Wednesday, November 26, 2014

If Boehner/McConnell were in Officer Wilson's shoes Mike Brown would still be robbing people

Here’s an interesting pre-Thanksgiving thought experiment.  How is the Wilson – Brown encounter like the Boehner/McConnell – El Presidente The Empty Suit encounter?

Wilson encounters a petulant punk thug Michael Brown walking in the middle of the street.  Wilson asks Brown to move to the sidewalk.  The Wilson notices that Brown fits the description of a lawless punk who just committed a strong armed robbery of a convenient store. 

Now Brown reaches into Wilson’s car and tries to seize Wilson’s weapon.  A struggle ensues and Wilson shoots Brown.  Brown tries to run away.  Wilson gives chase.  Brown high on drugs believes it’s a good strategy to stop running and attack WilsonWilson shoots Brown 5-6 more times killing Brown.

Both Brown and TES are lawless petulant punks.  Both have been known to use drugs.  Both struggle to seize power that they are in no way entitled to seize.  That’s about where the wheels come off any similarities between Wilson and Boehner/McConnell. 

Wilson actually resisted Brown’s lawlessness.  When the two struggled for Wilson’s gun, Wilson shot Brown.  Boehner/McConnell have no stomach for pulling the trigger to defend themselves, their constitutional power or the American community at large against a lawless cretin. 

When Brown ran away, Wilson knowing a lawless punk thug and threat to the community when he sees one, gave chase.  Boehner/McConnell do the equivalent of putting up the window on the cruiser and staying safely ensconced in the car.

Wilson shoots Brown dead.  All hell breaks loose.  Boehner/McConnell do nothing.  All hell breaks loose.

Brown is dead.  He will no longer be able to wreak havoc on innocents.  TES is alive and well and emboldened.  He’s taken the measure of Boehner/McConnell and found that they are willing to let him run rough shod over the constitution and the American people.  Only more bad things can happen in the American community because Boehner/McConnell let TES go.

Brown’s death creates an excuse for lawless anti-American anarchists to take to the streets to cause trouble.  Boehner/McConnell’s acquiescence TES’s lawlessness creates an excuse for TES to continue his lawless behavior on a grander scale.

Moral of the story:  Lawless creeps usually do not stop being lawless creeps until confronted by a competent authority willing to use force if necessary.  Wilson exercised his authority, placing himself in grave danger while doing so.  He used reasonable force to protect himself and the community from a thug.  Boehner/McConnell ran away to protect themselves, leaving the community they are sworn to protect to fend for themselves while the Caligula D.C. political-class lifers saved their own skin.  Patton rightly called such people cowards.

But hey, Thanksgiving is upon us.  Let’s not be too hard on them.  Boehner/McConnell may still go on to do great things.  Had Wilson just run away from Brown, Ferguson wouldn’t have burned until the next incident, and there certainly would be “a next incident” and burn it certainly would.  Had Wilson not shot Brown, Wilson would still be on duty with the Ferguson police force and be around get Miss O’Leary’s cat out of a tree. Meanwhile, Mike Brown would be busy smashing some poor guy’s head in for the $10 in his wallet.  Refer back to the moral of the story.    

So Boehner/McConnell may still pass legislation restricting Robertscare on the margins, legislation that TES will veto.  And TES will go on wrecking the constitution and America with impunity.  Refer back to the moral of the story.

But hey, as noted, Thanksgiving is upon, so let’s not go all negative all the time here.  Thanksgiving can mean only one thing, big sis is getting another year older.  How old?  Follow the link.  Happy birthday sis.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Random thoughts on Ferguson

There is absolutely no better way to honor the memory of a petty thief and thug like Mike Brown than to loot a liquor store when the grand jury refuses to indict the officer responsible for firing the fatal shots.  Nothing says you’re grieving like vandalism and stealing.

Lucky thing no Koreans had set up business in Ferguson.  As I recall from the Rodney King riots, the Koreans successfully protected their property and livelihoods with guns.

El Presidente The Empty Suit told America that people of color “aren’t making this up,” referring to police misconduct in their neighborhoods.  Well in the case of Mike Brown TES, they certainly were making it up.  Brown was said to have been shot in the back.  He wasn’t.  Brown was said to have had his hands up when shot.  They weren’t.  The make believe story was told so often that it became the meme for the rent-a-mob crowd, “Hands up. Don’t shoot.”  We now know that it was all made up BS.

I noticed a lot of the Guy Fawkes masks in the rent-a-mob.  Shouldn’t the rioters have been beating the hell out that preppy looking honky?

Passion and compassion for Mike Brown will have an exact correlation to the temperature and the number of stores left to be looted.  The lower those numbers go so will the need for the rent-a-mob’s presence in Ferguson

Did the rioters just create one of Moochie Moochelle’s famous “food desserts” in Ferguson?  Why yes I believe they did.  Some poor mom is going to wake up and find she has to travel a much greater distance now to get bread and milk.  It’s all the cop’s fault, of course.

Cops did seem to be overly concerned with stopping damage to public buildings while the rest of Ferguson burned.  I don’t know if that was a result of Mayor Slay’s pre agreement with rioters or because of lack of resources.  Either way, that part of Ferguson will be a ghost town for decades.  That hurts who?

If you were thinking about turning in your gun at the next gun buy back, you might take a look at the pictures and rethink that.

The prosecutor did an outstanding job laying out the case and decision process of the GJ.  None of it made a speck of difference to the rent-a-mob.

Many have criticized the late announcement of the GJ’s decision.  Why wait until so late.  Aren’t you just inviting trouble by waiting until after dark?  Here’s my take;  The announcement of the GJ’s decision was delayed until 8pm local to let descent people get off the streets.  Cops didn’t need to be worrying about innocents getting caught in the crossfire or taken hostage when the rent-a-mob descended on the liquor store.  

Monday, November 24, 2014

You can tell by the Lefty Lib reaction this is spot on

Gary Varvel nailed it again with this cartoon.  How do I know he nailed it?  Well twitter exploded with all manner of “tolerant” Lefty Libs tweeting that they hoped Varvel would die and/or be fired.  Of course the mainstay argument for the left is that Varvel’s accurate cartoon is RAAAAAAAAAAAAAACIST!   Remember, for the Lefty Lib, the truth is no defense.  Of course comparing these morons to Muslim fanatics who cut off people’s heads for drawing cartoons would be RAAAAAAAACIST as well.   But that is exactly who they are becoming. 

