Friday, January 29, 2016

Debate and other things

Debate round up
Didn’t watch.  Well okay I watched this much of it: during a commercial break from the Blacklist I switched over and caught Ted Cruz delivering this line, “And I promise when I’m elected president I will repeal every word of Robertscare (aka Obmacare).”  That is the exact same line I have heard him deliver in the other six debates and it was enough to convince me the whole thing was a rehash.  So like all of the other debates, Cruz won.  I’m still a Cruz guy so take that with a grain of salt.

Looking at some of the outtakes from the debate on the interweb though, it’s clear Cruz did not get my memo.  Trump is clearly still living rent free inside Ted’s head.  Let it go and concentrate on sealing the border and keeping Americans safe.  Just out Trump Trump.

As always, much of the debate was apparently centered around the moderators trying get the candidates to attack one another or defend past positions.  I propose a New Day Debate.  To wit;  It’s a new day in America.  We’ve all held positions in the past that we’ve rethought or been swayed to a new way of thinking on.   Hell I used to be a Browns fan.  Tonight we will simply ask the candidates where they stand on the issues of the day TODAY.  No more long lists of what a candidate said ten years ago.  Things change.  We need to know where the candidates stand today.  Any candidate who brings up a past position or past statements of another candidate will be tazed repeatedly by Officer Wiggum.  At the end of the debate we will ask the candidates to sign a pledge that if elected they will unfailingly support their positions as stated during this debate for the duration of their first term of office.  Also, if a moderator’s question takes more than 30 seconds to state or contains more than two dependent clauses, that moderator will be removed, shackled, stripped naked and horse whipped in the parking lot.  That entire event will be shown to viewers on a split screen.   

You want to talk ratings!  Through the roof baby.  Can’t wait for Monday’s Iowa results and 5 candidates announcing that they are “suspending” their campaigns to “spend more time with the family.” 

If you’re a Global warming cooling change denier you’re a pariah, if you’re Holocaust denier with loads of oil money you’re cool and get to meet the pope
Use to be outliers like this were shunned.  Now you’re only shunned if you expose the fakery of global warming cooling change, own a gun, practice Christianity or support a conservative idea.  This despicable POS had meeting and exchanged gifts with Pope Homer not too long ago.  Where exactly is there any common ground between an honest pope and this moron?  Homer would have sent a much better message had he refused the meeting and released this simple statement, “Hell is real.  Many are on its wide path.”

AlGore proves global warming cooling change is a hoax
Ten years ago AlGore predicted the end of the world if we did not address global warming cooling change.  Rush Limbaugh heard AlGore’sstatement and was skeptical, so he devoted a portion of his webpage to a 10 year countdown clock on AlGore’s prediction.  For ten years the clock was in the corner of the page counting down. On Tuesday it hit 00 days 00 hours 00 minutes 00 seconds.  There was no comment from AlGore saying, “Well maybe it’s 15 years.”  No Emily Litella’s “Never mind.”   We’re all still here and in spite of the doomsayers the earth has mysteriously refused to cooperate with their BS weather models by not showing any signs of warming for nearly two decades now.  In celebration of AlGore’s stupidity, Rush released this cool YouTube video.

Doing the work American won’t do
There’s this story about robots harvesting lettuce faster than a train load of illegal aliens.  Can tomatoes, apples, peaches, peppers etc. be far behind?  This is all a result of an explosion in the transducer market.  I demand congressional hearings on the transducer market before we’re all put out of work! 

As result of this development, here are a few of the headlines we’re sure to see shortly:
Chamber of Commerce still demanding open borders for cheap labor to do the work that robots won’t do like…uh give em a second. 

UAW robot picketers block robot manufacturing factory run exclusively by robots demanding to organize all robot workers

Demo-Dopes demand voting rights and shorter hours and better working conditions for robots

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fox alternately bashes then begs Trump

UPDATE: The fix is in
Back in the good old days when America wasn't run by a tyrant, there was guy over at MSNC called Kieth Olbermann, referred to on this page Olberdouche.  Olerdouch used to refer to Fox News as Fixed News.  Well ol' Olberdouch may have a point.  Lex has noted that Fox appears to be in the tank for any one of several GOP establishment candidates - specifically Rubio and JEB!!. Well it turn out the guy who has a hand in crafting the debate questions also has a daughter working on the Rubio campaign in a highly placed salaried position - Ast Communications Director.  Read all about here. 

I tried to watch Trump on The O’Really Factor last night
Billbo is such an insufferable azz I had to turn it off.  He has Trump on then interrupts him continuously.  Bilbo never addresses what now seems to be Trump’s chief complaint this snarky news release by Fox regarding Trump’s demand that Kelly get pulled:

“We learned from a secret back channel that the Ayatollah and Putin both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes president,” Fox News said in the statement to TheWrap on Tuesday, adding this gem: “A nefarious source tells us that Trump has his own secret plan to replace the Cabinet with his Twitter followers to see if he should even go to those meetings.”

I’m pretty sure that Fox wouldn’t issue such a statement about any other candidate let alone any other GOP front runner.  That statement does not sound as if it came from any one at Fox who should be drawing a full-time check.  I could have written such a statement.  I’m also pretty sure who ever did release the statement has some splainin’ to do to Mr. Murdoch.  And I’m pretty sure up to a point Trump was, as one guy called it, working the refs before the debate.  Trying to get the notion out that Fox was unfair to him so that when he did get a tough question he look into the camera and say, “I told you they were out to get me.”  Fox’s stupid PR statement gave Trump the perfect excuse to give Fox the finger and walk.

And for the record, Kelly’s first debate performance was awful.  That assessment was made not only by me the morning after the debate, but was shared by Mrs. Lex who was irritated by Kelly's performance the night of the debate and as you might expect is far less reactionary than I am.

After Trump bolted, Fox released another more professional statement all worried about the voters of Iowa getting to see the candidates debate one more time before they vote on Monday.  Hmm, okay, who is the debate about - the candidates or Kelly?  Oh, the candidates you say.  Well if that the case and Fox is truly worried about Iowa voters, wouldn't the sensible thing for Fox to do then be apologize for it's BS PR statement and to tell Kelly to take hike for the team?  I do not believe for one second that Fox gives a flying crapola about Iowa voters. 

