Friday, March 31, 2017

Seriously, it is all Paulie Walnuts' fault

I do not know why DJT is going after the Freedom Caucus for Paulie Walnuts’ failures.  The death of the disaster known as Ryancare lays at the feet of one person – Paulie Walnuts.  Walnuts is billed as a Caligula, D.C. deep state insider, a wonks wonk, a numbers man who knows the budget process inside out.  Yet, after 7+ years the wonks wonk, the insiders insider, the consummate numbers man could not develop a plan that would pass his own party.  Walnuts is a loser.

Unlike all of the talking heads who have been totally wrong about everything about PDJT since his famous elevator ride are rolling in on PDJT for his tweets on the Freedom Caucus, I’m willing to suspend judgement for now.  Remember the thought after Paulie Walnuts shot all 10 of his toes off with his BS bill was that repeal and replace was dead.  Now it appears that it is not.  There has to be some kind of “Art of the Deal” jujitsu logic behind PDJT’s move against the Freedom Caucus.

Also recall PDJT promo’d the Judge Jeanine program that called for Paulie Walnuts to step down as speaker.  So there is pressure on both sides.  So let’s wait and see.  There will be plenty of time to go Demo-Dope fully irrational with PDJT down the road. 

Oh, and how many times have the Dopes and MSM gotten the best of PDJT so far?  Nearly once?  Never?   

The joy of watching the left driving itself mad
How long does schadenfreude last?  I’m still tickled magenta* at the lefty loon’s reaction to PDJT.  The latest example is the lefty Lib reaction to PDJT’s reversing EPA climate regulations.  Idiot Michael Moore declared that PDJT’s decision would lead to the extinction of the human race.  Wow that’s not crazy talk – a totally reasonable assessment.  Thanks for setting me straight, Mike.   Heretofore my guess on what would destroy the human race would have been a nuclear holocaust, alien invasion, the sun exploding or most likely robots.

My guess is that my schadenfreude will last as long as the lefty Loons can maintain their outrage at the very fact that PDJT is still drawing a breath.  As long as lefty Libs are going to go over-the-top apoplectic, predicting pestilence, death, famine and war every time PDJT’s administration takes a step toward unwinding Obama’s purposeful destruction of America.  

See if you can profile this headline: 
Brawl breaks out after McDonald’s All-American Game

Knowing that the “game” is a high school basketball game probably makes the exercise way, way too easy.  You know just like profiling that old headline:  Brawl breaks out after Canadian curling competition. 

Here's the answer.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Obama flunky admits deep state surveilled Trump team

Well, well, well here’s a smoking gun.  Evelyn Farkas worked in Obama’s defense department.  She left in 2015 to work on Hillary’s campaign.  That’s important because I think the election was in Nov of 2016. 

After Hillary’s epically humiliating, bone crushing, soul sucking azzwhipping, Ms. Farkas was suddenly in need of job.  So she went to work for the viewerless MSNBC.  So MS. Farkas is doing one those “insider expert” bits on MSNBC when she lets the cat out of the bag that Obama was surveilling Trump’s campaign and transition teams.  Or that’s what the plain language sounds like until Demo-Dope fixers get busy whitewashing the truth of her statement.  Here:

“Because I had a fear that somehow that information would disappear with the senior [Obama] people who left. So it would be hidden away in the bureaucracy, um, that the Trump folks – if they found out HOW we knew what we knew about their, the Trump staff, dealing with Russians – that they would try to compromise those sources and methods — meaning we would no longer have access to that intelligence. So I became very worried because not enough was coming out into the open and I knew that there was more. We have very good intelligence on Russia. So then I had talked to some of my former colleagues and I knew that they were also trying to help get information to the Hill…That’s why you have the leaking.

Sure sounds to me like she is admitting that the Dopes were accidently on purpose surveilling Trump’s campaign and transition teams, unmasking those who were “incidentally” captured in the “Russian” surveillance and then leaking the info.  Remember, she left the DoD in 2015.  So how does she even know what was going on inside the DoD after she left?  Simple, Obama deep state bureaucrats were colluding with the Hillary campaign to torpedo Trump during the campaign and mire his administration in as much fake “Russian tampering” BS after his inauguration.

Now if you think the concept of a “deep state” is a fake news conspiracy theory, consider how Ms. Farkas talks about “if they found out how we knew what we knew” and about “former colleagues” getting information to Dope political operatives on the hill.   That is proof of government agencies working with one political party to hinder/destroy the presidency of another party.  It is not the first time.  Remember the IRS targeting of conservative non-profits?

By the time the Dope fixers and the their MSM lapdogs get don massaging Farkas’ words it’ll be, “Well, Farkas didn’t say what she said, and even if she did say what she said, what she said doesn’t mean anything, because what she said didn’t mention that Trump is a puppet of Vladimir Putin and hates everyone but rich white people.  So….”

Now the House and the Senate are holding hearings into Russian meddling in our election.  Total BS.  Our clueless preening azzbag reps and senators are going to take a break from cleaning out the treasury for their own benefit to get to the bottom of this Russian meddling business.  The only thing these dolts are capable of getting to the bottom of is a bag of Cheetos. 

I’d like to testify.  Here’s the opening statement:  “The fact that the Russians are trying to meddle in our elections is a given.  It is common sense.  I remind you that Obama used State Dep funds to meddle in Israeli elections.  I remind you that Obama threatened to move Britain to the “back of the cue” if they passed Brexit.

