Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A strategic energy policy

If Bush wants a “we’ll put a man on the moon in the next ten years” moment in his State of the Union message tonight, I’ve got one. “We will reduce our dependence on foreign oil from 11 billion barrels a day to 2 billion barrels a day by 2016.” We need to get busy weaning ourselves off of oil. Since the oil embargo of the mid 70s, successive administrations, both Democrat and Republican, have failed to make serious efforts to get America away from its foreign oil dependence. While America has about 3% of know oil reserves, it continues as the world’s biggest energy hog using 25% of the entire world’s refined product.

Today as a result of America’s failure to enact a strategic energy policy we are paying nearly $70 a barrel for oil. When the inevitable confrontation with Iran (which sits on 10% of know reserves) comes, $70 will look like a bargain. But $70 a barrel isn’t the bad part. The bad part is that we are paying $70 a barrel to countries that are funding our enemies in our war on Islamo-terror-fascists. Essentially, we are funding both sides of the war. Saudi Arabia controls 25% of known oil reserves and gave birth to the radical Muslim Wahabbism that fills the ranks of the Islamo-terror-fascists that we are fighting today. Saudi Arabia continues to support radical Wahabbie mosques throughout the world with its petro-dollars. The enemy we will be fighting tomorrow is being educated in hate today every time we fill up at the pump.

Many will note that we don’t even buy much oil from the Middle East. That’s true, but the oil market is worldwide. As such, its cost is determined by worldwide demand. So it doesn’t matter if we buy from Russia, Saudi Arabia or use domestic crude, it’s the demand we create that drives the price higher and thereby enriches our enemies.

What the president should propose:

- Except for emergency power, an end to all oil fired electrical production, with clean coal and nuclear meeting all new demand and a 5 year sunset on current oil fired plants. This should be easy as we get only about 3% of our electrical power from oil fired plants.

- A robust domestic oil exploration and refining expansion. This is a stop gap national security measure NOT the long term goal. We should explore our own resources to reach a measure of energy independence while we purse the ultimate goal of new energy sources.

- Provide the big three auto makers with the R&D incentives required to skip a generation ahead in auto engine development. Alternative fuels already abound, ethanol, methanol, hybrid, electric, hydrogen etc. Provide American consumers and industry with the proper incentive and anything can be accomplished.

- Offer a huge incentive to American car companies that can sell 1,000,000 alternative fuel cars in the US in one year. This will require that car company’s efforts keep the consumer in mind. Just producing an under-powered shoebox won’t do, and is not the American way. We can make bigger and better and more fuel efficient cars when required or inspired to do so.

We have relied on the status quo because here to fore oil was $17-$25 a barrel. Now oil is $70 and the money we spend on it is being used to destroy us. It’s time America took a strategic energy policy seriously.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Hamas' failure to govern could lead to real peace

Hamas has won the recent Palestinian elections and the world is shocked. I can’t figure out why. Islamo-terror-fascists have been preaching hatred of Israel for decades and in no place more than in Palestine. So why are people shocked that the party that hates Israel the most won? Seems to me, if Fata wants to win the government back, all they have to do is be more stridently anti-Israel than Hamas.

But hating is easy, governing is difficult. I have often argued that until the west allows Israel to crush the Palestinians, there’s going to be trouble between them. With their support for a political party that advocates the destruction of their neighbor, the Palestinian people may have unwittingly set the west and the Israelis on that course.

Hamas is sure to find out that blowing up school children on a bus is easy compared to getting the trash picked up. A suicide bomber in a cafĂ© is a piece of cake compared to getting the buses to run on time. Hamas is good at disrupting things, now they have to make things work. It’s easy to advocate the destruction of Israel to get a few votes. It’ll be difficult to renounce that thought to get the western support required to make Palestine a viable state.

When you’re out of power it’s easy to lob rockets into Israel to destabilize the peace process. When you’re the government, lobbing rockets into your neighbor’s country is considered an act of war. When the neighbor is Israel and you’re an Arab nation, it usually means a swift and decisive a$$whiping.

Nobody was hoping Hamas would win the Palestinian election. Now that they have, they will have to govern, something it seems they are ill equipped to do. When they fail, they will return to form and attack Israel. When they do that, Israel should be allowed and encouraged to administer a crushing and humiliating military action against Hamas that will clear the way for a real peace.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Force Alito vote by Tues

John, where the heck is Cambodia anyway, Kerry has made a strong Constitutional argument against the Senate confirming Sam Alito. The dower one intoned from Switzerland, "We can't afford to see the court's swing vote, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, replaced with a far-right ideologue like Samuel Alito." Hmm, I did a word search on Article III of the Constitution. The words swing and vote are no where to be found separately, let alone in conjunction with each other, neither are the terms black supreme court justice, conservative, liberal or mainstream.

The president appoints the Supreme Court judges, because he won a nationwide election. The Senate confirms them because, I suppose, the founders thought it to be something that would do no harm and make the Senate feel important – sort of like letting your little one open the junk mail. Well little did the founders know that the current crop of Senate bloviators would be using extra Constitutional standards by which to judge the judge - mainstream, swing vote, ultra-conservative, far-right ideologue etc.

Hey, I’m a far right ideologue. If Alito were a far-right ideologue, he would not have sat quietly and listened to half the crap senators were saying about him. He’d have blasted the worthless little pinheads with both barrels and wound up in contempt of Congress – given the low character of those serving that body – a difficult but honorable distinction for Alito to have earned.

But alas, Alito, ever the mainstream upright descent man that he is, just sat there like Gulliver and took the verbal abuse from the Lilliputians trying to tie him down. Hopefully Senate Majority leader Bill Frist will force a vote on Alito by Tuesday next week.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

What is the main thing today?

