Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Iranians making the US look like the fools sent to negotiate with them

Anyone who has ever bought a car knows that the longer you stay at the dealership the less likely you are to get a good deal.  You have to be willing to walk away.  If you do, it won’t be three days before they call you to come back.

There’s a funny scene in a Spongebob Square Pants episode where Patrick is buying an old toilet plunger that Mr. Crabs is passing off as an antique soup ladle.  Mr. Crabs tells Patrick he wants $5 for the item.  Patrick looks in his wallet, pulls out all of his cash and says, “Aww, all I have is eight.”  Mr. Crabs snatches Patrick’s cash and says, “Sold!”  Leaving the sale Patrick says to himself, “Patrick Star, you are one smart shopper.” 

The Empty Suit is still trying to negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran.  He should have left the table months and months ago.  One reason the Iranians are happy to keep the talks going indefinitely is the US is paying them to stay at the negotiating table.  It’s nice work if can find someone stupid enough to pay you to do it.  It seems the Iranians found the perfect partner – TES.  TES will have paid the Iranians nearly 12 billion dollars to stay at the negotiating table by the time the talks end.  If they ever end.

And if you’re Iran why would you want them to end?  TES draws one “redline” after another and then retreats.  Marco Rubio said that he’s afraid if the negotiations go on much longer the way things are going he’s afraid TES will agree to build the bomb for the Iranians.   I don’t think TES will do that, but given his relationship with Netanyahu, he might agree to nuke Israel for the Iranians.

But not to worry.  One cave after another to greatest threat to Middle East peace is nothing to be alarmed about.  What could possibly go wrong?  TES has sent our own Patrick Star to negotiate with the Iranians.  I’m certain John Francois Kerry will get at least as good deal for the US as Patrick got for his toilet plunger antique soup ladle. And on the plane ride home, after giving away the farm and selling out America, Kerry will toast himself with glass of fine wine, "John Francois Kerry you are one savvy negotiator."

When TES brings home a horrible deal you can count on the fact that it’ll be secret OJ Boehner and McConnell will support it as the best deal that could possibly be made.  Remember this line, “Would you rather go to war with Iran” it be used on anyone who opposes the Iranian deal.  That and, “If you oppose TES on this deal. It is clear evidence that you are a racist.”

Sadly, you cannot make this $h!t up.

Monday, June 29, 2015

USCCB taken to task on global warm-mongering

WARNIING:  Very long post today.  Rainy weather chased me indoors and I have been penning a letter to my Bishop who supports the pope's encyclical on global warming.  Still tinkering and in a bit irony, Lex jr. is helping me.

As country kid who spent his youth bailing hay and camping out down by the creek and most of his adult life trapesing across America’s parks while “camping” with the US Marine Corps, I concur with your thoughts on protecting the planet’s resources found in the June 28th edition of Today’s Catholic – with the exception of attributing global warming to greenhouse gasses.

First, the Earth’s climate has been changing since Genesis.  Between 800-1200, long before man started “destroying the environment” with the internal combustion engine, the Vikings were farming in Greenland and Iceland.  Why do “most scientists” choose to ignore that fact when telling us CO2 is responsible for today’s warming?  Then there was the mini ice age in the 1500s.   The only thing consistent about the Earth’s temperature is that it is always changing.

Second, relying on “most scientists” or what is often referred to as scientific consensus is folly.  Consensus is how prom queens are elected and has nothing to do with science.  When Al Gore relies on “scientific consensus” to say, “The debate on global warming is over” you know two things are certain; the debate is raging and he’s losing.  An indication of the “science” Gore understands is that he once told an audience that the temperature of the center of the earth was “several million degrees.”  He was only off by…several million degrees.  The Earth’s core temperature is estimated to be 10,000 degree. 

Then consider the lengths “most scientists” will go to make sure their finding go unchallenged.  They place temperature monitoring equipment on airport runways where the equipment is exposed to jet exhaust, or on roof tops next to air conditioner discharge units, or next to black top parking lots.   

Then there are the 2009 e-mails from the East Anglia climate research unit that proves its scientists were willing lie about, make up and/or hide data to ensure nothing contradicted their point of view.

Then there’s Mann’s “hockey stick,” a pivotal piece in the climate hysteria.  It was proven to be a statistical fraud in 2003, yet it is still circulated as an accurate portrayal of the Earth’s warming.  Mann, no fool, calls his statistical method intellectual property and refuses to share or allow others to examine or review his code.  That would be Mann’s version of Al Gore’s “the debate is over.”

Then there’s NASA’s erroneous claim that 2014 hottest year on record.  It wasn’t even close.  That erroneous report occurred after NASA was caught artificially inflating US temperature by .15 degree in 2007.

Forget the fact that every single prediction made by “most scientist” to date with regard to the Earth’s warming has been wrong in spectacular fashion, why should we accept the word of “most scientists” who admit and have been caught lying about data, making it up and hiding it?  If they are so sure why not just publish the real data?  And isn’t odd that even the climate alarmist have to admit that there hasn’t been any warming for over 18 years now?  They are calling it a “pause.”  I refer to it as “the cycle.”

