Wednesday, June 03, 2015


It would be easy to mock Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner.  I think I’ll let her be as long she doesn’t drive down my driveway and demand I bake her a cake.  What is more disturbing to me than a man thinking he’s a woman is all of the MSM lapdogs telling us how courageous Catlin is for coming out.  YGBSM!  20 years ago what Jenner is doing might have been courageous.  Today it’s so ho-hum, so predictable, so yesterday, so “who gives a $h!t” and for Jenner, dare I say, so profitable.
The left has co-opted so many words, gay, equality, illegal alien etc. now they are co-opting the word "courageous."  Michael Sam was courageous for coming out as the first openly gay football player when no one gave $h!t.  I came out as "weight challenged."  Not one word from anyone.  Y'all fatophobes. 

But the MSM lapdogs insist we give a $h!t.  If we dare not to give a $h!t, well then you are no less a LGBTAQFZWRYV-ophobe than a Neanderthal Nazi – unless you’re a Muslim Neanderthal Nazi then for reasons untold by MSM, lefty Libs and Gaystapo hypocrites that’s OK.              
Short post today.  Lex jr. is graduating high school.  We’re having a party for the occasion.  I thought a party consisted of burning a few dozen brats, having a beverage and throwing a game of corn hole with friends and family.  My idea does not meet Mrs. Lex’s high standards.  If what we’re doing for a graduation party is increased by the slightest degree for a wedding – which arguably is a much bigger deal - I don’t think I’ll survive the party prep to be around to enjoy the event.

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From the Griffin...
In fine family tradition I am sure the young master Dan will become an official adult the day after the party and informed of the monthly rent due his mother. We will toast Big John the next time I am at the compound. Congrats to Dan and family.