One of the most important leadership tasks is to prioritize the focus of effort. If leaders don't identify the critical tasks, businesses, governments etc. will fail. After Pearl Harbor, Admiral Nimitz immediately recognized that naval warfare had changed. No longer were the battleships the critical element of the fleet. The aircraft carrier was the new king of naval battle.

In preparation for the Battle of Midway, while much of battleship row still lay underwater, Nimitz directed all necessary and available resources be dedicated around the clock to the repair of the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown, which had been severely damaged at the Battle of the Coral Sea. Admiral Nimitz showed total disregard for established procedure in getting his third and last available carrier ready for battle—repairs continued even as Yorktown steamed toward Midway. Just three days after pulling into drydock at Pearl Harbor, the ship was again under steam.

Yorktown’s aircraft played an important part in catching the Japanese fleet by surprise on Jun 4th, 1942. Had it not been for Admiral Nimitz’ clear vision of what needed to be done and allocation of resources to make it happen, the Battle of Midway may not have gone our way.

I recall an unusual plaque on the desk of a colonel I used to work for. It said “Themainthingiskeepingthemainthingthemainthing.” Just like that. It would seem some of our leaders have forgotten the main thing. We are at war with Islamo-terror-fascists. Winning that war should be the main thing. Winning that war should be the first priority of our government and its leaders. Sadly, that is not the case today. It seems to me that a large portion of one of our major political parties is more interested in “getting Bush” than getting al Qaeda.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Whoda thunk it: A party line vote

Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather, no easy task considering my considerable girth theses days. Imagine my surprise when I clicked onto the digital version of the Washington Times this morning and learned that Sam Alito was passed out of committee yesterday on a party line vote.

No, wait, Lex predicted the whole thing in the 11 January post. How can that be? If the Democrat playbook is so old, tired, transparent and predictable that a dope like Lex can figure it out, what kind of insight do you think a pro like Karl Rove has?

So Sam Alito and family went through the motions. They managed, for the most part, to sit quietly while people far less qualified, honorable, smart, or decent tried to drag them through the mud. Now after hours of…what…crap I guess is as good a word as any, we get the expected party line vote. What a colossal waste of time and taxpayer money. The DNC ought to be forced to reimburse the treasury for the cost of the hearings and what sounded like a non-stop infomercial fund raiser for the moonbat wing of the Democrat Party – which sadly seems to include everyone who opens his/her mouth in front of a camera these days.

Lex, Lex, what will happen next, my legion of loyal readers ask. Well, Democrats will lose red state senators and muster 40 votes against Alito. Magically, one vote short of the 41 scrawny Harry Reid needs to sustain a filibuster. This will allow the scrawny one to lament that he didn’t have the votes for a filibuster to stop Alito, thereby soothing the moonbat base.

Bony Harry Reid’s threat of a filibuster is a BB gun. The Republicans have a howitzer and all they are waiting for is a reason to point it at scrawny Harry and blow him away. Harry can pull his BB gun one time, and knows what will happen if he does. Scared Harry will bluster, “You better not do that. I have a BB gun.” Republicans will say, “Go ahead, make my day.” Harry’s BB gun will remain holstered.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Democrats: The party for felons

Democrats from Shrillery Clinton to the Maryland legislation have been trying to restore the voting rights of a natural constituency of theirs – felons. Maryland’s Democratic lawmakers, who have long pushed to restore voting rights to Maryland felons, say racial politics and election-year considerations make this the year they open the polls to every ex-convict. "This law seriously disenfranchises a large number of African-Americans," said Delegate Salima Siler Marriott, a black Baltimore Democrat who is gathering sponsors for a voting-rights restoration bill she plans to submit. "Their disenfranchisement impacts the power of African-Americans in this state," said Mrs. Marriott, whose bill would give all felons the vote immediately upon release from prison.

Well the first question that crosses my mind is why are they being disenfranchised – because they are black or because they committed a felony? If it is the latter, the felons have essentially disenfranchised themselves. As far as I know, there are no Jim Crow type poll taxes or literacy tests being administered today, so it must be the latter. To say otherwise is to indict the American judicial system a racist, which is sure to follow. The only problem with that argument is that the overwhelming majority of black crime is committed against other blacks. White on black crime is hate crime and the perpetrator needs to be locked up and the key thrown away. But black on black crime would, given the “hate crime” logic, be love crime and the criminal should have his voting rights restored.

The next question would be, if the loss of one’s voting rights is part of the current punishment for those committing felonies, would the Democrats advocate longer prison sentences for felons as a quid pro quo for voting rights restoration? I doubt it. A longer prison sentence might keep the rapist, armed robber or drug dealer in prison through an additional election cycle.

The last question is, if Democrats are willing to restore voting rights to felons, shouldn’t they also have their Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms be restored as well? Well, propose that and watch Teddy choke on his hambone. So by this Democrat logic, an American citizen not trustworthy enough to exercise his Second Amendment rights is totally trustworthy to pick our local, state and national leadership.

While Democrats argue for felon voter rights, they argue against any type of voter ID as racist. But they require IDs to drive, rent a movie or car, buy a weapon etc. So Democrats are becoming the party of voter rights for felons and illegal aliens. Sadly, it’s not surprising.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Stopping Iran

Well Les’s readers know who the enemy is, even if our politicians refuse to see or at least admit in a public utterance. They are soulless, pitiless, compassionateless, characterless cretins who would snatch an innocent baby from its crib, hack its head off in front of al Jazeera and the baby’s mother and father before killing the entire family, all because the mother ran out to the curb to get the newspaper without a scarf covering her head and face.

