Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Dear Leader at Notre Dame stirs more controversy

Mr. Phil Downs wrote letter to the local fish wrap (AKA the Journal Gazette) condemning Bishop D’Arcy for sitting on stage during President Bush’s commencement address at Notre Dame while boycotting the Dear Leader’s commencement address. Lex fired back:

As an ordinary Joe, I try not to lecture an expert who knows far more about a subject than I do about the finer points of that subject. I wouldn’t lecture Bill Clinton on politics. I wouldn’t lecture Bill Parcels on the utility of the “Wildcat” offense. I’d never presume to lecture Bishop D’Arcy on the Catholic position on life. Apparently Phil Downs, an expert himself perhaps, feels very comfortable lecturing Bishop D’Arcy on the Catholic position on life.

First, I suspect that Bishop D’Arcy opposes the death penalty. But to equate sitting on stage with a man who signed the executive orders for the executions of criminals with a man who supports and is actively expanding the murder of innocents is a bit much.

For most of us, it’s rather easy to draw a thick bright line between the murder of innocents and those who do the murdering. Most of us can understand why the state finds it necessary to rid itself of human debris like Tim McVeigh. While we support the sanctity of life, we don’t place evil like McVeigh into the same moral bin as those he murdered.

Also, if Catholics can develop an entire doctrine around “just wars” and all of the unintended consequences surrounding that activity, including the death of innocents by the score, it doesn’t seem an unreasonable leap that Catholics might agree that it is necessary for the state to protect itself from its own citizens from time to time.

Last, while on trial for his life, Jesus himself never argued against the death penalty:

"Do you refuse to speak to me?" Pilate said. "Don't you realize I have power either to free you or to crucify you?"

Jesus answered, "You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above. Therefore the one who handed me over to you is guilty of a greater sin."

Notice Jesus does not use the occasion to lecture Pilate on the death penalty by saying, “You have no right to take my life. Only my Father has that right.” Jesus only points out that any power that Pilate has over him has been conferred to him from above.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The people you don't want: doing your taxes; covering your back or giving you political advice

I hope I can get this done before the swine flu or DHS finally come to get me.

First issue, but not the most important:
Its been a day so another tax cheat must have been confirmed to a high government position. Yes indeed. The tax cheat of the day today is…drum roll please…Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. CBS News reports that Sebelius only discovered her tax problems after the Dear Leader tapped her for the HHS position. Ho hum. Yawn.

CBS News put it this way:

"Kathleen Sebelius, President Obama's nominee to become Health and Human Services secretary, said in a letter obtained by the Associated Press that she made 'unintentional errors' on her taxes and has corrected her returns from three different years.

In the letter, which was sent to senators and dated today, Sebelius wrote that she had made changes related to charitable contributions, business expenses and the sale of a home, according to the AP."

The wire service reports that she and her husband paid just over $7,000 in back taxes, along with $878 in interest, for the years 2005-2007. "

Next issue, still not important but telling
Arlen Specter made his true beliefs his true conviction – at least until the polling data changes – and jumped ship over to the Demo-Dope party. Republi-Rats are in a hand wringing fit. “Now we can’t stop the Demo-Dope,” they whine. Like when Arlen the Magnificent stood up to the Dear Leader’s 3 trillion dollar budget, the 800 billion dollar stimulus or the 400 billion dollar pork laden continuing resolution? Oh, that’s right he sided with Dear Leader on all of those. Well then he must have opposed the Dear Leader on abortion then – right? Nope. Stood up to the Dear Leader for his apology tours? No. opposed anything? No. So, we’re out what? We’re a out Republi-Rat that voted like a Demo-Dope.

Just because Arlen the Moist (as in raising a moist finger to see which way the political wind is blowing) says he’s a Republican doesn’t mean squat. And Arlen the “not proven” Scottish Law King could care less about anything other than himself and said as much during his Benedict Arnold press conference. I can’t win as a Republican, so I’m standing on polling rather principle and changing over to the Demo-Dopes.

Does that mean Arlen would have been a Nazi in 1930’s Germany just to win an election? I guess after yesterday, we can’t rule it out.

Issue last, really not even as important as the first two but odd
John McCain’s daughter, doing her best Arlen the Shape-shifter imitation thinks the best for Republicans to win elections is to act like Demo-Dopes. Last week she went so far as to tell Republicans that Bush-Cheney had their eight years and now should just go away.

Well Meghan, you and your old man had your eight months. You didn’t have the sense to ride an election winning issue like opposing the first 700 billion dollar bailout and got beaten rather handily. So why don’t you go away?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Close the border

While the bloated dope running DHS has her erstwhile minions out profiling me, my brother and several of our friends for being a threat to the country because we served the country in the military, Mexicans, Muslims, criminals, drug dealers, gang related trash, malcontents and every kind of human debris stream across our southern boarder 24-7 to perform all manner of ILLEGAL activities that Americans won't. Oh, add the modifier – swine flu infected – to everyone on that list.

Some think the threat of a swine flu pandemic might be sufficient reason to finally close the border with Mexico. I’ve always thought – well for the last 20 years anyway - that the fact that there was an endless stream of people – not all of them looking for the American dream – ILLEGALLY entering the country was sufficient reason to close the border.

