Thursday, October 08, 2015

Gun control, house leadership

Don’t just do something, stand there
I caught Juan Williams, who is about as reasonable a lefty lib Empty Suit apologist as you’ll find, talking gun control on one of the Fox shows the other day.  When asked to name one “common sense gun law” that would have prevented the last three high profile shootings, he could not do it, but said, “We have to do something.” 

There in lies the problem with the lefty lib approach to “common sense gun control.”  The laws that they propose do nothing to address the underlying problem of gun violence.  Given the loner nature and off the chart craziness of the shooters in these cases, I believe you’d better off with “common sense gamer control” than trying to control guns.  When one of these things happens, you can almost mimic the report of the neighbor, “He was quiet kid.  Lived with mom and spent most of time inside playing video games.”  The heck with getting guns out of your house, if you want to protect your kids, get the Xbox out of the house.

Here are some truths that even the most “reasonable” of lefty libs will not recognize.  Criminals do not care about laws.  Case in point.  It is against the law to shoot innocent people.  Criminals do not care.  They shoot them anyway.  100% of the knee jerk “common sense gun control laws” proposed by lefty libs after these highly publicized shootings are directed toward the law abiding gun owner.  Background checks, gun bans based on appearance, magazine capacity, gun free zones, ammo restrictions, all of it effect only law abiding citizens.  They have no effect on criminals who do not care what The Empty Suit has to say about gun violence.

Now if you propose mandatory sentencing for crimes committed with guns, you are labeled a racist because those sentences will be handed down disproportionately to minorities.  If you propose bringing guns into the schools for training and education, you considered to be crazier than the mass shooters themselves.  If you propose constitutional carry, you are considered a danger to republic and a candidate for TES's soon to be re-education camps.  If you propose mandatory treatment for seriously disturbed people and drug abusers you are considered a callous azz.  If you propose anything that actually might address the problem, the left labels you right-wing hate monger.

The goal for the lefty lib is try a bunch laws that have no hope of ever working, then in frustration say, “Look, we’ve tried everything.  Nothing has worked.  The only thing left to do is round up all of the guns.  We hate to do it, but we’ve tried everything else.  It is the only remaining answer.  Besides, it’s for the children.”

So the same people who will tell you that it is impossible to round up 11 million illegal aliens, will tell you it makes perfect sense to try to round up 300 million guns in the hands of 80 million Americans who believe they have a constitutional right to keep those weapons.  And no, the lefty libs will see no need to amend the constitution before the round up.  As they always do when there is no political support for their hare-brained schemes, Dopes will just have some federal judge reinterpret the 2nd Amendment to be consistent with whatever it is they want to do.  John Kasich, will say he doesn’t agree with the decision but we have to live by the law and that, because he’s more religious than you are, he recently attended a friend’s gun grabbing ceremony in Ohio.   

Oxymoron: New House Leadership
Since blubbering cry-baby John Boehner is stepping down as Speaker of the House, the ruling class Caligula, D.C. house Republi-Rats are getting ready to elect “new leadership.”  There are two things you can be certain of:  First the “new” Speaker of the House will be anything but “new.”  The next speaker will be a Caligula, D.C. inside the beltway ruling class azzbag same as old speaker was a Caligula, D.C. inside the beltway ruling class azzbag.  Next, “leadership” will be a totally foreign concept to the next leader.  The next speaker, like the old speaker, will be controlled like a sock puppet by Caligula, D.C. donors – the Chamber of Commerce etc.  As such the next speaker will be as likely to stand up to the lawless azzbag occupying the Rainbow House as the last Rat Republican weakling elected speaker.

The guy with the inside track for speaker, therefore immediately suspect, is CA Rep Kevin McCarthy.  As the current majority leader, McCarthy is next in line for speaker.  McCarthy has been in Caligula since 2006.   For people who go to Caligula and stay 30+ years, McCarthy may seem like a pup, but the fact is that he’s been hammered on and molded by the insiders for 9 nine years.

I stand with Rand on this one.  While endorsing no one, Paul said he would like to see someone elected who has served less than three terms in the house.    If you’re interested in “new leadership” you have to be willing to forego the old leadership and the Caligula, D.C. mindset of monkey move up when it comes to leadership positions.  Have the Rats even considered a pro-life red state conservative Dope?  What!  That’s heresy!  Seriously?  How could such a person be any worse than Boehner? 

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