Friday, January 30, 2015

Bergdhal and Super Bowl SUnday

One of the real war fighting Islamo-Terror-Fascist swapped for simpering, double douche, coward, deserter and probably enemy collaborator - Boob Bergdhal - has reportedly shown an interest in returning to the fight.  For the life of me I do NOT know why that item is called “news.”  In another truth is stranger fiction headliner from today’s lapdog media:  FLASH FLASH FLASH WATER IS WET.  Of course one has shown an interest in returning to the fight.   It’s only a matter of time before the remaining four do the same.

The only thing less surprising about these ITF returning to the fight is the clueless response from Pentagon spokesperson (he used to be a spokesman) wannabe Adm John Kirby smugly assuring us that the Pentagon is confident in their ability to mitigate the ITF’s contribution to the ITF killing all of us.  So yeah, now I feel better.  The Kirbster is on the job so why worry?

The Kirbster assured us that the swap was a smart thing to do.  It demonstrated to all servicemen that the US would do anything to get them back should they fall into enemy hands.  The Kirbster is an idiot of the highest order.  First, I doubt that a real military man would want to endanger his buds by asking or expecting the government to release people who will undoubtedly kill more Americans.  Who would?

Kirbster:  Well, Lex we can get you out by releasing 5 guys who killed scores of Americans.
Lex:  So will they kill again?
Kirbster:  Oh sure, but not us.  So…
Lex:  Ah never mind.  I don’t think I want it on my conscience someone getting killed to save my worthless azz.

Now I’m nearly certain cretins like the Kirbster put a much higher value on their own worthless hides.  I don’t.   

Boobdahl investigation
Questions someone needs to ask the Kirbster

Is reviewing officer Gen Milly an idiot?  If not, why is it taking him over a month to “review” the investigation?

Right now I’d shoot Bergdhal as a deserter on national TV.  Using the Kirbsters own logic, it would send a powerful message to military men that desertion will not be tolerated.  How ironic.  We trade 5 ITF fighters to get a deserter back so we can kill him ourselves.  OK, having gotten that off my mind, I’d throw Bergdhal in jail for the rest of his worthless life.

The Stupid Bowl
Yeah it’s gotten pretty stupid.  There’s more hype about just about everything except the game.  Media day is a joke.  The NFL needs to limit access to that circus event to the networks who have paid for rights to broadcast games.

The Star Spangled Banner should be sung by someone we’ve never heard of and does not have a recording contract.

The halftime show should be 15 minutes and be performed by a local high school marching band.

The site of the game should be announced a week before the game so that it can be played in the location with most inclement weather available.  None of the swells would show up, leaving all of the tickets for real football fans who couldn’t care less if the football is a bit under inflated.  If the officials can’t detect it, it’s OK.

If I was betting, I’d go with the Seahawks.  If I was betting the Griffin’s money I’d bet both teams to cover the spread and both sides of the over under.  Then I’d sit around the Super Bowl party betting everyone $5 that "I have the winning bet right here in my pocket."
I’m setting aside the fact that Brady played at Meatchicken.  I’m pulling for the Pats.  Two Big 10 QBs in the Super Bowl, weird huh.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The wad's replacement not much better

During her confirmation hearing yesterday, The Empty Suit’s nominee to replace Eric the wad Holder as AG, Loretta Lynch, said that she believed that illegal aliens have as much right to work in America as US citizens.  That’s your Dope Party Mr. & Mrs. America. ILEGAL ALIENS have the same rights as American citizens.  Can voting be far off?  No.  I don’t believe it can be.  Now if were a card carrying union man, I’d be POd to the max.  After all, it’s unlikely that the ILEGAL ALIENS will be taking white collar jobs at Berkshire Hathaway.  It’s more likely that they will be driving trucks without a license, plumbing and wiring without certificate and other labor jobs.  Still, I haven’t heard anything from any union creep telling Mz Lynch she’s, uh now how would a union man put it, ah yes, full of $h!t.

And is Tawana Brawley claiming she was raped again?  Because where the hell is the Rev? Al Not-So-Sharp-ton?  Black unemployment is at record levels particularly for young black men.  So do we really want to announce to the world that our top cop thinks ILEGAL ALIENS have as much right to a job here in the US as a union man or an unemployed black youth?  No doubt the Rev? is too busy brushing up on his astrology so he can stay ahead of them Greek homos to take a black appointee of The Empty Suit’s to task for a line of BS.

The new Dope Party actually believes ILEGAL ALIENS have as much right to your job as you do – and the ILEGAL will do it for a hell of a lot less money.  They believe anyone who goes to see American Sniper is an angry Tea Party radical.  They believe that the Taliban are NOT terrorists.  They believe that Islamo-Terror-Fascists are not Islamic.  They believe that the only problems in America are that the citizenry is not taxed enough and that there’s too much freedom for conservatives.  They believe a deserter and possible enemy collaborator is worth 5 top al Qaeda scum bags.