Then there was that thing on 9-11. What was it? Oh yeah, a group of ILLEGAL immigrants flew three planes into national landmarks. Only the daring of passengers aboard a fourth plane prevented a fourth landmark from becoming a smoldering pit.

So if 9-11 wasn’t sufficient cause to take border security seriously, does anyone think a few sick people in Mexico will be enough to awaken the egg-shaped egghead in DHS? No, this buffoon is like the narcissistic weasel woman who sends her sick kid to school to infect the entire building because she’s too cheep to buy a sitter for two days. Better that the entire school is sickened with what little Johnny has than for me to have to give up my $8 double chocolate, mocha, vanilla, frappe, with triple cream, double whipped cream and topped with cinnamon, nutmeg and gummy bears – “coffee” in the morning for a day or two.

We should secure the border because that is what we should have been doing for the last 30 years. Swine flu, gun traffic, narco-terrorists, Islamo-Terror-Fascists et al are just the very good reasons de jour. We should secure our borders because border control is what sovereign nations do.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Veterans latest group to be profiled by US government

As a military veteran who:
Is white
Owns guns
Goes to church
Hates politician of every stripe
Is opposed to ILLEGAL immigration
Is opposed to abortion

In short, a guy who marked by nearly every key identifier set fourth the now infamous Department of Homeland Security “watch list memo”, I’m happy to know that DHS will not be allowed to waterboard me when the eventual DHS knock the door comes. It's comforting to know that I can only be asked questions in a moderate tone for 8 hours a day and get three squares and a cot in a comfortably regulated room.

I’m also delighted to know that some slick lawyer will be able to get me off Scott-free due to government profiling in my case. That is one argument that has mysteriously disappeared from the argument against the DHS’s boneheaded memo.

When some guy at the FBI or CIA suggested that it might be a good idea to take a closer look at Muslim men buying one way tickets whith cash, CAIR, ACLU and every other nutroots organizations was up in arms about racial profiling. The person suggesting the common sense approach was demoted two pay grades, forced to undergo more sensitivity training and reassigned to an obscure border crossing in Montana.

Why Montana? Well as we learned from the jackass DHS secretary herself, that’s were terrorist go to enter the country. And since it’s not a crime, again to according the dolt who heads up DHS, to enter the country ILLEGALLY, we really need to be on our toes. Gee and all this time I though ILLEGAL meant something was ILLEGAL. Damn public schools.

Now that it’s white Christian men with military records – that’s military mind you, criminal records – being pursued by a brain-dead witch in the Dear Leader’s administration, racial profiling, which was a legal argument used like a gun against the government when the Bush administration wanted to look at actual terrorists, has completely disappeared. The authors of the memo are praised by the MSM as wise men, who should be promoted and given more responsibility. Why, do you suppose, that has happened?

Well, when that knock on the door comes late one night, I plan to call the ACLU and have them raise the profiling defense on my behalf. I’m sure they will be happy to rush to my aid. I’m sure the MSM will hammer the Dear Leader and the excrement sandwich he hired to run DHS until I’m freed and declared a national hero for bringing to light the heinous practices of profiling originating out of DHS.

BS doesn’t begin to describe this situstion.

Friday, April 24, 2009

R.I.P. Norman B. Johnston

Mrs. Lex’s dad passed away last Sunday the funeral is today at 10 AM. I have been asked to share my first meeting with Norman B. Johnston with the mourners. Norm majored in physics at Indiana Univ. He went on to head up the engineering department for International Harvester. He was very precise about everything did; he questioned everything even the most obvious assumptions and saw wonder in the little things that most of us take for granted. While brief, I think this post captures the character of the man.

Diana asked that I take a moment to share with you my initial meeting with her dad.

We were traveling up from Florida to be at Norm’s lake cottage for Christmas.

Along the way we stopped at a couple of shops.

Well, I thought, I’d better get Norm a Christmas present.

No matter how many times Diana told me not to, or it’s really not necessary, I insisted.

I told her, “Look, I have five dollars and I am willing to spend every penny of it to make a good impression on the father of the woman I love.”

Diana was frustrated and said, “Fine, knock yourself out.”

I looked around and finally decided that I’d get Norm what I thought was, a very nice Christmas ornament.

Well we arrived at the cottage decorated and lit up like the prettiest Christmas card you’ve ever seen.

We went inside - and then I saw it, standing in the corner, glowing as if it had been touched by the hand of God, Norman’s Christmas tree.

Those of you who have seen or heard about Norm’s Christmas ornament collection and his meticulous attention to detail when assembling his Christmas trees will know what mean when I say, “Instantly, I knew. I’d made a mistake.”

At this very minute somewhere, in a dark corner of our basement, buried inside one of our 15-20 tubs of Christmas stuff is that very Christmas ornament that I had bought to impress Diana’s Dad.

As we were getting ready to leave at the end of our visit, Norm’s Christmas ornament still packed away in the corner of my suite case, I noticed that the windshield of my truck could use a little cleaning.

So, I asked Norm for rag.

What ensued was, at the time, one of the strangest conversations I’d ever had.

“Well, what do you want it for?”


“What do you want the rag for?”

“Oh, just to clean the windshield.”

“Inside or out?”


“Are you cleaning the inside or outside of the windshield?”

“Huh? That can’t possibly make a difference.”

“Well it does. I have rags for the inside and the outside.”