We know who we are as well - a good people who, with the exception of the Mexican-American War, go to war only for the best of reasons, expect and take nothing in return for our sacrifice, and rebuild in better fashion that which we destroy . We, since the advent of TV and accompanying naysayers, have lacked the national will to see important yet costly military operations through to completion – Korea, Vietnam, Beirut, Somalia. Were would we be today had we demonstrated the will to succeed in these conflicts? Now we are beginning to teeter on Iraq. All of our enemies seem to know us better than we know ourselves. America it seems, irrespective of what’s at stake, will lose its political will when things begin to get tough.

So now state sponsor of Islamo-terror-fascism, Iran, is about to acquire a nuclear device. America is tired of seeing the steady drip, drip, drip of bad news that our MSM seems to specialize in and is ready to withdrawal inside itself - seeking the false security of isolationism.

This is the exact wrong instinct. Fortunately George W. knows it. Democrats would rather seek a political advantage than support this president in what would be his third military victory. They are trying to scare America away from a hard fought victory in a neighboring country that will serve as a strategic jumping-off point for what sensible know is the inevitable dismantling of Iran’s nuclear program through military force.

To fail to take action against Iran would be one of the biggest blunders in the history of the world. To allow the enemy described in the fist paragraph to have nuclear weapons will cost us 100 fold tomorrow that which it will costs us to prevent it today.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Know yourself

Yesterday Lex addressed Sun Tzu’s advice to generals to “know your enemy”. Knowing your enemy is important, but is only half of the equation of laying a solid foundation for military success. Generals, leaders and nations must also “know themselves”. Sun Tzu’s entire quote on the subject reads, “If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.”

Well I think it’s pretty clear that, if we do know our enemy, we refuse to call him by name. But how well do we know ourselves? Most people know that Americans, irrespective of the stakes, tire of war and the necessary casualties associated with it rather quickly. That’s why the Soviets were not confronted at the end of WWII. That’s why Korea ended in a stalemate, and Vietnam, Lebanon and Somalia in losses. Given the political will, it would have been relatively easy to crush our enemy each time. We lacked the will.

If we knew ourselves, we’d know that America doesn’t lose wars. Politicians quit them. We should know going in that our MSM media will do everything in its power insure an American defeat, particularly if there happens to be a Republican president. We should know that the casualty clock, as well as the time clock are ticking from the time the first bomb falls. We weren’t two weeks into the Afghan war when the NY Times declared it a quagmire. We are now more than two years into the Iraq struggle and after ignoring every possible success story in favor of a steady beat of defeatism, our MSM have turned the tide of public opinion in favor of once again quitting.

Well, if we don’t know ourselves, the enemy surely does. He knows it’s a fool’s errand to confront the American military. Every American enemy knows that our strategic center of gravity is not to be found on the battlefield but rather in halls of congress. Our enemies target useful idiots like John, the good and honorable, Murtha knowing their propaganda arm, aka the American MSM, will make Murtha a hero once he turns against the best interests of his own country.

It seems the ITF have scored a double victory. Not only have many Americans turned away from the necessity of confronting ITF, but the opposition party and the MSM have actually declared President Bush “the enemy”. We need to know the enemy. Equally important is knowing ourselves so that we can avoid traveling the same road to defeat over and over. Sadly, our politicians are again leading us down that road.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Know your enemy

I think that President Bush is hitting mark about 75% of the time. One of the things that I think he has swung at and missed several times is clearly defining the global war on Islamo-terror-fascism (ITF). The administration, MSM and many others refer to the war as the Global War on Terror. This is a key mistake in our struggle. Chinese Military Strategist and the Author of ''Art of War'' Sun Tzu advised generals to “know your enemy”.

Our enemy in today’s struggle is not terror any more than the enemy in WWI was trench warfare or the blitzkrieg in WWII. Some may say, “Lex you’re slicing it too thin. We all know what the president means.” Well I don’t think so. Terror, like trench warfare or the blitzkrieg is a tactic. The people employing the tactic and their ideology are the enemy.

When our leadership continually refers to our enemy by their tactics, in this case terror, terror takes the rap and ITF gets a pass. Like the Nazis, the ITF have a clear strategic goal; bring about a powerful Muslim caliphate in the Middle East from which to threaten and dominate the rest of the world.

If the average American understood what was at stake in the region and who the enemy was, the president’s support for the Iraq war would include everyone but the far left moonbats. Were our war on ITF understood by a majority of the American people, they’d be in the streets demanding something be done about the Iranian madman who also happens to be president of that country, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, before he gets nukes.

What to do? Well first off, if we are to take Sun Tzu’s advise, we should stop referring to it as the Global War on Terror. FDR didn’t refer to defeating the blitzkrieg in his fireside chats. FDR clearly defined the enemy as German Nazism, Italian and Japanese fascism. If we are to know our enemy, we should call him by his name. As hard as it may be for the president to associate one of the world’s great religions, practiced by a billion believers, with our struggle for survival, it must be done clearly and consistently - for our sake and the sake of that religion.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Teddy hoots with the owls

This is too good. It turns out that the Democrats’ great protector of women – at least women who aren’t drowning in the backseat of his car or being sexually assaulted by his nephew while he watches with his pants around his ankles– Teddy, anybody seen my neck brace, Kennedy belonged to an all white, all male Harvard social society. You know like the one Kennedy blabbered on and on about during the Alito hearings. It's called the Owl Club. You just can’t make this stuff up. When I was in Future Farmers of America, the advisor, irrespective of his actual mental acumen, sat behind an owl as a symbol of wisdom. In this case, given blubber jowls Teddy’s membership, I suspect the Owl Club was more dedicated to drinking all night than any mental activities.

