Friday, April 29, 2016

Now more than ever, ride the Trump tiger

Name one governmental institution that you trust
We have entered uncharted territory in that today not even the US military can be trusted to put mission before self-serving interests.  If you are not yet a prepper, reading this may convince to become one.  The wheels are coming off so many institutions simultaneously it’s crazy.  Public sector unions debilitate city, state and soon I suppose federal governmental institutions.  The ignoramus gen-y, or whatever they call the snowflakes populating today’s college campuses, want to further stress an already bloated and unresponsive, to the people it’s supposed to serve anyway, federal government with essentially free everything.  These colossal jewels of glittering ignorance want to trust the very people who cannot be trusted to walk the dog with their very lives.  The entire system is fixed by ruling class pols and their rich donor class grandees.  The only joy in any of this is that as pampered little know-nothing, do-nothing, be-nothing weasels with hands as soft as a kitten they may suffer the worst when it comes to survival of the fittest. They will end up being eaten by the pigeons.

Now, tell me again why #NEVERTRUMP. 

Ride the Trump tiger

The Marines used an ancient Chinese proverb – Ride the Tiger - as a recruitment tool in the 1930s as a metaphor for adventure.  One of the Marine Commandants reintroduced the saying sometime during 80s or 90s for some purpose that I do not recall, but used it not to connote adventure but rather the original meaning of the proverb explained here by William Safire:  “Ch'i 'hu nan hsia pei' goes the Chinese proverb, translated in 1875 as 'He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount.' The Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs interprets the old Asian metaphor as 'Once a dangerous or troublesome venture is begun, the safest course is to carry it through to the end.”

For some reason I recalled the episode although not the commandant that used the vehicle or why.  It seems to me this metaphor is perfect for Donald Trump’s candidacy.  We are in dangerous times.  The Republican primary voters have – whether the Rat establishment Republicans want to admit or not – chosen Donald J. Trump as their candidate. Now, the ReRs can ride the Trump tiger or get off and be eaten by the tiger.  Those are their two choices.

From the very day Trump entered the race, Lex implored the candidates and the Republican Party to co-opt Trump’s issues and not mock him or attack him.  None would listen.  Now, in spite of a plethora of mistakes – or what political talking heads insist are mistakes, it appears that Trump has threaded the needle.

It’s time for Cruz and Kasich, (Kasich by the way still trails Marco Rubio in delegates even though Marco suspended his campaign in March after the FL primary), to get on and ride the Trump tiger.

Dope on dope violence
Dope John Boehner called Ted the tool Cruz a dope.  Okay as the old playground taunt goes, takes one to know one.  As 98% of the readers know, 98% of the stuff on this page is done tongue in cheek.  All these guys are reasonably decent people.  Having to listen to them every day gets tedious thus the ridicule and derision.  Those things are easier than cogent well-reasoned arguments.  It’s good to know the very people being lampooned resort to lampooning and ridicule themselves.

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