Thursday, May 30, 2013

Adam Levine does NOT hate America, he thinks he's better than America

During one of 10,000 or so “talent” reality shows, some guy named Adam Levine – never heard of him – said, “I hate this country.” Predictably, Levine backtracked calling his outburst a “joke.” Oh, I get it. That’s funnier than hell Adam. Whatever this Levine guy does for a living, comedy probably isn’t in the mix.

Now when the IRS shows up at my door and audits me for the next 10 years for all of the obnoxious LB bashing that has gone on here for the last, what, it seems like a 100 years, I’ll just say it was a joke.

But it’s not a joke. When Lex refers to LB as a know-nothing, do-nothing, be-nothing, affirmative action, pass-through POS, it’s not a string of words meant to get a smile and a chuckle. It is the truth. Volumes could and have been written to substantiate each of the LB modifiers contained therein. Victor Davis Hanson, Thomas Sowell, Jonah Goldberg and others have written pretty much the same things, albeit with much softer edges.

The only thing funny about any of it is listening to the d-bags like the AP and Billbo O’Really claim not have had any idea what an unrelenting socialist creep LB is, was and always will be. The guy had not ONE SINGLE thing to recommend him to run this country. But the water carriers like the AP and O’Really were there to tell us, “Sure we don’t know one damn thing about this guy, except he’s half black, and it’s time we get this slavery guilt off our shoulders. Besides, how bad can he be?” Really, really bad. Incompetent, stupid, petty, arrogant, ignorant, vengeful, to name just few of the personality characteristics that surface regularly with LB, are not the traits of great leadership. They are the characteristics of despotism.

So sure, when the IRS, HHS, EPA and DHS descend on the compound, I could use the Levine defense, “Ah, all that LB bashing? Is that what this is all about? Come on guys. Can’t you take a little joke?” I could, but I wouldn’t.

So, do I think Adam Levine hates America? No. I do not. I think, he – like most libs - thinks he’s better than America. You know the type, “If we could just get rid of these Bible thumping, gun toting, heterosexual rubes ruining the country. This could be a totally awesome place I’d be really proud of. Why doesn’t everyone just hang out at the places I like to hang out, read what I like to read, watch what I like to watch and listen to what I like to listen to? If we had that kind of diversity loving society, America would be a great place.”

Yeah, it is mind boggling, but sadly it’s also true.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Like most gangs, the Gang of 8 should be busted up

Then Marco told them, "And we'll secure the border too."

These days most police departments have an “anti-gang unit.” That’s what we need in congress. The “gang of eight” is working diligently to destroy the country in one fell swoop. Their landmark comprehensive immigration reform bill is now over 1,000 pages.

That’s one constant we count on. Republicans will never learn. Robertscare is 2,700 pages of pure BS. So what to do on immigration? 1,000 pages of BS. In congress, we call that progress.

So is there a chance that we can trust this gang. No. It’s a gang. Would you ever trust a gang member to date your daughter? Would you trust a gang member with your wallet? Would you trust a gang member to invest your money? Would you trust a gang member to house sit while you were out of town?

Worse, this is a gang of politicians. Most of the crime these a-holes engage in they have made legal for themselves. Let’s meet the “gang”:

Chuckles Chas Charles Charlie Chuck Schumer
Bob I like little girls Menendez
Sir Richard the dick Turdbin
Michael hey mom I joined a gang Bennet
John the RINO McCain
Lindsey Gramnesty
Marco is done Rubio
Jeff looking like a Flake

Great 5 ½ Dopes and two new Republi-Rats. Why would anyone with any conservative leanings what-so-ever trust anything Schumer, Menendez, Turdbin, McCain and Gramnesty had to say about anything individually or collectively?

Knowing that no conservative would ever trust a word that slipped from their sewer slits McCainiac and Gramnesty have let Rubio do the heavy lifting to get conservatives on board.

Here in Ft. Wayne, Rubio has cut a radio ad in support of the bill. In it, Rubio claims that the current system is de-facto amnesty. Hmm why is that Marco? It is because we DO NOT ENFORCE THE CURRENT LAW.

One ad says that people who follow the law are punished and people who break the law are rewarded. So what to do? Well write a new more complicated law, of course. And what evidence is there that the new law will be enforced? None.

Of course we’ve already tried immigration reform. Ronald Reagan, in what he called one of the greatest mistakes of his presidency, granted 3 million illegal aliens amnesty in exchange for securing the border. 

Guess what happened. The illegals got amnesty but the border was never secured. So what evidence is there that it will be different this time. Republi-rats will have learned nothing from Reagan’s mistake. They will trust un-trustable creepy bastards like Turdbin, Schumer and Menendez. This time though, the change will be irreversable.  It will spell the end of two party politics in America.

Simple question, if everyone agrees that the border needs to be secured, why not pass a ten page bill secures the border in 18 months to two years first?

I like Rubio and Flake but they are being used as nothing more than useful idiots of the far left and far, far left on immigration reform.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Constitutional Convention time?

Several posts under, Lex makes the case that this government is out of control. Part of the reason that government is so out of touch and out of control is the insular nature of the American ruling class. They cloister themselves in Washington D.C. where they remind each other and are reminded by the lapdog media how wonderful they are.

That’s truly an odd phenomenon given what an utter wreck they’ve made of the country today. Broke times 10, divided along racial, economic and political lines like no time since the Civil War and governed by foolish, petty and often vindictive life-time corruptocrats, it’s hard to believe the ruling class (anyone serving past their second term) doesn’t resign en masse after apologizing very publicly for how they have screwed the country.

Then, if they had even an ounce of humility or if one pin hole of the light of reason could penetrate the dark dome of arrogance covering D.C., they’d agree to travel to Death Valley where camps would await them for a life of exile. There, as a merciful sentence for the unending line of BS they dumped on the country, they’d live out their remaining days mining borax using only teaspoons and ice picks.

Then the bulldozers would arrive in D.C. to demolish K Street lobby headquarters and any government office space not contiguous to its main government department building.

Then the air conditioning would be removed from the Capitol Building. George Will once opined that if the U.S. fell, its demise could be traced to day they put air conditioning in the Capitol Building allowing lawmakers to remain in D.C. through its hot humid summers.