If the country and the world were not going to hell at a rapid rate, it’d be fun to sit back and watch the Dopes destroy their own constituency.  Yet come Nov 2016 the exact people the Dope Party’s policies hurt will be energized to get to the polls and vote for them.  I suppose once you’ve been destroyed you will support whoever gives you the most bennies, even if it’s the entity that destroyed you in the first place.  Look what 60 years of Dope policies have done to the black family.  Yet is there a more monolithic vote in the country today?   Too, too weird. Black should be at the Dopes’ throats.  But they’ll support a black woman nominated by a half black man who wants to give their jobs to ILEGAL ALIENS.  When things go from bad to worse, they’ll listen to race baiting SFBs like Revs? Al and Jesse, The Empty Suit and the wad and blame the whole thing on whitey.  It’ll never dawn of them TES has been president for more than 6 years.  WTF?  Why aren't things better?
NOTE:  I don’t know if Bergdhal collaborated or not.  I suspect he did.  Why would he leave his post and seek out the enemy if he didn’t want to “share” information.  What did he expect the Taliban would want from him?  Tips on dating?  A good humus recipe?  Gardening tips?  They wanted to know about patrol procedures, challenging procedures, camp routine etc.  I believe Begdhal probably gave up what little he knew about the military in Iraq for a warm look from one of his new found buddies.

And if I have to listen one more time while a left Lib tells someone America doesn't leave its soldiers behind, I may have to do a Howard Dean EEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAA!  Of course we do.  Why do you think you see those black MIA flags around?  There comes a time and a cost when it isn't smart to get more people killed and or captured to rescue a military member, and dare I say particularly a deserting worthless oxygen thief like Bergdhal.  And that's another thing, I'd have been much more supportive of an effort to get a $h!t like Bergdahl back if involved military action against his capture rather than paying up a ransom.  But that's just me.

Howard Dean angry loser

Howard Dean is a, and I say this with all the love in the world, a dumbazz loser.   What? A former Lt. Governor and governor of VT a loser?  A former EEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAA dope candidate for the presidency a loser?  Yeah he’s a loser.  I don’t care about his Ivy League education.  He’s a loser.  No.  He’s a professional loser.  I don’t think he makes his living as a doctor.  He make’s himself available to say stupid stuff to an angry base of the Dope Party in order to divide America.  He makes money for doing it.  That makes him a professional loser.

Dean seems to think that the only people going to see American Sniper are angry tea party people.  He’s a lying douche, and he knows it.  I’d like to see him and Mike Moore locked into a room with a package of double stuffed Oreos and watch the fight to the death that would ensue when those two fat bastard losers fought over the last one.  It’s a win win.  One of those fat bastard losers would assume room temperature over a cookie.  My money is on Moore sitting on Dean, and while Moore licks the residue from his fingers while Dean succumbs to heart failure.  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!  Put it on pay per view with proceeds going to Wounded Warrior Project.

With all the riots at the theaters where American Sniper is showing, maybe he’s right about the viewers being angry.  What?  No riots?  No demonstrations?  No property damage?  No traffic being blocked?  So apparently these angry Tea Partiers are standing in line, buying their tickets, watching the movie and going home or out to dinner where they pay for their meal and leave a nice tip.  Wow not only are they angry, they are acting as if they aren’t.  Diabolical.

 I’d say about 99.99% of angry people in this world have left Lib leanings.  The Gaystopo are nearly 100% left leaning Libs suing cake bakers for not baking a cake for a homosexual wedding.  The angry people rioting in Ferguson ARE the Dope base.  Islamo-Terror-Fascists are probably not Dopes per se, but they use the Dopes as the useful idiots that they are.  The ITF in the US and around the world cheer when clueless boobs like Cambodian War hero John Kerry, his Ditz Sister mouth pieces, The Empty Suit, Eric the wad Holder and wannbe generals are running the show in Caligula D.C. The angry Occupy Movement was another 100% Dope gathering of destructive know-nothings.  Atheists demanding a grief stricken mother remove a roadside cross that marks the cite where her son died are nearly all left leaning Dope azzholes.

And let’s just face it. Dean is the angry one.  Calling people who disagree with him names, impugning their motives and disparaging their heroes.  Oh the humanity!  Who would do such a thing?  Don’t answer that.  I’M NOT ANGRY!!!!!  DAMN IT!!!  Dean is the perfect face of the modern Dope party: a fat, angry, pasty faced, rich white eunuch bitching about angry rich white people.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday scoop

Tough guys in NY City were knocking down little old ladies to grab the last loaf of bread off the shelf at the 7-11 ahead of winter storm Juno which was slated to dump over two feet of snow on the city.  This morning, Long Island had the most snow with 15 inches.  Not fun, but it’s certainly manageable.  Bill Ney the Science guy is – predictably – blaming the snow storm on global warming.  The lesson to learn here is that science, particularly with regard to snow fall and extended temperature forecast, are pretty much infallible.  No.  Wait.  They’re totally fallible.

Army scum bag and Islamo-Terror-Fascist hero Bo Bergdahl is reportedly going to be charged with desertion.  That sounds like good and accurate news.  As I recall from my military justice class, desertion is one of the most difficult charges to prove.  Simple absent without leave is much easier haul.  So for my conspiracy theory #3-15, I will propose that the Army is charging desertion for show knowing it’s difficult to prove and will settle for AWOL busting Bo to PVT, fining his ass off and discharging him.  After his discharge Bo will become a cause celeb for left leaning Libs.  A movie will be made.  It’ll gross $17.50 and be declared by Mike Moore, Howard Dean et al as a cinematic triumph.  It'll win all of the Academy awards.  As the matter of fact the awards will be canceled in honor Bo Bergdahl movie The Honor of Living Without Honor.  The five ITF released to get SFB Bo back will pirate the movie and make big bucks among the other ITF.

