Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The never ending conversation on race

On Mar 18, 2008, B-HO called for a conversation on race relations. What was he thinking? Doesn’t he know Black History Month is over? A quick search of “black history” fails to reveal (to me anyway) the exact date congress foisted this non-sense called “Black History Month” on the American people. But I happen to know that Black History Month is February. So how can we possibly have a discussion about race in Mar? Sorry B-Ho, the calendar is going to have to go around the horn to Feb 09 before we can seriously talk about race.

I know that Black History Month is Feb because that’s when we had “ethnic food” week in the cafeteria at THE Ohio State University. Whitey though it was stereotypical BS to the point of bad comedy. “Ethnic food” consisted, watermelon, fried chicken, cat fish, and Aunt Jemima pancakes. It was as if the THE OSU hired the KKK and/or Monty Python as consultants for the “ethnic food” menu.

You can just see it. The Grand Kleegal of the KKK Sen. Robert Sheets Byrd advising THE OSU, “Them people don’t eat nothin’ but watermelon, fried chicken and colored greens.” Ah, Mr. Byrd that’s collard greens. “Maybe where you growed up.”

Then the Python crew arrives and advises THE OSU, “Yes, by all means, have an ‘ethnic food’ week. For comic effect you should fill it up with every stereotypical food you can imagine, because we all know them colored folk don’t eat no meatloaf.”

So I know that Black History Month has been around at least since about 1976. But other than some unusual food experiences at THE OSU and an up tic in Shaft movies on network TV, who knew? It was pretty much business as usual.

Black History Month was laid on us by ever pandering elected officials to compensate for an under representation of black contributions and sacrifices in the founding and growth of our country in our school’s history books. Great! I guess it just didn’t occur to anyone at the time to simply update the books to accurately reflect the history of our country and to reflect the contributions of all.

So we’ve overcompensated with Black History Month, which if it followed the progression of PC names, would have gone from, darkie to Negro, to Black, to Afro American, back to Black and finally to African American History Month. It seems we’re one iteration behind.

And can you EVER in your wildest dreams see a Pol taking to the floor of congress, say in the year 2745, and saying, “You know, we’ve come an awful long way in race relations in this country. I think it’s time we consider abolishing affirmative action and Black History Month. Rather than inclusive, those things seem somewhat divisive.”

NEWS FLASH to B-HO: We’ve supposedly been having a conversation on race in this country since the mid-70s. And, in spite of what your hate filled bigoted anti-American preacher suggests, we have made progress. This ain’t 1950’s, 60’s or even 70s or 80s America. You know how I can tell? Because you are running successfully for President of the United States!!!! HELLO!!

Note to the few: Lex is off to the Grand Canyon for a week. I’ll be back with tales of AZ Wed. next week. Buck up, I know it’s hard. Just review the archives and I’ll be back before you know it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

B-HO's typical black person

So, B-HO, a typical black person? A bright woman. I can tell by that, I just solved cold fussion look about her.
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Boycotting the Olympics

Among all of the stupid things Jimmy Carter did, I though boycotting the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, because the Russians were causing trouble in Afghanistan, was among the stupidest. My logic then was, if you want the Russians out of Afghanistan, go kick ‘em out. Why punish hundreds of innocent American athletes for a feckless US foreign policy? If you’re not going to kick their asses on the battlefield at least do it on the playing field.

Now there is talk of boycotting the Chinese Olympics. Bad move. The ChiComs should never have gotten the Olympics in the first place. The IOC should not be in the business of awarding lucrative Olympic Games and thereby the imprimatur of Olympic legitimacy to any country where one cannot freely stand in the public square and call the leader of that country a bedwetting, human rights violator with a bad haircut – without fear of being hauled off for a bit of reeducation.

Unfortunately the IOC is like the Nobel Committee in that the biggest qualification is boiled to ability – the ability to hate America and George Bush.
So hey, China it is. So let’s go and kick as much ass as possible. And while were at it drop off some blue jeans, CD’s and post cards from America. It’ll set the ChiComs latest five year plan back 20 years.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Journal Gazette making excuses for Liberals since I've lived in Ft. Wayne

The local fish wrap aka the Daily Punctilio aka the Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette had a feature in the “Faith” section of their Sat edition. In it the Punctilio took up the issue of B-HO’s preacher - Rev Wright. Wright, you might recall, is the hate filled pastor who issued such healing Christian messages from his pulpit as G-D America, the white man invented AIDES to kill blacks, America got what she deserved on 9-11 and gave a lifetime achievement award to Louie Farrakhan.

