Friday, October 30, 2015

NASCAR GOP do their best to drive base away

Lex used to be a big NASCAR fan.  The “car of tomorrow” which is more like a tank on wheels than a car, NASCAR agreeing to hawk engine-destroying ethanol, allowing Toyota to enter the competition and the giving the Waltrip brothers who are Toyota pitchmen the right to call the races, all conspired to drive me from the sport.  After the chase race a Talledega, NASCAR is now mired in a controversy of its own making.

 To make this simple.  NASCAR wants the races to finish under green flag racing.  So it devised a green, white, checkered scenario that meant the race could continue past the scheduled mileage if a caution flag was raised at the end of the race.  Call it a NASCAR 2 lap overtime.  NASCAR used to allow as many green, white, checkered as necessary to finish the race.

At Talledega NASCAR decided that for driver safety there would be only one attempt at a green white checkered finish.  Kevin Harvick was on the edge of advancing to the next round of the chase when his engine blew up.  Able only to make pace car speed, Harvick stayed on the track to finish as high as he could.  Within a 100 feet of the green flag being waved to restart the race there was huge wreck around Harvick.  Makes sense when cars capable of doing 200 MPH come up on a car going 35 MPH.

Now drivers and commentators are blaming Kevin Harvick.  It’s not his fault.  It’s NASCAR’s fault.  Had they just stuck with the rules that had been in place all year, Harvick would have pulled out of line instead of causing the race ending wreck that benefited him.

I mention all of this as a Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan.  Jr. needed to win the race and was running 2nd when the inevitable accident that NASCAR engineered occurred.  If it were ten years ago or if I had shelled out 10s of thousands of dollars for advertising or even $70 for a race ticket, I’d be PO’d.  And so goes for NASCAR.  Empty stands mean nothing to the morons running NASCAR these days.  Soon the TV audience will be gone as well and NASCAR swells will be sitting around wondering what the hell happened.

In that regard NASCAR swells rmind me of the GOP establishment,  Both have taken action to drive their base away .

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The first thing we do, let's kill all of the moderators

About 2 minutes into the show, the moderators should have been shot in the knee one by one, starting with that pompous azz John Harwood.  At the 10 minute mark the other knee of each should have been shattered.  Mid way through, someone with a hatchet should have removed a hand from each.  Their physical dismemberment should have continued  with arms legs and feet at various points.  That is how worthless that crew was. These losers inserted themselves into the debate more often and more inappropriately than I'll have another bowl of Candy Crowley did when that blister bag of blubber hosted a debate.  Even when they were not interpreting, their collective condescending, arrogant and petulant tone was enough to...well make a reasonable person want to shoot them in the knee.  

This is all the RNC's fault.  Why do they allow this happen year after year election after election?

Cruz won.  He's my guy.  Substance apart - which there was plenty of this time around - it's my blog, so he won.  Trump saved the best for last shaming CNBC while at the same time taking credit for in 2 minutes negotiating a 3 hour debate down to 2 hours "so we can get the hell out of here." I also liked Rubio who IDed the MSM as a Shrillda the Hutt super PAC.  Christie looked good.  For the 3rd debate in a row Rand Paul got skunked on time.  Strangely, this tells me the MSM is afraid of him.  Carson was subdued - even by Carson standards.  Fiorina was fine and is Shrillda the Hutt's worse nightmare even as a VP  candidate.  I even like Huckabee in all of these debates.  Big losers, aside from CNBC azzbag moderators, were JEB!, Kasich and Paul.  Paul because he didn't get much time the other two because attacks on other candidates fell flat.   JEB! got leveled by Rubio.  Kasich got leveled by Trump.

Both would have been better advised to save their attacks for the moderators and leave the other candidates alone.

If the Trump candidacy has one redeeming quality, and it has many, foremost will be his exposing of JEB! and running him out of the race.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Talking "gun safety" with idiots

During a talk in the murder capital of the US – Chicago – which ironically has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country, the sail eared $h!t stick occupying the Rainbow House is now calling his efforts at gun grabs - gun safety.  It is this kind of willful ignorance that makes it impossible to talk to lefty libs about common sense gun laws.  They either do not understand the 2nd Amendment and gun safety or they are nefarious BS artists willing to say and do anything to infringe upon the people’s right to keep and bear arms.  No doubt the latter is the truth.

Before ever entering into a conversation about gun laws with a lefty lib I try establish the following:  1) “Gun safety” has to do with the safe storage, handling and firing of guns.  2)  Gun control is the ability to hit what you’re aiming at.  3) The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting.  4)  Gun laws should target criminal using guns, not guns.

Needless to say, I’ve never had an honest conversation with lefty Libs about common sense gun laws.

Shrillda the Hutt has made the MSM an offer they cannot refuse

Lois Learner is not going to jail.  The lying hag will live out the rest of her worthless days drawing a government pension.  Mr. and Mrs. America will pay Learner’s way for the rest of her days after Learner targeted them ahead of the 2012 election.   Then the old hag looked like a Mafia Don taking the 5th , claiming she did nothing wrong before lying about her e-mails being destroyed before she and the IRS were finally able to finish the job.

If you’re thinking that is obstruction, no it isn’t.  If you’re a lying thieving Empty Suit underling it is just the way things are done.  Remember it was the excrement smear himself who once said there isn’t a “smidgeon” of corruption at the IRS.  That line of BS caused a belly laugh nationwide.

Now if an under card worm like Learner can slip off the FBI’s hook, does anyone seriously believe the marquee whale - Shrillda the Hutt - has any hope in hell of ever being indicted for anything while The Empty Suit is running things?

Everyone will just continue to marvel at what a fantastic liar she is.  Her performance in front of the House committee reminded of scene in the Godfather.  After Vito Corleone’s son Sonny is killed on the causeway, Vito calls for a meeting of all the Dons.  At the meeting, Vito calls for a truce so that he can concentrate all of his energies on bringing his youngest son Michael back to the United States and “clear him of all of these bogus charges.”  Michael is accused of killing Don Sollozzo and a crooked police captain.  Vito and everyone in the room knows Michael did the crime. When Don Vito talks about “bogus charges” no one laughs out loud.    The men in that room responded to Don Vito the same way the MSM reacts when Shrillda the Hutt lies – total scilence.

I guess none of them wants to find a horse head in their bed.

Monday, October 26, 2015

A liar is gonna do what a liar does

Barrowing from Dickens, Shrillda the Hutt is a liar: to begin with.  There is no doubt whatever about that.   So who cares if Shrillda th Hutt looked cool, calm and collected while it lied?  The Hutt lies with the ease most healthy people draw a breath, or blink an eye.  That is, continuously, without a thought or notice of the process until it stops. 