But it is not just Kelly now.  Having shot themselves in one foot with Kelly, Co-moderator Chris Wallace has come out with some BS comments about Trump shooting Fox in the other foot.  Is there a single adult at Fox with the common sense to tell their talent to STFU?  Or are they all just too far into the tank for GOP establishment candidates JEB!! and Marco to control themselves?  Dump Kelly and bring in the last sane voice at Fox News – Greta Van Susteren.  

After the network’s statements and Trump’s subsequent departure from the Fox debate, Fox has had any number of highly paid executives and overrated talent alternately vilifying Trump and begging him to come back on the debate stage.  Fox has gone so far as to bring Michael Moore onto the set to prove once and for all Trump is wrong.  And there’s this, Drudge says Fox big shot Roger Ailes even groveled to Trump’s wife and kids trying to get the Donald to reconsider.  Any time I channel surf past Fox it’s all Trump all of the time.  But, but, but Kelly said trump couldn’t’ drive the news!? 

Now the Donald is off to CNN as a direct programming challenge to Fox.  I’ll be tuning into CNN for the first time since that channel hosted a GOP debate.  Way to go Foxy you’re doing a heck of job.

Ted Cruz challenges to Trump to 1.5 million dollar debate
Bad idea.  Trump can find that sum of money between his couch cushions.  He’ll give that amount out of pocket and tell Ted okay now you pony up out of your own pocket big shot.  Cruz won’t be able to do it.  Trump goes on to lambaste Ted for spending other people’s money to advance his political career.  Typical Caligula, D.C. BS.  Next, and I’m still a Cruz guy, but it sounds desperate when the guy trailing in the polls tries to get the front runner in a one on one debate.  If I were JEB!!, Christie, Marco, or any of the other candidates I’d take Cruz up on his challenge.  Okay Ted I’ll meet you one on one.  What’s Cruz going to say if that happens?  “Well, no JEB!! I’ll see you on Fox.  This challenge is for Donald.”  Then JEB!! says, “Well okay Ted if you’re afraid to meet me one on one for 1.5 million dollars for vets how is that any different than Donald telling you to get bent?” 

Doing the work Americans won’t do
Here’s a story about lettuce picking robots.  Can tomatoes, apples, peppers etc. be far behind?  As a result here are some of the headlines to follow:

Chamber of Commerce still demanding open borders for cheap labor that robots cannot do, like…uh give em a second
UAW demands to organize farm robots

Demo-Dope want to know if robots will be allowed vote

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Trump dumps Fox for Wounded Warriors

Good for him!  Trump took Lex’s advice and dumped Fox.  I wasn’t going to watch the debate even before the Donald gave Fox the finger.  Now I’ll try to find whatever Trump is doing on TV instead of the debate. 

I was sealing grout on the kitchen floor last night and Fox News Special Report was on in the background.  During the All Stars section of the show three people who said Trump wouldn’t last three weeks in the race – Krauthammer, David Gregory and Steve Hayes -all said Trump was BSing everyone and he’d have to attend the debate.  They probably all dropped their glasses at the white wine and cheese party when they got the news that Trump told Fox to go pound sand last night.

The smart money would be for none of the other candidates to say a word about Trump not attending.  They won’t take the advice.  My man Cruz is already piling on indicating if Trump is “afraid” of Fox how will he be able to deal with the world’s tyrants?  Well, there’s another way to look at this.  Trump has again literally and figuratively separated himself from the field.  Who looks weak: the 7 who show up rings in nose when Fox tells them, stand where Fox tells them, talk when Fox allows them and stop talking when Fox tells them to or the ONE  guy who says, “You know what, screw this.  We’ve already done 6 of these stupid things and won every one of them.  I’m going to go raise money for Wounded Warriors.”  If Shrillda the Hutt pipes in, all the Donald has to say, “You won’t even go on network’s Sunday talk show for 10 minutes let alone a two hour debate ya sow.  You ought to try it before they throw your ample azz in prison.”

Idiot Kelly actually said on her show while going wall to wall with Trump’s announcement, that Trump can’t control the media.  FLASH! FLASH! FLASH!  Trump has controlled the media since he announced.  She cannot be so stupid as to not see the irony of that statement while she spent every second of her show talking about Trump.

Then some genius chimes in about Trump not being able to reach undecided voters in Iowa 4 days before the vote.  If they are still undecided – seriously who wants them?  They’re idiots.  Besides trump isn’t going to be home watching a TMC movie on Thursday night.  He’s going to have something huge going on.  Maybe bigger than Fox.  The tune in rate to see what will be big.

Has anyone considered this, Trump is playing long ball for the general election?  By telling Fox to get bent he’s going to create an opening for himself with CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC et al.  They will all want the Donald to drive ratings if Fox doesn’t.  Nothing will look better to a disaffected leftist toad than someone who got the better of Fox.  Shrillda the Hutt and other Dopes will not be able to trash Trump as a right wing fanatic – one because he isn’t but also because shoving a sharp stick into Fox’s eye very publicly proves it.

Oregon Stand off - one dead - another dead American on The Empty Suit's watch
Answer this question:  Why is it if you shower, grow beard, wear neat clean clothes including a cowboy hat, carry a gun in the open and occupy an otherwise unoccupied government building in OR you’re called a militia, but if you’re a filthy unshaven low-life occupying a college president’s office by force, shutting down rush hour traffic in a metropolitan area, or raping women in an OWS settlement you’re called a protester?

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Trump killing someone on 5th Ave

Donald Trump joked – I think – that he could shoot someone on 5th Ave in NYC and not lose any votes.  Well for me it depends on who he shoots.  Aggressive panhandler 3 pts.  Purse snatcher 5pts.  The NYC mayor 10,000 pts.

Now Demo-Dopes being the humorless bunch of sourpusses that they are claim that Trump has so little regard for his supporters that he claims they will support a murderer.  Well many look at Benghazi as murder or at a minimum manslaughter by criminal neglect.  Common sense gun control advocates know that you should not give guns to Mexican drug cartels, but that is exactly what he Empty Suit’s DoJ did.  As a result 1,000s of Mexican citizens have been murdered along with US Border Patrol Officer Brain Terry.  Not one Dope gives a $h!t when a young lady is gunned down in San Fran when the perp is an illegal alien.  People with brains can look at any of the major cites run by Dopes – Chicago – and see scores of people being shot dead in their own streets on any given weekend and nary a word of concern from the Dopes who are shocked, shocked I tell you by The Donald’s joke. The fact that none of the Dopes or their MSM lapdogs ever mention any of these very real events when talking about Trump’s joke demonstrate once and for all for anyone who is interested that the Dopes couldn’t care less about the little people getting gunned down in America.   