Third, the hypocrisy of the “global warming” crowd is stunning.  A chief spokesman for the cause, Al Gore, has gotten very rich off of the global warming hysteria that he stokes.  He lives a life of luxury jetting to and fro to tell us to stop driving our cars.  He has a fleet of SUVs and a 10,000 square foot home that uses more than 20 times the electricity of a normal home.  Gore claims he offsets his fossil fuel use by buying “carbon credits”…from himself.  In the Marine Corps we referred to such an arrangement as a “self-licking ice cream cone.”  So I guess if I want to show the world how committed I am to saving the planet I will buy some carbon credits from myself.

The global climate alarmists want the little people to eschew fossil fuels while they all jet into Davos aboard separate private jets, reside in 5 star accommodations and dine on the finest fresh foods and wine all flown in to pamper this elite group who would have the rest of us walking to work, residing in 400 square foot apartments and living on distilled water and an environmentally friendly gruel.  My question is, if the people who actually believe this nonsense are unwilling to curb their own lifestyle to save the planet why should I?

Fourth, what if the planet is warming?  Why is it assumed that a certain temperature is best?  We know that the Earth has warmed and cooled in cycles since day one so who’s to say this +.15 degree is worse than that -.15 degree.  Wouldn’t a longer warmer growing season make food more plentiful?  Wouldn’t warmer winters be welcomed by most?

Fifth, given the power of the sun, volcanos, ocean currents, hurricanes, winds aloft etc. even if believe man is impacting the climate his impact since the beginning of time is less than the eruption of a single volcano.   His contribution to global warming is less than one season of the sun’s solar flares.

I could go on but here’s the point.  I believe that the real goal of the climate alarmists is to destroy capitalism.  Notice the pressure is always on the US and west to curb fossil fuel use to save the planet when in fact it is the under developed countries using old technologies, less clean energy sources and less efficient manufacturing methods that contributes the most to the problem they describe as manmade global warming.  Well over 90% of the Earth’s CO2 emissions occur naturally.  Those that are “manmade” occur primarily in under developed countries.  To the extent that these are countries and their citizens are poor it is due more to the uneven distribution of capitalism than it is of the uneven distribution of capital. So if the church wants to curb world-wide CO2 emissions and ease poverty, the best way to do so would be to encourage well-regulated capitalism.  

This is the third letter I’ve written to you.  The first was to encourage you to get the diocese out of the Boy Scouts after that organization relented on accepting homosexual Scouts.  I warned that 99.99% of homosexuals have about as much interest in joining the Boy Scouts for purposes other than subverting them as Al Gore and Michal Mann have in learning the truth about man’s effect on the Earth’s climate. I warned that the BSA policy was an untenable one and that the BSA would soon relent and allow homosexual Scout leaders.  Recently, the President of the BSA, Robert Gates, acknowledged as much.  The leftist radical homosexual agenda has little to with acceptance these day.  Its target is Christians in general and Catholics in particular.

The second letter was an effort to encourage the USCCB to reconsider its support for open borders.  A country 18 trillion dollars in debt is not exactly the poster child for a society fit to throw its doors open to all.  I warned that such a policy would soon lead to a one party state and I believe that we are well on our way to the end.

Here’s a scenario I believe will occur soon.  Once America becomes a one party state do to its failure to control its own borders, that one party will require that the Catholic Church marry homosexuals or lose it tax exempt status.  (That is if the pope doesn’t have another of his, “who am I to judge” moments and direct priests to marry homosexuals first.)  It will not make one bit of difference to the leftist running the country that the Church stood with the radicals on open borders insanity and the global warming charade.  The leftist goal is to turn America into a socialist state.  In order to do that the left has mocked, attacked and is in the process of destroying every traditional institution in America.  Marriage, family, sexuality, citizenship, the Boy Scouts, the military, privacy, religious freedom, the right of association are all under withering political attack with very little push back.  To say anything happening in America today is not political is to ignore the goals of the political left. It is all political. 

I watch the demise of the country in slow motion and wonder if anyone cares.  There is no political opposition.  They all seem more afraid of being called a “global warming denier” or a racist, or a homophobe than standing against the policies destroying the nation.  I would like to see the USCCB stand opposed to the political movement that would abolish the Catholic Church today if it could, but am always amazed/disappointed when it joins forces with a political movement intent on destroying it.      
Alas, I must concede that I am the outlier here.  Of all the causes the pope and the USCCB could chose to use their influence to affect, I don’t see global warming in the 100.  So I have to wonder why.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Sadly no surprise in SCOTUS decision on Robertscare

I’d like to say that I’m surprised by the 6-3 SCOTUS decision on Robertscare.  Considering that the court is appointed by Caligula, D.C. ruling class PsOS and approved by Caligula, D.C. ruling class PsOS, why wouldn’t SCOTUS also be or become Caligula, D.C. ruling class PsOS?  That fact plus the fact that we already knew that Chief Justice Roberts was willing to run his head even further up his own backside in order to eliminate all light and air to discern some make believe reason for allowing the ACA to stand.

