Thursday, October 31, 2013

Does our brave pilot and crew know the flight is doomed

At what point on the Titanic did it set in on the passengers and crew that they were doomed?  I watch the talking heads and there is some Demo-Dope – being paid no doubt – to lie straight faced about the king in general and as the disaster of the day, Robertscare in particular.  They have to know the king is a lying sack of dung and the country in dire straights.  So, at what point is one of these talking heads going to say, “Eff it.  I can’t do this anymore.  The country is in a $h!t sandwich because of the clueless, deceitful azzclown king we elected.  He’s so stupid he can’t make ice.  He’s so arrogant he thinks the sun rises on his time.  That’s a dangerous combination - unfettered stupidity and colossal arrogance.”

The fact that they have to know how effed up things are but continue with the BS tells me that what we are experiencing is the desired outcome.  They actually want to wreck the country.

When calling Lord Harry the roach Reid a treasonous bastard for saying, “This war is lost”, I asked the question, how would what he is doing be any different if he let it be known that he wanted to wreck the country?  Now when a Dope talking head appears, I have to conclude they are treasonous bastards as well.  The country is tipping up on end nearly vertical now, yet the Dopes go on TV night after night blaming everyone but the clueless affirmative action pass through king.  Juan Williams is a perfect example.  Last night he said something to the effect that there is no news in the Robertscare disaster.  YGBSM.  We are residing in some alternative universe.

It’s like flying along at 36,000 feet and starting a nose dive and slow roll.  You see the pilot glad handing the passengers in first class and the flight attendants telling everyone things are fine even as the dive steepens and the airplane accelerates.  Soon, after a wing is ripped off, they are telling everyone that our brave pilot, who is now sipping whiskey and telling jokes, can land the plane upside down with one wing.   Everything is fine.  No worries.  At what point do people begin to scream?

Anyway, Victor Davis Hanson has good take on all of this.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lies, a-holes and tax rebellion

Which is the biggest lie you’ve ever heard?
Santa Claus comes on Christmas Eve.
The Easter Bunny delivers Easter candy.
A video was responsible for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi.
“If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. If you like your health-care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health-care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what.”

For the record, Lex was charter member of the bomb throwing, hostage taking terrorist club - opposing Robertscare long before it became popular for the Demo-Dope senate 10 who woke the eff up about what a sinister pant load Robertscare really is just before their re-election bids.  Better late than never I suppose.

Oh, for the uninformed, "Robertscare" is the name for the ACA on this page, because Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was the last person who had the opportunity to drive a steak through the heart 2,700 pages of bad law and 10’s of thousands of pages of undecipherable follow on regulations.  John Roberts owned the mess when he decided to call the mandate a “tax” (something the king and his court argued against when passing the BS law) instead of a fine.  Way to go Johnny.  You’re doing a heck of a job.  Now you own it.

Good news!
Sen Tom Coburn has told the truth about Lord Harry the roach Reid:

I have great relationships with Chuck Schumer. I don’t say that in Oklahoma…There’s no comity with Harry Reid. I think he’s an absolute a—hole.”

OK Coburn got it half right.  Chuckles Chucky Schumer is an absolute a-hole as well.  The roach is without a doubt the most vile walking talking POS to shape shift into human form in our time, and it’s about time someone in the senate on our side said so loud and clear.

What if?
What if the 53% of people paying income tax decided that they’d withhold $10 of what they owed?  When you file your tax and the year end bill to the IRS is say $100, you only send them $90.  If that could be done on a large scale I wonder what the government would do.  It couldn’t possibly be worth their effort to track down the $10 from millions of Americans.

The tea Party could use the threat of civil disobedience to the IRS as extortion to, say, require that congress enroll themselves and their staff in Robertscare.

The biggest problem I see with this plan is that a large portion of Americans think they are screwing the government when they get a refund on the taxes they overpaid the government.  So only a minority actually owe at the end of the year.  Still, if they could be organized to withhold some portion of their payment in return for the lords and ladies of Washington D.C. doing the right thing it would be a good thing.

Some form of civil disobedience may be our last best course of action.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

OUr punk king doesn't know much about anything

Just about everyone exceeds the speed limit from time to time.  Just about everyone knows that just about everyone exceeds the speed limit from time to time.  Most of the time, this minor infraction of the law is only a problem when you get caught.

And so it is with spying.  Everyone knows everyone spies on everyone else.  It’s embarrassing as hell when you caught.  If you do get caught, you have to have a Casablanca moment.  I was shocked!  Shocked!  I tell you to learn that the US government is spying on its allies.  I was almost as shocked to learn that as I was when I read in the paper that the US government was spying on its own citizens.

And as believable as it is that this affirmative action pass through king doesn’t know a damn thing about anything – particularly what’s going on with his court - he would have to be complete moron to be as ignorant as he claims to be about so many things.  Gee that really does not advance the ball very much does it?  Soooo, is he a clueless buffoon or a lying weasel?  The answer to that question is, yes.

The lies from this naked pretender are legion. From the, “I’ll close G’itmo in the first year,” to the “You can keep your healthcare plan if you like it,” from the “shovel ready” stimulus debacle to the “I did not know the website that was going to support my signature achievement was going to be catastrophe,” our punk king has deflected blame and gone on to campaign that he is trying to fix the very problems he created - if only the Republicans would get out of his way.

Meanwhile our buffoon king’s buffoonery is covered for by the lapdog royal media, his court of lemmings and those whom the king has seen fit to shower free gifts of phones, rent, food, school etc upon  at your cost.  That percentage of the kingdom is dangerously close the 50% mark.

But you don’t need to worry.  The Demo-Dopes have found a new “right” in the constitution.  The right to free child care.  That gets “parents” off the hook for their off-spring on your dime for 12-18 hours a day.  During that time, you can be sure that they will undergo intense indoctrination about how great and efficient the government is.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Can America be saved?

It’s getting harder and harder to find that path.  It’s like being down a two points with two minutes to go in the game.  Your quarterback inexplicably pitches the ball to a defender who runs it in for score.  The extra point makes it a 9 point delta.  There are no 9 point plays in football.  You’ll need a score, an on- side kick recovery and drive the ball for another score to have a chance.  But the rules and mechanics of the game are not your biggest problem.  Your biggest problem is that your quarterback and three or four of other players on your team have money riding on your opponent to win.