Super Bowl
The big game is Sunday at 6:30 pm.  The pre-game starts at 10:30am…on Thursday.  I wonder if the NFL will keep an eye on the footballs.  I doubt it.  I don’t think it makes a difference.  But it’s good to know a locker room attendant is the focus of the investigation into something about as important to the game as the brand of paint used to line the field.  Here’s how this whole thing went down.  Brady picked up 15 footballs.  He tells “someone” I like the feel of this one.  He doesn’t know anything else about the ball.  The “locker room attendant” take the ball back and checks it.  It’s a bit low on pressure.  So the guy takes the initiative and makes the other balls the same.  No.  This isn’t another word on deflategate after the “last word” on that scandal has already been presented.  This is about the Super Bowl.  Check the heading.  I hope Brady throws for 600 yards.  I doubt it but...

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Gun control is a health issue now

Dr. Phil Wright, a Ft. Wayne emergency physician, argues that gun control is a "long-ignored health issue" in this piece that appeared in the Sunday fish wrap.  I hope he has a better a better understanding of medicine than he appears to have the 2nd Amendment and free people.  Lex shot back: 

When gun grabbing fans want to make an impact, they intone about an epidemic of 30,000+ people killed by guns in the US every year.  A sad statistic to be sure.  Considering that 60% of those gun deaths are due to suicide, one might argue that gun control is a less important issue than suicide prevention.    About 35% of gun deaths are classified as homicides.  In places like Chicago, where guns are strictly “controlled,” police estimate 80% of homicides are gang related.  Perhaps gun grabbing fans should focus their energies on gang intervention rather than regulating legal weapons of law abiding citizens.  The last 3% or so of gun deaths are due to gun accidents.  Maybe the gun grabbing fans would invite the NRA into the public schools to discuss gun safety in an effort to reduce the number of accidental deaths and improve children’s health.

While Dr. Wright may believe that most citizens have not read the 2nd Amendment, I’ll wager his next year’s pay most NRA members have.  The doctor thinks that “no one can figure out what [the first part of the 2nd Amendment] means.”  The doctor is referring to: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State…”  “Well regulated” refers to leadership, training and discipline of the militia and has nothing to do with gun control.  A militia is simply a body of citizens organized for full time service in times of emergency.   Actually, it’s pretty clear.

Last, the NRA has never avoided any discussion on guns.  It’s the people who constantly conflate semi-automatic with automatic and are more concerned with what a weapon looks like than how it operates who would need to head for the fainting couch if the NRA were ever invited into schools to promote gun safety. 


Friday, January 23, 2015

Press declares Shrilldabeast unbeatable RepubliRATS agree

Reports are the Shrildabeast is way up in the polls.  As is always the case the gutless wing of the RepubliRAT Party, which is pretty much indistinguishable from the rest of the RepliRAT Party, are wetting themselves.  The RAT’s answer to the problem is NOT to become a bold contrast to the unaccomplished, rape enabling, old, old, old hag.  The weak among the RAT field are already starting their “climate change is real,” “we must have comprehensive immigration reform,” “we need to consider common sense gun control,” “what’s the big deal about common core,” “really folks I’m NOT that bad” campaign for the White House.

Here’s the deal.  The Beast is popular right now because she hasn’t said anything since telling Americans that corporations don’t create jobs.  Mr. and Mrs. America that is EXACTLY how smart this woman is.  The Beast is always most popular and at her best when she keeps her big fat mouth shut.  When she starts talking, the shrillness and stupidity cannot be covered up.  Her real personality is that of an off-putting, petulant, pandering, pampered pile of poo who is best known for covering the tacks of her misogynist old man.  Were it not for marrying Billbo – the sole accomplishment in her life – she’d be that depressing overweight cow in a moo-moo eating double stuffed Oreo’s at her desk where she spends her day filling out sexual harassment paperwork – as if anyone would even want to sit next her let alone bed her.

That’s why right now I’m a Scott Walker, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz guy.  I get the sense that they will NOT back down from the Beast and will take the fight right to her and the Dopes.  When the Beast raises the phony “war on women” they will respond with the fact that she is married to THE war on women and enabled him to ply his trade.  If climate change comes up, they will point out the hypocrisy of Dopes wanting everyone BUT dope swells to toe the line while they live high off the hog. 

If the RATs go down the Jeb, Mitt road none of that will happen.  It’ll be, “Oh Mrs. Clinton you are so swell and so smart and overly qualified for the Oval Office, but really RepubliRATs aren’t that bad.”

SOTU after word
Of course I didn’t watch it.  I’m not interested in watching a narcissistic, pathological liar hold forth on the issues of the day.  I’d get a more accurate take from Mrs. Grady’s 4th grade class at St. V’s.  Unfortunately one cannot avoid the afterword from this pant load.  He travels only to the hotbeds of radical leftist thinking or not thinking – college campuses - to sell his wares.   There he promises that someone else will pay for everything the college kids want for the rest of their lives. Now that's tough sell.  Hey if you want it, I'll give it to you for free.  Not exactly a profile in courage.  Anyone who disagrees is a cheap, racist, homophobic, war mongering Neanderthal.  Then in order to reach the Dope base – stupid people – he does interviews with interweb idiots wearing green lipstick eating a bathtub full of Frootloops.  Great!  Now remember The Empty Suit will not meet with the Israeli Prime Minister, but he will sit down with an Interweb clown.  This is the President of the United States.  Wonderful.  Nothing to worry abut here.

LAST word on deflate gate until the next word
I thought of this yesterday while thinking deep thoughts, in the Marine Corp (corpse for TES) there was a saying, “Expect what you inspect.”  If you are not looking at it, it is deemed not as important as the things you are looking at.

Last, last word
For all those calling the Pats cheaters, you had better be able to pick up a football and determine if it’s inflated to the proper levels.  The NFL officials handled the ball after every play.  They didn’t notice anything amiss.  Read that again.  The officials handled the as much as the QB and NEVER knew it was not to specifications.  So how much differences can it possibly make? 

