Friday, October 30, 2009

Get your healthcare while it lasts

Peloser’s healthcare bill weighs in at about 20 pounds and is 1,990 pages. Really? Does any more need to be said? Four reams of paper sans the amendments and countless reference to other US code to say what? Healthcare for all?

Why not just subsidize healthcare for those who do not have it? That option, as bad as it is, has to be cheaper more transparent and less intrusive than anything the Grand Grandma and dozen crooked pols can come up with in 1,990 pages crafted behind close doors.

Of course the Demo-Dopes Senate and House healthcare bills do shine the light of day on one issue promised by the Dear Dope and the Grand Granny – transparency. The Dope himself said the bill would be crafted before the cameras of C-Span. Oooops, he lied – again - and as a result grandma and grandpa will have to die a few years early. If Dear-Dope-a-Care passes, seniors will be expected to forego expensive eldercare and just dying-off so that the Maximus Dopelous can spread some of their hard earned money around. It will be our senior’s last great duty to their country.

But of course the rest of will have sacrifice as well. If you need joint replacement, get it now, before any form of Dear-Dope-a-Care limits access to such procedures to only the Party grandees and faithful.

Plastic Face Pelosi’s new euphemism for her government run healthcare scheme is a “consumer option.” Ha! I’m running an ice cream stand and selling ice cream bars for 75 cents and doing a good business. Along comes a government subsidized “consumer option" that sells ice cream bars for a nickel. Not only that, the government passes all sorts of board health codes, laws and taxes that affect me but not the "consumer option." Soon I’m out of business.

But soon after I’ve been run out of business, the “consumer option” stops coming around to your neighborhood everyday, and when it finally does show up the ice cream doesn’t taste like it should. It’s now made with soy milk because that’s what the government decided that you needed to be eating.

It’ll be a mess and certainly worth fighting against right up to day the government decides to withhold medical care for you because at age 62 with a bad knee and a slow ticker, you’re just not worth the investment anymore.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why not start with the no-cost option?

You’re out burning leaves at your curb one fall afternoon – believe it or not, not so long ago the standard way of disposing of fall’s debris was to burn it. Well anyway, you’re burning leaves and some thick white smoke begins to billow from the pile.

A concerned neighbor calls the fire department. Firemen rush to the scene. The fire captain orders his team to spraying down the exterior of your house. He tells you that you have a heck of fire going here. He tells you he needs to break down your door and hose down the interior of your house to "save it."

More firefighting equipment arrives and begins hosing down the neighborhood. A van with loudspeakers begins ordering an evacuation as firemen begin kicking in doors.

Meanwhile the smoldering pile of leaves at your curb continues to smolder untouched by the firemen.

America has a small fire burning at the curb. We have 30 million citizens without health insurance. That figure is a lie but, as we always do, let’s play along. That figure when stripped of people who can afford insurance but don’t buy it gets cut in half.

So along comes the Dear Dope and his fire company who want to evacuate every one in the neighborhood and destroy their houses while pretty much ignoring the problem.

The Dear-Dope-a-Care being considered in congress this week pretty much destroys healthcare in America as we know it while leaving much of the problem Dear-Dope-a-Care was supposed to solve untouched.

Questions for the firefighters:

If there is a real emergency in healthcare, why does most of Dear-Dope-a-care kick-in in 2013?

If there is 50+ BILLION in Medicaid/care fraud, why don’t we stop that immediately?

If the whole idea of Dear-Dope-a-Care is to insure the uninsured, why do these bills still leave millions of uninsured Americans after full implementation?

Wouldn’t it be better to offer healthcare coupons - a food stamp for the sick so to speak -to the uninsured rather than destroy the entire system?

Wouldn’t it be better to try things that don’t put the country another 2 TRILLION dollars in debt before we sign on to that debt?

You know, sort of like using a rake to stir the leaf fire to allow more air into the fire for cleaner combustion or God forbid, throwing a bit of kerosene on to it so it'll burn hotter.

Allowing health insurers to compete across state lines doesn’t cost anything.

Reforming tort law doesn’t cost anything.

Giving Dr.s tax incentives to treat the poor doesn’t cost anything.

When you propose a no cost solution for your smoldering leaves to the fire captain, he tells you, “Look bub, we have a neighborhood crisis here. Do you see all of these men and all of this equipment? We gotta do something.”

So as we all too often do, we listen. We evacuate. When we return to our once beautiful neighborhood, it has been pretty much destroyed by the firemen, and it’ll never be the same again. Oh yeah, and the burning leaves – the proximate cause of all the destruction – are still smoldering at the curb.

Call your Senator/fireman today.

Apologies to firefighters everywhere for the analogy.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Scrawny "opts out" of getting a brain

Scrawny Harry Reid is in trouble. He’s polling at about 30% in Nevada, well behind either one of his Republican challengers for his senate seat. He’s trying like hell to thread the needle between the public option and no public option to get to the magic 60 vote total required to do anything in the Senate for Dear-Dope-a-Care. And there’s not a crooked land deal to be had anywhere near Las Vegas. Damn! What’s next, no patronage jobs for his no-talent off-spring?

But ever the fighter, the Scrawny One who always looks like Mr. Ziffle sucking on a lemon, blames Republicans for his woes. Apparently Scrawny is a public school grad and isn’t able to count the members of his own caucus. Hey, Scrawny, with the stolen election in MN and the seating of Demo-Dope clown Al Franken, you have 60 Demo-Dopes in the Senate. Go ahead, pass Dear-Dope-a-Care.

Ahh, but it easier said than done. Certain Demo-Dopes value their cushy job in DC more than doing what Dopes everywhere say 60% of Americans want – government run health care. So is the 60% number accurate? No way. If it were, Dear-Dope-a-Care would pass 99-0.

So these rebels will stand on principle and against 60% of Americans? I do not believe that there are 10 members of the senate who place would principle above re-election.