“I have different rag for cleaning the inside and the out side of windshields.”


We walked into the barn and sure enough there they were. Two boxes clearly marked “windshield inside” and “windshield outside.”

I was and ever since have been amazed with Norman’s organization.

When we meet Norm again, you can be assured, God’s tool room will be squared away.

Those of us who were around him before the Alzheimer’s started play tricks with his mind, probably saw him taking copious notes in one of these. (Hold up Cook’s note book)

He made lists of questions he wanted ask, things he wanted to buy, people he met, just about everything.

So now that he’s OK again. He’ll probably want one these.

This is a Christmas present from long ago. (Hold up pen.)

It’s a space pen. I gave it to Norm. He gave it back to me. Now, I’m giving it back to him with this note book so he can write down the things he might what to talk about with us when next we meet. (Place pen and note book into the coffin) If I get it back after this, you’ll read about it in the Journal Gazette or better yet the Inquirer.

Now I offer this simple prayer that I recited as boy but have only grown to understand with age:

Lord, Jesus Christ, save us sinners from the fires of hell. By Your grace invite all souls to the glory of Heaven; especially those of us who most need Your mercy. Amen.

R.I.P. Norm.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is this really happening?

Let’s add these things up. What if the Bush administration:

Appointed a tax cheat as Sec Treas
Made fun Down’s Syndrome
Bowed to a misogynistic Islamo-Terror-Fascist supporting king
Gave a visiting dignitary an iPod with the greatest hits Earl Scruggs and Lester Flats
Gave a near blind visiting head of state Betta tapes of John Wayne’s movies
Ordered Americans to eat less then ordered in 100s of pounds of Kobe beef for himself
Had the head of the DHS claim that entering the country illegally is not illegal
Profiled any race or class of people who were not white, male and Christian
Claimed that the whole 9-11 thing was really the Canadians’ fault
Tried to take over the banking system
Forced an executive of a major newspaper to step down
Griped about the compensation paid to community organizers
Toured the world kissing the @ss of every tyrannical buffoonish character he met
Blamed the world’s troubles since 1776 on America
Thought he was the ONLY answer to everyone of those problems

If anyone or more of these things happened on Bush’s watch the MSM and their Demo-Dope congressional colleagues would be having an apoplectic fit. Yet our Dear Leader has in some shape or form done and engaged or has hired people who have done or engaged in all of these. But the stuttering know-nothing dope of a Dear Leader gets a pass at every turn.

At some point, the American people are going to realize that slavish devotion to a cult figure is not healthy. Then, when we’re riding the gulag’s box cars for 18 hour shift in the Dear Leader’s salt mines, we’ll be asking were was the MSM? Then we’ll hear Jake Tapper from the back of the box car, “Hey I asked tough questions. Remember the time I asked him why the exquisitely beautiful tie he wearing wasn’t quite as exquisitely beautiful as the one he had on yesterday?”

Three years and nine months to go.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Time to put Miss CA and old Bush officals on trial

Miss CA has a bigger bully pulpit than the Dear Leader I guess.

Let me see, the Dear Leader opposes gay marriage. So being anti-gay marriage must be the official stand of EVERYONE in the united country behind him…right? Well, not so fast my friend. Gays in CA descended on Pastor Rick Warren’s church to try to intimidate him and his congregation into accepting gay marriage without a single, “The Dear Leader ain’t so dear for thinking gay marriage is queer” sign among them. Why?

Now the dear sweet Miss CA is being lampooned and attacked all over the MSM and even some lesser outlets (if there could be such a thing) for opposing gay marriage while answering a “gottcha” question by some @ssbag named Perez Hilton. The last name gives you a clue here. Hilton took to his blog (Ha, a blogger, what a looser…no wait…never mind) and Larry what’s the question King to deride the beauty pageant runner-up. But in all of Hilton’s unhinged attacks on a 21 year old beauty who has less than 0% responsibility for US policy on the subject, he never mentions the dear Dear Leader or takes him to task for holding essentially the same position on gay marriage as Miss CA. Why? I guess Miss CA is a more important figure.

Let the purges begin

In banana republics and communist countries, when one Dear Leader dies and after the next Dear Leader takes over the first order of business is for the new Dear Leader to blame the old Dear Leader for everything wrong in the country and even the world. That’s called phase one. Phase two is to drag in all of the people who were around during the old Dear Leader’s term and prosecute them for doing their job. The outcome of these “trials” are about as unpredictable as a Harlem Globetrotter’s game.

The US has already embarked on banana republic and communist economic plans and now the Dear Leader has signaled that he is willing to take banana republic and communist political actions as well. Everything the old Dear Leader did it seems must be characterized as criminal to clear the decks for the new Dear Leader.

So the new Dear Leader has indicated that he willing for the old Dear Leader’s minions to be open to prosecution for doing their jobs. Were it not for the financial ruin facing the people the Dear Leader and his Demo-Dope morons are targeting, this would be a good thing. At trial or at least a fair trial, the real story, the whole story would have to be told. That story would, no doubt, make the old Dear Leader look good and the people being prosecuted to look like heroes.

