Monday, June 22, 2015

Why the Confederate flag must go

Idiot leftist – as if there is any other kind – point to the Confederate flag as symbol of racism that spurred the SC shooter on to do his heinous deed.  I doubt it.  Pictures are surfacing of the shooter holding or in the proximity of the old Confederate stars and bars.  So lefty says, “See it’s the flag of the old south that made him kill all of those people.  It is a symbol of racism and should be banned.” 

No. The Empty Suit and Eric the wad Holder are symbols of racism that should be banned.  The Confederate battle flag should be banned not for being a symbol racism, but rather like the swastika, the flag of the rising sun, the black flag of ISIS and dare I say those popular Che T-shirts the Confederate flag should banned for being a symbol of an enemy of the United States.

Once you point out that argument, many leftist would be put in a hard place.  Oh yeah, those guys tried to succeed from this arm pit known as America.  They can’t be all bad.  That is why the argument with leftist about the Confederate battle flag is racism not about glorifying a vanquished enemy of America.  Vanquished enemies of America are kind of cool for leftist.  That is why Jane Fonda and a long list of leftist America-hater sympathizers from John Francois Kerry, Richard Cranium Turdbin, Harry the roach Reid, Baghdad Bob McDermott et al literally and figuratively man the antiaircraft guns of America’s enemies.

Who were the Confederates and segregationists?  Democrats one and all.

That is why leftist do not make the argument that the Confederate battle flag should be removed from the grounds of the SC Capitol Building because it represents an enemy of the United States.  For leftist trash like Fonda, Kerry, TES and the rest, being an enemy of the United States is an honorable thing.  So they prefer to condemn the Confederate flag as a symbol of racism –which it undeniably is – rather than a symbol of an armed enemy of the United States for which it was first designed.  

Now don’t go all first amendment and state’s rights on me here.  Any idiot can fly whatever flag in his front yard he wants to.  And if the people of SC want to show support for rebels who tried to divide the nation, that’s their business.  I’m just talking about the argument that should be made.  Many people who can get into that BS “southern pride” argument for allowing the Confederate flag to stay should be told, “First off, you got you’re a$$es kicked.  That’s why the name Sherman still cannot be spoken in some parts of the south.  If I had kid in GA I’d name him Grant Sherman Lex.  So pride in what?  Losing?  Next, that flag represents the forces of an armed enemy of the United States.  So you probably think it’s cool for Franz to sport an SS tattoo on his neck – right?  Nazi pride and all that.  Nothing offensive about that whatsoever – right?  Grow up.  The war is over.  The south lost.  Take your rag home and put it up in your garage.  We are again ONE NATION under God.”
That’s the argument that should be made.  Is there a pol willing to make it?  Hell no.  The left loves America’s enemies too much so they will rely on the racism argument.  Squish Rats want to win the SC primary so they will rely on a state’s rights argument.  Both arguments have a grain of truth but ignore the bigger more compelling picture.

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