Kennedy has belonged to the club for 50 years. When asked about it, Teddy, backstroke, Kennedy said he was resigning from the club as quickly as possible. 50 years? As quickly as possible? What an absolute creep. Teddy, his royal pant load, Kennedy grilling Alito on ethics is like Ted Bundy grilling the Pope on murder. For some, unknown, unexplainable, unfathomable, incomprehensible reason Democrats don’t get the irony of having Teddy, in the likely event that I drive off a bridge into a tidal pool in a drunken stupor, there’s a floatation device under your seat, Kennedy questioning anyone on any subject other than where to go for happy hour.

Saint Kennedy droned on and on and on and on about Alito’s tangential membership in a Princeton club dedicated to maintaining high admission standards and ROTC at the prestigious college as if Alito were a former KKK Kleagal. You know like Democrat hero Bobby Byrd. All the while it was himself, Teddy the corpulent, who had maintained a long standing and current membership in the exact kind of club for which he was condemning Alito. If it weren’t nearly as funny as Teddy, the clueless, Kennedy naming his dog “Splash”, it’d be an outrage. OK, Kennedy’s an idiot. He’s compartmentalized his worthless criminal life and doesn’t think much about the all the creepy stuff. But for crying out loud isn’t there someone on the Democrat side that will say, “Look Teddy, you ask Alito about the party life at Princeton. Let someone else ask him about ethics.”

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Rev. Nagin: God mad

Gangsta’ Mayor Ray Nagin said Monday, "Surely God is mad at America. He sent us hurricane after hurricane after hurricane, and it's destroyed and put stress on this country". America destroyed? Surely I’d have read about it. No Ray, if God had intended to destroy America, it wouldn’t be there any more. If God had intended to destroy America, He’d not have sent a hurricane lumbering along at 12 miles an hour with two weeks notice for people with brains to get out of the way.

Hey Ray, maybe God is mad at you. Maybe He just wanted to destroy the New Orleans mayor for incompetence. Either that or it’s just nature taking the course it has taken from the beginning of time.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Al Gore, Al Qaeda what's the difference?

In a speech yesterday, Al Gore blasted President Bush for eavesdropping on foreign terrorist. Only he didn’t put it that way, of course. Big Al wanted the negative spin so he said, “Americans awoke to the shocking news that in spite of this long settled law, the Executive Branch has been secretly spying on large numbers of Americans for the last four years and eavesdropping on ‘large volumes of telephone calls, e-mail messages, and other Internet traffic inside the United States.’”

Hey Al, first off, it’d only been shocking if we weren’t listening in. And the only "long settled law" is the law of self defence. Next, “secretly spying”? What other kind is there? Last, if you and other DemoRATS are worried about being caught, get caller ID. If your buddies from Al Qaeda call, just let the machine get it.

The president is not eavesdropping on Americans. He’s eavesdropping on Al Qaeda. If Al Qaeda calls a contact in America, or vice versa, most of us would want our government to know about that. You know like, “Mustafa? Hamad here. How ya doing you ol’ bug-eyed, toothless, trailer dwelling, camel herder? Listen Moosty, that thing about a Beslan type attack on the Whinne the Phoo daycare center is a go dude. Yeah, the big guy approved it last week at the Golden Globes. Hey tomorrow. The sooner the better. No, don’t worry about that. Nobody listens in on the phone lines in America. Our friends the Democrats took care of that. Just get ready for tomorrow. I can’t wait for Al Gore to skewer Bush for not connecting the dots on this one.”

And yet they think they are fit to lead.

And it's called "teaching"

Here’s an odd one. A high school teacher at Cleveland’s Brooklyn High assigned his students a research project on Internet pornography. Darn! I must have been absent the day they handed out the porn assignment at my high school. This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “born too late.” When I was in high school, research consisted of three steps 1) copy a few pages out of the World Book Encyclopedia 2) change happy to glad and 3) hand it in. Now a days not only do high school kids have Internet access to copy from, they get to get to use all of that technology to look up porn. Cool!

But alas, the grown ups found out and ruined the party. So the nutty teacher got canned, right? Well no, according to Superintendent Jeff Lampert, the teacher's apparent noble goal was to discuss the harmful effects of pornography, so it was well-intentioned which in today’s world makes it fine and dandy.

What’s next? I got it! Next week’s assignment for students is two fold. The kids will be asked to venture into the deep recesses of inner city Cleveland to make a crack cocaine buy from a person of color (It’s African-American month). They are then expected to stiff the dealer and volunteer to pay off the drugs by selling them at Brooklyn High. I can hear the teacher now, “OK, the porn was just my personal thing. But this drug thing is different. We want students to experience and empathize with the inner city gang drug life.” Superintendent Lampert, who doubted that the teacher would face any punishment for the porn assignment, no doubt will opine, “as long as the kids don’t get high on school property, it’s out of my hands.” Of course all of this is being done while the majority of Brooklyn High students have trouble getting through a Dick and Jane book, and when handed a dollar bill, can’t make change for a 50 cent coke unless the computer figures it for them.