That’s where we are America.  Our quarterback - a simpering cry baby – after kicking the can on the debt ceiling down the road for 3 months and getting a big fat NOTHING in return, is now considering voting on “comprehensive immigration reform” in the next couple of months.  Anyone want to bet the cry baby does not implode on that issue like every other issue?

America can not be saved if there is nobody there to save it.  Us commoners need to understand that.  With very few exceptions, the lords and ladies we send to Washington D.C. are more comfortable in the confines of that environment than they would be sitting in one of our kitchens answering real questions.  Like: why don’t you get off your fat, lazy, chain smoking, wine guzzling azz and fight for something – anything - instead of lining your own pockets with funds from the treasury and your campaign funds?

Lazy?  Hell yes lazy.  The work schedule for one of these pampered prisses is about as demanding and strenuous as the callisthenic routine at seniors’ home.  They work about three days week starting at noon each day.  They take the month of August off and take 4 days for every declared holiday.  They pay themselves 4 times the national average income and bitch every time they are required to actually work.  How can the country be 17 trillion dollars in debt with a work ethic like that?  You’d think given their lack of effort there wouldn’t be enough actual work time to get that deeply into debt.

And then there’s this.  Dad once told me when I was doing something stupid, like pushing against a door clearly marked “pull,” “Thinking is the hardest work there is, son.  That’s why so few people want to do it.”  So how likely is that the lazy noble class in Washington is going to engage in any activity that requires real work, most especially the hardest kind of work?  Without that effort, we are doomed.

They are not going to do it.  They are going to go along and get along.  Our quarterback is going to continue to throw the game, because that’s the easiest thing to do.  Anyone who disrupts the good thing – Cruz. Lee, Paul - is going to be scorned and held up for ridicule by the go along and get along slug class of noblemen - even the ones on their own team.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Amos update, Robertscare

The only thing that could make this more ridiculous is if they added
a can of beer to each side with tubes running down to the wearer's mouth.
Hey, waaaait a minute...that's not a bad idea.

Just how clueless is the king?  Well he put an aviator in charge of an infantry outfit, with predictable results.  The new USMC Commandant’s first brush with greatness came when he chucked principle in favor of folding like a napkin on the question of don’t ask don’t tell.  Then came Famous Amos’s remark that he wanted Marines photographed peeing on a couple of dead Talis “crushed” at courts martial.  Hmm, how much better would the Marine effort in Afghanistan be going if Amos insisted on crushing the Taliban instead of his Marines?  The world wonders.

Now Gen Zoomie Amos is screwing with the Marines’ blue uniform.  He’s being pressured by the White House to adopt a unisex cover (yeah, it’s called a “cover” NOT a hat) for the Marine dress uniform.  The field hates the idea.  The White House loves it.  Wanna guess how Famous is going to vote?  First, Famous has proven to be as malleable as silly putty for the king and his men.  Next, I’m not sure Famous secretly hasn’t been wearing women’s clothes since he first tried on his mother’s slip as a child.  Once the WM’s cover is adopted, no doubt he’ll want to wear the women’s skirt and blouse as well.

It’s ridiculous.  But that’s the perfect legacy for the Marine Corps’ first ridiculous commandant.  Only Marines know how painful it is for me to admit that.

Last week people who wanted to delay the individual mandate were described by the royal media and Lord Harry the roach Reid as terrorists, hostage takers, suicide bombers, holding a gun to the nation’s head etc.  Today, 6 Dopes are in favor of the same plan Republicans advocated a mere week ago.  Has any royal media member asked Joe Manchin why he didn’t support the Republicans a week ago to avoid the shutdown?  Uh, no they haven’t.

Robertscare II
A couple of days ago I caught a segment on Fox where some Dope talking head said that while Robertscare itself was unpopular, individual portions of it are very popular with the American people.  He went on to rattle off a long list of options “that the American people wanted” - birth control, drug rehab, mental illness, pre/post natal care, psychological care, PTSD counseling from your son’s 1-7 little league team’s performance (For you not him.  He had a blast.)  and on and on.  They were all very popular according to polling.

Sure it is.  Why not?  What the poll didn’t rate was how willing Americans were to pay for that care for themselves and more importantly for the 47% of non-contributing members of American society.  It’s like going to an open bar at a wedding.  People who wouldn’t think of ordering anything from the top shelf if they were paying and certainly wouldn’t buy it for a total stranger sitting at the end of the bar, suddenly have a taste for only the finest whiskey.  The bud lite guy turns into a Stagg’s bourbon guy when someone else is buying.

So yeah, why not go first class if someone else is paying.  That’s the problem in America right now.  The “someone else” is us and we’re BROKE.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dopes now want what Republicans wanted BEFORE the shutdown

The Republicans are being blamed for the government shutdown – right?  I’m OK with that.  That’s just one more reason to vote for them.  What was it again that Republicans wanted in their non-negotiations with Lord Harry the roach Reid and the king?  Oh yeah, a delay in the Robertscare individual mandate.  So, because the Republicans wanted a delay, Lord Roach and the royal media were reporting that Republicans wanted the poor and sick children to die.

Today we learn that there are at least 6 vulnerable Demo-Dopes who now want the same delay in the individual mandate as the Republicans wanted BEFORE the shutdown.  Soooo they backed the king to shutdown the government, but now that the fiscal can has been kicked down the road for 3 months, the Dopes are lining up with Republicans to delay Robertscare.

That’s strange.  Had they found their nut sack BEFORE the shutdown, the shutdown might have been avoided all together.  So tell me again, who was responsible for the shutdown?

At this point, I’d have to say the 6 Dopes who put the king’s hurt feelings ahead of the well being of the country.  Of course the royal media will continue to tell us it was all the Republicans’ fault.  The minute the 6 are re-elected, the creeps will revert to total slob knobery of the king.

Megan McArdel has the best analogyof Robertscare yet
Robertscare is like Three Mile Island:

The administration clearly understood this -- right up to the point where a major component failed. Now it's apparently planning to keep the reactor running with as many pieces as possible in the hopes that none of it will unexpectedly blow up.

Ahh yes, from yesterday’s post, the Three Mile Island “glitch.”

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Uh, Huston, we have a glitch

Lemmesee, the king is spending millions to advertise Robertscare to get people to enroll.  Hmm, much of the web site launch failure is being blamed on too many people trying to use the site.  Maybe the ad campaign should be suspended.

Besides, why do you have to advertise something that is supposedly the best thing since sliced bread?  Seems to me if Robertscare truly were the product advertised and argued over throughout two presidential campaigns everyone would know about it.  And if it’s “free” or heavily subsidized for the average citizen, why the need to advertise?  And if you’re going to advertise it, why pay professional football players as the pitch men?

