Tuesday, June 02, 2015

The Shrilldabeast's advice to Ilegal Aliens

Nancy Reagan had the “Just say no” advice to young people who were approached to do drugs.  It is an amazingly simple yet ironclad response to a problem that becomes a problem only for those who do not heed her simple advice. 

Another former First Lady as stumbled upon some of the same type of simple ironclad advice for another problem.  The Shrilldabeast told a support trying to hawk a picture and autograph:  “Why don’t you go to the end of line?”  Great advice had the Beast been addressing illegal aliens.

So, oddly, Godzilla in a pantsuit is more concerned about the rules at a campaign stop than the old, old, rape enabling hag is about immigration LAW – and she supposedly is a lawyer.  She wants her taxpayer paid security to secure her rope line to make her life easy but couldn’t give a crap about enforcing America’s laws to secure the border.  Clueless B*TCH barely scratches the surface of descriptors for this evil woman, an odd mix of Cruella de Vil, Madame DeFrage, Maleficent, Nurse Ratched,  Carrie, Ursula and the Wicked Witch of the West.
Now that the NSA is no longer spying on every American citizen all of the time (wink, sure they stopped spying on us), they will have plenty of assets to track the 5 Islamo-Terror-Fascists traded for Army deserter Bowe Burgdhal.

The answer for Baltimore PD
When asked why arrests are down 58% in Baltimore since the indictment of 6 police officer accused of killing Freddie Gray, the Baltimore PD should respond that they've been too busy combating global warming to fight crime.  They would be great heroes to the lefty Libs, and recall that The Empty Suit told the Coast Guard Academy graduate that global warming is the security issue of their day.

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