In fact let’s take it one step further. Congress would only be allowed to gather in D.C. for two months out of the year. It’s 2013. Given technology, do we really need lawmakers in D.C. at all? Why don’t they go home, open offices in their states and districts and do their “work” via video and teleconference?

The problem is that D.C. is the Mecca for power and corruption. 6 of the country's 10 wealthiest counties surround Washington D.C. Why do you suppose that is? Power and money is pouring into D.C. As a result, Lex has noted several times on this page that D.C. resembles the capital city in the movie The Hunger Games – totally out of touch, a city of swells living off the largess of a vast country that the swells rape for their own amusement and comfort.

At the end of the post several under, Lex asks, what do you do when the government is out of control? When I think of this question, my first inclination is that bit by bit people rebel against an onerous and out of touch government. It may start when a MT rancher butt strokes a couple of Washington EPA pant loads who try to close his ranch because his cattle are grazing on land determined to be the habitat of the Northern Black Horned White Bellied Butter Slug. It spreads when IRS agents are routinely stripped naked zipped tied, smeared with excrement and dumped in the town square where they remain as a curiosity for hours before the local preacher arrives to cut them loose. And grows and grows until there is such an open and hostile contempt for anything government that the swells and their agents can’t travel without armed escort. Then the escorts start getting attacked as well.

But constitutional scholar – a real one not like the poseur in the White House who couldn’t spell the first two letters in the document we call the U.S. Constitution – Glenn Reynolds comes up with another idea here. Needless to say, while we share many of the same sentiments, Reynolds is a bit more reasoned than Lex.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Boy Scouts slash own throat - Roscoe P. Coltrane extorts Josephine County, OR

The Boy Scouts of America decided to cut their own throats last night. Presumably because membership in the BSA has been declining, the BSA decided adopt a membership policy that pleases no one. The “leadership” at the BSA decided to require Troops to accept homosexual Scouts but not homosexual leaders.

So the 61% of rank and file membership who supported the old BSA membership policy are PO’d and the never quite gay or even happy homosexual community is PO’d that the BSA still won’t allow homosexual leaders. Brilliant!

Is there a whiff of hypocrisy in group of “leaders” who exempt themselves from the rules they force on everyone else? Who do these hypocrites think they are, congress?

As a result of their boneheaded decision, the BSA stands to lose anywhere between 200,000 and 350,000 members. That’s amazing for an organization changing its rules presumably to stem declining membership.

The BSA was between a rock and hard place. If they didn’t conform to the politically correct extortion of the homosexual lobby, they’d be pilloried by all of the beautiful people who never gave a crap about the BSA anyway. By caving, they will continue to be pilloried by the exact same people and lose 200,000- 350,000 members. Again, BRILLIANT!

So the homosexual jihadis have claimed another time honored American institution. It seems to me the BSA should have followed a quiet course of the 1st Amendment protection bestowed upon it by the Supreme Court. It should have held fast to principle and to its membership.

Prediction: BSA membership will take a huge dip and then continue to decline at a slow rate. The eventual demise of the BSA can be pinned to the vote taken on May 23, 2013, because now that they’re in, the homosexual community will decide that they didn’t really want to be Boy Scouts after all.  What they really want to be is Pope.

Government Extortion

Josephine County Sheriff Gil Gillberson

Homosexuals aren’t the only extortionists out there. In Josephine County, OR the sheriff has decided to close it’s office on weekends. Why the weekend and not Wed and Thur? Well we all know most of the drinking and alcohol related crime occurs during the week.

But how about a rolling sheriff black out where nobody but the department knows when they will be unmanned? Why announce to the world that sheriff’s dept will be closed on the weekends? S-T-U-P-I-D. Or even better layoff 25 worthless county employees in roads and bridges dept. Instead of having one guy working while 15 guys driving 12 trucks stand around and watch cut it back to 5-6.

The dumb @$$ sheriff who devised the, let’s take the weekends off scheme, goes into the extortion racket when woman is raped and choked on one of the weekends he and his deputies where kicked back with a cool one listening to the scanner and laughing at the chaos they created. According to CBS Seattle Sheriff Gil Gillberson - who models his law enforcement style after Roscoe P. Coletrane of Duke’s of Hazard fame - said:

There isn’t a day goes by that we don’t have another victim. If you don’t pay the bill you don’t get the services.

Doesn’t that sound a bit like Louie the lip Lipizano walking into a dry cleaners and telling the owner – “Hey, dis is a nice place yoos have. Yoos wouldn’t want nuttin to happin here would yoos? So, if yoos don’t pay my bill, yoos don’t get my protection.”

You hate wish ill anyone, but if there’s another violent crime in Josephine County, I hope it directly affects Gillberson in some way.

And for crying out loud Josephine County, buy guns! Organize a neighborhood watch. I understand after pictures of LB's son – if he had one – are published of him smoking dope, George Zimmermann may soon be available to be one of the watch captains.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

London ITF

In a clear case of workplace violence, murdering bastard Islamo-Terror-Fascist hacked and beheaded a man on the streets of London at midday. The murdering ITF was heard to say, "We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you."

This has to offend liberals in the worst way. First, libs don’t want to fight. Jeez if we could just get those gun toting Bible thumping Christians to lay down and submit, we could have peace in our time. Well at a minimum let’s take their guns. If we can’t do that, let’s at least get a list of who has guns. Then we can take them by force when the time is right.

I wonder what a quick poll of Londoners this morning would be on the issue of the government disarming them. You think some of them might like to have a weapon in their home today? During the London riots last year, American stores sold out of Louisville Sluggers because Londoners were buying them all up. So now we have a baseball bat wielding home owner against 3-4 ITF with knives and hatchets. Hmm, who are you going to take in that fight?

Then there’s this aspect of the crime. Apparently a call was placed for “armed police officers” to report to the scene. Regular London Bobbies aren’t allowed to carry weapons. It took the armed officers 20 minutes to respond. As the old gun carrying creed goes, when seconds count, the cops are only minutes away.