Seems to me if you’re advertising health insurance you’d want to get at the main users of such a product which is the old geezers.  You don’t hire a Justin Beiber as the pitchman for denture cream.  You need someone who can identify with the geezer crowd.  You need to get the Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger, anyone making an ad for a  reverse mortgage, or the life styles lift people to make the pitch.

The last thing the king and his court of non-IT building goofballs want is a bunch of healthcare needy seniors signing up.  They need 7 million or so 20 somethings to sign up and not use the healthcare system to off set the cost of the old near dead who use 85% of the healthcare in America.  Well, for now anyway.  Once the death panels are up running as planned, that figure will go down to about 10%.  That 10% will be comprised solely of politicians, former politicians and their major donors.

Seems to me if the king knew the website was a disaster he could have avoided the embarrassment of the “glitch” filled launch by taking Republicans up on their offer to delay the launch until next year.  But the king is always the last to know everything going on in his court.  He didn’t know a thing about the IRS scandal until reading about in the paper.  Fast & Furious, besides a bad movie, what the hell is that?  NSA spying, you gotta be kidding me, who knew?   Benghazi, who’s Ben Ghazi?  He’s the last to know everything.

Now the website for his signature accomplishment has about 5 million bad lines of code and he and the dip $h!t in charge of the disaster - Kathy Sebelius – sit back and claim they didn’t know a thing about it.  Well, in the real world, they’d be fired for that.  Not knowing what’s going on in your department is seldom an excuse for your department’s failure.

Is anyone else tired of the word “glitch” to describe the utter meltdown of the Robertscare website?  A glitch is being seated by the kitchen at a restaurant on the night you plan to propose.  A glitch is having to stop for gas when you’re running late anyway.  The Hindenburg didn’t have a “glitch.”   The iceberg wasn’t a “glitch” for the Titanic.  The airlines never come out and say they had a “glitch” when one of their airplanes fall from the sky for some reason.  It wasn’t a “glitch” when a Canadian Rail train hauling gas and oil failed to make the turn in Edmonton and killed 40+ people.

The Robertscare website is not having “glitches.”  It is a disaster.  It is totally useless.  More than useless it is counter productive.  For young people – who the king desperately needs to sign up – it’s a royal pain in the azz.  These are people who text in real time to the guy sitting two seats over.  These are the people who if they don’t get their way at the drive through at McDonald’s are calling 911.  Even if the king can fix his 5 million lines of bad code that cost tax payers about $100 a line, it is unlikely the brand name can be restored sufficiently to entice young people to try again.

So after spending 600+ million dollars to roll out a worthless website, we’re paying pro athletes big bucks to direct young people to a site that doesn’t work – ostensibly because of too much traffic.  Now we’re going to pay hundreds of millions more to fix an already broken down brand new POS.  No doubt once "fixed," we'll need another expensive ad campaign to tell people to try again.

And yet Kool-Aid drinking neo-libs are convinced everything is going fine.  The only problem is not enough money to get the thing off the ground.  It’s always more money that fixes the problem for these idiots.  Asking for more money to get the Robertscare website off the ground is like asking for more money to create more lift to get Mt Rushmore off the ground.

Money is not the problem.  Robertscare is a bad idea being put into service by idiots.  And neither of those are the biggest problem with Robertscare.  The biggest problem is the shear, utter and colossal arrogance of the people in charge - starting with the king himself.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Signs of decline

It was George Will, I think, who once opined on his Sunday talking heads show that America’s decline could be traced to the day they installed air conditioning in the Capitol Building.   Before air conditioning, politicians, being the pampered weasels they are, fled the hot muggy D.C. summers for the cooler comforts of home.  So for three months of the year Americans didn’t have to worry about the insane azzclown posse of congress creating mischief.

In her book The War Against Boys, author CHRISTINA HOFF SOMMERS argues the decline of the American male – and by extension the decline of America - began when women began to infiltrate the ranks of school administrators.  With that came an end to dodge ball, finger guns, tag, red rover and every other bastion of male dominance – to include excellence in math and science.

Ann Coulter can name the exact date the decline of America began - August 26, 1920.  That was the day the 19th Amendment was ratified and gave women the right to vote.  According to Coulter, that is when the largest segment of the American population began to vote with their hearts instead of their heads.  That’s when emotion began to trump the hard cold facts of the world.

My own theory puts the decline of the American male and by extension America to the early 70s.  That’s when mini hair blow dryers became affordable.  They were everywhere.  What happened was that men who here to fore would never had thought of growing their hair longer than could be dried quickly with towel began growing their hair out.  That led to fewer hair cuts and when it was cut, a cut wasn’t enough, the hair had to be “styled.”  Styling led to the decline of the good ol’ American barber shop and the rise to styling salons.

Barber shops, if you can find one, are great places.  I remember walking into the one in my little town as a kid.  Men would be sitting in there talking and smoking cigarettes, oh the humanity!.  Some old guy named “Shorty” or “Bud” was sitting crossed legged in the back chair where he’d been for hours reading every word of the morning paper without comment.  Racing forms were on the table and the conversation of men revolved around whose feed bill was due so they’d better understand who might be given an under the table win.  Local politics and of course a bit of hot small town gossip also dotted the conversation.

But local sports was always the big topic.  The men would all ask how the team was doing, wasn’t the coach’s call in the third quarter of last weeks’ game a bone headed blunder, who was going to win and by how much that weekend, if so and so’s injury was healed up etc.  It wasn’t until much later in life that I figured out that the guys in the barber shop all had a better understanding of what was going on on the team than the players.

But blow dryers gave rise to salons and now a good barber shop is harder to find than Waldo in poorly lit room after a six pack of beer without my glasses.

Today the salons - Big League, Great Clips, etc. - are all run by corporations, staffed by women and the conversation never runs to what an A-hole this politician or sports figure is.  No, you look around and pictures of the “stylists” 3 year old son have replaced the racing forms and the girly calendar is nowhere to be found.  The conversation has nothing to with sports - although the TV’s are all tuned to Sports Center.  Instead it’s about how little Johnny whose picture replaced the racing form, just learned to stop shi**ing himself and the adorable thing he said yesterday.

In the old days you plopped down in Zeke’s chair and without a word and he’d cut your hair.  Today, you never get the same “stylist.”  You have to spend 10 minutes telling them how to cut hair.  When they are done, it’s too long too short or just bad.  So you travel round looking for a good barber shop.