Here’s one take from a Brit on Trump's popularity.  It’s hard to disagree with any of it, but it doesn’t go far enough.  The real foundation of Trump’s support is a corrupt, overbearing, onerous and incompetent government.  Fast and Furious, IRS targeting of conservative groups, VA killing off the very people the organization was founded to serve, on warrant John Doe investigation of law abiding citizens, and this morning we find out the organization that uncovered a criminal enterprise that was selling dead baby parts has been indicted for the tactics used to uncover the criminal activity.  There are no charges against the actual criminal enterprise for one reason – the criminal enterprise is Planned Parenthood and PPH is huge contributor to the Dope machine.  No one involved in the criminal activities listed above lost their job, was demoted or was even denied an end of the year bonus.  Lois Learner the bitch at center of the IRS’s illegal activity is going to live out her worthless life on a government pension. 
This is what Trump is tapping into.  The government can knock down you door in the middle of the night confiscate your belongings and destroy your livelihood just for being a Tea Party member and no get fired reprimanded or tossed in jail.  F**k the government.  To the extent Trump shares that sentiment – go Trump go.

Kelly V. Trump
I hope the Donald rents out Jerry Jones’ stadium in Dallas and skips the Fox News debate.  National Review has been 86ed as sponsor for its openly anti-Trump stance.  Kelly has used her show since the first debate as a one hour anti-Trump soapbox.  She’s every bit as tainted as NR.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Anti-Trumpers desperate; roll out the children

There was an anti-Trump screed from an area 6th grader in Friday’s Ft. Wayne Urinal Gazette.  I thought, great a paper with an editorial staff whose collective mentality is that of a 6th grader is now actually turning its editorial page over to 6th graders. Perfect. 

I don’t fault the 6th grader.  He’s obviously a parrot being used by adults – his parents and the Urinal Gazette.  They are probably thinking they can get this in and no one will take the young man to task.  Well I took a swing at it without calling the young man any names.  Yes I know, a first.  Here the response:

Seeing the editorial from the 6th grader in Friday’s paper reminded me of the time I came home unexpectedly and caught my 6 year old Blue Heeler mix at my laptop.  He looked up and took off his glasses.  He coolly picked up his cigarette from the ashtray and took a long drag.  Then he blew out a big ring of smoke, leaned back in my swivel chair and with his paws placed behind his ears, which pulled the visor he was wearing back on his head, looked at me and calmly asked, “What?”

Maybe there’s a future for that young man on JG editorial staff.  Get him quick though.  In a couple of years he’ll be way too smart for the position.  Case in point.  Did any of the JG’s alert editors catch the glaring error in Erik Wemple’s piece on Saturday?  Wemple referred to Media Matters for America as a “conservative media-policing outfit.”

You cannot be serious.  Even my dog knows MMFA and its founder David Brock are hatchets and bomb throwers for the far left.   For clarity, how about: “Media Matters for America, a left-wing media propaganda outfit, run by leftist loon and Clinton bootlicker David Brock”?

Oh, as it turns out my dog isn’t that smart after all.  When I looked at what he’d typed, he had just parroted a bunch of stuff he’d heard around the house.
JEB!! lands key mom endorsementwell if you can’t get your own mom’s endorsement, then what?
JEB!! gets another key endorsement – his mom.  YGBSM.  No.  I’m not.  JEB!! has an ad out with his mom telling us how great he is.  It’s uncomfortable for me to watch.  I voted for the guy 3 times and think in another age he’d have made a good president, but what does it mean when you roll your mom out to say good things about you?  Was Bob Dole tied up at the sing along at the home?  It’s embarrassing.  He couldn’t find anyone else to say nice things about him?  YGBSM.  Oh I’ve already said that.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Judge Smails attacks Trump again; Trump rises in the polls

National Review is ganging up on the Donald.  They are dedicating an entire special issue to telling the elite effete Rat Republicans who read their mag why they should not vote for Donald Trump – as if any of them would ever vote for Trump.  I like the NR online edition and a few of the contributors.  Tomas Sowell, Kevin Williamson, Jonah Goldberg are good when they are not on some unhinged anti-Trump rant.  The thing that gets me to click onto their site everyday though is political cartoon satirist Michael Ramirez.  Ramirez is without a doubt the best thing about NR these days.

NR going anti-Trump is like is like Packers coach Mike McCarthy dissing the Bears in a Green Bay bar.  It’s predictable.  It affects no one’s opinion of the Bears.  Those in Green Bay who didn’t like the Bears still don’t.  Those who did like the Bears still do.

NR dumped two of the people liked to read Ann Coulter and Mark Steyn. When NR dumped Coulter for some off-color shaming of a lefty Lib, Ann called the editors at NR girlymen.  She’s right.  NR editor Rich Lowry is such a wimp he makes George Will look like the Marlborough Man.

What surprises me about this edition is that the NR has been anti-Trump since he announced.  They have taken shot after shot at him.    Trump has risen in the polls after each and every shot.  You’d think that the NR crowd would have gotten the message: Your unhinged attacks are helping Trump – maybe you should just STFU about it.  Hint to NR:  NR is to Trump what Judge Smails is to Rodney Dangerfield in the Caddy Shack movie. 

I haven’t read any of the pieces but if they follow form, they will trash Trump without ever offering up who they are supporting.  To the extent that any of this helps Cruz fine.  History tells me this will blow up in NR’s face and Trump will get another bump in the polls from the anti-Smails vote - who comprise 99.9% of us by the way.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Good news Rat Republicans want a 3rd party - bye bye

George Will, who it is impossible to imagine working with a shovel or wrench in his hand, is hinting at a third party if the 2016 presidential race boils down to Trump V. Clinton.  Will, who loves baseball but probably can’t hit, throw or catch one and would need to stop to catch his breath, loosen his wingtips and take a sip of fine chardonnay while trying to steal second, is an effete Rat establishment Republican.  He doesn’t give a crap about the party when Tea Party candidates knock the crap out of Rat Republican ruling class bastard in a primary.  But when the establishment candidate wins he opines that we have to unite behind the nominee for the good of the party and to stop the Dopes.