So don’t count on fair trial. If it can’t be “fixed” there will be no trial at all. There will be a bi-partisan committee made up of Demo-Dope attack dogs and Republi-Rat milquetoasts who will release a report to great MSM fan fair condemning everything the old Dear Leader and his men did. That’s how it play out if we’re lucky. If the republic slides further into the abyss, the show trials could end up with the old Dear Leader and his men being strung up by piano wire.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

If you have a brain, you're probably a racist

The newest line of attack among Demo-Dopes and their MSM lemmings is that if you were involved in or supported the Tea Parties in any manner, you’re a racist. Labeling someone a racist is Demo-Dope Kryptonite to any conservative Superman. Nobody but a real racist wants to be labeled a racist. So that label is to be avoided at all cost to include shutting one’s self up. The Demo-Dope challengers and the Republican candidate all fell for this BS during the presidential campaign. Whenever anyone swerved near the truth during the campaign, the Dear Leader had his speech police label them racists. Next thing you knew the “offender”, who did something as innocent as pointing out that a life-time of community organizing may not be the best skill set for being President of the United States, was forced to deny being a RAAAAACIST - which is akin to trying to answer the, "have you stopped beating your wife" question.

Let’s get this out in the open. I don’t like the Dear leader. I think he is a self-serving, conniving, arrogant, know-nothing, do-nothing and until recently be-nothing high functioning moron who finds it easier to trash his own country to the world for his own gain than express the – uh – HOPE that America has always represented to the world. That does not make me a racist.

To prove it, I think Harry the war is lost Reid is a self-serving, conniving, arrogant, know-nothing, do-nothing and actual be-nothing high functioning moron more interested in advancing Demo-Dope control in the Senate than what is best for his country. I think Nanny Pelosi is a self-serving, conniving, arrogant, know-nothing, do-nothing and actual be-nothing high functioning moron more interested in advancing Demo-Dope control in the House than what is best for her country.

So we have three individuals who have several common threads, but none of the threads involves race, sex or religion. The threads all involve liberal Demo-Dope philosophy and a near treasonous disregard for their own country. Don’t fall for the self-silencing speech control these bastards want.

Best Tea Party Sign: Never mind my mortgage – subsidize my ammo

Monday, April 20, 2009

Demo-Dope logic; torture bad, killing good

On the act of spying, Sun Tzu said this, “Thus, what enables the wise sovereign and the good general to strike and conquer, and achieve things beyond the reach of ordinary men, is foreknowledge.” Pretty dang smart huh. I wish I had thought of that. Well how does the enemy get “foreknowledge”? Spies, that’s how.

Now spying is a dangerous and expensive business. Most times when spies are caught they are tortured and killed – except here were we house them in a state of the art prison where conditions are much better than for the average American criminal; we give them three squares a day and then let them go because someone violated their civil rights somewhere along the way. Getting information cost a lot of money. Sun Tzu said, “…to remain in ignorance of the enemy's condition simply because one grudges the outlay of a hundred ounces of silver in honors and emoluments, is the height of inhumanity.”

Well, wouldn’t you just know that the Dear Leader and his Larry, Curly and Moe administration are actively destroying enemy spy networks by making them unnecessary. Why should the enemy engage in such risky and costly behavior as spying when the Dear Leader will just tell them what they want to know for the cost of a subscription to the NY Times?

Make no mistake, when the Dear Leader released CIA memos on how the US goes about extracting information from the humane garbage they find on battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan, he gave great aid and comfort to our enemies. It’s like being handed the other team’s short yardage playbook or being given the questions for a test ahead of time. If some CIA guy sold the information to Islamo-Terror-Fascists, he would have been handsomely rewarded. If caught in the act of such treachery, they’d be tried and locked up. But the Dear Leader in his infinite wisdom decides, sure why not tell the enemy everything? It’s time we start reaching out to these people to demonstrate our strength…or something.

Now get this and tell why this isn’t fodder every late night comedy show. Torture such as making a guy stand naked, waking him up in the middle of the night, threatening to put a bug on him and other pranks school boys have been pulling since time began is bad. It’s so bad, we’ve actually been torturing ourselves for the last 6 years since the photos of Abu Ghraib first surfaced.

Then a Navy SEAL team shoots three teenaged Somali vermin dead and that’s OK. The EXACT same brain-dead Demo-Dopes wringing their hands over sleep deprivation at G'itmo are dancing in the streets over three simultaneous head shots off the horn of Africa. Don’t get me wrong. I’m quite happy the Somali thing worked out so well, but how can that action and the Demo-Dope reaction to it make an iota of sense given Demo-Dope demagoguery on G’itmo over the last 6 years? Sleep deprivation bad. Shot through the head good. It’s a Bizarro world.

Brings me back to an old Marine Corps motto, “Kill ‘em all and let God sort ‘em out.”

Friday, April 17, 2009

Get while the getting is good

In a dissent of a 1949 case declaring a law that held certain speech - which “breeched the peace” - to be unconstitutional, some obscure Supreme Court Justice, named Robert Jackson first used the phrase, “the constitution is not a suicide pact.” While that might have been the first use of the exact phrase, the sentiment has been a round a long time. Jefferson used a Clintonian parsing of the same sentiment to find justification for the Louisiana Purchase. Lincoln had the same attitude when he suspended habeas corpus during the civil war.