What happened yesterday should give anyone interested in freedom pause.  The court decided that the words contained in a law are irrelevant.  What matters is what the racist fascist excrement stick in the Oval Office says it means.  So if four people are murdered in Benghazi, it doesn’t matter how incompetent The Empty Suit and the Shrilldabeast were or how much that incompetence contributed the death of the four.  If TES and Godzilla in a pantsuit claim the murders were due to a video, well then the video maker is arrested in the dark of the night and thrown in jail, case closed.  What’s worse, nobody cares.

I’d say this all banana republic BS but that would actually give banana republics a bad name.  Now the Louis Renault’s of America acting on the orders of the Gaystapo or any other lefty Lib approved organization can round up the usual suspects on whatever trumped up charges they wish to invent.  Sounds ridiculous but what the court decided yesterday was that the words of laws have no meaning other than what the fascists running the show say they mean.

The IRS has already targeted conservative Americans for special interest.  The FBI and the ATF have already been proven complicit in a gun running scheme designed to whip up anti-gun sentiment.  The DoJ has already declared that if you’re of a particular skin tone they have no interest in prosecuting you for certain crimes.  DHS has already declared white military men returning from war a bigger threat to America than Islamo-Terror-Fascists.  The Gaystapo can ruin a mom and pop bakery, pizza shop and photographer for exercising their 1st Amendment rights.  Through it all no one cares.  Why then is it unimaginable that the government would take Ted Cruz’s donor list and interpret laws in way that allows them to incarcerate the largest donors?

In a funny note, in his descent Justice Scalia called the law SCOTUScare.  Lex has been calling it Robertscare since Justice Roberts managed get his head past his large intestine calling a fine a tax even though the government insisted it wasn’t a tax in the first opportunity to kill off the monstrosity.  Roberts has it owned ever since.

Confederate merchandise
I saw Dukes of Hazard TV star Ben “cooter” Jones on Fox last night.  He made a pretty compelling case why the Confederate flag and other Confederate merchandise isn’t racist or anti-American.  Chief among those reasons were that slavery existed under the American flag in the USA until after the Civil War.  That gets you past the racist argument pretty well, but I still cannot reconcile celebrating the flag of an enemy of the United States.  Jones note that 70 million Americans are descendants of Confederate soldiers who fought bravely and valiantly to defend what they thought was their country. OK.  Fine.  I'm thinking on that.

I have always said I don’t care what flag some guy flies in his front yard.  I don’t think states or the federal government should be flying a Confederate flag.  Ben Jones offered a bit insight into the southern mind set about such things and has caused me to rethink my “eff the Confederacy” stand.  I'll say this, I think the Confederate flag represents a more tolerant group of people than the fascist represented by the homosexual flag.
The bottom line that needs to be made by Republican candidates is that the Confederacy and the Confederate flag are symbols of the not so old Demo-Dope party.  When asked about it the answer is, “Why are you asking a Republican about a Confederate flag?  Dopes put those flags up in the first place.  Republicans, like during the Civil War, are now taking them down again.  Your ire should be directed at the people who put them up in the first place in 1861 and again during the 1960s.  Demo-Dopes are responsible for that.”

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The loons are running the asylum. Here’s a rundown.

Chain smoking, wine guzzling, treasury looting, golf hack, and king sized ignoramus OJ Boehner is heaping punishment down on conservative members of the house who oppose the drunken clown’s effort to cede more power to The Empty Suit through a secret trade agreement.  The fact that it’s secret is all you really need to know to oppose it.  If this consummate Caligula, D.C. ruling class azzwagon spent half as much effort going after Dopes as he did going after the conservative wing of his own party, he’d be less of a colostomy bag.

Conservative pundits are no better than the stuttering cry baby drunk Demo-Dope lite bastard running the house.  When Donald Trump announced his intention to run for president, conservative pundits from the Fox All Stars to the National Review unloaded on Trump in a manner rarely – if ever - seen in the manner they unload on TES and his band of incompetents.  Trump’s worth 9 billion dollars.  Maybe he has something worthwhile to say.  The pundits say he’ll make a mockery of the process.  That’s sort of like saying giving James Mason a bit part in the next Sharknado movie will detract from the seriousness of its subject matter.   What they are truly afraid of is the plain spoken truth.

Everything Confederate is under attack and the Rats remain silent.  The confederate flag is the Dope flag of the 1960s.  Who put it up in SC in the first place?  The Dopes did.  Same with signs and the names of public buildings throughout the south.  Has even one Republican bothered to remind black voters who it was who institutionalized Confederate history - as if they had won the war - throughout the south? 

