Monday, January 11, 2016

Syrian refugees, Philly shooting and guns

Lex asks if bishop has had  change of heart
The Bishop of FT. Wayne South Bend has written in support of bringing tens of thousands of Syrian refugees into the US.  You might recall Lex blasted him in a long piece for that folly.  Given the current events, Lex thought it was time to ask if the bishop had a change of heart.  Here’s the latest note:

Given that a “vetted” Pakistani jihadist helped murder 14 people in San Bernardino; given that “vetted” Iraqi jihadist refugees have been arrested in California and Texas for offering material support to ISIS; given that that brings the total number of ISIS jihadists arrested in the US since 2014 to 113; given the organized Syrian refugee jihadists’ mass rape gangs across Europe on New Year’s Eve; given that it costs 13 times more to care for these refugees in the US rather than in their own region, I am wondering if you have reconsidered your advocacy for bringing tens of thousands of Syrian refugees who cannot be vetted in any reliable manner into our country?

The Islamo-Terror-Fascist Philly shooting
Here’s what we know for sure:
Edward Archer shot at Philly police officer Jesse Hartnett 13 times striking him three times.

Archer’s attack on Hartnett was caught on video.

Archer was dressed in Saudi garb when the shooting occurred.

Philly Police Commissioner Richard Ross told reporters that Archer confessed to shooting saying he did it the name of Islam and because the police enforce laws contrary to the koran.

From those facts Philly’s elected city idiot – Mayor Jim Kenney – issued this statement after the video became public:  “In no way shape or form does anyone in this room believe that Islam or the teaching of Islam has anything to do with what you’ve seen on the screen.”

This is a picture of a duck
When asked what he sees in the picture above, Mayor Kenney said, “I don’t know.  It could be a chicken.  It’s definitely a bird, but to jump to the conclusion that it’s a duck is just plain racist.  We’ll need a full investigation into the DNA composure of this chicken that possibly looks like a duck.  Even if the DNA is positive for duck does not mean all ducks look like and act like ducks.  Anyone who jumps to that foolish notion is a racist.”

Then there’s MessNBC idiot – no wait they are all idiots – Rachel Maddow who said straight faced that the motives of the would-be assassin where “murky” and “unclear.”  When confronted with the picture above Maddow said, “Anyone who says that it’s a duck just because it looks like a duck is just plain racist.  I’m not feeling safe right now.  I have t go.”

O'Really unwittingly (like most thing with O'Really) ID's the problem with gun background checks
I caught 5 minutes of the O’Baxter Factor on Friday.  It was the last bit of a segment on gun control.  In is last words Billbo O’Really equates background checks for guns with car registration.  Being the pompous idiot that he is, Billbo probably does not realize that he hit the nail on the head while swinging wild and blind.

First, the constitution does not prohibit the federal government from infringing on the right of the people to operate an automobile.

Here’s an easy way to smoke SFBs like O’Really and TES out on this issue.  First you agree with them that every gun transaction should require a background check.  Then say - but only if the record of that transaction is destroyed after 30 days, and only if the background check is done for free.

If you make those two “common sense” conditions, you will quickly discover that background checks are not the ultimate intent of O’Really and TES and 99% of the douches advocating for them.   Right now the FBI is not permitted to hold background check information on gun buyers.  However, the dealers who sell the guns are required to keep checks for as long as the dealer is in business. That Mr. & Mrs. America is an unconstitutional gun registry. 

But if you ask that the background check be done for free you’ll hear the squeals of leftist.  Right now registration fees can run from $25 to $150.  If the goal is to get a background check on everyone accessing guns the lefty Libs should jump at anything to achieve that goal.  They do not jump at destroying the background checks after 30 days and will never waive the fee for performing background checks.  So you can be sure background checks are NOT the ultimate goal of leftists.  Otherwise Leftist would jump at these two "common sense" proposals.

While you are on the subject, offer the “common sense” requirement for a mandatory 10 year prison sentence for anyone committing a crime with a gun.  Holy crapola that will take a prime Dope voting constituency out of the loop for 5 voting cycles.  They will never go for it.  See guns aren’t a big enough problem for the Dopes to take it seriously by putting the criminals using guns away for a long time.  Let’s just leave an empty seat at the SOTU show on Tuesday.  That'll show how much we care.

Then, if “gun safety” truly is the goal, propose introducing gun safety classes into primary education.  Scrap all “zero tolerance” policies for a 100% requirement for the safe handling and operation of firearms.  Ha, gun safety shamfty.  These azzbags could not care less about the safe handling and operation of firearms.  They want them banned in America.

Last agree with them that the mentally ill should not have access to guns.  Then tell them that the “mental illness” has to be voluntarily or court ordered.  Some VA excrement head can NOT be the sole authority for suspending an American’s civil right to defend himself.  They will balk at that notion.  They want to able to restrict gun ownership on the broadest scale.  I would not be surprised if the azzbag TES advocated restricting guns to returning vets for one year after deployment as a “common sense gun safety” proposal.

 It’s not about gun safety.  It’s about getting guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens, because let’s face it that is where about 99.998% of them are.

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