Hint to Jeff Lampert and the Brooklyn School board: The best case is that you have a teacher with colossally poor judgment. The worst case is that you some kind of dangerous pervert in the midst of your student population. In either case, you have a problem that you might want to do something about.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Alito, Murtha, Iran

OK, it appears barring a sex scandal or finding out that Sam Alito is scheduled for the next “Dancing with the stars”, he will be confirmed. Dems were so concerned with Alito’s nomination that, with the exception Diane Feinstein, they played hooky from the hearings when cable and network TV moved on to the next big story - which was non-stop coverage of Brad Pitt and that chick having a baby. Diane Feinstein asked the woman why she was pregnant. It was because Sam Alito had denied her an abortion, wasn’t it?

When the Army missed its recruiting goal one month last year, it was non-stop front page news. Now that the Army has reached its goal for 7 months in row, even after the good and honorable Murtha went about sabotaging military recruitment, it’s a non-story. Discouraged by the recruiting news, John, the good and honorable, Murtha recorded a public service announcement discouraging young people from serving their country while George Bush was President. “If you can’t wait until Hillary is elected in ’08, at least wait until DemoRATS regain control of the house in November” Murtha urged America’s youth. Murtha went on to note, “Better America be destroyed on George Bush’s watch than have young Americans protecting the nation, serving honorably and with distinction under this man.” Murtha ended the ad by telling his critics he would not stand for them questioning his patriotism. Bush hailed Murtha as "a good and honorable man who happens to be wrong".

Aside from Brad and Angie’s baby, the next big thing is Iran. In words that had Iranian President Allahbeadumba$$ wetting himself, President Bush told an audience last week that Iran had made a serious miscalculation in restarting its nuclear program. Iran immediately after Bush’s remarks ran to Kofi Annan and begged, “Let’s talk, at least until we a get a bomb or two.” Listening to the talking heads is a bit confusing. Some things that don’t make sense to me:

Because we have ~130,000 troops in Iraq, we don’t have enough forces to take on Iran. Idiocy! Iran, at 1.65 million square miles of rugged and forbidding territory, is larger than the state of Alaska. I don’t think any reasonable military option would include occupying the country. If it did, the 130,000 troops in Iraq would be inconsequential to the task, a rounding error in the total number required. Any confrontation with Iran would rely heavily on asymmetric warfare much of which the talking heads know little of nothing about.

The UN will have to be in lead. I’m still laughing hysterically about that one. The fact that UN and lead are uttered in the same breath is funny enough, but to think it’s in regard to reigning in a Jew hating, American hating lunatic is too much. The UN will elect Iran to sit on the next Human Rights Commission. Last, we can count on Russian and China to torpedo any Security Council efforts.

The EU should take the lead. And do what? If Jesus Christ Himself showed up at the next meeting of the EU and ordered them to take action, they’d have to pray for the EU unity, political and public will as well as the men and materiel to get the job done. With the exception of the Brits, the EU lacks the moral and political will required for confronting tyrants. It has none of the martial spirit and little of the basic military capabilities required to take on a Boy Band let alone Iran.

Sadly, this task, like all nasty world tasks, will fall to Mr. & Mrs. America. Of today’s posturing pols, it seems to me GWB is the only one that has what it will take to get it done.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ted Kennedy: Dems' moral beacon

It couldda been funnier but only by a little bit. I was busy with scouts and a wood project yesterday, so I only caught a bit of the hearings. I did see Senator Teddy, I could have been president if Mary Jo had just figured out how to get out of that damned car, Kennedy badgering Alito on why he didn’t recuse himself in the Vanguard case after telling fat Teddy he would. Alito explained that he’d gone far beyond the ethical standards and besides Alito only promised dead head Ted to recuse himself during the “initial” period of service. The Vanguard case came up 12 years into Alito’s service.

So Ted dawned his swim mask and snorkel and went after Alito with the kind of tenacity that, had it been present at Chappaquiddick the night he drove off the bridge in a drunken stupor, might have saved young Mary Jo. “What is the initial period of service judge, X years (XX months)?” Fill in any possible combination of years and months, because shouting with all of the grace of Vince McMahon at a WWE Smackdown event, Teddy, I should have only had one bottle of scotch, Kennedy tried them all. Come on senator, I mean after all, nobody drowned in all of this. Alito’s never got flustered. He quietly maintained the reasonable position that whatever the “initial period” was, it expired long before the 12 year mark.

Ignoring my college speech teachers who warned against the cheesy practice of using, “the dictionary defines xxxx as follows”, American Heritage dictionary defines “initial” as follows: "Of, relating to, or occurring at the beginning; first: took the initial step toward peace." I suppose if you’re discussing, the history of the world, evolution, Islamic terrorism against the west, the 300 Year’s War or the Bengals’ drive for a Superbowl Championship, 12 years might constitute the initial period. For just about everything that touches our daily lives, the “initial period” has about the same half life as a gallon of milk. Ted, if I’d only taken the convertible I’d be president, Kennedy looked like a dope. In other words, he was totally in character.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dems: Making the simple difficult

Some things are simple. A child’s birthday party is a success if there is plenty of cake and ice cream and a few games. Parents complicate it by turning what should be 45 minutes of non-stop fun into a 2 ½ hour theme party with clowns, magicians, bounce houses and goodie bags. I’ve never understood the goodie bag thing. Modern parents know that when you invite ten kids to a party you are responsible to provide each with $10 worth the crap that, except for the candy, will be thrown out the minute they get home. The few parties I went to as a kid, I brought the present and left with a belly full of cake and ice cream and a hardy “thank you”.