With regard to now renaming all of those public buildings, fine go ahead.  I never could understand why there is a Ft. Bragg anyway.  If you’re going to name a US Army fort after an enemy general at least pick a good one.  Of all the talented leadership found throughout the ranks of the Confederate Army, why settle on Bragg.  Aside from the battle of Chickamauga, Bragg’s legacy is one of retreat.  If you want to name a US Army fort after an enemy general, call it Fort Forest, after Nathan Bedford Forest.  Forest was a tenacious and victorious southern general.  He did fund the Ku Klux Klan after the war, but still if you’re going to honor an enemy general, at least pick a winner.

After smelling blood in the water with the SC Confederate flag, racist lefties want to go on an ISIS, Taliban type purge of the south and rewriting of US history by destroying Confederate monuments, the Jefferson Memorial and any and all vestiges of slavery and the old south.  Now when a conservatives objects to public money being used to photograph a crucifix in a jar of urine, the left labels that censorship.  But when the left demands the destruction of monuments, the renaming of public buildings, an air brushing of cigarettes from historic pictures and a complete whitewashing of American history and culture that’s labelled progress. 
As I’ve noted here for a long time, nearly all of the real racism and intolerance in America is on the left.  I’d rather sit on the front porch of a guy flying a Confederate flag than be in the presence of a Gaystapo loving, Christian hating, America hating, hate filled lefty Ivy League professor.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

OPM hack just another government eff up that nobody is responsible for

The Chi-Coms are openly running amok over The hapless little Empty Suit and his band know-nothing turd merchants.  The commies grabbed 30 million of so personal files from the government’s Office of Personnel Management.  During a congressional hearing on the matter yesterday government azzweasels who are responsible for protecting the stolen information answered questions more as if they were people grabbed off the street than government employees responsible for the government’s human resources.

When asked a series a questions one fat smug over-paid woman who resembled a blister bag said she either didn’t know or was “working” to find the answer to the questions.  The only thing this fat idiot knew for sure was that nobody was responsible for the leak. That’s right when asked who should be held responsible for the Chi-Com hack the government’s personnel files, the waste of flesh was certain for the first time during the hearing that nobody should be held responsible. 

I’d have fired every damned one of them that afternoon.  The cry like with the VA and the IRS goes out, “Well you need people who know how to run these agencies during the crisis.”  These are the idiots who created the crisis in the first place.  These are the exact same clueless idiots who apparently do not know anything about the crisis they created.  So fire their worthless azzes.  What possible difference could it make?
So Russia is acting out in Europe.  The Chi-Coms are acting out in the Pacific.  ISIS running the Middle East.  All of that and the Republi-RAT response is give the jug eared dope in the Oval Office more power regarding trade authority.  When your kid wrecks the car for the 5th time, it’s time to restrict his driving not buy him a Maserati.  Boehner and McConnell are Caligula, D.C. ruling class excrement stick insiders only off a degree or two from the Roach Reid and TES.  And somehow the ruling class azzweasels would have us believe Donald Trump is the clown.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hey douche! Not using the N word IS progress.

While race baiting on some underground radio show, The Empty Suit dropped an N bomb.  According to TES just because we don’t use the N word in public does not mean we’ve advanced the ball on reducing racism in America.  Uh, not to be a nitpicker, but yes it does.   It surly does.  If people who once used the word casually, say on a radio show, no longer feel comfortable doing it, that does in fact mean that we’ve advanced the ball against racism.  It’s just one more thing in very long list this sail eared bag of puss knows nothing about.  How could one be so stupid as not to recognize that a reduction in the use of incendiary language is in fact a sign of progress in racial relations?

What TES really meant was that he knows racism is rampant in America because there are too many black men in jail, too many black babies born out of wedlock, too many blacks dropping out of school, too many black on food stamps and other federal assistance, not enough blacks employed in well-paying jobs particularly black youth.  This is the true state of racism in the black community.  None of it was brought on by the Dylan Roofs of this world.  These conditions have been foisted onto the black community by Dopes buying votes and not giving a damn about the social condition of the black family as long as the black vote stays on the plantation and the Dopes stay in power.

The Dopes are will to exacerbate the poor condition of the black family by bringing in millions upon millions more uneducated low-skill foreign workers to compete for the already non-existent jobs black drop outs already cannot compete for.  I cannot comment on the TPP bill before congress because like so many in Caligula, D.C. I know nothing about it.
I trust Jeff Sessions.  He’s one of only hand full of Pols on either side who claim to actually have read the bill.  He’s against it in part because he says it will allow foreign contractors to have a say in America’s immigration policy.  Opting for foreign workers to replace American workers here in the good ol’ USofA.  That’s good enough for me to say no.  I do not think we should ever pass anything to "find out what's in it" again.  As a sign harmony and signal that an end to racism is near, we should hire our own workers on the public dole before importing foreigners.
The last thing a bit curious about TES’s N bomb was his noting that you cannot end 300 years racial strife and discrimination in a couple of days.   First off, nearly every real-life racist I see from those “playing” the knock-out game, to those shouting racial epithets in the streets of Ferguson and Baltimore to those constantly turning everything into a race issue are mostly black and all lefty Libs.  TES is the chief race baiter.  He is an absolute shameless disgrace when it comes to race relations and always has been for anyone to open there eyes to what race baiting charlatan he’s been from day one.  Can't change it in a couple of days?  BS.  I'm nearly 60.  This country has been consumed with race relations as long as I can remember. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Why the Confederate flag must go

Idiot leftist – as if there is any other kind – point to the Confederate flag as symbol of racism that spurred the SC shooter on to do his heinous deed.  I doubt it.  Pictures are surfacing of the shooter holding or in the proximity of the old Confederate stars and bars.  So lefty says, “See it’s the flag of the old south that made him kill all of those people.  It is a symbol of racism and should be banned.” 

