, sell them, transport them, clean them, advertise them etc. etc. all got pinched. Only after the plan blew up Wiley E. Dem’s face, causing much middle class suffering, did Wiley E. Dem decide to revoke the tax. But that was not before nearly ruining the industry and the people who work in it.

Next, as I’ve always said, if you think you’re under taxed send the balance of what you think your fair share is in to the treasury. Rich Libs will spend $28,000 to get into a Babs & B-HO event so they can listen to B-HO bitch about how taxes are too low. Hey! Hypocrites, just send it in!

Next, whatever you think the money could be best spent on save defense and roads, your money would be better spent if you gave it to a private entity. If you want to help the poor, donate to a food bank or the Catholic Church. If you want to help starving artists, donate to your local art museum. If you want to help the schools, use the money to put your kid in a private school. If you give the money to government, you can count on 50 to 75 cents of every dollar being wasted.

If you have a brain and want to be patriotic, put out an American flag. Join the armed services. Support the Wounded Warrior fund, Marine Corps Law Enforcement Fund, Special Op scholarship fund etc. etc. If you don’t have a brain – are you listening Joe? – send your money into the federal government.

Lib racism helping, hurting B-HO

Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and perpetual CNN DB Jack Cafferty are shouting racism. When asked why the election remains so close given all of the Dem advantages this year, Sebelius laid this egg, “Have any of you noticed that Barack Obama is part African-American?” Cafferty, in one of his Olbermann like rants, claimed only racism explained the closeness of this election.

They’re right. With 98% of the black vote moving in lock-step, racism is the only answer. If McCain only got the usual 6-10% of the black vote, he’d be ahead by 4-6% nationwide. So yeah, racism is the only answer that explains why the know nothing, be nothing, do nothing B-HO and his mate Slow Joe are still hanging around. Were B-HO not black, he’d be just another white Alfred E. Newman look-a-like determined to drag America down the road of socialism.

But you can bet that Sebelius and Cafferty didn’t have mind-numbed blacks bent on voting for one that is half their own when they hurled the racism charge. No, when Libs hurl the racism charge it is always aimed at conservatives.

Ask Michael Steele where the Lib outrage was when he was pelted with Oreos during a run for the senate in MD. Ask Condi Rice where the Lib outrage is when she is attacked by the left in the most vicious ways. Ask Clarence Thomas, who is arguably the most powerful black man in America, where the Lib outrage is when he is constantly ridiculed by the left as a slow witted dope who can only ape Scalia’s opinions.

Were personal attacks like those being made by Libs against Steele, Rice and Thomas being made by conservatives against B-HO, all hell would break loose. Conservatives are not voting against B-HO because he’s black. They are voting against him because he’s a black Alfred E. Newman look-a-like determined to drag America down the road of socialism.

So why is the race so close? Well if racism has anything to with it, as already noted, black racism is keeping it close. If B-HO loses, it’ll be because of Lib racism. If it isn’t racist for conservatives to vote for the conservative in the race, only Lib racism is left to explain why B-HO can’t close the deal.

After all, Dems lead in fund raising, party identification and voter fraud registration.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On character, people and philosophy, the choice is obvious

When did we start electing all powerful, all knowing kings? The big Dem and MSM rub against Palin is that she’s not “qualified” to be president. Of course neither is the guy that they are supporting - and he’s at the top of the DEM ticket.

I’ve asked myself a hundred times how anyone could be “qualified” for all of the social, military, economic and foreign policies that are entailed in being president. I don’t think that anyone can truly be “qualified” in all of the areas.

So, we elect a president based on his character, the people he might choose to surround himself with and his governing philosophy.

John McCain’s character was forged during a lifetime of service to his country - five years of which were spent as a POW in North Vietnamese prison camp.

B-HO’s character was formed as a dope smoking cocaine snorting underachieving youth, turned Ivy League affirmative action fill, turned community organizer, turned self promoting politician.

John McCain has spent a lifetime in the company of heroes.

B-HO has spent a lifetime in the company of dope smokers, cocaine snorters, domestic terrorists, hate-filled preachers, lunatic priests, black separatists and an angry affirmative action queen wife.

John McCain has used his public position to advance a governing philosophy of bi-partisanship and country first. Many of McCain’s initiatives have been controversial and have turned those in his party against him.