When asked to describe Shrillda the Hutt, the first word that enters most people’s minds is – liar.  OK so a liar shows up at a House hearing and the public expects…what?  The truth?  Look, a liar gonna do what a liar does – lie.  And so it was with Shrillda the Hutt.  The fact that the lies were delivered with the cool professionalism of Sir Lawrence Olivier delivering a line from Hamlet does not make her BS the truth any more than the line makes Olivier a Danish prince.

So when the lies roll off the Hutt’s toad like tongue her sycophantic lemmings in the Dope party and the MSM  focus on how confidently the Hutt delivered the lies.  “She was magnificent.”  “Her performance was remarkable.”  “My oh, my.  She looked presidential,”  None of the azz lickers ever bother to look at the substance of what happened.  Shrillda the Hutt admitted in e-mails what everyone with brain already knew, the Benghazi attack was an organized terrorist attack that had nothing to with a video.  She lied about that.  During the hearing, when confronted with the e-mail she lied about that.

But the substance of what was said at the hearings makes no difference to the azz lickers.  The only thing that matters to this bunch of double d-bags is how the lies were delivered.  Because the lie were delivered well, the azz lickers say Shrillda the Hutt won the day.  I think the rest of America knows that Shrillda the Hutt is a liar.  There is no doubt whatever about that. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Shrillda the Hutt is to the lie what Slow Joe is to the gaffe

Yesterday Shrillda the Hutt spent the day lying her way through the Benghazi hearings.  Don’t get me wrong.  I did not waste 10 seconds of my day watching any of it.  As the matter of fact I avoided any discussion of the lying toad’s performance on TV, and to be sure that is what it was – a performance.  All the web pictures of the old, old hag show the b*tch looking so ho hum, yawn, four dead Americans on my watch and you cannot touch me nanananan boo boo while she feigns concerns for the families of the dead that she lied to repeatedly.  Having not seen any of it, I know for a fact that the old witch was lying because that’s all the blister bag of pus is capable of – lying. 

I see this morning reading National Review that there was a “bombshell” – Shrillda the Hutt knew the Benghazi attack was not due to a video.  YGBSM.  That’s a bombshell?  Everyone with a brain – even the Hutt’s own defenders – already knew that.  Ah but there are several smoking gun e-mails to prove it this time.  Oh was there anything about the Loch Nest monster, Big Foot or the Easter Bunny being frauds in the e-mail so we can put those myths to rest as well?

I do not require the pig in a pantsuit to admit to lying to know fact certain that she is to lies what Slow Joe J-O-B-S is a three letter word Biden is to gaffes.  Slow Joe two blast and a garden variety slap Biden is a gaffe a minute machine and Shrillda the Hutt is a lie a minute machine.  It is so obvious that this old, old hag ought to be conducting her campaign from a jail cell that it ought to sicken anyone who has even a modest respect for the law and this once great republic that she walks free.   Alas, about 35% Americans and nearly all of the illegals do not care one bit about the Hutt’s criminal activities or it’s near continuous lies about those activities.

Now we learn that Joe the gaffe machine is hanging up his rainbow wig, storing the clown shoes and setting aside his red rubber nose for now.  He won’t be running for president because the window for mounting a winning campaign has closed.  This is what a total dumb azz this guy is.  The window closed when you ripped off Neal Kinnock’s stump speech in 1988 you lying thieving buffoon. 

Joe Biden is a crude POS who once bet woman who was getting the better of him in a debate on the rope line during one his 10 or so failed runs for the Dope nomination that he had a higher IQ than she did.  To prove the point, Joe made up a few degrees that he did not have.  The woman should have taken the bet.  Making $h!t up isn’t anything new to Joe, he still tells people he played football in college.  He didn’t.  He told people he ate in a diner in his home town that has been closed for years.   He maintains this “good old Joe” persona that is total BS.  The guy is walking talking POS. 

The fact that he’s been wrong about every foreign policy decision in his life time, been caught plagiarizing twice in his adult life, failed miserably in two previous runs for the Dope nomination, is caught making $h!t up on a daily basis when he’s not just saying totally stupid things has not diminished Biden’s opinion of himself one bit.

Arrogance and stupidity are a dangerous combination.  Those two qualities personify Joe Biden.  Still there was no doubt in Biden’s mind that he should be president.  It probably took someone compiling the 100 or so hours of his gaffes, lies and stupidity into a montage and making him watch it for a week before they could convince him that while he is in fact a genius, an all-American football player, holder of several doctorate and master’s degrees that he has not earned and the smartest man in any room he ever walked into the window of opportunity had closed for this cycle – unless Shrillda the Hutt is indicted.  Which, no matter the mountain of evidence compiled against her, will never happen.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Statistically, it's more important to drain the pool than lock your gun if you have a toddler around the house

The local fish wrap will only publish one letter to the editor every 30 days from the same author.  I've already sent them one letter this week.  I figure since the JG's BS characterization of Mike Huckabee as a racist was the target of the first letter, they'd never publish it.  Besides just letting the lefty clowns know that we're on to them serves a purpose.

So I've decided to give them another letter full about their stupidity regarding toddlers and gun safety.  Their idiocy can be found here.  Here's a logical response which may mean it is doomed.

Re The JG’s Furthermore article of Oct 17, 2015 titled An all-too-frequent preventable tragedy

The article’s first case of a toddler involved in the negligent discharge of a firearm was with a handgun belonging to a charged felon of two gun-related crimes.  A perfect case in point for the futility of “common sense gun laws.”  Criminals pick and choose which of society’s laws they will obey.

Next, the article points out that Christopher Ingraham “spent a few hours sifting through news reports” to find 43 shootings by toddlers 3 or younger.  He could have acquired a much better sense of the real dangers facing children four and under in about ten minutes by referring to the CDC’s Safe Child web page.   Guess what?  Drowning, poisoning, suffocation, falls, motor vehicle accidents and burns are all far more likely to kill or injure a child than a gun accident.  Gun negligence is not even listed by the CDC as a threat to child safety.

If Ingraham and the JG actually cared about toddler safety they’d devote their research and editorial space to water safety rather chasing the 1/10th of 1% of toddler accidents involving a firearm.

Last, Ingraham points out that gun-rights advocates oppose laws requiring guns to be locked.  While the NRA may oppose overreaching, uninformed, government bureaucrats telling Americans how to store their firearms, the NRA advocates storing weapons locked and unloaded until ready for use.

