Friday, April 29, 2016

Now more than ever, ride the Trump tiger

Name one governmental institution that you trust
We have entered uncharted territory in that today not even the US military can be trusted to put mission before self-serving interests.  If you are not yet a prepper, reading this may convince to become one.  The wheels are coming off so many institutions simultaneously it’s crazy.  Public sector unions debilitate city, state and soon I suppose federal governmental institutions.  The ignoramus gen-y, or whatever they call the snowflakes populating today’s college campuses, want to further stress an already bloated and unresponsive, to the people it’s supposed to serve anyway, federal government with essentially free everything.  These colossal jewels of glittering ignorance want to trust the very people who cannot be trusted to walk the dog with their very lives.  The entire system is fixed by ruling class pols and their rich donor class grandees.  The only joy in any of this is that as pampered little know-nothing, do-nothing, be-nothing weasels with hands as soft as a kitten they may suffer the worst when it comes to survival of the fittest. They will end up being eaten by the pigeons.

Now, tell me again why #NEVERTRUMP. 

Ride the Trump tiger

The Marines used an ancient Chinese proverb – Ride the Tiger - as a recruitment tool in the 1930s as a metaphor for adventure.  One of the Marine Commandants reintroduced the saying sometime during 80s or 90s for some purpose that I do not recall, but used it not to connote adventure but rather the original meaning of the proverb explained here by William Safire:  “Ch'i 'hu nan hsia pei' goes the Chinese proverb, translated in 1875 as 'He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount.' The Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs interprets the old Asian metaphor as 'Once a dangerous or troublesome venture is begun, the safest course is to carry it through to the end.”

For some reason I recalled the episode although not the commandant that used the vehicle or why.  It seems to me this metaphor is perfect for Donald Trump’s candidacy.  We are in dangerous times.  The Republican primary voters have – whether the Rat establishment Republicans want to admit or not – chosen Donald J. Trump as their candidate. Now, the ReRs can ride the Trump tiger or get off and be eaten by the tiger.  Those are their two choices.

From the very day Trump entered the race, Lex implored the candidates and the Republican Party to co-opt Trump’s issues and not mock him or attack him.  None would listen.  Now, in spite of a plethora of mistakes – or what political talking heads insist are mistakes, it appears that Trump has threaded the needle.

It’s time for Cruz and Kasich, (Kasich by the way still trails Marco Rubio in delegates even though Marco suspended his campaign in March after the FL primary), to get on and ride the Trump tiger.

Dope on dope violence
Dope John Boehner called Ted the tool Cruz a dope.  Okay as the old playground taunt goes, takes one to know one.  As 98% of the readers know, 98% of the stuff on this page is done tongue in cheek.  All these guys are reasonably decent people.  Having to listen to them every day gets tedious thus the ridicule and derision.  Those things are easier than cogent well-reasoned arguments.  It’s good to know the very people being lampooned resort to lampooning and ridicule themselves.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bobby Vs. Carely in Indiana, hmm a tough one

Indiana is next on the Republican primary process.  So the Cruzbots got together and “brainstormed” how to blunt the news and effect of the utter and complete double azzwhippin they had taken on Tuesday.  So after two bottles of cheap vodka with rum chasers, one of Ted the tool’s wizards said, “Iha gat it.  Iha gat it.  We annoush are presidential vice canidats.  Shomone one like Curly.  Mosh is too mean.  Larrysh to shtoopid.” 

So the wizards of Ted the tool Cruz smart roll out Carley Fiorian as the tool’s VP candidate – Cruz/Fiorina a onetime Lex dream ticket.  Today it’s a last desperate gasp.  Maybe a second to last desperate gasp.   Given the tool’s unbridled ambition and his extraordinarily high opinion of himself, I’m sure he’s having himself fitted for a suicide vest right now that he plans to wear into the convention.  Then just as the balloons are ready to drop after Trump wins the nomination, the tool rushes the stage, exposes his vest, steals the mic and demands the nomination or he will blow up everyone within a 100 feet.

While the tool was storming Indiana and sharing a stage with Carley, Trump was chuming around with Mr. Indiana – Bobby Knight.  Cruz coming to Indiana with Carley  and Trump showing up with Knight is like your dad coming home to your 8th birthday party drunk with a couple of "buddies" he met at the bar or coming home with a band to play at your party, a new go cart, an electric guitar and tickets to the Super Bowl.   It’s like showing up at the prom with Bella Abzug or showing up with…well…Milani Trump.  So let’s do a quick Indiana handicap: Bobby Knight Vs anyone but the second coming in Indiana…and the winner is…Bobby Knight.

Trump trumps the tool again. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Flash! Flash!! Flash!!! Ted the tool Cruz is finished

Only the tool and his most loyal Cruzbots at National Review do not know it.  But like all narcissistic self-serving douches who think they are the story, they are more important than the office they seek, they and their hopeless political careers are more important than the fate of the country and their underhanded method of delegate collection is the same as winning the votes of Republican primary voters, the tool tools on.   

Last night the tool might as well have said, “As long as there is one delegate who can bought off with a steak dinner, a convention hotel room, a rental car upgrade or a free tool t-shirt, I will soldier on to advance my own cause, to make my future book deals all that more lucrative, to build my own political slush fund as best I can, to get as much self-serving TV time to preen as possible, to serve myself and my own interests all the way to the convention floor where I will lie, bribe, cajole and threaten to win the Rat establishment Republican nomination so that I can go on to lose the exact same states Mitt Romney lost.”

Next week is the Indiana primary.  I do not know one person voting for Cruz.  I know one guy who will waste a vote on Kasich.  Yeah, that delusional idiot is still in it thinking he's better positioned to swipe the nomination from Trump at the convention than Cruz.  And he wonders why Americans cannot stand 98% of career politicians.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ted tool's only option: Bow out gracefully

On Rush Limbaugh’s radio show yesterday, Rush justified Ted the tool Cruz’s efforts to take/steal the Republican nomination on a second or third ballot because “that’s the only thing he can do”.  Well, uh, no it’s not.

