Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Little Barry's America

Facebook pulled the ad above posted by the Special Operations Speaks PAC (SOS) which highlighted the fact that Obama denied backup to the forces being overrun in Benghazi. So the guy who made a video that Little Barry erroneously blamed for the Benghazi assault is in jail and Facebook has taken down the SEAL’s ad that sheds light onto the events 9-11-12 in Benghazi. Welcome to Little Barry’s America. If you like this, just wait until AFTER the election when Little Barry will “have more flexibility.” Screw Facebook. Pass the ad along.  And remeber this;

Powell endorsemnet
Republi-Rat Colin Powell endorsed Little Barry again. Wow! That changes everything. Hmm, on second thought, he’s just one more black voting with 95% of other blacks and changes nothing.

In his announcement General Powell said, “The economy is red hot, unemployment is down, jobs are up, gas is the lowest it’s been since the last increase and we don’t want a slow down under Romney. Little Barry personally pulled the trigger on bin Laden. His handling Benghazi has been magnificent and imagine how bad Sandy would have been if Little Barry hadn’t lowered the sea levels.”

Hard to imagine how Powell could be more irrelevant.

Is little Barry losing it?  Yes.
It seems to me, political expert that I am, that the Little Barry campaign is getting smaller by the day. We always have known that Little Barry is an affirmative action pass through punk. But a campaign that started with Little Barry attacking Bain Capital then moved to calling Romney a felon before taking the highroad and insisting that Romney killed a steal worker’s wife is now sinking lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon wheel rut in Death Valley.

Now Little Barry’s people are putting out ads comparing a woman’s vote for Little Barry to having sex for time. Wow! It doesn’t get much classier than that. But wait, as every Ronco ad tells us, there’s more. There’s a creepy ad using – and mean that word “using” literally – using children to sing about a world without Little Barry screwing everything up. Of course the oceans will fill with oil, the trees will all be cut to the ground, the polar bears will all die, gays will all be “fixed,” etc. etc. Last, if “using” kids isn’t creepy enough, Little Barry’s wizards have another ad using old people telling us they will “burn the M_ _ _ _ _ F_ _ _ _er down” and “c_ _ k punch” Romney if he wins.

So while we knew Little Barry was a punk, did we know how big a punk he really is? No. I don’t think we did.

But really is it that big a surprise that these @$$ weasels who would lie straight faced for 14 days about 4 dead Americans would then have any qualms about stooping to this level? Sadly, I guess it isn’t a surprise at all. The Eddie Haskell presidency has morphed into the Larry Flynt presidency before our very eyes.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Benghazi will destroy Little barry's 2nd term, if America is still that dumb

Politicizing the killing of bin Laden - the White House Situation room during the 40 minute raid.  Little Barry killed bin Laden

Politicizing the Benghazi attack - the White House Situation room during the seven hour attack.  There's an investigation into what happened that will continue until after the election. 

Despite lapdog media efforts to ignore him, Ben Ghazi is still attracting some attention away from Little Barry’s “I killed bin Laden” party. From what we know and don’t know, nothing about this adds up.

Here are some notes in no particular order:

While Little Barry and Demo-Dopes everywhere are running around spiking the football politicizing the killing of bin Laden, an act that given their own methods would NEVER have happened, they are crying foul when anyone brings up Benghazi. That makes no sense.

If Little Barry is re-elected hearings on Benghazi will cripple his 2nd term.

If Little Barry is re-elected and he and his @$$clown administration mislead the American people on Benghazi to win an election, Little Barry should be impeached and removed from office.

Biden should be impeached next. He’s a bigger liar and dumb@$$ than Little Barry.

Shrilldabeast and Leon should be shamed and removed as well.

The lapdog media, BS artists like Dave Little Barry’s my man Gregory, Brian Ben who Williams, some more Candy please Crowley, Booby Scheiffer et al should be tarred and feathered and horse whipped for complicity.

The “we didn’t know anything” line of BS is mutually exclusive of the “it was a spontaneous riot due to a video” line of BS. If you didn’t “know anything” why did you blame the video for 10 days?

The “we don’t count Facebook and Twitter as intelligence” referring to near instant claims of “credit” for the attack on those mediums by al Qaeda is BS. You won’t count Facebook and Twitter as credible sources but claim a video is responsible with ZERO intell to support it.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said last week that the "basic principle is that you don't deploy forces into harm's way without knowing what's going on, without having some real-time information about what's taking place." This is a huge line of BS. Leon! You act on the best intell available. You will never have PERFECT intell. LEON! For SEVEN HOURS you knew your people in Benghazi were in serious trouble, and you did NOTHING. NO reinforcements, NO air cover, NO drone cover, NOTHING. If SEVEN HOURS of real time reports of an on-going attack are not enough for you to take some action - SOMETHING, ANYTHING – what, pray God, will be sufficient intell to act? It’s not that you tried something and failed. You NEVER even tried. You are a coward of the highest order.

What we know for certain:

Little Barry and his @$$clowns did NOTHING to assist those under attack in Benghazi for SEVEN HOURS.

Four Americans died.

Little Barry and his @$$clowns blamed the attack on a video for 10 days.

The video had nothing whatever to with the attack.

Little Barry and his @$$clowns knew the video had nothing to do with the attack.

The lapdog media have been complicit in covering up and ignoring the Benghazi attack in a blatant effort to drag Little Barry’s skinny worthless know-nothing @$$ across the electoral finish line.

Our republic is in serious decline.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Catholic awakening

Little Barry and his lapsed Catholic HHS Sec may have stepped deeper into the excrement than they thought. Sunday here in Ft. Wayne was the usual get out and vote “your conscience” pitch from the pulpit. “Usual” in the sense everyone knows it is coming.

What was totally unusual about the pitch was how remarkably forceful and clear it was that Catholics shouldn’t be supporting Little Barry. These “serious moral” questions from introductory remarks to Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship a voting guide of sorts for Catholics, were read from the pulpit:

1. “Continuing destruction of unborn children through abortion and other threats to the lives and dignity of others who are vulnerable, sick, or unwanted;

2. Renewed efforts to force Catholic ministries — in health care, education, and social services — to violate their consciences or stop serving those in need;

3. Intensifying efforts to redefine marriage and enact measures which undermine marriage as the permanent, faithful, and fruitful union of one man and one woman and a fundamental moral and social institution essential to the common good;

4. An economic crisis which has devastated lives and livelihoods, increasing national and global unemployment, poverty, and hunger; increasing deficits and debt and the duty to respond in ways which protect those who are poor and vulnerable as well as future generations;

5. The failure to repair a broken immigration system with comprehensive measures that promote true respect for law, protect the human rights and dignity of immigrants and refugees, recognize their contributions to our nation, keep families together, and advance the common good;

6. Wars, terror, and violence which raise serious moral questions on the use of force and its human and moral costs in a dangerous world, particularly the absence of justice, security, and peace in the Holy Land and throughout the Middle East.”

In a letter to Catholics in his Diocese, Bishop Kevin Rhoades put these moral questions into a context everyone can understand when he quoted Pope John Paul II:

Above all, the common outcry, which is justly made on behalf of human rights — for example, the right to health, to home, to work, to family, to culture — is false and illusory if the right to life, the most basic and fundamental right and the condition for all other personal rights, is not defended with maximum determination (Christifideles Laici, #38).

While Little Barry nor Romney’s name were ever mentioned during the pitch, at the end, a child of 4 knew that no Catholic could in good conscience support Little Barry. This is in marked contrast 2008 when there was a tortured appeal from the pulpit that asked Catholics to ignore certain things, then make their decision. Also, at St. Vincent’s Monsignor John made the appeal in person. In 2008 the pitch was made by whichever associate pastor happened to be saying the mass. Last, gone from the parking lot of St V’s are the oxy moronic bumper stickers Catholics for Little Barry.

As noted before on this page, the bishops are 40 years late to the party and it took their own ox being gored to awaken them but as they say, better late than never.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Rally with Mitt Romney

I was with 14,000 of my closest friends in Defiance, OH last night for a Romney campaign rally. It was awesome! The amount of work that goes into one of things is incredible. Lights, platforms, stages, fireworks, entertainment, sound equipment all were in perfect form last night – although the sound at the top of stadium had a bit too much reverb.