So the Punctilio runs a feature on Sat with local reaction to Wright’s “preaching” and B-HO’s speech on race in response to that “preaching”. Do you think the Punctilio could find a single person to say, well I think Wright was a bit over the top? No. Hell no. Seven local pastor offered excuses for Wright and unending praise of B-HO for his speeech.

So I fired off the bit under this lead to the Punctilio editors. When I went to link Sat’s feature to this post, the Wright feature was gone from the Punctilio web page.

Was there a reader uprising? I doubt it. Everyone who gets the Punctilio has to know its slogan – propaganda first, news and balance if we can fit it in. So here’s the response to more Punctilio non-sense:

We often lament the fact that there are not enough “peace loving” Muslims condemning the activities of the “radical few.”

At the same time, here in America we were introduced to Barack Obama’s, whoa-is-me, anti-Semitic, hate-American, blame Whitey, love Louie Farrakhan fire-breathing “pastor.”

So while we “hope” for “peace loving” Muslims to pipe up and shout down the radical Muslim extremists, the JG goes out and finds local pastors who, like Obama, find it easier to give the bigoted Wright their tacit approval than to say, “Whatever other good Rev Wright has done, I reject his view of America, Jews and whites. If Wright truly believed his own rhetoric, why hasn’t he led a black exodus from America to the black promised land?”

Now, what if prominent Muslim clerics came out and made the same excuses for bin Laden that Obama and these pastors are making for Wright?

And don’t make the argument that, well bin Laden is trying to destroy the West in general and America in particular. Wright gave a lifetime achievement award to Louie Farrakhan who preaches that “America must burn.”

Don’t argue that Wright served as a Marine. Benedict Arnold served his country bravely, honorably and well right up to the point he betrayed her.

Don’t argue that Wright was taken out of context. Take a full page of this fish wrap and try to put G-D America, the US government spread AIDS to kill blacks, or America deserved 9-11 in to some kind of acceptable context. Try to put Louie Farrakhan into an acceptable context.

Don’t argue that it’s a black thing. Whitey just don’t understand. That in itself is racist baloney. I do understand. It’s called black liberation theology. The Catholic Church faced the same thing when communists tried to co-opt the church in South America. Pope John Paul II dispatched, then Cardinal, Ratzinger to straighten the bishops and monsignors of the region out. Who is being dispatched to straighten these pastors out?

Don’t argue that you cannot hang Wright’s words on Obama. Nobody is trying to do that. It is a question of judgment. Consider this, how could you and why would you sit there for TWENTY YEARS, if you weren’t taking the message on board? Why would you expose your children to that kind of anti-American, hate filled bigotry if you didn't believe it?

And if one of these preachers is going to argue that there “is reality in what Wright preaches”, why isn’t he leading the black exodus?

If I truly believed the place where I was living sucked so bad and the government was trying to kill me and my children, I’d pack it up and move. Hell, if I truly believed that, I’d probably not even take the time to pack it up. I’d just move.

The answer is simple. For all of her faults, America remains the best hope for self-reliant people who want to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

Doug Schumick
“Typical white person”
Ft. Wayne, In

Friday, March 21, 2008

Several things considered

Consider this, Osama bin laden has just released a new tape that condemns and threatens the Pope for helping to lead a "new Crusade" against Islam. For good measure, while he was in the condemning and threatening mood, bin Laden threatened attacks on European governments … again … yawn…for the Mohamed cartoons.

Consider this, if Muslims used B-HO’s logic, Muslims could no more condemn bin Laden than they could condemn their Arab heritage or their own grandmother. After all, Muslims have been oppressed by Christians worldwide (and vice versa) for a hell of a lot longer than Whitey has been oppressing blacks in America.

Consider this, a few short months ago John McCain was pronounced road kill by nearly everyone. Then he wrapped up the Rep nomination, but he was well behind both Dem challengers and was thought to lose in a landslide to a “dream ticket” Shrillda & B-HO or B-ho and Shrillda. Now he’s ten points up on both and the "dream ticket" is a fantasy - and he hasn’t even run an ad.

Consider this, a couple of weeks ago the Dem party riding a poor economy, an unpopular war and its MSM lemmings was a shoe in for the White House in ’08. Now:

MI and FL have been disenfranchised by the Dem party and a huge floor fight over seating the delegates and how the delegates will be proportioned is likely at the Dem convention.

Shrillda was supposed to have the nomination wrapped up in Feb but is behind, some say irreversibly so, in delegates and the popular vote.

B-HO has a seemingly insurmountable lead but his once impressive support by Whitey is dropping like a stone due to the right Rev Wright’s hate filled anti-American bigotry.

Consider this, the Dems, once so happy with both of their candidates, have an irresolvable dilemma:

If Shrillda takes (i.e. steals) the Dem nomination from the black guy, there will be huge trouble in Denver and blacks will stay home handing the general election to McCain.