I seriously wonder how you people with such fragile sensibilities make it through a day.  You wake up and see Varvel’s cartoon in the morning paper and you’re outraged.  You drive to work and see a cross on the side of the road and you’re outraged.  You see a guy in a pickup truck and you’re outraged.  You see another truck with a gun rack and you’re outraged. You park your car and see the boss has a parking space and a nicer car than you and you’re outraged (It never dawns on you that he’s in before you).  You walk by a co-worker’s desk and notice a bible on her desk and you’re outraged.  You hear a man complement a woman’s appearance and you’re outraged.  You go to lunch and see a man eating a hamburger and you’re outraged.  You see someone bless their meal and you’re outraged.  When someone steps outside to have a smoke, you’re outraged.  You walk by a candy machine in the break room and you’re outraged.  You go to use the restroom and see the placards for “men” and “women” and you’re outraged.  You leave the office and sneer at the bosses car again (it never dawns on you that he’s still working). You get home and the neighbor is cooking steak on his grill and you’re outraged.  You turn on the news and see where the Pope is calling for world peace and you’re outraged. 

Goodness gracious, how do they do it?  How much outrage can the average lefty loon muster?  Well whole lot more than normal people can imagine.  They’re constantly in search of things to be outraged about.  They seem to be most outraged by what other people have earned and how those people chose to use the fruits of their own labor and creativity.  99.99% of the stuff that outrages the perpetually miserable Lefty Lib crowd does not in any way affect their own lot in life.  They are just POd because someone is living a rewarding life. 
These cry baby idiots don’t see the open window in the cartoon as a metaphor for an open border.  Because it is soooo spot on, the Lefty Libs insist we all must act as stupidly as they and take the cartoon literally.  “Varvel thinks brown people are going to break into our homes and steal out turkey dinner.”

I tweeted back to one offended tweeter, “Varvel should have shown a much larger black family Obama serving a much smaller turkey  marked jobs ‘Don’t worry there’s plenty for everyone.’”

If I could draw, I’d take it even further.  Show a MS 13 gangster coming through the window with a handgun, a Muslim coming in with a bomb strapped to himself, an ISIS guy with a knife in one hand and a severed head in the other, an Ebola patient coming in coughing, while a hoard of others are waiting to come in, in the background.  A large black family sits in a run down shack marked government subsidies, an unopened box of books marked education sits in the corner of the family home, a teenage girl is pregnant while breast feeding another child, the otherwise empty table is marked “DemoDope policy.”  El Presidente The Empty Suit is beaming as he presents a Cornish Hen sized turkey marked “jobs” to the large family.  The turkey is sitting on a gigantic silver serving platter marked “government bureaucracy” and TES saying, “No worries. There’s enough here for everyone in the entire world.”  In the background and depicted in chef’s garment’s, laden with jewelry and with piles of extortion cash falling at their feet, are Revs? Jesse Hymietown Jackson and Al Not-So-Sharp-ton with a speech bubble, “We cooked this whole thing up.”  Outside the family’s front door are Harry the roach Reid and Peloser explaining to the lapdog media, “The Republicans hate poor black people.”

OK it’s beginning to sound like mural that would need to be painted on the side of barn somewhere, but you get the picture.  Get it?  “Get the picture?”   Literally, “get the picture?”  I was describing an actual picture.  Terribly clever for a Monday morning don’t you think?

While we're on the subject of the roach and Not-So-Sharp-ton, there's this 
Can you imagine Harry the roach Reid’s reaction if it were discovered that the Koch brothers or Mitt Romney owed several millions in back taxes to the state of New York?  The scrawny lying, thieving, pederast bastard would break a hip trying getting to floor of the senate to lie his scrawny azz off about it to make a couple of more fund raising bucks.  But if it it’s lying thieving joke of a Rev Al Not-So-Sharp-ton or lying thieving congressdope Chuckles Rangle running afoul of New York’s tax code well then “Just move along.  There’s nothing to see here.”

Friday, November 21, 2014

Faux "constitutional professor" shreds constitution

The Empty Suit took to the airwaves last night and unilaterally and unconstitutionally declared that anyone who wonders into the country can stay and be afforded access to all of the government largess the Dopes have heaped upon their constituencies.  Voting rights for the uninvited masses will come soon enough.  That is the primary goal of this entire ruse.

All of this has come from a so called “constitutional professor.”  Like everything TES’s pampered affirmative action pass through  life the title “constitutional professor” is a lie.  He was never a “professor” of constitutional law or anything else at University of Chicago.  How can I be sure that is true?  Well first off, being a professor indicates a modest amount of work.  There are lesson plans that have to be prepared, questions to be answered, a class schedule that must be met, papers to be graded etc.  Work is an activity totally foreign to TES.  So I do not believe that he was ever a professor.  He was some sort of visiting adjunct that breezed in late, threw some incendiary remarks around and left early leaving the real professor to restore order.

When the Shrilldabeast’s campaign called TES on his BS about being a “professor,” predictably the University of Chicago responded as always giving TES an affirmative action pass through.  The UofC issued a statement insisting that while it was true TES was not a “professor,” he was treated like one by the university.  I don’t even believe that.  Was he paid like one?  Was he given the parking privileges and university access of a professor?  And even if he was, wouldn’t such an arrangement in itself be proof that TES was nothing more than affirmative action pass through?  Having honors not earned heaped upon him based on the color of his skin rather achievement?

I was a mere LtCol in the USMC.  That never stopped certain friends and family from referring to me jokingly as “general.”  Well now by the UofC’s standards, I guess I call myself a general.  After all, I’m as much a general as TES is a constitutional professor.  So case closed.  The constitutional professor line in TES’s case is total BS.  Even if it were true, it would be proof that he’s bigger moron than we first gave him credit for.  You would expect some narcissistic uninformed half wit to try to run the country like a dictatorship.   You’d expect a bit more from a constitutional scholar.

The next thing confounding about this move is the Dopes embracing it.  TES’s unlawful action is likely to hurt the very people Dopes depend upon for power, the government dependent underclass.  How is adding more people to a unaffordable and therefore unsustainable government dole going to help Dopes when people inevitably have their “benefits” cut or eliminated?  How is adding more under educated unskilled laborers to an already saturated market going to improve wages or lower unemployment among the hardest hit category – black youth?  