Ted the tool could realize that Republican primary voters have reject him in a huge way.  After he gets thumped again tonight he could use the occasion of his “I got my azz whipped” speech to admit that…well…he got his azz whipped.  He could tell is supporters that Republican primary voters obviously prefer Trump and gracefully “suspend” his campaign.

He could point out that, while he still believes that he has a path to the nomination, and while that path is totally within the crooked rules as written, that path is outside the will of the Republican primary voters.  That path will, if not totally destroy the Republican Party, so damage it victory in the fall would be impossible.

He could spend a bit of effort trying to unify the party behind Trump to defeat crooked Shrillda the Hutt instead of destroying the party in a totally vain effort to snatch the nomination from Trump.  He could pledge his full support for the presumptive nominee and reconcile by offering to join the ticket if it will help defeat the Hutt or serve as a Supreme Court nominee.

Ted the tool’s only option is not blowing up the party, losing the general election and going down in history as complete self-centered POS more interested in demonstrating his ability at political underhandedness than saving the country from the Hutt.

Trump has won.  Admit it.  A political novice threaded the needle and whipped everyone the Rat establishment Republicans threw at him.  Now, rather than admit the truth, the ReRs are acting like what we’ve always suspected that they were - Dopes in disguise.  They’d rather have the Hutt than anyone outside the ReR Party.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Compound being annexed and other important things

The city of Ft. Wayne wants to annex 23 square miles of ground to its north that includes the compound.  The mayor and swells on the council tell us how great it’s going to be.  I don’t get any water or sewer service.  There are no sidewalks out in compound-ville.  The compound is 1,000 feet from the “curb” that Pulver does not have  because it is not paved.  If the city ever came out here for leaf disposal – which they won’t, I'd have to drag them a quarter of mile to the road.  Nor will they plow the snow that falls on that 1,000 foot easement in the winter.  What the city will do without doubt is raise my taxes for all of the “excellent services” the city won’t provide.  That money will funneled into another of Mayor Henry’s downtown revitalization programs like the bike rental program he started or the Ferris Wheel lights he hung on a downtown bridge.  So I’m working up a letter to express my gratitude to Henry for his warm thoughts of annexing us. 

Americans can no longer stand large portions of their government in part because it is populated by career politicians who occupy a favorability rating right up there with pimps, pedophiles, pornographers.  Career politicians are, for the most part, small people who compensate for their smallness with huge egos, impenetrable hubris and unbound arrogance.

Ft. Wayne is being run by its own political lifer  - Mayor for life Emperor Tom Henry.  Henry spent 20 years on city council before becoming Mayor for Life in 2008.   If you want to know why Americans can no longer stand their government, as demonstrated by the rise of unorthodox candidates such as Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, you need to look no further than the Ft. Wayne mayor’s office. 

Henry wants to annex 23 square miles and 22,000 residents to the north of Ft. Wayne.  When announcing the annex plan Emperor Henry said, “This growth plan is an opportunity to enhance Fort Wayne’s position as a leader in providing excellent services to residents and businesses.”  Henry went on to say, “We must be proactive and innovative to move our community forward in the right direction as a growing and prospering City where individuals, families and businesses want to be.”  

Uh, the fact that you have to grab the ground against the will of about 70% of the residents is a pretty clear indication that your “services” are perhaps not as “excellent” as your hubris leads you to believe (look at your pathetic high school system).  Your heavy handed anti-democratic tactics to secure the land grab are more akin to the mob and old Soviet Union than anything we are used to as citizens of the US. The fact that the Emperor cannot offer any incentive to a majority of residents sufficient to encourage them to willfully go along with his harebrained scheme is proof positive he is neither “innovative” nor providing a place where a majority of the affected “individuals, families and businesses want to be”.  

Henry assured us that his repellant land grab is not effort to snatch more tax dollars for downtown renewal.  Nonsense.   What’s he going to do put the tax money from the annex in a separate shoe box?  When the Emperor decides to hang another strand of lights on the Clark Griswold (AKA MLK) Memorial Bridge, Ft. Wayne’s own monument to kitsch, he will, like most things apparently, have no idea where the money is coming from. 

When Hitler “annexed” Austria in 1938, he did so under the color of international law citing irredentist interests.  Hitler tried to legitimize the “annexation” by allowing the people a plebiscite on it.  Like all tyrannical land grabbing vermin, Hitler fixed the vote.   I wonder if Henry has the courage of his convictions to let allow the people who are literally being captured by his odious land grab an opportunity to vote on it?

The fact that Ft. Wayne cannot grow based upon the merit of being a “well-managed city” people want to join but rather has to resort to strong armed mob style coercion tells you just about everything you need to know about the annexation and the goons supporting it.

VA felons are now canceling your vote
I think from the first day of posting Lex has identified felons as a major Demo-Dope constituency.  VA Governor Terry the punk McAuliffe has made it official.  The punk restored the voting rights of 206,000 VA felons just in time to tip VA into Shrillda the Hutt’s column this fall.  The Simpsons predicted this would happen.

Hope for Dopes yet
Doctors may soon be able to reverse “brain death”.  After the procedure they'd no longer be Demo-Dopes though would they.

The media lied 
Okay not exactly an Earth shattering statement.  In fact, it’s more like a headline that reads;  Sun maintains perfect record; rises in the east yet again.  As it turns out there were WMD all over Iraq.  It’s just that nobody cared to report it.  So instead of the “Bush lied people died” meme, it should be; The media lied an Empty Suit was elected twice, and now the country is circling the drain.  That does lack the brevity and rhyming qualities of the Bush meme, but the new meme has the advantage of being true. 
Warp speed is a reality
It’s contained in your microwave. Who knew? 

Erff Day is a scam
The UN climate agreement is a bigger scam.  Fun facts on how the greenies can be so spectacularly wrong about nearly everything and yet NEVER get called out by the lapdog media or any pols – Rat establishment Republicans included. Now tell me again why #NEVERTRUMP.  If you lack the time to read the whole thing don’t miss #18 for the biggest laugh.