Poor Scrawny has to try to herd all 60 of his Demo-Dope prima donna alley cats to vote for his bill. A bill that apparently is as unpopular as Scrawny himself back in Nevada.

To prove that he is at least twice as clever as anyone else in the world, Scrawny came up with an “opt out” plan. Hey prefect, if states do not like the public option they can simply opt out the plan. Well sort of. States that "opt out" will still have to pay the freight on the public option but they can “opt out” of any of the benefits.

This guy has to be dumber than a truck load of dirt. States pay for the service and then “opt out” of the service provided? You pay for your groceries but leave them on the shelf in the supermarket. You make payments on the new car but you never bring it home.

The ONLY thing dumber than the Scrawny One coming up with this plan, is that there will be – no doubt – 40 Demo-Dopes who think it is a good idea and will vote for it with no reservation what-so-ever.

If the Scrawny one can get to 50, he can bastardize senate rules and make it law.

I hope he does, because there will be a lot of things that will need to be reversed if sanity ever returns to DC. It’ll a lot easier to reverse if some pompous dumb@ss has already set the precedence of a simple majority passing law in the senate.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Let the fire burn, don't rush the Dope

In a speech to some sailors in Jacksonville yesterday the Dear Dope told the sailors, “I will never rush the solemn decision of sending you into harm’s way.”

I guess that’s great if you’re among those slated to be deployed as part of 40,000 reinforcements that Gen McChrystal has asked the Dope to send along to Afghanistan so that the General can implement the Dope’s strategy there.

But what if you’re on of the 60,000 troops already in Afghanistan dodging bullets and roadside bombs? The Dope’s vow to “never rush” may look like dithering if you’re hunkered down in waiting for reinforcements so that you can take the offensive and kick some ass.

And some first year newsie may just ask the Dope what I his definition of “rush” is. Firemen rush to fire. Lifeguards rush into the surf to save troubled swimmers. A mother rushes when she see her child is hurt. Lex rush to dessert table.

Someone ought to show the Dope a calendar. It’s been 2 ½ months since the Dope received HIS General’s request. Whatever you might call it, VP Cheney calls it dithering, it ain’t rushing.

We will not see any “rush to answer McChrystal’s request until after these off-year elections are wrapped up next week. D2 may even be so “deliberate” as to wait for to see what kind of Dear-Dope-a-Care Scrawny Harry Reid is able to push through the senate.

The Dope doesn’t want to send the troops until he gets as many of his zombies to vote for Demo-Dopes up for election next week and Dear-Dope-a-Care. Sending troops to defend America’s interests will certainly piss-off a number of the Dope’s key constituency – America hating loons.

The Griffin sent his analysis of MSM Demo-Dope hype that 60% favor the public option:

I decided to find out what the heck was in the poll that all the libs pointed to last week saying that 60% of “everyone” wanted a public option. I also saw that the major news networks were at the WH last week (except for FOX) for over two hours. There is something funny happening with these polls. Here is what I heard many times over the last 4-5 days.

1) Favor or oppose health care? Split is 49% to 49%.
2) Want the public option? Split is 61% for it and 38% against it.

Am I the only one thinking that this makes no sense?

1) Would you buy this manure spreader for $250k? 100% no to 0 yes%
2) Would you buy the red or the brown one? Red at 60% and brown at 40%.

People are 60% in favor of the red one. Tell production to buy 10,000 gallons of the red paint! What a load of BS. But it gets better. Read the final question I have below. I can read it as “would you favor a government run health care option or a private run public health care option?”

23. Now thinking specifically about the health insurance plans available to most Americans, would you favor or oppose creating a public health insurance option administered by the federal government that would compete with plans offered by private health insurance companies?

Oct. 16-18 Aug. 28-31 2009

Favor 61% 55%; Oppose 38% 41%; No opinion 1% 4%

Monday, October 26, 2009

Real war too difficult, Dope tries hand at fake wars

The Dear Dope was given a pretty solid hand to play with regard to our two wars when he took over GWB’s seat at the table. Since then the Dope has done what dopes do, fouled things up.

In Iraq there have been a series of nasty bombings that would have had candidate B-Ho and other nutty Libs declaring failure and demanding an immediate withdrawal and if not immediate, well at least within the first six months of the Dope’s first term. Oh yeah, that exactly what the Dope said out of Iraq in the first six months. How's that for hope-n-change? Were GWB still running thing, the Libs - lead by B-Ho would shouting about “Bush’s war,” “where are the WMDs?,” and “Bushitler lied kids died.” Now that Dopey is running things, the left has fallen silent.

No not even a peep even though Iraq remains a “war of choice,” we still supposedly haven’t found any WMD and kids are still dying. So what gives? It’s pretty clear that for these hyper partisan weasels it was more important to ruin Bush, losing a war in the process if necessary, than to have any kind of honest debate on war, peace and national security.

Well if things are going badly in the bad war, they are going much worse in the good war over in Afghanistan. Two-and-a-half months ago, Dopey received a request for more troops from HIS hand-picked commander in Afghanistan to implement the strategy that the Dope copied from GWB.

Since receiving that request, Dopulus Maximus has spent more time conducting HIS war on Fox News than looking after the troops in the field in Afghanistan.

The Dope’s bad war is going badly these days but his good war is going even worse. So the Dope invents a war on his own countrymen, Fox News, Tea Party goers, bitter clingers, Republicans, Rush Limbaugh, the US Chamber of Commerce etc.

Given the Dope’s track record in dealing with real wars against real enemies, you have to feel pretty comfortable about yur chances when the Dope declares a fake war on you.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Why all the names?

I listened to a conversation where a guy who was maligning (aka telling the truth about) the Dear Dope was reminded that the Dope was “his president too.” Sadly, I suppose that is true. Our parents are our parents and our president is our president regardless of how petty, stupid and abusive they may be.