The fact that the Russians are trying to meddle in our elections should surprise no one.  What should surprise them is that the people on this committee are surprised by Russian meddling.   The only thing in all of this that surprises me is all of the faux outrage about Russian meddling from the party that thinks anyone who wonders into a polling station on Election Day has the right to cast a vote.  The Demo-Dope Party is a far greater danger to free and fair elections in America than the Russians.  Dopes not the least bit concerned when Billbo Billy Boy the rapist Clinton funding his campaign with Chinese money are suddenly hyperventilating about the Russians meddling in the 2016 election.  The ONLY thing any of the Dopes are concerned about with regard to the 2016 election is that their worthless BS candidate got her fat azz trounced.

 News Flash: Our friends and enemies are going to try to influence our election.  If you don’t know that you are probably too dumb to bang a drum.  Your job is to prevent the interference not to conduct pointless committee investigations and ramp up incendiary rhetoric to start a wars with countries who engage in exactly same kind behavior we engage in.” 

IU Mock Trial Team
Lex Jr.’s mock trial team is on to nationals!
Lex jr. is a member of the Indiana University Mock Trial Team.  They won the Big 10 regional and finished 3rd in the next round which qualified them for the National Competition in CA.  The team set up a Gofundme page to help fund trip.  If everyone who reads this page contributed just a dollar that would mean an extra 2-3 dollars toward a box pencils or even a new legal pad. 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dopes MSM azzwagons ignore criminal activity to focus on process, McCain unsurprisingly agrees

In some post(s) under I am certain that Lex warned that PDJT would have to battle both Demo-Dopes and Rat establishment Republicans.  There is no bigger rat in the Rat establishment Republican Party than John McCain.

To be honest McCain we all knew McCain would throw in with the Dopes as soon as any Republican – other than himself – was elected president.  So McCain the media whore reemerged after DJT was sworn in as POTUS.  What better way is there to get media attention than being Rat establishment Republican trashing Republicans? 

McCain has been hanging around Caligula, D.C. since 1982 when the national debt was about a paltry three trillion dollars.  On John McCain’s watch the debt has grown to 20 trillion dollars.  He was there every step of the way.  

McCain is now siding with reactionary Demo-Dopes and their bootlickers in MSM to get the scalp of House Intel Committee Chair Devin Nunes.  Nunes received some information about criminality* occurring somewhere in the intel community.  Nunes released the fact that there was a whistleblower somewhere in the intel community that has info on the fact that the community gathering info on the Trump transition team to press, then PDJT and then the ranking member of the House Intel Committee. 

Well the Demo-Dope and their butt sniffing MSM lackeys went nuts.  They didn’t go nuts about government intel agencies collecting info on the opposition party and then releasing damaging info to the MSM flunkies and compounding the crime by unmasking the names of American citizens “inadvertently” swept up in the intel sweeps of “targeted” individuals.  No.  Hell no.  The Dopes are upset because Nunes didn’t come to them first.  So the MSM goofballs were informed of felonious activities by the intel community sponsored by the Dopes.  PDJT was informed of felonious activities by the intel community sponsored by the Dopes.  The Dopes were informed of felonious activities by the intel community sponsored by the Dopes.  And now the Dopes want Nunes out because he told them last. 

Predictably, John McCain is siding with Dopes.  Watch this.  The ancient fossil starts out by saying he’s “been around a long time.”  Well no $h!t John.  That’s the problem.  You’ve been around since Alice and Dynasty were popular on TV. 

Then watch the 2:10 mark where he say that there needs to be a “change” because it’s “dominating the news.”  What a complete azzwagon.  He’s too old and senile to know that it is dominating the news because the Dopes and boobs in the media want Nunes out.  They aren't focusing on the crimes committed within the intel agencies.  They are focused on Nunes because he waited to the Dopes not that there is a whistle blower expositor criminal activities within the intel comunity.

Nunes should have news conference and go full DJT on McCain, Schumer and MSM and tell them all “to go to hell.”  And when the inevitable follow up question comes tell them all that they kiss your azz.    

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

With Phase I of Ryancare dead, move on to Phases II and III

If I were a member of the Republican “freedom caucus”, and I was being blamed for Ryancare’s demise, my mantra would be, “On to phases two and three!”  Paulie Walnuts’ plan went down like a drone piloted by a blind folded man who lost a hand in chainsaw accident riding the tilt-a-whirl at the state fair.  So what’s keeping the GOP from moving on to phases to and three of their boneheaded three part plan? 

What is preventing enacting phase II right now?   Why can’t DHS Secretary Tom Price still work his magic unwinding all of those “as the secretary determines” parts of Robertscare?  It seems to me that there is not one thing preventing Secretary Price from doing what Paulie Walnuts said we would be doing in Phase II of his failed bill.  There are over 1,400 citations in Robertscare that allow the secretary to set the rules.  So get on with it Secretary Price.  Maybe by keeping your word in this area you could generate some good will among the Freedom Caucus that you are serious about scrapping the mess that is Robertscare.

There is also nothing preventing the congress from proposing other repeal bills.  I like this one, a one sentence repel of Robertscare.  I’d also like to see a bill requiring all of the Caligula, D.C. swell required to live under the healthcare plan that they have foisted off on us.  The azzbags exempted themselves from the bag of excrement they expect the rest of to live under.  Also PDJT can revoke all of those waivers Obama issued to his donors and political allies. 

One way to expose how crummy a law is, is to relentlessly enforce it.  The sooner everyone is under the thumb of the stupidity that is Robertscare the easier it will be to gather public support to drive a stake through the heart of the abomination.

But what are we crazy?  It’s Caligula, D.C.  Do we really expect them to do anything other than voting themselves a raise and more time off?

