Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hey douche! Not using the N word IS progress.

While race baiting on some underground radio show, The Empty Suit dropped an N bomb.  According to TES just because we don’t use the N word in public does not mean we’ve advanced the ball on reducing racism in America.  Uh, not to be a nitpicker, but yes it does.   It surly does.  If people who once used the word casually, say on a radio show, no longer feel comfortable doing it, that does in fact mean that we’ve advanced the ball against racism.  It’s just one more thing in very long list this sail eared bag of puss knows nothing about.  How could one be so stupid as not to recognize that a reduction in the use of incendiary language is in fact a sign of progress in racial relations?

What TES really meant was that he knows racism is rampant in America because there are too many black men in jail, too many black babies born out of wedlock, too many blacks dropping out of school, too many black on food stamps and other federal assistance, not enough blacks employed in well-paying jobs particularly black youth.  This is the true state of racism in the black community.  None of it was brought on by the Dylan Roofs of this world.  These conditions have been foisted onto the black community by Dopes buying votes and not giving a damn about the social condition of the black family as long as the black vote stays on the plantation and the Dopes stay in power.

The Dopes are will to exacerbate the poor condition of the black family by bringing in millions upon millions more uneducated low-skill foreign workers to compete for the already non-existent jobs black drop outs already cannot compete for.  I cannot comment on the TPP bill before congress because like so many in Caligula, D.C. I know nothing about it.
I trust Jeff Sessions.  He’s one of only hand full of Pols on either side who claim to actually have read the bill.  He’s against it in part because he says it will allow foreign contractors to have a say in America’s immigration policy.  Opting for foreign workers to replace American workers here in the good ol’ USofA.  That’s good enough for me to say no.  I do not think we should ever pass anything to "find out what's in it" again.  As a sign harmony and signal that an end to racism is near, we should hire our own workers on the public dole before importing foreigners.
The last thing a bit curious about TES’s N bomb was his noting that you cannot end 300 years racial strife and discrimination in a couple of days.   First off, nearly every real-life racist I see from those “playing” the knock-out game, to those shouting racial epithets in the streets of Ferguson and Baltimore to those constantly turning everything into a race issue are mostly black and all lefty Libs.  TES is the chief race baiter.  He is an absolute shameless disgrace when it comes to race relations and always has been for anyone to open there eyes to what race baiting charlatan he’s been from day one.  Can't change it in a couple of days?  BS.  I'm nearly 60.  This country has been consumed with race relations as long as I can remember. 

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From the Griffin...
SC will vote to take down the Stars and Bars and put it in a museum. The loving Christians of Charleston being the reason. Northern libs will say they won. Well they have been saying that since 1865 and the flag stayed up. The simple act of forgiveness by these Christians toward a racist mass murderer was unforgettable. And the church goers did not even bring up the flag argument. TES is going to do a eulogy on Friday. I am 99% that it will not be in the vein of finding salvation through forgiveness. It will be 99% pure political. Oh, and he will have a southern twang show up too.