Back to the first case.  Do you seriously suppose that the charged felon in that case is going to care one wit about a law concerning the safe storage of his firearm?   The NRA advocates laws that, if convicted, would require that man and any other criminal caught using a gun in a crime to serve a mandatory 5 year sentence.  Why isn’t that “common sense gun control?”  Because such laws target criminals not law abiding gun owners.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ryan and the Beast

Speaker Ryan?  Ah, no thanks
Paul Ryan says he’s willing to run for Speaker of the House of Representatives if all the Republicans fall in line with his every whim.  Hmm I always thought a leadership position required…um, leadership.  Ryan apparently is requiring followership as a prerequisite to taking the leadership job, thereby reliving him of any responsibility to lead.  If that isn’t enough to get you thinking maybe Ryan isn’t the right guy, Harry the roach Reid and LOOOOEEEEEZ Goooteeairhead are both ready to concatenate Ryan king of the House.  OK that’s enough.  F**K Ryan.  He’s out in my book.

The Shrilldabeast to testify
They will be making special preparations in a House hearing room today to accommodate the arrival of the Shrilldabeast for tomorrow’s Benghazi hearing.  Now looking like Jabba the Hutt in a pantsuit, the Shrilldabeast will be no less difficult to deal with than the gigantic slug like alien lifeform made famous in Star Wars.

For their part Republi-Rats will dutifully play their part of sycophantic frightened losers trying to curry favor with Shrillda the Hutt less they be eaten alive in one bite by Beast.  If the Republicans were smart they’d turn the entire hearing over to Trey Gowdy.  Gowdy is the Republican Luke Skywalker in this scenario. 

But saying, “If the Republicans were smart…” is like saying “If lions were vegetarians, they’d make great pets.”   It is totally against a lion’s instincts and body chemistry to dine on arugula.  It won’t.  It can’t.  The same is true of the Republi-Rats.  Asking them to be smart is so counter to every cell of their being that it cannot be done. 

So the line of pandering Rat pols will use 3 minutes of their five minutes of questioning to tell the world how much they respect and admire Shrillda the Hutt then ask how she’s holding up.  The Beast will take 20 minutes telling the Rat Rep what a low-life POS he is and then the Rat rep will thank the Beast for being so forthcoming. 

If the Rat reps would just cede their time to Gowdy, he could make the Shrilldabeast squirm like the Hutt trying escape Princess Lea’s choke hold that finished him off at the sand pit.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Defending Huckabee

I'm not a Huckabee fan, but when a left leaning rag uses him to insult everyone's intelligence, even the Huckster must be defended.  The Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette is the left leaning rag.  Here's the letter defending the Huckster:

In its “Weekly Scorecard” column, the JG listed Mike Huckabee as a loser for tweeting “I trust @Bernie-Sanders with my tax dollars like I trust a North Korean chef with my Labrador!  #DemDebate”  The JG drones that “many read” Huckabee’s tweet as racist.  Who?  Communists?  North Koreans?  Who?

Here’s a news flash for the snowflakes at the JG feeling all micro-aggressed by Huckabee’s tweet: It wasn’t racist.  It was true and the truth is what makes it funny.  Fact one: During the Democrat debate Bernie Sanders spoke for 28 minutes.  During that brief time Sander proposed an astounding – even for a socialist/communist – $41. 7 billion in new government giveaways PER MINUTE for a country already $18 TRILLION in debt.  Fact two: Koreans eat dog meat.  That may be an unpleasant and probably unknown fact for the snowflakes at the JG, but it’s true.  Fact three: The very kind of onerous government excess that Sanders champions has led to famine in North Korea. 

So the confluence of Bernie’s reckless spending proposals, Koreans’ appetite for dog meat and the famine in North Korea led to Huckabee’s spot on tweet.  Rather than engaging their brains to argue the merits of Huckabee’s tweet, the snowflakes did what precious snowflakes do when they are unable muster an argument, they breakdown in a hissy fit claiming that they were micro-aggressed by a racist.  Then they take a powder and head for the fainting couch.

The reason Huckabee’s tweet isn’t funny to the snowflakes at the JG is that the whole thing has to be explained to them.  Then they wake up the next day and say to themselves, “Oh, I get it now.”

Monday, October 19, 2015

The Donald does it again

I do not know how he does it.  The Donald issues a statement that is without dispute true, and all hell breaks loose.  He says the Twin Towers came down on GWB’s watch.  They did.  He did not say, GWB is responsible for the towers being hit.  He’s not.  With that JEB! takes the bait and is running so hard with it that the first mate has to pour water over the reel to keep JEB! from burning up the drag. 

Then Trump does his jujitsu and says his immigration policy would have prevented 9-11.  Now the debate is back to the Donald’s strong suit, illegal immigration.  The guy is uncanny.  As soon as it looks as if he may have to take out an ad or two to keep his name front and center, he says something demonstrably true but just a enough off-color to put the establishment pols’ shorts in a wad.   And the Donald is all the talk all of the time without spending a nickel.   

This 9-11 statement is akin to Trump saying he prefers war heroes who weren’t captured when talking about John McCain.  That’s another truism that no matter how crass people think it might be, in the privacy of their own thoughts about 95% say to themselves, “Well you know, he’s right.”  Dan Daily, Audie Murphy, Sgt York, Sgt Paul Smith, Jim Webb etc. etc. and…John McCain – ah, one of these things is not like the others.

Please do not get your shorts in wad.  It’s nothing disparaging about McCain.   He is a genuine war hero.  But face it, he’s famous for sitting in a Vietnamese prison, a fate I would not wish on anyone.  The others are famous for closing with and destroying the enemy by fire and maneuver.  There is a difference.  Trump has the guts to point it out.

Now it has come out that JEB! once opined that a “leaky immigration system” led to 9-11.  So Trump and JEB! agree.  The big difference is that JEB! sees the “leaky immigration system” as an “act of love.”  Trump sees it as a national security flaw.  Game – set – match to the Donald…again. 

My advice to the other candidates with regard to Trump since day one has been to co-opt him on popular issues and keep quiet about everything else.  Only Ted Cruz seems to be reading this page.

There is no striped pantsuit in the Shrilldabeast’s future
I’ll bet the Griffin’s next pay check that the Shrilldabeast doesn’t spend one day in jail for the 1,000 or so federal laws the old, old hag broke with her e-mail and server arrangements while at state.  We all know that laws only apply to the little people.  Let’s face it, anyone needs one of those “pods” shipping containers to pack a three day supply of her specially constructed pantsuits, ain’t one of the “little” people. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Fixing the next Republican debate and a Nobel Peace Prize Update

Several Republican candidates are demanding that CNBC limit its upcoming debate to 2 hours.  The Donald and Ben Carson have indicated that they might not show up if the rules were not changed to accommodate an exchange of ideas rather than a contest to see who can hold “it” the longest.

