Friday, May 28, 2010

Blaming Bush is like sour milk now

A lot of things come with expiration dates these days. Manufactures of nearly all foods and medicines are required to give a sell by date or date when the products ought to be discarded.

You know what doesn’t come an expiration date – well at least for P-BO, Joy Bahar and some of the Lamestreamers? Blaming Bush.

Nearly a year and a half into destroying the country, these weaklings use Bush to defend their incompetence, cover their own mistakes and defend the indefensible.

“Boy Mr. President, you sure did look like a girl throwing out that first pitch two years in a row.”

“Yeah well, George Bush made me do it. I have so much on mind that he fowled up I couldn’t get devastating hall of fame split-finger fast ball over the plate.”

"Over the plate? Hell Mr. President, you couldn’t get it TO THE PLATE…on two throws, if you started the second throw from where the first one hit”

So in some bizarro interview yesterday, P-BO blamed Bush, blamed BP, blamed the culture at MMS all while accepting responsibility for the on-going oil spill disaster. Too weird.

Its like one of those Pol apologies we hear from time to time. “I’m sorry if my comment about white, Christian, heterosexual men with jobs being the scum of the Earth offended anyone.” That’s not really an apology. The offensive remark was never apologized for only if someone was offended.

Well we need the FDA to slap an expiration date on blaming Bush. At some point P-BO need to man up and say, “Well yeah, 3 ½ years into my administration, this one’s finally on me.”

Memorial Day

See the Griffin’s comment to yesterday’s post. I think we sort of agree. Until P-BO starts to act presidential he should stay the hell away from Arlington. But he won’t be acting presidential until he goes.

Memorial Day Tribute

On June 1, 1865, Senator Charles Sumner commented on what is now considered the most famous speech by President Abraham Lincoln. In his eulogy on the slain president, he called it a "monumental act." He said Lincoln was mistaken that "the world will little note, nor long remember what we say here." Rather, the Bostonian remarked, "The world noted at once what he said, and will never cease to remember it. The battle itself was less important than the speech."

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate -- we can not consecrate -- we can not hallow -- this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us -- that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion -- that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain -- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

President doesn't understand the presidency

I don’t suppose it makes a difference where, when or how often P-BO takes a break from the stresses of the Oval Office. To be honest, I wish he’d go on vacation to a LA beach for the rest of his term. That wouldn’t bother me one bit. It might even wake him the hell up when the kids come back to the beach towel covered in crude.

Given today’s technology, the president is in 24-7 contact with everyone he needs to be in contact with from wherever he might happen to be. But you cannot lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns in Washington D.C. from ChiTown. You kind of have to be there.

This president chooses not to be. In my humble opinion that’s BS. Maybe he’s going to have Cambodian war hero John Kerry or that Blumenthal character fill in for him. And Demo-Dopes still wonder why nobody believes them when they talk about being patriotic supporters of the military. That too is BS.

Since his boorish remark to John McCain, “John, I won the election,” we all know that P-BO knows he’s the president. But then maybe he doesn’t know that we know as well. More importantly, what he hasn’t quite figured out is that while may be the president, that fact does not transcend the Presidency of the United States or what the office means.

When he acts stupidly by telling the cops they acted stupidly in a case he knew nothing about he diminishes not only himself but his office. When acts like a baby school child reminding everyone that “he won” and he’s the president it tells the world he’s got a lot of growing up to do.

When he places his family vacation above honoring the nation’s war dead on Memorial Day, it tells us he’s self-absorbed clueless and creepy guy. While he’s in Chicago, maybe he’s going to get some spiritual guidance from Rev Wright, organize a rally with Bill Ayers and buy some more premium real estate from Tony Rezko.

Whatever he is going to be doing there, he should be laying the wreath at Arlington. Well there’s always next year.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Admiral and the hack

Talk about a no win situation. You have a candidate, your own candidate, saying that you bribed him not to run against sometimes Demo-dope sometimes Republi-rat Marbles in the mouth Arlen Specter.

The PA Demo-Dope candidate for the senate, Joe Sestak, is claiming that someone in the White House offered him a position if he’d forego a run against Scottish Law expert Specter. Were you or I involved, that would be called a bribe. When Demo-Dope leadership is involved, it’s called business as usual.

So the president’s boy with the unbelievably bad hair, David Axelrod goes on CNN and says that there is “no evidence” that the bribe attempt ever happened. No evidence? Are you nuts? You have a candidate for the senate saying it did happen, and it happened to him. I suppose in the Keystone Cops world of evidence collecting a credible accusation from a person in a position of trust and power against his own interests equals no evidence. Talk about stupid, where’s Springfield Police Chief Clancy Wigum when you really need him?

Well where the hell was the follow up? How about, “David, first off I love what you’ve done with the comb over this morning, but are you calling Sestak, the Demo-Dope candidate for the senate in PA, a liar?” But on CNN the host says, “Well you can’t do better than that can you? No evidence. No crime. And coming from an impartial guy like Alxelrod, you just have to believe him. Now move along folks. There’s nothing to see here. Move along. Time for a commercial yet? Move along.”

How can this end in anything but disaster for the Demo-Dopes? If Sestak is telling the truth, someone in the White House is in deep doo-doo. I can hear every Republican interviewee from now until 2012, “We need to find out what the president knew and when did he know it.”

If Sestak is lying, there goes another Demo-Dope senate in the senate. Oh, don’t think Demo-Dopes are going to get away with making this between hair model Axelrod and Sestak. Sestak is going to have name names. He cannot run a credible campaign with this hanging over his head. When he finally names the names, the White House is going to be on the defensive.

