Friday, February 26, 2010

The Dope talks...and talks...and talks, says nothing

Well that was about 7 1/2 wasted hours out of the lives of those attended that they'll never be able to get back. See I thought that when they walked into room in the presence of the Supreme Dope, the Republicans would all say, "OK, OK, OK, after hearing the exact same argument 300,000 times over the past year, today we get it. You're exactly right. How could we and 75% of the American people have been so stupid."

Well that did not happen. What did happen was a demonstration of what an arrogant buffoon is currently occupying the White House. Dopulous talked on and on for a total of 122 minutes. (Note: If you strip out all of the Ummms, uhhhs, BS lies and snarky condescending remarks, Sir Dopes a Lot would have talked for about 30 seconds.) By contrast the entire Republican team spoke for only 111 minutes. The Dope talking in and of its self wouldn't have been bad had the creep added something to the conversation. Instead he interrupted and scolded Republican during the few minutes they were able to get a word in edgewise as if he were the skinny, half-black, sail eared, stupid, meaner, male reincarnation of Nurse Ratchet.

At one point Duffus McDope scolded Eric Cantor for having the temerity to actually bring the bills they were discussing into the room. Talk about irony. The creepy pompous ass that had a fake Roman coliseum built for himself out of foam to accept the Demo-Dope nomination, called Cantor's use of the actual bills they were discussing "a prop."

When Dopey la Dope gets kicked to the curb in 2012, he should open a tax preparation office. A customer walks into his office. The Dope asks, "What's in that big box?" "Oh, you know, receipts, bills, stock papers. The usual tax stuff" answers the customer. The Dope responds, "Look if you're going to come in here with a bunch of props, we're never going to get anywhere."

So the Dope talked..and talked...and talked. Compare the Dolt of Dopes' conduct at the Dope-a-care summit to The Indispensable Man's (George Washington's) conduct at the constitutional convention of 1787. In 1787 Washington WAS the most respected and revered man in the country. In 2010 ONLY the Dope thinks the Dope is. Washington spoke ONLY ONCE at the constitutional convention. He welcomed the delegate. He asked for divine guidance from God and secrecy from the delegates. HE-DID-NOT-SPEAK-AGAIN formally to the delegates. That's how our constitution was born.

Compare that to how Dope-a-care will - hopefully - die. The Dope making his 10,00th appeal on an idea already rejected by anyone with a brain. Let me yell louder for 122 minutes, he explained. Once again if you need any further proof of what a brain-dead punk this creep is, yesterday should be checkmate.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Harry, the Dope and Star trek

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I found this picture at and thought it funny enough to grace the the top of today's posting. Scrawny made some idiotic comment about a man being more prone to beating his wife when he is out of work. Harry's wrong. As any Lib femiNazi knows, "a man don't need no reason for beatin' on his wife." He just does it because he's a man and men do such things. But I guess when he's not making enough crooked land deals, Harry gets depressed, whips out the belt and goes after Mrs. Scrawny. Even with the belt, my money is on Mrs. Scrawny.
So on to real stuff. Dopulous Maximus is hosting his "this is what we're doing - take it or leave it" conference today. Lemme tell you how this going to play out. The conference is supposed be 6 hours long. That's insane. We've been hashing and rehashing the same talking points for over a year. The Dope has put up nothing new on his plan. So unless the Republicans show up and claim to have finally perfected the Star Trek healing wand that "Bones" used, what do you need 6 hours to discuss?
SIDE NOTE: How many years of Med School do you need to learn to use the "healing wand?" Seems to me, Ned the wino could have been the ship's Dr. on the Enterprise.
"Where does it hurt? Right there. Hmmmm. This is a difficult case. Lemme think. Oh, yeah, I'll just run the magic healing wand over the affected area. (Low pitch vibrating noise in background) There all done. That'll be 120,000 Druckets."
See, you don't have to be Dr. House or a Dr. at all. Why wouldn't everyone just carry a magic healing wand with them? It's not much bigger than a pen.
And just one more Star Trek note. Why hasn't the Federation developed their own cloaking technology. Geez, come on. Put all of the laid off Global Warm-monger scientist on it.
OK anyway, back to today's post. Even for a class of people who make their livings droning on and on about nothing - that's Pols not Lex - doesn't 6 hours seem like a bit much? And they are going to be discussing the Wile E. Coyote of all political issues. Dope-a-care has been run over by a 5 mile train, flattened by a convoy of steam rollers, blow up in every manner possible, thrown off of a hundred 1,000 foot precipices, smashed daily with anvil after anvil and still the Dope comes back to hand out another of his endless supply of "Dopuluos Maximus - Super Genius" business cards.
So the Dope and his team of Demo-Dopes will continue to make the same tired arguments.
The American people demand that we do something - yeah scrap your asinine plan and start over.
The Republicans have no plan - and to prove it, the Dope will use up the entire 6 hours lying his skinny arugula eating @$$ off denying them a fair share of time to make their case.
Then the Dope will say, "OK, you Republicans win. We'll incorporate one paragraph of one of your ideas into to this 2,600 page stack of crap. There you go. Now you have to vote for it. After all I've met you half way."
Nancy Reagan said it best when she said, "Just say no."