So what do you do when workplace violence injects itself onto the streets of your city? Well according to the Army Chief of Staff immediately after the Ft. Hood terrorist’s murders, the main thing is not to condemn Islam or even refer to murdering ITF as a radical Islamist. Well I don’t condemn them. I condemn the radicals and the never to be seen or heard from “moderates” in the “religion of peace.”

ASIDE: Shouldn’t Benghazi be workplace violence as well? It happened at the workplace. Or is there a You Tube video that had anything to with the London incident?

Then in perhaps the most disgusting aspect of this crime, the murdering bastard ITF had – GASP - an illegal firearm! How dare them! Imagine the gall of these murdering thug bastards violating a gun law! That tears it! Now we’re really PO’d.  We can tollerate with the hacking and beheading of a man on the streets of London at midday.  In fact, if it's the "right kind of man," say a conservative, we may even applaud, but we have to draw the line somewhere.  We cannot tolerate the use of an illegal firearm.

But there is good news. Thank goodness the incident happened in London and not D.C. By the pictures and descriptions, the perps in this incident appear to be some of Eric the wad Holder’s “people.” So had the incident occurred in D.C., the wad of course would have had to let them walk, because after all they are “his people.”

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Out of control government - we are there

What on Earth do you do when one party steals election after election and then uses their elected office to maneuver the power of the government against its political enemies?

We know the IRS is an @$$ weasel organization populated by arrogant, petty, vindictive, underachieving, brain-dead, @$$ weasels. All anyone had to do to prove every modifier in the previous sentence is true is watch the house testimony of Acting IRS Commissioner Steve Miller. That testimony can be summed up in one word – ARROGANCE. Or if it were the oh so slow one pronouncing a one word descriptor for Miller’s testimony – F__King UNBRIDLED ARROGANCE.

Here’s a guy who should be sitting in a holding cell somewhere waiting for his family to arrange bail. Instead, he’s “fired” a week before he was due to retire anyway. He’s walking around as free as any other well-known guilty as hell mob boss two steps ahead of an inept prosecutor (congress) and protected by dirty cops (LB and the wad).

To add insult to the injury caused by this partisan POS, instead of doing 5-10 in the gray bar hotel, he’s going to retire and spend the rest of his worthless life collecting a taxpayer funded pension. So the very people this scum bag screwed with are going to pay for his pension. Then to really top things off, in his 4th or 5th term, LB will honor the POS with a Medal of Freedom in a Rose Garden ceremony at the newly named - in honor of LB - the Half Black House.

But hey it’s the universally despised IRS…right? Everyone knows they are the worthless, dirty, bastard, cockroaches of the usually ordinary cockroaches who populate government. Most people who work for the IRS have concocted stories for their families and friends about working in the kiddie porn industry, or servicing bums from the 3rd stall in the men’s room at the local bus station for a quarter, comparatively honorable employment, rather than admit they work for the IRS.

Not worry, 16,000 more worthless, dirty, bastard, cockroaches are about to be added to the government payroll to administer Robertscare. What could possibly go wrong?

So what do you do when, in addition to the scumbag IRS, the government rolls out the FBI, the EPA, the DHS and HHS against you? It’s incredible. The heretofore admired and respected FBI is accusing reporters from Fox News of being terrorist co-conspirators just so they can wire tap their phones. The EPA is ordering ethanol blends likely to damage your engine – particularly of late model cars. We know they want to force us all into electric cars.  What better way than to require gas that destroys a combustion engine? DHS considers returning service members a greater threat than Muslim radicals. HHS is extorting money from the very companies it regulates to push Robertscare.

And while all this goes on, the bastards in congress are about to grant citizenship to 11 to 20 million largely undereducated and untrained criminals...or as Lex calls them Demo-Dopes.

This government is out of control. So what do you do?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Global Warm-mongering Sandy Hook style

They are still sifting through the rubble for bodies in Oklahoma City, OK, but that will not stop Lib crap weasels from standing atop dead bodies, Sandy Hook style, to score political points to advance their BS Lib agenda.

You recall after the Sandy Hook shootings, the blood hadn’t dried on the walls before ghoulish creeps like Chucky Chuckles outta my way! there’s a camera Schumer and manly man never had the orbs to play but can talk about it sportscaster Boob slightly larger than a nickel Costas rushed to demand more laws that would not have stopped the tragedy.

Fools like Joe I’m safely elected now so screw WV Manchin and useful Republican idiot – as if there’s another kind of Republican – Pat Toomey were eager to comply. They offered up a bill that everyone had to agree would have had no affect on the ability of the shooter to carry out the Sandy Hook crime. Yet, in spite of knowing full well that had the bill been passed before the Sandy Hook shootings those children would still be every bit as dead, there was LB and his merry band @$$ brained Dope water carriers touting that the bill needed to be passed for the children of Sandy Hook.

Now we’re looking at a couple of dozen dead children in a school as a result of a tornado. Dopes know that they cannot tax Mother Nature, so they have devised a hoax to tax Global Warming. Before the noon news cycle, Dopes will be standing on the dead bodies of OK City to push for carbon taxes, a 99% blend of ethanol in gasoline, government controlled thermostats, a meat tax, etc.

In a month or so LB will be jetting survivors to D.C. on AF One as “Prop”-a-ganda to troll the halls of congress with pictures of their dead children in an effort to brow beat anyone who maintains his wits into voting in favor some nonsensical bill that will have NO AFFECT ON WEATHER PATTERNS but will raise taxes and infringe on people’s rights.

Even now, OK Senator Tom Coburn is being pummeled for suggesting that there will need to be off-sets for any disaster relief sent to OK. Coburn’s suggestion is consistent with his position on relief money for super storm Sandy.

Now think about that. You have a nearly 4 TRILLION dollar budget, yet it’s heresy to suggest that you look for off sets when dealing with an unexpected cost.

It’s like an emergency every American family deals with. The car breaks down and requires a major repair. Well, maybe the vacation needs to be put off for a while. That’s what families do intuitively. They don't go to China to borrow money so they can make their vacation and even purchase another velvet Elvis and a tiger rug at the abandon gas station art sale.