So who are you going to belive? Seatak is a former Navy Admiral. Axelrod is political advisor. Hmmm. Lemmee see, Naval Officer or political hack? I think the White House is in trouble on this one.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sedition is ignoring the constitution

Gee, and here I thought that we were just a bunch of racist redneck bitter clingers who loved our country. It turns out that we are just a bunch of racist redneck bitter clingers who hate our country. Who knew? Well that’s according to Governor Deval Patrick who said opposition to President Obama’s agenda “is almost at the level of sedition.”

Sedition? Sometimes these slimy, me first, 10 pounds of crap stuffed into a 5 pound bag pols tend to use words they don’t understand, like Janet Imcompetono referring to the Gulf of Mexico as an ocean or demagogically like P-BO telling us that the cops acted stupidly – when in fact nobody acted as stupidly as he. Anyway, let’s take a look at this word “sedition: defines sedition as "incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority.''

Wow! It almost seems like you should be put in jail for things like an “insurrection against lawful authority.” So what is “lawful authority?” Picture a man trying to break down a door to a home in a neighborhood at night. The neighbors call the cops telling them that someone trying to break into a house in the neighborhood. The cops show up. The man becomes belligerent and is jailed. Now what led the man to be jailed, the man challenging the cops “lawful authority” or were the cops just acting stupidly?  Damn cops.

Where do laws come from? For the public school crowd, laws are passed through a legislative body. They are enforced by an executive and interpreted by judges. Federal laws are passed by congress and are to be within the confines set forth in the US Constitution – the US Constitution being the basis for federal “lawful authority.”

But we have all kinds of unconstitutional things going on – the government just passed a law requiring the people to buy health insurance. I wish they’d pass a law that everyone must read Lex everyday and pay a dollar to do it. That’d be nice. As far as know that’d be unconstitutional. There is something in Article I limiting congressional power to give preference of one blog over another. Sure the framers say “commerce” but we all know that they meant blogs.

And given that clause, how did the government come to own, GM, Chrysler, AIG and a hand of other companies?

And what about all of these unelected czars and commissions running things? Aren’t they a bit extra constitutional? The basis for our “lawful authority” in this country – the US Constitution – does a pretty good job of laying out who is responsible for doing what in this country. Nowhere does it mention czars (in fact it sort of prohibits them), presidential or congressional commissions. Yet these extra constitutional, unregulated and unaccountable bodies abound in government today.

So if the US Constitution is the basis for our own “lawful authority” and it is this administration that has ignored the constitution and violated its plain language, who is it that’s really being seditious? The people who say, “Hold on there Skippy, square what you just did with what it says in our constitution” or the people ignoring the constitution - the basis of federal "lawful authority" - to get what they want?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Craven leadership on both sides of the border

Mexican President Felipe Calderon is a walking, talking sack of crap. The chief corruptocrat from the corruption riddled Mexican government arrived in Washington D.C. and wasted no time taking his host to task about an internal policy that was none of business.

Anyone who stands, applauds, echoes or condones his hypocritical banalities is not one iota better than he is. So that would include P-BO, his illiterate bunch in the Departments of State, Homeland Security and Justice who have criticized a 16 page law they haven’t taken the hour or so it would take to read and understand. Michelle Malkin put it best when she noted that this bunch won’t read legislation they agree with, why would they bother reading something don’t agree with?

Hypocrisies are not limited to clueless Mexican dopes running their country so far into the ground that all the descent working people seek employment across their the border. P-BO warns us that the new AZ law leaves the “potential” for abuse. This glittering jewel of colossal ignorance comes from a “constitutional lawyer.” Hey, bright guy, exactly what law doesn’t leave the “potential” for abuse? Name one.

I just had some excrement for brains census worker – a private citizen - threaten me– another private citizen - with the law. Because I wouldn’t answer his inappropriate questions, he whips out a sheet of paper threatening me with fines and jail. That’s abuse!

All of these people can shove it as far as I’m concerned. Some little wimp Mexican corruptocrat shows up here criticizing one of our states for interfering with a Mexican plan to ship as much unskilled labor across the border as possible and the little piss ant running the Mexican corruption machine gets a standing O from our own corruptcrats.

On the one hand Calderon tells us that people that coming across the border are hard working people that make our live better. Then the little know nothing tells us about all the gun running from the US into Mexico that’s taking place. Well which is it numbskull? Hard working laborers working for a better life, or scum bag drug runner looking for weapons? You cannot have it both way. Apparently there are some of both. We have a right to know which are which. That process is called LEGAL immigration.

Then to add stupidity to idiocy, a top Department of Homeland Security official reportedly said his agency will not necessarily process illegal immigrants referred to them by Arizona authorities. Some arrogant dope named John Morton – who probably hasn’t read the AZ bill either said, "I don't think the Arizona law, or laws like it, are the solution," to our illegal immigration problem. This dope in a sea of dopes that populates the current administration says that the AZ law is “not good government.” So passing federal laws and ignoring them is?

According to Morton, not only will the feds not enforce their own laws, they won’t lift a finger to help any state that does. Oh if only they were so compassionate if I decided not to pay my federal taxes or fill out a crummy census form.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A visit from the government

Hey check this out. A census worker showed up at the house last night. Some old beat up guy in an old beat up car with an old beat up dog. I was in the yard burning (trying anyway) a huge stump. I see the guy coming up the driveway so I go to meet him.

As I got closer, I knew there’s no way I knew this guy. But I thought it must be someone who knew the previous owners of the house. I asked if I can help him. That’s when I saw the census stuff in his front seat.

He asked if I could spar about eight minutes. I told him it’d take a lot less time than that. We made small talk about dogs and cats while he shuffled through his papers. He asked if lived here. I said, “yes.” He asked if this was my primary residence. I said, “yes.” He asked, “How many people lived in the house.” I answered, “Three, now, we’re done.”. He said, “No there are sev…” I interrupted him, “We are done.”

