Thursday, April 07, 2016

Ted the tool Cruz

Ted Cruz is the last tool available to the Rat establishment Republican Party to bring Donald Trump to heel.  The pejorative urban dictionary definition of the word “tool” is exactly correct for Cruz in this situation.  Scroll down at the link for more accurate word pictures of Cruz.

Now let me add my own. 

Tool:  “Principled conservative” who changes his position on every major issue on a dime to match that of the front runner’s.  A preening jackass acting holier than thou while being totally dishonest.  The person is further diminished by becoming a “small tool” if he allows himself to be used by a larger tool for corrupt purposes.   

Ted Cruz is the small tool allowing himself to be wielded by the ginormus ReR tool for nefarious purposes.  He’s not tooling around to win the nomination.  He’s tooling around to torpedo someone else’s shot at the nomination.  That’s classic toolism: If I can’t have it, neither can you.

The small tool is now bragging about how he is gaining delegates by “out hustling and out organizing” Trump.  What’s missing in that scenario?  Oh yeah, getting the votes to earn the delegates.  If Cruz’s comment about scrapping up delegates sans the votes to earn them is not total ReR toolism, what is?  Cruz’s voter-less delegates are the ReR’s equivalent of Shrillda the Hutt’s sweep of Demo-Dope super delegates against Bernie.  It is a method whereby the party political tools maintain control of “their party” keeping it out of the hands of those pesky voters.  After all, what the hell do voters know about party politics?

The incomparable Ann Coulter has the definitive piece on what a total small tool Cruz has become, and, if it’s possible, Cruz continues to shrink as the ReRs get more desperate to stop Trump.

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