Then when the Rat establishment Republicans get to Caligula, D.C. they are immediately co-opted by the Dopes to pass and fund every single thing that The Empty Suit and the Dopes want.  When they control the House, the Rats complain that they can’t do anything without the senate.  When they are handed the senate the Rats whine that they can’t do anything without the White House. 

Odd.  The entire constitution is set up on a system of checks and balances.  Only weak kneed Rat Republicans like Pauly Walnuts would argue that he has to control every branch of government to stop TES.  That’s not how it’s supposed to work Pauly.  You’re supposed to grow a nut sack and pass legislation and if TES vetoes it so be it.  You’re not supposed to fund unconstitutional presidential edicts.  You’re not supposed to roll over and play dead because you don’t have all 535 seats in congress and a Republican president.

You watch, if Trump or Cruz wins the presidency Pauly and his Rat establishment Republican buds will be far more obstructionist toward a president of their “own” party than they ever were toward TES.   Pauly has already signaled as much.  When Trump said he’d ask for a temporary suspension of Islamo-Terror-Fascists entering the country, Pauy said “That’s not who we are.”  Well at this particular point in time that’s who we need to be.  Pauly and the Caligula, D.C. establishment ruling class swells don’t care how many Americans get raped and murdered at the hands of ITF bastards as long as they look more tolerant than the average Mr. & Mrs. America.

Uh oh.  Key JEB! supporter Bob Dole prefers Trump over Cruz.  That gives me confidence that I’m in the right camp.  On the other hand Whoopi Goldberg has indicated that she’d leave the country if Trump were to win the presidency.  Well that’d be a twofer if Trump wins.  Mark Levin is solidly in the Cruz camp but he’s off set by the unhinged moral scold Glenn Beck.

My hope is that Will and other establishment azz kissers do start a 3rd party.  They could call themselves the copper party.  Their symbol could be a piece of 20 gage copper wire, because a piece of 20 gage wire can be easily bent into whatever shape someone wants to bend it.

Army no longer looking for a few good men – actually they never were that was a Marine ad campaign
The Army is thinking about taking the “man” out of job descriptions.  So infantryman is going to become what?  Hell forget about infantryman what are they going to call a “woman” or “women”?  And - oh the humanity - what in the world do we do with the word "human"?  ISIS has to be laughing their collective azzes off.

Speaking of twofers
The water in Flint, MI is supposedly poison.  Does that make Flint the perfect location to ship unvetted Syrian Islamo-Terror- Fascists (aka refugees)? 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Why Trump might thread the needle and run the GOP primary table

Suppose you’re in the woods and a huge bear begins assaulting you.  As you are being mauled the bear you shout for help.  A group of mountain men hear your shouts and rush to your “aid.”  The men pick up sticks and begin trying to hit the bear.  Half of them miss the bear and hit you.  The other half don’t really want to hurt the bear, so they hit him softly and try to appear as if they are trying to save you, but they only pee the bear off more with their halfhearted efforts and the mauling worsens.   Finally man appears in the woods in a business suit.  He doesn’t appear to have any experience with bears.  Given that your mauling is now nearing a mortal situation for you, you call out the dandy for help.  You don’t care what his background is.  You don’t care how he’s dressed.  You don’t care if his hair is fake.  You don’t care who he voted for 30 years ago.  You’re dying.  “Experienced” mountain men have only made your situation worse.  All you want is for someone to come help you putting your well-being above that of the bear’s.

That’s where we are Mr. & Mrs. America.  We’re being mauled by an upside down society and a BS world and Dopes and Rats are making it worse.  Enter Donald Trump and I ask you, how on Earth could he make it any worse?   Answer for all of the public school grads: He can’t.  That’s why he is surging.  Dopes are out front with their desire to destroy the country.  Rat Republicans are worse than the Dopes in that they pretend to be saviors while running for office then turn into spineless go along get along f**k the country bastards 10 seconds after being swore in.  Yeah, I’m talking to you Pauly Walnuts. 

Now the idiots who have nearly burned the country to the ground are warning us that Trump isn’t fit to be president.  As if these self-serving azzwipes have done one thing to stop, slow down or reverse our downward spiral.   So Eff the Dope and Eff the Rat Republicans even more.  If Trump wins the nomination, I’m all in for the Donald. 

Huh, Hollywood has already done a bear mauling?  Hmmm, as I said in the post under, I don’t go to the movies much.  Any similarity between that movie and this post are totally coincidental.

Oscar is so white, so what?

I don’t go to the movies very often.  The last film I saw was the Bond movie. Here’s my review: Predictable and 20 minutes too long.  The fact that do not go to the movies very often and have not seen a single movie nominated for an award this year does not preclude me from commenting about the #oscarissowhite controversy.  After all The Empty Suit has droned on for 7 years now about stuff he doesn’t know anything about.

First off, like lefty lib college campuses being tagged as hotbeds of racism, isn’t it hilarious that the Mecca of lefty Lib bovine excrement – Hollywood – is being tagged as racist as well.  So let’s recap.  As we drive off to work this morning lefty Lib college campuses, lefty Lib Hollywood and lefty Lib major metropolitan areas are all under siege for being centers of racism.  Vote Dope and live in a 3rd world hell hole.

Yesterday was MLK day.  Shrillda the Hutt was in SC applauding the fact that the Confederate Battle Flag was nowhere to be seen at the state capitol this year.  What the pig in a pantsuit didn’t say – and no Rat Republican reminded the slug – was that Demo-Dopes raised that flag on the SC Statehouse lawn and a Rep Gov removed it.  Again it was the lefty Lib Dopes - who blacks vote for in the 96% range - who shoved a very sharp stick into the eye of a constituency they couldn’t get elected to dog catcher without and it was Republicans who are forever being called racists by the Dopes who removed it.

I’ve never understood why the Confederate Battle Flag was allowed to fly on any federal or state property.  It is a symbol of open rebellion. The ONLY reason it has been tolerated is because Demo-Dopes covered themselves in that flag for 50 years before the SC church massacre.  Like NPR, PBS and PPH the Confederate flag is wholly owned by white Dope pols.  That said, because it is now so reviled by all the right people, I’m thinking about getting one.  I put an NRA and a Catholic Radio sticker on my pickup.  If I added a Confederate flag somewhere, Id’ sleep safe in the knowledge that I was peeing off all of the right people as I made my way through Ft. Wayne.