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some Notes

Tiger Woods:
Gosh how could I have forgotten to comment on his apology? Oh yeah, I don't care.

Tiger Woods' porn star's demand for an apology:
Tiger's response; Sure as soon as you apologize to my wife, my kids, my extended family and everyone else who though I was a good guy - like Lex - before you thought it was a good idea to have an affair with a married man.

Tiger Woods' caddy:
Apparently this is one bad @$$ dude. Mr. Caddy has warned the world that any bad treatment of his boss, once he returns to the tour, would have to go through him. I love the loyalty. But you're an idiot. You have just set up a scenario where every drunk in the gallery will be tagging along hoping to make ESPN's Top Ten by getting you to throw down. Tiger's problems are of his own making. Shut up. Be humble. Play golf.

Eli Manning:
The Griffin alerted me to this. Eli is refusing to take $500,000 from St. Vincent's Hospital in NY. The hospital is in serious financial trouble. The money is owed Eli from a marketing deal. He won't take the money but will continue to hold up his end of the marketing deal. One supposes that includes ads and personal appearances.

Will anyone from Toyota ask the @$$wipes in congress who will be interrogating them this question:

Uh, excuse me, don't you have a conflict of interest here? The US government owns Chevy and Chrysler. I think you and other committee members are persecuting us so your own inferior brands can prosper.

Imus asked sidekick Bernard McGurk, "Who would you rather have helping you with the NY Times Sunday crossword, Obama or Palin?" Bernie responded, "Who would you rather have interrogating a terrorist?" After a moment of stunned silence, Imus said, "Well Palin, of course."

More Palin:
The host intimates that she is not that smart or experienced. The Guest responds with, "She's smart enough. How smart do you have to be to say, 'We're going to stop what we're doing right now. Then we're going to begin rolling back what we've done.'"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beware of the strawman

The Dope of Dopes is hosting a confab on Thursday this week to talk about "his" Dope-a-care plan. Yeah Dope-a-care, once thought to be dead and buried under mountains of distrust and disapproval of the American people after the election of Scott Brown, has been dug up. Not even an army of Hollywood's best make up artists and an ocean of cheap perfume can hide its worm eaten bloated corpse or cover the stench. But it is being rolled out again on Thursday as if it were a brand new idea.

Following the old political adage that if only 47% of Americans want you to start over and another 27% want you to do nothing, leaving you only 26% that support your position, it is a clear sign to move forward with a plan to nationalize 1/6th of the economy. So Dope-a-care - the Freddy Kruger of the Dope's first year in office - has been invited to make a sequel. After all why waste just one year trying cram a bad idea down the throat of Americans when you can waste two? It's not as if we had double digit unemployment or two wars to fight or anything else more important to do.