The people praising this BS action are the exact ones who are going to be most negatively affected by it.  I guess that’s a good thing.  The Obamaphone lady, unemployable college youth and the underclass all voted for TES to protect them.  Paraphrasing the old ad, “You asked for it.  You got it.  Obama.”  Too bad your life is going to really suck until you die now.  No jobs.  Dwindling resources for government handouts.  College debt.  But hey the good news is that the door is now open for up to 35 million more uneducated unskilled people to come and get in line for YOUR benefits and YOUR job.  Take that good news to the coffee shop after you get up this afternoon.

Did Peloser really compare this BS to Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation?  Idiot doesn’t begin to describe how vacuous this woman is.  So Nance, would you say any country that has border security and immigration laws is akin to slave holders?  It is logic like the Peloser’s that makes it virtually impossible to talk to Lefty Libs.  They are all smug arrogant know-it-all bastards like Jon Gruber. 

In the real world TES would be in serious trouble. The opposition party (if we had one) would be making his life miserable starting at about 7:30 this morning.  TES has the measure of the Republicans and knows that they are by-and-large a spineless go along to get along bunch of Caligula D.C. wimpy yes men.   There are a few exceptions, but way too few. 

I would say the first thing the Republicans need to do is offer a constitutional amendment that would fast track any legal challenge brought by the legislative branch against the executive or vice versa to the Supreme Court. What we’re likely to find out a couple of years from now is that what TES has done is totally unconstitutional.  What good is that?  The amendment process being what it is, even if the amendment was adopted, it would do little good in this case.  But now that we have the first ever executive with no honor, no scruples and is a shameless craven liar, there needs to be system in place whereby the Supreme Court can act as a guarantor of the constitution against a lawless out of control executive or legislative branch.

It’s a dark day for the republic.  More guns, more ammo, more razor wire are on order here at the compound.  

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Warning: Epic pointless meandering rant to follow

In all of the hoopla about the smug, arrogant, insufferable, lying thief of 6 million taxpayer dollars Jon Gruber, one thing has gone under reported.  The only people Gruber, The Empty Suit, Peloser and the roach Reid fooled were other DemoDopes.  The Varvel cartoon captures this sentiment perfectly.

Not one Republican voted for the biggest fraud since Dr. Lovegood’s Snake Oil cure-all was sold to the settlers from the back of a covered wagon.  Robertscare has NEVER had the support of a majority of the American people and if the midterm election was any clue, many of those who did support the ruse are changing their minds. 

So the only people the Dopes were able to bamboozle, speckeldorf or otherwise pull the wool over peoples’ eyes with regard to Gruber’s lies and deceptions were other Dopes.  The BS was successful with Dope congressweasels like Peloser who famously reported that Robertscare had to be passed so we could find out what was in it.  It was also successful with a mainstay of the Dope Party, generation whiner.  That’s the 26 year old on mom’s healthcare plan sitting in her basement with 3 worthless degrees hanging on the wall tapping out some idiotic blog in his PJs at noon but no job.  Hmm, wait, scratch that part about idiotic blog tapping.  Or, the other Dope staple constituency women who allow themselves to be warred on; the 20-30 something fat chick with a mustache in a moo moo snacking on double stuffed Oreos and drinking quart of chocolate milk out of the carton while selling Avon products to family and family friends over the phone.  Of course there’s the Obamaphone lady and the wreck of humanity and oxygen thieves that have descended upon Ferguson, MO for the sole purpose of stirring up trouble that help the Dopes maintain power in certain precincts. 

The entire Dope class resents anyone who has so much as an extra earned buck for a cup coffee in their pocket.  So if Gruber says “free health care” this crowd wanders to the government trough like dairy cows at feeding time.  Anyone who points out that “it isn’t free” is viciously attacked as an inhumane, rich, white, raaaaacist, sexist, homophobic Scrooge who wants poor people and people of color to die.  

The bad news for the Dopes is that people are wising up.  The good news for the Dopes is that the same people who are wising up are employed.  They have jobs, church, families and friends to take care of.  Unlike the Dope constituency who apparently have nothing better to do than bitch about people who work and have an extra buck, these people do not hate anyone.  They just want to live their lives without becoming the latest victim of the knockout crime (game), Muslim beheading, IRS targeting, unlawful DoJ property seizure, NSA snooping, pointless riot over some thug being shot by police, BoLM land grab, mistaken SWAT team raid, illegal alien drunk driving massacre, Bill Cosby or Bill Clinton rape etc.

I think that is why Dopes get away with so much.  Descent people are distracted with living free and fulfilling lives so a lot gets past them.  The Dope constituency is a miserable lot.  Talk to them.  They have nothing better to do than sit around and bitch.

I don’t like what The Empty Suit and his gang azzclowns are doing to country.  I do my best to stand against it.  But I choose not to let it ruin my life.  So I’m going down to the barn to get my dog and get the day started and forget about as much of the BS as I can for awhile.  Tonight I’ll miss TES completely.  It is my one time a year bowling night.  That is the perfect bowling league.  Thank goodness.  If I sat around worrying and bitching all the time, I might become a Dope.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ferguson unrest same as Palestinian unrest and Landrieu cooked

From the “You cannot make this $h!t up file


St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay has reportedly agreed to about half of protestors’ proposed “rules of engagement” for how the police should respond to protestors when the grand jury releases its decision on the Mike Brown case.    Going into what’s in and what’s out with regard to the protestors’ demands is a waste of time.  Agreeing to any conditions outside good police practices that protect citizens and property or to agree to condone or ignore any lawlessness from the rent-a-mob that now makes up a significant portion of the Ferguson, MO Mike Brown protest crowd is total BS.


Mayor Slay should have held a press conference where his first action was to tear into little pieces the protestors’ demands.  Instead of trying to make nice with the outside anarchists, communists, Muslim troublemakers, racist race baiters and dumbazz college kids who mistakenly believe Mike Brown is worth getting their privileged little white azzes beat and thrown in jail for, Mayor Slay should have issued a statement affirming the right for peaceful protest but warning that the law would be enforced.  News conference over.


Ferguson crowd same as the crowd cheering synagogue attack


The rent-a-mob gathering in Ferguson, MO has the same mentality as those practitioners of the “religion of peace” who cheer the slaughter of innocents in a Jerusalem synagogue.  The truth and the facts of the matter are irrelevant.  From The Empty Suit through his lying azzclown AG, through his Ferguson point man Rev? Al Not-So-Sharp-ton, through CAIR, communists and anarchists who are co-opting the event, Ferguson has nothing to do with Mike Brown.  Like the synagogue attack was clear evidence of a world-wide religious war unfolding before our eyes, Ferguson is clear evidence of the lengths anarchists will go to undermine the US capitalist system.