No. The Empty Suit and Eric the wad Holder are symbols of racism that should be banned.  The Confederate battle flag should be banned not for being a symbol racism, but rather like the swastika, the flag of the rising sun, the black flag of ISIS and dare I say those popular Che T-shirts the Confederate flag should banned for being a symbol of an enemy of the United States.

Once you point out that argument, many leftist would be put in a hard place.  Oh yeah, those guys tried to succeed from this arm pit known as America.  They can’t be all bad.  That is why the argument with leftist about the Confederate battle flag is racism not about glorifying a vanquished enemy of America.  Vanquished enemies of America are kind of cool for leftist.  That is why Jane Fonda and a long list of leftist America-hater sympathizers from John Francois Kerry, Richard Cranium Turdbin, Harry the roach Reid, Baghdad Bob McDermott et al literally and figuratively man the antiaircraft guns of America’s enemies.

Who were the Confederates and segregationists?  Democrats one and all.

That is why leftist do not make the argument that the Confederate battle flag should be removed from the grounds of the SC Capitol Building because it represents an enemy of the United States.  For leftist trash like Fonda, Kerry, TES and the rest, being an enemy of the United States is an honorable thing.  So they prefer to condemn the Confederate flag as a symbol of racism –which it undeniably is – rather than a symbol of an armed enemy of the United States for which it was first designed.  

Now don’t go all first amendment and state’s rights on me here.  Any idiot can fly whatever flag in his front yard he wants to.  And if the people of SC want to show support for rebels who tried to divide the nation, that’s their business.  I’m just talking about the argument that should be made.  Many people who can get into that BS “southern pride” argument for allowing the Confederate flag to stay should be told, “First off, you got you’re a$$es kicked.  That’s why the name Sherman still cannot be spoken in some parts of the south.  If I had kid in GA I’d name him Grant Sherman Lex.  So pride in what?  Losing?  Next, that flag represents the forces of an armed enemy of the United States.  So you probably think it’s cool for Franz to sport an SS tattoo on his neck – right?  Nazi pride and all that.  Nothing offensive about that whatsoever – right?  Grow up.  The war is over.  The south lost.  Take your rag home and put it up in your garage.  We are again ONE NATION under God.”
That’s the argument that should be made.  Is there a pol willing to make it?  Hell no.  The left loves America’s enemies too much so they will rely on the racism argument.  Squish Rats want to win the SC primary so they will rely on a state’s rights argument.  Both arguments have a grain of truth but ignore the bigger more compelling picture.

Friday, June 19, 2015

SC and Pope Homer/Francis

Stream of though on SC Church murders
I am surprised that the MSM and idiot pols are all over this SC shooting as “racist” before one thing is known about the mental state of the shooter.  I suppose if he is found to be crazy and unfit for trial, riots will ensue given the rush to judgement about the shooter’s motives.  I’m also a bit surprised about the near continuous comparisons between this and incidents in 1950s America.  I do not know for sure, but I’ll bet the shooter has no more historic reference to 1950s America than the man in the moon.  But there’s Geraldo making reference to Birmingham church burnings.  Like the litany of callous azzbags who have committed these kind of mass shootings, I’d wager that this shooter is mentally disturbed.  That those closest to him knew he was crazy as a loon and due to lefty Lib policy dealing with crazy people that there was nothing that could be done to get him help.

Some out of touch SC pol blamed Fox News for the shooter’s actions.  I doubt that the shooter spent 15 seconds a day informing himself with news from any source.  If anyone is to blame for spewing polarizing rhetoric that might incite such a shooting - which they are not – it is probably more likely that The Empty Suit and Eric the Wad Holder are at fault for the SC shooting than anything that has been on Fox News in the last 20 years.  TES and the wad are engage in race spewing rhetoric and polarizing statements on race and are in my opinion themselves more racists than anything on Fox News.

On May 23rd and 24th in Chicago, IL 10 people were killed on the streets.  Only one of those was listed as white.  I’m not sure why the 9 people of color gunned down in Chicago at the end of May are less well known than the 9 people killed in SC this week.  There are some obvious differences.  The SC dead were at hands of a single shooter.  The SC shooter was white and all of his victims were black.  The SC shooting took place in a church while the bulk of Chicago shootings probably involved gang-bangers.  But just in the sense of the human toll, the shooting are not all that different.  One is considered a tragedy and the other is more or less business as usual.  That probably says more about the media and pols than anything else.  SC can be exploited.  Chicago is proof positive of their failed policies, so cue the crickets.

