Monday, January 04, 2016

Using Billbo in NH could backfire on the Hutt, troubled times are a coming

Rape survivors against slack jawed Billyboy Billbo Clinton
The slack jawed one - Billyboy Billbo Clinton – rides in to rescue his fat azzed no talent shame marriage of a “wife” today in NH.  That’s right ladies, your hero, Shrillda the Hutt, is calling on a man to save her worthless butt.  She is Shrillda hear her shriek, “BILL!!  BILL!! BILL!!!  YOU GET YOUR LYING WORTHLESS AZZ OUT TO NEW HAMPSHIRE AND SAVE ME OR I’LL EXPOSE YOU LIKE YOU EXPOSED YOURSELF TO PAULA JONES!!!! NOW, GET RID OF THOSE BIMBOS FOR A WEEK AND WIN THIS THING FOR ME.  OR ELSE!!!!  I’M ONLY A WOMAN AND CANNOT BE EXPECTED TO BE CAPABLE OF PERFORMING ON MY OWN, UNLESS IT’S IN A GROUND COMBAT ROLE PROTECTED BY MEN.”  

It could be tough sledding for the slack jawed one.  Here’s the short list of Billbo’s victims making the rounds.  Also it seem’s many women are not willing to take Billbo and Shrillda the Hutt’s BS, ehm, lying down this time around.  Rape survivors against Shrillda the Hutt and previous victims are speaking out. 

Bringing Billbo out may prove to be a big mistake for the Hutt.  Before Trump the Hutt could count on the MSM sticking with her narrative.  Now, Trump is out there blowing the whole thing up right in her fat ugly mug.  How about a new group movement, Raped Women Matter.

Channeling Lex in an epic rant
Lex has made many of the points contained in this all-inclusive rant that exposes the lefty Lib snowflake generation for what they are – oversensitive, racist, intolerant azzweasels who create a mobile “safe zone” 20 feet around themselves and so that everyone must agree with every one of their hare brained ideas or be guilty of the very mind numbing group think they practice – or simply be cast aside under the catch all of “racist.”.  What will not happen with this crowd is the free exchange of ideas.  They are much too fragile for that mind expanding activity. 

Now if that rant isn’t enough.  Read this piece from Breitbart about Black Lives don’t Matter to Demo-Dopes except for votes.  If this piece is correct and believe there’s 60-40 chance that it is.  Now is not the time for more gun control.  Get a gun and enough ammo for a long hot summer leading up to the Nov election.  When the Islamo-Terror-Fascists co-opt BLdMtddefv , then we’re in a real revolution.  Is that why The Empty Suit refuses to enforce the border and is intent on releasing G’itmo detainees back into the fight and allowing 10s of thousands of un-vetted Syrian “refugees” into the country just before the election?

Happy New Year America.  How long will it be before we think of the disaster that was 2015, as the good old days?  Troubled times my friends.  Troubled times.  Oddly, Trump or Cruz appear to be our only hopes.

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