Mike Brown was no Martin Luther King.  He was a dope smoking, thieving thug.  We know this to be true from toxicology report and the convenient store video.  Facts do matter to the rent-a-mob.  How this guy has become a nation-wide cause celeb for rabble rousers is beyond me.  Given the number of black kids killed in Chicago every single weekend, you’d think there would be a better symbol to rally around there.  But a descent kid being gunned down by a Mike Brown type probably does not fit The Empty Suit’s and the wad’s needs to further destabilize America.   


Whatever happens with the nation-wide rent-a-mobs after the Mike Brown GJ decision is squarely on the weak and narrow shoulders of TES, his arrogant and clueless AG and Rev? Al Not-so-sharp-ton.  When the Palestinians get their azzes bombed off for cheering, condoning and sponsoring the attacks we’ve seen in Jerusalem the last few days, they and their leftist world sympathizers cry bloody murder.  After the synagogue attacks TES said “too many Palestinians have died.”  Well at least two too few in my opinion.

The same will happen when the rent-a-mob is brought to heel.   TES will blame anyone protecting themselves and their property for the violence.  No doubt the entire country will have been in flames for days when TEs will issue a statement, “I just found out about the nation-wide unrest and I’m mad as hell about it.  It’s time we get the guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens.”

Mary Landrieu is toast, uh make that fried bacon


The prototype for Jim Henson’s Ms. Piggy character on the Muppets, Senator Mary Landrieu (Dope LA) is cooked.  In a last ditch effort to show LA voters that she has the power and seniority to get things done in the US Senate, she failed to muster the necessary 60 votes in the Dope controlled Senate to send a bill approving construction of the Keystone pipeline to The Empty Suit’s desk.  All of this proves she does not have the power and/or seniority to get things done in a Dope controlled senate meaning she’d be less than worthless to LA in Republican controlled senate come Jan.


Landrieu tried to talk tough after her party slapped her around as if she was Ray Rice’s girl friend in an elevator.  If you are soooooo tough senator, why’d you wait until less than 30 days before your run-off election to try to get anything done on Keystone?  Why didn’t you talk tough to Harry the roach Reid (the Ray Rice in this scenario) starting two years ago?  “Uh, well, uh, American voters are stupid and have short memories you see.  No need to be consistent.  Just make a big flash just before the election and the idiot voters will all fall into line.  Ask Jon Gruber.”

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tacky shirts and Ferguson


My “Church group” is having its annual bowling “championship” on Thursday night.  Look for the results on Sports Center Friday morning.  In conjunction with that momentous event, the participants all wear some tacky or obnoxious shirt, because nothing says bowling like tacky.  I could outfit an entire platoon in tacky if I had to.  That’s no problem. 

But while our space agency - NASA – when they weren’t making $h!t up about climate change, was conducting outreach to Muslims, because nothing says interplanetary space exploration like a religion trapped in the 7th century, the Europeans landed a module on a comet.  You’d think that that would be cool stuff, and it was.  But the entire project, years and years of painstaking work and success was overshadowed by Dr. Matt Taylor’s tacky shirt.

No seriously, it was.  Dr. Taylor seen above was laid to waste by feminist for his shirt.  YGBSM!  No I’m not.  Taylor apologized for the shirt and broke down in tears while doing so.  Well seeing an opportunity, I added my own comment in the comments section of several of the stories on Dr. Taylor on AlGore’s wonderful Interweb machine, “Dr. Taylor, since you won’t be needing the shirt any longer, can I have it for my bowling night?”   

I haven’t gotten a reply yet.  That’s probably for the best since it would violate Father Andrew’s “modest is hottest” rule.  The shirt is available online and I’ll bet sales are brisk after the controversy.  Good.  Nothing says GFY like brisk sales of items that POs left libs - Chick-Fil-A, guns, pick ups, 90” flat screen TVs, hunting licenses, chainsaws, beef, heated swimming pools, Hobby Lobby and Dr. Taylor’s shirt.

What can we learn from this?  Landing a module on a comet is not nearly as important as what you wear to the event.  Feminist are a humorless bunch.  Apologizing for any perceived transgression to feminists, racists, the Gaystopo, Islamists or an entire litany of other protected classes is a waste of time.  Better to issue a three word statement “Get over it” and move on.  The apology never puts the event to rest with these perpetually offended Bozos so why prostrate yourself for their pleasure?

ASIDE:  Church group is in parentheses because Lex jr. always uses air quotes when referring to the group.  As in "Are you going out with your 'Church group' tonight?"  He started that after he noticed the scores of beer bottles that were found after meetings in the barn.  20 minutes of Gospel reflection followed by an hour and half of beer drinking, washer pitching and eating makes for a pretty good "Church group" meeting.   


The MO Guv has declared a “state of emergency” in Ferguson ahead of the release of the grand jury case on Michael Brown.  It would seem the race baiters, including The Empty Suit and his worthless lying d-wad of an Attorney General, don’t care what the facts show in this case as long as Officer Wilson is charged, convicted, jailed and hung. 

If only we had elected a black president - or even a half black president – we could have entered a new post-racial period.  Instead we elected the racist Empty Suit and race relation are worse than they were in the 60s.  It’s time America put a black man in the Oval Office.  Huh?  What?  He is black, well half black.  You don’t say.  So why are we having all this trouble?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Muslims hold prayer service in National Cathedral celebrate by cutting off head of American aid worker

Followers of the “religion of peace” but ignorers of their religion’s hypocrisy, its true violent nature, its misogynist stand against women’s rights, its murderous homophobia, its violent anti-free speech stand and its war against modernity gathered in the National Cathedral on Friday for a “worship service.”  This is such a BS move on so many levels it’s infuriating.  Preachers across the land ought to ask Imams to reciprocate by opening the doors of their mosques to allow Christians to hold worship services inside.  Wanna bet what the answer would be?    

Shortly after the practitioners of the “religion of peace” vacated the Cathedral, the face of Islam cut the head off of another American.  There is not a single report of Muslims in any numbers taking to the streets to protest that action.  But if someone draws a cartoon picture of Muhammad all hell breaks loose with these people. 

It’s time to admit that the overwhelming majority of the practitioners of “the religion peace” either do not care, actively support, or are too afraid to speak up against the barbarians who have become the face of their “religion.”  Those that are left could be listed on a 3 X 5 index card.  They are heroes.