He told me that I should take look at something. I asked if this was the part where the government was going to try to scare me. He handed me a piece of paper. I didn’t have my glasses but I could make out a few key words “penalty” was one. I handed him back his paper and told him that the constitution requires a census every ten years for the purpose of allocating seats in the House of Representatives. I said one more time, “We’re done,” adding, “send the Feds out here over this census. I’ll be a rich man.”

Later as the fire burned down with a huge stump still in the middle, it occurred to me, what kind of government sends private citizens out with a piece of paper to threaten other private citizens? What kind of citizen would report a fellow citizen to the government for not filling out a piece of government paper work in whole? Fascists and communist governments and people were the answers I came up with.

As continued to ponder, I thought I should have drug the whole thing out for an hour or more. Thinking about each question and comparing each census question with the verbiage in the constitution. Calling my friends asking what they think I ought to do with regard to a particular question. So every question would be like “Who wants to be a millionaire.” You know how the guy talks to himself.

“Question two. Are there additional people living in the house not included in question one?”

“What was question one again?”

“How many people live in the house?”


“OK. Question two, Are there additional people living in the house not included in question one?”

“Gee, I dunno. My son’s imaginary friend stops by now and then, and my brother-in-law just about lives here. I know for sure that I live here. That’s one for sure. My friend Billy lived here for six months when he and his wife split up. Do I claim him or does his wife? Or do we each claim half?  Can you do that?  Claim half?  Then there’s the constitution part of this that tells me this is none of your damned business. What was question one again?  Can I poll the audience on this one?”

This way I could give the allusion of cooperating while answering nothing and tying the census worker up for an hour and thereby limiting the number of people he could harass that day.  Your hard earned tax dollars at work.

The funniest part was when my wife reminded me that we had answered question one and mailed our form back.  So even if you mail the questions back, if the government doesn't like the answers they send a fellow citizen out to harass you.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A tale of two parties

A couple of Pols got into trouble recently. One resigned his office. The other has decided that in his party being a lying weasel might just work to his advantage.

Yesterday, here in fabulous Ft. Wayne, IN 3rd Congressional District representative, Mark Souder, announced his resignation effective this Fri. Souder was an EIGHT term congressman who ran initially on the pledge that he’d term limit himself after four terms. He broke that promise and then somewhere along the way he broke his promise to his wife.

I haven’t voted for the guy in the last two elections. There was the broken term limit promise but when I heard his ads, he just seemed to me to be a little too desperate to keep his Washington job. He did all or most of his ads himself and they were full talk about “fighting for northeast Indiana.” Most of that fighting involved bringing cash back to the district for this or that project.

In that regard, he seemed more part of the problem to me. Why was the cash being sent to Washington D.C. for Mark Souder and 534 other hyenas to fight over in the first place? If we need a levy for flood control here in IN, why don’t we pay for it? And for God’s sake if we need a levy, we shouldn’t be allowing people to build houses on flood zone until the levy is finished.

In his most recent primary battle, one of his ads tried to explain away stimulus and TARP votes by saying he had to do it to protect Hoosier jobs at the Ft. Wayne, GM plant. So now the government owns GM and the GM chairman is playing loose with the facts about just who paid back GM’s government loans. In TV and radio ads GM chairman, some P-BO butt licker named Edward Whitacre, claims GM paid the money back – in full.

But Whitacre doesn’t mention the 50 billion in additional government loans GM hasn’t paid back or where the money came from to pay back the original loans. The original loans were paid back by GM with money GM took from the TARP program. To explain this better, Uncle Sam took money from his left pocket and put it into his right pocket.

All of this escapes career doofs like Souder. “I saved the GM plant!” he shouts. Well in the process he created a much bigger mess of government ownership of private companies and only delayed our final come upins.

But at least Souder had the good sense and grace to resign his office. That’s what Republicans do when mired in scandal. For Demo-Dopes scandal is resume enhancement. Some creep in CT forgot he didn’t serve in Vietnam. That’s right. He forgot that he didn’t get on an airplane for the better part of a day and serve 11 months in foreign country.

Richard Blumenthal, a Demo-Dope candidate vying to take the seat of perpetual liar and (g)assbag Chris Dodd, has been touting his Vietnam war record. Only problem is that he was never there. Blumenthal said the experience was seared, seared into his memory…no wait that was Cambodian war hero John Kerry who was ordered into Cambodia by Richard Nixon a month or so before Nixon took office. Now I know why they called him Tricky Dick.

Anyway, it proves the point. How can lying about your service in Vietnam be a draw back for Demo-Dopes? They have Kerry, Harkin and Gore all of whom stretched their war records. Hell, you’d think just showing up would be enough. For Blumenthal it would have been, but he didn’t. George Bush was skewered for not showing up but at least he didn’t claim that he had or that he was on some secret mission in Cambodia or making bombing runs over Hanoi or that he was an up front infantryman.

Hell he told the truth about his honorable military service and was lambasted for it. These creepy Demo-Dopes lie about their service and are excused and made excuses for. Oh yeah, and these weren’t lies told in some bar after 10 beers, when we all tend to remember things that never happened - being the star running back, homecoming queen, class president, college pong champion. These guys were all stone cold sober and lied to get votes. And for Demo-Dopes, it works.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cluelessness abounds at P-BO State Dept

Some guy over at the State Department named Michael Posner apologized to China to for American human rights violations stemming from the AZ immigration law. Weird because it hasn’t even taken effect yet and pretty much mirrors the federal law. But yeah, that China; the China that has killed thousands upon thousands of her own citizens; the China that restricts travel of her own citizens, not only internationally but within the country itself; the China that brutally enforces her own immigration laws at the point of a gun. I guess we should take Tommy my head is flat Friedman and Posner’s cue and be more like China. We should just start shooting the people violating our southern border.