The entertainment was Big and Rich, Meatloaf and the lead from Alabama. Meatloaf is 65 years old. Who knew? He said he had never endorsed a political candidate in his life, but he was on board with Mitt Romney. He gave an emphatic southern preacher type endorsement of Romney that was really good in between his two numbers that, to my tastes, were way too loud.

All the local politicians were good and got the crowd revved up. Gov. Kasich was really good. I watched him work the crowd. He zeroed in the kids and was doing NFL fist bumps with them. They’d bump a closed fist then raise it up like a fireworks rising in the sky and exploding. He’d do it several time with the same kid until they got it synchronized. While other pols were talking he leaned against the stage with his hands in pockets so casual you’d think he was waiting for the 3:30 bus to come by. He gave a great introduction to Romney noting the kids he’d seen in the crown and that they were what the election was all about. Passing a $16,000,000,000 dollar debt on to them was immoral. He noted, winning the election wasn’t good enough. It’s what you do after you win that counts.

Romney was fantastic. He is the real deal. He noticed a man wearing a “WII Vet” hat in the crowd and strayed from his stump speech to point him out, saying, “I don’t know him, but I know him.” Then, back on the speech, he asked for Veterans to raise their hands. He noted a verse from America the Beautiful that spoke to veterans:

O beautiful for heroes proved
In liberating strife.
Who more than self their country loved
And mercy more than life!

And he thanked them.

The entertainment came back on singing America the Beautiful while fireworks were shooting off in the background. Awesome.

I stayed and watched Romney work the crowd before being whisked away. There was a man with his young baby daughter. He was in the back and holding her up so she could see. He followed Romney the length of the rope line holding her overhead. Near the end the crowd parted and let him near the front. The little girl caught Romney’s eye and he reached several rows back for the baby. Thousands must have been watching what I was watching, because when Romney took that baby from the man the crowd went nuts.

After that, I stuck around and watched the crew dismantle the site. I got a chance to walk up on the stage were Romney had stood just minutes earlier. A young campaign worker was taking heavy metal objects from the stage carefully packing them into three aluminum cases. I asked if he’d mind taking a picture. He stopped what he was doing and took several shots. It wasn’t until he handed my camera back that his suit coat parted and I noticed the badge attached to his belt.

I asked what the badge was. He said secret service. I apologized for distracting him from his work. Not to worry was his response. I have now wondered what the heavy objects were that were so important that they needed to be packed very carefully back into cases.

It was great night. It’s just about down to voting now.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ben Ghazi: the guest who would not leave

Some guy named Ben Ghazi is causing Little Barry and his @$$clown administration all kinds of problems. Ben blew up in Little Barry’s face as if he were exploding candles on Little Barry’s “we have al Qaeda on the run” party cake on 9-11-12.

Despite lapdog media hints for Ben to leave Little Barry’s victory party, Ben refuses to go. In fact Ben went over and peed in Little Barry’s party punch bowl. The lapdogs have Ben surrounded and are trying to keep him out view hoping nobody will notice him and pretending the party is proceeding just as planned.

Uh oh, Ben’s on the gift table taking off his clothes while singing Macarthur Park slightly off key. The lapdogs respond with a, “quick everyone outside for free drinks and a steak dinner.”

The “world’s smartest woman” Shrilldabeast Clinton has claimed that the newly released State Dept. e-mails that called Benghazi a terrorist attack two hours after it started just demonstrate how “fluid” the situation was. So fluid in fact that she and her incompetent boss decided that whole thing was due to a protest of a video that was never mentioned.

That’s fluid all right. How did that conversation go?

Shrilldabaest: “Well we have reports that this was a terrorist attack by an al Qaeda affiliated group.”

Little Barry: “What? This is a protest in response to a video.”

Shrilldabeast: “No. It’s an al Qaeda terrorist attack. We have real time video of the assault.”

Little Barry: “Well if the intell is telling you that it’s a protest in response to a video, that’s what it is.

Shrilldabeast: “No. It’s a terrorist attack by an al Qaeda affiliated group.”

Little Barry: "OK then. Shrilldabeast, drink a quart of vodka then Get Susan Rice out there on Sunday to tell everyone that this assault was a protest over the video.”

Shrilldabeast: “Well OK then. After all, by the time I’m done with the vodka, the situation will be fluid.”

How can you say straight faced that the situation was “fluid” when your spokesperson went forth with the most fantastic lie on 5 Sunday shows? If the situation was “fluid,” why not just say, the situation right now is fluid? Why the BS lie? And why the “protest video” BS for which there was not one ounce of proof fluid, gas or solid?

Uh oh, Ben has come outside. He’s naked and covered in chocolate wearing a sombrero and cowboy boots and blowing a whistle. Do you think anyone will notice? Hey everyone! Look over here! It's a clown!  It’s Gloria Allred.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bayonets and Boats

Navy Ships and Bayonets
I was surprised when some knowledgeable people agreed with Little Barry’s BS about comparing ships to bayonets and horses during Monday night’s debate. Even Mrs. Lex concurred that Little Barry had a point but was a d-bag in making it. I thought the point was off the mark as well. Here’s why:

On form, remember the condescending tone Little Barry used? Little Barry wanted to come off as some sort of military know-it-all so he used that condescending tone. Except we all remember condescending Little Barry was the same dope who referred to a Navy Corpsman as a Navy Corpse Man. So we all know that Little Barry doesn’t know squat about the military.

On facts, every service rifle still comes with a bayonet. We probably have more rifles than we did in 1916. Little Barry was just plain wrong about having fewer bayonets.

Then Little Barry referred to submarines as “ships” that go underwater. As any bubblehead knows, submarines are never referred to as “ships.” They are boats. NOTE: While bubblehead could be an accurate term to refer to Little Barry and his d-bag VP, in this case it is a term service members use to refer to anyone in the submarine service. I suppose it comes from when subs use air to blow out ballast creating great walls of bubbles.

Next, as we used to say, quantity has a quality all its own. If all you have is a small number of high value assets the tendency is to husband the resources. Sort of like not wanting to take the fire truck out to a fire because there might be a larger fire while you’re out. Also think of how a chess player uses his queen. There is a huge strategic and tactical advantage to having smaller ships deployed forward. You can never refer to anything military as a pawn, so let’s refer to smaller forward deployed ships as a picket.

Next, as Paul Ryan pointed out, the oceans aren’t getting any smaller. There is a minimum number of ships required to cover the area and our strategic interests.

Last, Navy ships are a critical part of the strategic missile defense. As such it would really be a huge advantage to have enough to provide strategic missile defense for forward deployed troops, friends, allies and our own coast.

So yeah, Little Barry was an @$$ in his response to Romney’s suggestion that we needed more ships, but was also and more importantly an uninformed @$$. None of which is surprising, sadly.

Abortion firestorm
Republican IN senate candidate Richard Mourdock stood in support of the life of a baby conceived by rape. If you believe that life begins at conception, Mourdock’s position is the correct one. The child conceived as a result of rape has committed no crime and is as innocent as any other baby.

Think of the movie Rob Roy. When Rob’s wife is telling him that she was raped by the villain, she weeps, “I could not kill it, husband,” “it” being the baby. Later, when Rob goes off to meet the villain in a battle he is sure to lose, his wife asks, “what of the child?” Rob says, “If a lad, name him Robert. If a las, name her after my love.” Spoiler alert: Rob makes it home.

We can’t all be so noble and clear minded. That doesn’t mean we cannot strive to be or appreciate those who are.

Dopes are already attacking Romney for Mourdock’s position. The war on women is re-born. But it’s really re-born into what it always was, a war on the un-born.

Ft. Hood Shootings
The Pentagon refuses to reclassify the shootings at Ft. Hood as a terrorist attack. Why? Well of course the Pentagon is populated by a bunch of sycophantic yes men. Having Ft. Hood reclassified as a terror attack so close to the election wouldn’t look good for Little Barry. So “workplace violence” it is.