"Abortion is murder" debate continues with local fish wrap 

In the Nov 3rd posting on this page, Lex took on a pro abort editorial republished in the Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette.  The J-G published my letter under the inaccurate and unnecessarily provocative title “Abortion is murder, check the ultrasound.”  On Nov 10th I sent the J-G another letter protesting the title that they assigned my original letter.  That letter is contained in the Nov 10th posting under. 

By Friday when I had yet to receive a response, I resent my letter.  I got this note from the editor back:

Mr. Schumick,

 If you are adamant about your point being made, we will publish this [my Nov 10th letter] -- minus the last paragraph -- on Dec. 9, when our 30-day publication limit on letter-writers will have passed. I do not intend to publish a correction, as no error was made.

In submitting a letter to the editor, you surely knew that a headline would be added. I do not believe the copy editor's work is contrary to the message you intended and to suggest "ignorance or true malice aforethought" is outlandish.  In fact, we received a letter this week praising your letter (identified by its headline) and another letter as "well-stated and with undeniable truths," along with an appreciation to The Journal Gazette for publishing them.

Here’s my response:

Dear Ms. Francisco:

Thank you for your quick reply to my e-mail. 

First, I am adamant.  Although I’m disappointed that the letter will not appear until 30 days after what I consider to be a grossly misleading and inaccurate title over my letter, I appreciate your agreeing to let me set the record straight since the J-G won’t.

With regard to the J-G not admitting error in this matter, try this simple experiment.  Show my letter, without title, to any group of honest people you choose.  Then ask them to answer a simple multiple choice question:

1.  Which is the best title for the content of the letter:
      A)  It’s a baby, check the ultrasound
      B)  Ultrasounds provide proof of life
      C)  Bloodletting and abortion barbaric
      D)  Abortion is murder

Seriously, send it to any college, high school or even Jr. High English class and see what happens.  I will cover anything you are willing to wager on which of those titles will be the extreme outlier on the low end – D - hands down, no question.  You know it.  I know it.  100% of reasonable people – even fair-minded pro abort people - know it.  So titling my letter “Abortion is murder” is not an error?  Please.

Surely I do know that editors will assign a title to letters.  Surely you’d expect that editors would assign a title that accurately reflects the content of the letter (See question 1.).  An editor assigning a title that is unnecessarily provocative, inaccurate and misleading and then refusing to own up to it is what is outlandish.  After all, it is the J-G that is in the word and accuracy business, isn’t it?  Questioning the editor’s motives for such outlandish decisions is reasonable.

Pointing to a letter you received that identified mine by the title J-G editors assigned it as proof of the title’s accuracy is a red herring.  How else do you ID a letter? 

Method A)  Re: Abortion is murder, check the ultrasound, Letters, Nov 9, 2014

Method B)  Re: That letter that guy wrote about abortion being murder  

See how easy it is to get it wrong?

Nor is it surprising that a bit over 50% of the people would agree with the reasoning contained in the letter.  That’s the point.  That’s why I am so adamant about correcting the inaccurate and misleading title of my letter.  Abortion is a hot button issue.  I wouldn’t want to further inflame the argument by introducing inaccurate and incendiary words. Nor would I ever want to create more angst in some poor woman’s heart who regrets her decision to abort her child by equating her to a murderer.

Please do not misconstrue my adamancy about wanting to correct the inaccurate title of my letter with being ungrateful for the J-G agreeing to publish my letter in the first place.  The J-G’s civic responsibility to provide a fair opportunity to both sides of an issue aside, I do appreciate your choosing my letter for publication.

Last, words have meanings.  I have used the word “inaccurate” several times to describe the J-G’s use of the word “murder” over my letter.   You have to know that the word “murder,” by definition, is the wrong word in this case (See question 1.).  Simply admit it.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Negotiating with a liar

As the revelations of Super Hyper Genius Wily E. (What? You can make recordings on a cell phone?) Gruber attest, The Empty Suit’s administration is a pack liars.  Don’t make me run down the extensive never ending list.  Google “Obama lies.”  There are over 83,000 hits each containing a long list of lies.  

So if you know that TES lies as easily as he breathes, why in the world would you be willing to negotiate with the pant load on any level about anything?  That is why TES insists on having the congress send him an immigration that he can sign – meaning give me what I want or I’ll do what I want anyway.  But giving TES what he wants is no guarantee that he won’t lie his scrawny butt off anyway while resorting to unlawful changes to a law he demanded.

Take Robertscare…please.  According to the genius who is soooo effing smart he didn’t realize that he could be recorded on a cell phone, the Dopes had to lie to stupid people to get Robertscare passed.  The only people who voted for the 2,500 page POS were DemoDopes.  Ergo, therefore and to wit, the ONLY stupid people are DemoDopes.

Having gotten what he wanted, TES set about unilaterally and unconstitutionally changing the Robertscare law: suspending this, waiving that, delaying any and all of the painful portions of the law that affected his friends until after his reelection.  So if the lying pant load cannot abide by a piece of legislation that was tailor made for him, why in the world would anyone think the excrement smear would abide by a piece of legislation that was “negotiated” through compromise?  He is a lawless liar and probably psychopathically so. 

Negotiating with TES and expecting him to live by the outcome is like trying to negotiate with a baby to stop crapping itself.  The baby has no understanding of the agreement and is just going to what babies do.  Same with TES.  Months of negotiations will fly out the window the first time TES has to act like an adult and live by the agreement.  At that point he’ll unilaterally change the agreement and swear to everyone the raaaaacist Republicans broke the agreement.  When confronted with the video showing the truth, TES will swear it’s not so.

What TES is contemplating doing is clearly an impeachable offence.  When Billbo O’Really asked Trey Gowdy if the Republicans would try to impeach TES over his unconstitutional immigration executive action Gowdy responded, “Have you met Joe Biden?”  I’d take that as a “no.”

Here’s the really, really, really sad thing about of all this.  What TES is about to do essentially what the US has been doing since Reagan got hoodwinked by Simpson Mizzoli.  Break into the country and stay for as long as you want.  So how can TES be impeached for doing what we’ve been doing since the 80s as a sort of unwritten policy?

Now Rush Limbaugh says that TES’s amnesty will be irreversible.  Maybe.  But I think the only irreversible thing known to man right now is death – and only then after the third day.  If it can be done by the stroke of TES’s pen, it can be undone by a responsible president after inauguration in 2017. 

Miss Piggy (aka Mary Landreiu) all –in for Keystone now

While The Empty Suit is assuring the ChiComs that the US will conduct an immediate war on cheap efficient fossil fuels to reduce our greenhouse gasses immediately if the CHiComs agree to consider to try to maybe if feasible and not too much trouble reduce their greenhouse gasses a bit by 2035, Miss Piggy Landrieu has sponsored a bill in the senate to complete the Keystone Pipeline. 