If B-Ho takes the nomination, Whitey, being the pig racist that B-HO’s preacher believes him to be, will cross over to vote for the white guy McCain.

Consider this, all of this has happened in less than three months. Consider the twists turns that lay ahead.

Have a blessed Easter.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

B-HO a racist, who knows?

Barack none shall say his middle name Obama will be shortened to B-HO on this page. That is not to be confused with B-a-HO, which would be offensive, unless of course it were uttered by a black preacher about a white woman. In that case, Whitey would just have to understand that it’s OK because Gerry Ferraro and grandma said something slightly offensive about blacks at one time or another. B-HO is shorter and easier. Besides, if Howard Johnson’s can be shortened to HoJo’s, B-HO has to be OK.

So the MSM is still agog over B-HO’s race speech.

Courageous is a word often used to describe the speech. No. It wasn’t. Michael Murphy who exposed himself to a hail of enemy fire to call for help for his trapped SEAL team in Afghanistan was courageous. Paul Smith who protected his company in Iraq by jumping up on an APC and manning a .50 cal machine gun until mortally wounded was courageous.

Giving a politically expedient speech in front of friendly audience is more self-serving than it is courageous. He might have been courageous had told the truth. Had he said:

“Many of the things Rev Wright has said about whites and America are offensive and untrue. I should have disassociated myself from this church the first time I became aware of any of them, and sadly I’ve known about them for a long time. I didn’t have the courage to do that then. I do now. And I beg your pardon.”

Instead he engaged in a long speech about moral equivalencies. Sure he used black and white moral equivalencies, but they were none the less moral equivalencies.

Then even more offensively, he suggests that anyone who continues to examine the Rev Wright’s ministry and B-HO’s association with it is a bigot. B-HO’s logic goes, “Can’t we all just move on, because there are more important issues facing this country than the lunatic rantings of Rev Wright.

I’m not so sure. I’m not so sure B-HO hasn’t internalized more of Rev Wright’s fringe G-D America, Whitey sucks, Jews suck, blacks are always the victim philosophy than even he is willing to admit.

How could you and why would you sit there for TWENTY YEARS if you weren’t taking the message on board? Why would you expose your children to that kind of anti-American, hate filled bigotry if you didn't believe it?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Questioning race

As predictid the MSM is all a gog over BHO's speech. But I have some of questions.

Question: You’ve heard all of the racist, anti-American crap that has spewed from the sewer hole that is “Rev” Wright’s mouth, yet you refuse to throw him overboard and say he’s an a@#hole. What additional hate filled anti-white, anti-Semitic, anti-American remarks would the “Rev” have to make for you to take those steps?

Question: When you take your children to this “church,” how long does it take you to undo what “Rev” Wright does to their minds – or do you even try to undo it?

Question: Does your attendance at this church explain your wife’s comment about never having anything to be proud of about America?

Question: Do you think your mother would be comfortable in your church?

Question: Have you seen the Godfather? Do you recall the part where Michael tells Fredo, “Fredo, you’re my brother and I love you, but don’t ever go against the family again.” What do you think Michael would do to Fredo if he threw their grandmother under the bus like you just did yours?

Question: If an Imam in a Mosque was known to be making hate filled anti-American statements and teaching his congregation to hate America in general and white Americans in particular, do you think the FBI should look into it?

Question: So this whole brouhaha just boils down to, “It’s black thing. Whitey just don’t understand”?

Question: We’re supposed to believe that because you’ve sat in church for TWENTY YEARS listing to a hate filled anti-white, anti-Semitic, anti-American preacher that qualifies you to be a unifier? Explain how that works.

Question: Since you appear to have a lock on the racist black vote, will David Duke be your running mate to balance the ticket and pretty much wrap up the hate vote?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Explaining away "G** Damn America"

On the heels of the exposure of his pastor for TWENTY YEARS as a racist lunatic, Barack none shall mention his middle name Obama is going to address the race issue today.

Prediction: Even if Obama enrages Whitey and further divides America along racial lines by saying that he believes every word Jeremiah Wright has said about race and America, the MSM will say, “Well, yes he hit that one out of the park. Only racist bigots would dare challenge him on his church affiliation after that masterpiece.”

Prediction II: Obama, as is his style, won’t say anything of substance. He’ll speak in sweeping generalities heap meaningless platitude upon meaningless platitude and end by saying, “Can’t we all just get along?”