Last, last, last word
If the Ravens knew that the Pats were using under inflated footballs why didn’t they call the league rather calling the Colts?  Maybe they did but I’ve only read where they called the Colts.  If the league was informed, obviously they, like most non-Pat haters, don’t give crap I.e. expect what you inspect.  If the league knew about the deflated footballs but didn’t check them, well if the league didn’t care why should I?

Last, last, last, last word
Shrinkage.  It was cold at Gillett stadium last Sunday.  So as anyone who is familiar with Seinfeld knows, the cold causes shrinkage.  Maybe it was just  the cold weather that caused the football to shrink a bit. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Deflate gate

I live in Fort Wayne, IN and was rooting for the Colts.  Here’s my take on the controversy that seems more important to Americans than IRSgate, VAgate, Beghazigate, Fast and Furiousgate et al.

The New England Patriots are being accused of gaining an advantage over the Indianapolis Colts in last week’s game by using under inflated footballs.  I’m absolutely amazed at the accusation.  Who knew that the object of these games - each of which is worth millions of dollars – are laying about for anyone to scuff, pump up or deflate, spray paint, dip in stickum and otherwise do all manner of things that are against the rules.  Why not let Pats owner’s brother-in-laws Larry, Curly and Moe run the chains in the big game?  Why not let his son run the clock?  Let Laurel and Hardy mark the field, 20 yards too short and 10 yards too narrow. Jeezum Pete NFL – protect the brand.  This whole thing is due to the institutional stupidity of the NFL.

If you try to scuff, or add any substance to a baseball during the game you get tossed.  The umpire holds all the baseball and regularly inspects the ball in use in the game.  The home team is not giving their pitchers baseballs with dab of Brilcream added to an outside seam without the ump knowing it after about one pitch.  I’m stunned that the ol’ pigskins in these football games are not under supervision of an NFL official or representative. 

Another baffling thing about the incident is that it didn’t come to light until after the game.  Obviously, someone had a feeling that something was amiss with the footballs.  Why didn’t he call it to the attention to the officials then?  Why wait until after the beat down?

Last, when you get your azz whipped 22 -43 you might want to cast doubt on the team that snatched your manhood and hoisted it on a pike.  But for crying out loud pick something that had something to do with the beat down you just experienced.  Make a claim that Brady, Blount and Willfork are actually aliens from another planet with supernatural speed, strength and endurance.  That would at least explain your azz beating.  Deflated footballs?  Like that had anything to do with the beat down. The Pats could have been using a rock or a pillow and the Colts would still have been smacked around like a biker chick who ran off with the gangs drug stash.
I suppose if it’s against the rules teams ought not do it.  But linemen hold on just about every play and are always flagged.  No one screams holdergate.  There are all kinds of things that are against the rules that teams try to get away with.  Why should deflating the football a pound or so be any different?  And with the other fouls the officials have to catch you in the act.  The losing team cannot whine like a cut dog about a hold on 3rd and 2 in the 4th quarter and get any satisfaction.  Why should a slightly under inflated football be any different?  The game’s over Indy.  You were used like a dish rag and hung out to dry.  Go home and please shut up.  The pressure inside your own heads had more to do with your beat down than in the pressure in the football.  Apparently you couldn’t handle it either.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Stuff you shouldn't miss

The Empty Suit ruins another night of TV
Hell no I won’t be watching.  I may turn on Liar Liar to get a feel for what is going on at TSOTU.  Also and sadly, I’m 50 pounds overweight with high blood pressure and don’t think my heart will take 8 hours of The Empty Suit rambling on and on and on and on.  Well, it’ll seem like 8 hours.  There’s only so much BS a fat guy’s heart can take.  Hey, wait a minute.  Maybe my health condition is why Mrs. Lex insists we watch TSOTU together with bacon burgers, guacamole and chips, pizza, double stuffed Oreos and extra buttery popcorn.

MLK do-over
Yesterday was MLK Day.  I didn’t comment on it because I was POd about The Empty Suit lecturing Europe on how to assimilate Muslims.  I did give it some thought though.  I came to conclusion that, contrary to MLK’s dream, the color of a man’s skin is more important than ever, and apparently way more important than the content of a man’s character.  

“I have a dream…they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”  So, is petty thief and thug Michael Brown being judged by the content of his character or the color of his skin?  I submit that if Michael Brown were a white guy the overwhelming opinion about his demise would be “good riddance.”  It is only the color of Brown’s skin that makes Ferguson, MO a cause celeb.  The same is true of Erick Garner and Trayvon Martin.  All three are dead.  All three were committing crimes when they assumed room temperature.

The race baiting d-bags like the Revs? Al and Jesse would have us believe that all three were 21st century Tom Robinsons, the innocent black man wrongly accused of rape in To Kill a Mocking Bird.  The big difference between Tom Robinson and the other three is that Tom Robinson was a decent innocent man of impeccable character.   The other three?  Not so much.

Now consider the character of tax cheat, race baiting, lying, riot inciting, POS Rev? Al.  What a joke.  MLK has to be wondering if white people are the only ones studying his speech anymore.

Kerry and Taylor
I didn’t comment on the Cambodian War hero John Francois Kerry’s trip to Paris.    The world’s most awkward hug between the 32 time Purple Heart winner and  Frenchie Holland or Jimmy Taylor’s You’ve Got a Friend.  All could think was that Weird Al Yankovick needs to do parody called “You’ve gotta be $h!tting me, Friend.”  Seriously WTF was that? 