Not voting against Shrillda the Hutt is treason
For idiots like Glenn Beck who vow not to vote unless their guy gets the nomination, you are traitorous bastards that need to burn inside the 7th ring of hell for eternity listening to a loop of a Mariah Cary high pitch vamp of the middle portion of her somehow hit record Emotion while seated next to the transgendered (AKA weirdo) from the post under if your selfish unpatriotic foolishness leads to the election of Shrillda the Hutt.  Don’t think so?  Read this. So according to the baboon butt ugly spawn of the Hutt and Billbo Billyboy Clinton, it’s a good thing Scalia is dead because now “we can get gun control”.  Nice.

More on bathroom etiquette
I am a firm believer that men should use the men’s room irrespective of how they dress or how they “feel” at any particular moment.  Okay?  Got it?  With regard to NC I do not think the rational response to some reactionary leftist law from a municipality should be another reactionary law from the state.  Ridicule works much better in my view.  Let the people of Charlotte decide the fate of council members who think it’s a good idea to allow, nay, make mandatory Chester the molester’s access to their daughter’s high school shower facility.  

Friday, April 22, 2016

Trump pivots toward his center

America is circling the drain.  Take the NC bathroom controversy….please.

Donald Trump is right on the bathroom issue.  “Leave it the way it was.”  The “way it was” required men to use the men’s room and women to use the women’s room.  What happened in NC was that a municipality required that facilities could be visited by anyone for any reason.

That’s a definite coup for men.  Finally, access to a clean public facility.  Well, at least until the norm is men using the women’s room because it’s cleaner.  When that happens, both facilities will be equally disgusting.  Vois la! Demo Dope policy in action.  Instead of improving things, Dope’s purpose is to bring everything down to the lowest common denominator.  Enjoy the privacy while it lasts ladies.

So to keep the renegade municipality inline the geniuses at the NC state house wrote a law requiring all facilities in the state be reserved for people of the same sex no matter what Jimmy the peeping tom happens to feel like at any particular moment.  That was dumb.  Let it go.  See what happens.  Maybe nothing.  Maybe a long series of molestations and creepy encounters that would call for action.

What we need to understand is that common sense in America is dead.  Dead.  Dead.  Dead.  It will not be resuscitated anytime soon.  It’s just going to get more and more outrageous.  It’s like your kid insisting he’s dog and wanting to eat on the floor out of a bowl.  Okay fine Johnny.  Eat on the floor out of a bowl.  The fad then fades.  The more you fight it the more Johnny insists he’s a dog.  If he’s still eating on the floor out of bowl past the age of 5 or 6 or for more than a day or two, beat his azz and make him sit in a chair at the table, but only after mocking him.  The NC legislature went straight to the azz beating mode.

Hey look the issue isn’t about transgenders using the bathroom of their choice, particularly for men who generally focus on the writing on the wall when using a public facility and are oblivious to everything else.  The last thing a guy wants is being accused of having a wandering eye in the men’s room.  The issue here is not transgenders but rather a pervert – almost always male – posing as a transgender to gain “legitimate access” to the women’s room or even more disgusting the girl’s high school locker room. 

It’s just going to be one long Some Like it Hot movie until men not so much like Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon and more like the pervert in the picture above start visiting the ladies room.  Only when a real women’s movement gains traction and demands perverts get out of their restrooms will this idiocy end.  The Republican candidate’s response to these gottcha questions is simple, “Well, of course that is a state issue.  State legislatures can do what they believe to be in the best interest of that state’s citizens.  We’re 19 trillion in debt, the laughing stock of the world and have a broken military.  The states can handle this non-issue issue.  For the record, if you have a penis (AKA a dick for you perverts like the one in the picture), maybe you should consider the 99.9% of us with a speck of common sense left and let it hang out in the men’s room.”

With regard to favoring raising taxes on the rich, Trump has a tax plan that’s out there.  I do not really know or care what it actually does to rich people but the highest of the current 7 tax brackets is 39.6%.  The highest of Donald Trump’s 3 proposed tax brackets is 25%.  The devil is always in the details on these things.  But if Ms. Ralph taught me anything about math, it’s that 39.6 is greater than 25. 

Trump is also being heckled for saying that “good” illegal aliens have to go, but hopefully we’ll bring them back legally.  That’s a good coming out position.  The end game will be, “Well, look it makes no sense to send them out to just turn around and bring them back.  Once vetted, like the Syrian refugees, we might as well let them stay.”

No that position doesn’t make me happy.  Send every damn one of them out.  But I’ve always said if you start with 12 million illegal aliens and you manage to deport 7 million, well that’s a start.  And frankly, otherwise law abiding families that have been in the country for 15 years or more due to corrupt and feckless American politicians maybe they ought to be required to pay a fine, back taxes and be issued a provisional green card.  My position on this has never changed.  Secure the border.  Enforce the law.   Deal with "special cases" as they arise in the course of enforcing the law.

What’s going on with Donald Trump is what has gone on with politicians since the two party system came into being, run to the base in the primary then pivot the center for the general.  Trump is looking toward the general.

Oh and on abortion, exceptions for the life of the mother and in cases of rape and incest is a far cry from crooked Shrillda the Hutt's position of killing a baby right up to the point of the crown of the baby's head presenting itself.  

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Salve owning Demo Dope Party founder Old Hickory out, black Republican woman Harriet Tubman in on $20

Andy Jackson is going to get gone from the $20.  Okay fine another Dope Democrat outted as the racist most in the Demo-Dope Party are today.  Dopes want the founder of the party off the $20 because Jackson was a war hero.  He routed the British and their savage Indian allies in the Battle of New Orleans – a great Country Western song by Johnny Horton.

After his real world experience fighting savage Indians (savage Indians was the precursor the “radical Islamists” of today identifying a radical element within a larger population) who sided with British and rampaged against settlers, Jackson signed the Indian Relocation Act.  EEEGAD!  Jackson was also a slave owning Democrat that supported individual liberty so he had to go.  What do you expect from a party that tears down it’s own history in the South from the Confederate battle flag, to war memorials, to historic statues.  Dopes are the American Taliban or Soviets purging and air brushing history to fit today’s vision of their own party.