Monday, March 27, 2017

Banning cars, the new ITF weapons of mass murder and Walnuts must go

Much of the “common sense” gun confiscation crowd argue that guns should be registered, licensed and gun owners be trained and licensed as well.  I wonder if the anti-gun crowd has noticed what the latest Islamo-Terror-Fascist’s weapons of choice are.  The dumbazz gun grab crowd probably has not been able to put two plus two together and get four while noticing that their beloved* ITF are destroying their argument.  The ITF are using highly regulated, registered and licensed motor vehicles and kitchen knives to conduct their terror.

So if the ITF can rent a truck and mow down 80 or so people in France, 2 score in London, a handful at The Ohio State University etc. etc, will there be a movement to ban motor vehicles?  Doubt it, but maybe PDJT will propose a temporary ban on Mooooslim drivers.  Or maybe we can temporary ban Moooslim drivers entering the country from, say, six hot beds of ITF radicalism.

While we’re – okay while I am on the subject of gun grabbers, why is that the “common sense gun control” crowd never offers a repeal and replace Second Amendment?   They are forever railing against the Second Amendment, but they never offer a “common sense” replacement.  Instead they use radical, unelected, unaccountable judges to advance their agenda.  They try to kill the Second Amendment with 10,000 cuts, a method akin to putting a frog in pan and then slowly turning up the heat.   Each individual cut seems insignificant, and it’s too late when you notice that you have been cut enough that you might actually bleed to death.

So the next time any of these “common sense” gun control bills are introduced the Dopes ought to be told, “We know what you are up to.  Show me what you think the Second Amendment should look like.”  That challenge will look like one of two things.  One, the Dopes would simply advocate for repeal the Second Amendment.  Second, they will replace the 27 plain words of the Second Amendment with a 4 volume set of unreadable rules and regulations a la Robertscare.

Walnuts should step down as speaker, then resign, then go home, then engage in the only thing he is qualified for by opening a BS recycling center – bring your own bull
Here’s about everything you need to know about Paulie Walnuts’ effort on his 61st bill to repeal and replace bill for Robertscare.  Ironically Republicans and Walnuts were able to get the first 60 through the House when they were sure Obama would veto the bills.  When success was on the cusp, Walnuts knowingly sabotaged the process.

But just being a loser isn’t Paulie’s only fault.  He’s also a quitter.  So Walnuts takes a swing and a miss at a slow ball – a slow ball so devastatingly slow that it took it 7+ years to get to the plate.  Then instead of digging in and looking for another pitch, Walnuts says it’s time to quit on Robertscare repeal and replace.  So one pitch into the 1st inning and Walnuts admits he’s a dope and a quitter.  As Bluto from Animal House once famously said to buck up the troops when they were down and out, “Did we quit when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.”  For Walnuts the answer to that question apparently is – yes, and if they didn’t they should have.

But if Walnuts is a loser and a quitter at least he’s lazy.  After coaching his team to a crushing defeat, Walnuts is giving everyone the month of April off.  The House will work a paltry 8 days in the month of April.  Now I’m usually very happy when the Caligula, D.C. bunch is out of session, because that means they are not screwing the country or lining their pockets with money stolen from the treasury.  But when you get thumped like Walnuts did, you’d think he’d be telling the team that they all needed to work harder not taking a month off.

Can someone explain to me why it is that these pampered weasels can only do one thing at a time?  Healthcare is supposedly done.  Why?  They never even voted on it.  Why not take away everyone’s cell phone put them in a room in a room and lock the door for the month of April or until they hammer something out?

I’m going to try to use the lazy Caligula, D.C. approach the next time Mrs. Lex asks me to help out.  “Honey I’d love to, but I’ve already emptied the ashtray in living room and I still have to walk out to get the mail this afternoon.  So you can see how much I’ve already accomplished and I’m pretty much taxed to the limits of endurance.  We’ll get a whole lot more done if don’t try to burn the candle at both ends.  Oh, I’m taking all of next month off by the way.”

Is it any wonder why these azzweasels are held in such utter contempt?

Friday, March 24, 2017

The leaderless House Republicans and the smoking gun

The one thing the whole healthcare bill has proven is that Paulie Walnuts is a horrible, terrible, miserable, no good, BS, Bozo of a leader.  The Republicans have had 8 years (Two years under Paulie Walnuts) to get this squared away.  8 years later here we sit under a pile of Paulie Walnuts inspired excrement that Republicans seems to think the only way out from under is to pile up more excrement on top of us.

Then PDJT is called in to try to save the pile of excrement and to spray enough air freshener on Capitol Hill to make Paulie look like a leader.  He isn’t.  As the gunny once said of an inept squad leader, he couldn’t lead men out of the dark if he were positioned in the middle of the parade deck at noon.

If this is what we have to look forward to with regard to tax cuts, we’re all f’ed.  PDJT needs to get Walnuts in the Oval Office and say, “Look you are the speaker in name only from now on.  Everything legislative will now be run through Bannon’s office.  If you fight me on this you’ll exposed for the worthless back bench follower that you are.  So, Paulie, if you like your nice office and the perks of your speakership you will listen to Bannon.  When he tells you to jump, the only acceptable response will from you will be, ‘How high?’ on the way up.   Got it?  Get out.”

This whole thing has now come down to PDJT issuing a letter to the Freedom Caucus ensuring them that “phase two” of the process will give them much of what they want.  Apparently Walnuts’ word in these matters inside the caucus is worth about as much as spilled popcorn at the movies. 