B-HO has used his public position to promote a governing philosophy of advancing himself. He ducks important issues by voting present or not voting at all. He has not accomplished one thing of note let alone anything controversial.

Really, it’s so damn obvious who the right man is this time around.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wyle E. Dem has found an ACME Troopergate kit

Troopergate is bound to blow up in the Dem’s and MSM’s faces. The only question is when and how. Here’s why:

First and most important, Mike Wooten the “trooper” is an idiot. Aside from sleeping and drinking on the job, illegally shooting a moose he was sworn to protect, he threatened to kill his father-in-law and tasered an 11 year old boy.

In short, Wooten appears to be a reckless derelict who should have been fired. Instead, for all of his dopey behavior, Wooten received a 5 day suspension. Had we worked for any institution outside of government, he’d have been given his walking papers along with a restraining order.

Next, when the story comes out, Palin’s going to look like a hero. We’ve all seen the movies where the hapless spouse is trying to protect herself from a deranged “if I can’t have her nobody can” husband. Repeated pleas for help from the authorities fall on deaf ears. Dead cats show up in the yard. Strange cars follow the family everywhere. Friends disappear and family members are beaten up.

Finally, on a rainy night when the children are off on a school outing, the power and phone lines are cut. The husband breaks in. For 45 minutes the woman and man struggle. Just as the man is about to plunge a kitchen knife into the woman, sister Sarah shows up and calmly shoots the man between the eyes. She continues to pull the trigger and unloads five more rounds into the cretin. Then we hear, click, click, click as she continues to pull the trigger while standing over the lifeless body.

Here’s the important thing for the Dems – the crowd cheers. They don’t care that sister Sarah never dialed 911. They don’t care if she had a permit for the gun. They don’t care that she didn’t holler, “Drop the knife!” before shooting the creep dead. They don’t care that she used illegal high-velocity Teflon bullets. The dope’s dead and Sarah is a hero.

Last, the Dems have some AK partisan hack - Sen. Hollis French - running the investigation. French has already told the media that his report is not going to make Palin look good. Hmmm, shouldn’t he have waited until the investigation was done to let that slip?

To make matters worse, Dems plan to release the report next month. There cannot be a thing political about timing of the release of the report now can there?

Dems will, as they always do, overplay their hand. As a result, the report will backfire and the Dems will end up looking like jerks. No that’s not right – they look like jerks because they are jerks. The report will only serve to further expose them as the jerks that they are.

If I were B-HO, I’d get French on the line and say, “Look you’re going to have some problems with that investigation. It won’t be done until after the election.”

Monday, September 15, 2008

The twisted sisterhood

Lib women are in a hate-filled slobber jawed tizzy over Sarah Plain. Palin took the feminist message and applied it to her own life in ways – successful ways – few in the feminist movement have or could even dream. Palin’s reward for being a feminist’s model is the scorn, hate and mockery of her feminist “sisters.”

It really is amusing that the Lib sisters are so twisted over the success of one of their own. Gloria Steinem, Ellen Goodman, Randi Rhodes et al have unleashed all manner of attack on Palin from “she’s really a man” to “she’s a teenage boy molester.” None have affected Palin in the slightest. In fact, one could argue that the attacks have strengthened Palin and her support among the American people. That only causes the nutroots to increase the attacks and up the ante for how whacko they are willing to go to destroy a shining example of one of their own. I expect news that Palin had a sex change operation any day now from a “respectable woman journalist.”

But why are Libs trying to destroy Palin? Because that’s what they do. They are petty little whiners when the tables are turned on them. Ask Clarence Thomas. Ask Condi Rice. Ask Ken Blackwell. Ask Michael Steele. These successful people are descended upon by Libs in the most vicious manner because they are successful. That’s not the crime the though. The crime against Libs is that they credit their success to hard work, family and the opportunity America offers rather government programs. And that is NOT to say that they were never discriminated against or unfairly had doors slammed in their faces. Rather their character and America’s opportunities allowed them to overcome such obstacles.

The more these dopes try to destroy Palin, the more America likes her. Whenever one of them comes on TV I see their head morph into Wyle E. Coyote. In their hands is a pamphlet titled “The ACME Character Assassination Kit.” Everyone knows what’s coming. You just don’t know when or how. So, I just sit back and wait for it to blow up in their collective faces. Ask Charlie “Bush Doctrine” Gibbson.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Are you REALLY undecided or just stupid?