She must be taking campaign advice from the Super Genius Wily E. Gruber. 
Gruber to Miss Piggy:  Voters are stupid.  Sure you've been in the senate since Henry Clay and haven’t done squat about Keystone or anything else.  But if you sponsor a bill just before the run off to complete Keystone, all of the idiots will forget you have never done one thing for them and will come out vote for you.

He’s right.  All the idiots will vote for Miss Piggy’s double.  That said, if she gets more than 30% of the vote, we’re in serious trouble.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The very azz whipable Jonathan Gruber

I don’t always hope a professor of economics at MIT gets punched in the face - hard, but when I do, I hope it’s the lying, arrogant, smug, condescending, elitist MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber.  Gruber is double d-bag who has been caught several times saying the only way to get Robertscare passed was to lie to the American people about its cost and architecture.  According to Gruber this would be easy because the American voter is stupid. 

Sadly, on the last point I’d have to agree that about 1/3rd of American voters, overwhelmingly on the Dope side of aisle, are dumbazzes.  That would include Gruber himself. Here’s a Lefty Lib who, no doubt thinks he’s always the smartest guy in any room he walks into, bragging about how he hoodwinked the American people and calling them stupid.  But apparently Mr. Wile E. Gruber – Super Genius - has never heard of a camera phone.  You can just hear the Super Genius when he discovers his remarks were recorded.  “Someone recorded me?  How’d that happen?  I didn’t see a camera set up in the room.” 

Also, consider that the only Americans Gruber and the Dopes fooled were their own ilk – who are easy to fool because they start out as fools in the first place - mental picture of Obamaphone lady here.  These are the aimless dunces who believe everything the Dopes say.  They are a kin to the moderate Muslims who never condemn one of their own who blows himself on a crowded bus.  Or the race baiters who cannot come to terms with a black thug getting his azz shot off for good reason.  Lefty Libs, moderate Muslims and race baiters are all of a mind to believe that their side can do no wrong no mater what the mountain evidence shows to the contrary.

The rest of us knew from the start that Gruber and the Dopes were lying.  In that regard, Mr. Super Genius didn’t fool anyone, because we’re smarter, or at least savvier, than Mr. Gruber and the school of Dope lemmings who follow him.

None of this makes any difference to Gruber.  It was more important to him that he demonstrate publicly to his Lefty Lib buds how much smarter he is than they.  In the process he proved what a total idiot he is.  Note to Gruber from The Empty Suit:  Way to go Grubester.  You’re doing a heck of a job.

In Louisiana, Republicans ought to be looping Gruber's comments 24-7 next to a picture of the 2014 Ms. Piggy look alike winner  (for 7 years in row!) Mary Landrieu. 

Wannabs should become real GO/FOs and resign
Lex has been calling for the wannabe GO/FOs to take one for the team (i.e. resign) for a long time.  Here’s another who shares that opinion.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Net Neutrality another chance for government to **ck everything up

Well, well, well, The Empty Suit has come out in favor of “net neutrality.”  Net neutrality (NN) is a euphemism for government control of AlGore’s wonderful invention: the Internet.  The Orwellian term NN is as fraudulent as the as Orwell “Department of Peace.”  But we’re already half way there.  It used to be called what it was the War Department.  Now it’s the Defense Department.  What’s next?

TES wants the government to control the Internet like a public utility so that there is freedom of access to all.  Sounds good right?  Wrong!  Do you really want the crowd that rolled out Robertscare running the Internet?  Do you want the NSA teaming up with that bunch to track your every keystroke…no wait.   They are already doing that.  Do you want the IRS using the Internet to identify conservative blogs, tweeters and webpage readers so they can be singled out for a bit of extra scrutiny on their tax returns? 

The government has already spent a million of your hard earned Yankee dollars on a “study” called the Truthy Project.  "The project monitors ‘suspicious memes,’ ‘false and misleading ideas,’ and ‘hate speech,’ with a goal of one day being able to automatically detect false rumors on the social media platform.”  It turns out that the project was ONLY interested in conservative tweets.  It identified top conservative tweets under the hashtag TCOT (Top Conservatives on Twitter) and was successful in having many of the accounts suspended.  Yeah, these are the guys want insuring access to the Internet.

As James Madison once famously quipped, “**ck the government.”  Does anyone seriously want people like the creepy bastards at the VA who killed off their customers for a lousy couple of bucks running the Internet?  NN is a bad, bad, very bad idea.  But you probably already figured that out once it became known that NN would place the brain-dead, lying, thieving, totally corrupt Caligula D.C. azzclowns in charge of the Internet.

Seems to me things are working fine.  Let the market decide.  If Netflicks wants to pay extra for faster streaming, let them.  For now, things seem to be working fine.  NN is a solution in search of a problem.  As always the Lefty Lib solution isn't to make everyone’s access faster, it is to slow everyone down to the lowest common denominator.  I’m with James Madison on this.

And just for the record, JM didn't say “**ck the government.”  I used to have a gunny that would put words in framers mouths.  Like the first time I encountered the gunny's rhetorical device.  I was upset about a certain safety issue.  I was in a full on rant when the gunny casually notes, “You know sir, it’s like George Washington used to say.”  I thought there were actually going to be words of wisdom to follow so I bit...hard, “Oh yeah, what did George Washington have to say about this gunny?”  Instead of wisdom all I got was, “$h!t happens.”  It was perfect for the moment.  So on this Veteran’s Day God bless all the gunnys and all who serve and have served.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday morning stuff

Since November 10, 1775 Marines have served with distinction in “every clime and place.”  Today marks their 239th birthday.  Happy birthday Marines!

Dopes in denial
Looking for a way – any way – to explain away the Republican wave, idiot Tom Moran, editor of the NJ Star Ledger, blames the DemoDopes azz whippin’ Tuesday last on – get this – James Madison.  According to Moran, Madison and other founding fathers screwed up by creating a bicameral legislature where one body is comprised of equal representation from each state.  For all the public school kids out there, that would be the US Senate where each state has two senators. 

Inexplicably, Mr. Moran argues that a state like Wyoming has no business having the same number of senators as a state like California that has 55 times the population.  That may be why the founders set up the House of Representatives to reflect a state’s population and gave that body the ultimate power – the power of the purse.  It’s also why the Speaker of the House is second in line of succession to the presidency and the Senate Pro Tem is third.