I have noted here before that I do not call the Dope a dope for any other reason than I do believe him to be a dope well out of his depth in any activity that doesn’t involve organizing a pick up basketball game or throwing together an arugula salad.

He’s not a dope in the Bullwinkle J. Moose sense of being a good natured dope. He’s smarmy Eddie Haskell type dope. He tells Middle America how great we are when he’s campaigning in Ft. Wayne (Oh, good evening Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver. That’s a lovely dress Mrs. Cleaver. Is Wallace home? Thank you and have a good evening.) Then when he’s out with his arugula eating swells in Hollywood, he refers to us as bitter, clinging to our guns and bibles (Beat it squirt. Hey Wally, let’s raid your old man’s liquor cabinet tonight.)

I refer to him as a punk not because I think it is a clever taunt. It’s anything but clever. I refer to the Dope as punk because I think it is the right word to describe him. The – the cops acted stupidly – event is the perfect example. Mr. High and Mighty weighs in on a topic that – like everything else – he has no clue about. He calls the cops stupid for trying to protect a black man’s property. When it turns out he F**&ed up in the biggest way possible, Mr. Punk doesn’t offer an apology. He gets everyone together for a photo op for himself. That’s what punks do. Hey, it wasn’t my fault. Everyone’s to blame here. Sure, the only one who acted stupidly here was me but let’s get together, share a beer and the blame and forget about the whole thing. P-U-N-K.

I don’t refer to him as arrogant for any other reason than he is – for some reason - an arrogant SOB. Generally arrogance is not attributed to people haven’t accomplished anything. Mr. Know nothing, do nothing, be nothing travels around the world apologizing for and blaming America. That is arrogance. America – with all her faults – has been the greatest force for good on this planet for the last 234 years. Yet Arugula Boy, the man who has done nothing, travels around apologizing and blaming America with his nose turned up at just the right angle. Arrogant!

I don’t call him a thug gratuitously. I call him a thug because that’s how he acts. That’s the kind of people he chooses associate and surround himself with. He is not a thug in the sense that Luca Brazzi was a thug. No, Eddie Haskell types are also pretty much cowards relying on other to do the dirty work. The Dope is more of a Jabba the Hut type thug laying back while others go about doing odious things to gain his favor. According to Tom Beavan at RCP, the Dope and/or his thug friends have used the power of their offices to:

accuse doctors of performing unnecessary medical procedures for profit

demonize bond holders as "speculators"

produce a report suggesting military veterans are prone to becoming right wing extremists

attack insurance companies and threatened them with legislative retribution

ridicule talk show hosts and political commentators by name from the White House podium

dismiss and demeaned protesters and town hall attendees as either unauthentic or fringe characters (His thug friends upped the ante by calling us everything from un-American to Nazis to assassins.)

launch an orchestrated campaign to marginalize the country's biggest pro-business group

publicly declared war on a news organization

Yeah, he’s a thug.

So while it’s true that the Dope holds the highest office in the land, until he starts to act like the president of all of the people, I’ll kiss his skinny @ss at Broad and High before I call him “my president.”

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Since we're now out of Iraq, use the troops wait

The Dear Dope’s hand picked commander in Afghanistan has asked for 40,000 reinforcements. Well, lemmesee, according to the Dear Dope’s campaign promises, we’re supposed be out of Iraq by now. Were that true, it would free up 120,000 or so combat hardened troops to finish the job in Afghanistan – the war that the Dope called the “right war.” But alas, Arugula Boy didn’t get us out of Iraq.

According to the Dope’s own campaign promises, G’itmo is supposed to be closed by now. That would free up a couple of thousand troops for the Vacillator-in-Chief to shift over to Afghanistan. But alas, closing G’itmo proved even more difficult for Dopey Doppus than an ACON rep registering the entire cast of Snow White and Seven Dwarfs to vote in Detroit.

So Dopus Maximus now says, “well we gotta wait for the results of the Afghan run-off election.” Hmmm. Really? Why? Which one of the current candidates involved in the run-off are we NOT going to support if they win? If we are going to support the Afghan government irrespective of who happens to head it, shouldn’t we be implementing the commander’s decision sooner rather than later? Or are military decisions like choosing the White House dog? You gaotta wait 6 months and carefully poll various breeds. Then of course you have to find someone to donate the dog.

Heck as sit here and think about it, every dog I’ve ever been associated with has been thrust upon me with temperament and “does it crap in the house” being only considerations. If a guy can’t walk through the pound and pick out a dog in about 30 min, he’s probably not up the weightier decisions of life and death associated with war.

So the chief vacillator vacillates polling Afghan reinforcements and begging NATO to donate the troops.

The Dope waits wringing his hands and while declaring war on any of is own countrymen who dare question his greatness. And hell when the going gets really rough blame Bush. “Well you wouldn’t believe the mess the Bush White House left me with regard to choosing a dog. And if you think that’s bad, Afghanistan is much worse.”

Well former VP Cheney laid waste to Wimpy the Dope and his team of clueless hatchet men more interested in defining “what’s news” than giving a hand picked war commander the assets he has requested to implement the strategy The Dope asked him to implement.


“Recently, President Obama’s advisors have decided that it’s easier to blame the Bush Administration than support our troops. This weekend they leveled a charge that cannot go unanswered. The President’s chief of staff claimed that the Bush Administration hadn’t asked any tough questions about Afghanistan, and he complained that the Obama Administration had to start from scratch to put together a strategy.

“In the fall of 2008, fully aware of the need to meet new challenges being posed by the Taliban, we dug into every aspect of Afghanistan policy, assembling a team that repeatedly went into the country, reviewing options and recommendations, and briefing President-elect Obama’s team. They asked us not to announce our findings publicly, and we agreed, giving them the benefit of our work and the benefit of the doubt. The new strategy they embraced in March, with a focus on counterinsurgency and an increase in the numbers of troops, bears a striking resemblance to the strategy we passed to them. They made a decision – a good one, I think – and sent a commander into the field to implement it.