The Republicans had better bring their a-game through. If they don't, the Dope and his MSM lackeys will use them as window dressing and a sign of approval from the other side. Most of all they had better be aware of Arugalus Maximus Dopulus's tendency to argue against his own stupid strawman arguments. Example:

"Republicans have offered no ideas of their own (lie), so that makes all of my bad ideas the best ideas on the table." Republican have offered scores of ideas, yet the Dope and his Dope minions insist on saying that they have no plan.

"The American people want us to get something done." Actually, Sir Dopes a Lot, they do not. A huge majority of Americans prefer a new plan or no plan at all.

"We have to do something right away or we'll destroy the American economy." BS! You are doing a fine job of that right now without compounding the problem with another federal entitlement and $1.6 trillion in additional debt. Besides if something has to be done right now, why does it take three years to implement your asinine plan?

It just goes on and on with this jug eared fool. Someone on the Republican side has to be ready to stand up and say, "That's not true." Has the good Joe Wilson been invited?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Who are the real dummies Gene

Posted by PicasaSuper hyper genius Gene Robinson - he's so smart he's a perpetual guest on the little watched Kieth Olbermann show - penned an article I read over the weekend. The article seemed to say that it's dumb to believe that record snow fall disproves global warming? Gene, that reminds me of the old Hene Yougman line, "Who you gonna believe? Me or your lying eyes."
I sent Gene an e-mail:
I'll tell you what's dumb Gene:
1. Dumb is pointing to every kind of weather - cold winters, warm winters and in-between winters - as proof of global warming.
2. Dumb is continuing the charade that "the debate is over" when more and more scientist are jumping ship from the rat infested sinking Global Warm-mongering tramp steamer and others
continue to show persuasive evidence that the Warm-mongers are wrong.
3. Dumb is comparing people who disagree with you on sound scientific grounds to Holocaust Deniers.
4. Dumb is continuing to accept at face value the words and work of people who have been caught red-handed lying, misleading, manipulating, destroying, and losing data and then just making it up out of whole cloth.
5. Dumb is doubling down on a hare-brained idea after it has been exposed as a hare-brained idea.
6. Dumb is believing the global warm-mongering models produced by liars and cheats while ignoring the 17" of snow and record cold outside your window simply because you have a logic loop that directs you back to point one when the real "weather" does not comport to the models constructed by the liars and cheats.
7. Dumb is believing that today's climate is the best and ONLY climate suitable for Earth and that a 1/2 degree change in the average temperature over a 100 year period spells doom for the Earth and the human race.
8. Dumb is ignoring the fact that the Earth's climate has been changing since day one.
9. Dumb is thinking that the Earth can not handle a temperature change of a few degrees over a hundred years when the temperatures regularly swing scores of degrees over 3 months - it's called the seasons, Gene.
10. Dumb is calling people dumb because the house of cards that liars and cheats have constructed with regard to Global Warm-mongering and which you have based your arguments upon is falling apart with the slightest breeze of truth.
11. Dumb is continuing to listen to - without question - people who are selling and getting rich off the Global Warm-mongering hokum (AlGore $500 million).
Lord Monckton will be in D.C. for about the next three month. Why don't you and AlGore arrange a debate with that dummy? I know AlGore won't. He has refused several times already. But com'on, how about you Gene? You're so smart and Monckton is obviously an idiot. You should jump at this opportunity.
It's time for the Warm-mongers to put up or shut up. The debate is not over, but because of the deceit and arrogance, your side is well on the way to losing the argument.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Census: more out of touch government overreach

The Dope hired - at great expense I'm sure - a "Blue Ribbon Commission" on deficit reduction. He can not be serious. If he were, he'd simply cancel any more spending from the stimulus (waste) package or throw out his own bloated budget that adds another $1.4 to the deficit.