So most of the people dealing in the grievance industry blacks, homosexuals, radical mostly ugly women, the LGBTAZMMB:GIWKKFCS community et al are all railing against the lefty libs. Weird.  Jada Pinckett Smith has called on blacks to break from “mainstream” culture.  Hmmm.  Some might argue that that ship has already sailed.

Somehow all of this has something to do with #oscarissowhite.  Blacks stars are calling for an Oscar boycott, because there are no black nominees for the second year in a row.  Okay, who should have been in?  Who didn’t rate? I don’t know.  I don’t watch any of it.  I do know if Rev? Al Not-So-Sharp-Ton is for something, it’s probably a good idea to get on the other side.  And I don’t know, if #oscarissowhite how about #nbaissoblack, #mathissoasian, #spellingbeesaresoindian, #hockeyissocanadain, #vodkaissorussian?

Last point, who wants to win the first pity award sure to be given to some marginal performance of some person of color next year.  And even if it is the best performance since Mel Gibson stared in Mad Max, the doubt is always going to be there because of the all of the whining.

Last, last point, I never liked these award shows and can’t remember ever watching one.  It’s a bunch of like-minded swells nominating each other for meaningless awards.  Oh yeah.  You think they mean something, name two of last year’s winners.  Other than a bunch of sore losers, who gives a crap?  Right now the losers are getting a lot more attention than the possible winners.  In that regard it’s just more of “let’s just give all of the boys a trophy” syndrome. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Continue to co-opt Trump particularly on immigration

Since day one Lex has advised the GOP presidential field that the way to beat Donald Trump is to co-opt his issues and momentum.  Those who followed that advice to some degree still have viable campaigns.  Those who didn’t have pretty much been kicked to the curb.

My man Ted Cruz was performing the strategy brilliantly and then he went after the Donald for “his New York values.”  Not liberal New York values, or even New York City values, just New York Values.  The Donald crushed Ted on that line at the last debate. 

It was an unforced error Cruz didn’t have to after Trump at all.  He parried Trump’s birther allegation beautifully with his “the constitution has not changed since the Donald assured everyone my status as a US citizen was fine, but my poll numbers have changed.  Thus the Donald's attacks on me.”  Cruz is smart not to apologize.  Clarify and double down because most Americans know exactly what Cruz meant by "his NY values" line.

By example I worked with a French Liaison Officer once.  At an after-hours session one night I asked him what regular Frenchmen thought of Parisians.  His answer was spot on.  He answered my question with a question, “What do regular Americans think of New Yorkers?” 

So no apology.  When Trump brings up first responders running into burning buildings, respond with “and now they turn their backs on the elected mayor of NYC.”  Just keep marching.      

Co-opt Trump particularly on immigration issues.  The most important issue of this cycle is immigration.  If we do not get that right this time around nothing else will matter for the next cycle. 

JEB!! getting all of the important endorsements
After JEB!! snagged the coveted Bob Dole endorsement ensuring him of the ill-tempered RINO
nonagenarian vote, his campaign set about finding a US senator polling below 1% favorability nationally to throw his weight behind JEB!! giving him just the nudge his campaign needs to get it off the dime.  Way to go Lindsey Gramnesty. You’re doing a heck of a job.

Advice to JEB!!  If Bill Cosby, Packman Jones, Ted Bundy, Josh Duggar, Casey Anthony, Tonya Harding, Mike Tyson or OJ Simpson shows up wanting to endorse you – decline the offer.  You’ve been tagged as a “low energy out of touch loser.” Richard Simons’ endorsement would do you more good than Bob Dole’s or Grahmnesty’s.  You are just playing into the narrative of the low energy out of touch loser that has plagued you from the start with these low energy out of touch losers’ endorsements.

Good grief isn’t there anyone under the age of 90 who doesn’t get booed in their home state that can stand up for you?  How about your old man?  No.  Wait.  He’s over 90.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Closing G'itmo will not make one bit of difference to Islamo-Terror-Fascists

According to The Empty Suit his brain dead Attorney General and his azz sniffing press secretary, G’itmo must be closed because it is a recruiting tool for Islamo-Terror-Fascists.  Okay how were the 19 9-11 terror hijackers recruited  before G’itmo was ever opened?  Or the terrorists who tried to bring down the World Trade Center in 1993.  Or bombed the Kobar tower 1996. Or the 1998 Nirobi and Tanzania bombing.  Of course this exercise could go for a page and a half of ITF terror attacks on the US or US interests.  It could go on for ten pages if you took in the ITF attacks on the world.  As far as I know Paris has nothing to do with G’itmo yet they were attacked twice. How were those ITF recruited?

What TES and his BS administration don’t understand, or maybe they do and just don’t give a $h!t, ITF scum don’t give a crap about G’itmo.  It could be closed tomorrow and would not stop one terrorist attack and in fact, because SFB insists on letting people determined to kill us back into the fight, I believe closing G’itmo would be counterproductive and lead to more terrorist attacks.

But let’s just say for the first time in his slacker affirmative action pass through life ol’ SFB has stumbled onto and swerved into a correct answer unlike when his teacher had to change SFB’s 2 + 2 = 8 to the correct answer.  Let’s say G’itmo is in fact turning peace loving Mooooslims into murdering $h!tbags.  What the hell does that say about peace loving Mooooooslims?   What it tells us is that they are not peace loving at all.  They are nothing more than a murderous cult looking for an excuse to kill people.  If it’s not G’itmo it’ll be cartoons.  If it’s not cartoons it’ll be a false report of someone burning a koran.  If it’s not a false report of koran burning it’ll be an ad on the side of a bus.  And on and on and on…  A murderous cult will always be able to manufacture a grievance to – as John Francois Kerry notes – “justify” their murder.  They will continue until TES and is ilk say, “well we’ve tried everything else, if we want them to stop lopping our heads off and blowing us up in pizza parlors we’ll just have to submit to Islam.”  There ITF problem solved. Nope you’ll still have to submit to certain sect of BS murderous cult.