We conservatives have been down this Caligula, D.C. road to nowhere 1,000 times.  The reward for selling out always comes in phase 2, 3 or 3,000.  Then mysteriously we never get past phase 1 – the sellout phase.

The smoking gun on PDJT’s “wiretapping” claim?
We’ll see.  I doubt it.  It is more likely to be a 3 bank combo shot where you have to have the intuition of a mother hen, the deductive skills of Sherlock and the reasoning skills of Einstein to put the pieces together to get the big picture of this puzzle with half the pieces missing.

Lex explained this.  The wiretaps were “legal”, totally unnecessary, worthless to any degree of national security and authorized strictly on a basis of how much “incidental” information could be swept up from the “target’s” interaction with the REAL TARGET - Team Trump.

Remember PDJT has often mentioned that China’s largest bank is a tenant in Trump Tower.  So the spooks “target” the bank on the 5th floor and then say, “Ooops, look at what we just ‘incidentally swept up’ on the transition team on the 57th floor.”

It’s all BS.  Of course Obama surveilled Trump.

Exit question
If the latest London Islamo-Terror-Fascist is a "lone wolf" why do they keep arresting people?

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Only an idiot believes Obama didn't surveil Trump & his team

The fact that the chairman of house committee on intel has told us that PDJT’s transition team was surveilled has made no dent in the #Nevertrumper’s temper tantrum like fit – “NO THEY WEREN”T!!!”  The #Nevertrumsters are hanging their hats on Nunes’ use of the word “inadvertently”.  In other words, the Trump team was surveilled incidental to surveillance of other targets.

We had surveillance on the Russian ambassador so anyone talking to that guy was “inadvertently” surveilled as well.  Except that Nunes also told us the surveillance in question had nothing to with Russia.  Seems to me it would be better all the way around for the #Nevertrumpers if was the Russians.  We know why we are surveilling the Russians.  If the Trump team was “swept up” in surveillance of the Lithuanian undersecretary for post cards and travel brochures that would lead me to question who the real “target” of the surveillance was.

The #Nevertrumpsters, including Charles Krauthammer, are poo pooing the report as inconsistent with PDJT’s claim that Obama surveilled him.  My immediate reaction to Trump’s claim was, well of course Obama surveilled Trump.  Nunes’s revelation is just one more piece in the “well no $h!t” theory that Obama was wiretapping Trump.

So Obama, doing his best Henry II impersonation, says, “Will no one get me some dirt on this meddlesome outsider?  Uh, without getting caught.”  So the bright guys in intel wishing to please the king say, “Trump’s team is friends with the Lithuanian undersecretary for post cards and travel brochures.  Let’s surveil the Lithuanian and see what we ‘inadvertently’ sweep up on the Trumpsters.”  And it goes on from there.  They surveil the Lithuanian.  When that doesn’t pay off, they “target” a Coke-a-Cola exec from Lower Slobovia.  When that doesn’t pay off, they “target” the delivery guy – a third generation Irish immigrant.  Then they “target” a Trump aide who used Russian salad dressing on his salad at lunch.  They continue to “target” everyone on the periphery of the Trump team but NEVER target the team.  It’s all BS.

There is nothing coming from the #Nevertrumpsters that will convince me that there was not a coordinated effort by US intelligence to surveil the Trump team.    That has been my position from the start.  To me, Obama surveilling Trump is as common sense as Reagan surveilling the Russians.  Of course he surveilled Trump.  The difficulty is proving it.

The Demo-Dopes are upset with Nunes for outing the surveillance.  Chief Dope azzweasel Adam Schiff says the House investigation has possibly been compromised by Nunes’ revelations.  Really?  Was Schiff upset when Jimmy the shape shifter Comey revealed an investigation into Trump’s transition team?  No.  I don’t think he was.

Another “lone wolf” attack?  No.  It’s a pack of lone wolves doing what Islamo-Terror-Fascist have directed them to do.  The problem is not “lone wolves” – an oxymoron.  The problem is Islam.

Exhibit one:  London’s Muslim mayor says terror attacks are just part of living in a big city.  Well they wouldn’t be if were not for your BS brand of “religion”.

Exhibit two:  Turkish President Erdogan has warned “not a single European, not a single Westerner will be able to take a step on the road safely anytime in the world”.  Erdogan was shaking the West down for a more liberal migration policy.  Turkey should be kicked out of NATO and Erdogan should have a cruise missile run up his azz if he doesn’t very publicly apologize. 

Healthcare Bill
I don’t know which way this will fall.  My sense is that enough Republicans will figure out a way to make money for themselves off the bill to drag it across the line.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Slip Mahoney takes on Judge Gorsuch

I’m pretty tuned out to the Neil Gorsuch hearings.  The main reason for that is because I don’t care to waste my time listening to a bunch of brain-dead octogenarian millionaire boobs trying to trip the smartest guy in the room up with stupid repetitive questions.  The only thing more insufferable than a bunch of idiots preening for the camera doing their best impressions of Slip Mahoney trying to act smart is a bunch of moral lepers who have made a career out of lying and stealing from the treasury impugning the integrity of a decent man.

Typical line of questioning:  Ah Majesty Gorsuch greetings and salvations to this here inquisition into your disqualifications into your physically fitness to stand in a chair on this here country’s udder mostest court in our sweet lands of liberalty.    Now, and this here is very impotent, do yoos believe that our Constipation is a living perspiring thing?    

I don’t get this at all.  How in the world can a law be malleable?  Seems to me the law cannot be left to whims and vagaries of individual judges.   It seems to me legislation has no meaning if laws are living breathing things left to the political leanings of every judge in the country.  That is a recipe for chaos, which for the Demo-Dopes is mission complete.