Problem: Obama’s big problem has not even been identified by the MSM. All the MSM energy has been devoted to Wright. OK Wright is an idiot and deserves some scrutiny. But, what about the hundreds of racist idiots in the congregation cheering him on? That’s the bigger problem in my mind. Obama can say, “Yeah, well you know I wasn’t there when these things were said and had no idea Wright was such a race baiting anti-American fool.” How can he even try to get away with saying he did not know the entire congregation was made up of race baiting fools?

Problem II: Black “church leaders” are trying to excuse Wright’s comments by saying that they were taken out of context. Well take 15 minutes and try to put “G** Damn America” into some kind of acceptable context.

Problem III: Black “church leaders” are hitting the TV talkers and explaining away Wright’s bigotry by saying that Whitey doesn’t understand the black church experience. Give me an Amen on that one brother – nor do I care to if the black church experience is a whoa is me, racist, anti-American message of despair and perpetual victim hood.

A question for Wright and every race baiting piece of crap populating the US of A:
I will stipulate that America is a racist sh&%hole. I don’t believe that, but for the sake of argument, let’s say you’re right. Given that, where else in the world would want your children to be born?


Ripley’s Believe it or not

I was watching the CBS morning show yesterday. They were interviewing some hapless woman, Lois I think, who couldn’t make her mortgage payment. When asked why, Lois started her answer by saying, “The government’s got a problem...(yada yada yada).” The government’s got a problem? Huh.

But wait, as curious as that statement was, that’s not even the Ripley’s part of the interview. Certain that once she lost her home she wouldn’t qualify for a bank loan, Lois went out and barrowed money for a NEW CAR, not a used car a, NEW CAR! WTF?

When the repo men snatch her car after missing three payments, Lois will be back on the CBS morning show. When asked why she lost her car, Lois no doubt will start the explanation by saying, “The government’s got a problem…”

Friday, March 14, 2008

Can I get an AMEN for anti-American racism?

I’ve been hearing what a racist, bigoted, idiot Barack none shall use his middle name Obama’s pastor - the right Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright - is for some time. But until yesterday, I thought Wright’s racism was the run of the mill “we’re superior” type of racism. The “we’re superior” kind of racism is the kind of racism where the perpetrator and the perpetrator’s apologist pass the racism off as nothing more than building cultural pride.

Nice. So in Wright’s world, calling Whitey a loathsome creature worthy of nothing but scorn; to be blamed for everything that might go wrong in a black person’s life and to occasionally be spat upon - but really worth little else - is all meant to pump up the black community. What a wonderfully Christian message that is.

Hitler, you might recall, was the exact same type of racist. But Reverend Wright has never gone so far as to advocate wiping out the white race…yet.

Well now some of the right Rev. Wright’s more…uh…colorful racist, anti-American comments have come to light. Go here if you were under a rock yesterday and haven’t heard his incredible comments.

Of course the apologists are out in full force. The story goes that these are just Wight’s views and comments. They do not reflect Obama’s opinions. Ahhh. But to be associated with Wright in any way does reflect Obama’s pee poor judgment.

Judgment, you know, Obama’s answer to the 3 am phone ad. Obama's response goes, it doesn’t matter who answers the White House phone at 3 am, but rather what kind of judgment they will display after answering. Well, it seems with regard to his association with Wright, Obama has been displaying poor judgment for the last TWENTY YEARS.

Obama didn’t happen to just wonder into Wright’s church one Sunday, listen to an anti-American, racist sermon, get up and walk out. Obama has been a member of this racist congregation for TWENTY YEARS.

Having listened to Wright run down Whitey and America since they were married by the bigot, no wonder Michelle Obama can’t find anything to be proud of about America…except maybe her being First Lady.

This should mean big trouble for Obama. It won’t. In Dem circles, the anti-American bigotry Wright preaches is widely accepted as the gospel.

Besides, it's OK if blacks are racists. As long as they vote 96% Dem and let Dem pols into the churches for fund raising.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Adios Bill

The second thing you learn in the military leadership training, right after where the chow hall is located, is that it’s OK to dissent up to the point of decision, but after the decision is made you shut up, get on board or get out. Apparently CENTCOM Regional Commander, Adm. William Fallon, headed directly to the chow hall at his leadership training and missed lesson two.

Fallon is obviously a bright guy - so bright in fact that he fancy’s himself as the brightest guy in the room. Why else would he go Al Jezeera TV and while pretending to be the president say, “This constant drumbeat of conflict ... is not helpful and not useful. I expect that there will be no war, and that is what we ought to be working for. We ought to try to do our utmost to create different conditions."

I expect the president and people who know something about how to handle Islamo-terror-fascists wanted the Mullahs in Tehran to at least have to consider that Cowboy George might bomb their asses off late one night. Why take that card off the table? Well, yes I have three wild cards, but I will not play them during this hand when the fate of America has been thrown into the pot.