“Now they seem to be pulling back and blaming others for their failure to implement the strategy they embraced. It’s time for President Obama to do what it takes to win a war he has repeatedly and rightly called a war of necessity.”

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Proven racist supports black candidate

Several posts down, Lex noted that the only way for Republicans to get out from under the “you’re a racist” charge leveled by real Lib racists like Let’s all go burn Freddies Fashion Mart Sharpton, Hymietown Jackson and The Cops acted stupidly Dear Dope is to find and fund our own qualified conservative black candidates.

Well, Racist Lex Libertas has put $25 where his mouth is for Les Phillip the black Republican candidate in Alabama’s 5th District. WHAT!? How can that be? Well because, I’m not a racist.

When I went to Phillip’s web page I found that we agreed on the issues. Most importantly, because I’m not an AlGore hypocrite Lib, I coughed up a few of my own bucks. Lex said we need find our own qualified conservative black candidates and fund them. So I did what thought I could.

Were I like an AlGore Lib, I’d tell you that you MUST contribute to Les Phillip or the world will end in 10 years, then I’d go and spend my own $25 on more ammo and MREs. Actually to be like AlGore, I’d have sent money to Phillip’s white opponent. AlGore is that big a hypocrite.

Phillip also has a compelling life story. Son of Caribbean immigrants, Naval Academy grad, Naval Aviator, married his college sweetheart, three daughters etc. – sort of a conservative Dear Dope except Phillip has a real resume and none of the whacky preacher, Communist, Marxist, socialist friends and leanings.

We’ll call Phillip the anti-Dope. Help if you can and care to.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

If confrontation with Iran is inevitable, let's get on with it

If you ask the ordinary guy that is even remotely tuned into current world events if he thought that there would be a serious confrontation between us and Iran, I think the split would be about 80-20 that there will be a confrontation. Only some very tough talk, tough sanctions and a unified Western front backed by serious credible threat of overwhelming military force can prevent this inevitable confrontation from turning military and/or nuclear.

Given his tortured and vacillating indecision on reinforcements for engaged American forces in Afghanistan, the Dear Dope is likely as not to do nothing while he stalls wringing his soft, skinny, lady-like hands to the bone before he squares up and takes the problem head on.

As a result one of two things will happen, 1) the Israelis who maintain a realistic life or death word view and do not suffer with the Dope’s can’t-we-all-just-get-along-itis - will do a half-@ssed job attacking Iranian targets and pushing the need for Arugula Boy to make a decision off for a couple of years or 2) the Iranians will get a bomb, and if the nut jobs who run that country are to be believed, will use it - probably on Israel. Neither of these scenarios are good for anyone in the world.

Depending on timing, you have to lean toward option 1. Because the Dope thinks that like starry eyed college kids, the world’s depots are as enamored with his life story (less elections, a story devoid of any major accomplishment), his magic smile (if one can only avert their eyes from his jug like ears long enough to notice it), and smooth talk (if you are more into style, platitudes and teleprompter perfect delivery than substance). Guess what? Ruthless dictators can spot weakness a mile away and will seize upon it in a moment.

Guess what again? The scumbags of the world see and smell the fear and incompetence of Dooffus Maximus from across the world’s oceans. Iran will be content to talk and stall right up to the night before their first nuclear test. Israel will not.

Here is the plain truth reprted by CNN and spoken by Mitt Romney this weekend while addressing The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee:

The Iranian leadership is the greatest immediate threat to the world since the fall of the Soviet Union, and before that, Nazi Germany,” Romney said in a speech Monday to the pro-Israel group AIPAC at their national summit in San Diego, according to excerpts provided to CNN.

“The Iranian regime is unalloyed evil, run by people who are at once ruthless and fanatical,” Romney said. “Stop thinking that a charm offensive will talk the Iranians out of their pursuit of nuclear weapons. It will not. And agreements, unenforceable and unverifiable, will have no greater impact here than they did in North Korea. Once an outstretched hand is met with a clenched fist, it becomes a symbol of weakness and impotence.”

Romney – who has used a series of high-profile speeches to bolster his foreign policy profile in advance of a possible 2012 presidential bid – called on the United States to enact “comprehensive, withering sanctions” coupled with support for “the forces of freedom within Iran.” He demanded that a “credible” military threat must remain on the table if Iranian leadership insists on threatening Israel with annihilation.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Two Dope facts

OK I’m sick so this’ll be quick.

The Dear Dope ventured down to New Orleans to assure the folks there that the tens of billions of dollars the rest of us have spent on that city to help it recover from Hurricane Katrina last month – no wait – FOUR F*&&*%KING YEARS AGO would continue to flow. Excuse me, but how long and how much money is this going to take? Estimates were that with the money already spent on NO, you could have given every man woman and child in the city several hundred thousands of dollars by now. Four years in and we’re still dumping money? Sumpins wrong. Oh yeah, Demo-Dope corruption.

The Dear Dope is going to dip into his Nobel Prize money to give every senior citizen a check for $250. Or so you’d think by the way the press is playing it up that The Beneficent Dear Dopulous has decreed that he The Dear Dope would grant upon all citizens of age 65 years and older the gargantuan sum of $250. To paid out personally by the Dear Dope. That is BS. The constitution says all spending must originate in the House of Representative. So how can the Dope “spend” this money?

Well, The Dope decided that since the formula that determines what kind of cost of living increase Social Security recipients would be receiving this year came up with a goose egg, he’d kick the seniors a couple of C notes. So if the formula is flawed and the Dope feels compelled to kick in $250 this year what will Dopuls Maximus be kicking seniors when HIS hyper inflation make the annual SS increase 350%? I guess he's hedging that his health care plan will reduce the number seniors collecting checks. After all, it is every senior's responsibility to die as soon as possible under Dear-Dope-a-Care. Any senior that can be bought off for $250 is a bigger dope than The Dope offering the money.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Racists come out of woodwork to oppose Rush

It’s hard to feel sorry for Rush Limbaugh. And I guess I don’t. But what happened to him and his bid to become a minority owner of the St. Louis Rams ought piss off right thinking Americans everywhere.