I’d love to see a real time video of the Islamo-Terror-Fascist’s reaction in to that barge load of BS.  First, a kind of WTF, RCA dog look, followed by a YGBSM chuckle, followed by gut ripping laughter that continues to this day when the ITF get a mental picture of Kerry standing there like the biggest azzbag in the world -eyes shut swaying with the tune like a teeny-bopper chick listening to Elvis croon Love Me Tender.  Could this lying pant load be a bigger azz weasel?  No.  I don't believe he could.

Mr. and Mrs. America that was an embarrassment.  Sadly it wasn’t an embarrassment for idiots like Kerry, The Empty Suit and the Ditz Sisters - who probably thought the whole thing up after deciding another hashtag wouldn’t be appropriate.   
Michael Moore piece below
I’ve re-read and corrected the unreadable piece of trash on MM below.  As punishment for letting that crapola out, the editor of that piece has been assigned to check the electrified fence here at the compound by peeing on it every ten or so feet.

Don't panic.  I'll be taking a meritorious day off tomorrow.  The boss needs me to check the electric fence at the compound.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Assimilation BS

The Empty Suit thinks that Europe needs “to do a better job assimilating Muslims.”  I myself am a simple dumbazz, but even I know that the onus of assimilation is pretty much on the one who wants to join the club.  Smart people do not join the campus Christians and then start lambasting them because they refuse to elect a homosexual atheist president of the club.  It is incumbent on the homosexual atheist to conform to the norms of the group he wants join – not vice versa.

Given what we know about the lying, lunatic, homosexual hating, misogynist, anti-Semitic, Christian hating, bomb throwing, head hacking, murdering double d-bags that ARE the face of 21st century Islam it is pretty clear to anyone with a brain that THEY DO NOT WANT TO BE ASSIMILATED.  They expect, nay demand that we assimilate to their way of thinking. 

Letting a group of psychopathic hate mongering azzweasels like the face of Islam to migrate freely into your country is a kin to a dad bringing home a full sized crocodile as a family pet.  The family can pretend that the croc is cute.  They can pretend that the croc is cool.  They can pretend that with love and understanding the croc will normalize into a family routine.  They can pretend all of that BS right up to the point that the croc eats the family dog and one of the kids. 

The face of Islam is like the croc.  It’s prehistoric.  It’s a killing machine.  It cannot be reasoned or negotiated with.  It cannot be “educated.”  It cannot be integrated.  The only defense for most people is to hope society is smart enough to segregate the deadly crocs from the rest of society as whole or to kill it if and when confronted.

Sadly, to prove that they are soooo much better and smarter than we are, the swells running Europe and the US have invited the croc into our home.  Now, after devouring, three family pets and a couple of the kids, the swells are telling us we need to do more to welcome the croc into our home.  Try sleeping with it they advise us.

Now, it would surprise none of the two or three regular readers of this page if I called TES an idiot for suggesting that it’s Europe’s fault that they get their azzes blown up every now and then for not better integrating the Islamo-Terror-Fascists they invited into their midst.  That is total BS.  THEY DO NOT WANT TO BE ASSIMILATED.
But when TES tells Europe they should be more like the US with regard to assimilatinging the ITF, you just wish someone would punch the smarmy know-nothing little p*ick in the face.  Uh, hello!  TES!  The World Trade Center times 2, the Pentagon, Shankesville, Ft. Hood, OK City, Boston etc. etc.  Given the relative numbers of Muslims in the US and Muslims in Europe, one could argue, using deaths to ITF ratio as a metric, that Europe is doing a much better job with their ITF than we are with ours.  But how could one expect a narcissistic jumbo bag of BS to recognize that?

Michael Moore
Michael Moore calling anyone a coward is strange.  That would be like Moore calling someone a fat loser.  Moore is a microcosm of America though.  So few understand the nature of war or what is at stake.  TV and the movies take a lot out of the true nature of war.  When you see people with instant and flawless communications and near perfect intelligence a la 24, Mission Impossible and 100 others coupled with weapons that do all manner of things to sterilize war, it's no wonder people do not understand the complexity of war.  Moore's BS about a sniper is just the latest manifestation of the super comm/intel/weapon paradigm.  

Archers were thought to be cowards because they did not "close with and destroy" his enemy in hand to hand combat. With the advent of indirect fire, artillerymen faced the same charge.  Hand to hand combat in a built up area is about the only face to face killing left on the modern battlefield.  I guess by Moore's standard being shot in the face with 9mm is a much better way to die than a sniper's bullet in the back, or an artillery or mortar round, or a bomb from the sky or 10,000 other ways to be killed on the modern battlefield.

Moore's an idiot along the line of Bill Maher when he called America pilot cowards and called the Islamo-terror-Fascists that flew airplanes into buildings the guys with real courage.  Moor is a washed up fat azz looking to say the most shocking thing possible to get attention.  Sadly it works.  

The only way to get back at the fat azz is to go see the movie and push it to new records.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Just so that no one assumes that Lex thinks only Islam is populated by BS merchants

Yesterday the Pope told the world that “You cannot provoke. You cannot insult the faith of others. You cannot make fun of the faith of others."  Uh so sorry, but to borrow one worn out BS idea to debunk another, yes we can.  And let me be the first to say, if the Pope truly believes the nonsense he uttered, the Pope is a dope.  If he expects Catholics to parrot his idiocy he is…well…an idiot.

I watched Bill Donohue from the Catholic League and a Catholic priest try to explain away the Pope’s lunacy on Hannity last night. They were tied into knots when a gal - Kirsten Powers – asked if it was OK for Muslims offended by women who refused to cover themselves head to toe in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to throw acid in the faces of the women.  During the exchange, Powers put Donohue in his place with one question, “Why are you yelling at me?”