Replacing Jackson on the $20 is a black Republican woman, an underground railroader who saved 300 slaves - Harriet Tubman.  Tubman would be a forerunner to the Stump for Trump women I suppose.  So the Dopes pitch one of their own who is an embarrassment to today’s Dope party because he was a war hero who supported individual liberty.  You just cannot have that in today’s dope party. 

So can Republicans be expected to make hay from the juxtaposition of the founder of the Dope Party and an early Republican hero Harriet Tubman?  No.  Can’t do it.  Pointing out the obvious is not something that is in the Rat establishment Republican Party skill set or 90% of black Americans wouldn’t be voting for the party that puts them in chains, literal chains back in Jackson and Tubman’s day and in the figurative chains of today’s welfare state.

If the Dopes were to pick one of their own who would it be, Rachael Dolezal, mental midget Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson (is that racist?) Lee (is that racist?) or this idiot woman who perfectly reflects today’s Demo Dope Party by trashing the founders while receiving 90+K government salary to conduct tours of Independence Hall. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ted the tool Cruz got schooled channels Eustace Haney to win nomination.

Ted the tool Cruz  gotta thumpin’.  Doesn’t matter to the tool or his Cruzbots.  See, by the tool’s logic, as long as you are within 5 million or so votes of the front runner, lose less than 49 states and are within 300 or so delegates, you still have a chance to steal the nomination at a crooked as hell convention.  Who thinks like that?  Apparently narcissists, crooks and politicians.  Ted the tool hit the trifecta: a narcissistic crooked politician.  All of this demonstrates one thing, Ted the tool wants this too bad for it to be healthy.  

Here’s a shocker for the tool.  All his pandering to Black Thugs (really don’t) Matter and the Rat establishment Republican Party are pointless.  Black thugs will roll in on you in the exact same manner they are rolling in on Trump.  The only difference will be that the tool lacks the, uh, equipment to deal with it.  And get this tool.  Your ReR buds are going to drop you like a hot rock as soon as Trump is out.  

The tool’s boast of his cleverness in stealing delegates reminds me of the rural con man Eustace Haney from the old TV show Green Acres.  Haney portrayed a lying, cheating, dysfunctional, unscrupulous, unethical but always upbeat shyster.  Haney once tried to sell Mr. Douglass a dead cow referring to it as “corpus delicious”.  “Mr. Douglass, how many pounds can I put you down for?”  “Mr. Haney I don’t want any meat from that cow.”  “Fine, 100 pounds it is.  Let me see, at $2.50 a pound, that’ll be $500 Mr. Douglass.”  “What?  That’s outrageous!  100 pounds at $2.50 a pound is $250, Mr. Haney.”  “Well sure, but when you add in taxes, preparation, seasoning and delivery, it comes to $500.” “Delivery!  It’s already here!”  “Well Mr. Douglass you can clearly see the cow is dead.  It didn’t walk in by itself.  I had to deliver it.”  “Oh for Pete’s sake.”  "Mr. Douglass, if you want it delivered to Mr. Pete Skate's house that'll be another $50." Like Ted the tool’s delegate rustling, Mr. Haney’s BS deals are as shady as they come. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

What happens when the people get to vote

Ted the tool Cruz is about to find out what happens when people other than Rat establishment Republican buttheads get to vote.  The tool is going to get pounded – I hope.

Unlike Cruzbot Glenn Beck, I will not throw a tantrum and refuse to vote if Cruz’s underhanded BS garners him enough delegates in Cleveland to thwart the will of voting Republicans.  I’ll print up my own bumper stick – “I’m voting for the Republican liar”.  That of course assumes that the Democrat liar will be crooked Shrillda the Hutt. 

There is way too much at stake for hurt feeling this time around.  I just wish the tool would wake up tomorrow and realize that the majority of the rank and file want nothing to with his tired BS and drop out.  There is no way Cruz will win anything Romney lost.  

Yeah, I.m pretty sure that's a baby, but is it a boy or a girl?

Shrillda the Hutt got into trouble for pointing out the obvious but followed up with a mind bendingly stupid statement.  The Hutt stated that what you see in the picture above s in fact a “person”.  Oh my.  That sent the Lefty Libs into apoplectic shock as they shouted “fetus” before fainting dead away.  Then the Hutt went on to say that that person could be destroyed any moment prior to natural birth.  Ruhr roh, big problem for the Hutt and Lefty Libs pretending that their lyin’ eyes keep seeing babies where a fetus is supposed to be.

Well when you look at the picture the word “baby” enters 99.9% of our brains even the crazy Lefty Libs who insist that it’s a “FETUS”!    Well, duh.  But they treasure their sacrament of abortion more than life so they play the Lefty Lib word game where homosexuals aren’t homosexuals but rather “gay” even when they are as a group the least “gay” people around and a baby isn’t a baby when your eyes and brain tell you that it clearly is.

Lefty Libism requires that you suspend your common sense.  When someone tells you their wife just had a baby, what’s the first question?  Girl or boy, right?   Well you insensitive LGBTQPH:OGILGUFGXCKJL hating bastard, that baby’s (or is it “fetus ex utero”?) sex will be determined by however it feels at given moment of its entire life. 

If you want to see how stupid the American university system is making your college age kid, watch this.  These “great thinkers” are willing to accept that a 5 foot something white male is a 6’ 5” Chinese woman.  Kids, common sense is what allows us to distinguish the light at the end of the tunnel from an on coming train.  You all just got run over by a common sense train.  As the tag lie points out, you have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.  The new college standard is being set.  It is better to be PC than it is to be correct.  If your LGBTLGFGHFXCVKJLH professor tells you that only white privilege makes 2 +2 equal 4 and that from now on 2 + 2 equals whatever you want it to equal, well okay then,  Who are you gonna believe, dead white guys or your LGBTUOLVJGCVJLKN  professor?  You'd better get your mind right if you want to survive the PC world.  