Last week I thought I found one.  It was a single small building with a large window with the words “barber shop” artfully painted in red, white and blue.  It also had an actual rotating barber’s pole out front.  Great!  I walked in.  Field stream magazines were on the table with some old copies of Sports Illustrated.  A Dallas Cowboy calendar was on the wall with the final scores printed in the box.  Oh Heaven!  Then I heard it.  A female voice from the back, “I’ll be right out.”  Damn.

So, I sat down, spent the usual 10 minutes telling her how to cut hair.  During the cut, I was assaulted with questions if I wanted to buy this for her son’s soccer team fundraiser or that for her daughter’s cheer team.  So left with a passable $18 hair cut two tickets for a chicken dinner I couldn’t go to and a $2 candy bar.

The search for a return to American greatness and a good ol’ real barber shop continues.  I believe the two are linked.  

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Stuff in no particular order

1.  Robert Redford and Al Not-so-Sharpton are calling people who disagree with the king racists.  Holy cow!  That’s news!  No it’s more like: YGBSM.  That’s still news?  What’s really racist is Redford and Not-so-Sharpton calling anyone holding the king to account a racist.  It’s like, leave the poor half-black man alone.  He’s doing the best he can.  It’s not his fault he’s incompetent.  He’s had to deal with a life-time of affirmative action, uh, I mean racism.

2.  Time for a third party?  No.  Right now we only have one party.  So what we really need is a good second party.

The GOP right now is like the Washington Generals.  The Generals have the longest losing streak in basketball history.  The Generals were the sop basketball team that played “against” the Harlem Globetrotters.

They showed up every night as the “worthy opposition,” but they were in on the fix.  The Generals were allowed to score every so often to keep the game interesting and even were allowed to lead from time to time.  But only the most naïve in attendance thought the game was ever in doubt.

So when the GOP was holding the line, did anyone seriously believe that in the end Harry Meadowlark the roach Reid wouldn’t yank John Boehner’s shorts down, steal the ball and after dribbling around and through the legs of the entire General’s team do a 360 slam dunk to win the game?

So we can build a new team or just make a real effort to win with the team that exists.  I’m sending my money to Matt Kibbe and Freedom Works.  They want to win and don’t care much for the team that exists.

3.  I truly believe that Washington D.C. is like the capitol city in the Hunger Games.  They are sequestered, insulated, out of touch and uninterested  in the welfare of the people of this country.

4.  People in Washington are like kids at a birthday party with piñata.  They all gather around trying to break open piñata (aka the treasury).  Once it breaks open, the kids all grab as much loot as they can for themselves.  Their only other concern is getting invited to the next birthday party (aka the next election).

5.  How do you even begin to repay 17 trillion dollars?  It’s like blowing your diet.  Once you put up your salad at dinner to have a piece of pizza and a beer and an ice cream cone, you just figure, what the hell, I’ll get back on the diet tomorrow.   But you don’t.  The next thing you know, you’ve gained 275 pounds and are bed ridden.  The kids bring you 2 lbs packages of Oreos and ice cream at regular intervals figuring what the hell difference does it make?  He’s already 450 lbs. a couple of more pounds isn’t going to hurt anything.  That's what we're doing.  Feeding the fat guy a little bit more.  He's already so fat, what difference are a couple trillion more pounds going to make?

6.  Can America’s decline be traced the replacement of the good old fashion barbershop with the new wave hair salons?  I will be contemplating this for the next few days.  I’ll have a full report on Tuesday.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Let's blow up the debt ceiling and see if there is light on the other side

The king’s henchman in the house of lords – Harry the roach Reid - is a monumental POS.  His boss – the king – is the buger that no matter how you roll it and how hard you flick it, remains stuck to the end of your finger.  So how do you negotiate with a walking talking POS and a sticky piece of nose candy?  Simple, you don’t.

House Republicans have offered plan after plan.  Each plan is met with disdain and name calling by the POS.  The nose candy has locked himself in the bathroom and refused to talk to house republicans about anything, except of course for new round of name calling.  It’s time for Boehner to place a final offer on the table and recess the house.

Put a reasonable offer on the table that opens the government if the individual mandate is lifted for one year (I actually view this as a lifeline to King Buger), congressional and executive Robertscare subsidies removed, medical device tax removed and the debt ceiling raised for 3 weeks.

Pass it then adjourn the house.  Hold a press conference explaining the plan and telling the POS and the buger that the house leadership will stand by for negotiations at a moment’s notice, but the house is adjourned until the senate takes up the offer or serious negotiations are entered into by King Buger.  This approach is probably a week too late.  Boehner might have considered it after the POS started his first round of name calling.

Hey Lex, you’re all over the POS and King Buger for name calling, yet you call them the POS and King Buger.  Isn’t that a bit hypocritical?  No not at all.  I don’t call the car salesman I’m dealing with on a new car a “fat slob” if he doesn’t meet my offer.  I’m not negotiating with the POS and King Buger, Boehner is.  You’ll notice that there has been very little, if any, name calling by the Republicans, except as is their policy which requires all name calling be directed at other Republicans.

But Lex the lapdog media will be all over Republicans for such a move.  Yes they will.  And they will be all over Republicans no matter what they do.  In that respect, the lapdogs are just like the religion of perpetual peace and tolerance.  No matter how much you give in to them, they will always be PO’ed about some perceived slight.  So why give in at all?

The same is true of the lapdogs.  Republicans will be blamed no matter what – even if they cave completely and give the POS and King Buger everything they want.  So what’s the point of giving in at all?

My advice to John Boehner, and let’s face it, we all know he’s a daily reader of this page, is to put an offer on the table and let the POS and King Buger explode the debt ceiling bomb.  The debt ceiling is like death I suppose.  You are curious about it, but you're not curious enough about it to pull the plug on yourself.  Let’s just see how curious the POS and King Buger are about the debt ceiling.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The queen has no garden, Wal-Mart looted, Stopping Robertscare

Affirmative action gardening
We all know the story of the king's new suit that can only be seen by the truly enlightened.  Well now learn of the queen's affirmative action garden where true believers think the queen is capable of doing something - anything - without someone else propping her up.  Turns out the only time Queen Moochee ever wandered into "her" garden was for a photo-op.