Now a days, a 9 year old’s birthday party requires weeks of planning, ordering supplies on-line, a special room, entertainment and a couple hundred bucks. The party is scheduled out like a NASA launch, 12:00: This will be our gathering activity. 12:30: Color some tropical scenes that we can paste on the wall for our “Day at the beach” theme. 1:00: Move on to the arts and crafts table to construct a sand castle. 1:30 Clown arrives… Even at that, there is no guarantee little Johnny will have a good time. One party I went to the guest of honor spent most of the time in the kitchen crying about this or that. The rather belabored point is that it ought to simple. But now Johnny’s party has to be bigger, with a better goodie bag than Billy’s.

Well the senate hearings on Supreme Court nominations ought to be simple (Beautiful transition to the actual point of this piece, don’t you think?). Judge XXX, are you going to overturn Roe? Sorry, I can’t answer that question. Party line vote. It should last about 15 minutes. But give a bunch of posturing, posing, pusillanimous, pinheads, like Slow Joe Biden, 30 minutes to talk and they will talk with little regard as to what they are saying.

My take:
- Watching Slow Joe yesterday, I wondered to myself, will the state of Delaware ever tire of having a Senator that knows he’s the dumbest guy in any room that he happens to stumble into?
- Ted, I’m qualified to challenge this man’s integrity because I’ve only let one woman drown in the backseat of my car, Kennedy sounded as if he was coming back from 8 martini lunch.
- Diane Feinstein made it sound as if the only thing that really matters in this world is woman’s unrestricted right to pull an 8 month old fetus from her womb and have its brains sucked out.
- Russ, what First Amendment, Feingold sounded like a petty, mean spirited little twit – but then that is totally in character.
- Chucky, is the camera on, Schumer foolishly tried to equate abortion with free speech. Then he couldn’t understand or accept Alito’s assertion that they are fundamentally different because the right to free speech is (was until McCain Feingold) clearly enumerated in the First Amendment. There is no specific right to an abortion mentioned in the Constitution. Chuck looked like the RCA dog trying to figure it all out.
- Alito was, as predicted, clearly the smartest guy in the room.

Next prediction: As Alito makes the Dems look dumber and dumber, –aka exposing them for what they are – expect networks to bump out of the hearings as a face saving measure for their party.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Dems insecurity and Alito

Dems on security (a non-secquitur if ever there was one)

If Dems ran Washington, the TV show “24” would have to re-titled “15 Minutes” because, that’s how long it would take terrorists to succeed in their plots. Dems are fond of saying that they are great patriots - that they can be trusted with nation’s security. The only problem is that when given a chance to demonstrate their commitment to that security they ALWAYS come down on the side of the terrorists.

Congress ought to pass a law that politicians have to give equal time to America’s enemies. Read that again. It’s not a mistake. So, when Teddy, have you seen my diving mask and swim flippers, Kennedy goes to the senate floor to blast the President of the United States, he’d have to spend at least as much time blasting Mullah Omar and Osama bin Laden. When Howard, if it weren’t for my bad back…, Dean says we can’t win in Iraq, he’d at least have to say that the enemy deserves to be defeated. When John, the good and honorable, Murtha weeps like a baby to discourage young American’s from joining our armed forces, he’d at have to say at the least America needs to have an army.

Now, using anonymous sources, a low-life working for the NY Times has gone about publishing stories about secret CIA programs to catch terrorists. Predictably, Dems are up in arms that the president would go about using his constitutional powers to protect America. Author Risen for his part calls the treasonous dolts who released state secrets during a time of war heroes, because they are protecting our rights. That is an ends justify the means argument. Yes, the exact same kind of argument that Dems, in fits of moral superiority, here-to-fore condemned.

This is the bizzaro world of Dems. They say they are fit to protect the nation’s security, but their heroes are the people that are exposing state secrets, trashing America’s President, discouraging Americans from serving in the armed forces and giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Alito Hearings

In the post below, Lex finds humor in the fact that, on the one hand, Dems will say the most outrageous things about Sam Alito, while on the other try to maintain the appearance of objectivity. “Yes, yes, we all know that Judge Alito is the worst judge, nay human being in the history of the world, but I’m maintaining an open mind about his confirmation.” BULLEXCERMENT! They have made their determination before the gavel fell to open yesterday’s hearings.

Now the Chucky Schumer wing of the Dem Party is threatening a filibuster. Great! This threat has all of the consequences of Lex jr. saying, “Tell me to quiet down! Fine, I’ll never talk again.” Now, no matter how much we'd all like for him to follow through with the threat, we all know it's impossible. Dems won’t be able to get 40 votes from their own party. Red state Dems, including Bobby, name the bridge after me, Byrd, have already indicated that Alito deserves an up or down vote. So even if the usual bunch of RepubiRATS jump ship, Chucky lacks the votes. Knowing they can only pull the trigger on this once will keep the filibuster in the bag.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Let the wheels of justice spin

Watching Chuck Schumer try to explain how Sam Alito can be considered “well qualified” by the ABA, a mark Schumer here-to-fore referred to as the “gold standard”, and in the same breath say Alito’s out of the mainstream, is pretty amusing. But that is not nearly as amusing as hearing him and other Dems, Feinstein, Kennedy, Leahy etc. lambaste Alito as out of the mainstream, no friend to women and minorities, hostile to labor and then say that they haven’t made up their mind yet about Alito serving on the Supreme Court.

Sort of like, “Well, we all know that Sam Alito would have women seeking back alley abortions. He’d be happy to see blacks returned to the back of the bus or worse the plantation. He supports big business more than Sam Walton, Henry Ford and Phil Connor (the foreman in Packingtown from Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle) combined. But I don’t know how I’m going to vote.” Hmm, if you really believe all that, but you say you don’t know how you’re going to vote, you’re an idiot or a liar.