Lex has pretty much tuned out of the MSM. No more talking cable heads – not even Fox. No more nightly news with some high priced liberal news reader telling me what is important and how I ought to think about what they think is important. I mostly ignored the conventions, but how could you ignore Palin’s speech?

Long summer days were better spent outside in the yard, watching little league baseball, going to Scout camp, pitching corn hole or sharing a beer with the neighborhood men across the swale. Now the days are short and we’re being forced back indoors earlier and earlier each evening where we’re faced with a TV choice between the gay and lesbian lip sync contest and two partisan political blowhards shouting at each other for an hour.

So we head back outside to share a beer in the dark with the neighborhood men across the swale.

To make matters worse, it’s an election year. We have 60 more days of charge and counter charge and fools like Matt Damon talking about dinosaurs roaming the Earth 4,000 years ago. I wish we could vote today.

But alas, the undecideds need more time. These people have to be retarded or just want people to think that they are sophisticated because they are too stupid to make up their minds. Given the stark differences between the two candidates, it should be an easy choice. Or maybe it’s that they’ve spent their entire summer outside in the yard, watching little league baseball, going to Scout camp, pitching corn hole or sharing a beer with the neighborhood men across the swale.

Anyway, is the fact that McCain is 72 years old going to be enough for a conservative to say to himself, “well, better to have know nothing, do nothing, be nothing tax and spend liberal as president than a conservative who might just die while in office.” I doubt it.

Is the fact that B-HO is a know nothing, do nothing, be nothing tax and spend liberal who has surrounded himself with nefarious characters to promote his political career going to be enough for the average Lib to say to himself, “sure B-HO will probably do his best to destroy the country, but isn’t that what we want? Oh and he’s black. I’d better vote for honorable war hero.” We'll see.

We need a quasi parliamentary system. When Lex tires of the political season, Lex can call for elections within ten days. If you haven’t decided by now, you’ll only be holding up line trying to decide when you go into the booth. Let’s vote.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dems acting like WWE villain

You can put sailboat ears on a dope and he’s still a what…oh yeah a dope with sailboat ears. Day three of lipstick gate. That’s the subject B-HO doesn’t want to talk about but has brought up so often, it’s now part his stump speech.

Yesterday, another so called “smart” Dem in SC came up with the brilliant line that the only reason Palin was on the ticket was that she had not had an abortion. That is what passes for enlightened political discussion among Dems these days. The comment was followed immediately by the obligatory politician non-apology apology. “I’m sorry if my comment offended anyone.” I’m sorry that 98% of Dems who speak in public these days are so unhinged that they say something stupid (ie. Slow Joe telling a man in a wheelchair to stand up so the crowd can see him).

Dems need to pull the 30 wolves they sent to AK to search out dirt on Palin and send them to a WWE event. Dems are beginning to look like the bad guy in a fake wrestling match. Every time Mauler McGursky does something dirty to Cowboy Sam, the crowd boos. The clueless referee (played by our MSM) also gets booed because he is always miraculously distracted or out of position and doesn’t see (or doesn’t want to see) any of the Mauler’s dirty tactics. When Mauler takes the cup of battery acid and throws it into Cowboy Sam’s face the ref is on his knees behind the actions and doesn’t see a thing. When the crowd explodes in anger, the ref gives them the secret sign of a Democrat - palms up, head cocked to one side and shrugged shoulders.

The longer this goes on the more incensed the crowd becomes. Finally, Cowboy Sam has had enough and lays a long unrelenting a$$whipping on the Mauler – the crowd goes nuts. Then Sam grabs the frightened skinny ref and ties him up in the ring ropes. The crowd goes berserk! Sam stands in the center of the ring arms raised victoriously overhead clutching his title belt.

The more the Dems attack her, the more we like her. The more they talk about her “lack of experience,” the more it highlights B-HO’s non-existent experience - save for what is now being touted as the ultimate presidential experience…community organizing.

LAST: 2,557 days and counting

Keith Olbermann closes his show every night with a count up from the day President Bush landed on the aircraft carrier with the Mission Accomplished sign. As in (use your pompous voice here)“The XXXX day since Mr. Bush declared ‘Mission Accomplished’ in Iraq.”