If Ft. Hood wasn’t a terror attack, nothing is. Do not hold your breath for anyone with the brass to drop their stars on Little Barry’s desk or SecDef’s desk or any service chief’s desk over this. After all, its only 14 dead people. You’d think there would be at least one though. How about the commander of Ft. Hood? Where is he? Shouldn’t he be front and center shouting BS at the top of his lungs? No. Better to keep quite and work within the system all the while protecting their own careers.

I don’t get it. Men of such honor and valor are stone quite in the face of this injustice and just plain BS.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One man looked presidential: It wasn't the president

First and most important, Romney cleared the low bar set by Little Barry of measuring up to the job of being President of the Untied States based on foreign policy acumen.

Much like the VP debate, I started out wondering why Romney wouldn’t hammer Little Barry. In the end though Romney looked like a cool, calm and collected, viable presidential candidate and Little Barry looked like a desperate dope, an aging boxer, who knows he’s so far down on points, he needs the knockout.

Romney offered a couple withering flurries on the economy that Little Barry still hadn’t figured out how to duck. Romney added a devastating body blow with the “apology tour” business. Little Barry called on the media to bail his skinny butt out…again. Romney was ready throwing Little Barry’s words back at him and dazing the poor dope with the line of the night, “America does not dictate. America frees people from dictators.” Little Barry had NOTHING.

Little Barry acted like a baby brother taunting one of his older siblings into hitting him so he can run and tell mom, Romney was having none of it. All of Little Barry’s hackneyed attempts to get Romney to go off on the poor waif were brushed aside. Romney twice told Little Barry his personal attacks were not going to work at the debate or with the American people. By the half way point, Little Barry’s behavior became boorish making Little Barry look small, petulant and like a guy who had had one or two too many at the company Christmas party telling anyone who would listen how he is going to save the company.

Then there were the laughable lies. Like Libya and most other things, in the debate last night Little Barry proved Little Barry doesn’t know the truth. Little Barry doesn’t want to know the truth. Should he accidentally swerve into the truth, Little Barry will ignore it in favor of some BS strawman that he then argues against.

While claiming last night he didn’t have anything to with it, Little Barry signed sequestration into law. Then the misinformed dope said that sequestration “wasn’t going to happen.” Well granted, anything to do with following the law is probably up for debate in this lawless administration, uh, yes the sequestration is going to happen.

To stave it off, so far the only thing Little Barry has offered is a veto threats if Republicans don’t agree to Little Barry’s “punish the rich” tax and spend policy. So if Republicans don’t agree to destroy more private sector wealth, a move that will fund the government for whopping 8 days, sequestration will happen and everyone’s taxes will go up when current tax rates expire in favor of across the board higher ones. Little Barry calls that a win, win, win.

Then in an extraordinary and obvious lie, Little Barry said he wasn’t in favor of leaving troops in Iraq. That’s utter BS. He put Oh so Slow mighty Joe Biden in charge of negotiating the Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq. Slowly Joe went so far as to bet his vice presidency on getting the agreement. Surprise, surprise, surprise like everything in this worthless turd’s life i.e. his hair plugs, his brain transplant, his perpetual presidential campaign, his Slowness failed.

So in Little Barry’s world because he was stupid enough to put a buffoon in charge of the effort, pretty much guaranteeing failure, Little Barry was never in favor of an Iraq SOFA in the first place.

Then Little Barry flat out lied about Romney’s deal to take GM through bankruptcy. Little Barry claimed that Romney wouldn’t have provided government guarantees to GM and would “liquidate” the company. BS! BS! BS! And quadruple BS! In his NY Times OpEd Romney wrote:

The government should provide post-bankruptcy financing and assure car buyers that their warranties are not at risk.

Read the whole thing.

The fact that these lies are so easily proven for what they are indicates the desperate nature of the Little Barry campaign.

And given all of this, the talking heads tell us Little Barry narrowly won the debate. BS! You cannot lie your way through the thing while looking and acting like a spoiled teenage cheerleader who just got dumped by the quarterback in favor of a flag girl in the band and “win.” Little Barry in fact looked like the petty lying loser he is.

Luckily Romney didn’t take Lex’s advice. He had just the right tone and easily carried the night without the knock down drag out. Romney looked presidential. Little Barry did not. Game, set match, Romeny/Ryan.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Final debate prep

All the bright guys are warning Mitt Romney to stay away from the Benghazi issue during tonight’s debate. Why? Well according to the oh so smart chattering class, since he booted the issue at the last debate he should just cede the issue to Little Barry.

Hmm, well if it’s true - that the Benghazi issue will cause Romney problems - expect Bobby Schieffer to spend 89 minutes of the 90 minute debate delving into every aspect of every second of Little Barry’s inexplicably shifting story. There will be nothing Romney can do to "avoid the issue." 

The fact is that Benghazi is a huge problem for Little Barry. So expect about 15 seconds on the topic.  It'll go like this: 
Bobby S:  Candy Crowley did such a magnificent job explaining everything there is to know about the Benghazi attacks, that of course we all agree were a result of that heinous video, I think we'll skip over that one. 
Or it'll come up so late in the debate that it cannot be handled in its totality. 

Little Barry's Benghazi cover story is pure twice strained and refined utter BS.   Little Barry and the @$$clowns in his administration were wholly invested in an absurd cover up story blaming a little known video for the attacks on the Benghazi consulate for about ten days. When this is pointed out, the @$$clowns refer to “the fog of war.”

Well the fog of war excuse is usually reserved for those conducting the war in the heat of battle. It is not generally used as a crutch by Washington bureaucrats sitting in air conditioned offices with real time voice and video communications concocting some BS cover up story so thin a child could see through it and figure it out in about two minutes.

While it is a fact that first reports are usually incorrect, the facts remains that the State Dept had real time video of the Benghazi consulate that totally debunked the “protest” meme. The CIA within 24 hours focused on the likelihood that the “protest” was in fact a pre-planned assault. So why, Little Barry, did you and your idiots continue with the “video” BS for 10 days? Simple. The campaign had already written the take home line “bin Laden is dead and al Qaeda is on the run” into your stump speech. Couldn’t have that exposed now could we?

Romney shouldn't get bogged down on the White House Rose Garden speech. We already know how Bobby will have the transcript at the ready and say, “Well Gov Romney Little Barry did use the term ‘terror’ in his remarks.” Instead Romney should focus on the timeline and the video BS. If you knew it was a “terror attack,” why did you insist it was as a result of the video for 10 days while your State Dept and the CIA were telling you it was not?

Now the most important thing here is to pivot and note that Little Barry refuse to call things by their real name - site the Ft. Hood shootings as “work place violence” and the Little Rock shootings of two Army recruiters by an Islamo-Terror-Fascists as what? Random?  If Romney ties Ft. Hood "work place violence" to Little Rock ITF "random violence" against Army recruiters to Benghazi "video violence" as indicators of how totally out of touch Little Barry is, it's game set match.

The bar for Romney is rather low tonight. All he really needs to do is come off as a strong leader who wants to use American strength to avoid conflict. Given Little Barry’s strategy to bow, apologize and disarm, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Of course Little Barry will be lying his skinny butt off i.e. Israel has never had a closer friend than Little Barry. BS! Bobby Schieffer will be totally in the tank for Little Barry. Romney will have to debate him as well. Sadly, that’s nothing new.

My advice is go big or as the talking heads like to say strategically. Little Barry and Bobby boy will try to drag it down to what are you going to do about the VP of Lower Slip Slodiana who has the worst case of athlete’s foot in history. Those questions are brushed aside with a, unless there is an American strategic national interest, nothing. The headlines in the morning will scream “ROMNEY WANTS TO GIVE YOUR KIDS ATHLETE’s FOOT”

We’re smarter than that. We get it. We’re ready for the lapdog media to keep their thumbs ever heavier on the scale fairness.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Little Barry's horrible day

What a horrible day for clueless Little Barry. First a Gallop poll comes out that shows Romney +7. Don’t believe it. Work twice as hard.  Call one more friend or family member and make sure they vote.

Then the gift that just keeps right on giving to the Republican party, Slow Joe nuclear war is funny as hell Biden, accuses Paul Ryan of aiming bullets at the American people. Slowest of all Joes let lose this gem:

“I don’t understand how they believe and they do believe Ryan has written a book called The Young Guns with two other members of the House, no these are Republican leaders in the House. You had, unfortunately, the bullets are aimed at you.”