Not the federal government. An emergency? Well, let’s just pile up some more debt. Who’s going to notice a few hundred billion more dollars of debt?  And when the bill comes through, let's pile on a few hundred billion dollars of pork that has nothing what-so-ever to with the disaster.  It high time we found the money to fund that 6 hundred BILLION dollar study on how toe fungus affects the abilty of gay circus jugglers to digest marsipan pie after group sex in the clown car.  By government standards, that would be money well spent.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Gosnell an aberration?

The local fish wrap – The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette” pretty much ignored the Gosnell trial. When they did comment it ignored all of the most gruesome details. But after Gosnell was convicted of murder, it did run a full page editorial about Gosnell being an aberration in the abortion industry.

That peed me off. If you’re going to ignore a story - ignore it. Don’t wait for the outcome then try to minimize its importance.

In one of those, they’ll never publish this” moments, I wanted to let the JG staff know we were on to them. So…

Funny, after the minimal coverage this “news?” paper gave the Gosnell trial, the editors decided to run full page editorial on how Gosnell was an “aberration.” It should surprise no one that, like everything else of importance, you’re wrong…again. Look:

Gosnell is the tip of the iceberg in the unregulated and illegal late-term abortion industry. Think about it. Is any “doctor” who might choose to earn a living in this gruesome industry really going to give a wit about snipping a baby’s head off with scissors, or like with Karpen twisting its head off with his bare hands? Is the soulless creep running such a clinic really going to care one bit about the sanitary conditions therein?

The New York Times referred to Gosnell’s victims as “fetuses outside the womb.” Yeah, well, is there a more apt description for every human being alive today?

I find it odd that, in spite of the fact that Christians developed the scientific method, liberals are forever talking about how Christians are anti-science. Well as science makes a baby viable earlier and earlier in its term, who is it being anti-science? Science is shining a bright light on the left’s hypocrisy.

For some strange reason the left will stand with Christians when it comes to the state taking the life of some convicted guilty as hell life-long low-life, but will stand with the guilty as hell life-long low-life’s like Gosnell and Karpen when it come to the murder of the most innocent and helpless among us.

Science marches on. There will be an accounting. How long will the left be able keep its collective head in the sand or up its own backside and deny the obvious? It is a baby.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Why are we surprised? The IRS is just what we thought it was - corrupt.

Good NEWS! The IRS is targeting conservatives! Here’s what you do:

First, sign your worthless brother-in-law up for every Tea Party and militia group in the county. If he lives in Chicago, for instance, he’s now a marked man and his life will start to become very difficult.

Next, fire off a letter to your congressman and local paper condemning the IRS in the strongest possible terms. In a recent e-mail that I’ve archived, Lex called the IRS a bag of $h!t organization populated by bags of $h!t masquerading as public servants.

Now, even if you have haven’t filed a tax return in the last 15 years, you have effectively put the onus on the lying, cheating, bags-O-crap at the IRS to prove that they aren’t harassing you for calling them exactly what they are – bags-O-crap.

I call this the “look at him” defense. While at OCS, Candidate Payne got a bad sunburn. When the burn started to peal, Candidate Panelle took to calling Payne "lizardman." Payne took offense to the harassment and brought his case to the leadership. When Capt Sipnuski asked Panelle why he insisted on calling Payne "lizardman", Panelle replied, “Well, look at him sir.” When I asked Panelle what happened next, he said, “Well, Capt Sipnuski just lowered his head to hide the fact, unsuccessfully, that he was laughing uncontrollably, and pointed to the door for me to get out.” Sadly, for Candidate Payne, it was undeniable that he did in fact look like a giant molting reptile.

So when put on the stand and asked why Lex referred to the IRS as a bag-O-crap organization populated by bags-O-crap masquerading as public servants, all I’ll have to say is, “Well, look at them.” The jury will have no choice but to nod knowingly in agreement.

Last, anyone who thought that the IRS was the perfect organization to implement Robertscare has got to be having second thoughts on that decision. But then given this current crop of literal know-nothings running the government, I’d expect any moment now for the chief know-nothing - LB himself - to step before a mic somewhere and claim, “Well, uh, I, eh had no idea uh, that the eh, IRS was umm, going to be responsible for eh, oversight of umm, Robertscare.”

Let’s face it. Mark Levin is right. The IRS needs to be disbanded. It is a corrupt organization. It always has been and always will be.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The wad, believably, don't know nuttin' 'bout nuttin'

If you listen to the Dopes in any political campaign, they are all for the “little guy.”

So is it surprising to anyone that when the IRS scandal was heating up, the White House threw “low level” employees from Cincinnati under the bus while the tiny brained LB jetted off for a fund raiser with some of the 1% including Justin Timberlake?

It never fails with these craven Dopes. They pass the buck until it arrives on some “low level” employee’s desk. When the low level guy looks to pass the buck, he’s standing in an unemployment line somewhere ready to start his 99 months of trading one government check for 5 or 6 new government checks.

At a house hearing yesterday, America’s top cop Eric the wad Holder…Wow, it really demonstrates just how totally screwed we are when it’s put like that – top cop Eric the wad Holder. Can it get any worse? Anyway top cop Eric the wad Holder lied his way through another house hearing.

House: What do you know about fast and furious?

Wad: Ahh, nothing. That was something I knew nothing about.

House: What do you know about Benghazi?

Wad: Ahh, nothing. I was out of the loop on that one.

House: What do you know about the IRS scandal?

Wad: Nothing. That’s the IRS. I was and remain totally out of the loop.

House: What do you know about the AP scandal?

Wad: That was one of my 10,000 or so deputy’s responsibility and I can assure I know nothing about it.

Sadly, as with the miniscule one himself, it’s totally believable when the Wad admits he doesn’t know $h!t about what’s going on his department. Like insignificantly small LB, the Wad is an affirmative action pass through dope. So when he doesn’t know something, he is use to someone covering for his know nothing scrawny @$$.

These House hearings are no different than the time he got the word “euphemism” in the class spelling bee and spelled it Y-O-O-F-A-M-I-Z-I-M. The AA certified teacher responds with: Good Wad! Very good! That’s exactly how that word should be spelled! You win! Everyone else is disqualified.

The Wad goes to a hearing where he admits he doesn’t have a clue about what’s going on within his department about any of the day’s major events, the AA teacher – the lapdog media in this case – declare him a genius and run a loop of him whining to committee because the questions are too hard.

