Thursday, March 09, 2017

Just dump it

Dumping Robertscare
I don’t know a thing about the new healthcare bill.  My sense is that, because it is coming out of Caligula, D.C., it will be a scam.  The ruling class azzhats will figure out how to make money off of whatever they pass. 

It’s pretty obvious that PDJT is going to have to personally drag this thing across the line.  The Demo-Dopes are shameful.  They know that Robertscare is in a death spiral.  What do they do?  Nothing.  The entire damn party would rather the healthcare system in America collapse rather than offer help in passing a workable healthcare plan. 

This is American politics.  No one gets everything.  Worst case just repeal Robertscare.  That would force the Dopes to participate in the replacement product.

Moles in the CIA
The FBI is investigating the leaks in the CIA.  Wonderful.  Snoops investigating snoops.  My sense is that, because clandestine hacking is what the perps do for a living, the FBI is going to have to be very clever to catch them.  But if they do catch them, the perps ought to be very publicly shot for treason.  Until you are willing to shoot one or two of the bastards this kinda of thing will continue.

A Day Without Women?  How’d it go?
Phew!  Made it.  It was a day without women without incident.  Cereal for breakfast – check.  Hotdogs for lunch – check.  Sports bar for dinner – double check.  No problem.  I think to be truly effective women will need to add up the total number of pairs of underwear owned by men.  Divide that number by 7.  Then double that number which will be give them the number of consecutive days required to make their strike effective.

So I get back from the sports bar and Mrs. Lex is still up.  I shout, “I’m home.”  She says, “Okay.”  The Day Without Women officially comes to an end.  Can we do this once a month?

The event was billed as “International Women’s day”.  So went looking for the women’s march Riyadh, Damascus, Tripoli and Tehran.  Oddly there’s was no coverage of women in any of those places ditching their burkas for pink pu**y hats.  Wonder why that is?  Why is it pampered whining weaklings b*tch about their plight in life while people in real dire straits go about their business eking out a life? 

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