If that's just too damned hard, how about recovering what is left of the Census Bureau's 133 million ad money? Read this if you want to get good and pissed off before lunch. The same idiots that blew 2.2 million of your hard earned cash on a STUPID Super Bowl ad are still at it. The Census Bureau's ad campaign is threatening people that if they do not fill out and return their Census form, their communities might not get the teachers and traffic lights that they need.

What the hell kind of American community relies on the census and the federal government for teachers and traffic lights? If there is such a community, whatever problems they currently have are about to multiply 100 fold.

Picture a town that has a sudden influx of people due to unrestrained liberty. The town grows 100 fold. I'm sure the mayor and town council would just sit by and do nothing for ten years while waiting on the census before hiring more school teachers. The once sleepy little town has a rash of bad accidents at particularly busy intersection in town. The mayor is heard to complain, "Damn! The census is still 7 years away. It'll be that long before we can do anything about the carnage down at Spruce and Elm." What utter BS!

The census is not supposed to be about teachers and traffic lights. Those are local issues best handled and paid for by local communities. Article I, Section 2 of that nearly forgotten document - the US Constitution - requires a census every ten year to determine the apportionment of Representatives in the House and taxes RAISED in each state.

Now, the census is not used in determining a fair share of tax burden but rather the REDISTRIBUTION of those taxes. Were the census conducted in accordance with the intent of the founders, the form would have one question: How many people live in this dwelling?

Today's census has 10 questions, including phone number, the are and sex of the home owner, the names of the people living in the dwelling, etc. You can visit the Census Bureau's website here. They make it very clear that their intent is about redistribution of tax money - it doesn't even cover the primary purpose of the census - determining the number of Representative as was the original intent.

I got the Census Bureau's long form in the mail during the last census. It was much more onerous than this year's. The last census demanded to know how much money I made and - no kidding - how many bathrooms were in my house. Oddly, according to the last census, I made a scant $2,000 but had 37 bathrooms in my home.

I don't know what to do this year. Normally I'd answer question 1 correctly; answer question 4, which asks for your ph #, 800-eat-$h!t and leave the rest blank. But since they have gone to such great expense to tell us that the form's primary purpose is to redistribute money, maybe I should kick the number in block 1 up 400-500%. You know sort of like a one man ACORN office.

This is more typical government overreach. The purpose of the census has morphed from determining a state's fair share of representatives and tax burden to determining who gets the tax money raised. Throw all of the bums out in Nov.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hill's shameful remarks

After seeing this youtube video Lex fired this off to Hill’s office via snail mail. I also sent it as an open letter to the local fish wrap in the 9th district.

Representative Baron Hill
279 Quartermaster Court
Jeffersonville, IN 47130

Dear Baron:

“This is my Town Hall meeting and I set rules”
- Representative Baron Hill D (IN 09) to a constituent

Wow. In a less than a dozen words you managed to sum up why the American people are sick of congress. I can sum up this episode and most of what congress does in just three words - stupidity, hubris and arrogance.

So Baron, what does the word “representative” mean to you?

Who do you suppose owns the “Town Hall?”

You go on to tell the people, “You’re not going to tell me how to run my congressional office.” Hmm, your office? Did you learn nothing from Scott Brown and the “Kennedy seat?” It’s the people’s office, Baron, not yours. Hopefully this November the people will throw your arrogant butt out of THEIR congressional office and on to the street.

With less and less respect,

Doug Schumick

Global Warm-monger take another one in the shorts

Uh oh, more trouble for the global warm-mongers. Another 2.5 inches of global warming was dumped on fabulous Ft. Wayne yesterday. That makes 13-14 inches for the month. But as one warm-monger noted, weather isn’t climate.

No, mere record amounts of snow and cold is not climate. To be “climate” it must be collected from temperature stations located on airport runways so as to collect the heat from jet exhaust, or next to an air conditioning unit, or on a blacktop parking lot. Then, any data from a station that does not comport to the desired out come is thrown out and ignored. Then when the data still doesn’t add up to the desired outcome, the records are lost and the report is simply made up out of whole cloth. Then, anyone who might say, “Whoa, hold on there Skippy. Let’s check this out before we destroy every Western economy in the world” is compared to a Holocaust denier. When all of that happens, only then do you have “climate.”

