Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Why not Trump? Too successful?

The Donald is in!  The political heavies are all in an uproar.  The FNC Special Report panel panned the Donald.  Oddly the detractors engage in the same bombast railing against Trump as they say will be Trump’s own undoing.

I don’t know.  I didn’t hear much in Trump’s announcement that I disagreed with.  Most of the detractors focus on the delivery rather than the message, that or Trump's incredible wealth, as if making money should be some kind of barrier to running for office.  Wouldn’t that include the Shrilldabeast as well then?  The big difference is that Trump probably made his money a lot more honestly than the Clintons.    

I do not understand how the Caligula, D.C. ruling class who have run the country into the ground and the “smart people” have sat around pontificating about the losers destroying the country for the last 40 years feel fit to pass judgment on anyone.  The Caligula, D.C. ruling class reaction to Trump entering the race is like the skipper of the Exxon Valdese ridiculing Exxon management for hiring a sober tanker captain.

It’s as if the Caligula, D.C. ruling class and the talkers pontificating about them have a secret about their own incompetence, and their collusion to destroy the country that they cannot allow the little people in the hinterlands know about.  The Caligula, D.C. ruling class bastards in both parties will destroy the country come hell or high water.  They will destroy any outsider intent on exposing their willful, greedy, treasury looting incompetence. 

For example, Caligula, D.C. insider and GOP yes girl Dana Perino who poo pooed Trump’s idea about making Mexico pay for the border wall.  “How is he going to do that?  It’ll never happen,” she informed the audience on The Five.  Well I’m no Caligula, D.C. insider but I have to imagine that there is a pile of money that the US sends to Mexico every year.  How about using that money?  How about inspecting trucks coming into the US from Mexico for safety creating a backlog from El Paso to Cancun until Mexico complies?  How about squeezing businesses who hire illegals and send most of their money back to Mexico (AKA enforcing the law)?

I’m still a Walker, Rubio, Carly guy.  But I do not understand how the usual suspects in Caligula, D.C. can cast stones at anyone.  Given the state of the country and their roll in the demise, you’d think they’d sheepishly crawl into a hole somewhere and just STFU.

So if you’re of the mind that Michael Sam is a “hero” for telling us something that we don’t give a $h!t about – that he’s a homosexual who apparently cannot play football, or that Bruce Jenner is a “hero” for telling us something else we do not give a $h!t about – that he identifies as woman, watch this.  If you still think Sam and Jenner are the “heroes” at the end, you are an irredeemable idiot not fit to be handing a bag of fries through a drive-through window.

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From the Griffin...
The MSM is going nuts because they do not have a singular target like Bob Dole or John McCain. Plus Donald will fire back at the MSM with heavy artillery. In the end there will be one person standing. The MSM is firing blindly because they cannot focus. NYT and Rubio finances. Today I like a Walker-Fiorino ticket. Rubio is on deck. I suspect we should pay attention to everyone because out of this group is probably a few future presidents and VP's. But watching Donald blast the MSM could be a barrel of fun. Trump is Teflon. You cannot hurt him. And the MSM is overwhelmed until around this time next year.