Now because they are so much in the court of the little guy, you can be sure this turd will roll down hill until lands on some guy’s desk who will be threatened with an IRS life-time investigation if he doesn’t accept responsibility.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We're from the government. We're here to impose the new tyranny.

Teensy weensy Little Barry claims he didn’t know anything about the IRS targeting - Hmm, can you say “targeting” these days, probably not - but anyway targeting conservative groups. Then when the news of Eric the wad Holder’s DOJ targeting the AP broke, LB claimed he didn’t know anything about that either. This morning he will, no doubt, be surprised that there are two young children in the White House living quarters. Who knew LB had kids? Not LB.

The AP story is the latest in a long line of stories of an ever encroaching, power grabbing, liberty stealing federal government. And like everything else in the little excrement smear’s life, it is totally believable that SFB didn’t know a thing about it. That leaves a huge question: if the clueless one is truly that clueless, who is running the country?

Isn’t it weird how the press is suddenly interested in a LB scandal when it involves one of their own? Benghazi 7 weeks before an election was a non-story. In fact, to level it was a story at all, it was all Mitt Romney’s fault. When the IRS story hit, that was attributed to “low-level” employees in the Cincinnati office.

Yeah, sure. One day, over lunch, two guys in the Cincinnati office of the IRS decide that on their own they will harass every right leaning organization in America seeking tax free status. In that two government employees are generally incapable of scratching their own @$$ without a 10 man task force laying out the necessary government regulation for one scratching his own @$$, I don’t believe a couple of “low-level” government employees were able to find their way to lunch, let alone hatch a scheme to harass conservatives on their own.

Second, given the aversion to work of most government employees, how likely is that these “low-level” guys signed up for all of the extra work entailed in harassing the conservative public nation-wide? More likely the IRS bosses used the 16,000 new agents hired to implement Robertscare to harass conservatives than a couple of “low-level” employees signing on for extra work without the boss knowing about it.

But then it is the government, so it is totally believable that the boss wouldn't have a clue what his department was up to.

Now, in true ever expanding onerous government regulatory fashion, Grand San Fran Nan Pelooser thinks the IRS scandal is the perfect vehicle to repeal the Citizen’s United case and limit free speech. This truly stupid woman wants a constitutional amendment whereby political money i.e. free speech, is restricted.

Harry the roach Reid said much the same thing yesterday when he said that the IRS needed the authority to limit “shadowy groups” then let the cat out of the bag by mentioning Karl Rove’s name in conjunction with the “shadow groups.” That is essentially what the IRS is being hammered for today – focusing solely on Karl Rove’s groups and ignoring David Axelhead’s groups on the left. But hey, get ready for Idol and Dancing with the Starz finals because there is no tyranny in any of this.

In an article for National Review Online, C.W. Cooke exposes the need to be wary of politicians telling us tyranny is not a possibility, because it ALWAYS IS:

It is especially curious that the modern arbiters of trust reject the possibility of tyranny at this point in human history. Whatever one might have thought of the pernicious and widespread statolatry that cast the world repeatedly into darkness over the course of the 20th century, one can at least grant that many of those guilty of practicing it were unaware of the terrors they would inevitably unleash. Now, a cursory glance at a history book is sufficient warning.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Little Barry clueless about the IRS scandal? Sure, that's believable.

During his presser yesterday, the ever shrinking little Barry said he was “outraged” that the IRS was using its army of government thugs to intimidate conservatives. I’d say “conservative groups” but that’s not all of it. The IRS actually demanded membership lists and volunteer lists from the conservative groups. Why? So they could take their thugish tactics down to the next level.

If the tactics of intimidation worked on some nameless and faceless organization, how much more affective would they be when the IRS zeroed in on individual members? Can you imagine the pressure on a guy running a small business trying to make ends meet for his family of four when he starts getting multiple visits and phone calls from the IRS?

Supposedly, all of the IRS BS was originated by “low level employees” in the Cincinnati office and LB knew nothing about it until the story broke on the news. Sadly the last part of that sentence about LB being clueless about the scandal is totally believable.

LB has never done a damn thing in his entire worthless life. Why would we expect, at this late date, the unaccomplished dill weed would finally come up with an original idea and have the nuts to push it through to fruition? More likely he was told about it. He thought it was cool at the time. Then, 45,000 rounds of golf later, he has totally forgotten about it. “Huh? The IRS is harassing Bible toting, gun clinging conservatives who Slow Joe said acted like terrorists? Why didn’t I think of that? Well, uh, that’s, eh, outrageous.”

But if LB was truly blindsided by the news report, he should fire his chief of staff and the director of the IRS for starters.

Now as scandal upon scandal mount one atop the other at the LB administration, Glenn Beck said LB should be impeached. That’ll never happen. Here’s why:

A four letter word J-O-E -- as in two blasts and a garden variety slap oh so Slow Joe J-O-B-S is a three letter word Biden. Can you imagine this phony POS running the country?

Rodney King – as in if you think there was trouble when the LA police were acquitted, wait until LB’s cell phone army rises up if LB gets impeached.

Last, Republicans – as in weak, whining, wimps. There are just a couple who have the stones to do what should be done. The others sit back and take pot shots – NOT at the lawless Dopes – at the members of their own party doing the heavy lifting for the country.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Little Barry's advice to grads, trust me.

On May 5th miniscule Barry rosily told the graduating class at THE Ohio State University to reject the notion that government tyranny is just around the corner. Contrast that line of BS with Ronald Reagan’s 1961 warning that freedom is never more than one generation from extinction.

Who are you going to believe Ronald Wilson Reagan or the lying, know nothing, do nothing, be nothing, affirmative action pass through waif and BS spreader currently occupying the White House?

Let’s review:

Supreme Court Kelo decision says the government can take your property under eminent domain if doing so is likely to improve the tax base. The mayor can take your 100 year old family business located in an historic building and using eminent domain order the property over to his drunkard brother-in-law to tear it down and build a new McDonald’s. No tyranny there.