That sounds reasonable.  The 3 hour CNN debate was pretty much unwatchable in the last 45 minutes.  Anyone who hadn’t had enough of the10 posturing gasbags after 120 minutes would probably enjoy being waterboarded.  I know there were 11 candidates on stage at the CNN debate, but we all know “our candidate” wasn’t one of the gasbags.

Predictably, Megyn Kelly and her go to JEB! boys Chris Stirewalt and Mac Thiessen used Kelly’s dump on Trump cable hour to call Trump a chicken and otherwise berate the front runner that they cannot make go away.  Flash to Kelly and her two sock puppet boys, JEB! is dead.  Get over it.  You can take solace in the fact that it isn’t even JEB!’s fault.  If his last name were Smith or Jones, he’d be better off.  JEB! is a Caligula, D.C. insider and is part of the problem.

As has been noted on this page a number times but worth another mention here, do we really need another Bush in the White House?  Is this great nation so wanting of leadership that we have to return to the same family over and over for leadership to fix problems in large part of that family’s making?  In Europe they call such an arrangement a monarchy.   In the Dope case the answer is: Yes they are so wanting of leadership that they have to return to lying, thieving, felon, rape enabling hypocrite for “leadership.”  The Republicans are in no such mess.  Sadly for the dump on Trump crowd, there is no need for JEB!
What really needs to be done in this next debate is to flip the field in the debates.  Instead of 10-11 candidates on stage for the primetime debate and 4 on the undercard, put the top four on stage for the primetime debate and the remaining 10-11 on stage for the undercard.

Here’s the problem with that.  Rat Establishment candidates don’t show up in the top 4.  The top 4 right now in Real Clear Politics national average of polls would be Trump, Carson, Rubio and Fiorina.  You have to go to 6th place before JEB! shows.  JEB!’s 6th place showing has a single outlier poll that puts him above 8% support at 10%.  But when Jim Gilmore, Lindsey Graham and George Pataki drop out all that support will rush to JEB! boosting his RCP average another .00001%.  Hang in there JEB!  Help is on the way.

Nobel Peace Prize update
Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit runs that headline ahead of any news that demonstrates what a BS decision the Nobel committee made when it chose to bestow its most prestigious award on a waif empty suit that was even emptier then than it is now – if that’s possible.  So when a Doctors Without Borders hospital is bombed by the US, Glenn prefaces the story with NOBLE PEACE PRIZE UPDATE:…

NOTE:  The bombing of that hospital was a tragedy.  That said, welcome to war Docs.  “War is cruelty, and you cannot refine it.”  If you enter a war zone, no matter how noble your intentions, and something bad –dare I say “predictably” - happens to you, get up, dust yourself off and continue.  I hold no more outrage for what happened to the Docs than I do for the little kid blown away by a misguided ISIS mortar while dashing to the well to get water for the family.  In fact probably less.  The Docs have a choice.  The little kid doesn’t. 

But the latest Nobel Peace Prize Update over at Instapundit has to do with The Empty Suit leaving US forces in Afghanistan.  Not combat forces mind you – as TES has proclaimed combat operation in Afghanistan are over – these are just military forces left to train Afghans and combat terror.  Uh, scratch that.  Not combat terror, because as we all know the combat is over in Afghanistan – rather our forces will be there to vigorously purse terrorist and reduce their number through maneuver and kinetic action.   There, no combat in that description.  That description is totally in keeping with a Nobel Peace Prize winner.  It is also total BS.  So, will our stay behind forces receive combat pay?  If wounded, will they receive a Purple Heart or will it be categorized as “workplace violence?”

War is cruelty and not even a Nobel Peace Prize winner can refine it or change its character by refusing to admit he’s engaged in one.  In fact that refusal probably prolongs the conflict and thereby adds to the misery and cruelty.  Way to go TES.  You’re doing a heck of a job.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Demo-Dope heroes are creepy

Some guy at Politico named Ken Vogel called Jim Webb’s mention of killing an enemy soldier who threw a hand grenade at him “creepy.”  I don’t know much about Vogel and if you read his Wikipedia page you have to conclude, neither does anyone else.  The fact that he works for Politico is probably about all anyone needs to know.

Here’s what’s funny, or should I say creepy, about Vogel: I’ll wager the Griffin’s next bonus check that Vogel thinks Ahmed Mohamed - the faux bomb making pain in the azz troublemaking high schooler - is the kind of “hero” American Demo-Dopes can be proud of rather than a real life war hero whose sustained heroic actions in Vietnam earned him the Navy Cross. 

The problem with Dopes is that they have relied on fake war heroes like John Kerry for so long that when a real war hero like Jim Webb shows up, they are very uncomfortable.  After all, Webb was dispatching the very communists with whom Bernnie Sanders and other Dopes shares so much in common.   Yeah, I guarantee that the Dopes on that stage and the crowd watching them and cheering their every socialist/communist word would be a whole lot more comfortable in a conversation with the Commie bastards Webb shot than with Webb.

That, Mr. and Mrs. America, is your new Demo-Dope Party.  All of their heroes, from Mohammed, to the criminal elements of black lives matter crowd, to the Occupy movement, to the Palestinians, to illegal aliens, and on and on are all anti-American.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Debate about who will give away the most free stuff

The one guy on that stage last who made any sense at all, Jim Webb, has .000000001% chance at winning the Dope nomination.  What follows pertains to the rest of the field.

The idea that every Dope on stage last night was in a contest to see could out Santa Claus Santa Claus is not what’s shocking.  What’ shocking isn’t that no one on that stage mentioned we cannot afford what we’ve already started because the country is broke – 18 soon to be 20 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT.  What’s shocking isn’t that one of the leading candidates actually believes that global warming is the most serious threat to America.  What’s shocking is that one of America’s two national parties is now 100% committed to gun grabbing, eco destruction of the economy, everything “free” to everybody paid for by the 1% socialism. 

It’s crazy.  I want a free sporting rifle and might consider voting for someone who said, “Look we need an armed militia more than ever.  I propose giving a man able to carry one an AR 10 sporting rifle.”  I’d like a new truck.  The only thing holding back is paying for one.  So if some bright candidate came along and promised everyone with a compound a new Ford F-150, I’d vote for him.  Listening to that line of loons last night, when they weren’t out right trying to buy votes with your money they were trying to limit your rights and shred the constitution. 

What’s worrisome is that if you promise enough people enough things you can eventually buy 51% of the vote.  The last thing kids who have lived their lives on ice cream, cake and McDonald’s want to be told is that the family is down to Raman noodles and VegAll for dinner.  Mitt Romney was right about a lot things.  Russia, the 47% free loaders who’d never vote him and just about everything else.  So how are any of the Republicans going to beat Santa Claus next year?