When you think about it, this story makes perfect sense.  The queen of affirmative action gets credit for “working the Spite House garden.”  That is until the government shutdown hits and we learn someone else is “working the queen’s garden.”  Even when the people working Queen Moochee’s garden are laid off due to the shutdown, she can’t get off her ample azz to do the job and the vegetables rot on the ground.  No doubt money will be spent to truck fresh vegetables in and say the Mooch grew them and how wonderful the Mooch truly is.

All that aside, remember the sequester - when the king and queen closed the Spite House to the people for lack of funds?  How is it that there is enough money to pay Queen Moochee’s ghost gardeners but no money to allow the people to tour their house?

What really makes you want to work hard and pay your taxes?
Certainly this does.  Get up early and stay late.  Work harder.  Work faster.  Work longer.  All so that the federal government can loot your pay check and redistribute the money to people like this who take the opportunity to loot a Wal-Mart.

Wanna bet nothing happens to any of the people who robbed the Wal-Mart?  They used an EBT card for crying out loud.  The cops have to know exactly who did this.  But hey, they look predominately like “Holder’s people,” so the cops will just have to look the other way.

Why Robertscare needs to be stopped now
I caught a segment of Hannity on Fri – I think.  He talking to 15-20 talking heads from both sides of the aisle.  Now, if you cannot stand two people shouting over each other for a 7 minute segment, try an hour of a mob shouting – unwatchable.  Anyway, during a brief moment when the host actually had control of his show he asked, “Does anyone think that the roll out of Robertscare has gone well?”  Some Kool-Aid drinking ditz named Sally Kohn actually raised her hand to signify that she did indeed think it has gone well.  She blamed any failure of the system on the Republicans refusal to sufficiently fund it.  YGBSM!  Hannity pointed out that the system that was supposed to cost about 93 million actually cost over 600 million.

There in lies the problem with government in general and neo-liberals in particular.  Nothing ever fails because it’s a stupid idea – Robertscare – or inefficiently run – Amtrak– or out of date – the post office – or riddled with fraud – food stamps and every other government program.  According to neo-liberals, the only reason the government is not humming along at 99.99% efficiency is due to a lack of tax payer funding.

So, for those who advocate that Republicans should just let Robertscare collapse under its own weight, I do not doubt that Robertscare will collapse under its own weight.  I also do not doubt that neo-libs will blame that collapse on a lack of government funding.  The neo-libs will just ask for more money even though no amount of money can make it work.  No amount of money can make Social Security work when the worker to benefit ratio gets inverted and benefactors live into their late 80s.  No amount of money can make the post office work with a 1960’s business model and no way to reduce the unionized work force.  No amount of money can make Amtrak work while competing with commuter airlines that offer faster and cheaper means to get from point A to point B.  Hell even a bus offers the option of rerouting in the event of a rout blockage.

So, Lex is in the Mike Lee, Ted Cruz Tea Party camp of kill it now.  Even if you think it cannot be killed, does not mean honorable people shouldn’t try.  The Nazi war machine looked pretty unstoppable at one point.  But what the heck, it’s only the future of the country we’re talking about.  Why suffer endless attacks from all sides in an effort to save it?

The closer we get to a deal the more nervous I get that Boehner and the Republi-Rats will fold like tent.  If they think they are being blamed now, wait until they fold without a single thing to show for what they tried to do.  The only left to do is win.  

Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday morning round up

Love the hand crank and desert water bag in the front
Chris Christie has reportedly said if he were in the senate he’d kill himself.  Fortunately, there’s a special election in NJ to fill the vacant senate seat of deceased Senator Frank Lautenberg.  This gives us a great opportunity.  To all in NJ, please write in Chris Christie so can rid the land of this POS by his own hand.

Your morbidly obese kid has grown use to pancakes and sausage for breakfast, Big Macs for lunch and pizza and milkshakes for dinner every day.  The Dr. says he will surly die in a very short time if he doesn’t change his ways.  You put the kid on diet to save his life.  The kid, neighbors, local media and even some family members lampoon you for “starving your child.”  What do you do?

How is what the Tea Party is trying to do for America any different?

Can’t lead so he doesn’t
Plymouth, IN School Superintendent Dan Tyree banned the tune Rocky Top from being sung at Plymouth HS sporting events due the mention of moon shining in the lyrics.  Sent Dan a letter via snail mail:


Way to go on the Rocky Top ban.  You should just ban sports altogether.  Don’t worry, we’re working on it.  What do those kids think they are doing?  Having innocent fun on school grounds, the outrage!  It has to stop.

Now that we’ve banned Rocky Top, we need to get into the school library and see what is going on in there.  I imagine there are all sorts of books with references to alcohol, sex, drugs, cigarettes and other things that might harm our ever fragile children, who, for some odd reason, never seem to grow up.  You need to get in there, round up all of those books and burn them in front of the school.

Oh my goodness!  Don’t forget references to guns and violence.  Those have to go as well.  We cannot have our children exposed to any of that.  Oh, and for heaven’s sakes get rid of everything that does not place Native Americans and Muslims in a pristine light.  Oh, and for crying out loud, what plays are the schools looking at?  Any bad references in there?  And what music are the kids listening to?  Any bad references?

I could go on and on and on and…but you get the point.  Then again, I doubt that you do.  “Educator” my ample butt.  Like our president, you are a petty tyrannical hypocrite.

Dan Tyree can be reached here:
Phone:  574.936.3115
FAX:      574.936.3160

611 Berkley Street
Plymouth, IN  46563

Polls are so much BS.  The sample is skewed.  The questions are skewed.  The results are broadcast as if they were delivered on stone tablets to the networks by Moses himself.  The sole purpose of these polls is to drive public opinion NOT report it.

Of course the Republican brand is tarnished.  But not for the reason the pundits think.  It tarnished because most Republicans can’t stand most Republicans and conservatives can’t stand but the barest minority of Republicans.  That does not mean we’re ready to vote for Demo-Dopes.

Boob Costas
At halftime of the Sunday night game, Bob Costas lectured us on the Washington "Redskins."

Quick summary:
According to Bob, a name is a slur - even if the people the name represents do not feel it is a slur - if Bob Costas assures us it is a slur.  Were I Redskins owner Dan Snyder, I'd re-name the team the Fighting Whites just to see if anyone got offended. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Just a few things

Dope hostage negotiations
Demo-Dopes are fond of calling Republicans “hostage takers.”  OK fine.  Think back to last hostage movie or TV show you saw.  Did the cops EVER refuse to let the hostage takers give up one of the hostages?

Hostage takers:  OK we’re going to let the pregnant lady go.