Now how does a party and their lapdog media that blamed the Gabby Giffords shootings on Sarah Palin for putting targets on a congressional map square Slow Joe’s remarks? They don’t. Nothing to see here. Just keep moving along.

But Oh-So-Slow Joe the Box-O-Rocks wasn’t done. The nation’s #1 buffoon went on to ask a crowd if they knew anyone who had served in Iraq or Iran. Pederast Harry the roach Reid, who happened to be standing behind his Slowness, along Dim-A-Dope NV Senate candidate Markey, both raised their hands. Really? It must be Cambodian war hero John Fran├žois Kerry who is heading up our secret war in Iran.

There really is no bottom to Slow Joe’s stupidity.

Then, on The Hags aka The View Whopper Whoopie Goldberg told Ann Romney that Mitt Romney didn’t go Viet Nam because Mormons don’t serve in the military. Well there’s one more thing to put on a list in 8 pt type seven rows per sheet of paper that stretches from here to sun and back now 10 going on 11times. Ever the gracious one, Ann gently corrected the Whopped. Beside, shouldn’t Dimm-A-Dopes be head over heels for guy who they believe - rightly or as is the case here wrongly - as a tenant of his deeply held religious principles opposes war? Weird huh? Whooping Cough can’t stand a guy she thinks can’t stand war.

Then on the Daily Show Little Barry referred to the deaths of 4 Americans in Libya as “not optimal.” Hmmm. That is what has bothered me most about the Benghazi attacks. The attacks themselves were bad enough but the administration’s and in particular Little Barry’s reaction to the attacks was, in my opinion, worse or as Little Barry might say not optimal.

The first time I saw him truly agitated about the attacks was when he was put on the spot during the debate. Look at all the events leading up to that moment. Look at him rush off and give a couple of fund raisers hours after the event. Look at him on the View and Letterman. He’s not mad. He’s very casual about the whole thing, no drama Little Barry. We had the “bumps in the road” comment and now this. He should be really pissed off about this, but the only time you can see any anger is when Romney takes him to task. And what’s he pissed about then? The attack? No. He’s pissed about Romney taking him task.

Then the disbarred Billy boy put some on ice on it Clinton thows Little Barry so far up under the bus, he landed next to right Rev? Wright with this:

"Governor Romney's argument is, 'We're not fixed, so fire him and put me in.' It is true, we're not fixed. When President Obama looked into the eyes of that man who said in the debate, 'I had so much hope four years ago and I don't now,' I thought he was gonna cry. Because he knows that it's not fixed."

Keep right on talking Billy Boy.

Then in a really creepy and weird bit on MESSNBC the unhinged Larry O’Donnell challenges Romney’s son Tagg to fight for Tagg saying he’d like to have taken a swing at Little Barry for calling his dad a liar. Tough guy Larry's act reminds me of Izzy Mandelbaum from the Seinfeld show.  Well there you have it.  Tagg wants to take a swing at Little Barry and big bad Izzy O'Donnell steps up. 4 Americans are murdered and the buck stops with the Shrilldabeast. There's a question on Benghazi during the debate and Jabba the Hut, uh, wait, no, Candy Crowley saves his worthless butt. I know the Dimm-A-Dopes think they are doing Little Barry a favor when they try to cover for the waif. In reality they make him look like a helpless little punk always looking for someone’s skirt to hide behind. OK, OK I know. He is a worthless little punk.

Little Barry’s night ended at the Alfred E. Smith dinner in NY where Mitt Romney kicked his butt…again. Romney’s bit was truly laugh out loud funny. Why? Because there’s a bit reality in all of it. One talking head opined that the dinner means nothing. Not one vote will be gained. I disagree. People like a candidate who can poke fun at himself. They like a guy who can sum up his opponent’s entire campaign in jokes in 5 minutes. Of all the killer lines Romney leveled on Little Barry, I thought the best line was on the Dimm-A-Dope lapdog media.

We both have our jobs to do. Mine is to lay out a positive agenda to get the country back on track. Yours is to make sure no one hears about it.

When Little Barry grabbed his sippy cup and headed off to bed with his blanky he must have been thinking WTF (Win the future).

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Conspiracy theroy #XXX

Did Candy I love Little Barry Crowley even actually have the transcript of the Rose Garden speech to do her “on the fly” fact checking? If so, why? During the debate Little Barry shouts out “check the transcript Candy.” That’s when Candy let me bail this little loser out again Crowley says wrongly that Little Barry is right. So did she have a transcript? Why? Did she expect someone to ask her to check it?

All or both of Lex’s readers know that I’m a huge conspiracy freak. Never attribute anything to coincidence that can be better explained by an unbelievable twisting thread of conspiracy. It just seems odd that Little Barry begs for help and Wa-La Candy the media whore, no wait that description isn’t fair to honest sex workers, Candy the media slug is right there to bail him out.

Then, the First Bag - Mooochell - starts a round of applause in violation of the rules. Is that odd? Not really. She is a classless, medaling, hectoring ol’ excrement bag with thunder thighs and a huge butt. But when taken in totality, the request to check the transcript, the transcript is checked, Little Barry is wrongly proven right, followed by a round of applause, it’s easier to believe the one bullet theory is correct or that we actually did land on the moon than that the entire Libya debate thing wasn’t contrived, rehearsed and set up. I demand a full FBI investigation.

Whatever they find out, in a world governed by fairness, Candy are there any doughnuts left Crowley would be fired.

Debate tie BS
The media, including FOX, is still insisting the debate last night was a tie. BS.

Sports anology:
One team scores 21 points in the first quarter. The teams each score one touchdown in the remaining three quarters. Who won? According to the media and pundints, who want to appear to be oh so fair minded, it’s a tie. BS.

Continuing the anology, consider that in the final seconds, one team’s running back is head to end zone unabated only to be tackled by the official. Tie?  My ample big butt.

I don’t know if Romney can get all of this into a 2 minute answer, but Victor Davis Hanson nails the administration’s bungling of the Libya TERROR attacks. No doubt questions on this subject will formulated by Jurassic era “news” man Bobby sure I’m in the tank for the Dopes Schieffer to put Romney in a bad light.

“Gov Romney didn’t you jump the gun on the 9-11-12 Arab uprising by issuing a totally political statement before all of the facts were in?”

As in the first debate, Romney will just have to ignore the questions and make his points.

Then there’s this. Back when I thought that the Sunday shows mattered, I heard Bobby why yes I covered the first cooling of the Earth Schieffer say that if he were president he’d make ChiCom loving Thomas L. my head is flat Freidman his Secretary of State. Is that an improvement? It’s about a push.

So you’ve got one Commie dunderhead picking another for an important job. Where have we seen that before? Slowest of Joes, Eric the wad, Shrilldabeast, Van Jones, Mao loving Anita I ain’t Dunn etc. etc.

R.C. Turdbin
R.C. Turdbin thinks that any employer who doesn’t buy his employees birth control is guilty of discrimination. Hmm. Bishop Rhoades has said that the Catholic Church “will not comply” with the HHS mandate on contraceptive. So, when Little Barry “has more flexibility after the election” will he be rounding up the bishops? Probably. They rounded up the guy who made the Innocence of Muslims film with a lot less justification.

Hedge your bet. Buy another gun and more ammo before Nov 6th.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stream of thought stuff on the debate

The #1 issue in America is the economy. Romney carried the debate on the economy in round one and last night by a huge margin.

All the focus was on Romney’s plan because Little Barry doesn’t have a plan.

Romney’ two minute uninterrupted indictment of Little Barry’s economy was a withering, fact filled, easily understood (by anyone who wanted to) series of 10 lbs. sledge hammer blows to Little Barry’s brittle as fine china economic RECORD.

Romney’s outline of his biography of saving the Olympics, turning around failing companies and MA juxtaposed against Little Barry’s failed record over the last four years left Little Barry searching for a new lie to tell about Romney.

So Romney by all accounts - polls, talking heads and common sense - carried the night on the #1 issue of the day – the economy.

Yet, somehow the same people say Little Barry won the debate. That leaves me scratching my head.

If you win the debate on the #1 issue by a 2-1 margin, it seems to me you have taken enough weighted points to carry the day. But not in Journo world.