Now one of the originators of the global warming hoax, Dr. Phil Jones, late of the East Anglia CRU, has made several stunning admissions:
1. The globe may have been warmer during the Middle Ages – for all of the public school grads, that would be well before SUVs
2. It is nearly impossible to determine temperatures from 100s of years ago with any accuracy, so that the reports comparing today’s temps with those of 100s of years ago are pretty much just made up hokus pokus
3. And…wait for it…wait for it…there has been NO STATISTICTACLLY SIGNIFICANT WARMING for the last 15 years when accurate data - such as it is given the dishonst people collecting it - is actually available

Does any of this make any difference to warm-mongers? Not only no but hell no! After all of this comes out, I actually heard someone argue on Fox Special Report that, well sure the global warm-mongering scientific community is made up of liars, cheats and charlatans no doubt, but we “know” that 2009 was the second warmest year on record. How do we “know” that? Why should we believe anything warm-mongers tell us?

In proof positive that it is easier to fool a jug eared Harvard educated Dope than the average plumber with a high school diploma, even Dopulous took to the stage yesterday and announced an initiative to build 3 nuclear power plants as means to combat global warm-mongering. Idiot! And I’ll believe this high-functioning moron is interested in nuclear power when the plants come on line.

Even if these fools are right, they have so damaged their own credibility among thinking people that the Earth will have to be a smoldering cinder before they taken seriously again. And if they are right and seriously believe they are right, why do they have to lie and cheat to make the numbers add up?

But in really important news read this.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

He's baaaaaaaaack

Alert the media and Sir Dope-a-lot! Lex is back!

Well the most stunning thing I heard during my cyber mandated absence was when Slow Joe Biden claimed that Iraq was on track to be one of the Dope’s greatest accomplishments. Huh?!

And in other news, Peyton Manning and Brett Favre are demanding that they be named Super Bowl Co-MVPs. After all were it not for their errant passes, no way New Orleans wins the SB. Biden was quoted as saying, “Well you know, they have a point.”

I was just wondering how so much of the dangerous combination of stupidity, hubris and arrogance can be crammed into one man. When Slow Joe was an affable Bullwinkle J. Moose type dope 1 of 100 in the senate and perpetual failed presidential candidate, who cared if he thinks J-O-B-S is a three letter word?

But now this buffoon is the VP and is one heart beat away from the Eddie Haskell type dope’s

Then there was this Brennan guy’s remark that the Dope’s administration is OK with a 20% recidivism rate among released al Qaeda terrorists, because after all, the US penal system has a near 50% recidivism rate. And when the guys snatching granny’s purse starts to fly planes into buildings or take to the battlefield in Iraq to kill US soldiers, Brennan’s statement won’t be more evidence that Curly, Larry and Moe (Napolitano, Holder and Brennan) are running our national security program.

Then there was this, and this pains me, my old boss’s boss at HQMC Gen Jones defending the two morons on Fox News Sunday. Jones said about Slow Joe’s remark that the surge was only partially responsible for the turn around in Iraq. Yeah right General. Let’s say you’re right about the surge. I’ll remind you that about two weeks into the reconstruction of Iraq, Slow Joe was all for dividing the country into thirds.

With regard to Brennan’s nit wit remarks, all Jones could say was, “John is a hard worker.” That is sort of damning with faint praise, like when your sister tries to set you up with her ugly duckling friend. You ask, “What does she look like?” And the response comes, “Well, she makes her own clothes and has a wonderful personality.”

Can Nov come soon enough?