If there is one ray hope in all of this, we have discovered one group of Christians whose senseless murders The Empty Suit is willing to speak out against.  If you’re a Middle Eastern Christian being beheaded by ISIS well, so sad too bad for you.

Pope Homer on economics, science and hypocrisy
Note to Homer: To the extent that there is an uneven distribution of capital in this world it is more due to an uneven distribution of capitalism than global warming or any other condition.
Note to Homer:  Capitalism is cleaner for the environment than any other form of government.  Check out any socialist/communist country's emissions compared to the US.

Note to Homer:  “Scientific consensus” is not science.  In fact it is the absences of science.  

Note to Homer:  As always when addressing the global warm-mongers who demand everyone give up their cars, flat screens, meat, heat and air conditioning to save the planet – you believe this nonsense.  So you go first.

Note to Pope Francis:  Nice touch bringing something that actually concerns the Catholic faith into a 288 page mess.  Of course the lefty libs who tout your global warm-mongering encyclical of shinola can’t find a word in it about the sanctity of life.
Note to Pope Francis and the bishops:  Go down this road if you must, but it’ll be without a dime of my money.  I'm done.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Why not Trump? Too successful?

The Donald is in!  The political heavies are all in an uproar.  The FNC Special Report panel panned the Donald.  Oddly the detractors engage in the same bombast railing against Trump as they say will be Trump’s own undoing.

I don’t know.  I didn’t hear much in Trump’s announcement that I disagreed with.  Most of the detractors focus on the delivery rather than the message, that or Trump's incredible wealth, as if making money should be some kind of barrier to running for office.  Wouldn’t that include the Shrilldabeast as well then?  The big difference is that Trump probably made his money a lot more honestly than the Clintons.    

I do not understand how the Caligula, D.C. ruling class who have run the country into the ground and the “smart people” have sat around pontificating about the losers destroying the country for the last 40 years feel fit to pass judgment on anyone.  The Caligula, D.C. ruling class reaction to Trump entering the race is like the skipper of the Exxon Valdese ridiculing Exxon management for hiring a sober tanker captain.

It’s as if the Caligula, D.C. ruling class and the talkers pontificating about them have a secret about their own incompetence, and their collusion to destroy the country that they cannot allow the little people in the hinterlands know about.  The Caligula, D.C. ruling class bastards in both parties will destroy the country come hell or high water.  They will destroy any outsider intent on exposing their willful, greedy, treasury looting incompetence. 

For example, Caligula, D.C. insider and GOP yes girl Dana Perino who poo pooed Trump’s idea about making Mexico pay for the border wall.  “How is he going to do that?  It’ll never happen,” she informed the audience on The Five.  Well I’m no Caligula, D.C. insider but I have to imagine that there is a pile of money that the US sends to Mexico every year.  How about using that money?  How about inspecting trucks coming into the US from Mexico for safety creating a backlog from El Paso to Cancun until Mexico complies?  How about squeezing businesses who hire illegals and send most of their money back to Mexico (AKA enforcing the law)?

I’m still a Walker, Rubio, Carly guy.  But I do not understand how the usual suspects in Caligula, D.C. can cast stones at anyone.  Given the state of the country and their roll in the demise, you’d think they’d sheepishly crawl into a hole somewhere and just STFU.

So if you’re of the mind that Michael Sam is a “hero” for telling us something that we don’t give a $h!t about – that he’s a homosexual who apparently cannot play football, or that Bruce Jenner is a “hero” for telling us something else we do not give a $h!t about – that he identifies as woman, watch this.  If you still think Sam and Jenner are the “heroes” at the end, you are an irredeemable idiot not fit to be handing a bag of fries through a drive-through window.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pope let’s cat out of the bag

Lex has maintained that global warm-mongering has about as much to with “climate change” as Billbo Clinton does with promoting chivalry.  Pope Francis, too overwhelmed by the daily functioning of the Catholic Church, has decided to take on something more manageable – climate change - and as much as confirmed Lex’s point.  Francis said:  Today we cannot help but recognize that a true ecological approach always becomes a social approach, which must integrate justice in the discussions of the environment, to hear the cry of the earth as much as the cry of the poor. 

What the hell does that even mean?  What is integrating justice in the discussion of the environment?  Hear the cry of the Earth as much as the cry of the poor?  YGBSM.  Sounds a lot like socialist BS to me.  So anything the pope has to say outside the Catholic catechism from now on will be treated by me as if it were coming from that most reliable source Homer Simpson.  It is a joke.