Hey Keith! Today is the 2,557th day since Sep. 11, 2001. Today is the 2,557th day since a major attack on US soil by Islamo-terror-fascists.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The more they go after her, the more I like her

They are out to get Sarah Palin. All manner of nutroot accusations from newest son Trig really being her daughter’s baby, to banning books, to ordering that creationism be taught in public schools, to firing a safety commissioner to influence her sisters’ divorce, to stealing per diem, to she really liked the bridge to nowhere have been floated. All have been destroyed by the truth.

Right now 30 DNC lawyers are combing AK drilling for the only thing that makes Dems run – dirt on a political opponent. News is that there will be new and serious scandals breaking tomorrow in the DNC’s “party organ” - the NY Times. Here’s the latest Palin scandal run down:

She trumped her partner’s ace during a Euchre game in 1982.
She wore white after Labor Day on Sept. 23rd 1986.
Her belt and shoes didn’t match at a PTA function.
She had a particularly bad hair in Jun. this year.
She was ten minutes late picking her son up from hockey practice one day because she stopped to save a group of young children who were being attacked by a grizzly bear.

This is all heavy stuff and sure to affect the race. It’s sure to drive fair thinking voters right into the McCain Palin camp. Voters, particularly women voters, don’t want to see and hear the constant false scandal of the day. It also will have the “boy who cried wolf” effect on any real scandal the Dems might run across. Ho hum, just more MSM BS about Palin.

Now B-HO is making fun of Palin’s lipstick remark. I wonder how the MSM would react if McCain made fun of B-HO’s inner tube sized lips and sail like ears?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Choosing a doctor

Your child is sick. You rush him to the hospital.

In walk two doctors. Dr. X is a serious looking white haired man long on “straight talk” and short on bedside schmooze. The other, Dr. Y, is a young guy. The nurses and orderlies swoon over Dr. Y who glad hands everyone in the room before coming over to talk to you.

You can pick which of the two doctors will treat your son. So you ask about experience. The Dr. X says he’s been practicing medicine for 50 years and seen 1,000s of patients. The Dr. Y says he forewent the big bucks of being a doctor to serve as a community organizer.

You ask Dr. Y, how long he’s been a doctor. It turns out Y has been a Dr. only three years. Most of that time he’s spent running for chief surgeon of the hospital. How many patients have you seen, you ask Y. Nearly one, comes the reply. But he assures you that he’s consulted on several cases.

Dr. X tells you that Dr. Y once advocated letting a sick patient die. “Is the patient dead?” Dr. X says, “No we started a new therapy and the patient, while still in danger, is recovering.” Dr. Y interrupts, “the patient is dead and has been dead for a long time. The therapy failed.” Dr. X says, “That’s just not true the patient is just down the hall. Wait, that’s him right there. He’s the one on roller skates.”

You ask how each would treat your son. Dr. X says, “We’ll follow a very strict protocol of tests and medicine until we determine the best treatment.” Dr. Y says, “We’ll hope for a change in his condition.”

Which Dr. would you pick?

Monday, September 08, 2008


Holy Cow! Palin McCain up by ten in a USA Today poll. Double Holy Cow!! NBC to drop Olbermann and Matthews from anchor rolls. Does that make NBC the “Worst person in the world”? Will there be one of Olbermann’s pompous and supercilious “Special Comments” tonight? Is Pissy Matthews getting that tingle up his leg? Now, if only AlGore would tell the truth and say, “I really do not know a thing about the science of global warming” we’d have a trifecta.

No Doubt the Slow Joe-B-HO campaign is using up more band width than NASA this morning communicating among themselves and their boot licking media buds trying to figure out what to do. President Clinton will weigh in with the nuclear option: “Slow Joe you’re going to come down with some unspecified illness that forces you off of the ticket. Hillary will step in as VP. If you get elected, I will run things from my bachelor pad in France.”

Drug prescriptions for the “beautiful people” in Hollywood must be quadrupling this morning as well. Have you noticed that every time the Palin McCain campaign uses a piece of rock music in public, the artist sends them a “cease and desist” order? Among others Abba, John Melloncamp, Jackson Brown and Heart have denied the Palin McCain campaign the use of their music.

