Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Why Trump might thread the needle and run the GOP primary table

Suppose you’re in the woods and a huge bear begins assaulting you.  As you are being mauled the bear you shout for help.  A group of mountain men hear your shouts and rush to your “aid.”  The men pick up sticks and begin trying to hit the bear.  Half of them miss the bear and hit you.  The other half don’t really want to hurt the bear, so they hit him softly and try to appear as if they are trying to save you, but they only pee the bear off more with their halfhearted efforts and the mauling worsens.   Finally man appears in the woods in a business suit.  He doesn’t appear to have any experience with bears.  Given that your mauling is now nearing a mortal situation for you, you call out the dandy for help.  You don’t care what his background is.  You don’t care how he’s dressed.  You don’t care if his hair is fake.  You don’t care who he voted for 30 years ago.  You’re dying.  “Experienced” mountain men have only made your situation worse.  All you want is for someone to come help you putting your well-being above that of the bear’s.

That’s where we are Mr. & Mrs. America.  We’re being mauled by an upside down society and a BS world and Dopes and Rats are making it worse.  Enter Donald Trump and I ask you, how on Earth could he make it any worse?   Answer for all of the public school grads: He can’t.  That’s why he is surging.  Dopes are out front with their desire to destroy the country.  Rat Republicans are worse than the Dopes in that they pretend to be saviors while running for office then turn into spineless go along get along f**k the country bastards 10 seconds after being swore in.  Yeah, I’m talking to you Pauly Walnuts. 

Now the idiots who have nearly burned the country to the ground are warning us that Trump isn’t fit to be president.  As if these self-serving azzwipes have done one thing to stop, slow down or reverse our downward spiral.   So Eff the Dope and Eff the Rat Republicans even more.  If Trump wins the nomination, I’m all in for the Donald. 

Huh, Hollywood has already done a bear mauling?  Hmmm, as I said in the post under, I don’t go to the movies much.  Any similarity between that movie and this post are totally coincidental.

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