Picked up some kind of crud which – given the way I have felt the past couple of days – could be fatal.  I’ll try to do better tomorrow.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Back it again, here's what's up

NATO tanks to Eastern Europe
I found a link to this this article on Glenn Reynolds’s Instapundit page with the clever headline: Noble Peace Prize Update.  Doesn’t it seem like a life time ago that the Noble Committee Effed up by giving this clueless waif its signature prize?  It seems to me the time to roll NATO tanks would have been during the Winter Olympics and then it should have rolled them straight into Ukraine.  Had The Empty Suit been wary enough of Putin back then to do that instead of relying on the Shrilldabeast’s mistranslated “reset” button with Russia, Crimea would still be part of Ukraine.  As is always the case with this douche, whatever he does is always too little too late.  Like throwing 300 more US troops into Iraq.  TES would not leave 10,000 troops capable of holding Iraq together and preventing the rise of ISIS, but he’ll piecemeal 3,500 or so troops into the mess he created to give the appearance of doing something while running out the clock on his failed presidency.

Warren-Dolezal perfect ticket for Dopes
If fake American Indian Lizzy Fauxahontis Warren decides to get into the presidential race and wins the Dope nomination, will she select Rachel shut yo mouf Dolezal,the fake black woman, as her running mate?   

I haven’t heard of such a stunt since talking about the book Black Like Me back in high school.  Wonder what lessons would have been taken from that book had the journalist who darkened his skin to portray a black man to document the difficulty of blacks in the south during the 50s risen to race hustling status like Dolezal.

I’m fairly certain that research would never have seen the light of day.    

New York City visit
I spent most of last week touring NY City with the family.  Aside from one crazy bum on the F train out to Coney Island, it was actually a pretty good experience.  I don’t know why New Yorkers get such a bad rap.  Every time we had one those, “gee I’m a tourist and don’t know if this is the right train” looks our faces, someone would ask if we needed help.  Cops were in plentiful supply and were always happy to assist.  It’s true we never strayed too far from the lower Manhattan tourist areas, and when we did the bum and pan handler ratio definitely increased, but all in all I was amazed how well something so big worked as well as it did.  

Oh, hell no. I’d never consider ever living there or even returning for another visit.   I do not do well in crowds or standing in lines.

Signgate will destroy Chris Christie’s campaign
Chris Christie will not be president until he fixes the signage out of Newark, NJ.  In order to save a few bucks we parked our car in NJ and took the train into NY City.  When it was time to make our way west we thought it was just a matter making our way the few miles back to I 280 and heading west.  The problem was that while there seemed to be an unlimited number of signs directing travelers to I 280 east there was nothing directing travelers to the westbound lanes of that highway. 

I asked no fewer than 6 people who lived in the area how to get to the westbound entrance of I 280.  They either did not know or directed me back to the eastbound entrance in broken English.  I finally ran into an off-duty cop who directed make to make two rights and a left and that would put me in the neighborhood.  We did that and then conducted a 15 minute cordon search before finally finding a sign marking the westbound I 280. 

The hell with bridgegate.  Signgate will destroy Christie if I have anything to say about it.

Also it’s interesting to note that you can enter NJ on I 280 for free, but they charge you $1 to leave.  As far as I know everyone gladly pays.

Brussels, Belgium Vs. Newark, NJ
The trouble leaving Newark, NJ reminded me of trying to get out of the city center of Brussels, Belgium.  While stationed in Europe we traveled a great deal.  We never had much trouble until we toured Brussels.  For some strange reason every time we thought we were headed out of the city center we would end up heading back in. 
The big difference between getting out of Brussels and getting out of Newark was that everyone in Brussels spoke pretty good English.  That may sound funny, but it’s no joke.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Time to assess and evaluate

Lex Jr's party wasa  huge success.  Now I need a few day to decompress.  I'll be out on the south 40 reinforcing the tank traps and inventorying ammo supplies.  Se you back here next Monday.

Friday, June 05, 2015

Is Monty Hall running America?

Touting the success of Robertscare, idiot Republi-Rats, sadly including Marco Rubio, are trying to push another unread bill the majority of the American people disapprove of down our throats.  But Lex you haven’t read it either so how can be against it?  Well I can be against it precisely because I have not been given the opportunity to know what’s in it.

Ever watch Let’s Make a Deal?  The lady dressed up as a Moon Pie already has a vacation prize package worth $28,000.  Monty Hall asks her if wants to trade it for what’s behind door #2.  The smart money would be to stand pat.  Let the loser who won the $400 moped try to upgrade.   Occasionally you’ll see an idiot trade a nice package for the opportunity to make more.  The look on the greedy bastard’s face is priceless, after Chip says, “You’ve won a new boat!” and then the curtain is rolled away to reveal Grandpa Johnston’s 1910 fishing row boat sans the oars and trailer to tow it.

Let’s Make a Deal is BS way to run what is supposed to be Democratic Republic.  The Caligula, D.C. crowd is quite happy to trade away, what up until 2008 was, the greatest thing going in the history of the world for a completely unknown commodity.  It wouldn’t be so bad if we had not already been down this road.  Or if having been this road, things had worked out well for us.  We have been down this road with Robertscare and by any measure it has been a disaster.

I remain a Scott Walker guy but have to dump Rubio in favor of Carly Fiorina.  For me, Fiorina has been the most impressive candidate on the trail.  She is totally fearless in her criticism of the Shrilldabeast and the rest of the Caligula, D.C. regulars Rat and Dope alike.