One dope went so far to say that after Little Barry’s last performance he gets “bonus points” for showing up this time. Hmm, sounds to as if they are resorting to a pass through affirmative action debate scoring scheme.

But hey we all saw it. What did Little Barry offer in the affirmative to support his re-election? Zero, nada, zilch, squat, nothing. His entire argument for another term had nothing to do with what he has accomplished or what he intends to do. It’s all about Mitt.

Too bad for Little Barry, Mitt Romney came off as the only guy on stage that had a clue about what to do to get things turned around.

Romney also kicked Little Barry’s tail on immigration. That’s a subject that should have been in Little Barry’s wheelhouse. Romney effectively noted that Little Barry controlled the House had a filibuster proof majority in the Senate and did…drum roll…nothing. In a rare instance Romney got the last word and said, “I’ll get it done.”

So Little Barry wins it on points? I don’t think so.

The questions were absolute BS. How are you not like George Bush? WTF (win the future)? YGBSM. Where was the corollary, “Little Barry how are you not like Jimmy Carter?"

How are you going to get AK-47s off the streets? WTF? YGBSM. It’s hard for idiots to understand, but just because it looks like an “assault rifle” doesn’t mean it IS and assault rifle. But again, Romney effectively hooked the stupid question to Fast and Furious. Point Romney.

What are you going to do for women’s pay? WTF? YGBSM. How about EVERYONE’s pay. I’d like to have seen Romney say it’s not just women’s pay that sucks under Little Barry. Everyone’s pay, if they are fortunate enough to be earning any, sucks under Little Barry.

Why Republicans agree to these hacks running the debates every four years is beyond me.

Candy Crowley was a complete and utter failure. From question selection, to time keeping – Little Barry got 4 minutes more to say nothing making a total of over 7 minutes in the two debates – to her actively and incorrectly taking Little Barry’s side on Benghazi she was openly shilling for the Dopes.

In all three debates so far, the moderator has insured a Demo-Dope advantage on time. You’d think it’d be even or favor the Republican on at least one occasion. You’d be wrong. It’s another indication of how deep in the tank the lapdog media are for the Dopes.

The talking heads mostly agreed that Crowley unnecessarily inserted herself into the debate at crucial moment and then totally and completely booted Little Barry’s comment to decisively favor the sail eared know nothing. Way to go Candy. You’re doing a heck of job.

Still, given the dynamic of the moment, I don’t think Romney did a bad job. If the Ref is going to screw you with a horrible call, what you do? Quit? Romney asked the correct question. If you knew it was a terror attack on Monday, why was the UN Secretary saying it was protest due to some video on Sunday? Of course, Crowley made sure Little Barry didn’t have to answer the question.

Oddly, Crowley stepping in to save Little Barry’s worthless @$$ is going to insure that this issue is front and center until Monday’s debate. You can bet Romney will have the timeline down to a nanosecond by then and will do to Little Barry on Benghazi what he so effectively did to him on his failed economic record. A two minute of interrupted catalogue of misstatements, half truths, dissembling and down right lies of the administration on the View, Letterman, in the well of the UN and on 5 Sunday talk shows.   There is no plausible answer to the line of BS this administration has been feeding the American people on Benghazi.

While mismanaging the clock, it seemed to me that Crowley consistently gave Little Barry the last word on most issues. So, not only does one guy get 10% more time than the other, he also gets the last word on most topics. Those truly are pass through affirmative action debate rules. Still Little Barry could not use his advantage to any great affect.

Little Barry won? No way. You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you can not fool Lex. Romney won the debate on style and substance.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It doesn't add up

2 + 2 = 4, right? No. 2 + 2 = whatever Little Barry says it equals. Take Benghazi, please…rim shot. Slowest of all Joes said during the debate, or, judging by Slow Joe’s body language, was it a comedy show? Anyway, Slow Joe said Little Barry and his Royal Slowness were only reporting what the intelligence was telling them happened in Benghazi when they were BSing their way through some crap line about a film.

We KNOW the State Dep was in real time contact with the embassy. State knew that there were no “protests” outside the embassy. State knew that the first sign of trouble in the Benghazi consulate was the armed assault itself. State knew it was a terrorist attack from the first minutes of the attack.

Now what did the intell guys tell Little Barry and his Slowness? They MUST have told them the BS line about the BS film. A film nobody had ever heard of prior to Little Barry BS story?

OK, as improbable as that is, let’s run with that. So State is saying the consulate attack was an act of terror, and intell is saying it’s as a result of some BS film.

What do you do next? Well apparently, if you’re Little Barry, you make NO effort what-so-ever to resolve the two stories. You just run with the BS story about the film for 10 days. You run off to NV to fund raise while Ambassador Steven’s dead body and three other Americans are flown home. If your Little Barry, you BS your way through the View, Letterman and a UN speech with a ridiculous line of crap. You send out the UN Sec to five Sunday shows to deliver the same crap line. The crap line is continued through a VP debate. 2 + 2 in this case is quickly adding to up to 8 or 9.

What you should have done:
- Cancel your NV fund raiser.
- Call in the boys from State and Intell. (I say “boys” because we all know girls don’t lie. Proof positive Shrilldabeast Clinton is actually a man.)
- Demand the two stories be resolved within 24 hours. Actually, it would only take 24 seconds.
- Address the American people from the Oval Office with the truth. There, 2 + 2 = 4.

Ahhh, but that would blow the carefully choreographed lie that al Qaeda is on its heels. OK then let’s go with the film crap line until AFTER the election.

Chris Wallace asked David Axelhead 3 times on Fox News Sunday if Little Barry met with the National Security Council before hopping AF 1 to raise money. He didn’t. How do I know? Because Axelhead wouldn’t answer the question.  That means Little Barry KNEW what the truth was or didn't want ot know.

This entire thing is lie upon lie, BS covered in BS. It’s so obvious even the lapdog media, try as they might, cannot pour enough perfume on the BS to cover the stench.


Undecided voter funny political cartoon

The Cube Nails it...again

Here’s how the debate goes tonight:

A Sandy Fluke type asking why heartless and cruel Mitt Romney will not pay for her contraceptives. That’s followed by the free cell phone lady telling everyone how great Little Barry is and how Romney “sucks.” Followed by ponytail dude asking why Mitt Romney he hates 47% of Americans. Followed by a “concerned mom” asking Romney why he wants to “kill Big Bird.” Followed by Candy Crowley complimenting Little Barry on his choice of ties.

In the end, Romney tells the Fluke girl, as a Georgetown lawyer she stands to make a 6 or 7 figure salary. We’re not borrowing money from China to pay for your birth control. Go to Wallmart. Take $10 out of your wallet and buy your own birth control.

He tells the “free cell phone” woman the phone is NOT “free.” Someone is paying for it. In the line of the night he says, Little Barry is not just wasting our money. He’s borrowing it from China and then wasting it.

He tells Ponytail dude he doesn’t hate anyone. The political fact is that neither he nor Little Barry will get 100% of the vote, but both will be president of 100% of the American people. Then he’ll ask Little Barry, what percentage of the American people do you believe are the “bitter clingers” you referenced in 2008? What percentage of the American people do you believe “didn’t build” their businesses or successful lives.

He tells “concerned mom,” Big Bird will be fine. Big Bird earns 800 million a year. He can afford to pay for his own TV air time.

Romney’s tie will obviously be better than Little Barry’s, so he’ll let Crowley slide.

The lapdog media will declare Little Barry the overwhelming winner and wonder why Benghazi never came up.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Clown act covers lies

Proverbs 29:9 is being cited as a one sentence summation of the VP debate. Glenn Beck described it as God’s tweet on the debate.

“If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet.”

Yeah, pretty much. But I think there is something else going on as well. I can imagine Slow Joe the laughing machine Biden’s debate coach issuing this advice:

OK Joe we’ve been at for days. It’s obvious you’re going to get killed in the debate based on your policies, failed 4 years in office and absolute inability to grasp even the simplest of concepts. Here’s what you do. Lie your @$$ off. Just make up whatever you need to make up for 90 minutes to get through the night.