The government lies straight faced about the proximate cause of a Islamo-Terror-Fascist assault on the consulate at Benghazi. They lie, telling the American that a video no one had even seen was responsible for the “spontaneous demonstrations” in the Middle East that coincidently took place on the anniversary of 9-11. Shrilldabeast tells the families of four people killed in the “demonstrations” that they will jail the filmmaker. They do. The government arrives in the dark of night with more guns than were sent to reinforce Benghazi to arrest a filmmaker. The filmmaker is STILL the only one arrested for the terror attack at Benghazi. No tyranny there.

In the manhunt for a teenaged gunman, the government shut down the city of Boston, kicked people out of their homes so they could be searched without warrants. When the perp was apprehended the people cheered a great “victory.” If that was a win, I’d hate to be around when we get our asses kicked. But yeah, no tyranny there.

According to John Roberts, the government can force you to buy healthcare whether you want it or not. If you don’t buy, the government can fine you. How long will it be before the Supreme Court declares that your property can be confiscated if you don’t buy government Robertscare? No tyranny there.

The government is trying all manner of things to abridge the 2nd Amendment. No tyranny there.

Now we discover that the IRS is targeting conservative groups for extra scrutiny with regard to their tax exempt status. If they are willing to do that, why not a guy with a Gadsden Flag in his front yard? Why not a blogger who refers to their president as miniscule Barry? Why not a guy with a concealed carry permit? Why not a guy with Romney sticker on his bumper? No tyranny there.

Ronald Reagan’s warning was correct. LB’s line of BS is that of a flimflam man with a toothpick in the corner of his mouth, wearing a wicker hat, a loud lime green out of date tie, in a stripped shirt, checkered jacket, royal blue polyester trousers, red Argyll socks and white shoes, saying “Trust me. This baby was owned by a little old lady who only drove it to church on Sundays.”

Friday, May 10, 2013

Sure to P____s you off

If you needed any further proof that today’s military is being run by a bunch of PC pansies that Patton would have flattened with a closed fist to the nose, read how these PC wizards of smart - while prohibiting any references to Jesus Christ - allowed an Islamo-Terror-Fascist Imam to preside over the ramp ceremony for SEAL Team VI members killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.  The Yo Imama repaid the favor by damning the SEALs.

According to Breitbart:
Military brass prohibited “any mention of a Judeo-Christian God” at the ceremony the press statement says, but “invited a Muslim Cleric to the funeral for the fallen NAVY SEAL Team VI heroes who disparaged in Arabic the memory of these servicemen by damning as infidels to Allah.”

Remember it was PC dunderhead Wannabe Gen Martin Marty the chicken McFly Dempsey who called the FL pastor and begged him not to insult Islam. Now Marty the wimp is taking it one step further. He invites an Imam to insult Christians at their sons’ ramp ceremony.

Marty the bag o’crap Dempsey ought to stripped naked have a heavy coat of hot tar applied and the contents of 10 super king down filled pillows laid over the hot tar and marched in disgrace out of Washington. Best led armed forces ever? My ample dying @$$.

Everything you need to know about Benghazi in one frame
The take no prisoners artist Michael Ramirez captures a perfect likeness of the Shrilldabeast on Benghazi here.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Not that it makes a difference or anything, but LB and the Shrilldabeast are liars

After yesterday’s Benghazi hearings, what we know for sure is that Jodi Arius is guilty of murdering her boyfriend and the Shrilldabeast, teeny tiny berry brain Barry had nothing to do with the murder of four Americans in Benghazi.

In fact, the heroism displayed by these two actually saved lives! As such, they have put each other in for life-saving awards. Through their heroic measures to jail some unknown filmmaker, thousands, nay hundreds of thousands, nay yet again millions upon millions were saved. That calculation is made using the same math as the jobs created or “saved” rubric under the stimulus.

What we know for sure as a result of yesterday’s hearings:

That the film had nothing to do with the events that led to the deaths of the four Americans.

That proclaiming it did gained the film more exposure than it would have had the LB administration just kept their sewer slit shuts

That LB lied.

That the Shrilldabeast lied.

That Susan Rice lied.

That Jay the carny barker Carney lied.

That MD Rep Elijah Cummings is the male intellectual counterpart of Maxine Waters. He’s also a calloused lying end of the male unit. I’d love to watch a video of Cummings, Waters and super imbecile Hank Johnson (the guy who thought Guam would “tip over and capsize” if more Naval personnel were deployed to the island) collaborate on assembling a 500 piece puzzle, flying a kite, figuring a major league batting average, explaining the infield fly rule, or balancing a check book. I’m telling you it would be comedy gold.  The words, "You know, I really don't know much about that," would never be uttered.

Questions that should be asked:

Why is it that everyone knew it was a terror attack, but Susan Rice never mentioned that on her Sunday talk show round robin?

Why is it that nobody thought the video had a thing to with it, but the terror aspect, that everyone knew to be the cause, was scrubbed in favor of blaming a video?

Where was LB while his Ambassador to Libya and three other Americans were being murdered?

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Best led? NO.

Yesterday Lex ranted on about the readiness of the military. Conceding that today’s troops are probably the smartest, best trained and equipped force in the history of the world, leadership appears to be the Achilles heel of the force.

Let’s start at the top – the ever shrinking minute Little Barry. He is a clueless punk. Close G’itmo? No. Get a Status Forces Agreement with Iraq? No. Reinforce the consulate in Benghazi during a 9 HOUR gun fight? No. Convey American strength? No. Communicate a coherent policy anywhere in the world? No. Communicate to terrorist a commitment to defeating them and killing them anywhere we find them? No. Support long time allies? No. Apologize and grovel to our enemies? Yes. Oh hell yes.

Next, Sec Def. Let’s go back one to Leon Panetta. This guy ended don’t ask don’t tell and offered no resistance homosexual marriage in the military. This guy proposed giving “committed” homosexual couples benefits that would be denied committed heterosexual couples. What was the wannbe Gen of the JAG's response to that policy recommendation?  "No.  I don't see any legal problem with that policy."

But that’s not the worst of it. This coward refused to reinforce the forces fighting off Islamo-Terror-Fascists for 9 HOURS. The reason he gave was that he couldn’t send forces into an unknown situation. That’s leadership? Think about that - can’t send forces into an unknown situation. Thank God Leon wasn’t responsible for crossing the Delaware during the Revolutionary War. Using that criteria, what do suppose the chances are that Leon would have cancelled the Normandy invasion? Would Leon have had a sufficiently clear picture and the 98% chance of success he seems to require before the Inchon landings?