The Empty Suit lies again about vetting Syrians
TES and his know nothing are surging Syrian refugees into America.  What could go wrong? What the eff happened to the 18 month to 2 year vetting process?  Well you can count on the Rat establishment Republicans putting a stop to this insanity.  No.  Wait.  You can’t.  Now explain to me again why #NEVERTRUMP. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Fixing the primary process

Well now that Lex has exposed the Rat establishment Republican Party delegate selection rules as having more clauses and BS than Sheldon and Lenard’s roommate agreement on the Big Bang Theory, what to do about it?  The primary process is supposed to serve as a method of allowing party voters in individual states and regions of the country to get to know the candidates up close and personal ahead of the general election.

Here’s what needs to happen.

All states are required to hold primary elections.  No more caucuses, state conventions, party parties, 32 secret meetings before getting your name on the slate at the pre-precinct level or Ouiji Board selection of delegates by the ReRs.  Open free and fair elections will determine delegate apportionment.

No "unbound delegates" or the ReR method of thwarting party voters and tipping the primary scale toward the ReR candidate. 

Winner takes all Vs. proportional allocation.  A good case can be made for either method.  The Electoral College is, for the most part, winner takes all.  States should allocate delegates in the same manner that they allocate Electoral College votes.

Primaries should be on a regional basis to allow candidates to move around the states in play with relative ease and low cost.  Iowa and New Hampshire need to be removed as the early candidate killers.  Throw those states in with 5 or 6 other regional states to test a candidate’s regional appeal rather than their undying support for ethanol or their ability to wear and look good in a plaid shirt.

These are things that need to happen – at a minimum.  The observation that the parties are “private” organizations and therefore can fix the party rules any way they wish is total BS.  As long as the states are subsidizing the primary election process, i.e. the people footing the bill, the people have a right dictate the rules.  Rinse and Repeat Priebus and the other ReR bastards can go to hell.  They have proven they are more interested in maintaining insider Rat bastard power than reflecting the will of Republican voters. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sure the ReRs are trying to steal the nomination, so what?

I watched a two minute interview yesterday with Donald Trump.  During that short period of time he must have said five times that the Rat establishment Republican Party’s method for awarding delegates in some states was “very unfair, we want to give it back to voters.  If you win the vote, you should get the most delegates.”  That’s pretty good message discipline.  

Ted the tool Cruz and the dumbazzs in the Colorado ReR won a pyrrhic victory in Colorado.  In the process of that victory the wizards of political smart have pulled the curtain back on the ReR BS machine that awards delegates.  The ReR BS machine process for awarding delegates – in places like CO and PA - is a labyrinth (Do you like that word?  Had to look it up a long time ago.  I still remember what it means.) of arcane waist deep sewage and filth. 

Trump has identified it as such.  He has tagged it as unfair, words every American can understand, and offers a solution that is nearly impossible to argue against if you are interested in an open process with a representative outcome: Let the people vote.  Award the delegates according to the vote of the people.

Trump says he wants the voters to decide.  What’s Ted the tool and his ReR handlers response?  “Well you know the rules for the 57 meetings potential delegates must attend before being permitted to run as delegate at the sub-precinct level have been known to everyone since Donald Trump first entered the race and we decided to oppose him.  Everyone knows, that if you get 52% of the vote at the sub-precinct level - including at least a plurality of women of color, 2 Mooooslims, a Jew and the precinct captain  – you are then eligible, but not guaranteed, to move onto the pre-precinct level of delegate selection where it gets a little tricky, but everyone knows the rules.  Right?”  

Dicks like Ted the tool and ReR chief dope Rinse and repeat Priebus cannot win this.  It’s too obvious what’s going on.  The Cruzbots may think, “Hey we got the delegates”, but that’s a short sighted view.  The convention is going to blow up if Trump wins more votes, more states, more delegates awarded by the vote and somehow comes out on the short end.

Ted the tool can argue that he has out hustled and out organized Trump so he’s the best nominee.  YGBSM.  Organization trumps the votes of the people in an election year?  Also consider that Ted the tool is organizing with other people’s money.  Trump is organizing with his own money. Ted the tool may be perfectly willing to spend millions of dollars that are not his own to hire scores of Cruzbots to go to the 57 pre-delegates meetings in Colorado.  Trump doesn’t know that many people with nothing better to do.

Trump is actually correct.  The system is being rigged against him.  Read all about it here.  The trouble for Ted the tool and Rinse and repeat is that in Colorado they overreached and now it’s way too obvious to anyone with a brain that the system is rigged.   Had they had the discipline to take just 80-90% of the delegates it might not have been such a big deal.  But the dopes got greedy and took 100% of the delegates and now have created a firestorm that has exposed their dishonesty.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ted the tool Cruz followed the rules that were set up to benefit him

The Rat establishment Republican pundits are all chiming in that Ted the tool Cruz “followed the rules”.  All that says in my book is that the ReR rules are a sham or worse, a concoction of BS laid on the people like the stranger in High Plains Drifter lays arbitrary rules on the people of Lago.   Why does the stranger do it?  Well it turns out that the people Lago deserve it, but it’s done mostly just because the stranger can.

But do not take my word for it.  Watch and see the definition of BS here, or read about it here.  Now does anyone thinks this is the way a democracy is supposed to work?  Yes I know – Representative Democracy, but aren’t the “representatives” supposed gain their positions through legitimate elections of the people?  Can anyone look at those pieces on the process that took place in Colorado and call it “legitimate”?

