Friday, October 30, 2015

NASCAR GOP do their best to drive base away

Lex used to be a big NASCAR fan.  The “car of tomorrow” which is more like a tank on wheels than a car, NASCAR agreeing to hawk engine-destroying ethanol, allowing Toyota to enter the competition and the giving the Waltrip brothers who are Toyota pitchmen the right to call the races, all conspired to drive me from the sport.  After the chase race a Talledega, NASCAR is now mired in a controversy of its own making.

 To make this simple.  NASCAR wants the races to finish under green flag racing.  So it devised a green, white, checkered scenario that meant the race could continue past the scheduled mileage if a caution flag was raised at the end of the race.  Call it a NASCAR 2 lap overtime.  NASCAR used to allow as many green, white, checkered as necessary to finish the race.

At Talledega NASCAR decided that for driver safety there would be only one attempt at a green white checkered finish.  Kevin Harvick was on the edge of advancing to the next round of the chase when his engine blew up.  Able only to make pace car speed, Harvick stayed on the track to finish as high as he could.  Within a 100 feet of the green flag being waved to restart the race there was huge wreck around Harvick.  Makes sense when cars capable of doing 200 MPH come up on a car going 35 MPH.

Now drivers and commentators are blaming Kevin Harvick.  It’s not his fault.  It’s NASCAR’s fault.  Had they just stuck with the rules that had been in place all year, Harvick would have pulled out of line instead of causing the race ending wreck that benefited him.

I mention all of this as a Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan.  Jr. needed to win the race and was running 2nd when the inevitable accident that NASCAR engineered occurred.  If it were ten years ago or if I had shelled out 10s of thousands of dollars for advertising or even $70 for a race ticket, I’d be PO’d.  And so goes for NASCAR.  Empty stands mean nothing to the morons running NASCAR these days.  Soon the TV audience will be gone as well and NASCAR swells will be sitting around wondering what the hell happened.

In that regard NASCAR swells rmind me of the GOP establishment,  Both have taken action to drive their base away .

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