The big difference between Catholics and Muslims is that we don’t kill people for photographing a crucifix in a jar of urine.  We are more offended by the fact that public funds are used for the production and distribution of such rubbish.  Is the Pope saying Catholic would be justified to visit violence upon people who disrespect the Catholic faith?  I doubt it.  Here’s what the Pope meant.  Be nice.  Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.  That’s not what he said.

So this is round two or three for this socialist loving, open borders promoting, warm-mongering, anti-free speech Pope.  Just a reminder for the Pope:  The mission of the Catholic Church is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.  In that regard, how the church will pursue that mission, the Pope is infallible.  With regard to social issues such as economic policy, climate policies, the extent of free speech in civil society etc. – he is well outside his infallibility zone.  

The practical aspect of all of this is that Lex needs to withhold more from the offering plate.  I do not want to support an anti-capitalist, anti-free speech agenda coming from the Catholic Church – so, I won’t.  I’ve decide to drop food into the bank instead.  Mrs. Lex, always the practical one, asked when was the last time you went to the grocery store?  Hmm, unless the food bank takes beer - my one known location in the ginormouse Kroger - that may be a problem.  I’ll work it out.

The Rev? Al Not-So-Sharp-ton PO’d at Oscar
Apparently, there were not enough nominees of color for the Rev?.  There never are.  And if they all don’t win, well then – no justice no peace.  Rev? Al being PO’d at Oscar is sort of like Bonnie being PO’d at Clyde.  They are birds of a feather.  I’m delighted that these two should be going after one another.  I’ve not been so delighted since the ChiComs got their commie bastard azzes whipped by the commie bastard Vietnamese.  My hope is this rift between Rev? Al and Oscar lasts until one assumes room temperature.  Go get ‘em Al.  Tell him to eff off Oscar.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Is Islam a BS religion?

I suppose if you say yes you’re an Islamophobe and a fatwa for your death will come down on your head.  That ironically is evidence in and of its self that Islam is indeed a BS religion.  Now, let me be clear, I don’t give a crap if someone wants to be a slave to some false god and proves it by burying his face in the dirt 5 times every day.  I don’t.  I don’t care if you’re polytheist that worships all 32 NFL teams.  I don’t.  How one worships or doesn’t is of no concern to me.

I prefer a religion that practices forgiveness and treats me as a child of God rather than a slave to god.  But that’s just me.  And none of those distinctions makes the practice of a certain religion BS.  What makes a religion BS in 2015 is one that treats women as chattel, covers them head to toe, refuses to allow them to drive or be seen in public without a male family member, stones homosexuals, kills anyone who leaves the religion, kills their own children to “honor” the family, can lie to non-believers, kills people over cartoons etc. etc. etc.   

Our struggle with Islam here in the US goes back to 1803 and the Barbary Pirates.  Islamo-Terror-Fascists have been hijacking and blowing up planes, shooting Americans, hacking off heads (and computers) and generally raising hell ever since all in the name of Islam.  But let’s not get too retro by adding up all the people around the world killed since 1803 by ITF.  To run down the list of dead, to list all of the atrocities committed in the name of Islam would clog up AlGore’s interweb machine for ten years.  Let’s just look at today’s headlines.  2,000 killed by Boko Haram in Nigeria in the name of Islam.  Well case closed, right?  If creeps did that in the name of Islam, Islam surely has to be about 98% BS.  How can any group commit a crime like that in the name of religion without that religion being labeled BS? 

Then consider that the non-murdering, non-mayhem raising practitioners of the religion remain mute about atrocities being committed in the name of their religion.  How is that not BS?  How can left Libs talk about not condemning all Muslims when there are basically only two kinds, ITF raising hell and mayhem and others who stand mute while they do so.  Those who remain silent fall into two groups.  Some are appalled but none the less silent and some silently delight in what the ITF are doing.  Because they remain silent it’s impossible to distinguish the appalled from the delighted.  I’ll bet the Griffins next paycheck the number of silently delighted is much higher than the ITF apologists would have us believe.

The face of Islam in the 21st century is one of murder and mayhem.  How in the hell then is it NOT a BS religion?  Left Libs warn us not to paint Islam with too broad a brush.  I’m thinking you cannot find a brush broad enough to cover the width and depth of what total BS 21st century Islam is.  Last, how allahu akbar (Allah is great) is your god if he is constantly POed over just about everything.  Given the trifles that drive his followers to murder and commit other atrocities in his name, it seems to me Allah must be a paranoid neurotic lunatic.   That would make Islam a BS religion. Right?  Now I could be wrong, and I probably am.  Islam may be a great religion.  While that may be the case it is undeniable that in the 21st century it is populated by a bunch of homicidal azzholes.

If Islam wants to get off Lex’s BS list there’s a simple way to do it, go bury your face in the dirt and just leave the rest of us the hell alone.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2016 thoughts

Mitt Romney is getting back into presidential politics.  To the extent that that hurts Jeb Bush, good for him.  If Mitt gets the nomination, I’ll vote for him.  I he wins, America will be better off.  The same can be said for Jeb Bush.

That said, I think I’m leaning toward Scott Walker right now.  He’s won three elections in 4 years in liberal WI.  He demolished the teachers union in WI among other things.  He seems to be a rock solid conservative.