It’ll take an out the box candidate.  No.  Make that, it’ll take two out of the box candidates.  Here are my nominees Cruz, Fiorina, Carson, Trump, Rubio – extra, extra long-shot Paul.  Line any two up in any order and make your ticket.    Any other candidate(s) will get trounced. 

Establishment Rats need to understand that they are done.  Now it’s time for them to be the good the soldiers and get behind the party nominee.  It’s always been the establishment Rats who whined and took their ball when they got their azzes whipped.  It happened right here in IN when Lugar was beaten in the primary to Richard Mourdock.  Lugar did not lift one finger to help Mourdock and the seat went to the Dopes on The Empty Suit’s coattails. 

Jeb! Kasich, Gilmore, Pataki et al need to get the big picture.  The Rat establishment of which they are and have been a part all their political life times have finally screwed them.  They are done.  Get out and get behind then new guys.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Politics not as usual

CNN’s approach for tonight’s Dope debate
During its Republican debate, CNN fashioned questions to get the Republican candidates to attack their front runner and each other.  During tonight’s Dope debate, look for CNN to have a change of heart.  Tonight CNN will ask the Dopes questions fashioned to get them to focus their attacks on Republicans rather than their lying, thieving, rape enabling, pig in a pant suit Dope front runner and each other. 

The Dope’s candidate controversy
There is a quarterback controversy at The OSU.  JT Barret is a quick, accurate and able field commander.  Cardale Jones is the big guy with a cannon for an arm who led The OSU to a national championship.  In the game of football such a situation where two guys vie for this particular position is called a “quarterback controversy.” 

It is the only position in football where there is controversy over competition or shared playing time.  On defense there are wholesale player changes on nearly every play depending on the down and distance.  No one ever says, “There is a down lineman controversy,” with a team who brings in lighter quicker guy to rush the passer on 3rd and 8.  There’s never a “linebacker controversy” when the defense yanks a linebacker in favor of a 5th defensive back in the same situation.  There isn’t even a “running back controversy” when the speedy scat back is replaced by the 270 pound pile driver on 3rd and 1.  Heck both sides nearly change entire line ups on 4th down and no one bats an eye. But let a new quarterback come into the game to run a series or two in the 2nd quarter and there is an instant “controversy.”

You can bet that whoever is under center (an obsolete term to identify the QB position for most college teams who now prefer to run their offenses almost exclusively from the shotgun or pistol) the crowd and armchair QBs will be calling for the other guy to lead The OSU’s so far under preforming offense.  When Jones is running the show the fans know that Barrett’s speed and quickness are what is needed.  When Barrett comes in, and things don't go as well as hoped for, the fans know instinctively that Jones’s size and power are what the team needs. 

Tonight’s Dope debate sans the epochly slow Joe two shotgun blasts and garden variety slap Biden will create a “candidate crisis” for the Dopes.  Right now the slow one is a favorite among beleaguered Demo-Dopes precisely because he’s not in the race.  Were so Slow Joe you gotta have an Indian accent to run a 7-11 Biden suddenly decide to get in the race, becoming just another old tired white face in the crowd, in about two days his absolute stupidity and arrogance along with an uncanny record of being wrong on every single serious issue in his lifetime of politics will have the Dopes thinking, maybe a lying, thieving, rape enable old hag is the best way for us to go.  After all, it can pass as a woman.  Then as the drip, drip, drip of e-mails and other Shrilldabeast crimes surface, the Dopes will begin to think, um maybe the lying, plagiarizing national punchline is the best way to go.  Then when Old Slow Joe’s gaffe an hour campaign style becomes tiresome, the Dopes will be back to, well the old lying, thieving hag isn’t that bad.

Trump wins compound straw poll
I’m not pollster and do not play one on TV.  This is interesting to me.  On Sunday I had three friends in the barn.  As we drank a beer, the conversation turned to politics when one guy said, “OK watta you guys think about Trump?”  The first to answer was the guy who posed the question, a college student and son of one of the guys, “I like him. He just says what he thinks.”   The kid’s dad, a previous Obama supporter, chimed in, “He’ll do what he says he’ll do.  That will be different.  Besides, I’m worried about my grandkids becoming a minority in their own country.”  The third guy, a self-employed mechanic said, “He’s like Reagan.  No one is going to mess with Trump.”  For my part, I offered up, “He is driving a very sharp stick deep into the eye of politics as usual.”

Were Charles Krauthammer, George Will and the editors at National Review to join us, they’d have told us how stupid we all were and that Trump is not a true conservative.  I think we all know that, and no one cares.     Neither is he a “true liberal,” and that didn’t seem to bother the previous Obama supporter.  Trump may be able to thread the needle and go all the way.  If he does, watch the pols in both parties and all of the chattering class soil themselves.

Monday, October 12, 2015

House speaker and "common sense gun control"

Paul Ryan is NOT the guy to be Speaker of the House.  I’d prefer some guy like Denny Hastert without the sex charges and payoffs.  Someone who, when announced, you say to yourself, “Who’s that guy?”  Dave Bratt is very smart.  He beat the then smarmy Rat Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the last round of primaries.  Today, to my way of thinking, Bratt would be a good choice for no other reason than he’s not been in Caligula long enough to have sold his soul…probably.

Now if the media think it’s such a good idea to good idea to go outside of elected House members to find a Speaker, a la the draft Newt for Speaker of the House movement, I’d think they’d be equally thrilled to go outside and grab a guy like Rick Santorum.  Uh no.  They wouldn’t.  Newt is an avowed Republi-Rat squish.  Santorum is more the rock ribbed conservative type.  The key for the Caligula, D.C. ruling class insiders is to get a guy who will continue the GOP effort to go along to get along while they line their pockets and turn the country into a rubbish bin of disparate voting factions. 

But common’ man.  A nation of 320 million people and we can’t find an acceptable Speaker of the House?  How about a national lottery of registered Republicans?  Sounds crazy.  But seriously, could we possibly do any worse than the current mess?

The only good thing I can see about electing Ryan for Speaker of the House is that he doesn’t want the job.  That’s a pretty thin gruel when you happen to think the country is hanging by a thread over an abyss. 

I for one happen to think it’s a good thing, or at least a mildly entertaining thing, seeing the pampered ruling class Caligula, D.C. azzbags sweat like a fat man in Aug at a TX county fair during a jalapeno eating contest.  Besides, the more these rats are thrashing about trying to save their own worthless azzes the less likely they are to screw with us.

Get ‘em while they’re hot
As The Empty Suit mulls over whipping out his pen and phone to enact extra-constitutional restrictions on gun sales, you can be sure of one thing, gun sales will spike through the roof.  Other than one of his “redlines,” I cannot think of anything that has such an inverse correlation to his actions to try to regulate and restrict it than TES’s efforts at “gun control.” 