The left in the country manufactured a couple of incendiary remarks, attributed them to Rush and then had their brain dead media jerks spread the lies. Before you knew it race baiting hustlers like the Rev Jesse and Al were taking to the streets, sans the velour sweat suit and bullhorn, to protest Rush’s bid.

It truly is a bizzaro world when low-life scum like Hymie-Town Jackson and White-interlopers Sharpton get tell us who is a racist. It is a down-right dangerous world when people in positions of power listen to these creepy people. People who by the way mysteriously earn 100s of thousands of dollars every year –but nobody can quite tell where the money comes from.

But it’s not the just the race hustlers lining up on this one against Rush. Lefties everywhere have taken this issue on with all the vim and vigor that their exalted Dear Dope lacks when dealing with the life and death situation in Afghanistan. If only these buffoons cared one half as much about American soldiers dying in Afghanistan as they do about a radio talker that they claim is washed up bidding on an NFL team, we could probably wrap that war up by Christmas.

Some little know fool named Adrian Wojnarowski said this on ESDN’s Rome is Burning show:

People do not want a bigot as an owner. He's a racist. He's a bigot. He's shown it for years. He's made his career off in a large way off marginalizing black culture and African-Americans, and now he wants to buy into an industry where 70% of the players, the talent, the work-force is African-American and make money off of it? He doesn't get to do that.

Possible follow up:

ROME: Wow. An example?
WoJo: No not necessary, we’re talking about Rush Limbaugh. Everyone knows he’s a racist.
ROME: Even Walter Williams the black economist who regularly subs for Rush?
WoJo: Who?
Rome: When was the last time you listened?
WoJO: Never, he’s a racist bigot.
ROME: Well if you don’t listen, then how do you know he’s a racist bigot?
WoJO: Com’on man it’s Rush Limbaugh.
Rome: So you can’t cite an example and you don’t listen to the show but you know for certain he’s a bigot. Gee how do you feel about real racists like Hymie-Town Jackson and White-interlopers Sharpton whose crass racists comments are a matter of public record.
WoJo: Who?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An award about nothing

Anyone who still believes the Nobel Peace Prize is worth a penny more than the cash prize should read and re-read this excerpt from Wes Pruden’s column:

The Nobel Peace Prize was once thought to be the ultimate reward for selfless idealism, and if you're still in high school, maybe it is today. A decade ago four high-school girls in Kansas heard the story of Irena Sendler, a Polish social worker who saved 2,500 Jewish babies from the Nazis. They wrote a play about her and sent letters to world figures, and this led to her nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Miss Sendler, who died last year at age 98, smuggled the babies out of the Warsaw Ghetto in an ambulance over several months early in the war, hiding them in crates, burlap sacks and several times in coffins. She kept a barking dog to drown the cries of the frightened babies. The Nazis arrested her and tortured her severely, breaking her legs in a vise. She bribed a guard to escape a firing squad, and after the war retrieved the names of the babies from jars she buried in her garden, and reunited hundreds of them with relatives.

The Nobel jury was not impressed. They gave the prize that year to Al Gore for his slide show about global warming.

So when the Dear Dope goes to accept his award, he is going to stand up there and say…what? This thing should be called the Seinfeld award this year because it truly is an award about doing absolutely nothing.

By the time the award is presented, Arugula Boy will have convinced himself that, yes, he is worthy. Like everything else in his pass through life, Dopus Maximus has been moved to the head of the class ahead of his brighter more accomplished peers. He has been advanced in this manner so many times without merit, he will be able to convince himself that this is as it should be and it is he who is more worthy than the people like Miss Sendler who do the real work.

If he didn’t believe that, he’d show up and refuse the award. He’d introduce and recognizing several people in an endless list of people who have done more - more in this case being anyone who actually has DONE ANYTHING no matter how small - to earn such prize. Then the Dope would go away because he’d know he has no business sharing a stage with the least among them.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Industry needs the certainty that congress will get the hell out of the way

Republi-Rat sissy boy and permanent back bencher Lindsey Grahamnesty penned an Op-Ed with Cambodian war hero John Kerry on Sunday supporting Cap-Tax and trade. First of all if Grahamnesty and Fran├žois Kerry are for it - in this case Cap-Tax and trade, that in itself seems good enough reason for me to be against it.

Cap-Tax and trade is another 1,000 plus page monstrosity ginned up by God only knows who that no elected official has even read much less understands. Yet the Dumb and Dumber dynamic duo of the senate write a letter extolling the virtues of a bill neither has bothered to read. It’s like listening to some pompous bastard at a cocktail party extolling the virtues of de Tocqueville’s “Democracy in America.” Then when talking with the gassbag’s wife, you discover he’s never read it.

Now we’ve got not one but two pompous (g)assbags telling us how great the Cap-Tax and trade bill is but neither has bothered to read it or understand all of the unintended consequences contained in the 1,000+ page bill.

This latest congressional load of crap is supposed to save us from certain death by way of global warming…uh…er…cooling?...ummm…oh hell, climate change. The global warming bogyman is dying a slow miserable death as the Earth’s temperature has not risen since 1998 and record cold temperatures are recorder around America.

Ahh, but it is also supposed to get us off of foreign oil. Sure. Here’s the acid test. If the bill is designed to curb global warming and get us off of foreign oil, how many nuclear power plants are funded in the bill? If the number is less than 20 over the next five years, the entire bill is BS. When does it allow for off shore drilling?