What a bag of crap?

Now on to the current block of wood in the Sec Def’s office - Chuck Hagle. If this is indeed the smartest force we’ve ever had, then about 99.9999999% are smarter than the man with a single brain cell occupying the E ring office in the Pentagon.

On to the uniform officers. A wannabe Admiral in the news today is ARB co-chairman on Benghazi, Adm. Mike Mullen. How do you do a report on Benghazi without interviewing the Secretary of State, surviving members of the attack on the consulate and the second in command in Libya when the attack occured? That’s like a skipper taking his 8 o’clock reports aboard ship and not receiving a report from his chief engineer ensuring the ship is sea worthy, his personnel officer ensuring that all hands are accounted for and none have fallen overboard and his supply officer ensuring him that the ship has all essential supplies to perform its mission.

My guess is that Mullen let the Shrilldabeast or her people write the report and then signed off on it.

NOTE:  Nothing else explains this.  Mullen, as are all Adms and Gens, is a smart, smart guy.   How else could such a slipshod half-@$$ed POS report make it past him? 

Wannabe Admiral Samuel Locklear, commander of the US Pacific Command thinks global warming is his chief worry. Really? Not a nuclear N. Korea? Not an ever expanding Chinese naval presence in the Pacific? Let’s just play along with Sam. Let’s pretend he’s playing pretend. OK Sam global warming is your chief concern. WTF (win the future) are you going to do about it! Your J-O-B is defending the sea lanes and expanding American influence in the Pacific. Even if it's real, which it isn’t, WTF (win the future) does global warming have to do with that mission? Will you ignore a Chinese threat if it means burning a little extra fuel? Will you let shipwrecked survivors drown because you don’t want to launch a helicopter to save them? Will you let pirates run amok because you don't want to sortie ships and aircraft to confront them? Then, to borrow a phrase in the news, WTF (win the future) difference does it make?  Do your F___ing J-O-B and STFU about supernatural hoaxes that are out of your control.

Wannbe General Dempsey personally calls a pastor and asks that he suspend his 1st Amendment rights because Dempsey doesn’t like what he might say.

Marine Corps Wannabe General Conway comes out against ending don’t ask don’t tell and then jettisons principle to get on board with the decision so that he can hold onto his job.

Then there was that sickening picture of the White House Officer Corps all lined up in their finery mugging as props for the first Mooch’s Oscar presentation. Certainly these sycophants are learning early how to rise to the Wannabe level.

And it’s not just the wannabes threatening the force, look who is being run out of the service, real Gens Mattis, Allen and Patraeus. Any Gen with a willingness to take the fight to the enemy and kill them where they live is under assault by this administration.

So the best led? Not even close. I’d take it to the point of saying, that from the top, it’s the worst led. Taken as a whole, there is no evidence that there is a Washington, Grant, Pershing, Patton, Ridgeway or Olds among them. There certainly isn’t a Mr. Roberts in the White House Officer Corps.

But it’s a large group. Admirals and Generals are smart and patriotic by nature.  I don't know why everyone that seems to make the news these days is for some hare-brained statement or foul up.  I know many are out there working under duress, under the spotlight, as best they can to hold the force together until better times. That’s my hope.

NOTE: While the force maybe the best trained right now, allowing women into combat roles will require a diminished standard. Will they be the best trained when that inevitably occurs? I don’t know. Alabama still could have won the national championship with a girl or two on the team. It’s doubtful they could have won if practices were tailored to accommodate the weakest link.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Smartest, best trained, best equipped and best led?

Word is that we have the smartest, best trained, best equipped and best led armed forces n the nation. Let’s take a look at that.

The smartest?
Probably. But we all know that there different kinds of smart.

They may be 98% high school grads and even have a year or two of Jr. College, but smart goes way deeper. We all know the guy with 7 degrees who doesn’t know a Phillips head from a flathead screwdriver. The military requires both the types of guys. They need the guys with the 50 pound brains and the guys who can actually make things work. They need a whole heck of lot more of the latter.

Today’s kids may have a leg up in the GCT, but these kids may not be any smarter in the “let’s make this thing work” department. Here’s why:

This is the generation that grew up under the watch words, “it’s for the children”, which sadly translates into, “let’s make it easier for them.”

These kids are of the “everyone gets a trophy” generation. They are of the generation that if one kid in the school has a peanut allergy, instead of putting a peanut allergy table in the corner, no one in the entire school can eat peanut butter. This is the generation that lived under dodge ball, tag, finger guns, and all manner of other mindless liberal BS bans. Many of the bans were directed at restricting boys from being boys.

Let’s face it, they’ve grown up in liberal indoctrination centers of ever increasing budgets and ever declining test scores. So can they really be smarter? Smarter at what? In what way?

I’m just not so sure that this crew of computer trained brainiacs would be any more proficient at calculating the fall of an artillery round with a slide rule than their Korean War counter parts.

That would be an interesting test. If you took these wiz kids and transported them back 60 years, would their knowledge do them any good? Could you take a kid today, train him and drop him into a world without an i-phone, i-pad and i-pod and expect that they’d be able to function? I predict much grumbling, whining and fit throwing.

I’m pretty sure the experiment would work fine in the reverse. If you brought the men of derring-do from 60 years ago forward and trained them, they’d be able to function and be in marvel.

So yeah, the kids are smart coming into the force. But I worry that our culture is cheating them out of the get in there, stick with it and figure it out on your own process. Smart gets you down the track, but sooner or latter you actually have to do something.

The best trained?
With regard to physical training, Ha! Double Ha! Every former military man out there can recall running the obstacle course and having to clear a 6 foot wall unassisted. The most common method was to get the running start and jump to get your shoulder above the lip of the wall and then drag yourself over.

I watched a video recently of the smartest kids ever who couldn’t get over the wall without someone bracing themselves with their back against the wall, knees slightly bent and hands inter locked. The smart kids would place a foot into those interlocked hands to receive the literal leg up in getting over the wall.  To be honest, this was totally an accomodation to women in the force.