How would you like to get into a game of poker where the rules are a “living breathing” thing?  So lemmesee, it’s a Wednesday in March so a hand of a 2 of clubs, a 3 of hearts, a 9 spades, any diamond and a one eyed jack takes the pot.  Hoo Hoo!  I win.  Hold on there pilgrim.  It’s now after 11pm on a Wednesday in March so my 8 of clubs, 4 of hearts, queen hearts, king of diamonds and 5 of spades tops your pile of poo.  No. No. No. You’re both wrong.  This ain’t California.  Those west coast rules don’t mean $h1t in Ohio.  Hey, guys I have 4 aces.  Don’t I win?  Are you crazy?  What do think this is 2005 poker?  That’s when poker had rules.  We playing under the 2017 living poker rules.

I don’t know why we go through this BS.  I blame Mitch McConnell for this.  Hearings on Gorsuch should have started 2 weeks after he was announced.  Opening statements should have been required in writing only for the record.  Why would anyone give these lying azzbags more than 10 seconds for an “opening statement”?  Questioning should have lasted 8 hours, and they should have voted a month ago.

I am woman hear me quit
The US women’s hockey team is boycotting the championships over some “equal pay protest.”  Equal pay for equal work.  Oaky.  Do they achieve equal ratings?  Doubt it.  Case closed.  Fire every last one of them.  Disband the team the team.  Burn the jerseys and equipment.  Release a statement saying equal pay was not the issues as the team knew what the pay was from the start.  The plain simple fact is that this group of women was scared $h!tless of their opponents and took a BS easy way out from a series of extreme azzwhippin’s.  What an embarrassment.  Good riddance.  I wouldn’t have wasted one minute of my valuable TV watching time looking at women’s hockey.   And that ladies is why you don’t make as much money.  

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Men dominating women's sports, wiretaps and FBI investigating Lex

Men starting to dominate women’s sports
Well, well, well who’d of thunk men would take advantage of women – legally - given the opportunity?  Another women’s sports championship, this time a weightlifting, has been won by a man.  Who was it who said this tranny stuff would only hurt women?  Oh, that’s right it was Lex.

Is this what law makers had in mind when they passed Title IX?  You remember Title IX.  The bill passed by congress that makes it mandatory for successful men to pay for every want and desire of unsuccessful women – right.  Okay that’s not exactly what Title IX says.  It says successful men’s sports have to subsidize women’s sports so unpopular even the participant’s parents don’t pay to see their little darlings play.

Okay that’s a pretty gratuitous shot at Title IX.  But when reduced to the obvious, Tite IX is nothing more than making the boys pay for the girls.  I thought all of the “I am woman hear me roar” BS was about getting away from - the heroic man has to pay for the helpless women – stereotypical paradigms?

Now it’s all evened out, because before long, men will dominate women’s sports as well as men’s sports.

Finding wiretappers
No one has any proof to support PDJT’s accusation that he was “wiretapped” by Obama.  Leaving aside the – of course he was wiretapped, Obama wiretapped everyone proof – it’s not much of a stretch to think the guy who sicced the IRS on us ordinary American citizens for political purposes would have no compunction what-so-ever wiretapping a politically enemy trashing his make believe legacy every night for 18 months.

Well to me it’s a no brainer.  Of course there’s no proof.  The guys looking for wiretapping are coming from the exact same organization doing the wiretapping in the first place.  Add that with the fact that we’d all like to think that our snoops and spooks are capable of conducting a wiretap without getting caught and what you have is an unlikelihood that any evidence is going to surface. 

So what’s PDJT’s game?  I don’t know.  Maybe someone inside the deep state has given him the evidence and he’s just seeing how many Caligula, D.C. and MSM azzbags can be persuaded to take the bait before setting the hook.  Maybe the only proof PDJT has is the long string of MSM reports indicating government wiretaps.  My guess is that there will be some ginormous spinning going on – on both sides - when this thing breaks for real.  Or doesn’t break.  Maybe it limps along for another couple of months until it’s overshadowed by the war with North Korea.  

Lex investigated by the FBI?
This piece talks about the FBI investigating “far right websites.”  First off, as the three loyal readers know, this site is as moderate as they come.  Lex has just not mastered the weasel words.  When a fat slob of a gal who stinks walks into the diner that’s exactly how she is going to be described on this page, instead of saying, “A slovenly heavyset woman seriously smelling of garlic stepped into an eating establishment.”

Is there a whiff of totalitarianism in any of this?  Seems to me if it were not, the headline would have been “Government investigating extreme websites” – which is still a problem because who gets to decide to what is far right or extreme?  So to Jimmy the shape shifter Comey can come investigate the ever mainstream Lex E. Libertas. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

The truth is PDJT's travel ban will have no effect on Islamo-Terror-Fascist recruitment what-so-ever

This line of crappola from the Kansas City Star showed up on the local fish wrap's editorial page.  I'll save you the time.  It's the same old Lefty Lib song, "Why do they hate us?" applied to PDJT's temporary travel ban.  So Lex mustered the strength to respond with this letter:  

Regarding the headline, “Travel ban would have made US less safe”, which appeared in the March 17, 2017 Perspective section of the JG, anyone who has opened a history book or has a lick of common sense knows the headline should have read, “The travel ban will make no difference.”

The notion that a sovereign country setting forth common sense travel and immigration policies for entry into that country will act as a tool for terrorists to recruit crazed jihadist willing to blow themselves, innocent women and children and even fellow Muslims to smithereens in the name of Allah demonstrates the self-defeating nature of arguing that it’s the policies that make us less safe.  No.  It’s the crazed lunatic jihadists that make us less safe.