That is called the Vietnam strategy of card playing. Let your opponents know you have the best hand, but you have no intention of playing it. Then spend the next 35 years telling everyone how you could have won the pot, if you’d only played your best cards.

Really, that’s quite brilliant. So brilliant in fact, the average guy doesn’t even understand it. It takes a guy like Fallon to truly understand the genius of losing and then bragging about how you could have won. Cue the Twilight Zone theme music.

Then there’s this from today’s Washington Post:

"The fact is that [Central Command] had the external responsibility to protect our troops in Iraq from the outside and under Fallon they failed to do it," said retired Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, a military analyst. "We have done nothing to protect our soldiers from external threats in Iraq."

Others said Adm. Fallon was pushed to resign.

"No matter what [Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates] said [Tuesday], we know for a fact Admiral Fallon was fired," said a former senior Defense official who works closely with military officials in the region. "We have kids — soldiers — getting killed because Iran, Syria and other foreign fighters are coming across the border into Iraq, and yet Fallon was unwilling to do anything to hold [those nations] accountable."

Now Dems, sensing blood in the water, want Fallon to testify with Gen Petraeus this Spring. Bad move. Fallon will either say nothing to support the Dem’s surrender at all cost position on Iraq or will be made to look as foolish as the Dems when faced with the progress being achieved under Petraeus in Iraq.

My sense is – adios Bill. Now we can get someone in there that will kill the people trying to kill our soldiers.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Suspending recess is not torture

Quick - hold your breath! You've just been tortured.

The President vetoed the ban on waterboarding. Predictably, the Liberal MSM went spastic. Oh the humanity! The Daily Punctilio, aka the Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette, whined and wailed, this makes us just like them!

Well, not exactly Scooter. I don’t believe even the far leftist of loons thinks that the US government is indiscriminately snatching hundreds of innocent people, among them women and children, off of the street every week and waterboarding them to death in the name of God. That is essentially what the Islamo-terror-fascists do when they blow up a train, building, pizza parlor or market somewhere.

So, call me crazy, but I do not equate the waterboarding of three ITF suspects after 9-11 with flying planes into buildings and killing 3,000 innocent people. And dare I say, only an idiot would.

Next the Punctilio went on to assure us that torture doesn’t work. Hmmm. They may want to pick up George Tenet’s book “At the center of the storm”. In it, Tenet confirms that waterboading does work and it saved American lives.

So who are we to believe, the Libs at the Daily Punctilio or the former CIA director?

Last the Punctilio argues that using such tactics will only inflame the enemy who will then treat our POWs in the same fashion. Note to the Punctilio: the ITF are in a perpetual state being inflamed. Newspaper cartoons inflame these people to riot, murder and burn for crying out loud. And how lucky would our POWs be if they could be assured of only being waterboarded? Instead they are burned to death and their bodies are hanged from bridges. Their heads are hacked off on TV. They are shot execution style and left in shallow graves.

I know, let’s just not call it torture. It’s that word that has the Libs shorts in a knot. If Libs can get away with calling illegal aliens – “undocumented workers” – why don’t we just agree to call waterboarding – “temporary but mandatory cessation of breathing”.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Riding out the scandal

Schadenfreude: taking delight in the misfortune of another

You know like laughing hysterically when the Shrillda Beast gets all upset about the MSM not treating her fair. That’s rich. It’s perfectly OK when the MSM dumps all over conservatives. But Whooa Nelly when they favor Barack none shall mention his middle name Obama over the jumbo sized pant suited Shrillda. Why that’s just not fair.

Or how about John McCain’s primary campaign being hampered by McCain/Feingold campaign finance reform – now that’s funny. But not to worry, he’s still all for public funding of the general election after blowing it off for the primaries. Is there anything hypocritical about that?

Then there was Bill Clinton’s getting spiritual advice from the “Reverend” Jackson on his umpteenth tryst just before Jesse gets busted for an out wedlock love child. As an aside, shouldn’t these children be called “sex children”? If there was love involved, wouldn’t the guy leave his wife and marry the girl?

And now “Mr. Clean” aka Eliot Spitzer has been associated with a prostitution ring. First, never, ever dub any politician “Mr. Clean”. Clean and politics is an oxymoron. Some view Spitzer as white knight busting white collar criminals. Others view his assault on white collar crime as high handed, self serving and Spitzer as little more than a bully. Well, busting Harvey Milquetoast for using shareholder funds for the company Christmas party ain’t exactly like subjecting yourself to the death threats associated with bringing down the mob.

Now the pundits are saying Spitzer is done. After Bill Clinton, Larry Craig and David Vitter, I’m not so sure. Here’s how this might play out:

Lay low for a couple of news cycles and see if the whole thing dies down.