Lex has already noted that TES is by far and away the best gun sales campaign gun manufacturers have ever had.  By his ham handed response to every gun tragedy, TES has sold more weapons of every variety in the last 7 years than a 100 years of gun ads bought by manufacturers in American Rifleman and other publications that cater to gun enthusiasts.  Way to go TES.  You’re doing a heck of a job.

The left’s long standing argument with regard to its useless “common sense gun controls” is “If it saves one life, wouldn’t it be worth it?”  No.  It wouldn’t.  Reducing seed limits to 20 miles an hour nationwide would save 1,000s upon 1,000s of lives, yet no one takes the effort to reduce seed limits to levels that would increase crash survivability by a 1,000% seriously.

You can also reduce traffic carnage in America simply by eliminating left hand turns.  It’s true.  Since 2012 UPS has eliminated 90% of left hand turns on its driver’s routes.  As a result the company has actually saved time and money and reduced accidents.   Yet no one seriously proposes making most left hand turns in America illegal. 

So as usual and per their feelings about you on so many other issues, on the issue of “common sense gun control” the left doesn’t give one hoot in hell for your life - past the point that it can count on your vote.  Remember this, and it’s very important, when the left talks “common sense gun control,” what they really mean is registration followed by confiscation.  Otherwise they’d be partnering with the NRA to teach gun safety in schools.

Friday, October 09, 2015

Elect a Gunnery Sergeant Speaker of the House

The fact that Caligula, D.C. is in hysterics because some guy decided that he didn’t want to be the next Speaker of the House is an indication of just how FUBARed the Caligula, D.C. establishment has become.  During its improbable national championship run in college football last year, The OSU started out by losing its 1st string QB, Braxton Miller.  Coach Meyer called, “Next man up,” and TJ Barrett took the helm until injured in the game against the team up north.  Coach Meyer called, “Next man up,” and Cardale Jones stepped into win the last three games - including the championship - in impressive fashion.

Crybaby (g)assbag John Boehner decided that an adult life time of undetected crime in the House of Representatives was enough - besides no one wanted him in the job anymore.  So it became obvious that it was time for him to stop looting the treasury and move on to where the real money was – a K St. lobbing job.  The “next man up” in the house was Kevin McCarthy. 

Everything was going along swimmingly.  Sure the Republi-Rat king of the house was dead so to speak, but his handpicked successor was waiting in the wings ensuring that the go along to get along, drive the country over the cliff at a respectable speed while handing The Empty Suit and the Dopes everything they wanted without so much as a whimper policies would continue.

Then it happened.  The prince abdicated, and Caligula went into a tizzy.  Why?  Who cares if McCarty wants to be speaker or not?  Well the establishment ruling class azz weasels care.  The last thing they would want is someone who says, “We’ll send bills up one at a time on no more than three type written pages.  Anyone who leaves the house substantially richer than when he came, will be investigated.  All laws passed by the house will apply to house members and their staffs.”   

NOTE: If you wanted to see a mass exodus from Caligula, make those three simple and common sense reforms and watch the retirements begin and the Rats and Dopes run for higher ground.

OK McCarty’s out, so what?  Next man up, right?  No.  The next man isn’t just “the next man.”  It’s the next acceptable man to establishment Rat Republicans and their donors.  So when McCarty bowed out of the election, the election was cancelled even though there were two other candidates vying for the job.  That’s weird.  Why cancel the election because one guy quits?  Well, that guy happened to be the Rat Republican guy.  You can bet if one of the other two had bailed, the election would have been held on schedule.  It’s only when the Rat Republican guy bails that things become chaotic.

What Boehner did would be akin to Urban Meyer forfeiting a game after Miller went down.  “COACH! COACH! We have other QBs.”  “Sorry, guys.  Those QBs are not in keeping the team establishment rules.  Until we can find a left handed Asian Jew under 5 feet tall to play QB, we’ll have to postpone the season.”   What Boehner is doing is not worrying about the efficient functioning of the house, he could not care less about that and it could not have been more dysfunctional under his own watch.  What Boehner is worried about is maintaining power in the hands of the Caligula, D.C. ruling class azz wagons.  Until Boehner can find someone willing to maintain the status quo, elections will be cancelled.

Since anyone elected by a majority of the house can act as speaker – who knew that - I propose a military man.  A good Marine Corps gunny would be perfect.  Although the front lawn of the Capitol Building would look like hell.  One of the gunny’s favorite pass times is meting out pointless physical labor for those who do not tow his line enthusiastically enough.  Digging a hole is the most common of those activities assigned by the gunny to a recalcitrant Marine who is in need of an attitude adjustment.  The order to dig a hole is often followed by the rejoinder, “And don’t stop until you find a Chinaman.” 

At one point, “pointless physical labor” was frowned upon as…ah, let’s call it motivation.  Punishment is an ugly word and generally reserved for officers under the UCMJ.  So instead of just digging holes, the gunny would require the offending Marine to dig a “fighting hole” or if someone was really on the gunny’s bad side an air raid shelter.  This resulted in the same motivating activity for the offending Marine, but with a genuine military purpose to it.  In the USMC, officer were like the congress passing stupid laws to “soak the rich.”  Gunnys were like the savvy rich guys getting around every one of the stupid laws. 

Anyway, I nominate Gunnery Sergeant Herman (AKA the Hermanator) as Speaker of the House of Representatives.    None of the Caligula, D.C. girly men (a group of the whole) would dare cross him.

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Gun control, house leadership

Don’t just do something, stand there
I caught Juan Williams, who is about as reasonable a lefty lib Empty Suit apologist as you’ll find, talking gun control on one of the Fox shows the other day.  When asked to name one “common sense gun law” that would have prevented the last three high profile shootings, he could not do it, but said, “We have to do something.” 

There in lies the problem with the lefty lib approach to “common sense gun control.”  The laws that they propose do nothing to address the underlying problem of gun violence.  Given the loner nature and off the chart craziness of the shooters in these cases, I believe you’d better off with “common sense gamer control” than trying to control guns.  When one of these things happens, you can almost mimic the report of the neighbor, “He was quiet kid.  Lived with mom and spent most of time inside playing video games.”  The heck with getting guns out of your house, if you want to protect your kids, get the Xbox out of the house.

Here are some truths that even the most “reasonable” of lefty libs will not recognize.  Criminals do not care about laws.  Case in point.  It is against the law to shoot innocent people.  Criminals do not care.  They shoot them anyway.  100% of the knee jerk “common sense gun control laws” proposed by lefty libs after these highly publicized shootings are directed toward the law abiding gun owner.  Background checks, gun bans based on appearance, magazine capacity, gun free zones, ammo restrictions, all of it effect only law abiding citizens.  They have no effect on criminals who do not care what The Empty Suit has to say about gun violence.