The hearings should be even more amusing as Joe, the plagiarizer, Biden and Teddy, but I’ve only drown one woman in the backseat of my car, Kennedy quiz Alito on ethics and integrity. The funniest part is that they don’t even see the irony. Also sure to be amusing is the fact that Alito, by a rather large margin, will be the smartest guy in the room. When it’s Biden and Kennedy’s turn ask questions, look for long pointless speeches and few questions. If they do have the guts to ask questions, it’s going to have all of the drama and comedy value of the dopey Vinnie Barbarino asking Mr. Kotter, “Why ain’t phone spelled with no f?”

It’d be all down hill from there.

Alito: Well Mr. Biden the word phone is spelled without an “f”.

Biden: Huh, I know’d dat. The questions I’m axing is why ain’t it spelled with no f-in “f”.

Alito: Well, yes of course. You’ve used a double negative, which might be interpreted as a positive. Such as, “Why isn’t the word phone spelled without an f?” The answer to which is, phone is spelled without an F.

Biden: You’re just showin off now. Look, the word phone don’t have no “f”. How come? Isn’t this just a sleazy Republican trick to confuse poor blacks, labor guys and women?

Alito: Ahh yes. Well I believe it goes back to second grade phonics...

Biden interrupts: Look judge you just said phonics. That starts with an “f”, right? Now all I’m axing is, why don’t phone start with no “f”?

Biden’s time will expire and he’ll claim Alito never answered his question.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Abramoff McCain's baby

Jack Abramoff, by all accounts, is a scoundrel, and he is proof positive John, the anointed one, McCain is not fit to be president. Why? Well, McCain created Abramoff. Were it not for John, damn I’m good, McCain’s attack on the First Amendment, aka campaign finance reform, Abramoff would have been just another K Street lawyer cheating his law firm. But because John, Hardball, McCain thinks he and other politicians are too corrupt to be trusted campaign money, people gave to Abramoff who gave to crooked politicians.

Campaign finance reform was a total disaster. Because John, yes I was one of Keating Five, McCain got caught cheating he figured, “Since I’m so good and still got caught up in the Cheating I mean Keating Five, every politician, nay every American, must be a dishonest dolt as well. After all if I got caught, how could any other American be honest?” So John, get me on Meet the Press, McCain came up with campaign finance reform. That’s sort of like Al Copone rewriting tax law.

Well what were the results of John, play that sound bite of me again, McCain’s work? Was money taken out of politics? No. There was more unregulated money used by more irresponsible groups than ever in the 2004 election. Nice work John. McCain’s lunacy had the unintended consequence of launching what are called the 527s. Brilliant John. Now instead of giving money to the regulated political parties, whakos like George Soros just become an exempt unregulated political organization themselves. You’da thought John, who’s crooked as an 8 year old boy’s path to bed on Saturday night, would have been humiliated enough by Keating to just shut the hell up. But that’s not how politicians work. Get caught robbing a bank, demand banking reform! Get caught speeding, investigate the police! Get caught taking money from scum like the ChiComs (Clinton), Keating (McCain), Abramoff (who knows), don’t apologize or better yet resign, demand campaign finance reform.

One of the fall outs from McCain, Keating, House Banking, AbScam scandals was a drive for term limits. I’ve never been a fan of that. Why should an honest guy doing a good job for the country and his voters be penalized because John, I can’t help myself, McCain is a crook? Besides we have term limits, they are called elections. And these scandals in and of themselves act a as a sort of term limit. Too bad it didn’t work in Arizona.

Real campaign finance reform:
1. Any American registered voter can give as much money to the candidate(s) of his choice as he chooses.
2. Candidates must make public all campaign contributions within 48 hours.
Too simple? Well get a team of lawyers and politicians to write the exact same policy and it'll be 150 unreadable pages by noon.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

A note to MSNBC

What follows is a note to MSNBC, after watching their coverage of the mine miracle this morning. Just change the name and the MSM organization and it can be sent to whomever you are reading or watching.

Your slightly over-weight and continuously hoarse Live & Direct host hasn't appeared to be such a dope since she announced live and on air that Al Gore had gotten relief from the Supreme Court during the 2000 recount - that just happened to be 180 out from what the Supreme Court actually decided. Having learned nothing from that experience, Cosby blabbed on and on yesterday about a miracle. Who was her source? Who did she follow up with? Did she ever offer a cautionary note that she, as an on scene reporter, had not gone to the trouble to talk to ANYONE in an official capacity about the story?

If the families of the dead and injured miner(s) are going to sue the company for providing them with bad information, the nation ought to sue Rita Cosby and the rest of the MSM lemmings who botched this story worse than they did the one in New Orleans. It seem that on scene reporters are more into on-air emoting these days than getting to the bottom of any story they happen to be covering.

These on-scene reporters have no credibility and should be pulled immediately. This incident is one more nail in the coffin - and only a few remain - of a MSM more interested in being first than being correct. The MSM is quickly degenerating into a high-tech equivalent of the bathroom wall at a bus station.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Initial reports are almost always wrong

Stuttgart is six hours ahead of the east coast of the US. So, we were getting the false news about the coal miners just as Lex jr. was heading off to school. I was going to run with “Miracle” as the head for the daily blog. I thought better of it. Something wasn’t right. Marines have two types of casualty reports. The first is sent immediately and is nearly always inaccurate. It tells HQ that a unit has casualties. The initial report allows HQ to begin preparations. The second is not sent until its accuracy is confirmed by unit leadership. The second report confirms the number, names, and injuries of the casualties. This morning watching CNN, I had a feeling I was getting an initial report. There was no sight of the survivors. There was only one ambulance to leave the scene. Things were not what they seemed. So, I went with the NSA/ Murtha bit below until things could sort themselves out.