So yeah, Ted the tool followed the rules.  The rules specifically set up to benefit him.  In that regard the Colorado ReR Party looks more like a mob organization than an American political party.  The big difference is that even the mob has a “code” that mobsters understand.  The ReR Party weasels have no such “code”.  We’ll see what happens when people are allowed to vote next week.  Something tells me when the votes are counted and Ted the tool finishes 3rd, the Count Chocula look alike will be forced to abandon his smug BS man of the people act. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The tool, remembering Gary Gilmore, The Empty Suit, ITF assimilatin

Ted the tool Cruz: Rat establishment Republican butt boy
Immigration, trade, building the wall, suspending legal immigration are all issues Ted the tool Cruz turned his “principled conservative” position on dime to match Donald Trump.  Trump’s candidacy has exposed the weasels.  Cruz is one of them.  For me Ted the tool has gone from, I support him; to, I can tolerate him; to, I’ll hold my nose and vote for him; to, I cannot stand the sanctimonious grinning lying POS.  

Another issue that Trump’s candidacy (Sander’s as well) has exposed is the corrupt nature the party nominating system.  The GOP stooges in the choir are all singing the same tune.  The delegates apportioned during last Saturday’s Colorado GOP convention were apportioned correctly and above board.   Uh, no they weren’t.

Above board would be to hold a primary election where people show up and cast a ballot.  The ballots are then counted and delegates awarded according to the vote.  What happened in CO was a BS process whereby party swells voted for a guy, who voted for a guy, who voted for a guy, who picked the delegates.   It is total crap.  I used be a card carrying member of the Teamsters Union.  Their elections were held the exact same way.  Teamsters Local 413 diluted the vote as many times as necessary, got the final vote as far away from the members as possible so the elite could maintain control and pick whoever they wanted.  I imagine election in the old Soviet Union were pretty much the same.  Sure two guys were running, but the party man was the only one who stood a snowball’s chance.

So the party swells, which on issue include Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, can claim that the Colorado results were honest and above board, but what they cannot say is that the result accurately reflects the will of Colorado Republicans.  So what is the goal CO GOP? A) Apportion delegates in accordance to the will of registered Colorado Republicans.  Or B) Create a primary process that, while is totally above board, is so convoluted only the party elite will be capable of navigating all of the traps, gates and hurdles.  The CO GOP chose option B.  Now, they are all saying, “Well you know, the rules were out for everyone to read and follow.” 

The problem for these Rat establishment Republican bastards is that Americans have a great sense of fair play.  We don’t like it when a criminal walks on a “technicality”.  We don’t like it when a cheater wins.  Why don’t like it when Dean Warmer places someone on double secret probation.  Colorado ReR bastards are cheating Dean Warmer types who got over on a technicality that was baked into the Colorado primary cake.

For Ted the tool – STFU about Trump whining about people voting against him.  That is, of course a lie.  The Republican rank and file never voted in Colorado Ted.  

Does anyone remember Gary Gilmore?
The current CIA Director and a former Attorney General have indicated that Trump would have to do is own waterboarding because the CIA and DoJ wouldn’t participate.  Hmm maybe.  Does anyone remember Gary Gilmore?  Gilmore was a murderer in Utah.  He demanded to be killed by firing squad for his crimes.  The state accommodated his wishes.  Before the execution, lefty Libs assured us that the state would not be able to find 6 people willing to pull the trigger to form Gilmore’s firing squad.  When requests went, out the state received over 600 applications.  So Brennen and Mukasey may not be willing to do what may be necessary, but that does not preclude the possibility that others would be.

The Empty Suit guarantees level playing field for Shrillda the Hutt in BI, DoJ e-mail investigation
But only after placing his thumb on the scale of justice by assuring us that the Hutt did not compromise national security, because after all, “there’s secret, then there’s
secret”  don’t you know.

So the UK knows and admits Islamo-Terror-Fascists do not assimilate
Get the word to Dope Homer and Bishop of Ft. Wayne South Bend Diocese - Bishop Rhoades.  I’m pretty sure they will not care about the facts.

Monday, April 11, 2016

The leftist's revolt against the masses continues with LGBTETJYJHKGBKH "rights"

Barles Charkley AKA Charles Barkley and Bruce Springsteen are all for boycotting NC because of the “unreasonable law” passed by the NC legislature and signed by the NC governor requiring men to use the men’s room in public buildings.  

What?  Moooooslim immigrants won’t be able to walk into the girls shower at the local high school and assault the occupants?  Joey the peep won’t be allowed to expose himself in the women’s room down at the courthouse?  8 time sex offender Slick Willie the grope won’t be allowed to set up a chair in the women’s restroom at the Coliseum during the state high school volleyball championships?   How dare the state of NC be so callous to so many in such desperate need of long-term psychiatric counselling and/or a good ol’ fashion azz whippin’. 

This BS is more of the left’s revolt against the masses.  For the life of me I do not know why NC doesn’t go all Trump on these guys calling them what they are washed up has beens searching in vain for a clue.  When the NFL says they won’t book the Super Bowl in NC, NC should ask them to poll the players on any of these questions:  “Do you want freakish men showering with your wives, daughters, sisters and mothers?”  Or “Do you want the freaky kidnapper from the movie Silence of the Lambs hanging around your sister’s dorm’s bathroom?”  Or, “Will you be willing to remove the all the doors to all the bathrooms in your own home?”  Or, “Should 1/10th of 1% of the population be able to set social norms for the other 99.9%?”

NC Governor Pat McCrory should demand that the NBA and NFL poll their players on those simple questions or STFU.  The NFL, NBA, Barles and the Boss are all pampered swells tying to sound all common man, while knowing full well the BS they push down on the masses will not affect them or their families in any way.  It’s like George Soros and Warren Buffett asking for higher taxes knowing full well they won’t pay a dime.

This is how far down the rabbit hole this society has gone.  Common sense is dead.  The elite want the world turned on its head to accommodate 1/10th of 1 % of the population who are – let’s just call them what they are – freaks.  To wit the standard dictionary definition:  a person who acts or dresses in a markedly unconventional or strange way.

How does the minority cow the majority in this country into going down these BS roads?  It is called a leftist’s revolt against the masses, and thank you fellow Buckeyes for keeping the clueless and narcissistic John Kasich in the running and facilitating that effort.  Kasich sides with the anarchists disrupting political speech in Chicago.  Look here, the dope also opposes anything defending religious freedom or common sense.  He’s a spineless piece of putty.  Make that Silly Putty.