Now Governors, including Texas’s Rick Perry, are using Justice Jackson’s phrase to justify their state’s potential exit from the union. On the surface you might think, well we’ve been down this road before and cost us over 600,000 Americans. But it is not as nutty as it seems in today’s climate.

We know the Dear Leader likes to “spread the wealth around.” Now we have a number of states, CA and MI for example, that are OK with taxing business to the point that it leaves and takes the tax base with it; which causes the state to stupidly raise taxes again; which drives individuals out the states; which causes the genius politicians in the those states to raise taxes again…this time on the last three people working in the private sectors their states.

Add to that scenario, these two states shamelessly pander to all manner of nutty ideas from gay marriage – no matter how many times the voters in the state reject the idea or by what margin; the UAW which thinks it’s no problem that its labor costs on average $35 an hour more in Detroit than the same American non-UAW labor costs Toyota and Honda in plants in the south; the teacher’s unions ruining American competitiveness for the last 30 years.

These same states pile state and federal entitlement on top of entitlement - not only for American citizens of the state but also for any ILLEGAL ALIENS from anywhere in the world who happen to wander into the state, while DHS is watching American war veterans for sedition. These havens for ILLEGAL ALIENS guarantee free health care, free primary and secondary education, free housing loans etc. etc. And now the Dear Leader thinks it’s a good time to make these ILLEGALS legal so they can become good Demo-Dope voters.

Meanwhile, TX has a relatively good economy but is expected to fund the Looney Tunes policies in the failed states. Seems like a good case to get out. Now I wouldn’t object if CA and MI left. I’d say good riddance. So I’d have to be OK with great states like Texas leaving. Besides, Texas would give us sort of a last line of sanity, a place to move to when our own states go down the socialist road. So I’m all for Texas getting out while the getting is good before the Deal Leader turns his economic pistol on them. I may go down and buy some land so my spot in paradise is secured.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Immigration or ILLEGAL immigration

Uh oh, Lex is guiltier than he thought of being a right-wing extremist. Turns out if you oppose abortion – even the hideous partial birth variety – you might be a right-wing extremist. If you’re against what the DHS report simply calls “immigration” why you might be a right-wing extremist. Hmmmm, immigration or ILLEGAL immigration?

One silly little word changes everything. I go to my bank and take money from my account, it’s called a withdrawal. If go to the bank with a gun and take other people’s money, it’s an ILLEGAL withdrawal. If I walk into my house or am invited into yours, I enter. If I smash down my neighbor’s door unannounced, it’s ILLEGAL entry. If I’m a foreign citizen, wait in line, fill out the required paper work and enter the US legally, I am an immigrant. If I jump the line and enter the US without regard for the US immigration law, I’m an ILLEGAL immigrant.

But hey what would a right-wing extremist know about these things that the brilliant people who gave successful Islamo-Terror-Fascists attacks the respectable moniker of “man-made disasters.” My only question is when Muhammad set off a bomb under the DHS Secretary’s considerably fat and stupid @ss, will DHS nut jobs give the disaster a name and category and will men in raincoats rush to scene to report.

ANCHOR: “We have our man-made disaster reporter, Hunter McMatters, on the scene where DHS Secretary Napolitano has just had her considerable @ss blown off. Hunter what can you tell us?”

HUNTER: “Well Lucy, we know that DHS has declared this category 1 MMD or man-made disaster. And because this is the fifth MMD this year, this incident has is being called MMD Edward.”

ANCHOR: “Only a one, huh?”

HUNTER: “Well Lucy as we all know the DHS Secretary has considerable @ss. Experts tell us she still has enough left to last us through MMD Wally.”

ANCHOR: “Well that’s encouraging for us and has to be a bit frustrating for the man-made disasterists.”

HUNTER: “Lucy, I think we should be careful not to group peace loving man-made disasterists in with the radical disasterist, that’s counter productive.”

ANCHOR: “Indeed. What we really need to watch out for those crazy right-wing American extremists.”

DHS Secretary Napolitano is proving to be a larger bag of excrement than her boss or even the tax cheat counting our tax payments.

Homeland Security protecting us from ourselves; or The only thing we have to fear, is combat veterans

Who’da thought that Dale Dribble, the paranoid government conspiracy nut on King of Hill, had it right? Now if you’re a white male and “crazy enough” to own a gun, go to church or even honorably serve your country in a war zone, Homeland Security thinks you are a threat to the government. As a guy who fits all of the current government’s criteria as a "rightwing extremist,” I’m concerned.

All I need is a Ron Paul bumper sticker and a Don’t Tread on Me flag out in front of the house and I think the Dear Leader’s secret police will be required to haul me in for questioning. Add to that "mountain of evidence" of potential evil this web site and I think Eric Holder will be dashing to the Oval Office to implore the Dear Leader to hold off on closing G’itmo. “Sir, we better not close it down yet. There are real threats out there, the AMERICANS!

This really is scary stuff. The government is calling war veterans right-wing extremists. So Homeland Security calls our returning heroes right-wing extremists while referring to the Islamo-Terror-Fascists they were fighting as…what? Human induced calamities, man-made disasters or something else so stupid only the Ivy League dopes in the US Government could come up with it?

How can this be happening? I’ll tell you. We have an idiot for a Dear Leader. The idiot has to surround himself with people who are dumber than he so that he can appear to be smart. So now, we have Oh so Slow Joe as Veep, an idiot who can’t follow Turbo Tax prompts running Treasury and the entire cast of the Keystone Cops to populate the rest his administration - just so the Dear Leader can be the smartest guy in the room.

