Monday, March 06, 2017

It's either all true or the MSM are total liars. Wait it could all be: It's all true AND the MSM are total liars

Well I don’t know what to make of PDJT’s allegations that Obama had Trump Tower bugged in the month leading up to the election.  On the one hand there is the seemingly ironclad case laid out here by The Great One Mark Levin.  The way Levin lays out the case, it seems pretty air tight. 

On the other hand you have Demo-Dopes from the Obama team issuing lawyerly like denial that Obama never ordered any wiretaps on Trump.  And we have to believe them because they’ve never done anything like had the IRS come down on conservative organizations for nothing more than being conservative.  Then we have well-known liar Jimmy “Curly” Clapper issuing a flat out denial that DNI had anything to with it.  We also have FBI Director Jimmy “which way is the wind blowing” Comey reportedly asking DOJ to refute PDJT’s claim.

The MSM which needs no proof what-so-ever to level charges of Trump/Russian collusion in “hacking the US election”, is now requiring the smoking gun proof for allegations of Obama tapping Trump.  When directed to their own reporting via Levin for the proof, the MSM ignores the MSM or contradicts their own reporting. 

This case has more ups and downs than MC Escher’s Relativity.  I have no idea what’s going on.  We may need to get Charlie Chan, Colombo, Kojak, Ironsides, Manix and Sam Spade all working to unravel this one.  It seems to me all PDJT has to do is declassify the FISA court order of the taps – if there is one.  I doubt that there will be any clear cut end to this.  The deep state has the shredders running on high and they have been since PDJT's first tweet on the subject on Saturday.  Also check out the movie Z for a feel of how hard it is crack a government conspiracy.  Now it turns out there isn’t any FISA court order, PDJT can point to the lyin’ fake news MSM for causing the mess.  The good news for Jeff Sessions is that he has likely been pushed out of the news cycle for a couple of days.  

My advice to PDJT, as if he takes anyone’s advice, is to keep going at the speed of light on his agenda while the Dopes and MSM are chasing their collective tails on the Tapgate.    Like a fire walker, you have got to stay focused and move quickly.
What is an ambassador’s job?
Who knew that the Russian ambassador was meeting with government officials?  What’s his job?   To meet with government officials.  Oh.  Then who asked him to do that?  Well, actually the host country invites the ambassador in.  Very strange.  We invite Russia to send an ambassador to the USA to meet with US officials and somehow it’s a big deal that US officials are meeting with the Russian ambassador.  PDJT should just ask the Dopes straight up if they’d prefer that he ban all government officials from meeting with Russian government officials and order the Russian ambassador out of the country.

One thing is certain
Weak weasely Rat establishment Republicans are going to be of zero help.  

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