Hope and pray for Paris Hilton to get arrested – maybe even pay her to get arrested – to knock your name off the front page.

Convince the MSM that the Governor of New York paying thousands of dollars to mob connected prostitutes is a “private matter between the governor and his family”.

Last, vow to fight on. Not for yourself and your own good and well-being of course, but rather for all of the little people who need you – and only you – to fight for them. You will suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune for them – the little people, who can’t even wipe their butts without you. It’s a far, far better thing you do, than you’ve ever done before – and you’re doing it all for the little people.

It might work.

Monday, March 10, 2008

It's all Florida's fault...again

A few funny things happened on the way to the Dem nomination:

Queen Shrillda Beast’s inevitable coronation procession of stately coaches, foots men, fusiliers, Beefeaters and the royal band playing “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow” has been run off the road and into a ditch by a bunch of loud, drag racing, pimped out Toyotas with risers, ground effect lighting and rappers using words that rhyme with “mo” to describe Shrillda (or at least Bill’s girlfriends), driven by Barack Obama and his supporters hoping for change.

Yet it’s the dazed and bedraggled Shrillda Beast crawling out from under her horribly wrecked gilded carriage and standing amid the carnage that was once her unstoppable campaign, shouting at the speeding Obama, “Come back! I might let you be my Vice President!”

Bill Clinton, once described by an idiot named Toni Morrison as “the first black president”, found out he wasn’t black enough - even when another idiot - – Andrew Young - – advised blacks that cracker Bill had been with more black women than half-black Obama. Think about that one. Only in the Dem party could a candidate’s spouse’s interracial infidelity be looked upon as a plus.

FL and MI once shunned by Dems - like the long haired, scar faced, no shirt, black booted, chain dangling, leather vest wearing, tattooed biker dude date of a southern bell at the debutante’s ball - are suddenly respectable places to politic again.

The delegate count that was supposed to be all Shrillda’s and was supposed to have ended the campaign in her favor in Feb is now hopelessly stacked against the Beast. And again she is bluffing, with a two, a five and an eight of different suites showing and holding an empty hand she offers Obama a shot at the Vice Presidency, even though everyone at the table knows he has at least three aces. Brilliant!

The delegate count out of reach, the Beast’s last gasp is the popular vote. So she’s in it until the convention trying to cajole, threaten, scare up, buy and/or brow beat voters into voting for her. If successful, she can blow the convention up and get her way.

The Dem nomination process proves to be utterly useless for the Beast to get her way and has the Dems in turmoil. Who gets the blame? Howard Dean who is supposed to be running the Dem party? The candidates themselves who thought, at the time anyway, it was a good idea to disenfranchise two states worth of voters? Noooooooooo. Hell no. Why it’s all the FL Rep party’s fault of course. Who else?

If Dems can’t even run their own nominating process, why would anyone think they were ready to run the country?

Friday, March 07, 2008

A "write down" of common sense

DANG IT!!!!! I really fouled up. Mrs. Lex and I went out and bought a house we could afford. What idiots!!! Had I only know we could have dragged Mr. and Mrs. America in as co-signers, I’d have bought a much bigger house that we couldn’t afford and stuck the co-signers with the bill.

Can you believe this? Fed chairman Ben Bernanke said, "In this environment, principal reductions that restore some equity for the homeowners may be a relatively more effective means of avoiding delinquency and foreclosure."

Lemmesee, principal is that part of the loan that comprises the face value of a loan - right? The principal is that part of the loan for which the interest is figured right? So Bernanke is saying, if I barrowed $150,000, the bank ought to restructure the loan to say I only barrowed $100,000 – can that be? So I’ve spent all $150,000, but I only have to repay $100,000?

Great idea! And who can possibly lose in that deal? Wait a minute, the bank. What happens to $50,000 I barrowed from the bank but don’t repay?

Mr. and Mrs. America put their hard earned Yankee dollars in the bank. The bank loans that money out to Lex to buy a house. Lex buys a house three times bigger than he can afford and now can’t make his house payment. So, the bank throws $50,000 of Mr. and Mrs. America’s money away so Lex can stay in his house!.? Sweet – for Lex. But won’t Mr. and Mrs. America get screwed?

No. The bank does a “write down”.

What’s a “write down”?

I don’t know, but I keep hearing it on the financial shows. Look, think of it as deleting a file off of your computer. The file is there. You highlight it and then hit delete and the file is gone. Nobody knows where the file goes, but it’s gone. It’s the same with the $50,000. It’s there. The bank “writes it down” and then the $50,000 is gone.

OK fine. But isn’t it really like me going on to my neighbor’s computer and deleting his files?