That seems petty and dumb to me. They have to know that the country is split about 50/50. Why PO half of America? Unless the candidate was a David Duke type, I’d just say: “While I do not endorse candidate X, I’m happy candidate X enjoys my tunes.”

The only group more in lockstep than Hollywood this election cycle is blacks. Blacks are the more difficult group to understand though. They have been getting screwed by Dems for the last 40 years yet they keep coming back.

So what can we learn bout this sudden change of events? First the American people, given time and no matter how much hype from the “beautiful people” and MSM, will see through a phony baloney. Ask Millie Vanillie. Next, the American people have a tremendous sense of fair play. We tend to notice when our sports teams get screwed by the officials or cops overact during a traffic stop or the MSM gets its head firmly planted up the butt of a candidate and we don’t like any of it. Last, the campaign turned on dime last week. It can turn again in the next 60 days.

Friday, September 05, 2008

B-HO the self-licking ice cream cone

B-HO and his lemmings in the MSM have a new claim that the “chosen one” has presidential type experience. The claim runs along this line:

Sure he was a clueless unaccomplished dope smoker and cocaine user that thinks that there are 60 states, Iranians speak Arabic, and that an “a” at the end of a word like Wassila takes a long “e” sound making it Wassilly. Sure until recently, if someone told him that the Russians had invaded Georgia, he’d have called out the Georgia state National Guard. Sure he was listening to an America hating preachers for 20 years, running with an unrepentant domestic terrorist and had a Chicago street thug work out a sweetheart deal and loan rate on his house. But that was all before he began running for president. Running for the office has given him all of the experience he needs to HOLD the office.

This type of circular argument is what we in the Marine Corps used to refer to as a self-licking ice cream cone. It goes like this:

Major X loses $100,000 worth of equipment.
Major X organizes a search party.
Major X finds the equipment.
Major X puts himself in for a Meritorious Service Medal for finding $100,000 of lost equipment.

But there’s a happy ending. Colonel Y rolls the award recommendation up, puts his lighter to it and lights a cigar with it. Col Y puts the burnt remains of the recommendation on Major Y’s desk.

The B-HO story takes pretty much the same route:
A community organizer writes two books about himself.
The community organizer reads his own books and discovers that for all of his advantages of education, he has accomplished nothing, nada, zilch, zero in his life.
The community organizer decides he should run for president to enhance his resume.
The community organizer uses the fact that he’s running for president as a qualification to hold the office.

So using the B-HO’s logic, anyone no matter how stupid and inexperienced, is qualified to be president if they can read a speech off of a teleprompter and find a team of handlers to make them look smart while running for the office.

Will there be a happy ending to this story? I think there will be. But if B-HO doesn’t lose by 15 points it will indicate that there is something seriously wrong here.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


The only question is will they be able to get slow Joe out from under his bed in time for the VP debate. The only bad thing is that while Loon Libs may have been prone to misunderestimate her before, they won’t/can’t now.

So I guess McCain was the right pick for president after all. No other candidate could/would have picked Palin. McCain’s experience and nationwide name recognition allowed him to move outside the box to grab up a 2 year governor that until Friday was nearly anonymous.

Early front runners like Mitt, Rudy, and Huckabee would have to have gone with a Senator to shore up a perceived foreign policy weaknesses. Fred might have been able to go with Palin but sadly, he was never really in the running.

Speaking of Fred, I saw his keynote the other night and thought it a shame that he couldn’t talk as eloquently about himself as he does about other people. That is a great human trait but a fatal flaw for anyone in high stakes politics.

Just for grins I tuned into PMSNBC after Palin’s speech to get their reaction. The set was so muted and dower, it was as if Michael Moore had choked on a ham sandwich and passed away. I sensed that they knew that they had just witnessed a game changer. Everyone from Laura O’Donnell to Pissy Matthews was forced to admit that Palin’s speech was a home run. Although Pissy apparently didn’t get any tingles up his leg.

Loony Libs know they are in trouble. They know that they have picked the wrong guy. They know that they cannot hide his incompetence, inexperience and shallowness for another 60 days. They know that October will highlight again B-HO’s shady alliances with fools, dopes and terrorists like Flager, Wright and Ayres.