We know that nuclear power is clean, safe and provides and an endless source of power. We know that we have huge oil reserves in Alaska and off shore ready for the picking. If the Cap-Tax and trade does not address these issues it is nothing more than AlGore blowing smoke.

The most dangerous sentence in the entire Op-Ed was this:

Industry needs the certainty that comes with Congressional action.

Let’s take a vote from America’s industrial captains. Vote for one of the following statements that is most in line with your industry’s feeling about congress:

A. Industry needs the certainty that comes with Congressional action.

B. Industry needs the certainty that congress will not pass further asinine, foolish, job killing, industry shrinking, regulations and taxes.

Wanna bet which will carry the day?

Monday, October 12, 2009

5 jackasses dupe Dope

In warfare there is something know as a spoiling attack. A spoiling attack occurs when a usually heavily outnumbered group of defenders launches a surprise strike on an attacking force – usually while the attackers are in their assembly positions – thereby ruining the attack. The goal of the spoiling attack is not to defeat the enemy but rather to disrupt his offensive operations.

A spoiling attack is what the five jackasses in Oslo who voted the Dear Dope the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize have just pulled off. The Dear Dope, after all being a mere dope and a narcissistic dope at that, hasn’t figured out what the five jackasses are trying to pull off, or he would have refused the award.

The sole purpose of the five jackasses giving the Dope the Nobel Prize was to keep him from:
- Launching a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities

- Reinforcing American forces in Afghanistan and allow them to kill the enemy

- Staying a course of victory in Iraq

- Standing solidly behind Israel against Muslim lunatics who want to destroy Israel

- Protecting European allies against an emboldened Russia

- Confronting authoritarian dictators in South America intent on destabilizing that region

- Ratcheting up pressure on the N Korean Looney Tune to limit his propensity toward nuclear proliferation

How can a dope who accepts the Nobel Peace Prize - thereby claiming to be “a man of peace” - do any of the things listed above without being labeled the world’s biggest hypocrite? But then what has ever stopped a Lib - particularly a Lib who happens to be a narcissistic dope - from being a hypocrite? Not tax cheat Rangel who writes tax law for the rest of us but feels no compunction whatever to follow it himself. Not tax cheat Geithner who can’t pay his own taxes but runs the agency that makes sure the rest of us pay ours. Not AlGore who uses more energy than some states and small countries while scolding the rest of us for driving an SUV.

The five jackasses have run a spoiling attack against America. The jackasses know that America is the only thing keeping a lid on Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. The jackasses aim is not to honor the Dear Dope but rather to disrupt America’s offensive operations against the world’s creepiest dictators and Islamo-Terror-Fascists.

For the best take on the Nobel Peace Prize, read this piece.

Just ran across VDH's take on this - also excellent.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Yes, the world has gone nuts

You go to bed wondering what idiocy will occur next and you wake up to find out that the Dear Dope has won a Nobel Peace Prize. This is surreal. Who knew the Dope was even in the running? Has the entire world gone nuts?

I just woke up to the news that the Dear Dope has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, a consolation prize for having botched the Olympics so badly, I suppose. I guess closing G‘itmo, pulling the troops out of Iraq, providing missile cover for Europe, stopping the Iranian nuke program, getting Afghanistan under control and standing up to the world’s tyrants has paid off for ol' Jug Ears. Too bad he has not done even one of those things.

This is just so far over the top it is a disgrace, but totally in keeping with the “give it to the Dope after all he’s the first black Dear Dope” mentality. What, pray God, has this dolt done to advance peace around the world? N-O-T-H-I-N-G. If anything, Dear Dopus has made the world less stable.

His clueless war policy has give Islamo-Terror-Fascists world-wide new hope. His backward missile policy in Europe, designed to get Russia on board with sanctions against Iran is sure to have the opposite effect on the target nations emboldening them to shove a sharp stick into Dopus Maximus’ other eye. He sides with Chaves against Honduras an American ally. He ignores Colombia another South American ally. He balmes America at every turn and thinks that there is a moral equivilence between murdering Islamo-Terror-Fascists and the Israelis who hunt the ITF down and kill them.

His catering to tyrants Hugo, Fidel, Mohammad, Kim, Basher and Hu has them laughing openly at him and by extension us. It’s never a good idea to have your enemies think of you as a spineless dope even if - as in the Dear Dope’s case - you are. Better to put on a front of competence and willingness to stand up to bullies than to look as weak and stupid as this Dear Dope obviously is. Looking weak and stupid leads to miscalculations that lead to conflict.

His destructive domestic policies have gotten us 10% unemployment and 1.4 TRILLION dollars in debt, and that’s just for starters. China owns so much of that debt that when the ChiComs asked the Dear Dope that he not meet with the Dali Lama, the Dear Dope bent over, kissed the ring and complied with the Chinese demand.

The corrupt-o-crats that run the International Olympic Committee have got to look like shining examples moral courage and high intellect compared to those vacuous losers who sit on the Nobel Committee. Since 1990 look at what passes for working for peace among these fools:

2007 Al Gore got a peace prize for making an error laden movie about global warming. The Earth hasn’t seen a temperature increase in 10 years.

2002 Jimmy Carter gets a prize for…hmmm…I don’t know. All he really did was blame the Jews for all of the problems in the Middle East and bash George Bush.

2001 Kofi Annan gets an award for allowing his no-count son to loot the Iraq oil-for-food program and allowing UN “Peacekeepers” to rape and pillage the people they were supposed to be protecting in Africa.

1994 Murderer Yasser Arafat gets an award for standing for a picture on the White House lawn with Dope Carter and Shimon Peres then returning to Palestine and starting the intifada.

1990 Mikhail Gorbachev gets an award for being the Communist in charge of the old Soviet Union when Ronald Reagan crushed them without firing a shot.

Given this long line of losers and misfits, it is perfectly fitting that the Dear Dope takes his rightful place in line.