Police negotiator Harry the roach Reid:  Oh no you don’t!  Let them all go or it’s no deal!  Now lady you get back in there with the rest of the hostages!  Right now!

Republicans have been offering up one hostage after another.  The dopes are refusing to let them give up a single hostage.  The loathsome colostomy bag, known here as Harry the roach Reid, won’t even allow the government to issue survivor’s benefits to the families of deceased service members.

Box-O-Rocks Hagel
When I worked at the Pentagon, I met so many super smart people that I had to assume I was the dumbest guy in the building.    If I worked there today, I could rest easy in the knowledge that there was at least one guy in the building who was dumber than me.  That guy would be  – SecDef Chuck Box-O-Rocks Hagel.

Old Box-O-Rocks is supposedly upset that death benefits are not being paid to the families of deceased service members.  Not upset enough to anything about it mind you, but that faux outrage you display when you get caught red-handed doing something you shouldn’t be doing.  The faux outrage is always more over the top than actual outrage.  Fists are pounded on the podium to make a point, fingers are pointed and double denials can be expected.  Think Billy boy Clinton’s denial of having sex “with that woman”…Monica Lewinsky.

So ol’ Box-O-Rocks laid the blame for the failure to provide death benefits on the congress.  B-O-R claims the Def. Dept. told congress of the deficiency.  I doubt it.  The Def. Dept. has the largest budget in government.  B-O-R couldn’t shift some money around?  Right now during the shut down while denying death benefits and chaplain services to troops B-O-R is keeping hundreds of golf course open. Why not use some of that money?  Or tell the king he and the queen would have to ride the same airplane for awhile.  And definitely no more separate flights for the royal dog.  Besides, what does it say about B-O-R that he knows about a problem but doesn’t bother to fix it?  It says he’s a box of rocks.

Proof positive Robertscare is a disaster
Robertscare can be demonstrated to be the disaster that it is with one question to Queen Thunder Thighs with the azz a mile wide Moochy Moochele:  If Robertscare is so great, why haven’t you signed your family up for it? 

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Latest spitful move proves king's total punk assedness

Never let a crisis go to waste
King Barry the petty and his minions are running to and fro telling everyone who will listen that the world will certainly end in about 30 seconds unless the lords in Washington D.C. grant the king an unfettered increase in the kingdom’s debt ceiling.  Which remember, according to the king, does not mean you actually go further into debt.  The only pains that the subjects of this dysfunctional kingdom have felt through the king’s sequester and the king’s government shutdown are the ones inflicted upon them by the king himself.

So now, with the debt ceiling debate looming, the king is once again eyeing an opportunity to punish his unworthy subjects.  He is making false predictions of dyer consequences if he once again fails to get his way.  He is doing this for three possible reasons.  First he will personally inflict as much pain as he possibly can upon the kingdom and blame it on the lords for refusing raise the king’s debt ceiling.  Next, he will lawlessly and unilaterally raise the debt ceiling by executive order.  Three, after inflicting the maximum pain he will address us peons from the Opal Office of the Spite House and tell us that he must break the law and unilaterally raise the debt ceiling to save the kingdom.  The jesters in the lapdog media will applaud the move and refer to the king’s lawlessness as “leadership.”

After restoring the republic
If we are ever able to restore the republic, one of the first things that need to be done is to transfer administration of national parks and monuments to the states where they are located.  Those in D.C., including the Spite House should be administered by the House of Representatives.  Never again should a petty tyrant be able to keep the people from these national treasures.

Death benefits
In a new low, the king has decided to withhold service members’ death benefits.  DoD run by complete imbecile – Box-O-Rocks Chuck Hagel – says that the shut down makes it impossible for the DoD to pay the benefit.  BS!

The king opened the “closed” national mall to a bunch of law breaking illegal aliens and then had park rangers clean up their mess after the rally, but he cannot demand that DoD meet the death benefit obligation for service members who die on active duty?  Again BS!  Low rent, classless, coward, punk only scratch the surface of what a total low-life POS the king is – and his minions.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

If there is no pain, inflict it

Remember the sequester?  That’s the tool the king devised to get his lords in congress to agree to make a budget compromise.  If the lords failed, painful automatic cuts were to take place all across the kingdom.  When the lords failed to reach a budget deal, the king wanted to ignore the sequester, because according to the king and his court, the cuts would be so draconian as to cause the world to spontaneously combust and come to end over night.

The king and his henchmen warned us mere surfs over and over how miserable our lives would be if the lords didn’t let the king ignore the idea he came up with.  The cuts amount to a 2% reduction in royal spending.  Today, other than Spite House tours being cancelled so the king and queen don’t have to have us smelly commoners running about, who even knows that we’re operating under the king’s sequester?

We have moved from a 2% sequester to a 15% or so government shutdown.  Again the king and his henchmen predicted all manner of pain and world ending chaos if the lords in the house didn’t give the king a clean continuing resolution to keep all of his over paid and duplicative royal harassers of the subjects on the royal gravy train.

We’re now in day 6 or 7 or 607.   Who knows?  The only visible changes to day to day operations of a bloated and lazy government are the ones orchestrated by a vindictive and petty king to punish his subjects for not loving him enough.  There is no money to run the royal government you see, but there is plenty of money to Barrycade national monuments to keep commoners out and even more money to pay more royal enforcers and harassers to keep people out than if they had just adopted a “business as usual” approach.  And while there is no way for the subjects to see and use the Parks, there is ample money for an illegal alien rally at the memorials.

Next comes the default.  The king and his chief coin counter are again warning early and often of Armageddon if the lords do not raise the debt ceiling, which according to the king, oddly doesn’t even raise the amount of debt owed.   Weird, huh?

So if history is any guide, we can count on a minimal impact from a failure to raise the debt ceiling.  We can also count on the king making the debt ceiling fiasco as painful as possible for all of us unworthy subjects who just do not appreciate the king’s greatness.  The king and queen are as likely as not to board separate royal jets and fly to Switzerland where he is adored and glorified in a manner befitting his greatness.  There he and the queen will ride out all of the discontent here in the kingdom.  They will live in the grand style befitting one of his greatness and not return until we the sheeple fall prone and beg his forgiveness.