Palin was also a brilliant pick because as the MSM focuses on Palin’s “inexperience” it highlights B-HO’s own complete lack of accomplishments and by comparison makes Palin look like Machiavelli. The MSM drug up Todd Palin’s DUI of 20 years ago. That served to remind us that while Todd was drinking beer, B-HO was snorting cocaine and smoking dope. The MSM obsess on her special needs child and pregnant teenage daughter, which only reminds us that she not only talks the talk but walks the walk and that her principles will not shift with difficult circumstances or polling results.

The more they attack her, the more we like her. Keep it up Dems and MSM. We appreciate it.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Newt nukes PMSNBC

Newt takes less than a minute to destroy B-HO and the “Palin has no experience” myth. This is why I thought Newt was the most qualified person in America eligible to be president or VP – less Cheney.

Gingrich DESSIMATES Oblermann’s floor reporter on Sarah Palin’s “inexperience.”

The end of the clip is missing. At the point where Gingrich asks the reporter to tell him one thing that B-HO has done, the reporter just gives a blank stare, and throws it back to Olbermann.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Becoming a Palin fan

OK when McCain picked Palin, I thought, what a pander. I had heard of Palin from Larry Kudlow on CNBC. He was very impressed by her and thought she’d be a great pick. But I thought, of all the qualified people, Fred, Michael Steele, etc. etc. why’d he pick her?

Well first off I think the McCain team saw what I’m beginning to see in her early on. Second, the McCain team knows it has to win the election before it can cut taxes, defend the nation and open our borders – oops couldn’t resist on that last one.

So the question comes up, is she ready to be one heart beat away from Commander in Chief? Well, one could counter with, is B-HO ready to BE Commander in Chief? But we’ve been down that road. The best answer I heard this weekend was, “Well I’d rather vote for McCain and hope he lives than vote for B-HO and hope he dies.”

But I’m beginning to see a lot in Palin. First off, I’ve often said we’d be better off with ordinary folks in positions of power than with a bunch of inbred pols for life types that have been running things since JFK.

What’s wrong a having a governor of one of the most important states in the union; a businesswoman; a union member; a fisherman; a hunter; a former mayor and councilwoman; a mother of five; married to union man who happens to be a world champion “snow machine” racer run as Vice President of the United States? In many respects it makes perfect sense. I doubt that the Palin household is operating on a budget deficit. With five kids, I suspect that there is an overwhelming amount of common sense in the household and no plans to climb up on the roof and wait for a National Guard helicopter in the event of a disaster or an emergency.

In every respect Palin is more qualified to be president than B-HO. B-HO’s major accomplishment in his life to date is writing two books. Books about politics, history, art, music, or anything else of substance? NO! He’s written two books about himself – a man who has accomplished nothing. Not even his most ardent Dem supporters can name even one thing the guy has done that amounts to a hill of beans. He has not even run a single committee hearing since joining the senate three years ago.

National Defense: Palin runs the AK National Guard and is neighbors with Russia. Aside from a ten day world tour, B-HO gets another goose egg.

Executive experience: Palin has run been responsible for running everything from her household to the state of AK. Slow Joe and B-HO get a combined zero for having ever been in charge of anything bigger or more complicated than office football pool.

Palin has cut taxes, fought corruption, the good ol’boy network and has an 80% approval rating in AK. Slow Joe and B-HO want to raise taxes. Slow Joe is about as sleazy a pol as has come down the line and IS the good ol’ boy network. Approval ratings for the congress is 9%

Pro life: Palin lives her belief. She and her family have a Downs’s Syndrome child. In this day and age they to have know that child was afflicted early on. Still they chose life for the child. Now it has come to light that the 17 year old daughter is pregnant. Again, the Palin’s chose life. Slow Joe tries to contort Catholic cannon to conform with his own POLITICAL beliefs. Bishops and the Pope have told him other Dems twisting the church's word, they are WRONG. B-HO takes his anti-life position to the next level - infanticide. B-HO voted THREE TIMES against protecting a child who survives an abortion attempt. B-HO said as long as the mother’s intent was to destroy the child, the child could be killed after a live birth.

Last, Palin seems smarter and more articulate than anyone in the field, including McCain.

I think she’ll be fine. Beside we can always throw President Clinton’s words right back their faces – “They didn’t think I was qualified either.” Wait scratch that – he wasn’t qualified. How about a combo Lloyd Benson - Bill Clinton? I know Bill Clinton. Sarah Palin is no Bill Clinton.