But what else would expect from the P-BO administration? These dopes apologize to everyone for everything and anything. They apologize to Europe because European socialism set that continent on a decades long economic slide of double digit unemployment and growth percentages that are measured to the right of the decimal point. They ascribe great feats to the Muslims that Muslims had little or nothing to do with just so the “religion of tolerance” could feel good enough about themselves to maybe stop blowing things up for a day or two. They bend and bow to every king, prince, duke, earl, el presidente for life and communist, socialist, fascist dictator they pass.

But apologizing to China for OUR human rights record? That’s a bit over the top even for this crowd. But of the current crew of radical anti-American douches that populate the P-BO administration Posner is certainly in the running for King Douche. If he gets it, P-BO will have to bow to him as well.

Posner ran some open borders organization called Human Rights First. Human Rights First? How about Common Sense First? Human Rights First sounds so good and noble. Open borders sounds great. But what these dopes don’t understand is that people will move to where the freedom is. America cannot be the only free place on earth and take the mass of the world on board.

What has to happen is that dopes like Posner need to grow a set and tell the ChiComs, “look you need to provide basic human rights for all of your citizens.” Same goes with the corruptocrats south of the border. Instead of rolling in on AZ which is a better place to live than 99% of Mexico, even if what the Libs say bout the new immigration bill is true – which it isn’t, these bums should be telling Mexico to reform. The discussion ending point for any argument about any other culture is, “Yeah, well if your culture is so great, why are you still here?”

The only way open borders will work is if there is equal freedom on both sides. But rather than push for greater freedoms abroad, Posner and the current bunch plan to equalize the freedom by reducing freedom here in America.

The Lex family has deep roots from middle Europe - Austria to be exact. We love their culture or at least the beer drinking part of it. Other than that, I’m happy that they are happy. But it seems that they are less happy that we’re happy.  If I thought for one minute that Austria culture was better, I'd sneak into the country, expect them to speak English, feed me, put a roof over my head and pay my medical expenses.  All the while I'd be bitching about Austria and celebrating American culture.  That sounds familiar.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Boy Scouts of America serving the nation for 100 years

I was at a great event this weekend. Our Scout troop had an Open House celebrating 100 years of the Boy Scouts of America and 50 years of our own Troop 2. The mayor, county sheriff and the Monsignor from our sponsoring organization attended. All of them praised what they saw happening at our Scout lodge in the highest terms.

And why not? There was evidence of Scouting going on everywhere. A beautiful camp site, four open fires, a BB range with targets and scores (35 points earned the shooter a patch. If you didn't get 35 points, you didn't get a patch. But you could go to the end of the line and try again.), fire building, knot tying, compass orienteering, rock climbing, first aide, hot dog roasting - and more than the occasional Scout falling down.

Several of the older Scouts had constructed two 15' tripods out of timbers from the woods. The tripods were lashed together with rope using lashing methods learned in Scouting. Between the tripods the Scouts constructed a rope bridge called - appropriately enough - a monkey bridge, because you have to be like a monkey to cross it. The bridge was crossed probably a hundred times by kids - and even an adult or two. Scores of times kids would fall off and run to the end of the line to try again.

It was a liberal nightmare. Guns, axes, knives, fires all on display and being used by Scouts. And probably worst of all for the lib crowd, boys acting like boys, knocking each other around in rough and tumble play for all to see. And we didn't even have to give everyone a trophy at the end of the day. We did have to put a stop to the Scouts who were finding their fun by jumping out of the bus windows. Yes the bus was parked at the time. We're not stupid. Someone had taken the keys out just in case.

All of the events were set up run by the Scouts. You could see the hand of adults here and there but it was about 80% Scout run.

At the end of the event everybody pitched and had the place looking like nothing had happened there in about an hour. We did leave the 15' tripods in place, because they were too cool take down right away. Sadly, they will be gone at this Tuesday's meeting. We still have to cut the grass and they'd be too hard to mow around.

The Troop has over 100 of the most diverse bunch of Scouts you'd ever want to meet. Although we're sponsored by St. Vincent de Paul Catholic church, only a small portion of the boys attend school there and a great many of the boys aren't even Catholic. They are a talented bunch. We have three go-cart racers (One is a National Champion!), an accomplished magician, a first class juggler, great musicians, rock climbers, first team football, basketball, soccer and track players, black diamond skiers and snowboarders.

Call your local council and wish them a happy 100th Anniversary. In the face of the relentless lib onslaught, they are trying to do good work for American boys.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Courageous Restraint or Kill 'em if they need killin'

Yesterday I heard, now I've read that some in the military establishment want to start awarding medals for "courageous restraint." Yeah, you know, like a mom at the 11:00 o'clock Mass who wants to beat the crap out of her misbehaving 5 year old who desperately needs it right there, right then but she waits until she gets home to do it - courageous restraint.

I wonder how those citation are written up:

Even though LCpl Suggs was under heavy fire from the enemy, he showed amazing tenacity and courageous restraint by hugging the bottom of his fighting hole while pissing himself until the "all clear" was sounded at which time he was severely wounded by the GySgt who whooped his @$$ good and called him a coward. The GySgt received a Courts Martial. But for having now pissed and crapped himself (the GySgt literally beat the crap out of him) LCpl Suggs is honored with this new and shinny medal and check for a $100 for saving the government so much money in ammunition.

How about the dads of dead Marines showing up at the pinning ceremony and waiting in line so they can beat the crap out of Suggs next.

How about the parents a funeral for their son receiving the neatly folded flag from his coffin with a medal for courageous restraint pinned to it? Yes Johnny is dead, but he showed such courageous restraint.