With regard to physical training the key has been to lower the standards and ignore the results.

Computers have offered a great training benefit for some high skill positions and even the not so high skilled. Pilot training is the best in the world. Other individual military occupational specialty training make use of computer simulation and is also top notch. That fact combined with the fact that most services put their best people into the positions that are responsible to train force make for a well trained force.  I do believe that in the force today, the guy that doesn’t know what he is doing is the rare exception. I believe the force is superbly trained.

Best equipped?
No doubt. The military industrial complex has provided the best of the best.

Best led?
No way. My opinion why tomorrow.

Monday, May 06, 2013

The one word to describe Biden is...

So if the one word identifier for Miniscule Barry is punk, what is the word for his political side-kick - the ever so slow witted two blasts and a garden variety slap Joe J-O-B-S is a three letter word Biden?

Given the fact that this super ultra hyper mega buffoon is a bottomless pit of stupidity, you might think Lex is leaning in that direction. Wrong. The one word identifier for this hopelessly stupid scum sucking double d-bag that makes the likes of Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin look like geniuses is - “Phony.”

But Lex, Homer and Peter aren’t real. They are cartoon characters. So, your point is…what? Biden isn’t cartoonish? Come on, really? Biden is an amalgamation of every cartoon dope from the two already listed to Bullwinkle J. Moose and Wile E. Coyote.

Biden is real? He is nothing but a phony POS. Nothing about this forgery of a man is real. He’s every bit as two dimensional as the others.

Biden is as phony as a Cincinnati Bengals’ Super Bowl Champion’s ring. From his fake capped teeth and his hair plugged head to the faux working class tough guy persona, he’s nothing but a phony baloney BS artist.

He’s a lying, plagiarizing fraud. Nothing in his biography or anything that spews from the sewer slit that he uses for communication has any direct correlation to reality.

To barrow one of 10,000,000 of King Jackass’s glaring blunders; Biden is an eight letter word P-H-O-N-Y.

Coming this week
I’ve been mulling the fate of our armed forces under the “leadership” microscopic Barry. We’re told that the US fighting force is the smartest, best trained, best equipped and best led force in the history of the world.

I wonder.

Friday, May 03, 2013

One word identifiers

We can refer to LB as a know-nothing, do-nothing, be-nothing affirmative action pass through dope. But how can we capture the essence of the @$$ weasel in one word? What one word would best describes His Royal @$$holiness?

Punk. He is a punk. “The cops acted stupidly,” is the response of a punk. Descent people refer to “cops” that they are not familiar with as “officers” and wait until the facts are known before calling anyone stupid. The non-punk presidential response to the Skippy Gates break-in debacle would have been, “The officers were responding to a call from a neighbor. Before calling anyone stupid, we’ll have to wait to hear what the department investigation shows.”

Walking with your hands in your pockets is what a punk does. Sound weird? Watch any video of the chief slouch striding along with both hands thrust deep in his pockets and see if it doesn’t remind you of the Jr. High punk you knew heading down to the principal’s office for 15th time that month.  I don't recall ever seeing Ronald Reagan with his hands in his pockets.

As a former jarhead I may be prejudice. Putting one’s hands in their pockets for more than a second or two was strictly verboten. I recall one gunny who took it so far he had his wife sew his pockets shut. In a salutation that could be heard all the way to Mainside, I can still hear him shouting across the parade deck at an unsuspecting Marine a 100 or more yards away:


The embarrassed offender immediately yanked his hands from his pockets as if he were in a Wild West quick draw contest. Some other Marine in the area gave the gunny an encouraging OooohRaaaah! Another replied with a loud, “Hell yeah, gunny!” Yet another upped the ante with a, “F___king eh, gunny!” This is why Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeants are legend.

An officer might have handled it differently. He’d have walked across the parade deck to the offending Marine and said, “Excuse me Marine. I believe you’re in violation of the uniform regs. Please remove your hands from your pockets.” The Marine would have looked dumbfounded and replied with, “Huh?”

So every time I see the Punk-in-Chief slouching along with his hands in his pockets, I can hear the gunny, “HEY! PUNK!...”

Thursday, May 02, 2013

On real courage

While MSM lapdogs, president clueless and former president groper and rapist heap great praise on a NBA player – old what’s his name – for his great “courage” in "coming out", ESPN contributor Chris Broussard and Washington Redskins QB RGIII have come under assault for speaking the undeniable truth. That’s right while Mr. “Courageous” is riding the spotlight for his 15 minutes of fame that apparently eluded him in the NBA, two other guys are under heavy assault for speaking truth.

The world yawns, “There’s a homosexual NBA player? Good for him.” Wow that took courage. Then Chris Broussard professes a belief in the Bible and the world demands he apologize and receive a suspension. RGIII tweets:

In a land of freedom we are held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness

That is something that is so obvious only accomplished liars and fools could deny it (See paragraph above on Chris Broussard), but the Lib hammer falls right on RGIII's head. 

To get credit for courage, Mr. NBA would have had to tell the world 10-15 years ago he was a homosexual. If you’re anywhere near famous, telling the world you are a homosexual in 2013 insures instant notoriety, fame, a gig on dancing with the stars and a possible reality show. That’s not courage.

Courage was Mr. Broussard standing by his faith and his remarks in the face of the oh so tolerant left trying to ruin his life and his livelihood. Courage was RGIII tweeting a fact that in a real world governed by fact would be like saying the sun rises in the east, then when all hell descended upon him from the left, sticking to it. Courage is Tim Tebow walking the talk along a very narrow and difficult path.

Coming out as a homosexual, a global warm-monger, anti-war, anti-America, pro-tax, pro-abortion, pro homosexual marriage or nearly any other lefty position takes NO COURAGE.

Try professing an openly Christian faith on an Ivy League campus - try being a young conservative or prolifer.  That takes courage. Try telling the school board that with 80 million gun owners in America and hundreds of millions of guns in the country maybe we should require a gun safety course as part of our health classes.  Then sit back and watch as the disciples of diversity descend upon you, ridicule you, attack you, shout slurs at you and demand that you shut up and be expelled for offering an opinion that differs from their own.  That's courage.

But if you seek positive reinforcement, come out as a homosexual - even if you're not.