Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fox alternately bashes then begs Trump

UPDATE: The fix is in
Back in the good old days when America wasn't run by a tyrant, there was guy over at MSNC called Kieth Olbermann, referred to on this page Olberdouche.  Olerdouch used to refer to Fox News as Fixed News.  Well ol' Olberdouch may have a point.  Lex has noted that Fox appears to be in the tank for any one of several GOP establishment candidates - specifically Rubio and JEB!!. Well it turn out the guy who has a hand in crafting the debate questions also has a daughter working on the Rubio campaign in a highly placed salaried position - Ast Communications Director.  Read all about here. 

I tried to watch Trump on The O’Really Factor last night
Billbo is such an insufferable azz I had to turn it off.  He has Trump on then interrupts him continuously.  Bilbo never addresses what now seems to be Trump’s chief complaint this snarky news release by Fox regarding Trump’s demand that Kelly get pulled:

“We learned from a secret back channel that the Ayatollah and Putin both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes president,” Fox News said in the statement to TheWrap on Tuesday, adding this gem: “A nefarious source tells us that Trump has his own secret plan to replace the Cabinet with his Twitter followers to see if he should even go to those meetings.”

I’m pretty sure that Fox wouldn’t issue such a statement about any other candidate let alone any other GOP front runner.  That statement does not sound as if it came from any one at Fox who should be drawing a full-time check.  I could have written such a statement.  I’m also pretty sure who ever did release the statement has some splainin’ to do to Mr. Murdoch.  And I’m pretty sure up to a point Trump was, as one guy called it, working the refs before the debate.  Trying to get the notion out that Fox was unfair to him so that when he did get a tough question he look into the camera and say, “I told you they were out to get me.”  Fox’s stupid PR statement gave Trump the perfect excuse to give Fox the finger and walk.

And for the record, Kelly’s first debate performance was awful.  That assessment was made not only by me the morning after the debate, but was shared by Mrs. Lex who was irritated by Kelly's performance the night of the debate and as you might expect is far less reactionary than I am.

After Trump bolted, Fox released another more professional statement all worried about the voters of Iowa getting to see the candidates debate one more time before they vote on Monday.  Hmm, okay, who is the debate about - the candidates or Kelly?  Oh, the candidates you say.  Well if that the case and Fox is truly worried about Iowa voters, wouldn't the sensible thing for Fox to do then be apologize for it's BS PR statement and to tell Kelly to take hike for the team?  I do not believe for one second that Fox gives a flying crapola about Iowa voters. 

But it is not just Kelly now.  Having shot themselves in one foot with Kelly, Co-moderator Chris Wallace has come out with some BS comments about Trump shooting Fox in the other foot.  Is there a single adult at Fox with the common sense to tell their talent to STFU?  Or are they all just too far into the tank for GOP establishment candidates JEB!! and Marco to control themselves?  Dump Kelly and bring in the last sane voice at Fox News – Greta Van Susteren.  

After the network’s statements and Trump’s subsequent departure from the Fox debate, Fox has had any number of highly paid executives and overrated talent alternately vilifying Trump and begging him to come back on the debate stage.  Fox has gone so far as to bring Michael Moore onto the set to prove once and for all Trump is wrong.  And there’s this, Drudge says Fox big shot Roger Ailes even groveled to Trump’s wife and kids trying to get the Donald to reconsider.  Any time I channel surf past Fox it’s all Trump all of the time.  But, but, but Kelly said trump couldn’t’ drive the news!? 

Now the Donald is off to CNN as a direct programming challenge to Fox.  I’ll be tuning into CNN for the first time since that channel hosted a GOP debate.  Way to go Foxy you’re doing a heck of job.

Ted Cruz challenges to Trump to 1.5 million dollar debate
Bad idea.  Trump can find that sum of money between his couch cushions.  He’ll give that amount out of pocket and tell Ted okay now you pony up out of your own pocket big shot.  Cruz won’t be able to do it.  Trump goes on to lambaste Ted for spending other people’s money to advance his political career.  Typical Caligula, D.C. BS.  Next, and I’m still a Cruz guy, but it sounds desperate when the guy trailing in the polls tries to get the front runner in a one on one debate.  If I were JEB!!, Christie, Marco, or any of the other candidates I’d take Cruz up on his challenge.  Okay Ted I’ll meet you one on one.  What’s Cruz going to say if that happens?  “Well, no JEB!! I’ll see you on Fox.  This challenge is for Donald.”  Then JEB!! says, “Well okay Ted if you’re afraid to meet me one on one for 1.5 million dollars for vets how is that any different than Donald telling you to get bent?” 

Doing the work Americans won’t do
Here’s a story about lettuce picking robots.  Can tomatoes, apples, peppers etc. be far behind?  As a result here are some of the headlines to follow:

Chamber of Commerce still demanding open borders for cheap labor that robots cannot do, like…uh give em a second
UAW demands to organize farm robots

Demo-Dope want to know if robots will be allowed vote

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