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Lex's computer is down hard. At least a week. I know, I know. Hang in there, endure the pain and I'll be back when my crack IT team solves the problem.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Job loss

Drudge is running a report that employers cut 20,000 jobs in January, i.e. there are an additional 20,000 unemployed people milling about – yet with an ADDITIONAL 20,000 unemployed, the jobless rate fell from 10% to 9.7%. Wow, I wonder if that math works in Vegas. I lost $20,000 bucks at Blackjack, yet my bank account mysteriously grew from $20,000 to $25,000 bucks. Hell I’ll just keep gambling.

The report also noted that:

"The Labor Department said the economy shed 150,000 jobs in December, compared to 85,000 previously reported, but November was revised to a gain of 64,000, up from 4,000. Annual benchmark revisions to payrolls data showed the economy has purged 8.4 million jobs since the start of the recession in December 2007."

Hmmmmmm, if all of these figures are going to undergo radical revision over a three month period, why not just issue a quarterly report and save everyone all the angst?

Don’t ask don’t tell

The other big item in the news theses days is the Dope’s initiative to do away with “Don’t ask don’t tell (DADT).” I’m a dinosaur, but I can’t see this being a good idea. Unless there has been a huge sea change (and who knows maybe there has been) in the mind set of the average service member, such a change will adversely affect unit cohesion and recruitment.

The Dope’s two top advisors on military matters have promised to conduct a year long study looking into the feasibility of doing away with DADT. There are two problems with that whole picture. One; during testimony before the Senate, both Adm Mullen and Sec Def Gates intimated that they supported the Dope’s policy change. Guess what? That has the same affect on the study as The Dope, his light skinned Negro AG and his dolt press secretary stating that KSM was guilty and would be hung before a judge, jury or attorneys had been chosen.

Such statements taint everything. What career minded civil or military person isn’t going to be able to read that very clear and bold hand writing on that wall? They will go through the motions, waste millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours “studying” the issue. Then guess what? They will come to the conclusion that the Dope, Sec Def and Chairman were absolutely correct - the time has come to dump DADT. I wouldn’t be surprised if the first line of the report read, “You are a genius!”

The second problem is more serious. If the “study” to dump DADT is conducted in the same manner as the report on the Ft. Hood shooter was conducted, everyone involved with it should be jailed. The Ft. Hood report was a white wash, a cover up and completely irresponsible. The people involved with that report were more interested in political correctness than to identifying asinine Army policies, a culture of political correctness and holding people accountable.

No doubt, the conclusions on DADT will be written before the first meeting. Then the committees will be sent out to gather information that supports the pre-determined conclusions. Those who support the pre-determined conclusions most vigorously will be promoted. Anyone who raises a red flag or objects too strenuously will be labeled a Neanderthal and cashiered to the most remote post available.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Some stuff

True or false 59 is greater than 60

Proving he is the biggest dope ever, during his talk Demo-Dopes yesterday, The Dope told Demo-Dopes that they needed pass Dope-a-care. Hmmm. You had a year and 60 seats in the Senate and couldn’t get it done…thank God. But now that you’re down to 59 Senate seats, it’s time to push for Dope-a-care? You almost expected some Demo-Dope to stand up and say, “Ummm, sir, you do know that 59 is less than 60, right? And you know that 60 votes are required to pass legislation in Senate, right?”

Springfield's Chief Clancy Wiggum takes over high value interrogations

Proving that The Dope administration is laden with fools, they are now crowing that they have had the undies bomber talking for some time now. Gee, that’s genius. In order to pat yourself on the back, you’ve now notified al Qaeda that one of their operatives is talking. Well done. To make matters worse they say that this proves the logic of Mirandizing the jackass. I liked the question at the hearings, “So do you think bin Laden ought to be Mirandized?” And to make matters a bit more ridiculous, apparently they got the undies bomber to talk by flying his family in. You can just hear the call when they catch Osama. “Hello, Mr. bin Laden? Yeah, this is Springfield Police Chief Clancy Wiggum. We have your son Osama down here at the station. Seems he’s been blowing things up again. Could you come down here and help us to get him to talk? Oh yeah, and could you stop by the Quickie Mart on your way down to the station and grab a dozen doughnuts?”