Then to cover your lies, act like the biggest jackass and d-bag ever. That shouldn’t be hard for you. The Republicans and our troops in the lapdog media will focus on how you “won the debate on points” but your bizarre behavior was so off-putting they’ll call it a tie. That’s the best we can hope for. You have to be such an @$$ everyone forgets about the pile of lies.

If Iraq and Afghanistan come up, say you voted against them. If Little Barry’s war on the Catholic Church comes up, say there is absolutely nothing in the bill that requires Catholics to violate their conscience. If use of force in Syria comes up, claim it’s 10,000,000 times the size of Libya. If Security in Libya comes up say you didn’t know anything about it. Strangely, everyone will believe you. Tell everyone the intelligence community told you all the violence in Libya was due to that video. Lie as much as you need to. But remember, the more you lie, the more erratic your behavior needs to be to cover the lie. In that regard, pretty much just be yourself.

I watched some of the Sunday shows and was amazed how much of the attention was focused on Slow Joe the lying machine’s behavior while ignoring his whoppers. So let’s clear all of this crap up.

An undeniable truth, contrary to Slow Joe the Middle East expert’s claim, Syria is not 5 times larger than Libya. Libya is in fact 9.5 times the size of Syria. When this was mentioned during the debate, Lex jr. said, “No it’s not.” I brushed the kid aside figuring a sitting VP couldn’t possibly foul such a fact up. On Fri. I had to tell young Lex he was absolutely correct and much smarter than With House cartographer Slow Joe lemme take a look at that map Biden.

An undeniable truth, contrary to Slow Joe Catholic Church canon law expert Biden’s claim that Little Barrycare exempts the Catholic Church from violating its conscience and 2,000 years of Catholic teaching with regard to a mandate on contraceptives, abortion and abortifacients, is that it does not. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops politely called his most @$$holiness Slow Joe’s statement, “not a fact.” Parsing the words of the good men on USCCB in words Lex’s readers will understand, Slow Joe Biden is a G-damned lying @$$bag.

An undeniable truth, contrary to Slow Joe I voted for it before I voted against it Biden, is the moron voted FOR intervention in BOTH Afghanistan and Iraq.

An undeniable truth, contrary to Slow Joe hear no request for security Biden, is there were multiple requests for more security in Libya prior to the attacks. Slow Joe’s claim to have not been aware any request for added security in Libya, to me, is more damning than ignoring it. If what the oh so Slow One said is true, fire Shrilldabeast the enabler Clinton immediately.

An undeniable truth, contrary to what Slow Joe the movie critics Biden says, the YouTube video Innocence of Muslims, now up to nearly 17 million hits thanks to the Little Barry administration covering its scrawny butt with it, had NOTHING to do with the attack on our Libyan consulate. The attack was a conducted by the very al Qaeda organization that Little Barry and the Slowest of All have been claiming for weeks “is on its heels.” The Libyan assault destroys that insane narrative. So it had to be covered up.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Debate proves only one man is qualified to be president


One of these is a picture of a grinning wild primate that screeches and flings his feces at visitors. The other is a picture by Daniel Hurst of a monkey.

As Lex warned yesterday, Slow Joe I didn’t vote for the two wars I voted for Biden is an odious dope. Through the first 15-20 minutes of the debate, I was hoping Paul Ryan would unload on Slow the pompous @$$ Joe. By about the 25 minute mark, I was thinking, hey just let this crap weasel filet himself, and he did.

Whatever points Slowest of Joes made were lost 2-3 fold by his abhorrent behavior. The only things missing from Slow Joe’s routine were a big red rubber nose, a loud squeeze horn, mismatched baggy clothes and a unicycle. Other than that, he was a perfect clown.

By the end of the debate, I’d expect that men wanted to punch the grinning bastard, knocking his store bought teeth into the back of his failed hair plugged empty head. If Mrs. Lex’s reaction was any gage, women just wanted him to go away as if he were Billy Boy Clinton exposing himself in a stall of the ladies room at the bus station.

The best take I’ve seen so far was from Greg Gutfeld who said Slow Joe was like the obnoxious drunk at the bar. Martha Raddazt was like the bar tender who just wanted the jackass to leave and Ryan was like the out of town salesman who just happened to walk into the place and got caught in the middle. I’d buy that if the bar tender also happened to be married to the obnoxious drunk.

Raddatz was horrible. She was totally in the tank, if not for Biden whom I’m sure she tired of quite quickly, then for the Dopes in general. She made you wish for Jimmy public money Lehrer. When Slow Joe wasn’t interrupting Ryan, Raddatz was. Her interruptions with follow ups were nearly exclusively directed at Ryan.

In three days the only thing that will be remembered from this debate are as follows:
1)  Slow Joe lied about the information the intell service provided on Libyan attack on our embassy.
2)  Slow Joe lied about the embassy not asking for additional security assets.
3)  Slow Joe lied about his vote on the Iraq and Afghan wars.
4)  Slow Joe was a complete unprofessional jackass inappropriately grinning and laughing his way through the murder of a US ambassador, record poverty in US and nuclear war. Late night comedians and Saturday Night Live will have a field day. Little Barry will sink further.

During an interview with Paul Ryan’s brother, Tobin, Greta Van Susteren asked why Ryan didn’t respond in kind to boorish Slow Joe’s behavior. Tobin’s answer is insightful. He said, Paul responded and acted the way we were raised. That’s AWESOME! When asked about slow Joe’s @$$clown routine, Tobin’s wife refused to comment on Slow Joe’s asinine behavior instead focusing on Paul. She remarked, one man looked presidential out there tonight.

Good point. Based on that debate performance, who do you want answering the 3 am phone call that your ambassador and three others are dead, the laughing hyena or Paul Ryan? Insta polls indicate Ryan would be the better the choice. CNN: Ryan 48% – NitWit 44% CNBC: Ryan 56% - D-bag 36%

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ryan Vs. the repellant Slow Joe

The debate tonight is a real wild card.

First, the controversy over Little Barry being in attendance at the moderator’s weddings is a REAL and obvious concern. I’d expect that the scrutiny that is going to fall on ABC foreign policy correspondent Martha Raddatz for being a Little Barry acolyte will NOT be enough to keep her from going deep into the tank for team Little Barry.

But you have wonder why, for the sake of appearance alone, ABC and the Debate Commission wouldn’t dump Raddatz in favor of another Little Barry acolyte whose lips don’t have such an obvious connection to Little Barry’s @$$.

Raddatz remaining as the debate moderator is the bad news for right-thinking people. The good news is that even with a whole team of Little Barry acolytes moderating the debate, the Dopes will still have to rely on Slow Joe chains Biden and Little Barry’s pee poor record to carry the night. That is a monumental task.

While the Middle East burns, expect Raddatz and Biden to try to direct the debate toward squishy social issues like the “war on women,” helping the poor, taxing the rich, Big Bird, releasing 80 years of tax returns, etc.

When Slow Joe starts lying his @$$ off bout Romney's tax plan, Ryan should respond with:
Joe your characterization of Gov Romney's tax policy is the most inacturate thing you've said since you claimed jobs, J-O-B-S, is a three letter word.

They will have to address Libya in some manner. I’d expect Biden to fall back on some BS line like “we have an investigation on going and we should leave that issue until it is complete,” which of course will be after the election.

There’s a lot of buzz going around about what a “great guy” Slow Joe is. Even Paul Ryan has said he likes the Slowest of all Joes. I don’t. He is a lying, plagiarizing, arrogant buffoon. Ryan ought to remember that it was Slow Joe chains Biden who alluded to a black audience that Romney and Ryan wanted to put them back in chains. He is vile creepy bastard.

For Paul Ryan, as was the case for Romney, I believe the bar is rather low. His task is simply to come off as reasonable, well informed and prepared to be president. He cannot fumble the inevitable “What would you do if, God forbid, something happened to a President Romney,” question. Simple; 1) Pray 2) Call a meeting of leaders on both sides of the aisle 3) Meet the cabinet and military leaders 4) Contact friendly world leaders 5) Address the American people and the world in an evening speech from the Oval Office, but none of that is going to be necessary because as is evidenced by his health record, Mitt Romney is in excellent shape. We really know a lot less about the state of Little Barry’s health.

If he does that while repeating the cost of gas, historic unemployment numbers, welfare numbers, food stamp numbers and the record number of poor under Little Barry, he’ll win big.