This truly is frightening. It is a outright effort to marginalize, criminalize and demonize anyone who might voice a discouraging word about the Dear Leader. I’m going to get couple a hundred Ron Paul bumper stickers and plaster all over the cars in the faculty parking lot at Yale and all of the cars parked at NBC, ABC, CBS and the NY Times. That’ll slow Homeland Security down a bit while they investigate a few hundred of their own.

Monday, April 13, 2009

"The Honeymooners" economic plan

Boy am I ever feeling PATRIOTIC! I finished my taxes and e-filed last night. Of course, I owed the government money. That’s why I’m feeling so danged patriotic today. You might recall amoeba brained Slow Joe Biden telling us paying taxes was patriotic. Well for most of us. Of course if you’re the Treasury Secretary these rules do not apply, which would make you a treasonous bastard by comparison I suppose – right Joe?

Well paying taxes is the cost of a civil society. But at what point does the government’s take become too burdensome? And if the government is taking too much, why are we trillions and trillions in debt? And if the government is taking all of this money and still running a debt in addition to its confiscatory taxes why is it necessary for the government simply create an additional trillion WORTHLESS dollars?

Are you getting that? Let’s review:
High taxes.
Debt piled on debt.
Worthless money being printed around the clock.

This economic policy is beginning to sound as if it were concocted by Ralph Cramden and Ed Norton so they could get the money to buy new bowling shirts for Raccoon Lodge bowling team.

“I tell you Norton, this is the best idea I’ve ever had. By the time Alice and Trixie find out we’ve bankrupted the nation, we’ll have the new bowling shirts, won the South Side Inner City league championship and I’ll have been elected President of Bensonhurst Chapter of the Raccoon Lodge for pulling this whole thing off.”

“Yeah, I tell you Ralphie, or should I say 'Mr. President', you really out done yourself this time. Imagine bankrupting the entire country just so’s we can have new bowling shirts and so’s you can be president of the lodge. I don’t know how you do it Ralphie.”

Of course not a single one of Ralph's plans ever work and neither will this smoke and mirrors BS. Oh and by the way Turbo Tax Tim Geithner, I did my taxes using Turbo Tax. I just followed the prompts and got through the three day ordeal pretty much unscathed.

Kudos and Boodos for the rescue

Kudos to:

The US Navy. As the Marines used to say, they may be Navy, but they are our Navy and they are the best damn Navy in the word.

The Navy SEALs. This operation gives some idea why saying, “Just make more special ops guys” is like saying "Cincinnati will be Super Bowl Champs this year." It’s easy to say, nearly impossible to do. Read the first part of Marcus Lattrel’s “Lone Survivor” to get an idea of how “special” Special Forces guys really are. In this case, four SEAL snipers remained in hide places for nearly 48 hours. Imagine trying to stay in one spot for two days without moving. Itchy feet? Too bad you cannot scratch them. Cramp in your leg? Work it out SEAL. Food, sleep? Maybe a little here and there. Then, after 48 hours of sleep and food deprived misery, the moment of truth arrives, you must be alert and at your best. You get just one chance. If you miss, fire too soon or too late, a man might die because of your mistake. These guys are awesome.

The Dear Leader. He took time out of his busy schedule of wrecking the Republic, put down his arugula salad and gave the OK for an operation conducted mainly by the gun and bible clinging people he is used to deriding.

Capt Phillips. By all accounts, what a guy. The Sydney Carton of the MERSK Alabama. “It’s a far, far better thing I do, than I have ever done.” If I’m flying, I want Sully (Or big Bro) as the pilot. If I’m on ship, I’ll take Phillips as my skipper any day

Boodos to:

Mersk and other shippers who refuse to hire three Blackwater type guards on ships worth hundreds of millions and cargos worth more than ships. Two or three armed people aboard these ships who know what they are doing could kill this type of vermin hundreds of yards out avoiding the whole situation. If port authorities have problems with armed ships coming into port, helo the “shooters” on after leaving port and off before docking.

Shippers, insurers and countries who have paid the ransoms in the past and perpetuated this scourge. So pirates get paid millions by shippers, insurers and countries for attacking unarmed ships and they will stop because…why?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Stupid Demo-Dope tricks

A bunch of public school products and affirmative action hires from the Congressional Back Caucus traveled to Cuba to pay a visit to its Dear Leader - Fidel Castro. The report back from the delegates is encouraging. The delegates gushed that Fidel is alert and inquisitive, and he wants to know more about Martin Luther King. Apparently Fidel is a big fan of MLK. The three blind and brainless mice from the delegation never thought to ask Castro how MLK’s civil disobedience might have been handled in Havana in the early 60s. Fortunately, most of us know that MLK would have been sent away for “re-education” and never herd from again in Castro’s Cuba. But the congressional dopes - as if there's another kind - fell for Castro’s ruse proving that for these colossal fools, as long as everyone is living like a Cuban peasant, there’s no need for civil rights.