Now if you propose mandatory sentencing for crimes committed with guns, you are labeled a racist because those sentences will be handed down disproportionately to minorities.  If you propose bringing guns into the schools for training and education, you considered to be crazier than the mass shooters themselves.  If you propose constitutional carry, you are considered a danger to republic and a candidate for TES's soon to be re-education camps.  If you propose mandatory treatment for seriously disturbed people and drug abusers you are considered a callous azz.  If you propose anything that actually might address the problem, the left labels you right-wing hate monger.

The goal for the lefty lib is try a bunch laws that have no hope of ever working, then in frustration say, “Look, we’ve tried everything.  Nothing has worked.  The only thing left to do is round up all of the guns.  We hate to do it, but we’ve tried everything else.  It is the only remaining answer.  Besides, it’s for the children.”

So the same people who will tell you that it is impossible to round up 11 million illegal aliens, will tell you it makes perfect sense to try to round up 300 million guns in the hands of 80 million Americans who believe they have a constitutional right to keep those weapons.  And no, the lefty libs will see no need to amend the constitution before the round up.  As they always do when there is no political support for their hare-brained schemes, Dopes will just have some federal judge reinterpret the 2nd Amendment to be consistent with whatever it is they want to do.  John Kasich, will say he doesn’t agree with the decision but we have to live by the law and that, because he’s more religious than you are, he recently attended a friend’s gun grabbing ceremony in Ohio.   

Oxymoron: New House Leadership
Since blubbering cry-baby John Boehner is stepping down as Speaker of the House, the ruling class Caligula, D.C. house Republi-Rats are getting ready to elect “new leadership.”  There are two things you can be certain of:  First the “new” Speaker of the House will be anything but “new.”  The next speaker will be a Caligula, D.C. inside the beltway ruling class azzbag same as old speaker was a Caligula, D.C. inside the beltway ruling class azzbag.  Next, “leadership” will be a totally foreign concept to the next leader.  The next speaker, like the old speaker, will be controlled like a sock puppet by Caligula, D.C. donors – the Chamber of Commerce etc.  As such the next speaker will be as likely to stand up to the lawless azzbag occupying the Rainbow House as the last Rat Republican weakling elected speaker.

The guy with the inside track for speaker, therefore immediately suspect, is CA Rep Kevin McCarthy.  As the current majority leader, McCarthy is next in line for speaker.  McCarthy has been in Caligula since 2006.   For people who go to Caligula and stay 30+ years, McCarthy may seem like a pup, but the fact is that he’s been hammered on and molded by the insiders for 9 nine years.

I stand with Rand on this one.  While endorsing no one, Paul said he would like to see someone elected who has served less than three terms in the house.    If you’re interested in “new leadership” you have to be willing to forego the old leadership and the Caligula, D.C. mindset of monkey move up when it comes to leadership positions.  Have the Rats even considered a pro-life red state conservative Dope?  What!  That’s heresy!  Seriously?  How could such a person be any worse than Boehner? 

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

The Beast, a witch and a saint

The Shrilldabeast in one sentence:
Here is everything we know for sure about the rape enabling Shrilldabeast:  She wants to be President of the United States.

Everything else the pig in a pant suit does, from standing by while her misogynist old man humiliated her over and over again for the last 40 years to lying her worthless fat azz off over the corpses of four dead Americans killed in Benghazi at the greeting ceremony at Dover AF Base, is toward that end.

Exit question:  Can you really trust anyone who wants the job so badly that they’ll do anything to get it?

What if someone conducting a witch hunt finds an actual witch?
A witch hunt is generally understood to be subversive and unwarranted investigation into another person in order to undermine the target.  The lying crapbag known as the Shrilldabeast on this page is accusing the house Republicans of conducting a witch hunt surrounding the fatazzes conduct before, during and after the Islamo-Terror-Fascist attack on the US consulate in Benghazi.   In the first case in history the house’s witch hunt has turned up an actual witch.  Or at a minimum something that rhymes with witch – like fat, lying, entitled, thieving, clueless, pandering, sick, worthless, creepy, b*tch.  

St. John the Pius AKA John Kasich
Few things are more irritating than having Bible verses thrown in your face.  One of them is knowing that the verse being throw in your face is incorrect.  “Money is the root of all evil.”  No.  “For the love of money is the root of all evil.” 1 Timothy 6-10.  The everlasting fallacy that Jesus, Joseph and Mary were homeless and living in stable.  To any extent that notion is true, the Holy family’s condition was a direct result of an onerous & BS central governmental authority.

Enter St. John the Pius also known as the Governor of Ohio John Kasich.  While pandering to a crowd at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, St. John the most holy recently defended his Robertscare enabling decision to expand Medicaid in Ohio by telling the crowd, if you don’t have a Bible, “I’ll buy you one.  It talks about how to treat the poor.” 

OK Rev? John, show me the part of the Bible where Jesus advocates for Christians to render unto a derelict, wasteful, punitive government that which you have labored for to support your family so that a wasteful and capricious government can dole it out in a manner that is designed wholly to maintain political power centralized to an elite few.

Then show me the part where Jesus tells his disciples that charity and helping the poor begins with supporting the political party that forces you to pay into their vote buying machine that doles money out to Planned Parenthood so that they can do the important work of dismembering babies and then funnel money back into a single political party that ensures their 500 million dollar stipend from the US taxpayer continues.

St John the holier than thou likes to tell us that there will be an accounting with St. Peter at Pearly Gates.  OK John the most sanctified, who is going to get in the guy who says, “Well I’ve tried to live a good life.  I’ve failed, but I’ve tried.  I’ve contributed to the poor, but I know I could have and should have done more.  When I should have done more I held back for fear of not being able to provide for my own family.  Here, standing before you naked as the day I was born, I look down and see my accumulation of wealth that does me no good now and know I could have done more.”

That guy or the guy who shows up and says “Look Pete, I paid my taxes and voted for a party that would confiscate my neighbor’s wealth to pay for abortions and baby mutilation.  What more do want from me?”

If I want a Bible lesson I sure as hell am not going to go to some pandering azz sniffing weasel pol lording his faux piety over me to get it.  Oh, I’ll bet if you asked Kasich to buy you that Bible he offered, he wouldn’t do it.  If you are ever offered a choice between a bucket of crap and John the divine, take the bucket of crap.  When it's all said and done you can put the crap on your garden and you'll still have the bucket.  