This is the sign of the upside down world we live in. Navy SEALS are put on trial for slugging some excrement-head terrorist and now we're going to give medals to guys for NOT shooting the enemy. I think we need to ask WWPD? Yes, what would Patton do?

"A medal for not shooting the enemy? The hell you say. Why that's the most f*(%ked up thing I've ever heard of! What do they want us to do? Like the bastards? Well likin' leads to lovin', lovin lead to f&%kin' and nobody F&%ks with George Patton."

Let me just say of all of the bad ideas I've heard batted about, this is near the top. It reminds of the rules of engagement in the first Gulf War. A rather long list of "if this then thats." But I'd heard the best rules of engagement somewhere and relayed them to my Marines - "Kill 'em if they need killin'"

I am reminded of that every time I see a peace sign. There are bad people in this world that mean us deadly harm. Nothing will change their minds. So, you can either lay down your gun and be led to the slaughter like "PEACE" lambs and get a medal for courageous restraint or you can kill 'em if they need killin'.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

D'oh, why does the mob always want it's money back?

Here's one - I'll bet - that shocked everyone. P-BOcare is going to be more costly than expected. How can a 2,000 page bill that nobody read, that was passed in the middle of the night be more expensive than estimated? Didn't the CBO score the bill at less than a trillion? A trillion being the metaphoric deadly waterfall that P-BO refused to paddle his canoe over. Yes of course CBO scored the bill at under a trillion because that's what P-BO wanted. Now that the bill has passed, the CBO has 115 billion in costs that it missed in the rush to pass P-BOcare. Seems the Grand Nan was right - for once. We had to pass the bill to see all of the hidden costs.

Now, is anyone talking about investigating the CBO for this fraud?

But don't worry. Those things that the CBO just discovered are all discretionary spending - meaning congress need not appropriate money for them if it thinks we cannot afford them. Sure just like they always do. Those stingy tight wads in congress refuse to spend our money on anything these days.

Congressional stinginess is why we have this story about the US being even broker than we thought. We don't have any money even after the April tax season. It's sort of like young Lex who wanted an expensive guitar. He swore he'd work to pay it off. But alas, every job was more difficult than watching tv and playing video games. So the work dried up pretty fast. Now jr. is paying the guitar off in allowance money. So for two years, he supposedly won't have ten cents to his name.

Well the US government just got its allowance and its gone before the tax receipts are counted up . Don't worry. We still managed to send Greece 50 billion dollars we don't have. That would be like jr. loaning his buddy Thomas $5. I suppose he could do it, but where does the money come from when you don't have any? Well the big difference between jr. and the U.S. government is that jr. is smarter. The other big difference is that the government can print money.

Imagine if 13 year olds could print their own allowance money. Wait, you don't have to imagine. The mental equivalent of 13 year olds are running the country. So they are buying up every gadget they can find and printing money to pay for it.

Imagine if jr. took out a loan from the school bully and drug dealer to support his spending? Wait you don't have to imagine. Our clever government has run up its debt by borrowing from the ChiComs who are the international equivalent of the school yard bully and drug dealer.

So what can go wrong. In jr.'s case nothing. He didn't borrow the guitar money from the school bully and drug dealer. He borrowed it from mom, which may be worse in many ways except he doesn't have to worry about getting his thumbs broken or paying off the debt by running drugs on the weekend. On second thought, the only thing he doesn't have to worry about with mom is the drug running thing.

OK to recap:

We're broke

To pile one stupidity on top of another, we're broke; we got paid our allowance today but we're still broke.

To pile another stupidity on top of the other stupidities, we're broke; we got paid our allowance today but we're still broke; so we borrow money from the international bully the ChiComs.

To pile another stupidity on top of the other stupidities, we're broke; we got paid our allowance today but we're still broke; so borrowed money from the international bully the ChiComs and we loaned the borrowed money to the Greeks so they can keep their heads above water for another month. After that we'll - no doubt - borrow more money for them.

For crying out loud, these are the kind of messes Homer Simpson gets himself into. Yet the MSM insists on telling us how smart this empty suit is. Thank God we have super genius and tax cheat Geithener to guide us through this mess. Otherwise it would seem to me that we should stop borrowing and spending so much.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stereotypes are stereotypical for a reason

Uh oh, gay and lesbian groups are upset that the WSJ has chosen to use a picture of Supreme Court nominee Kagan playing softball. Well what's new? These people are always whining about something. And that something usually doesn't amount to hill of beans. I thought the paper used the picture so that it wouldn't fall into the trap of using the same picture that every other publication was using. That would be the picture Kagan used in the John Levits look a like contest.

Look, stereotypes become stereotypes for a reason. When Sissy tries to leave the house in fishnet stocking, 9" heels, a mini-mini skirt and a tank top, there's reason dad says, "you're not leaving here looking like a whore." It is because she is dressed like whore. Guys, show up at your next euchre party dressed in a lime green suit with a purple shirt, gold chains hanging down, white high heeled boots and leopard coat and see how long it takes for you to be called a pimp.

For any black fellas who stumbled upon this page - waz up bro - show up at the jazz club in a dirty camo Git-R-Done hat, flannel shirt with the sleeves cut off, blue jeans with a hub cap size belt buckle and western boot and see how long it takes for your buds to say - "you trippin' man."

It's funny to see this stereotypical behavior juxtaposed and taken out of context. It's also funny to see the "stereotypical nice kid" act like a jerk - Eddie Haskel. But like Eddie, it's hard to hide who we really are. You can't hide behind a stereotype for very long.