The minority co-opts useful idiots like Kasich to shut the majority up while the leftists Libs destroy the country usually without a whimper from the majority.  Just look a US campuses.  A small but very vocal bunch of anarchist are running the universities.  Look at the unhinged idiot in the Starbucks shouting like a banshee at Gov. Scott.  Now the left is controlling the masses to allow an infinitesimally small percentage idiotic LGBTALGAEYWFVSCN turn social order on its head.  The NFL, NBA , Barels, the Boss and even Pay Pal weigh in on the anarchist’s side and people with common sense either go quiet or like Kasich allow themselves to be used by the anarchists.

If the NBA, NFL, Kasich et al are so supportive of the LGBTVAXlhAVVKHJmn community why don’t they release a joint statement condemning Islam for its homophobic preaching?  That question can be answered with one word – cowards.  Or if you use Slow Joe Biden math – effing cowards. 

Lying douche lies and lies again
The lying sail eared excrement stick occupying the Oval Office of the Rainbow House, you can keep your doc if I like your doc, swore it would take between 18 months and three years to vet Mooooslim refugees from Syria.  Now the lying weasel is going to do the vetting of 10,000 wannbe Islamo-Terror-Fascist in just 3 months.  The walking talking lie machine also insures us that Shrillda the Hutt will receive no special treatment from the DoJ.  We know that is BS or the Hutt would already be in jail.  Remember this is the same sail eared POPS that said there was not a "smidgen of corruption" at the IRS.  All of this more of the leeftist Lib's revolt against the masses with NO push back from anyone on our side.  Hmm, I wonder why Trump is so popular?

Is there anything global warm-mongering cannot do?
Well, here’s an incomplete list

The Cube responds
The People's Cube has responded to the Boston Globe's fake front page on Trump.

Friday, April 08, 2016

Check your own damn privilage


I saw the above flyer is making its way around America’s college campuses, and it dawned on me there are a whole lot of privileged babies on campus exercising their privilege while demanding others “check” theirs.  So here’s a quick list of the privileges these college snowflakes ought to be checking.

If you got into this university because of the color of your skin and despite your poor academic record, check your privilege.

If you have a subsidized douche-phone, check your privilege.

If your family is living in sec 8 housing, check your privilege.

If you’re waiting on your EBT card, check your privilege.

If you’re waiting on your welfare payment, check your privilege.

If you think it’s okay for you to disrupt and prevent other people from speaking, check your privilege.  

If you think it’s okay to riot, burn and loot because a black thug got shot by police, check your privilege.

If you are so incredibly stupid and shallow that your ONLY argument to ANY ISSUE is to call your opponent a racist, or a homophobe, sexist etc., check your privilege.

If the lapdog MSM flies top cover for you, your bad manner, your criminal activities, your ignorance and your downright stupidity, check your privilege.

If you’re enrolled on campus and cannot speak the King ’s English, add a list of numbers, name the three branches of the federal government and/or find the Pacific Ocean on a map, check your privilege.

If you’re enrolled on campus in any major ending in “studies”, check your privilege.

If your enrolled on campus and are more interested in being a “social justice warrior” than getting a degree, check your privilege.

If you’ve never been challenged but rather simply been passed through your entire life because of the color of your skin, like The Empty Suit, check your own damn privilege. 

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Ted the tool Cruz

Ted Cruz is the last tool available to the Rat establishment Republican Party to bring Donald Trump to heel.  The pejorative urban dictionary definition of the word “tool” is exactly correct for Cruz in this situation.  Scroll down at the link for more accurate word pictures of Cruz.

Now let me add my own. 

Tool:  “Principled conservative” who changes his position on every major issue on a dime to match that of the front runner’s.  A preening jackass acting holier than thou while being totally dishonest.  The person is further diminished by becoming a “small tool” if he allows himself to be used by a larger tool for corrupt purposes.   

Ted Cruz is the small tool allowing himself to be wielded by the ginormus ReR tool for nefarious purposes.  He’s not tooling around to win the nomination.  He’s tooling around to torpedo someone else’s shot at the nomination.  That’s classic toolism: If I can’t have it, neither can you.

The small tool is now bragging about how he is gaining delegates by “out hustling and out organizing” Trump.  What’s missing in that scenario?  Oh yeah, getting the votes to earn the delegates.  If Cruz’s comment about scrapping up delegates sans the votes to earn them is not total ReR toolism, what is?  Cruz’s voter-less delegates are the ReR’s equivalent of Shrillda the Hutt’s sweep of Demo-Dope super delegates against Bernie.  It is a method whereby the party political tools maintain control of “their party” keeping it out of the hands of those pesky voters.  After all, what the hell do voters know about party politics?

The incomparable Ann Coulter has the definitive piece on what a total small tool Cruz has become, and, if it’s possible, Cruz continues to shrink as the ReRs get more desperate to stop Trump.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

The state of the Republican primary

Ru Roh, the Rat establishment Republican Party is headed for a contested convention.  Cruz needs 81% of the remaining delegates to get to 1,237.  Trump needs in excess of 56% of the delegates.

So here’s the choice, a solid conservative in Ted Cruz who will lose the general election in the exact same manner as Mitt.  The exception here is the running mate.  If Cruz takes Fiorina, Niki Haley, Bobby Jindal or anther qualified mino, he can change the math.  If he takes a highly qualified experienced white guy capable of running the country it’ll be Mitt redux.  Also, do not underestimate the unwillingness of some Americans to vote for a first term senator for president.  We’ve been down that road with a first term senator.  It hasn’t worked out well for us.

The other choice is Trump. He has less experience than Cruz.  The VP selection will be more important to Trump.  Newt is the perfect choice.  Too bad he’s a highly qualified experienced white guy capable of running the country.  Trump has the potential to change the Electoral College math putting into play traditionally blue states.  Sure he may have trouble holding traditional red states like MS and UT, but they’ll come home when push comes to shove.