The really sad part of all of this is that there are people out there who are at great risk advancing the cause of world peace and they have been snubbed by a committee of politically correct morons more interested in making headlines than advancing peace. I’d have considered General Petraeus for his work in bringing stability to Iraq. Or, Colombian President Uribe for confronting and standing up to Hugo Chaves in a way that the Dear Dope just isn’t man enough to do.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Spreading the wealth around a little

Apparently not all of the stimulus money is going to working people to perform “shovel ready” projects. At least some of it is simply being redistributed. Here’s a troubling bit of the “spreading the wealth around” in action. Saginaw’s WNME filed this report on what it called “stimulus handouts.”

Michigan’s economic woes were on display as thousands of people lined up to get an application for federal stimulus money in Detroit.

Long lines snaked into downtown's Cobo Center Wednesday morning, but applications ran out quickly on the final day to get paperwork for the homelessness prevention program.

Officials said about 15,000 people jammed into Cobo seeking assistance.

The government awarded Detroit roughly $15 million to help low-income residents pay for living expenses.

Police were dispatched to help with crowd control issues and they reported a number of fights broke out.

City officials said many people falsely believed they were registering for $3,000 stimulus checks from the Obama Administration.

The money is intended to prevent further homelessness in the region.

Detroit is among the nation's leaders in home foreclosures, and at least one in four households are in poverty.

This is just naked redistribution. Listen to how one of Detroit’s publicly educated explains it on Detroit’s WJR:

ROGULSKI: Did you get an application to fill out yet?
WOMAN: I sure did. And I filled it out, and I am waiting to see what the results are going to be.
ROGULSKI: Will you know today how much money you're getting?
WOMAN: No, I won't, but I'm waiting for a phone call.
ROGULSKI: Where's the money coming from?
WOMAN: I believe it's coming from the City of Detroit or the state.
ROGULSKI: Where did they get it from?
WOMAN: Some funds that was forgiven (sic) by Obama.
ROGULSKI: And where did Obama get the funds?
WOMAN: Obama getting the funds from... Ummm, I have no idea, to tell you the truth. He's the president.
ROGULSKI: In downtown Detroit, Ken Rogulski, WJR News.

Where’s the money coming from? The city or the state. Where did they get it? The Dear Dope. Where did the Dope get it? Don’t know but, he’s the Dear Dope so it’s OK.

Stunning in its implications and the stupidity.

The money of course is coming from people who work and pay taxes and is beign redistributed to people who don't. Sadly the group of people who work and pay taxes doesn’t include any number of prominent Demo-Dopes, Geithner, Sebilius, Daschle, Rangel etc. etc.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Daily Rag punks Republicans for "glee" over Chicago's failed bid

The Daily Rag, taking it's cue from MSNBC, scolded Republicans for expressing glee at Chicago's failed Olympic bid. Lex fired back:

You cannot be serious. The JG says Rio is corrupt. And Chicago is…what…a paragon of virtue, a city of high moral standards? Ha! I’d venture to guess that when it comes to corruption, Rio is a city of innocent rookies when compared to Chicago’s seasoned union and political thugs. Gov. Daniels’ quip was funny because it had the ring of truth to it and has been a comedy staple since the 1960 presidential election.*

The JG says that Rio’s police are heavy-handed. And what police force has the JG recently come to the defense of for being a model of restraint? None? Nearly one? Certainly not Chicago’s, your lefty editorial board is probably still trying to get the swelling down from being knocked around by Chicago’s finest during the ’68 Democratic Convention.

The JG, to use a Lib phrase reserved for cops acting in the line of duty, “acted stupidly” when it called Rio “one of the most violent cities in the world.” Even before young Derrion Albert’s brutally beaten dead body had time to reach ground temperature in his cemetery plot, and while the video of his death is still fresh in the mind, where does the JG get the temerity to call Rio or any other city for that matter “violent?” Oh and when the police have to deal with murderous violent citizens, maybe that is why they are so heavy handed.

Republicans are no more happy that Chicago lost its bid for the Olympics than 50% of the people of Chicago who opposed that bid in the first place. Chicago is an overwhelmingly Democrat city. So at least some of that 50% of Chicagoans who opposed the bid had to have been Democrats. Maybe your lead should have read “Faithless Democrats express glee…” But hey this is the JG. When was the last time anyone on the editorial board over there accidentally swerved into the truth?

Yeah, I did have a problem with the president going over to Copenhagen. He should not have gone. 20/20 hindsight bears this out. He wasted tons of fuel, prestige and time in his latest failed effort. While he was dithering, young Americans were dying. He makes a snap decision to travel to Copenhagen to boost Chicago’s Olympic bid but vacillates pondering a troop request that he has known about since July or early August. Wouldn’t all of the presidential resources that went into the Olympic bid have been better spent on getting our Afghanistan strategy correct?

* After the bid failed, IN Gov. Mitch Daniels quipped, “What’s the world coming to when Chicago can’t fix an election anymore?”

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Dear Dope scurries to cover his skinny butt

I was happy to hear that the Dear Dope sat down with his Afghan commander last week. Now Wes Pruden tells us why:

“Gen. McChrystal, in remarks to the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, says [Biden’s] strategy [of a narrower mission] is "shortsighted" and would make Afghanistan something of a "chaos-istan," a sanctuary for terrorism once the government falls to the Taliban. For his pains, he was summoned by the president to a 25-minute chewing out aboard Air Force One on the tarmac at Copenhagen airport.

Wow. Here I thought that the Dear Dope was meeting with his commander to iron out a war strategy. Turns out the only strategy being ironed out was the Dear Dope’s strategy for keeping his generals in line. That’s never a good sign. Having a general out there openly questioning his civilian bosses is bad juju. Think Truman recalling Macarthur during the Korean War. Think an NFL quarterback ignoring the coach and calling his own plays. Hey if the coach is a Dope with no NFL experience and the quarterback is Peyton Manning, who you gonna trust?

