Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Slip Mahoney takes on Judge Gorsuch

I’m pretty tuned out to the Neil Gorsuch hearings.  The main reason for that is because I don’t care to waste my time listening to a bunch of brain-dead octogenarian millionaire boobs trying to trip the smartest guy in the room up with stupid repetitive questions.  The only thing more insufferable than a bunch of idiots preening for the camera doing their best impressions of Slip Mahoney trying to act smart is a bunch of moral lepers who have made a career out of lying and stealing from the treasury impugning the integrity of a decent man.

Typical line of questioning:  Ah Majesty Gorsuch greetings and salvations to this here inquisition into your disqualifications into your physically fitness to stand in a chair on this here country’s udder mostest court in our sweet lands of liberalty.    Now, and this here is very impotent, do yoos believe that our Constipation is a living perspiring thing?    

I don’t get this at all.  How in the world can a law be malleable?  Seems to me the law cannot be left to whims and vagaries of individual judges.   It seems to me legislation has no meaning if laws are living breathing things left to the political leanings of every judge in the country.  That is a recipe for chaos, which for the Demo-Dopes is mission complete.

How would you like to get into a game of poker where the rules are a “living breathing” thing?  So lemmesee, it’s a Wednesday in March so a hand of a 2 of clubs, a 3 of hearts, a 9 spades, any diamond and a one eyed jack takes the pot.  Hoo Hoo!  I win.  Hold on there pilgrim.  It’s now after 11pm on a Wednesday in March so my 8 of clubs, 4 of hearts, queen hearts, king of diamonds and 5 of spades tops your pile of poo.  No. No. No. You’re both wrong.  This ain’t California.  Those west coast rules don’t mean $h1t in Ohio.  Hey, guys I have 4 aces.  Don’t I win?  Are you crazy?  What do think this is 2005 poker?  That’s when poker had rules.  We playing under the 2017 living poker rules.

I don’t know why we go through this BS.  I blame Mitch McConnell for this.  Hearings on Gorsuch should have started 2 weeks after he was announced.  Opening statements should have been required in writing only for the record.  Why would anyone give these lying azzbags more than 10 seconds for an “opening statement”?  Questioning should have lasted 8 hours, and they should have voted a month ago.

I am woman hear me quit
The US women’s hockey team is boycotting the championships over some “equal pay protest.”  Equal pay for equal work.  Oaky.  Do they achieve equal ratings?  Doubt it.  Case closed.  Fire every last one of them.  Disband the team the team.  Burn the jerseys and equipment.  Release a statement saying equal pay was not the issues as the team knew what the pay was from the start.  The plain simple fact is that this group of women was scared $h!tless of their opponents and took a BS easy way out from a series of extreme azzwhippin’s.  What an embarrassment.  Good riddance.  I wouldn’t have wasted one minute of my valuable TV watching time looking at women’s hockey.   And that ladies is why you don’t make as much money.  

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