The headline is latest version of the old saw, “Why do they hate us?”  The argument is akin to a battered woman sitting in the dark sobbing, lip split, eye swollen wondering what she can do to keep her man happy enough to stop beating her.  Everything she has tried to do or stop doing to date has just resulted in further beatings.

So it has been with the US and Islamic terrorist since the Barbary Pirates.   We have been in an on-going war that they have declared on us.  Nothing we have done to date has appeased them.  Buying their oil hasn’t.  Providing their defense hasn’t.  Shedding American blood and treasure defending their people from despots, satraps and fellow travelers in the “religion of peace” in the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe hasn’t.  Even dispatching our great Nobel Laurate for Peace to the Middle East for an extended tour of bowing, groveling and apologizing seems to have done little to stem the flow of jihadist recruits.

Like the battered woman, maybe it’s time we as a nation wise up.  It’s not us.  It’s them.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Can Republicans govern? I doubt it.

Lex has a bug of some sort, so this short post is likely going to be more disjointed than usual.  In the post under Lex lays the truth about Islam bare.  Today let’s tell the truth about the Rat establishment Republican Party. 

For 7+ years these azzweasels have been bitching about Robertscare.  They have sent an endless line of repeal and replace legislation to Obama only to have that legislation vetoed Obama.  Now they have a Republican president who will sign the bill and they still cannot get legislation passed.  What in the hell have you been doing for the last 7+ years?

You probably thought that since Rat establishment Republicans have been running on repealing and replacing Robertscare for 7+ years that they had some sense of what would come next.   You’d be wrong. The Rat establishment Republicans were as stunned by November’s election results as Hillary. 

Now that it’s time to put up or shut up Paulie Walnuts and Mitch are caught flatfooted with no clue how to proceed.  It’s obvious the only way out of this mess is for PDJT to cancel the congressional recess that has them “working” only 8 days in April.  PDJT should put senate and house conferees in a room and lock the door until white smoke pours forth from the chimney.  

Exit question:  Why wasn’t there a bicameral Republican working group meeting weekly to put together what the framework of repeal and replace bill would look like?

Friday, March 10, 2017

The truth is out there and will not go away

I have been given a meritorious day off.  I’ve ignored that to send off this short post.  How do I put this in the gentlest way possible?  Here goes: Islam is the problem.  If you happen to be on the wrong side of it, the truth is a horrible thing.  Truth is like gravity.  It is always there.  If I wake up this morning and decide that I identify as a person for whom the laws of gravity do not apply and throw myself off the barn roof to float up the house, the truth of the gravel driveway will smack me hard and maybe knock some sense into my empty head.  I may “identify” as man for whom the laws of gravity do not apply but the truth will not cooperate with my feelings.

The truth is that Islam is the problem with so much that is haywire in the world today.  The Middle East is a crap hole because of Islam.  Care for refugees is a crap shoot because of Islam.  Conflict around the world is largely grounded in Islam.   Now we could change Islam to radical Islamic terrorists (or as Lex refers to them Islamo-Terror-Fascists).  I have no problem with that as far as it goes, but the truth is that it doesn’t go far enough.

The truth is found in Robert Spencer’s book The Truth about Muhammad.    In that book Spencer uses the Hadiths and words of Islam itself that is the cause for many of the inhuman actions of the ITF.  For the truth look at Europe wherever these practitioners of the religion of peace have been allowed to flow unrestricted into the country.  Rape and mayhem are now the orders of the day in those places.  Now are those trouble making “refugees” all ITF?  Probably not, but they are all followers of Islam. 

Polls show that large percentages of Muslims that do not participate in the gross inhumanity engaged in by the ITF still support those activities.  Perfectly okay to behead someone for drawing a picture Mooohammmadddd.  Perfectly okay to blow yourself up in an Israeli pizza place.  The “lone wolf” is not so lone wolf.  They all seem to be inspired by the religion of peace, and the practitioners of that sham religion apparently have no problem with those atrocities being performed in their religion's name - which is the problem.

And that’s the truth.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Just dump it

Dumping Robertscare
I don’t know a thing about the new healthcare bill.  My sense is that, because it is coming out of Caligula, D.C., it will be a scam.  The ruling class azzhats will figure out how to make money off of whatever they pass. 

It’s pretty obvious that PDJT is going to have to personally drag this thing across the line.  The Demo-Dopes are shameful.  They know that Robertscare is in a death spiral.  What do they do?  Nothing.  The entire damn party would rather the healthcare system in America collapse rather than offer help in passing a workable healthcare plan. 

This is American politics.  No one gets everything.  Worst case just repeal Robertscare.  That would force the Dopes to participate in the replacement product.

Moles in the CIA
The FBI is investigating the leaks in the CIA.  Wonderful.  Snoops investigating snoops.  My sense is that, because clandestine hacking is what the perps do for a living, the FBI is going to have to be very clever to catch them.  But if they do catch them, the perps ought to be very publicly shot for treason.  Until you are willing to shoot one or two of the bastards this kinda of thing will continue.

A Day Without Women?  How’d it go?
Phew!  Made it.  It was a day without women without incident.  Cereal for breakfast – check.  Hotdogs for lunch – check.  Sports bar for dinner – double check.  No problem.  I think to be truly effective women will need to add up the total number of pairs of underwear owned by men.  Divide that number by 7.  Then double that number which will be give them the number of consecutive days required to make their strike effective.