Las Vegas mayor tells what we've known for quite awhile; The Dope is a dope

Then there’s this absolutely truthful quote from the mayor of Fabulous Las Vegas, NV:

“He has a real psychological hang up about the entertainment capitol of the world. An apology won’t be acceptable this time, I don’t know where his vendetta comes from but we’re not going to let him make his bones by lambasting Las Vegas, that’s why (the press) is here today.

“He didn’t learn his lesson the first time, but when he hurt our economy by his ill conceived rhetoric, we didn’t think it would happen again, but now that it has I want to assure you, when he comes I’ll do everything I can to give him the boot back to Washington and to visit his failures back there.

“I gotta tell you this, everybody says I shouldn’t say it, but I gotta tell you the way it is. This president is a real slow learner.

Yeah, well I’ve been saying that since The Dope was a mere B-HO knee high in his political life to an arugula sprout. Finally The Dope is being exposed.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Dopes don't change; they act like Dopes

When you’re a Dope, you can expect things to go from bad to worse. For the best example, watch the Three Stooges movie where the Stooges are painting a house. After King Dope’s inauguration he was the “Dear Dope” with nearly a 70% approval rating. He was going to stop the seas from rising, reform America into a utopia, and provide the magic that would have the rest of the world loving America.

Today, his approval is below 50%; the seas are doing whatever God intends them to do with not one wit of regard for what the Dope dining on arugula salads at 1600 PA Ave would like them to do; at home we’re mired in debt and divided as never before; and abroad the world’s creeps, madmen, lunatics and losers are all influenced by the Dope’s wishes and wants to the same degree as the seas - zero. Actually it’s less than zero in that many of the world’s creeps, madmen, lunatics and losers openly taunt the Dope and do the exact opposite of what he’d like. But thank goodness he got us out of Iraq. Huh? He didn’t. Well OK, add that to the list.

When discussing his monumental failures here at home we start with The Dope’s signature piece of legislation – Dope-a-care - which was flushed down the crapper with the election of Scott Brown. Next, the Dope’s insane idea of trying war criminals in a civil court in NYC is being 86ed by people with brains who are pulling the funding for any such loony idea for the 9-11 mastermind. Had the trials gone forward, we could have started calling him the 7-11 mastermind as if he were a common criminal robbing the local 7-11. Closing G'itmo is proving to a bit tougher to do in reality than just blabbing on and on about it when you have no clue what-so-ever what you’re talking about. Janet Incompetano says “the system worked” when it allowed the undies bomber to board a plane on Christmas day. The gang that couldn’t shoot straight Mirandized the creep 50 minutes after they had him custody.

In truth, he is a failure of leadership. How long can you go on blaming your predecessor for your problems?

He is a failure to tell the truth. Let’s just state the most obvious that the Dope-a-care debates would be on C-Span and leave it at that. I don’t think there’s enough room in cyberspace to publish the entire list.

The worst thing that could happen for the American people is for this Buffoon to turn his attention to that three letter word, J-O-B-S. Given The Dope's track record, we can count on the jobless rate to increase now and for as long as Dopey and his team of @$$wipes are on the case.

We are being driven off a cliff by a Dope and his team of Demo-Dopes. We had better wake up, grab the wheel and hit the breaks this Nov. Once we start over the cliff, there’s no getting it back.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Is the destruction of America purposeful?

Phil confounds global warm-mongers

In another blow to global warming nuts Punxsutawney Phil was frightened by his own shadow (must be a Lib) and scurried back into his hole foreshadowing six more weeks of winter. Global warming nuts who simply hide, shred or lie about information that doesn’t fit their foolish mold, claim Phil was actually frightened by the thought of global warming. They also note that the coldest winter on record in 30 years is yet another warning that global warming is more serious than they thought. When a glacier starts destroying the orange crop in FL, they will be telling us the ice is a sure sign that it’s almost too late to start curbing our use carbon based fuels.