What has been lost on much of this to the horse race aspect of the ReR primary is the fact that a self-funding political novice - Donald J. Trump – has single-handedly destroyed them.  As the Marine Corp captain who instructed lieutenants on defensive tactics put it, “Every night you dig and dig and dig and the bastards never show up.  Then one night you don’t dig and they show up and they run through you like $h!t through a short dog.”  Well Trump has run through the ReRs like $h!t through a short dog.

What happens when someone tries to take something from you that you think of as yours, but really isn’t, like your brother’s chainsaw that you borrowed 10 years ago and never returned?  You get mad.  You get defensive.  You retaliate.  That’s what the ReR are up to.  They consider the Republican Party theirs.  Anyone who tries to interfere with “their party” and therefore their ability to loot the treasury, must be destroyed.  

Then there is the ReR choice of John Kasich.  He will lose in a landslide of monumental proportions because both Trump and Cruz will be running third and fourth party campaigns.  The only worse candidate than Kasich – who still trails Rubio in delegates - is someone who didn’t even bother to run in the primaries.

Oddly, Cruz is now the ReR candidate.  

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Some things to ponder

If Donald Trump’s answer on abortion was so bat$h!t crazy – sanctioning a woman who participates in an abortion – why do we have an Unborn Victims of Violence Act?  It makes no sense to call killing a baby in the womb while committing another crime murder, and killing a baby in the womb at an abortion clinic "women’s healthcare".  

If ISIS destroying antiquities at Palmyra is a crime against the world, civilized behavior and history, what is the current trend on college campuses and the Black Thugs Matter grievance mongering movement’s demand to remove all relics of the South’s participation in the American Civil War from campuses and the public square?  Why is their airbrushed version American history more important than the truth?

If Black Lives matter, why are blacks coming out in droves to support an old hag who was awarded the extreme racist Margret Sanger Award?  Margret Sanger founded Planed un-Parenthood for the express purpose to abort black babies.  Most PP abortion mills are still located poor minority neighborhoods.

If you know that raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour does not make economic sense, why in the world would you sign the bill making such an arrangement the law of the state?  Well, according CA Governor Moonbeam, after signing the bill, after admitting it made no economic sense, he opined that work is “not just an economic equation”, it’s “part of living in a moral community”.  It is quite interesting to see how high-minded Moonbeam and other craven pols are willing to be when spending other people’s money.   He fell just short of issuing the old communist axiom: from each according to their ability to each according to their need.  But let’s face it, CA is pretty much off the rails.  Sort of a picture of what the rest of the US will look like if we do not get immigration under control.

If everyone agrees that John Kasich is a delusional loser acting like a spoiled brat for looking to steal the nomination at a contested convention, what is Ted Cruz?  He’s doing the exact same thing except with more delegates.  Cruz may have a window to stop Trump from gaining the 1,237 delegates needs for a first ballot win, but it is unlikely that he will get more delegates or votes than Trump. 

If college sports are played by “student athletes”, why did former T-OSU Heisman winning QB Troy Smith inform police that he had “graduated from Ohio State with a degree in bachelor” when arrested for DUI?  Well, it is The Ohio State University, so maybe Smith does have a degree in bachelor.

If Mooooslims love their children, why do they celebrate when their children blow themselves up in crowded bar or threaten to kill themselves and their children if forced out of Europe and returned to Turkey.  Hopefully they will take their threat literally, and kill themselves first, thinking that then they'll come back for the children.

Monday, April 04, 2016

ITF & BTM joining forces, hypotheticals & stealing the nomination

Well, well, well look who’s joining forces to destroy America
Lex has repeatedly warned about radical American Mooooslims hooking up with radical Black Thugs Matter, a movement founded on a MSM BS lie about thug Mike Brown deservedly getting his azz shot off in Ferguson, MO.  This story appears to show a NoGO zone is being established in south Dallas. 

What to do?  Well, that’s a thorny issue.  Right thinking people generally have jobs and families to tend to and cannot afford to be out looting all night like those showing up at a BTM rally.  They also, for the most part, eschew joining feral gangs that prey on unsuspecting people walking home from work.  How long do you suppose it will be before shots are fired at one of these things?

So the smart thing to do is arm yourself and buy plenty of ammo.  To the extent those two things can be done without a paper trail the better.  If Shrillda the Hutt is elected the Supreme Court falls and with it the Second Amendment.  Also, it might be smart to vote for Trump to avoid importing more of the problem into America and protect your right to defend yourself.

Dealing with Hypotheticals
Hypothetically, if there were a law against eating Oreos, should there be a hypothetical penalty for people who break the hypothetical law?  Well, yeah - hypothetically.  If there’s a hypothetical law then there has to be some kind of hypothetical sanction against the people breaking the hypothetical law.

Now splain to me exactly where Trump went wrong by hypothetically saying that, yeah, there should be some kind of hypothetical punishment for people who hypothetically break a law hypothetically banning abortion?

How the Rat establishment Republican Party will steal the nomination
Speaking of hypotheticals, the cable news channels are abuzz with more hypothetical scenarios about a contested Republican convention.  The Caligula D.C. ruling class azzbags in both parties have fixed the party nominating process to ensure no outsider ever has a chance.  The Dopes do it with superdelegates wo generally nullify the people voting in primaries.  The Rats are bit more nefarious.  They establish a myriad “rules” that give the appearance of fair play but are set up to ensure the donor class that owns the Ruling Class never get shut out.  If you can wade through it, here’s a breakdown of how Rat’s apportion delegates.  If you can just scroll down and look at all the ways the Rats fix the rules, the only conclusion can be “the fix is in”. 

I used to think the Rat establishment Republican Party would never think of denying the nomination to the guy with the most votes and delegates.  I am now of the opinion the Karl Rove’s of the ReR Party would much rather see the Hutt elected than either Trump or Cruz.  These crumb bums need vanquished or the ReR Party burned to the ground.  Really what has the ReR Party done for voters in last 10 years?  Caved, caved, caved and caved again.  F**k ‘em.