So I get back from the sports bar and Mrs. Lex is still up.  I shout, “I’m home.”  She says, “Okay.”  The Day Without Women officially comes to an end.  Can we do this once a month?

The event was billed as “International Women’s day”.  So went looking for the women’s march Riyadh, Damascus, Tripoli and Tehran.  Oddly there’s was no coverage of women in any of those places ditching their burkas for pink pu**y hats.  Wonder why that is?  Why is it pampered whining weaklings b*tch about their plight in life while people in real dire straits go about their business eking out a life? 

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

The swamp lives and is gaining power

The CIA has software that can they can use to hack people and make it look as if the Russians did it.  That’s great!  Well, so far it’s great.  But it turns out the CIA has “lost control” of the hacking malware.  Huh?  Lost control?  WTF?  Had I “lost control” of a confidential slip of accountable paper in the USMC there’d have been heck to pay.  So who has been fired or sent to jail for losing control of highly classified material?  Well, it’s the government so no one is ever accountable.

The first question that comes to my mind is, if you’ve “lost control” of this highly classified material, what else have you lost control of?  And remember, the leaks have nothing to do with the lost control.  The leak only reports the incompetence.

Incredible!  The CIA lost control of its surveillance stuff!?  So that means the surveillance on PDJT could have been performed by rouge deep state Dope operatives without a warrant or DNI Curly Clapper’s knowledge.  It could also mean that CIA azzbags could have hacked the Dopes and pinned it on Russia.
PREDICTION:  During the congressional investigation into Russian/CIA “hacking of the election” watch for a question like, “What is the likelihood that someone within the CIA hacked the DNC and made it look as if the Russians did it?”  Answer:  “Highly unlikely.  Nearly impossible.  Less likely than being mauled by a polar bear and being struck by lightning on the same day.   Couldn’t happen.”  Follow up:  “How sure were you that the CIA would be able to keep control of the surveillance software and the 8,000 pages of CIA secrets now on Wikileaks before 7 Mar?”  Answer:  A stupid look.  Answering in the same way the first question was answered defeats the first answer.  Admitting that there was a good chance that control would be lost and secrets leaked makes the CIA look incompetent.  Which is exactly what losing control of surveillance malware and having secrets leaked makes the CIA look like today.

 While we’re on the subject of the congressional investigation into Russian hacking and Obama wiretapping, right now the ONLY thing would be truly shocking on any of this is if there is actually a trail leading back to anyone of significance.  Remember the IRS inquiry led to three low level employees in the Cincinnati office.  Fat and Furious perps were promoted and transferred.  Surveillance of AP and Fox news reporters was forgotten in days. 

Sure the MSM will relentless push the Russian hacking story, but unless PDJT solves the case himself, the surveillance investigation against Trump is going exactly nowhere.

The Caligula, D.C. swamp is feeding on itself.  PDJT needs mass firings of government bureaucrats starting today. 

Conspiracy Theory 3-17
Shrillda the Hutt and her slack jawed old man knew that they were losing ground to Trump as early as June 2016.  That knowledge is what led to the rapist former president barging onto Lo Lynch’s plane in AZ in Jun.  Some quid pro quo is worked out in exchange for surveillance of the Trump campaign. 

It’s a perfect cover.  Everyone assumes the Sleekmeister was up there trying to keep the pantsuited one out of prison.  The Only thing that would have suited the azzbag more than having his wife locked up for 10-15 is having access to White House.  They weren’t talking about keeping the blister bag out of prison.  They were talking about an insurance policy to get the blister bag into the Oval Office. 

Hey!  Don’t shout BS.   It’s as good a theory as any other half-baked conspiracy theory.

Profiled it
Drudge Headline: Chaos: Violent Flash of Mob of 100 Teens Wreak Havoc in Philly

Violence begets…?

Several posts under Lex points out that if the leftist mobs persisted in violence against conservative speakers and PDJT supporters while cops did nothing it wouldn’t be long before the other side hit back.  We have reached that point. 

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Another congressional investigation to nowhere

Every time PDJT’s accusation of Obama administration’s surveillance of Trump Tower is mentioned it is preceded by the word “unsubstantiated”.  I don’t get it.  Is the case laid out by Mark Levin in the post under not proof?  I guess not.  That means everyone has changed sides on this issue.

PDJT is touting fake media sources for the bases of his accusations of wiretapping and the fake news sources are now throwing their reports and reporters under the bus by saying there is no proof. 

So if the MSM doesn’t believe their own reporters maybe they’ll believe Harry the roach Reid and Hillary.  Obviously they knew something was going on with surveillance on Trump, or at least it would seem.

I am pretty sure Dopes surveilled Trump.  I am pretty sure nothing will come of it.  How do I know?  Well did anything come of Benghazi?  Did anything come of Fast and Furious?  Did anything come of the IRS scandal?  How many dirt bags went to jail behind any of those?  Oh, nearly one.  No one went to jail. 

The congressional investigation into this will end the same way they all do.  Months of preening by elected azzbags taking 10 minutes to ask a 30 second question.   All BS.  All a waste of time.  All a colossal waste of time and money.

There’s also the dynamic of having the deep state investigating the deep state. 

Add all of that up then add in the factor of the MSM flying top cover the Dopes and subverting the Republicans and you get a big fat zero.

The ONLY thing that can change the equation of congressional incompetence in these things is PDJT.  He can negate the MSM and I think he has some evidence that’s not out there.  He’s playing the rope a dope to draw the Dopes in then hammer them. 