Sure TES can clean out G’itmo.  There’s no wannabe Gen or Adm that’ll tell him to get bent when sends down a release order for one of these murderous ITF cult bastards.  If there were, TES would have them relived and replaced with a yes man which are a dime per two or three dozen at the Pentagon these days.  So there’s nothing that can stop this irresponsible POS from returning the worst of the worst back to the fight to kill Americans and coalition service members.  But here’s the end game.  The next president can put ITF back into G’itmo.  So what SFB will do before he leaves office is give G’itmo back to the Cubans.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

An embarrassment

There are a ton questions about the capture of two Navy boats in the Persian Gulf.  The idea that both boats went dead in the water at the exact same is a bit hard to believe.  The idea that the boats were patrolling around Farsi Island without an air reaction force on standby would be hard to believe. 

According the world’s dumbest man - lying, plagiarizing dumbazz slow Joe Biden – “The Iranians picked up both boats – as we have picked up Iranian boats that needed rescued.”  The Iranians “realized they were there in distress and said they would release them, and released them as ordinary nations would do.”

I doubt both boats “needed rescued.”  One needing rescuing would be embarrassment enough, but two boats needing rescuing at the exact same time is probably a lie.  If they did, why not radio for help?  Seems to me that a helicopter could tow a disabled boat to international waters until a coalition surface ship could “rescue” them.  Did the radios go kaput at the precise time the engines crapped out?  Now you’re talking power ball winning odds that those events would occur simultaneously on two boats.

Dumbazz Biden’s laudatory statement does not address the Iranians making a propaganda video of this naval humiliation.  That is NOT something “ordinary nations would do” when they are just helping out a boat (or 2) in distress.  Now this lying plagiarizing dope who is dumber than a fence post and was tasked to ensure none of the stimulus money was wasted has been put in charge of curing cancer.  I guess Homer Simpson was too busy.

Now as sad as slow Joe’s statement is, it is not as infuriating as America’s sole surviving Cambodian War hero - John Francois Kerry.  That azzweasel actually thanked the Iranians for seizing the two boats and producing a propaganda video.  This is the same azzbag who said that at least there was an understandable rationale for Islamo-Terror-Fascists killings at Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish deli before unleashing an ITF mass murder hell on the people of Paris.

I do not know why the Navy Lieutenant apologized on that video.  He may have been under duress.  If he wasn’t, court martial him.  Also if the boats were not under some kind of air cover, the Ops Officer and commander of the group should be fired.   The Commander of the 5th Fleet should be recalled to Caligula, D.C. and very publicly fired.  This kind of $h!t cannot be permitted to happen.  When it does, someone’s head needs to roll.

This entire episode is a total embarrassment from start to finish. Kerry, the 5th Fleet commander, the group commander and the lieutenant need to be fired.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Empty Suit last 2 hour BS session

I did not watch one second of America’s great arrogant douche droning on and on and on effortlessly transitioning from one line of BS to the next for 2 hours, but you cannot get away from his royal azzholiness on the news and the interweb this morning.

The one thing that caught my ear was that the excrement stick assures us that ISIS cannot disrupt the American way of life.  YGBSM.  King Dope does not have to stand in long lines and be nearly strip searched, groped by like an intern in slack jawed Billbo Clinton's White House then exposed to unhealthy doses of radiation because Islamo-Terror-Fascists want to blow us out of the air at every opportunity.  King Dumb$h!t lies through his worthless azz about “common sense gun safety” when ITF scum shoot 14 dead in San Bernardino and then attack a Philly police officer.  ISIS indiscriminately kill people and King SFB wants to grab your gun.  Here’s the bottom line Mr. & Mrs. American: ISIS and myriad other ITF fanatics HAVE ALREADY CHANGED THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE.

Only Caligula, D.C. swells can be so obtuse as to not have noticed.  Only when the Caligula, D.C. crowd are forced from their office by ITF murderers, forced to kneel and pledge their allegiance to a pedophile prophet or have their empty heads lopped off will this bunch of clueless idiots understand the truth about Islam.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Unable to deal with real world problems TES will make up his own

The world is on fire.  Islamo-Terror-Fascists, the world’s despots and our former friends all know that The Empty Suit is a shallow know-nothing boob.  Because boobulus maximus is so totally ill-equipped to deal with the world’s real problems, as always, expect him to create a few strawmen he can knock down in tonight’s SOTU show.  He’ll well up with tears for the victims of gun violence while lying though his azz about gun violence statistics.  Yu can bet SFB will not shed a tear for Border Agent Brian Terry or 1,000s of Mexicans killed by the untraceable weapons nit wits in his administration gave to Mexican narco-terrorists.  Don’t expect a tear for Kate Steinle gunned down in a sanctuary city by an illegal alien.  Don’t expect a tear for the Benghazi dead killed by this administration’s criminal incompetence.  TES will whine about gun control in the SOTU show, because dealing with the world’s tyrants is just too tough for this total…oh what was it Ralph Peters called him?

SFB cannot kill Islamo-Terror-Fascists but he can argue at the SOTU to let them go from G’itmo and invite 10s of thousands of potential Syrian ITF into country.  Vetting schmetteting, don’t worry.  What could go wrong roving rape gang or something?  Come on that’s racist.

The Rainbow House has released a statement that there will be an empty seat next to Moochele in her box at the SOTU show.  The seat is supposedly left empty to remind us of all the people not able to see the show due to gun violence.  That’s not true.  It’s being left empty so Moochele will have bit of extra room to squeeze her extra wide hectoring azz into the box.

To offset TES’s BS move the Republicans will do nothing.  There’ will be no empty seat for Brian Terry or one of the Benghazi four.  Republicans should adopt a WWTDD – or What would the Donald do -  attitude to deal with BS.    

Oh hell no.  I won’t watch one second.  Why?  First off TES is lying creep.  The entire thing from start to finish will be BS laden with more BS.  He might even throw in an “If you like plan your healthcare plan, you can keep your plan. Period” for old time sake.   You can expect some BS lies on global warming.  Expect a “that’s not who we are” line for anyone disagreeing with TES’s insanity to allow ITF mass rape gangs into the US.   If that’s not who we are that is who we should be.

Mostly I won’t watch because I cannot stand an arrogant know nothing.  TES is the king of the arrogant know nothings.

For fun cunt the number of time boobulus refers to himself.