Well things have sorted themselves out and not for the good. Now CNN and other MSM outlets are in a tizzy because they ran with the initial rumor (can’t be called a report because no MSM outlet has yet told us who told them) for three hours before asking the questions that Lex was asking himself. CNN’s Anderson Cooper and other on-scene journalist who ran with the wild rumor should be fired. It’s their job to figure this stuff out.

To this moment I have not heard one person on CNN ask themselves, who was our source? Who was the second source? Who did we try to follow up with? Why did we run with this? Now Anderson and the rest of the MSM dopes sound sort of like Jim Carey in Mask “Why didn’t somebody stop me!” Well Anderson it’s your job to get to the bottom of the story before blasting it out over the air for three hours.

Oh, by the way, one man is alive and that’s a miracle.

NSA "scandal"/John the good and honorable

NSA “spy scandal”
The only scandal in this scandal is that someone within our own government would engage in the treason necessary to expose a secret program. Whoever that someone is, they should be prosecuted. As for the punishment of the treasonous bastard, if guilty, consider that on July 12, 1798 President John Adams appointed William Ward Burrows as the second Major Commandant of the Marine Corps. In a missive to Washington Commandant Burrows is purported to have written, “We have just caught a deserter and after shaving his head, have had 200 lashes well laid on, but until we can shoot one or two we will continue to be plagued by this behaviour.” I’d settle for a head shaving and 200 lashes “well laid on”. But I think the bastard should be hung a day or so after the humiliation and pain have sunk in.

The brain-dead media continue to refer to the “scandal” as “domestic spying”. It isn’t. The NSA has a list of telephone numbers of suspected terrorists located outside of the US. The conversations conducted on those lines are being monitored. The fact that those lines are used to conduct business with the fifth column located within the US is a happenstance of good fortune not a crime. The only way this pathetic story gets any traction what-so-ever is by calling it “domestic spying” which it isn’t.

John Murtha
He said in a Nightline interview he wouldn’t join the military today. Of course that makes him a great patriot, right? Or would a true patriot have said something along the line of, service to one's country is always a noble thing. The follow up should have been, "John whatever you once were, you talk like a coward now. You're 50 pounds overweight. Who the hell would want you?" Besides it seems he’s already got gig shilling for the terrorists.

When the dopey interviewer asked him if Bush’s decision to go to war in Iraq might have been different had Bush seen combat, instead of taking the high road by rejecting the premise of the question, Murtha the good, in his self-serving fashion of late, lapped it up. “It (combat) sears your soul” Murtha wept. Well, Mr. Murtha your soul had been “seared”, but when it came time for the congress to decide on the Iraq war, YOU supported it!

Were he not such a self-serving cretin, he might have noted to the “reporter” that Article II of our Constitution has no requirement whatever for military service let alone combat service for the Commander in Chief. He might have reminded the reporter that Americans, by a 4 million vote margin, preferred George Bush’s modest military record over John Kerry’s manufactured one. He might have said non-combat vet Bill Clinton went about bombing innocents whenever his political situation required. Non-combat vet FDR was the NY blueblood who ran WWII from a wheelchair. Non-combat vet Woodrow Wilson was the high-browed intellectual afflicted with a stroke who led the US through WWI. He might have asked the clueless reporter if he was advocating a military dictatorship.

Like Benedict Arnold, Murtha once served this nation with honor. Like Benedict Arnold, Murtha got his feelings hurt because he didn’t get enough attention from the government he purportedly served. Like Benedict Arnold Murtha turned on that government. I ask Murtha the same question that I ask my friends who tell me calling him a treasonous coward is too harsh, “Well, what would he be doing differently to undermine America’s war effort if he were?”

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Let the hearings begin

Well, it’s a new year and the clueless Dems are running full speed at a brick wall with several long sharp objects protruding from it at eye level. Howie Dean, the merry band of buffoons running the DNC, and what passes for Dem leadership are all in a snit because George W. had the audacity to listen in on known al Qaeda international terrorists, even when they were talking to people located in America. The nerve! I for one would be more interested in international al Qaeda calls to within America than say, Saudi Arabia where the terrorists are probably calling to wish the principal at their old Madras a blessed Eid al Fitter.

Dems, never missing an opportunity to stick their collective foots in their mouths, are calling for congressional hearings. Aside from further splitting their all ready fractured party, what do they possibly hope to gain? What is any Dem who wants to be president going to say? “While we know that these are powers are fully within the bounds of our constitution, they should be reserved for when I am president.” Or, “Tracking down and killing terrorists who would destroy America does not rise to level of importance of either torture or international eavesdropping of terrorists making calls to within the US.” The moonbat wing nut fringe of the Dem party, aka “the base”, will see this as the final nail in George W’s coffin, and call the idea of collecting intelligence on terrorists unconstitutional.

Ted Kennedy et al will try to convince Americans that NSA eavesdropping on terrorists is a bigger crime than 19 Islamo-terror-fascist wakos flying airplanes into our treasured national monuments. Democrat presidential candidates will be “concerned”. George W will stick to his guns and by mid February Dems will again be wondering how they got their tails kicked by someone as dumb as George Bush.

The Griffn, as always, puts this issue into terms that we can all understand, “Big brother has an obligation to properly use or disregard sensitive information. Funny thing is I will send my tax money to the government, drive the highways the gov't builds at 80 mph, allow the gov't to control thousands of WMD' s, and approve drugs that I give to my children, but get spastic because they may have heard me call home to see what kind of pizza my girls want?” The Griffin sends.