Now this is the editor of a major newspaper who cannot figure out the structure of his own GD government.  No wonder the newspaper business is in an irreversible death spiral.  It has relied on the same business model since Guttenberg started to mess around with moveable type and it is run by-and-large by idiots like Moran.  You just want to scream at the top of your lungs, “Hey moron!  WTF do think the House of Representatives is!?”

Apparently it is lost on Moran that the Republicans also control the very body that is apportioned according to a state’s population…again for the publicly educated out there, that would be the House of Representatives.  So, Mr. Moran how would changing the senate into another House of Representatives change anything?

This doesn’t make any sense until you consider the source
After telling America that he is going to listen to the 2/3rds of us who didn't bother to vote in the midterm election, The Empty Suit opened Friday’s sit down by reminding Republicans that he – The Empty Suit – is the guy elected by everyone.  I wonder if Mitch or OJ piped up with an “Excuse me Mr. Empty Suit, by your own azzbackward affirmative action pass through BS logic, you were NOT elected by 'everyone'.  Combining the people who voted against you with those who didn't vote at all, you took one monumental azzwuppin.  So with all the respect you’re due, please go perform an unnatural sex act on yourself.”  No they didn't.  But, they should have.

Fish wrap prints letter under inaccurate title
To my surprise the local fish wrap agreed to print my letter on abortion found several posts under.  I was surprised again by the title the editors assigned to my piece on the Sunday editorial page:
Abortion is murder, check the ultrasound

I was and remain more than a bit POd about that title.  I believe it was a purposeful distortion of the tone and purpose of my piece.  No wonder child rapist and pornographers rate just ahead of journalist on the “trust scale” with Americans.  So I sent the J-G another love letter.

Re: Abortion is murder, check the ultrasound, J-G letters Nov 9, 2014

Murder is the unlawful killing of another human being, premeditation requires the additional element of malice aforethought.  Because I know what the word “murder” means, I NEVER used it my letter.  First, abortion, sadly, is NOT unlawful in most circumstances.  Next, again sadly, most people who engage in the practice have no malice aforethought.  In many cases it is quite the opposite.  The pregnancy is terminated for the “good of the baby” because of deformities or family circumstances of poverty or illness.  The purpose of my letter was to raise conscientiousness about what is being destroyed during an abortion – a baby. It was not my intent to raise unnecessarily provocative and inaccurate arguments equating abortion to murder.

For some reason – ignorance or true malice aforethought - the editors at the J-G saw fit to place atop my letter an incendiary word that is not in any way, shape, or form referenced in my letter or even part of my thinking on the subject (except for the rare Kermit Gossnell types).  

Therefore, I respectfully ask that the J-G editors offer a correction accepting responsibility for the despicable and misleading title editors assigned to my letter as quickly as possible on the J-G’s editorial page and on the J-G website.  Further, since circulation differs significantly on Sundays, I ask that the J-G offer an additional correction along with this letter on next Sunday’s editorial page.

Please advise me as soon as possible with regard to my requests so that I can consider how I might proceed. 

Friday, November 07, 2014

Dealing with the Dopes

The Empty Suit is meeting with congressional leaders today.  No doubt TES will remain the petulant crybaby on display at his presser after his historic azz whippin’.  Republicans should sit quietly like Michael Corelone when Moe Green is trashing Michael’s family.  Then when the time is right, they need to make TES, Hairy Roid and Pelooser an offer they can’t refuse.

Republicans should remind all that there is another election in two years.  McConnell should make it clear that Hairy the roach Roid will no longer be able to protect Dopes and TES from critical votes.  McConnell will scrap the roach’s rules and force Dopes to vote early and often on critical legislation.  The congress will pass a series of clean bills, one a week for the first 10 weeks of the session.  The bills will be clear – no more than 10 pages.  The bills will all be on issues that a clear majority of the American people support.  Dopes will be forced to vote up or down on the Keystone Pipeline, securing the southern border, simplifying the tax code, repealing the most onerous aspects of Robertscare, enforcing the most onerous aspects of Robertscare across the board – no more special deals for unions and congress, then only after everyone is feeling the pain equally the repeal of Robertscare will be passed. 

The bills will be clean.  There will not be 26,000 page bills that no one reads passed through this congress.  There will be no room for slimy pols to add pork into a bill.  The bill for constructing the Keystone Pipeline will be titled “Constructing the Keystone Pipeline” and deal solely with that issue.  Dopes will be made vote yea or nay.  The bill will proceed to TES’s desk.  He will be forced to sign it or veto it.  If vetoed, the bill will be reintroduced at regular intervals to give Dopes a chance to get on board.  If they choose not to then the 2016 campaign will be of the Dopes as the party of “no” standing athwart of pro growth legislation that Americans support.  Good luck running on that.

Only after all of the low hanging fruit that a majority of Americans support has been passed into law will the Republicans even think of compromising with Dopes on stickier issues.  Why would anyone’s starting position be to “compromise” with a lawless untrustworthy azz clown like TES? 

With regard to executive amnesty, Republicans ought to call TES’s bluff.  Once again this will force congressional Dopes into a tight spot.  Do they support a lawless Dope who thinks he’s a king acting against the will of the American people or the constitution?  Go ahead TES.  Make my day.  If you think 2014 was bad, try this lawless executive action on immigration and the Dopes won’t win an election for another 50 years.  Also, that which is established by a stroke of the pen can be revoked by a stroke of the pen.  It’ll be a great issue for 2016.

My advice to Republicans is to first – be not afraid.  Next, walk softly, tell the Dopes how it’s going to be, then just do it.  

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Petulant Empty Suit remains petulant

In the post under Lex described The Empty Suit as a petulant little brat.  Anyone who still doubts that very accurate description missed TES's presser yesterday.  After an historic azz wippin', TES comes out and says, "Well all those people who didn't vote still support me."  By that logic I could claim victory in Tuesday's 3rd District House race.  More people in the 3rd district didn't vote for Marlin Stutzman in his 30 point victory than did.  So I think that's a pretty darn clear indication that the people are demanding Lex go to Caligula D.C. to represent Indiana's 3rd.  Only a delusional azzclown could make that argument with a straight face.  Unfortunately, TES is the delusional azzclown propping his dirty feet upon and setting bony worthless azz atop of the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.