If the Republicans go down the road of nominating a senator, Cruz then Paul would be my choices.  Cruz is interesting because he rubs both Dopes and Rat establishment swells the wrong way.  That has got be a plus for the average guy.  Cruz also seems impervious to criticism from any quarter.  He just tells us what he thinks and lets the chips fall.  If the chips fall on Mitch McConnell’s head, well, so sad too bad.

I like Paul because he seems most likely to go into places that others will not.  Mitt concedes 47% of the vote.  Paul will go ask the 47% for their votes.  If he only gets 3-4% of the 47% he wins easily.  Whoever the GOP nominates they should insist that they go after some percentage of Romney’s 47%.  A certain percentage have to be disaffected by now.

I saw a bit of Chris Christie's sate of the state address for NJ.  He was harder on The Empty Suit in that speech than was in the keynote speech at the Republican convention.  So, I think he's a self-serving loud mouth.
What are the terrorist reading?
Now for all the White House dips $h!ts (Josh Ernest, the Ditz sisters et al) that cannot bring themselves to admit that Islam is the driving force behind 99% of the azzholes screwing up the world, one easy question:  What book are the azzhole reading and quoting from?  The koran?  The Bible?  Johnny’s 10 easy Bar-B-Q recipes?   Which is it?

But this what really has my motor running. When is the next gift giving occasion?  All I want is this.


It's Tuesday and there's extra free stuff here (Trying to entice Empty Suit readers with the word free)

After Paris attacks the local fish wrap published the editorial cartoon above.  It’s fine as far as it goes, but Lex took the occasion to point out the obvious and challenge the editors.

 “…terror will never silence the freedom to express.” Ha!  That’s a good one.  If name calling from the leftist speech police can successfully “silence the freedom to express,” what effect do you suppose killing people will have?  If you don’t believe it, try acknowledging God in a graduation speech without the mic being cut, or try being a conservative speaker on a college campus without being shouted down, assaulted, or cancelled, or try to criticize any of the lawless failed policies of this administration without being called a racist, or try to make a biblical case against homosexual marriage without being called a homophobe.  By their incessant hectoring of people with whom they disagree, leftist have been squelching speech for decades.

Now, if the JG really wants to put truth in Campbell’s cartoon there is an easy way to do it.  Republish all of the Muhammad cartoons from the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten as well as those from Charlie Hebdo.  Don’t fall back on the coward’s way out of, “We don’t want to unnecessarily provoke anyone by disparaging their religion.”  Not long ago the JG published a cartoon that mocked a beloved and respected Catholic priest as well as the virgin birth of Jesus.  Why not exercise the JG’s “freedom to express” by lampooning Muslims in the same manner the JG did with Catholics?  Well, besides the obvious, one will merely raise eyebrows while the other might get your building razed.  That and cowards only hit those who won’t hit back.

We’ll see if the JG has the courage to go after murderous radical Muslims with the same vigor they went after a kindly Catholic priests.  Wanna bet which way it’ll go?  I can smell the fear on the editors from here.

How many Israelis would have to die for Eurotrash governments to condemn Hamas?
Europe in an uproar over 20 dead while condemning Israel countless times for reacting to Muslim terrorists attacking its citizens over the last 40 years.  The death toll in Israel over the last 40 years from Islamo-Terror-Fascists is probably 100s of times greater than what happened in Paris.  But when it’s the Jews being savagely attacked by ITF scum, the French usually side with the ITF.  Only when the ITF roll in on Frenchmen is the world to take notice.  The French government and other pandering Eurotrash governments are as much to blame for the environment that allowed ITF rubbish to train, assemble automatic weapons and attack Paris as anything Charlie Hebdo published.  Heck CH was doing its job.  What were the Eurotrash governments doing? In a word, pandering.

Petty thugs more important than terror victims
Do you know that The Empty Suit had more representatives at petty thug thief Michael Brown’s funeral than representatives in Paris for the march against ITF?  WTF?

Charge him so The Empty Suit can pardon him?
The AG’s office is reportedly recommending charges against real General Petraeus for divulging secrets – dude that was like three years ago.  Why all the interest now?  Lex conspiracy theory 2-15:  The Empty Suit has about a 15% approval rating among the military.  So indicting Patraeus on trumped up charges will give TES the opportunity to immediately pardon him. That's my theory, and I'm sticking to it.

NYPD smarter than de Blasio, but who isn’t?
NYPD is socking to it Mayor de Blasio right where a lefty liberal cannot afford it – in the public coffers.  NYPD is playing the real Robin Hood ignoring the various fund raising arrests and tickets that got petty criminal Eric Garner killed and helped to fill the city coffers to then turn about and harass the citizens even more effectively.  The mayor has issued an order that there will be no vacation time until the NYPD stops its slow down.  That reminds me of the ol’ USMC adage:  All leave and liberty is cancelled until the moral improves. 

First, cops shouldn’t be a fund raising tool for BS politicians. Next, this is the perfect example of the citizens outsmarting elected dumbazzes.  Every time congress pass a BS law to tax citizens it is amazed that the savvy citizens find a legal way not to comply with its BS law.  Politicians then refer to that method as a loophole.

The Ohio State Buckeyes National Champs 
There’s no doubt about it.  There’s no logical argument against it.  The OSU laid a 22 point beat down on the Oregon Ducks last night with a 3rd string QB and 4 turnovers.  Congrats to Urban Meyer’s Buckeyes and maybe more importantly the committee for having the courage to jump The OSU past TCU.  They suddenly are looking like geniuses.  Actually, FL State was the oddball in the final 4.  But you cannot have the only undefeated college team and defending national champs NOT make the playoff.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Quick, Islam is a religion of (fill in the blank)

If Muslim jihadis represent the true teaching of Allah, as they claim and way too few “good Muslims” refuse to dispute, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that Allah was a huge azzhole.  I’m sick of hearing that these murderous excrement smears are fringe radicals and not the true face of Islam.  They are the ONLY face of Islam.