You’re over thinking this whole thing. Just think of it as “the bank” and leave your neighbors out of it. You’ll sleep better at night that way.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Marrying one doesn't qualify you to be one

It’s 3:00 am and the phone is ringing. Is it a natural disaster? A man made one? Or is it just Bill saying he had to “work late.” OK no respectable candidate would run that ad. But, how about one of those 527 thingies running it? So yeah, we could all have a lot fun with this Shrillda Beast ad. But Barack his middle name shall not be mentioned Obama apparently has no sense of humor.

His predictable answer to the Beast’s ad was, oh yeah, well at least I didn’t vote for George Bush’s war that 70% of the public supported at the time. Lame, very lame.

How about, it’s 3:00 am and the phone is ringing:

Is the Rose Law Firm still looking for those damned billing records?

It’s your hedge fund manager telling you that you just made $100,000 on a $1,000 cattle futures investment.

It’s Billy Dale asking for his job at the White House travel office back due to your heavy handed and unlawful termination.

And just what is it in the Shrillda Beast’s life experience that qualifies her over any other spouse to answer that phone anyway? This, “I’ve been fighting for 35 years” is a line of C-R-A-P. She graduated law school in 1973 and moved to Arkansas with Billy Boy. She worked in a law office, on the board of Wal-Mark and was Bill’s wife. He got elected president and she tried to foul up the best health care industry in the world. She ran for and was elected senator from NY. Where’s the 35 years “experience” or “fighting for the little guy” in that resume?

Using that logic, I suppose if it’s the bottom of the ninth with bases loaded and two outs and you’re down by three runs, if you can’t get Barry Bonds to the plate you try to get… his wife? I don’t think so.

But that’d be another great ad series:

Barry Bond’s wife striking out while trying to hit major league pitching.

Jack Welch’s wife knitting and exchanging recipes at a GE board meeting.

A General's wife insisting the boys wash their hands before storming an enemy position.

Jeff Gordon’s wife going 40 mph while talking on the cell phone and trying to fix her make up causing a massive pile up on the back stretch at Daytona.

Tag line: Just because you married one doesn’t mean you’re qualified to be one.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Careful what you ask for

Uh oh! Sheeee’s back. Rush Limbaugh was encouraging his audiences in TX and OH to go out and vote for the Shrillda Beast as means to foul up the Dem nominating process. For me that would just be an added benefit.

I’d have voted for the Beast because, between the two Dems, she will do the least harm and only set us on the path to socialism. As opposed to Obama who will deliver us to socialism – or worse. She’s also a spineless poll driven politician in fashion of her triangulating husband. So she’ll listen to the people when 80% say no amnesty no way. Hey, that makes her more viable for me on that issue than John McCain. All of the triangulating means it’ll take her a bit longer to wreck the country. Last, it appears as if it’ll be a bit easier to beat the Beast and cause all sorts of problems on the under ticket – so visceral is the dislike for the Clintons among about 49% electorate.

So it appears as if things will go on and on among the Dems. They will be spending money and attacking each other well into Apr. Meanwhile John McCain will try to “reach across the aisle” to conservatives. Hey, I though he was on our side of the aisle – no he wasn’t.

That’s his big problem. McCain’s appeal is to the moderates and independents. A lot of the uninformed think that that is a good thing. It is not. When is the last time wishy washy moderates ever won anything? I guarantee you it wasn’t moderates who carried the day at San Juan Hill. It was a bunch of hard core committed zealots.

Moderates may go out and vote for McCain in Nov if the kids don’t have a soccer game and the weather is near perfect and the lines aren’t too long and someone picks them up and brings them home and calls them 50 times to remind them and puts a yard sign in their yard etc. etc.

It’s the hard core zealots who round up the sheep like moderates and get them to the polls to do their civic duty. I guarantee you the Dem party is full zealots. McCain ought to begin lining up his zealots - first by saying, no amnesty no way.

Next, get a young energetic CONSERVATIVE female and/or black on the ticket as VP.

Last, stop showing up to every event with an entourage that looks like a pack of Wal Mart greeters wondering around looking for the early bird special. McCain is old enough on his own to push the average age at a Cub Scout meeting over 40. He doesn't need to surround himself with other ancient bald white guys to make himself look old - uh er mmmm - sorry experienced.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Universal trumps global

John Beams climbed down off his Glad Machine long enough to pen the article just under on “undocumented immigrants” for the Daily Punctilio aka the Journal Gazette. Beams apparently is the co-founder of something called the Center for Nonviolence.

As an aside, I don’t know were violence got such a bad name. Violence has ridded the world of the likes of Hitler, Tojo, Mussolini, Saddam Hussein, and has the Taliban and al Qaeda on the run. Seems every time some nut job tries to squash people, other people come along and violently squash the squasher. In that sense, isn’t violence a good thing?