I never exaggerate on this page, but if I've said it once, I've said it 5 million times, TES is NOT a smart man.  He's smarmy, conniving guy who'll will work twice as hard to avoid work than just rolling up his sleeves and getting it done.  He's a narcissistic affirmative action know-nothing who has never had a real job.  He's as lazy as they come except for when it comes time to punish people who disagree with him and his BS.  Then, unfortunately his lazy Eddie Haskel manner and persona are out the window and he's all business like a Mafia boss rooting out a snitch.

Then TES did his best imitation of every despotic tin horn dictator in history when he flippantly threatened:  If they send me an immigration bill I like, I'll sign it.  Otherwise I'll use my pen and phone to get what I want.  How is that, my way or the highway thinking, any different from Hugo Chavez, Uncle Joe Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot or Hitler - all of whom shared TES's give me what I want or else method of governance?

Then there's the one thing that really, really irritated me.  TES wants to have a bourbon woth Mitch McConnell.  I like bourbon.  Now I have to rethink that whole thing.  First the Japanese buy Jim Beam maker of Maker's Mark now TES wants to have a bourbon.  I've always pictured him as a white wine and 7 Up kind of "guy" - that is when there wasn't any blow or weed available.

In other news
Tom Brokow seems to think it's a good idea to send slow Joe Biden to Capitol Hill to act as a liaison with the Republican controlled congress.  YGBSM!  What is there about His Slowness that leads anyone to believe he is capable of accomplishing anything meaningful?  Because he successfully negotiated that stay behind force in Iraq?  Because of the brilliant way he managed the stimulus money?  Because of the way in 40 years of politics he still hasn't been right about even one of the major issues of the day?  Sorry Tom, you advocating for the slow one is akin to Laurel vouching for Hardy.  Biden is an idiot of monumental proportions and so is anyone who thinks he's capable of doing anything much more than standing around looking like a fool.

The Dope loss can be boiled down to three things 1) The Empty Suit 2) Harry the roach Reid 3) Grand Nan from San Fran Pelooser.

Rand Paul has taken a shot across the Shrilldabeast's rather broad bow.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

What a night

Well that was a good old fashion azz whippin'.  Here's what's up.

I watched TMC's Bob Hope special flipping in occasionally to see the 3rd stringers at NSNBC flip out.  I watched Rev? AL NotSoSharp-ton talk for about 2 minutes and say absolutely nothing. It was a wandering diatribe that made less sense than putting floatation devises on an airliner.  When has that ever worked out?  The 747 is nosing into the Pacific at Mach 4 and you think, "I'd better get that flotation devise ready."

I saw Lying Larry Lawrence O'Donnell reporting from Greg Orman's HQ in KS where he was , no doubt, anticipating Pat Roberts to get beat like a drum.  When that failed to happen, Leepin' Lyin' Larry melted down like that Nazi's face in Raiders of the Lost Arch.

Smug man chick Rachel Madcow couldn't hide her desperation behind her smart girl glasses and was reduced to finding joy in Scott Brown's loss - which was within the margin of fraud.

It was funny to hear Dopes claim that the election was the result of an "anti-incumbent wave."  Huh?  If the only incumbents who are losing are Dopes, wouldn't that be a Republican wave?

Here's the sad thing.  The Empty Suit will learn NOTHING from this.  He's a small minded, vengeful, petulant little brat.  His miserable hectoring wife is worse than he is.  Right now he's calculating ways to punish the American people for embarrassing him.  Remember this is the creepy little SOB that closed the White House and Caligula D.C. open air memorials to punish us.  I guarantee he and the angry hag he married were up all night looking for ways they can get back at us.

So now it's up to Mitch McConnell and OJ Boehner to get things done.  I'd start with Keystone.  Move to repeal Robertscare in whole or piece by piece.

s stand at plus 7 right now.  By the time of the LA run off and the tiem the last fishing trawler arrives from the farthest Allusion IS in Alaske it'll be plus 9.  

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

At last! Election Day!

Halleluiah it’s Election Day.  Here’s my random thoughts on this momentous occasion:

Ya gotta see this.  Says it all about how popular The Empty Suit is with his own crowd.

If we can just get by tonight with out every millisecond a new poll showing candidate A up by 10 points while another poll shows candidate A down by whopping 17 points then a millisecond later the exact same polls flipping, it’ll be a good evening.

The meme for the Dopes is that this election really doesn’t mean that much because the electorate hates both parties.  That may be true, and certainly is true on this page, but apparently they hate one party a whole bunch more than the other.
Every Dope setback will be blamed on, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it  RAAAAAAAAAAACISM

If it’s a wave Republican win it’s always fun to tune into MSNBC to see the unhinged become even more so.

Because of the 1.5 - 2% point built in fraud factor of the Dopes, any squeaker election won by a Republican really isn’t.

Sen Tom Harkin or as Rush calls him, Tom dung heap Harkin, was talking about Joni Ernst’s good looks.  Good for him.  He’s not quite as dead as he looks.  Ol’ dung heap is a true DemoDope war hero along the lines of the nation’s only Cambodian War hero John Francois Kerry.  He makes $h!t up.  He claimed to be a fighter pilot in Vietnam.  As it turns out, like Kerry’s Cambodian service, it’s a lie.  The Ol’ dung heap never stepped foot in Vietnam or flew over it or even near it.  He served in Japan.  He later explained, “Well come on.  All those Asians look alike.  Anyone could have confused Japan with Vietnam.”  Oddly, that probably means that Joni Ernst, a real combat veteran, has more time in combat zones than Harkin and Kerry combined.  But hey, the last laugh is on Iowa, they continued to elect the lying dung heap.

The horrible, horrible news after about Thursday is that the 2016 Presidential Campaign will be in full swing.  Then it will be constant stories about the rape enabling Shrilldabeast and how smart she is, and how wonderful she is, and how compassionate she is, etc. etc.  My greatest hope is that she goes down to a long, expensive and humiliating defeat in the primary… another loser like slow Joe Biden, Jerry moonbeam Brown, Lizzy Fauxcahontus Warren, etc. and that we are once and for all done with the great, long, national nightmare that has been the self-serving Clintons.
On the Republican side, I think Mitt still has the skill set for the mess we’re in.  Nobody wants a loser.  So for now I’m a Rand Paul guy.  He can walk into a black church and the NAACP meeting and tell like it s.  That’s what it is going to take in 2016.  We cannot ignore Mitt’s 47% this time around.  We need to get in there and convince just one or two percentage points more that the Dopes have used them for the last 50 years; that job is better than welfare; and the history of the Civil Right movement favors the Republicans over Dopes.  The fact that all of that happens to be true makes for lousy campaign material I know, but sometimes even pols need to tell the truth.