Lying, plagiarizing, king of the dolts, and Vice President of the United States, Slow Joe Biden said he told George Bush off during “hours” of private conversations. Bush White House officials said these conversations never took place. Karl Rove accurately called Slow Joe a lying blowhard. Slow Joe, not one to admit he’s dumber than nearly everyone drawing a breath, countered with, “Oh yeah, well it didn’t happen in the White House. It happened after church under that cone of silence thingy. So there Karl!” “Hours” of conversation under the cone of silence, out of ear shot from anyone, after church Slow Joe? Yeah riiiiiiiiiiight, that makes sense. Sit down Joe and have some ice cream. The men in the white coats will be along shortly. Scary to know the Dear Leader is the SMART one.

When is a bow not a bow? When it’s from the waist nearly to the feet in front of the oil manipulating, terror supporting, misogynist, Wahhabi nutball Saudi king; it’s performed by our own Dear Leader and it’s clear as the red nose on a clown’s face in photos. Then it’s not a bow. It’s merely the Dear Leader (get this because it’s important) leaning over - NOT BOWING DAMN IT - to shake the king’s hand, because the Dear Leader is soooooooooo much taller. Well first the Dear Leader would have to be the size of Andre the Giant and the king the size of Mini-me for that explanation to be plausible to anyone but the ignoramuses from the Congressional Black Caucus who visited Castro. The Dear Leader was either bowing or getting ready to pull a Barney Frank on the king, which is it? Hey White House, it was a BOW. It was a mistake. Admit it and move on. The denial confirms the fact that you are willing to lie about everything large and small.

The Dear Leader tells Turkey that America is not a Christian or Jewish nation just as Turkey is not a Muslim nation. OK the US is not a Christian nation or at least stopped acting like one in Jan 2009. But the Dear Leader is much dumber than most of give him credit for if he thinks – and apparently he does – that Turkey is not a Muslim nation. Turkey is a Muslim nation under precarious secular rule. Hey dopey, the Turkish national flag has a crescent and star, which are the universal signs Islam. Let’s try to replace the stars on our flag with white crosses and see what happens. When Danish cartoonists poked fun at Muhammad, Turkish practitioners of the “religion of peace” took to the streets, burned churches and murdered a Catholic nun. But if a bow is not bow for the buffoons currently occupying the White House why not say, “Turkey isn’t a Muslim nation”? Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?

But enough with idiots. Have a blessed Easter.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

CNN punk Sanchez blames FOX instead of shooters

What’s a Lib to do? Gun violence is up. So are gun sales. But support for gun control…uh excuse me…sensible gun laws is at an all-time low. That’s enough to make Barney Frank start charging for parking at his male prostitution operation. It was enough for CNN idiot Ricardo, Ricky, Rick Sanchez to blame the whole mess on Fox News and conservative talkers.

Somehow I don’t think the ex-con black militant Lovelle Mixon, who shot the cops in Oakland, fits Ricky’s idea of a far right wing FOX fan. More of a CNN/MSNBC fan I’d wager.

The lunatic behind the Binghamton massacre, some complete scumbag know as Jiverly Wong, could barely speak English. So how likely is it that he was tuning in nightly to Gretta to catch up on the days events Ricardo? As Mino, wouldn't Wong, like Mixon, fit the CNN profile? After all, only Christian, white, male, right wing nuts tune into FOX - right Ricardo?

Robert Kenneth Stewart, the dirt bag that killed those people in the NC nursing home, was off his meds when he showed up there to kill his estranged wife. Now he claims doesn’t remember doing the crime. Can’t remember harming people? Sounds like a CNN - drunken driver named Sanchez who ran down and killed a man while intoxicated - fan to me Ricky.

Nazi sympathizer Richard Poplawski shot and killed three police officers in Pittsburg because, among other things, he thought the Dear Leader might keep his word and come after Poplawski’s guns. First, I’m tired of Nazis being called “right wing”. No, they are left wing because Nazis like Fascists, Socialist and Communists all want and advocate for what the left wants – government control. So they are all more in line with the Dear Leader’s way of thinking than they are with mine.

But, Ricky never manages to swerve into the truth. The people responsible for the crimes noted above are the people who committed them.

How this all ends:
Libs call for and enact ever more ineffective gun laws instead of enforcing the ones already on the books. Then, when we are saddled with 1,000s of ineffectual, unenforceable and un-enforced laws, Libs throw up their hands and say, “We have tried every reasonable gun law imaginable but none have worked. The only thing left is to ban the manufacture the ‘most dangerous’ guns and collect up those already out there. It’s for the children.” You watch.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Libs support the troops by mocking them

Penn State University has a human relations training video circulating that takes a shot at veterans. I e-mailed PSU student affairs office at the following:

I caught this gem on YouTube:

Was the dope who shot those people at VT a "veteran" or just a scumbag college student? Hey I know, that guy could be the “troubled Asian student.” Was the guy who assaulted students on the UNC campus with an SUV a veteran? No he was an Islamo-terror-fascist. Why not a troubled Islamic radical? We all know that the last thing PSU, the media, TV and Hollywood would want to do is anger a Muslim. That could cause real problems – like your administration building going up in smoke or a suicide bomber blowing himself up in the student union. Better to limit your stereotypical assaults to veterans. At least, they won’t kill you.