In his absence, the kingdom will be plagued by Lord Harry the roach Reid and the Duchess of Dumbazz Nanny Pelooser.  In the king’s absence, it will be their job to extract as much pain and tribute as possible from an ungrateful and increasingly (I hope) rebellious population.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Change "Let's Move" to let's march

From the Opal Office of the Spite House, feet firmly fixed atop of a priceless and historic piece of Americana, the Resolute Desk, King Barry the Petty continues his assault on his subjects.  The people are like the guy in the now famous SUV pursuit by a biker gang.  King Barry’s army of paid government thugs are the biker gang.  Because of some perceived slight by the people, King Barry has ordered the army of over paid government thugs to make things as “difficult as possible” for people.

In move that underlines just how incredibly petty King Barry the Small is, his thug army actually placed cones on the road leading to Mt. Rushmore to prevent his subjects from stopping along side the road to view or film an open air monument that I suppose the king thinks is something that belongs solely to him.  No stopping!  No pictures!  By Order of King Barry the Petty!  The king will decide when the people are again worthy to stop and view the property of the king.

There is a bit of good news in this though.  The people are ignoring the king’s cones – which are kind of a perfect symbol for the king in that they resemble the shape of a dunce cap.  One trucker reportedly ran over a long line of them.  One tweet has a driver throwing the cones to the side.  Other stories indicate that drivers are picking the cones up and neatly stacking them to the side.  All of these are OK by me, but we’ll have to pay to replace the damaged cones.  Still I’m OK with that.

Then the king banished fishing along his coastal waters.  That’s right no fishing in the king’s waters and no hunting on the king’s land.  That reminds me of the old Robin Hood story where the king’s thugs are prosecuting a hunter for slaying a deer on the king’s land to feed his family.  Just as the hunter was meet his fate, Robin Hood shows up and kills the thugs.  So King Barry the Petty is going to prosecute people for fishing and hunting on his property to feed their families.

See, what we are led to believe is that Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor.  No.  He stole from the thugs in government and returned it the people from whom the government thugs stole riches in the first place.

Now we learn that the king has shut down the Amber Alert system run by the Department of Justice.  While the Amber Alert system is shut down, rest easy in the knowledge that the queen’s “Let’s Move” web site is still funded and up and running.  That makes perfect sense to the king and queen.  The people want the Amber Alert system up and running but the queen wants her hectoring web site up and running.  So, hectoring it is.

Remember, we had court henchman Harry the roach Reid asking why he’d want to save the life of one child with cancer by funding cancer research.  Now we have a queen who’d rather hector fat kids about what to eat than find a kid who is missing.  The court jesters (aka the lapdog media) are all marveling at how pretty the king looks in his new suit that can only be seen by the truly enlightened.

I think it’s time for the rest of us who see reality - a naked dope with his head planted so far up his backside that the court surgeons had to place a window in the king’s abdomen so the king could see where he was going – to march on Washington.  A million man march to remove the Barry-cades from OUR monuments.

Friday, October 04, 2013

King Barry the Petty

Here’s the one thing about our king that we know for sure:
The King is a petty moron more interested in punishing his subjects for not agreeing with him than adopting common sense compromise.

The king closes the White House – the people’s house – due to lack of funding because of the sequester he orchestrated.  Then the king and queen take separate flights to Martha’s Vineyard and fly the dog out separate on Marine One.  YGBSM.  You could have kept the White House tours going for the next 50 years with the money this out of touch elitist know nothing and his fat azz wife spend flying to and fro.  At minimum get the entire family on the same damn plane.

Next, King Idiot closes open air memorials that are opened 24-7-365 to punish his subjects for electing Republicans to congress who will acquiesce to his every whim.  The clueless king spends more time and money Barry-cading the memorials and patrolling them to keep people out than it would have cost to maintain the status quo. Why?  Well his subjects must be punished.  No white House for them and no memorials either.  King Dumbazz even sent his horsemen out to Mt. Vernon to close a completely PRIVATE operation.

Next, the king claims that Social Security checks won’t go out unless the debt ceiling is raised.  Raising the debt ceiling which, according to king dumbazz, miraculously doesn’t raise the amount of debt actually owed.  So, you have to wonder why the debt ceiling needs to be raised at all then. If it doesn’t raise the amount of debt, then the debt stays the same or goes down.  So, why raise the ceiling?

Anyoo, King Janus says the debt won’t be met and Social Security checks won’t go out.  But money will still be coming into the treasury.  Probably enough money to pay the debt, the military and other security forces and some of the more important functions of the federal government – Social Security included.  We may have to shut down the EPA, Dep of Ed and other extra constitutional departments, but we should have done that long ago.

Talk about pay as you go, not raising the debt ceiling would mean the government would have to spend only what is coming into the treasury – sort of a de facto balanced budget amendment with none of the messy congressional voting and states ratifying.  It would be a done deal.  But we know our king would throw a fit and rather minimizing the pain to his subjects, he would use the occasion to maximize the pain to his subjects who just do not appreciate his greatness enough.

Apparently there in lies the rub.  Supposedly, somehow the federal government is not allowed to prioritize its spending.  Well, that explains it.  Only the buffoons in Washington D.C. could come up with a law that says if you can’t pay senate elevator operators you cannot pay anyone in the federal government.  Talk about all the animals being equal.  Of course congress gets a 72% subsidy on their healthcare, so they are more equal than the rest of us.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Petty tyrant Barry-cades American monuments

Day three of the government shut down.  The ONLY noticeable difference from here are the barricades - or as they are affectionately known now Barry-cades – around the open air monuments in Washington D.C.  This is a true indication of what a total creep the King and Insane Azz Clown Posse truly are.

When I lived near D.C. I’d go on early morning runs past the Lincoln Memorial, along the reflecting pool, where the WWII Memorial is now located, past the Washington Memorial, across the mall and on to the Capitol Building.   In the spring, I could go by the Jefferson Memorial taking in the Cherry Blossoms, Korean War Memorial and where the FDR and Martin Luther King  Memorials are now located and not see a single barricade.  They were “open” irrespective weather or not a park ranger happened to be standing around.  In fact, seeing a park ranger at the monuments, even when the monuments were open was a rare occurrence.  This is not a slam on the park rangers.  I’d see them with groups giving information, but rarely were they stopping runners even when they ran up the stair to get a closer look.

The point being, there is no reason that any of these open air memorials should be closed to the public.  The King has closed them for the same reason he will not allow the people into their house that he currently occupies.  He wants to punish his subjects for not paying sufficient tribute to his greatness.  He is a petty tyrant for constructing Barry-cades around America’s historic monuments.