Think Catholic and you think of Pope Francis washing the feet of homeless drug users, Pope John Paul II staring down the Soviets, Catholic Charities feeding, clothing, housing and educating the poor, Mother Theresa treating lepers and yes pedophile priest for whom the Church has correctly paid out 100,000s of millions of dollars to victims.

Think Jews and you think Nobel Prize winners, titans of entertainment, the Jewish Child Fund International and Jewish community centers across America open to all.

Think Mormon and you think world-wide missionary service, young people in clean shirts and ties walking up your street on summer’s day knocking on doors evangelizing and beautiful music.

Think Muslim and you think murder, terror, lies, arrogance, ignorance and intolerance to all.  What are the “overwhelming majority of good Muslims” doing to reverse that?  NOTHING.   Not one damned thing. 

I’m sick of hearing about “moderate Muslims.”  Of the 1.6 billion Muslims, I’ve heard maybe two or three that say what needs to be said the rest are cowards or worse – sympathizers.  They don’t engage in public support jihad but inside they are quite comfortable with it. 

Sadly, lefty liberals will never get it.  Check the post several below.  Truth does not matter to lefty Libs who still insist on repeating the “hands up don’t shoot” utter BS lie.  They won’t tell the truth about Islam being led by or misguided by a violent cult that needs to stamped out 1) because they don’t want to end up like Charlie Hebdo.  Lefty Libs are cowards (Bill Maher aside), starting with The Empty Suit who has yet to call the Paris cell what they are Islamo-Terror-Fascists.  He has stopped short of calling the incident at CH “workplace violence” the term this BS administration still insists on calling the FT. Hood shooting which is not one bit different from the CH incident.  2)  As long as Islam stands as a counter-balance to Christianity they are ALL FOR IT – the enemy of my enemy, is my friend.  3)  This administration and lefty Libs are willing to kowtow to BS ITF who should be shot dead on site because - after all - they wear Che t-shirts, seek the release of convicted cop killers, make nice with murderous commie bastards in Cuba, China and wherever else they can find them and side with lawless thugs every time they crop up.  Lefty libs are no different than the “moderate Muslim.”  They are always worried more about a backlash against “moderate Muslims” – something that has NEVER HAPPENED but maybe should – than they are about the newly murdered at the hands of ITF.  After Ft. Hood nitwit Army Chief of Staff worried more about the effect the shooting would have on his Muslim outreach program than his dead soldiers.

Will this latest incident wake lefty Libs up?  No.  It won’t.  The Empty Suit went on a campaign swing touting the resurgent economy that is resurgent in spite of his BS policies and never mentioned the ITF vermin in Paris.  Also, he wants two years of Community College paid for by you Mr. and Mrs. America.  Yeah, sure send the high school slacker neighbor kid onto two years of community college so he’s got two more years where he is under not least bit of pressure to grow up and can be further indoctrinated by lefty Lib profs why it’s not his fault he’s a lazy azz.  TES’s an azz and part of the problem.  TV funnymen aren’t so funny when it comes to ITF – check #1 above.  They don’t want a fatwa on their head.

If I don’t post on Monday.  Don’t panic.  I may take a meritorious day off.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Sons a bitches

12th Century double d-bags upset again about cartoons - The Empty Suit blames Benghazi on cartoons
Random thoughts:

Well, well, well, look who is killing people for drawing pictures again.

What if every paper in in the free world ran a picture of Muhammad sitting on the crapper, dish dash dropped down around his ankles, laughing while reading a copy of Charlie Hebdo?

Maybe that FL preacher who was asked by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff not to burn a koran, ought to round up a couple dozen and light them off on Friday in some grand fashion.

I’m sick of holding a moment of silence for victims of these creeps.  Maybe we need to have a moment when we all get together for a world-wide, “Eff you!  You 12th century double d-bag jihadi azzholes” moment of outrage.

Maybe the affront to Islam needs to be so broad and so constant that all these weasels are smoked out to be shot, hung and other wise done away with.

Idiot Catholic League spokesperson Bill Donuhue seemed to take the newspaper to task for publishing the cartoons.  That’s BS.  I don’t like photos of crucifixes in urine, particularly when paid for with tax dollars, but I can’t see me killing anyone over it.   
I guess The Empty Suit needs to ask NASA to redouble their Muslim outreach program.  How stupid does that BS move look now?

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Meet the new azzweasel, same as the old azzweasel

OK so it’s Boehner for another two years.  Disgusting.  It could be worse.  Peloser.  So I think it’ll be OK for a while for the orange cry baby.  Even he should be able to collect some of the low hanging fruit before as always caving like a Florida sink hole.  Even a weak link life-long Caligula D.C. azzweasel like Boehner ought to be able to do something with XL pipeline, roll back the most egregious parts of Robertscare etc.

Sadly what I fully expect to happen is for the azzweasel to try for about two months then quit.  Meanwhile The Empty Suit will run amok with his pen and phone usurping the constitution.  Azzweasel Boehner will complain there’s nothing he can do until the Rats control the congress and the White House.  For now I’m optimistic.  There’s no reason not to be.   But I think we’ll end up being disappointed in the end.
Here’s the bottom line Mr. & Mrs. America, most of the azzweasels in Caligula have been there while we’ve spiraled nearly 18 trillion in debt and the American culture has gone off the rails.  So what can we expect?  Sadly, not much.