You cannot bang your head against the brick wall for 20+ years then think, well if I bang my head against the wall for just another 4 years the pain will finally go away.   All of these bastards have to be sent packing.  Sad thing is, we’ll send the Rats packing while the lefty libs keep their azzclown menagerie.
Note:  As I typed that this thought struck me.  Remember how we conservatives rightly poo pooed a Constitutional Amendment to protect the meaning of the word “marriage”?  Well the Shrilldabeast is proposing an amendment to change the meaning of the word.  The lefty Libs will ride that train into 2016 calling anyone who opposes the idea a homophobic bigot.  I opposed the Constitutional Amendment to protect the meaning of the word "marriage" not because I didn’t agree with the principle it contained but rather because I didn’t trust any of the current crop Caligula, D.C. azzweasels to mess with the founder’s document.  Now I would oppose the amendment on the principle it represents as well as the fact that their not 5 people in the current congress who have the intellectual acumen, loyalty to country over party and restraint to screw with our constitution.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Transgender people are responsible for global warming uh cooling, uh climate change

I see where the word “transgender” has morphed into trans Jenner.  I woke up this morning feeling more like NFL linebacker than ever. So I called the Bengals front office figuring I’d start at bottom and work way up in the league.  The front office asked for my vital statistics.  I told them that I was 6 foot 230 pounds but quickly told them that adding more weight was no problem.  Then they asked what my time was in the 40.  “Oh I don’t know, depends on what Mrs. Lex is throwing at me.  I’m pretty damn quick when she gets mad enough at me to get her BB gun out.”

Sensing a ruse at this point, the Bengal’s front office was about to terminate the conversation, when I played my ace.  “Look I’m starting at linebacker or I’m gonna sue your azzes off for age, weight and slow non-athletic white guy discrimination.”  The guy just laughed at me.  “No one gives a crap about any of that.  Now if you were a trans Jennered illegal alien with a drug problem and just a bit below average talent, we’d have to take you seriously.”

The entire world is taking seriously the stuff that should be at least ignored and at best mocked mercilessly. The President of the United States went to one of service academies and made a serious speech to that class of graduates about being delict in their duty if they did not see global cooling  - no wait - warming  - no wait - uh, climate change as a national security issue. 

Whatever your opinion about climate change, The Empty Suit’s charge to the US Coast Guard Academy graduating class was stupid beyond belief even for this colossal moron.  There’s a military adage that goes:  Always piss on the fire closest to your feet.  There may be raging inferno but you have to fight the close battle first.  What our sail eared little waif of a president probably does not understand is that the US Coast Guard is not set up in any way to make even a miniscule contribution to curbing what he thinks is the primary cause of climate change – i.e. human activity.  In fact, if they do job of interdicting coastal smuggling and saving distressed mariners, they would probably have to contribute to his BS idea of climate change.  So even if every sailor in the USCG agrees with the dim wit what are they supposed to do about it?   
Wait a minute.  How’d I get from a trans Jenner rant to global Warm-mongering rant?  Idunno either.  I must be distracted by this little bash being put together for our one and only.  I swear it took less effort and money to get Prince Charley and Princess Di hitched than to have a casual gathering of friends and family in for our own prince’s graduation. 

Gotta run there’s a party planning committee meeting and I’m behind on a few of my own milestone progress markers.  Luckily I hid the BB gun. So the worst form of punishment from the committee chair is off the table for now.  Which is a good thing.  The sight in my right eye is just beginning come back.  Yeah, she’s a pretty tough task master.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015


It would be easy to mock Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner.  I think I’ll let her be as long she doesn’t drive down my driveway and demand I bake her a cake.  What is more disturbing to me than a man thinking he’s a woman is all of the MSM lapdogs telling us how courageous Catlin is for coming out.  YGBSM!  20 years ago what Jenner is doing might have been courageous.  Today it’s so ho-hum, so predictable, so yesterday, so “who gives a $h!t” and for Jenner, dare I say, so profitable.
The left has co-opted so many words, gay, equality, illegal alien etc. now they are co-opting the word "courageous."  Michael Sam was courageous for coming out as the first openly gay football player when no one gave $h!t.  I came out as "weight challenged."  Not one word from anyone.  Y'all fatophobes. 

But the MSM lapdogs insist we give a $h!t.  If we dare not to give a $h!t, well then you are no less a LGBTAQFZWRYV-ophobe than a Neanderthal Nazi – unless you’re a Muslim Neanderthal Nazi then for reasons untold by MSM, lefty Libs and Gaystapo hypocrites that’s OK.              
Short post today.  Lex jr. is graduating high school.  We’re having a party for the occasion.  I thought a party consisted of burning a few dozen brats, having a beverage and throwing a game of corn hole with friends and family.  My idea does not meet Mrs. Lex’s high standards.  If what we’re doing for a graduation party is increased by the slightest degree for a wedding – which arguably is a much bigger deal - I don’t think I’ll survive the party prep to be around to enjoy the event.