Monday, March 06, 2017

It's either all true or the MSM are total liars. Wait it could all be: It's all true AND the MSM are total liars

Well I don’t know what to make of PDJT’s allegations that Obama had Trump Tower bugged in the month leading up to the election.  On the one hand there is the seemingly ironclad case laid out here by The Great One Mark Levin.  The way Levin lays out the case, it seems pretty air tight. 

On the other hand you have Demo-Dopes from the Obama team issuing lawyerly like denial that Obama never ordered any wiretaps on Trump.  And we have to believe them because they’ve never done anything like had the IRS come down on conservative organizations for nothing more than being conservative.  Then we have well-known liar Jimmy “Curly” Clapper issuing a flat out denial that DNI had anything to with it.  We also have FBI Director Jimmy “which way is the wind blowing” Comey reportedly asking DOJ to refute PDJT’s claim.

The MSM which needs no proof what-so-ever to level charges of Trump/Russian collusion in “hacking the US election”, is now requiring the smoking gun proof for allegations of Obama tapping Trump.  When directed to their own reporting via Levin for the proof, the MSM ignores the MSM or contradicts their own reporting. 

This case has more ups and downs than MC Escher’s Relativity.  I have no idea what’s going on.  We may need to get Charlie Chan, Colombo, Kojak, Ironsides, Manix and Sam Spade all working to unravel this one.  It seems to me all PDJT has to do is declassify the FISA court order of the taps – if there is one.  I doubt that there will be any clear cut end to this.  The deep state has the shredders running on high and they have been since PDJT's first tweet on the subject on Saturday.  Also check out the movie Z for a feel of how hard it is crack a government conspiracy.  Now it turns out there isn’t any FISA court order, PDJT can point to the lyin’ fake news MSM for causing the mess.  The good news for Jeff Sessions is that he has likely been pushed out of the news cycle for a couple of days.  

My advice to PDJT, as if he takes anyone’s advice, is to keep going at the speed of light on his agenda while the Dopes and MSM are chasing their collective tails on the Tapgate.    Like a fire walker, you have got to stay focused and move quickly.
What is an ambassador’s job?
Who knew that the Russian ambassador was meeting with government officials?  What’s his job?   To meet with government officials.  Oh.  Then who asked him to do that?  Well, actually the host country invites the ambassador in.  Very strange.  We invite Russia to send an ambassador to the USA to meet with US officials and somehow it’s a big deal that US officials are meeting with the Russian ambassador.  PDJT should just ask the Dopes straight up if they’d prefer that he ban all government officials from meeting with Russian government officials and order the Russian ambassador out of the country.

One thing is certain
Weak weasely Rat establishment Republicans are going to be of zero help.  

Friday, March 03, 2017

Before there is no one left to defend, the Republicans better start defending their own

 I’m not sure the Republicans learned anything from PDJT’s stunning GOP primary win and even more remarkable general election win last Nov.  PDJT did not win by submitting to Demo-Dope and MSM attacks and begging forgiveness for not being sufficiently compliant with Dope/MSM wishes to kill off his own campaigns.  PDJT hit back hard every time.

So even before the story about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Russia meetings had cleared the wire, the usual band of Dope azzbags, Chuckels Scummer, Grand Nan from San Fran et al, were calling for Sessions’ resignation.  After November’s stunner you’d think the Republicans would have learned to blast away at the Dopes and their purveyors fake news in defense of Sessions.  You’d be wrong.  Rat establishment Republicans were true to form throwing one of their own under the bus in order to deflect any unwanted Dope/MSM scrutiny from themselves. 

ReR should know by now whoever the daily target is they are not the real target.  The Dope/MSM target is the entirety of the Republican Party and anyone else supporting PDJT. Sessions is the current target of opportunity.  The ReR had better get a clue and start hitting back, because before long there won’t be any more bodies to throw in front of the Dope bus.  The only left will be themselves, and the Dope will be headed right for them.

There is no reason to allow mental midgets like Schumer, Pelosi and Supreme Dumbazz Clair McCaskill have a free reign on this.  McCaskill said in 10 years on the Senate Armed Services Committee she’d never met with the Russian Ambassador.  Well first off why would anyone interested in productive, meaningful, thoughtful conversation of substance contact a hack Dope back bencher?  That’d be like sports writer wanting to know what makes Tom Brady tick asking for a meeting with the parking attendant at Gillette Stadium.  McCaskill is to the Congress and the US Armed Services what Walter Mitty was to the war effort – a big fat nothing.   Besides it turnned out the dumbazz did meet with the Russians.

I do not know why Republican will not stand and protect one of their own from a pack baying hyenas.  Ask John McCain how well playing nice with hyenas went for him.  It was swell while he was pillorying his own team.  Once he thought he could run the country better than a Dope, he himself was descended upon by his own pack.

When someone was talking BS in the locker room about someone else, there was a two word retort that sums up what the Republican response to Scummer, Peloser and McCaskill should be, F__k off.  Let me get my “plain English to Caligula, D.C. speak” translator out.  Lemmesee, Ah here it is, “To my good friend and colleague, the esteemed senator from New York, these false and scurrilous charges are beneath contempt and bring great discredit upon this chamber, the good senator and the entire working of civil, responsive, compassionate and cooperative governance of this great nation, which was founded on the principle of fair play, fair trails, fair trade and fair weather none of which is on display in my good friend’s unjust, uninformed, unmerited, unreasonable and unwarranted blasphemous attacks on a former colleague who has proven himself to be above reproach, a proud American, a solid family man, a high minded man of good Christian moral….blah…blah…blah”

Well I don’t have time to translate the entire passage so let’s go back to the plain English version.  Hey!  Chucky!  F__K OFF!