Stereotypes are stereotypical for a reason. Walk into any lunch room in any American high school and you'll see jocks sitting with jocks, goth kids sitting with goth kids, Hispanics sitting with Hispanics etc. Kids can find their group by relying on stereotypical behavior. It's called self-segregation. That's why after 30 years of fighting for equality and civil rights every group wants its own separate but equal student union, prom, home coming queen etc. We've come full turn.

So now the Lesbian groups are claiming that every picture of a young woman playing softball is offensive because it's akin to calling them gay. Hmm, sounds like profiling to me. And much worse than anything going on in AZ. I wonder how far this will set back the Title X movement for women's athletics?

If this picture pee'd off the gays, wait till they see the picture of Kagan arriving for her first day on the court riding a Harley, wearing heavy shoes, jeans and a leather vest over a turtle neck sweater. Lord have mercy, that'll set 'em off.

If you want to malign someone by poking fun a stereotypical behavior, restrict your activity to poking fun at us Christians and rednecks. It would seem that we're the only ones left in America that can take a joke and won't sue your @$$ off or blow you up no matter how offensive you are. I do draw the line at using my tax dollars for this activity though. So if you want to take a picture of a crucifix in urine, use your own damned money to do it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why not a smart guy outside the dome of stupidity i.e. Washington D.C.

As a guy who regularly ridicules the Supreme Court as "dopes in robes," I think Kagan may a perfect fit. One thing is for sure, this inexperienced unknown will receive none of the media scrutiny that George Bush's similarly "unqualified" candidate, Harriet Miers, received before bowing out.

You might recall that Mieres, like Kagan, had little practical knowledge about judging or practicing law. You might recall that during the Miers brouhaha, Lex opined that hey it might be a good thing to have someone outside the rarefied air of lawyerly circles making some common sense observations about cases. Like, "I don't know, I just don't like the looks of that guy."

How about Joe the plumber sitting on the Supreme Court during the Kelo case, where the dopes decided that it's ok for the mayor of a town to confiscate one private citizen's property in order to give it to another private citizen to expand the town's tax base. The Joe argument would go like this, "Whoa, hold on there. I think you guys may have too much powder in them wigs. So you're saying that it's ok for Mayor Quimby to take Moe's Bar and give it to Mr. Burns so Burns can open a 1920's style dance club? I don't think so."

See when you break all of this mumbo jumbo legal crap down into Simpson speak, even us little guys can understand it. And that's what we need. Some common or should we say Simpson sense.
If that's the case, Kagan mey not be the best choice. From what I've read, I see no real experience outside the faculty lounge. P-BO press stooge Squiggy Gibbs said we should feel lucky to have someone with Kagan's intellectual power which was honed at Harvard etc. etc. Well we've got one clueless Harvard grad totally bollixing up the country. Do we really need another?
How about selecting the 1969 honor grad from the Toledo Law School? That person has probably had some real world experiences and won't be on the court for the next 100 years. Why not some humble guy who has toiled in his profession? Why not someone with a sense of the common guy?
Maybe some wise ex-military man? I would hope that a wise military man with the richness of his experiences would more often than not reach a better decision than a bunch of color coded weenie lawyers and judges. Wait, I've heard something like that before.
Barring some note that says Kagan is closet conservative that has played the libs like drum - a much easier instrument in my opinion than the violin - she's going to get confirmed. The only thing that can stop it is some revelation that she's not a hard core lib.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Jon Lovets to the Supreme Court

Rumor is that P-Bo is set to name this man, comedian John Levits to the Supreme Court. Al Franken said he'd vote for another clown in D.C.

Actually this Elena Kagan the Solicitor General for all of the U.S. Does that mean she's responsible for all those telemarketing calls? Her main qualification is that there is so little known about her Judaical background that nobody knows if she's qualified.

Sort of like P-BO himself. We had to wait a year to find out just how clueless he really was.

Stock market hanky panky

The stock market has been on a wild ride the couple of sessions. Down 300; then down 600; then down nearly 1,000; then back to 600 and so on. The feds are investigating the wild action. They seem to think that there might be something nefarious going on. Maybe someone hacked the system and set the market on its roller coaster ride. Shouldn't be all that difficult an investigation, find out who made the most money from all of the frantic action and grill them. So unless it turns out that the culprits are the black panthers, George Soros or some other friend of the DNC, punishing the crooks shouldn't be all that hard.

But with a political justice department and a MSM that acts more as if it were a cheering section, don't expect any results anytime soon. Now if Haliburton hap pend to profited the shenanigans, weather they were involved or not, expect all hell to break loose.

Heck Lex may be a suspect himself. See I dumped nearly everything I had invested in the stock market at the first of the year. I need some quick cash to start my dream business that combines three things America loves, Amway, telemarketing and infomercials. That's right my business model calls for peddling Amway the new wave high tech way. What could go wrong.

High water mark of P-BO's FEMA efforts

In case you missed it, Nashville is under water with, at the last count, 19 people dead. Where is P-BO? The people of Nashville inundated with water when several in inches of rain poured in down in just a few hours. It's not as if the people of TN had five days to watch the water running down out of the mountains toward Nashville.

But it is a huge mess down there as clean up continues. For a full report, click here. I understand that the graphic used is real
Check out a rare weekend post below.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

West for congress - NOW!

Check this out: If you've got 20, 10, 5 or even one extra buck send it to LTC West here.