Syrian refugees, Philly shooting and guns

Lex asks if bishop has had  change of heart
The Bishop of FT. Wayne South Bend has written in support of bringing tens of thousands of Syrian refugees into the US.  You might recall Lex blasted him in a long piece for that folly.  Given the current events, Lex thought it was time to ask if the bishop had a change of heart.  Here’s the latest note:

Given that a “vetted” Pakistani jihadist helped murder 14 people in San Bernardino; given that “vetted” Iraqi jihadist refugees have been arrested in California and Texas for offering material support to ISIS; given that that brings the total number of ISIS jihadists arrested in the US since 2014 to 113; given the organized Syrian refugee jihadists’ mass rape gangs across Europe on New Year’s Eve; given that it costs 13 times more to care for these refugees in the US rather than in their own region, I am wondering if you have reconsidered your advocacy for bringing tens of thousands of Syrian refugees who cannot be vetted in any reliable manner into our country?

The Islamo-Terror-Fascist Philly shooting
Here’s what we know for sure:
Edward Archer shot at Philly police officer Jesse Hartnett 13 times striking him three times.

Archer’s attack on Hartnett was caught on video.

Archer was dressed in Saudi garb when the shooting occurred.

Philly Police Commissioner Richard Ross told reporters that Archer confessed to shooting saying he did it the name of Islam and because the police enforce laws contrary to the koran.

From those facts Philly’s elected city idiot – Mayor Jim Kenney – issued this statement after the video became public:  “In no way shape or form does anyone in this room believe that Islam or the teaching of Islam has anything to do with what you’ve seen on the screen.”

This is a picture of a duck
When asked what he sees in the picture above, Mayor Kenney said, “I don’t know.  It could be a chicken.  It’s definitely a bird, but to jump to the conclusion that it’s a duck is just plain racist.  We’ll need a full investigation into the DNA composure of this chicken that possibly looks like a duck.  Even if the DNA is positive for duck does not mean all ducks look like and act like ducks.  Anyone who jumps to that foolish notion is a racist.”

Then there’s MessNBC idiot – no wait they are all idiots – Rachel Maddow who said straight faced that the motives of the would-be assassin where “murky” and “unclear.”  When confronted with the picture above Maddow said, “Anyone who says that it’s a duck just because it looks like a duck is just plain racist.  I’m not feeling safe right now.  I have t go.”

O'Really unwittingly (like most thing with O'Really) ID's the problem with gun background checks
I caught 5 minutes of the O’Baxter Factor on Friday.  It was the last bit of a segment on gun control.  In is last words Billbo O’Really equates background checks for guns with car registration.  Being the pompous idiot that he is, Billbo probably does not realize that he hit the nail on the head while swinging wild and blind.

First, the constitution does not prohibit the federal government from infringing on the right of the people to operate an automobile.

Here’s an easy way to smoke SFBs like O’Really and TES out on this issue.  First you agree with them that every gun transaction should require a background check.  Then say - but only if the record of that transaction is destroyed after 30 days, and only if the background check is done for free.

If you make those two “common sense” conditions, you will quickly discover that background checks are not the ultimate intent of O’Really and TES and 99% of the douches advocating for them.   Right now the FBI is not permitted to hold background check information on gun buyers.  However, the dealers who sell the guns are required to keep checks for as long as the dealer is in business. That Mr. & Mrs. America is an unconstitutional gun registry. 

But if you ask that the background check be done for free you’ll hear the squeals of leftist.  Right now registration fees can run from $25 to $150.  If the goal is to get a background check on everyone accessing guns the lefty Libs should jump at anything to achieve that goal.  They do not jump at destroying the background checks after 30 days and will never waive the fee for performing background checks.  So you can be sure background checks are NOT the ultimate goal of leftists.  Otherwise Leftist would jump at these two "common sense" proposals.

While you are on the subject, offer the “common sense” requirement for a mandatory 10 year prison sentence for anyone committing a crime with a gun.  Holy crapola that will take a prime Dope voting constituency out of the loop for 5 voting cycles.  They will never go for it.  See guns aren’t a big enough problem for the Dopes to take it seriously by putting the criminals using guns away for a long time.  Let’s just leave an empty seat at the SOTU show on Tuesday.  That'll show how much we care.

Then, if “gun safety” truly is the goal, propose introducing gun safety classes into primary education.  Scrap all “zero tolerance” policies for a 100% requirement for the safe handling and operation of firearms.  Ha, gun safety shamfty.  These azzbags could not care less about the safe handling and operation of firearms.  They want them banned in America.

Last agree with them that the mentally ill should not have access to guns.  Then tell them that the “mental illness” has to be voluntarily or court ordered.  Some VA excrement head can NOT be the sole authority for suspending an American’s civil right to defend himself.  They will balk at that notion.  They want to able to restrict gun ownership on the broadest scale.  I would not be surprised if the azzbag TES advocated restricting guns to returning vets for one year after deployment as a “common sense gun safety” proposal.

 It’s not about gun safety.  It’s about getting guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens, because let’s face it that is where about 99.998% of them are.

Friday, January 08, 2016

Trump schlongs the Clinton crime family

I am mired in an endless flow of medical papers each of which asks for the exact same boilerplate info at the top and then goes on to ask the same questions over and over.  I’m not sure if I should skip the boilerplate info and duplicate forms or cooperate.  I’m reminded of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine steals her chart and is blackballed from all medical offices.  But really it is stupid beyond reason.  You’d think people who go to college for 12 years would demand to be entering a profession where such BS is eradicated.  I will comply – for now.

Schlonging the Hutt
Anyone who thinks Shrillda the Hutt is going to have an easy slime to the White House, think again.  Donald Trump has destroyed the Hutt and removed one of the weapons she was sure to use against whoever the Republican nominee might have been.  Trump's latest 15 second video lays waste to the Hutt, her slack jawed old man and any hope Shrillda ever wielding the woman card against her Republican challenger.  Well most girlyman Rat Republicans aka JEB!! are likely to just take it. So...

Oh, sure the Hutt is going to be the Dope nominee.  There’s a better of chance of winning the 700 million dollar Powerball Drawing on Saturday with a laundry ticket from Mr. Chow’s Brite White Laundry Service than the Hutt being indicted by the Dopes running this corrupt In-Justice Dept.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

The Empty Suit's gun grab pure theater

To say The Empty Suit’s theater piece announcing his extra constitutional executive actions to “control gun violence” was pure BS would make pure BS a tasty delicacy.  As has become the norm for this walking talking POS, his latest trampling of the constitution was a lie filled exercise in self-aggrandizement.   With the exception of once again demonstrating his disdain for the constitution, it accomplishes next to nothing.