He should also negate anything Biden alludes to as what team Little Barry “will do” in second term with a question, “why didn’t you get it done in your first term when you held both houses of congress and the White House?” Case closed. Debate won. If he can do it concisely, with a good nature and a bit of wit, he, like Romney, will win in a landslide.

If it’s not a landslide, the lapdog media will declare Slow Joe the winner.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Enough of "cool"

If this was a student council race how would it look? Cool pot smoking punk in the cool kid clique with a phony smile and ready line of BS for whoever might pass by. His running mate is the class clown a jackass in aviator shades. He’s just back from flushing a cherry bomb down the faculty toilet. They beat the earnest and serious kid who can’t make many friends because he’s…well serious.

The cool kids go on to spread council money and school favors among their “cool” friends. Everyone else suffers. The cheerleaders and jocks all love the punk and the jackass. The rest of the student body notices the things aren’t so cool any more around campus. Other schools are openly laughing at the punk and the jackass. The cool kids are shaking down the rest of the student body stealing their lunch money to pay for cool kid weekend parties.

A new kid steps in to run against the punk and the jackass. He’s not cool at all. He’s the worst kind of un-cool. He’s competent.

The cool kids are all tweeting about what a nerd the new kid is and how we ought to give the cool punk and the jackass another shot. The rest of the student body isn’t buying what the cool kids are selling. And funny thing happens, the cool kids realize there are a hell of lot more un-cool in the high school than cool. The big deal about being one of the cool kids is that so few actually achieve the status.

Of course Little Barry and Slow Joe chains Biden are the punk and the jackass. The cool kids - the cheerleaders and jocks - are Hollywood morons and the Lamesteamers. The student body is the rest of the electorate.

We tried the cool kids. They looted the treasury, heaped cell phones bought with our lunch money on their friends, wasted billions on green energy grants to their cronies, propped up their BS regime with tax payer money from a billion dollar boondoggle know as the stimulus. It’s time for boring competence.

Big Dope
Little Barry and other cool kids are in an uproar about Mitt Romney wanting to pull public funding from PBS. Good. If they think that is a winning issue, go for it. In the second term, when they have more flexibility, maybe they will force us to watch PBS by pulling the plug on everything else. That’d serve us right thinking people right – right? You laugh. What’s the First Bigg @$$ doing with school lunch programs – uh other than starving kids? She’s replacing our commonsense with her do gooder BS sense. And she’s getting away with. Who has stood up to the First Vacationer? No school that I know of has said, “Thanks for your interest Moochelle, but no thank you. We will not be complying with your nonsense. ”

98% of think PBS is a colossal waste of money. First if you ever do tune in, they are probably in one of their nonstop fund raiser modes. Then what’s on? The News Hour without Jimmy public money Lehrer. Jimmy has been replaced with a couple of George Soros automatons. That’s right Soros has loaded PBS up with about 2 million dollars to buy Soros-like “news” people.

Anyone with a brain would think it absurd to take tax payer money from a government that is so broke it can’t afford to pay attention to subsidize an entity that makes 300 million dollars a year. The same is true of Planned un-Parenthood. That entity makes millions upon millions of dollars a year performing abortions. Yet they get public money. YGBSM Lex! No I’m not.

Romney had a home run in the debate with his simple test for government programs, is it so necessary that it is worth borrowing money from China to pay for it. PBS and Planned unParenthood fail that test miserably.

Besides, aren’t people who watch PBS the most pretentious self important bunch of dopes in the population? Pretentious self important - isn't that an accurate description of the Lamestream media and Hollywood?  If I watched, I’d never admit it. Dropping PBS into a conversation about anything, other than de-funding it, is like just coming out and saying, “I have so little credibility on this subject that I better drop a ‘I heard on PBS’ in here somewhere.” When I hear, “I heard on PBS…” my immediate reaction is to say STFU before another syllable is uttered.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Little Barry's one qualification to be president in tatters

It just keeps getting better. A MI plant that got $150 million GRANT – not loan – in 2010 to build ion batteries has already produced nearly one battery. Yeah, none, zero, zilch batteries have rolled off the company’s production line, uh make that non-production line. But not to worry. The company is now furloughing employees.

And if that’s not enough to P-O the pope dig this. The company is owned by South Koreans. The plant was supposed to produce batteries for idiotic Chevy Firetrap aka Volt. But the batteries for that misadventure are being produced in…drum roll please…South Korea.

So now on Thurs when Slowest of all Joes lays that BS line of “my dad told me, ‘Joey, show me your budget, and I’ll show you what you value’” Paul Ryan will be able to say, “You’re a F&^king liar Joe. No one talks like that. Besides I guess you value South Korean companies and batteries more than American made batteries. And your @$$ sucking d-bag in the senate Harry the roach Reid values nothing, because he has violated the law by NOT producing a budget for the last three years. Shut up you lying, plagiarizing, slow witted dope scum bucket.”

OK it’s unlikely Ryan will say that or anything close to it, but he can articulate the ideas therein in a manner that doesn’t make himself look like some unhinged, angry blogger ranting at the keyboard in his PJs with cup coffee. Hey, waaaaait a minute, that could be Lex. Oh well, it’s too late to go back and put myself in a better light. As one sail eared dope is fond of saying – Forward!

So we now have batterygate to go along with Solyndragate and Fiskergate. Now we are getting 5 trillion in tax cuts for the wealthygate. Demo-Dopes continue with the tired Romney lied during the debate meme. Except Demo-Dope talker Stephanie Cutter fouled up and told the truth for once and probably for the first time when she “stipulated” that Romney’s plan is “no where near a 5 trillion dollar tax cut.” OOOPS.

But even the Little Barrycare co-conspirator AARP has asked Little Barry to stop dragging them into the debate. I wonder why. Do they sense the Little dope might be going down?

And former Lamestreamer - Lara Logan - claimed that Little Barry’s administration is lying about the Taliban, al Qaeda and its proxies. Contrary to Little Barry’s “strategy of hope” and wishful thinking, they are NOT “going away.” She claims, “There is this narrative coming out of Washington for the last two years,” by Taliban apologists, who claim ”they are just the poor moderate, gentler, kinder Taliban.” Logan concludes, “It’s just such nonsense.” Well yeah, ask Ambassador Stevens. Oh, wait we can't do that, because they MURDERED him.

Last there is the woman in Iowa that Little Barry tried to portray as disgruntled. The woman, Lisa Morrison slapped Little Barry down with this:

Today I am outraged that my question is being misrepresented and used as a political tool against the Romney/Ryan campaign by both media and the Obama camp. The question I asked is what we the citizens want to know: How is the Romney/Ryan plan going to tackle this economy? Paul Ryan answered it with precise clarity.

You have to say that there are some cracks showing what Little Barry claimed in 2008 to be his only qualification to be president – running his campaign. He can’t lie about Romney’s tax plan without his own staff getting off message. He is fresh off a world-class @$ whippin’ in the first debate, another green energy debacle has just risen up to bite his scrawny @$$, AARP is hedging their bet and backing away, a former Lamestreeamer is calling his Middle East policy delusional, and even ordinary people are lashing out his BS campaign for misrepresenting their views.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Lawless Little Barry

 Charles Krauthammer called Little Barry’s a “lawless administration.” Proof? Let’s see.

It started with Little Barry’s DoJ letting a couple of New same as the old Black Panthers slide on a voter intimidation case. It continued with DoJ’s hare brained Fast and Furious operation that Eric the wad Holder lied and continues to lie his @$$ off about. Then the DoJ took it upon itself to insure Little Barry’s Dope operatives could get on with their voter fraud operation unencumbered by those pesky voter ID laws. There is the on going cover up of Ambassador Steven’s death in Libya. Through it all the lapdog media shouted “squirrel” and complained about Romney’s 1961 tax returns.

Not long ago, Little Barry told the Def Dept and defense contractors not to send out the 2 million or so warning notices of impending lay offs REQUIRED BY LAW, many in key battleground states like VA, due to sequestration. Of course everyone says, “well of course your royal @$$holiness. Whatever the Little affirmative action pass through desires is our command.” The lapdog media have no interest. Instead they shout “squirrel,” Mitt Romney had vanilla ice cream with his apple pie proving once and for all he a racist.