The Dope's budget

Not that anyone ever cares what the any President’s budget looks like, other than a look into the man’s priorities, The Dopes budget is dopey for a couple of reasons. Given the majorities he still enjoys on Capitol Hill much of what’s in this monstrosity may actually see the light of day.

But it’s most peculiar when juxtaposed against the Dope’s latest tv show. During the show the Dope said something along the lines that we couldn’t keep increasing the deficit. His budget proves he’s an idiot or liar. The budget increases the deficit 100 billion over last year’s record breaking, bank breaking, back breaking deficits.

The Dope went on to give lip service about spending our children’s future with too much borrowing. The Dope’s budget borrows another 1.6 TRILLON that we do not have and may not even have the capacity to pay back.

I am not one given to conspiracy theories, except the one that keeps the Bengals from winning the Super Bowl - that’s real, but I am beginning to believe that the Dope and his team half-wit, communists, socialists and anarchists are purposefully setting out to ruin America. How else can the long list of destructive policies, plans and orders be explained? When taken as a whole, the list goes way beyond stupidity and arrogance. It is beginning to look as if the only possible explanation is purposeful destruction.

It's getting scary.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Finally, a subject the Dope knows something about

Unable to denying union members their right to a secret ballot; have gays to serve openly in the military; get Dope-a-care, cap and tax or anything else meaningful done, the Dope has turned up analyzing basketball. The community organizer, who never once failed to order enough pizza for the midnight basketball league, has finally stumbled upon something he knows a thing or two about. Too bad for America that Vlad, Ahmadinejad, Chaves, Kim, bin Laden, al Qaeda and the rest of the world’s bad actors won’t square up with the Dope and join a one-on-one double elimination round-ball tournament with world domination as the prize. We’d be in pretty good shape “leadership” wise were that the case.

Unfortunately for us, the world’s bad actors couldn’t give a crap less about basketball. They are content to blow things up, build nukes and eventually blow things up with nukes. But hey, those are thorny problems even for seasoned diplomatic hands. What would we expect a Dope to do about them? The Dope seems stunned that the world’s creeps laugh openly at his naïveté (or is just plain stupidity at this point?).

And consider this. What happened to Scott Brown’s challenge to the Dope for a two-on two game between Brown and his DAUGHTER and whoever the Dope wanted from the Demo-Dope side? Brown openly challenged the dunking Dope to a ball game. Yet not a word about it from the Dope or his adoring press. Why?

Here’s why. The Dope knows he’d end up getting out muscled and out hustled. And who knows what would happen if Scott Brown matched up against him instead of his daughter. So unless Kobe Bryant wins a Demo-Dope seat, don’t expect the Dope to step up and accept the challenge which would set himself up to look like a clown against a girl.

In another issue the Commander of American Sport has inserted himself into:

“The Obama administration is considering several steps that would review the legality of the controversial Bowl Championship Series, the Justice Department said in a letter Friday to a senator who had asked for an antitrust review.”

Wow finally just what the American people wanted. An end to al Qaeda? No an end to the BCS. Clueless Buffoon just scratches the surface with this jerk. I am no constitutional lawyer or professor like the Dope claims to be, but I think freedom of association is right in there somewhere. Colleges do not have to belong to the NCAA. They can form their own association if they want to. They don’t for some reason.

The last thing we need is for the government to get involved in college athletics. The first thing this justice department would determine is that there are not enough female linebackers in college football. And it would be downhill from there.

If justice wants to investigate college anything, maybe they should investigate why college cost have increased at about 3 times the rate of inflation over the last 15 years. If they are interested in diversity, why don’t they investigate why it’s easier to find a four leaf clover in the ice core in Antarctica than a conservative professor with tenure at an Ivy League School?

This guy is an idiot. The sooner we admit our mistake the sooner we can start the twelve step process to recovery. Nothing good happens when you're in denial.