Another credible voice for black conservatives. I particularly liked the way he laid waste to Michael Steele's assertion that there were no reasons for blacks to vote Republican. This guy is smart and tough and tells it like it is in way that even Lex can understand.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Close the school start over

Your tax dollars hard at work. If you show up at school on May 5th in red, white and blue you get told that the colors or you have to go. Let me see? What exactly is the significance of May 5th to America? Oh, yeah a day to put on a sombrero and drink beer. Sort of a Mexican St. Patrick's Day. And I'm all for it!
What I'm 110% against is some @$$hole principal and assistant principal telling anyone that they cannot wear a t-shirt with and American flag on it. But that is what happened to some kids at Live Oaks High School in CA.
Oh those kids. Several years ago those kids put up the flag display above at Motobello HS. Did the principle have a problem with that?
OK, once you say a (fill in the blank) in California - or as the muscle-head governor calls it Cullyforneea - anything is possible and believable. But what the hell? This is America. In one of the more articulate comments coming out of the school defending the decision, school student Annicia Nunez said, "I think they should apologize because it's a Mexican heritage day. We don't deserve to be get disrespected like that. We wouldn't do that on the Forth of July." No that is not Lex fat fingering the keyboard. That is the quote. And Annicia, most students have left school for the summer by the Fourth of July.
Hmmm, maybe a little English as a second language would be a better issue for the principal and assistant principal to get involved in. Then a "Mexican heritage day?" What is that? A day to celebrate being over run by Euro trash? First, by the Spanish, then the French, then President Polk taking a large swath of northern Mexico, then toying with a German offer to return Texas to Mexico if they join the central power in WWI, then 2 centuries of corrupt rulers and governments that have so fractured Mexican society along social and class lines that 3/4 of the people would be better off if they could just sneak across the northern border, is that heritage? Some heritage.
No this is NOT a slam of the Mexican people. They are a hard working creative bunch. They have been saddled with generation after generation of "me first" corruptocratic governments at every level. There is a better chance of the Bengals winning the Super Bowl every year than there is of the average Mexican improving his lot in life in his native country because of government corruption. So they move north. The Mexican government could not care less as long as the Mexican's hard earned Yankee greenbacks return to Mexico.
That is what business guru Michael Scott refers to as a win, win, win situation. The Mexican government rids itself of poor unskilled workers who move north to work for slave wages - which is a lot of money to them - and the US employer gets to pimp his competition by taking advantage of a compliant hard working illegal labor pool. Everybody wins except the ranchers who get murdered, except the kids whose lives are ruined in drug infested gangs activities, except employers who play by the rules, except our overcrowded school system, except the nearly destroyed inner city health care systems, except the welfare system, except the poor Hispanic migrants who get kidnapped and sold into prostitution and slave labor. Other than that everything has worked out great.
So what to do with Live Oaks High School. I'm not a proponent of suing for the most part. But if I were one of these parents I'd sue the school, the school board, the state of Cullyforneea, the principal and assistant principal, the teacher's union, the city, the mayor and anybody even remotely associated with this outrage.
When some bleeding heart told me, "well you know you're just hurting the school." I'd reply, "You're damned right! I'm trying to do the nation a favor and shut the whole dysfunctional backward thing down."

Thursday, May 06, 2010

P-BO implores all to keep it civil while uttering slurs

I read where P-BO has taken to using the vulgar homosexual slur when talking about the Tea Party Movement. He calls them teabaggers. Well if they are teabaggers, go here to find who they have been teabagging.

Papers please

So lib nut in America is in high dudgeon over the new AZ illegal immigrant law where police can ask a suspect for his papers. I went to the local BMV yesterday to change the address on my existing licence. I needed the old licence and two pieces of proof that my address had changed. I took in a note from a friend and rock from my new address and was bounced. It needs to be a paid bill within 60 days, the deed, insurance form or something like that. I felt so humiliated and it is the worst case of profiling yet.

Los(t) Suns

In a tangible form of solidarity with illegal immigrant community, and in addition to their low cost no cost protest of the new AZ illegal immigrant law, the Suns opened their gates to illegal immigrants at last night's game. The illegal aliens were allowed to come in sit down wherever they wanted and vendors had had to provide refreshments at no cost. The Suns organization and all of the their fans are to be commended for this outpouring of support for illegal aliens. Yeah right. If it had cost the Suns more than the fifty cents an hour they had to pay the illegal alien seamstress to change their jerseys they'd have opted out of any kind of protest.

Support for terror bombers

Taking a note from the Los(t) Suns who will do anything to support illegal activity in the US, the MSM has a weird take on Times Square Bomber Fisal Shahzad. According to our alert MSM Shahzad is not intent on blowing up Time Square because he's a radical nut job Muslim terrorist, no it's because his house was foreclosed on. Oh the humanity.

Question for the MSM shills: If he's pee'd off at us because his house was foreclosed on, why didn't he try to blow up Fannie May and Freddie Mac, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Franklin Rains - the proximate cause of the foreclosure - or the bank that held the note? Why blow up a bunch of innocent people?

And the same dumb@$$es who warned us about violence at a Tea Party where the ONLY violence was from union thugs against Tea party members, are now warning about a backlash against Muslims. YGBSM! These people are forever warning us about the wrong things.

If Shahzad had been part of the Tea Party Movement, you can bet the Eric the coward Holder's FBI would be kicking in doors of Tea Party organizers, Billbo Clinton would be having a an I told you so moment and MSM would be non-stop with stories about violence within the Tea Party.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Screw the Suns, their player and the owners

I see that the Phoenix Suns are going to protest AZ's new law that requires enforcing the federal law on illegal immigration tonight by wearing Los Suns jerseys. I'm going to protest the Suns by not watching the game and hoping they get their @$$es whipped good.

This is odd move by the sports franchise that represents the kidnap capitol of the good ol' USA and is second in the world only to Bogota Colombia. Most of the kidnapping is done by and directed against Hispanic illegal aliens. Now about 70% Arizonians think enforcing the federal law - even if it has to be done by state police - is a good idea. So how great a marketing scheme can it be to protest the law?