I applaud the civil disobedience displayed by the WWII vets.  I encourage more of the same at the rest of America’s monuments by Americans interested in seeing them.  Let them arrest a Viet Nam vet who travelled to Washington D.C. and wants to get an etching of his buddy’s name on that memorial.  Let them arrest a black couple for taking a picture of their kids at MLK memorial.

Great minds
I like it when someone with a great mind like Victor Davis Hanson agrees with a point Lex has made.  Hanson a year or so ago wrote a great piece on the King being a low-achieving affirmative action pass through.  Hanson’s case was pretty much air tight.  It was made in a fact filled, dispassionate VDH way, lacking the juvenile name calling Lex readers have come to love, that gave it no hint of personal animus toward our King.

Today is another such day.  Alfonzo Rachel aka ZoNation shreds the neo-liberal notion that the path to heaven lies in voting for Demo-Dopes who will steal from your neighbor to help the poor.  Lex has often maintained that even people who are not particularly religious should read the Bible.  Here’s another reason why.  Evil charlatans are everywhere these days.  Their greatest victory is to convince someone Jesus is dead.  Their second biggest victory is to convince someone Jesus would be a neo-liberal.  ZoNation is back with this fantastic piece to exposes the lie.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Wannabe Gen Amos ever the d-bag.

Amos fired two Marine Generals for the disaster at Camp Bastion Afghanistan.  Never hear of Camp Bastion?  Not surprised.  After the troop drawdown in Afghanistan, ordered by the King himself, Taliban insurgents over ran an air facility killing two Marines - LtCol Christopher Raible and Sgt Bradley Atwell - and destroying six Harrier attack jets.

The Afghan attack came on the heels of another better known attack, the Islamo-Terror-Fascist’s attack on the consulate in Benghazi.  But that attack as we all know doesn’t make any difference at this point, because it was a direct result of some unseen video. Had the Lapdog Media given either event the attention it deserved, it would have been enough to drive a steak into the heart of King's claim the “he” had al Qaeda on the run during the 2012 presidential campaign.  But affirmative action being what it is, it got the king where he is and it will keep him in power at all cost.  So our Lapdog media see nothing, hear nothing and certainly would never say anything against the king.

Camp Bastion was a British run coalition air base.  There in lies a bunch of the problem.  The Brits relied on a wire fence and host nation troops for security at bastion.  Marine Corps axiom: Never rely on somebody else for your security.  One of the fired Generals, Charles M Gurganus, asked for an additional 160 Marines to secure Camp Bastion.  In light of the King’s drawdown, Gurganus’s request was denied.

Famous Amos, from the comfort and security of his E Ring office determined that, request for additional security troops be damned, Gurganus didn’t do enough to secure the facility under British control and fired him.  Given the result of the Taliban attack on Camp Bastion, I guess that is an undeniable conclusion.

Left out of Amos’s conclusion however was any culpability for the King and his band of half-wit minions more interested in winning an election than providing security for forward deployed troops and ambassadors.  But as politically incorrect as it would have been to reinforce the Marines at Camp Bastion in the face of a near certain insurgent attack, it would be doubly politically incorrect to try to assign any responsibility for the result of that attack on the King.

Now, I think the two generals had to go, and Amos was in no way responsible for the results of the attack.  Thank goodness Amos is not combatant commander.  That’s not my problem.  What is disturbing is that this offers another perfect opportunity for Amos to do the right thing and resign.  He could walk into the Oval Office, push the king’s feet off of the People’s Desk and throw his stars on the desk.  Ever going to happen?  Nope.

In other Famous Amos news, the Marine Corps whistle blower who exposed Amos’s unlawful interference in the Marine Corps “urination scandal,” Maj James Weirick, has been harassed out of his billet as a Marine lawyer on the case.  As in all of these cases, there is a thin veil of cause for the dismissal and removal from his office under guard.  Weirick sent an e-mail to a colleague inside Amos’s legal circle asking him to “come clean” on the case. Oh the humanity!  An e-mail?  How can Weirick stay on the case after sending an e-mail to colleague asking him to tell the truth?  Weird huh?   You’d think if he sent an e-mail asking the guy to lie, he’d be in deep do-do.  Asking him to tell the truth seems downright American and consistent with a legal system interested in the truth.

Seems the Marine Corps legal system is now more interested covering Famous Amos’s arse at all cost than it is in anything having to do with the truth.  Look, Amos might be a heck of a nice guy – I doubt it.  Nice guys don’t go around asking the convening authority in a courts martial to “crush” defendants before the first piece of evidence is presented.  They do not remove and replace that convening authority when he refuses.  They don’t classify every piece of exculpatory evidence in a case to keep it from the defense.  They don’t persecute people who expose their shenanigans.   Everything I know about Amos tells me he is a dirt bag who, like his boss and his boss’s boss, is in way over his head. 

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Boehner hanging tough...for now

I guess Boehner gets about a B+ for his efforts so far.  That surprises me.  He’s holding together a coalition that includes American heroes like Louie Gomert from TX and surrender at all cost Republi-Rats like Pete King from NY.  Not a bad job to date.

Pete king is typical loathsome NY whiner – not wiener mind you – whiner type.  No matter how much he loots from the treasury, it is never enough.  Anyone who objects to lavishing more and more money on NY city for 9-11, 12 years after the fact, or super storm Sandy, from a country 17 TRILLION dollars in debt, is a target for Pete.  Reason and circumstances never figure into Pete’s thinking.  Something bad happened in NY give us all the money or I’ll attack you on Fox News.

Pete would be great if he bothered to send even half of the vitriol he deals to his Republican colleagues to the Demo-Dope side of the aisle.  That won’t happen, because the lapdog media love a traitorous bastard Republi-Rat who deals dirt on their colleagues, and Pete loves the lapdogs attention more than being a Republican.  Pete’s like the John McCain of the House or maybe the Chuckles the clown Schumer for running in front of any camera that happens to be rolling.

Also, Republicans need a female minority whose primary roll it is to level the Demo-Dopes.  So when Babs Milkulski, super Dope MD, comes out calling conservatives “teabaggers” the Republican response can smack the Dope right between the eyes.  Being female and a minority should be enough to insulate that person from attack from the lapdog media.

Like:  “Babs Milkulski’s crude remark is typical of the classless fools who populate the Dope party.  Babs also has the distinction of being such a disgusting human specimen – the hideous pinnacle combination of short, fat and ugly – so much so that Babs has the unique distinction of being the only 'woman' in the greater D.C. area that Clinton wouldn't ‘do.’  Ah, I guess we need qualify that now.  Make that - neither one of the Clintons would ‘do.’”