Now it turns out that McChrystal and the Dear Dope have met or spoken several times since. Hmmmmmmm. The Dear Dope speaks to his commander one time in 70 days. When that bit of disturbing news becomes public, the Dear Dope is hanging around with McChrystal as if he were a whitey hating Chicago preacher or something.

The Dear Dope is faced with an embarrassing story about his lack of leadership and laissez-faire style of war management, and suddenly he can’t be hands-on or hang out with McChrystal enough. Only a Kool-Aid drinking Dear-Dope-a-bot could possibly believe that these coincidences aren’t an indication that the Dear Dope is more worried about his own image than the safety of our troops in Afghanistan. If that were not the case and the Dear Dope thought his approach to the Afghan War was correct, he would continue to ignore his commanders.

You can almost hear the Dear Dope at breakfast as opens his briefing book, “Damn, another memo from McChrystal on Afghanistan. Can’t I just eat my waffle?”

Friday, October 02, 2009

Birthers, commanders and funerals

Lindsey Gramnesty, never content to be the RINO backbencher that he is, said, "But we have to say that's crazy. Those who say the [Dear Dope] was born anywhere other than Hawaii are crazy." No we don’t have to say that’s crazy.

What we SHOULD say is, “Look, I don’t believe the Dear Dope was born in Indonesia. But there are a lot of Americans who do believe that. The Dear Dope could clear this whole thing up in half a heart beat if he would simply produced his long form birth certificate. He doesn’t do that because he wants all of this controversy around his birth. So when someone tells him he’s a lying sack of crap when he says ‘my health care plan will not cover illegals,’ the Dope calls that person a racist birther and the conversation is shut down.”

No matter that when the Dear Dope says, “may plan” he’s damn liar. No matter that when he says it won’t cover illegals, he’s lying. Every time a provision is introduced to require an ID or some proof of citizenship, Demo-Dopes vote it down. Why?

But screw that inconsequential suck up Gramnesty. Let’s move on to the really important news of the day.

At some point today during his four hour visit to the International Olympic Committee, the Dear Dope will have spent more time sucking up to that corrupt body on behalf of his even more corrupt adoptive home town – Chicago – than he has talking with his commander in Afghanistan.

Think about that one for a second. The Commander in Chief of all US armed forces will have spent more face to face time trying to secure the 2016 Olympic Games for Chicago than face to face time with ground commanders trying to secure the safety of US forces in harm’s way. That’s stunning.

It seems that securing a slop trough of graph, underhanded dealings and corruption for his Chicago thug buddies is more important than spending a bit of face time with his ground commanders trying to figure the best way to keep the most US forces alive.

And to answer Pillsbury Doughboy Press Secretary Bobby (think Bobby in the movie Deliverance or Bobby Hill here) Gibbs' question, “Well who is he rooting for?” I’m rooting for a permanent Olympic Village in Athens. Sure the US will have to build and maintain it for the next 1,000 years, but that cost has to be much cheaper than paying off the Dear Dope’s buddies in Chicago.

Oh, another bit of hypocrisy on the left. Remember the hue and cry about George Bush not attending any funerals for US troops killed in action? Well 48 service members have died since the ground commander in Afghanistan asked for more troops. Meanwhile the Dope has chowed down on arugula between filming stops on the 24-7 Dear Dopeathon TV show pushing another of his harebrained socialist ideas - Dear-Dope-a-Care. How many of the 48 funerals has the Dear Dope attended? Oh, nearly one. He would have attended one today but for the Olympic thing. But then in Dear Dope-a-speak, he can claim to have saved or created 48 funerals. Idiot!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Nornalizing child rape: is there hope for convicted priests?

Well it seems that there is a petition circulating in support of child rapist. My first thought was, Hey, finally someone is standing up for Catholic Priests. Then I come to find out that over 100 of the glitterati have signed a letter in support of Roman Polanski. Were I some defrocked priest cooling heels in prison for the being a creepy child molester, I'd produce the Polanski letter at next parole hearing.

It has to speak volumes that over 100 of the “beautiful people” would sign their names to a letter excusing child rape. Imagine the joy of the parole board in receiving such letter – “Oooooooooo, aaaaahhhhhh, Woody Allen. Well, Mr. child rapist, if Woody Allen doesn’t have problem with you molesting children, who the hell are we to think that that kind of behavior might be wrong.”

Ispent 30 seconds looking for the text of the letter on line – about 20 seconds more than it was worth – I couldn’t find it. But I did find these gems in support of a CHILD RAPIST.

"He's a brilliant guy, and he made a little mistake 32 years ago. What a shame for Switzerland," said photographer Otto Weisser, a friend of Polanski.

The French culture and communications minister, Frederic Mitterrand, said he "learned with astonishment" of Polanski's arrest. He expressed solidarity with Polanski's family and said "he wants to remind everyone that Roman Polanski benefits from great general esteem" and has "exceptional artistic creation and human qualities."

Well, as long he “benefits from great general esteem,” who the hell are we think poorly of the guy. After all, didn’t Hitler benefit from great general esteem right up to the point of starting WWII and killing 6 million Jews? Mike Vick was “brilliant" on the football field and benefited from great general esteem of the people of Atlanta right up to the point of that dog thing.

Lucky thing Polanski just raped a 13 year old girl. If he’d had raped a dog, well then I don’t think he’d be quite so popular with the beautiful people.

How does one get talked into signing their name to a letter in support of child rapist? How does that conversation go?

Caller: Hello Mr. Allen we’re circulating a letter in support child rape. Can we count on your support?

Allen: Child rape. You know I had sex with my under age adopted daughter, Right?

Caller: Oh yeah, that’s why we called.

Allen: Well, sure. I’m good with child rape.

Caller: OK, now the sticky part. How about all of those Catholic Priests?

Allen: Are you nuts?!

Well what the hell’s the difference?