I don't think it's ever a good marketing plan for businesses to take sides in a political dispute. No doubt the fat cat owners and players in the Suns organization are getting city and state money for the arena in which they play. So, I'd argue that they have no business teeing off anyone in the community who helps to pay for a building where they earn mountains of cash. And that's another reason I'd NEVER spend ten cents of taxpayer money for a professional sporting arena.

But this is just a half hearted protest by the suns. If they really wanted to protest the law, they'd let the illegal aliens suit up and play in the game. Or at least let them coach.

The Suns are immune to stupid business decisions because they are a monopoly in Phoenix. It's not as if dad can tell his young son, screw them. We're going to see the Phoenix Road Runners tonight. The Suns can pretty much do whatever they want and basketball fans are going to be forced to put up with it.

It's not as if they are in a competitive business like the restaurant business or landscaping. If you happen to be in one of those fields and play by the rules, you're at a distinct disadvantage. You have to pay scale wages while your competitors are free to pay slave wages.

What if the Suns opponents in tonight's game decided to sneak a few illegal player onto the court? I'll bet the Suns would demand that the rules be enforced. Not doing so gives their opponents a distinct advantage. What if Eric the Coward Holder was the referee and refused to enforce the rules. What if Gerry Rivers aka Geraldo what no cash in the vault Rivera said enforcing the rules was cruel because these illegal players just wanted an opportunity to make millions to support their families? It's all pretty clearly BS in that case - right?

Suiting up in Los Suns jerseys is a stupid decision as well. They have pee'd me off and now I'm blasting them in this widely read blog. By noon, as many as four people will have read this and the swell of support for Suns opponent the San Antonio Spurs will begin to skyrocket. No wait "San Antonio?" Why that Mexican as well.

I guess I'll just continue to root for Cleveland.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Oil Bombings

While P-BO administration lackeys were all over the airwaves Sunday last assuring us that they had been on the BP oil rig spill since - when was it? - oh yeah, "day one" was the term they used 12 times, New Yorkers were waking to the fact that they had once again been the target of terrorism.

First, remember it's Janet "the system worked" Incompetano telling us how quickly the DHS acted. This is the same dope that thinks airline security has "worked" when passengers engage in a life and death struggle with a terrorist in smoldering undies at 30,000 feet. Next, saying you were on the Gulf oil spill since "day one" is a no win situation. Sure it sounds as if you were working "all available resources" from the time the oil rig exploded but it makes you look rather incompetent in that the spill keep getting worse. And if you were on it from day one, why did it take eight days to light the bubbling crude on fire? The only thing missing from the Sunday shows was a "you're doing a great job Brownie" from P-BO.

But the fact that this administration is always one disaster behind is what is scary. Incompetano is talking about oozing oil while terrorists were able to drive a bomb laden SUV into time square. If asked about that disaster, no doubt Incompetano would be claiming that the "system worked" because an alert T-shirt salesman noticed a smolder SUV in the middle of Time Square. Instead of a cop on every corner, let's use T-shirt salesmen. They are shovel ready, can go to work immediately and we don't have a t-shirt union or expensive pension plans...yet.

AG - America is a bunch of cowards - Holder told the nation that the those responsible for this act "would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, unless it was the New Black Panthers or Skip Gates who committed the crime. In which case, the whole thing will be forgotten."

Monday, May 03, 2010

Shovel ready?

Hey look where we're headed. Euro-Regional ministers agreed to bail out the Greeks with a 110 billion Euro package. That's about 146 billion in real US money. 146 Billion - YGBSM. That's no stimulus. When Scrawny and Grand Nan sneeze we spend (i.e. waste) twice that much.

Are there no shovel ready projects in Greece? When we visited Athens, every tourist site we saw was in desperate need of repair. Why just repairing the Acropolis alone could employ 1,000s for decades. Ms. Lex tells me, "It's supposed to be that way."

Look when someone or something knocks down our buildings, with the exception of the World Trade Center and other places like New Orleans that are run by by Liberals, we get busy cleaning up the mess and putting something back up in their place. Galveston, San Francisco, Chicago were devastated by natural and man made disasters. We cleaned up the mess and rebuilt. Those Greeks have had fallen columns and dilapidated buildings laying around in disrepair for centuries.

OK,OK,OK I'm just kidding about repairing the Acropolis. Frankly, I think it's just too far gone. They have put off the necessary repairs for so long now, they'll probably need to tear it down and just start over. But, from what I saw, every citizen in Athens could be given a broom and ten hours of work a day for about a month. In America, we could cut the national unemployment rate to .005% cleaning up the dump known as Philadelphia.

But anyhoo, the Greeks are getting bailed out. In return the for the dough, the Greeks have promised to make "savage" cuts in the public sector pension funds. Under the current system, Greeks get 80% of their pay for 14 months a year. Huh? There are 12 months in a year. Yeahbut, the Greeks get 14 - 80% payments. So the Greeks decided that their public sector pensioners would join the rest of world and admit that in fact there are only 12 months in a year. As a public sector pensioner myself, I can tell you that is "savage."

What's next, admitting that there are only 24 hours in a day? If you do that, how do you manage to get 28 hours of quadruple overtime on Sundays? Where does it stop if you start down that slippery slope? Next thing you know they will be requiring time sheets and making you fill out expense reports. Like showing your ID to the police in AZ when you get pulled over for going 50 mph in a school zone, while intoxicated, with a car load of 57 "workers," these Gestapo like policies have to stop.

The good news for us is that we might be smart enough to see what happens when government unions aided by a spend thrift government run a country into the ground. This episode should also run a dagger deep into the heart of any ideas about a "one world currency" or even the the thought of an "Amero." Then again, common sense has never been the strong suit of anyone in Washington D.C.

The extremely bad news for us is that we won't have Germany to pay our bills. We will have to rely on the Communist Red Chinese. But what could go wrong with that set up?