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Buy now before it is too late

If you do not already have your arsenal well established, go buy all the guns you are going to need for the eventual revolution right now.  Here’s why:

First, the left is on to demanding “common sense” gun control laws requiring a “thorough background checks” that will include a buyer’s mental health.  As noted in the post below, the very act of wanting to purchase a firearm is good enough for 98% of Demo-Dopes to declare that person insane.

We are living in a world where a man dressing like a woman is considered sane.  But it goes way beyond that.  The rest of us must accept and treat the man dressed like woman as woman or we are singled out as crazy.  A kid can show up to a California high school, and even though every cell in the kid’s body tells us he’s male, he’s allowed to hang out in the girl’s restroom all day because he says he identifies as a girl.

It has gone so far so fast that ESPN singled out a man dressed as a woman for their “courage award” forgoing the real cancer stricken woman who spent her pain stricken last days working hard for her college basketball team so that she could reach her life’s dream of playing in a college basketball game.  She did.  Then she died.  Apparently that effort for the crowd over at ESPN paled in comparison to a guy throwing on a fashionable skirt and some heels.

Then there are the stories every other day where parents are accepting that their children as young as 8 have had their sex mis-assigned by the creator.  These same parents would probably advise their children to wait until they are at least in their 20s to get a tattoo, but they are OK with starting gender reassignment therapy when their kid is 8, and that is deemed “normal” in today’s society, but wanting to buy a sporting rifle is considered off the chart crazy.   

The left is forever using “science” as a club to beat conservatives and Christians on everything from global warm-mongering to homosexuality.  Now they are willing to ignore everything we learned in high school science class to declare that a man is a woman if he says so, and a damned courageous one at that.

The next reason to get out and support your local gun dealer is that the Shrilldabeast has said that she supports a victim of gun crime’s right to sue the gun manufacturer.  I wish I’d known that when smashed my thumb with my Stanley hammer.  I’d have owned Stanley, well at least the Stanley hammer division.  Once the courts get involved, guns will become increasingly more difficult to purchase and own.  I guarantee you the 2nd Amendment will make no difference to unelected and unaccountable left leaning federal judges. 

 Sadly, that includes the Supreme Court.  That court found a right for a mother to kill her unborn child exists in the constitution and that homosexual marriage is not only OK it’s protected under the constitution.  It also found that the town council can appropriate your property so that the mayor’s son can build a McDonald’s on the property for no other reason than the McDonald’s will provide more taxes to the town.

I have no confidence that the Supreme Court will not cave to political pressure from the left on the next gun case – constitution’s 2nd Amendment be damned.

And if you think Rat Republicans will stand up for anything, you are wrong.  The best that you can hope for from this class of cowards is that they will take some sort of meaningless vote to restore the 2nd Amendment after the Dopes have gutted it.  Then they will complain that majorities in both houses of congress are not enough to stop a lawless renegade $h!t stick in the Rainbow House and a tenured for life out of control Supreme Court.

Last, the last bastion of honor and decency in the government is rapidly being eroded by an onslaught of lefty lib thinking.  The US military is condoning child rape in Afghanistan and court martialing anyone who tries to stop it.  The wannbes are rampant lowering standards and ignoring results.  The most important thing to today’s military seems to be support for a diverse force irrespective of the combat efficiency of that force.  If everyone in the unit gets killed because G.I. Jane can’t keep up, well that’s OK as long as the unit “looked like America.”

Hell yes America The Empty Suit is the best gun salesman America has ever seen.  Get them while you can.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Here's a common sense gun law: pass constitutional carry

Since the walking talking POS known on this page as The Empty Suit wants us to politicize the OR shooting I will.  America’s punchline, oh so slow Joe J-O-B-S is a three letter word Biden, pulled his head out of his azz long enough to issue a long line of gibberish on the 2nd Amendment.  This lying buffoon who once claimed that lifting 5 pages of a 15 page college term paper was a “footnoting error”, decided to weigh in on a subject he knows even less about than he apparently knew about whatever he supposed be writing about in college – guns. 

But never one to let his ignorance on a subject stand in the way of his opportunity to introduce azzbaggery into the conversation, the lying and - since he’s been congress his entire adult life we can assume - thieving slow Joe dove into the gun issue again. 

Recall brilliant Joe’s advice to his wife, if she ever felt threatened at home, was to unload her shotgun out the bedroom window and told someone else to unload it through a closed door not knowing who is on the other side.  Like every other subject under the sun, Biden’s knowledge about guns and home protection/safety is on the negative side of zero.

In his latest sign of genius, slow Joe told a crowd that the US Constitution does not guarantee anyone the right to own a “bazooka” or an “F-15 armed with Hellfire missiles.”  Fine, write a law banning those particular weapons from personal inventories.  I’ll gladly turn in my F-15 and Hellfire missiles.  (I will however have to stash my bazookas.)  This is the problem with the left on the issue of gun control.  They do not have a clue.  Therefore they are forever proposing laws that would not in any way prevent the very crimes that initiate their outrage.

You can almost bet any law proposed by the lefty Libs will target a weapon’s appearance rather than its functionality.  Previous gun law idiocy targeted things like pistol grips and bayonet lugs on long rifles.  Ah, that’ll put an end to the rash of mass bayonetings sweeping the country.  One idiot, conflating semi-automatic with automatic weapons, once proposed getting rid of all “automatic assault rifles” like the ones used in such and such a shooting.  You do not even know where to be begin to deconstruct the idiocy of such arguments.  The weapon used surly was not automatic and WTF is an “assault weapon?”  I suppose if you are being shot by it, by definition, it’s an “assault weapon.”  Other that, how is one to know?  

If you want “common sense” gun legislation here it is:
No more “gun free zones.”  Anyplace declared to be a “gun free zone” shall be required to provide armed protection for those entering their facility or have its azz sued off when something like OR, VA Tech or the Colorado movie shooting occurs.

Introduce gun training back into the schools.  Teach the next generation how to safely handle and shoot guns.

After a sufficient time has passed to ensure that the training has reached the masses, pass a nation-wide constitutional carry law.  An armed society is a polite society and changes the calculation of criminals when they cannot be sure who the “easy mark” is, or who might step in with a weapon in the middle of their azzbaggery.

Then strictly enforce gun laws to include mandatory sentencing for criminals committing crimes with a gun.

It seems to me that in 99% of these mass shootings the perp is suffering from some kind of know mental health issue.  There needs to be a serious conversation about keeping guns out of the hands of crazy people.  The problem there is that TES, slow Joe and 98% of the Dope party consider anyone who owns a gun to be “crazy.”

When the lefty Libs talk about “common sense” gun laws you can be sure of two things, common sense will NEVER enter into their thinking and any proposed law will not do one thing to prevent an event similar to the one that initiated the law in the first place.