Anyway, here’s Beams’ piece, if you can get through it:

Don't criminalize immigrants

People are not “illegal.” To define and describe an entire population this way is wrong. Undocumented immigrants live and work here. They are our friends. They contribute revenue. They pay for services. They are quiet, hard-working people who just want to live. They have babies who are U.S. citizens. They have married our sons and daughters. They sing and have dances and bring joy and color to the community. They want to be our neighbors. They want to be Americans.

The Center for Nonviolence is dedicated to community justice and global peace. The world needs us all to come together in reconciliation. From Northern Ireland to Darfur, almost every point on Earth has been troubled by hatred and violence, sometimes in the name of “lawfulness.” The Center for Nonviolence takes a stand for peace, even when it is not popular to do so.

The Center has welcomed and assisted Latinos and other immigrants for decades. We call upon our community to remember the humanity of each man, woman and child living among us. Let us have a measure of humility as we recall that our own ancestors did not always ask permission before arriving.

We call upon all people to be compassionate enough to remember the humanity of those affected by our public policies. The people of Indiana are faced with legislation (Senate Bill 335) designed to prosecute all “unauthorized aliens” and those who employ and harbor them. We ask that citizens not break the complex fabric of love and trust in our community by hastily adopting this or other legislation criminalizing good people who live and work in our midst.

Before passing more laws, we ask that the people of Indiana learn about the real suffering, anxiety, fear and desperation that these initiatives create on a daily basis.

JOHN BEAMS Co-founder Center for Nonviolence

Now I was told once that newspapers are loath to run sarcasm, other than their own, on the editorial page, least the page devolve into an Onion or Scrappleface type publication. Well blow me down. The editors at the local fish wrap are considering this response – be sure to check out the signature line:

Call it by its name

Other than the fact that it accurately and descriptively calls something by its name, I can’t think of a reason why we insist on calling immigrants who enter our country illegally “illegal immigrants”.

I suppose we could take John Beams’ idea a step further and call the “illegal narcotics” some “undocumented workers” bring into the country “unregulated prescriptions”. I mean come on, who is the Federal Drug Administration to tell “undocumented workers” what drugs are legal here anyway? Get with it.

Only some black hearted moralizing hypocrite can’t see that these narcotics are no worse than cigarettes and beer. Besides, these salt of the earth “undocumented workers” are only providing the “unregulated prescriptions” our kids and the entertainment industry demand.

And could all of you xenophobic isolationists just get over it when one of God’s children, who happens to be an “undocumented worker”, runs a stop sign and plows into a school bus killing four children. Who says “undocumented workers” have to stop at stop signs anyway? That is an awfully narrow-minded point of view. These are hard working people who need to get to their jobs. Stop signs, like borders and other laws, only impede the saints from performing their saintly duties.

Yes, yes by all means, let us demonstrate our compassion and humanity by bringing a permanent underclass into our nation to clean our homes, trim our grass and serve our meals. There cannot be anything immoral about that whole set up. Or can there?

Doug Schumick
Founder, Universal
Peace & Love Through
Superior Firepower &
Border Protection Foundation

Notice how I seized the moral high ground? Beams is only interested in global peace. I on the other hand, being much more high-minded, am interested in “universal” love and peace. And universal is …well…universal.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Obama's VP?

Well no dirty trick bomb landed on Barack – none shall speak his middle name – Obama’s head last week. I guess that means the Shrillda Beast would be happy to be Obama’s VP. I can’t imagine any serious candidate bringing someone with the Beast’s negatives into their otherwise positive campaign.

And that’s not even the worst of it. If you take the Beast, you have to take Bill. It is, after all, a twofer. That’s all any campaign needs is the slack jawed Bill out shooting from the hip and wagging that finger while undermining everything, and who knows what trouble he’s going to find himself in some lonely night in East Juhunga, MO.

For all of their talk about a ticket that looks like America, look for Obama to forego any risky strategy about bringing a woman, any woman, or Hispanic aboard as VP. Obama and the Dems for all of their talk, don’t trust white cracker racists that much – yet. Obama will bring on a white guy who will give him some standing with the military and white men. Gov Strickland lacks a military resume, but he is white and gives Obama the added advantages of executive experience and bringing some clout in a purple state.

How about Sen James Webb? He has a stellar military career and acted as Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of the Navy. He’s from the purple state of VA so that’s plus as well.

Oops, sorry Shrillda. It’s not over until the fat lady sings. But given her YouTube rendition of The Star Spangled Banner, I’m so sure the Shrillda Beast will ever break out in song in public again.