Let’s just start off with the obvious.  If TES gave a crap about reducing the number of guns in America the very first thing he’d do is STFU about them.  There is a very obvious cause and effect between TES talking “gun control” and gun sales.  Every time this brain dead excrement smear starts talking about gun control/safety/violence, gun stock prices double, guns disappear from dealer shelves and ammo becomes scarce.  Faced with that truism, if TES truly cared about gun control/safety/violence and the number of guns in America, wouldn’t SFBs find someone else to be the front man for that enterprise?

Now nearly the entirety of TESs presentation was made up out of thin air stuff so easily disposed of it makes clear that TES, like nearly every other subject under the sun, knows nothing of what the teleprompter is telling him to say.

Gun show loophole.  That is supposedly where gun dealers go to a show and dump 1,000 of weapons to any Tom, Dick or Harry that wanders by without a background check.  There is no such thing as a gun show loop hole.  Any dealer who sets up shop at a gun show has the exact same obligation to do a background check there as if he’d sold the gun in his store.

The Internet loophole.  That is supposedly where anyone can go on line and buy a machinegun without a background check.  Same BS.  Any dealer selling online is required to deliver the gun purchased to a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer for pick up there where the background check is done before delivering the weapon to the buyer.   

What TES wants is for all private gun transactions to be recorded by the government.  So if you pass grandpa’s old shotgun down to jr. you have to register that transaction with the feds.  When that happens Mr. & Mrs. America we are well on the way to a gun registry.  The first thing governments do when they want to confiscate guns is make sure the majority of them are registered with the feds.  That way they will know where to show up to confiscate weapons. 

Ted Baxter aka Billbo O’Really thinks more gun background checks are a good thing.  He cannot say why in that background checks do not prevent the types of gun crime King Douche says he wants to prevent.  It’s unlikely Al Capone’s gang would have submitted to background checks before getting the weapons used in the St. Valentine’s Day massacre.  The only thing background checks are useful for is creating a government data base of gun owners.  Okay, I’ll admit it makes felons pay a bit more for hot weapons and the ability to avoid a background check.

None of TES’s BS would have prevented a single high profile shooting that had TES forcing tears for the camera.  He could not care less about violence.  If he did he’d tell people to do what one of the Republican presidential candidates (Rand Paul I think) advised in a debate, if you want to avoid gun violence move to a state and city run by Republicans. 

On any given weekend a score or more people are shot in Dope run Chicago.  No one cares.  Baltimore is leading the nation in murder.  No one cares.  Big city crime is such yawner.  Why?  Well these are Dope run Meccas.  They have been run and run into the ground for decades exclusively by Dope control.  The shooters and the victims are predominantly minos so there is no outrage as when a white cop kills a teenage thug who is trying to murder the police officer.  It’s hard – no - damn near impossible to get Revs? Al and Jesse to show up in one of these Dope manufactured inner city hell holes to demand accountability.  There no shake down money in that equation.  When the Crips are shooting the Bloods over Columbian heroin, it’s hard to blame whitey.

Here’s the bottom line.  There upward to 380 million guns in America.  Any effort to by the government to seize them or even seize any particular class of them will result in civil war.  I’ve noted this several times.  If Dope pols were serious about gun control/safety/violence there would be a national campaign led by the NRA to teach Americans proper and safe handling of firearms.  The fact that Dopes make the country’s leading gun safety advocates the enemy in this debate tells you all you really need to know.  Dopes don’t care how many kids get shot.  They want your guns.  To that end, the more kids that get shot the better.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Give Oregon back to Oregon

If you’d like to know what the standoff in Oregon is all about you need look no further than the map above.  The federal government controls over 53% of the land in OR.  That’s it.  The standoff is no more complicated than that.  OR is more Caligula, D.C. than it is Oregon.

Having the federal government as a neighbor is probably like living next door to the Simpsons in that there is no accounting for the foolishness that occurs day in and day out on the property headed up by thoughtless, self-absorbed, clueless, ignoramuses.

I cannot say what happened with Hammonds that set this entire event in motion.  Backfires admittedly set by the Hammonds that burned federal property and an accusation by the feds of poaching led to jail time for of the Hammonds.  I do know the Hammonds were sentenced for those crimes, served their time and were released.  Now another fed judge has ordered them back to prison because the original sentence did not meet federal minimum sentencing guidelines. 

Sounds like BS to me.  The court had over a year in the case of one of the Hammonds to discover the mistake and correct it.  It was only after the Hammonds refused to sell their land that "the error was discovered."  I suspect the government is up to its neck in BS in this case.  I’d be interested in the percentage of cases where fed mins were not met and the released criminals were then rounded up, resentenced and sent back to jail.  I’d suspect it’s pretty damned small.

Now lefty Libs have their shorts in a wad and are calling the men occupying a deserted federal office in OR terrorists.  YGBSM!  No I’m not.  The exact same group of morons who supported rape camps, defecating on police cars, shutting down businesses during Occupy Wall Street are calling a dozen or so armed men in OR terrorists.  The same group of azzbags who to this day insist the “hands up don’t shoot” BS lie is justification for burning the town down in Ferguson, MO think the guys in OR are terrorists.  The same completely ignorant group who thinks it’s OK to murder, burn and loot in Baltimore, MD because a black thug got thrown in a Paddy wagon without a seatbelt are calling the guys with cowboy hats terrorists.  The same group who refuse to call Islamo-Terror-Fascists terrorist preferring instead terms like “workplace violence” or incomprehensible BS term “man caused disasters” call the guys in OR terrorists.  The state employees who played hooky to cause millions of dollars of damage to the Wisconsin State House were hailed as heroes by the lefty Libs.  Yet they call the so far peaceful occupation of an unoccupied government office in OR terrorism.  BS.

I am, as a general rule, for the strict adherence to the rule of law.  That sentiment is tested a bit when anyone shoves a sharp stick deep into the eye of an onerous, overbearing and ever tyrannical federal government.  I think the best course of action is for the occupiers is to declare victory and if possible disappear one night.  Force the feds to round them up on private property.