And if PSU is so into stereotypes, why not a stereotypical black man? Put a watermelon and a bucket of KFC on the Dean's desk? And the woman needs to be the stereotypical feminist –ugly, 300 pounds overweight, wearing a flower print muumuu, dirty stringy hair, sipping on 52 ounce Speedymart Coke and screeching at the dean that she should have had his job.

And by the way, you forgot to have the “troubled veteran” wearing a huge cross around his neck. But hey, you probably didn’t know were to find one. And while it suites your purpose for this little vignette for a white male to portray the “troubled veteran”, isn’t it going to put the lie to your later efforts to portray every veteran “victim” as an underprivileged minority or woman?

But hey, I’m sure PSU supports the troops – right?

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The world didn't get the memo

Uh oh, apparently the rest of the world didn’t get the note that America’s Dear Leader is to be adored and admired.

Just as our Dumbo eared dope was in Europe calling for a Nuke free world and ambrosia for everyone, the original Dear Leader, North Korea’s Kim Jung Il, goes and shoots a missile into space. OK, actually it got about as high as Lex jr.’s Mento rocket at the last family gathering. But Kim’s actions were against UN resolutions and promises he made at six party talks in order to get more food for party and army leaders and oil to keep his palaces lit.

Son-of-a-Bitch! Why did the original Dear Leader have to pick this week to act true to his natural form? Well, apparently Kim shot the missile off because he’s a bit peeved that America’s free press is even more slavish to its Dear Leader than North Korea’s state run press is to its Dear Leader.

Damn him – the original Dear Leader not the poseur Dear Leader – for injecting a bit of reality into the poseur Dear Leader’s week long Miss America speech. “I want an end to nuclear weapons and world peace and for all of the children to be loved and for no more violence and an end to hunger and for the Cincinnati Bengals to win the Super Bowl.” What a clueless idiot. And to prove it, immediately after the North Korean launch, the Dear Dope’s Defense Sec comes out and tells the world that we’re reducing funding for our missile defense shield. That makes pefect sense to this guy and - no doubt - will show North Korea who is boss.

And what do we get for the Doofuss-in-Chief’s constant apologies for America being successful and his berating of his own country? Nothing. Mr. former dope smoking dope gets nothing for bashing his country in general and his immediate predecessor in particular. Remember during the campaign he read or memorized those lines about improving America’s image over seas in order to get more cooperation?

Well if trashing your own country improves your international standing, we must be loved word-wide. Where’s the evidence? More NATO troops to Afghanistan? The Euro answer to that request, “Uh, look man, we love you. Really we do. But if you think that there are even 500 real men who aren’t Muslim, Americans or Brits left in NATO you’re out of touch. We don’t do combat. We rely on America for that so that we can fund our ever expanding and now collapsing socialistic societies.”

Well at least he managed to get a strong condemnation from the UN for North Korea’s recalcitrance. As stupid as that sentence sounds, no he wasn’t able to get even that. But Lex, the world loves us now that the Dear Leader is destroying the country. No it doesn’t. Unlike the simpleton running our country the world is populated with shrewd leaders looking out for their country’s own good at best and unstable, dangerous vermin conniving to destroy us at worse. We’re stuck with a socialist Pollyanna flying a glad machine around the world telling everyone that he’s not George Bush. What the hell kind of foreign policy is that?

The Marines had a pretty good saying when dealing with reluctant partners, “When you have them by the balls, their hearts and mind will follow.”

Monday, April 06, 2009

What's the difference?

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What’s the difference between the two pieces of “art” above?

The one on the right required some artistic talent. The one on the left required the – uh, can I say this? – imagination of a pissed-off 13 year old vandal after drinking a six pack of beer. Fill a jar with what the body makes of most beer, drop in a crucifix, and shoot away with your cell phone camera. Brilliant! Now that’s art.

The one on the right didn’t cost the American or any other taxpayer a dime. The photo on the left cost the American taxpayer $15,000 of NEA grant money. Hey, in today’s climate, we got a bargain, and by today’s standards it was money well spent.

The one on the right got the religion of perpetual rage once again stomping their feet in anger and as usual when enraged Muslims stomp their feet, some Christian’s head is usually under their heel. The picture that required some artistic talent also required the artist who drew it to go into hiding while the observers of the “religion of peace” burned churches, rioted and murdered innocent people who had not one thing to do with the picture or its publication. The one the left got Senator Jesse Helms and the Catholic League so outraged they sent a strong letter to National Endowment for the “Arts” condemning the waste of taxpayer money to support an offensive piece junk.

The one on the right was banned in a many publications and censored in a number of countries. The artist was condemned and shunned and as noted had his life threatened. The one on the left was hailed as an artistic masterpiece and won awards in Europe. The artist was all but knighted for his courage and vision.

The one on the right has the Danish PM traveling to Turkey this week to grovel for forgiveness from the religion of perpetual outrage. The one on the left demands that its critics apologize for being offended - 1st Amendment, freedom of speech and all of that don’t you know.

But you know, I’d rather see a picture of a crucifix submerged in some dope’s urine than the Dear Leader standing at the graduation podium at Notre Dame. At least Father Jenkins, the President of Notre Dame, didn’t ask Serrano to piss on a crucifix – well, at least I don’t think he did - maybe.

But hey, maybe the Dear Leader will take the opportunity of his graduation speech to apologize to Catholics for the US Government funding art that is offensive to them. Hahahahahahahha, you’re killing me.