Then the Bureau of Labor Statistics magically comes out with a 7.8% unemployment number down from 8.2% based on a pathetic 114K jobs added to the largest economy in the world. This number is so phony and contrived and the timing so UNBELIEVABLE everyone – even the Dopes - know the number is pure 100% twice distilled and refined bovine excrement. The Dopes and their lapdog media do not care. Who cares how the number got where it is? All that matters is that it helps Little Barry. The lapdogs are shouting “squirrel,” look at Ann Romney’s expensive blouse.

Today Little Barry is claiming he was able to raise a whopping $181 million in Sep. Who cares? So what? Here’s the so what. An amazing 98% of those contributions are from non-reportable sources. I guess that means they are first time donors who contributed less than $50.

The rumor is that the money is coming from foreign sources via untraceable credit card donations. Bill Clinton took ChiCom money and John Glenn ran out the clock on Fred Thompson’s investigation. Lex believes Glenn went into the tank for Clinton to get another shot, uh space shot that is. We know dirty money was getting into the Clinton campaign. Bob Dole famously asked, “where’s the outrage?” We yawned and the Lamestreamers shouted “squirrel,” and we turned away to find it. Little Barry is now doing the same thing.


Did Lex predict this?  Why, yes, I believe he did.  The great Michael Ramirez hits the nail on head again.

When we were kids, we tended to blame our losses on someone/thing other than ourselves. The refs screwed us. The weather was terrible. They cheated. The coach messed up.

Take the famous bad call in the Packer’s Seahawk’s game. Whaaaaaaaa! The ref blew the call. Well if it comes down to a single call, I’ll bet AF Bro’s fancy car that there were bad calls and non-calls that went both ways. A famous Coach Locke-ism is that the Refs will never cost you a game, if you don’t let them.

After Little Barry’s heinous @$$whippin’ last week the excuses continue to pile up:

While lying about the "5 trillion dollar tax cut" repeatedly, Little Barry is now calling Romney a liar.

It was Jimmy public money Lehrer’s fault for not protecting Little Barry.

It was the altitude. Oh ignore that one. AlGore blurted that one out. When do we ever pay any attention to that idiot’s claims?

MESSNBC opined that Little Barry is just too awesome to debate. His mind runs at a different level. We can’t expect him to focus on the mundane for 90 minutes.

It’s all Cambodian war hero John Fran├žois Kerry’s fault, because he was Little Barry’s debate prep partner.

MESSNBC also speculated that Little Barry was distracted by some personal or national problem that weighed on his pea sized mind during the debate.

Proof positive that the left has come totally unhinged, there’s speculation that Romney cheated by putting notes on the sleeve of his shirt. Now that’s crazy. Everyone knows that Romney wouldn’t ruin one his $2,800 shirts (or is the Dope talking point this morning that Romney’s shirts cost $28,000) by writing on it. Besides, if took notes on his shirt, wouldn’t it be on E-Bay by now?

It all sounds like a cry baby, dopey,  poor loser, loser, no? 

The most obvious answer is usually the correct answer. Little Barry got his @$$ whipped because Romney, along with just about everyone else, is smarter than Little Barry. Little Barry got his @$$ whipped because he has made a mess of everything and has nothing in his record to run on.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Demo-Dope lapdog media will try to recover

Paul Ryan had better be on his best game for his debate on the 11th. The lapdog media and the Demo-Dopes are out to reassert themselves. The media narrative after Romney’s shellacking of Little Barry is, “The Demo-Dopes will tell us what they want the people to believe and then we’ll tell the people. We can’t let Republicans and the truth mess up our arrangement.”

No doubt the VP debate moderator Martha Raddatz has already gotten her marching orders from the ABC bigs who got them from David Alexhead. Here’s the memo:

To: ABC “News”
From: Your Lord and Master, David Alexhead

You saw it with your own eyes and heard it with your ears. Little Barry got clobbered on Wed night by the Republican challenger, Mitt Romney.

It was all the media’s fault that Little Barry was clobbered. We had an agreement. You carry Little Barry and his nit wit vice president across the finish line, and we don’t go to the UN lamenting a “free press” and the first amendment. You know, if they could, the UN would shut you all down in a minute, right? We’d hate to see that happen, but in an effort to placate “the religion of peace” it may become necessary.

Remember what happened to the “Innocence of Muslims” film maker? Well the same thing can happen to you - particularly after the election when we’ll “have more flexibility.”

So you need to hold up your end of our deal. Jimmy public money Lehrer is currently having his taxes audited by all of the 16,000 new IRS officers hired under Little Barrycare. His home is simultaneously being declared a “wetland” and an environmentally toxic wasteland by the EPA. His assets are all frozen pending an investigation for narco terrorist money laundering by HHS. I’d hate to see Martha come under such scrutiny, but we’ll go where “the investigation” takes us.

Like Romney, Ryan is much, much smarter than our guy. How much smarter? Only God understands exactly how incredibly stupid Slow Joe Biden really is, so we have to assume he’s the dumbest man alive, possibly the dumbest man who ever lived.

Sadly, it is going to be Martha’s job to try to make him look smart. Start off by giving us the questions for the debate. While it’s true no advantage will be sufficient to cover for Slow Joe’s idiocy, it will help us formulate the correct answers. Then when we use the Mission Impossible technology to make Van Jones look and sound like Slow Joe, we’ll at least stand a chance. Of course we’ll have to do something with Slow Joe. Our current plan is to take him to McDonald’s and let him play in the ball pit for 90 minutes.

Explain to Martha that it’s nothing personal, but in this age of “terrorism,” we can’t be too careful now can we? We’d hate to see Martha or any of her family or friends rounded up for “questioning.”

We know you’ll do the right thing. You always do.


Your Lord and Master,

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Little Barry's Debate performance: Beaten, steam rolled, chopped, diced, pureed, run through a fine strainer and the process repeated

Stream of thought stuff:
Wow! What an old fashion beat down.

By Fri expect 10,000 references to and 100s of political cartoons of Romney debating an empty chair.  Yeah, Clint Eastwood sure missed the mark. Didn't he?

It looked like Ward Cleaver explaining macro economics to the Beaver

Sticking with the Leave it to Beaver theme, it looked like Eddie Haskell getting caught being himself.

For the first time in his entire affirmative action pass through life, Little Barry now knows what it feels like to have to stand on your own not having someone there to bail his scrawny know nothing, do nothing, be nothing butt out. Oh, and this is important, no do overs, no grading on an affirmative action curve.  It was out there, and everyone saw it.

Lex was right. Little Barry is a dope. He couldn’t even get through his 2 minute closing remarks which had to have been totally rehearsed and memorized.

Little Barry looked like a fool. Well, probably only because he is a fool.

For kicks I tuned in MESSNBC after the debate:
It was funnier than a Pink Panther marathon.

Rev? Al not so SHARPton was in a lather. What a bunch of clueless dolts. The entire night it was how Romney lied and Lehrer didn’t protect Little Barry the way he should have.

Pissy Matthews was noticeably dejected. The thrill up the leg is apparently gone. Pissy’s last hope was that the “fact checkers” would catch Romney in a lie. As Lex noted yesterday, the “fact checkers” are all in the tank for Little Barry so they will SAY they caught Romney in a lie. They’d do that no matter what.

If things go well for Republicans on Nov 6th, I encourage everyone to flip over to the MESS on NBC for a few minutes at a time (about all anyone with a brain can stand) for a good laugh. The Tweets they were running at the bottom of the screen were priceless as well. The Little Barry nation is in a full on panic.

Romney must have read Lex yesterday:
As Lex advised, Romney drove a steak into the heart of the Little Barry lie about Romney supporting a middle class tax increase.

Romney also cleared the minimum requirement of presenting himself as an acceptable alternative to Little a mile...or two...or three.

He also heeded my advice of pretty much ignoring the moderator. That really POed the MESSNBC dolts.

Home runs:
Hammering Little Barry’s green energy boondoggles. “You don’t pick the winners and losers, you just pick losers.”

When Little Barry brought up tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas, Romney schools the sail eared dope. “I’ve been in business 35 years and have never heard of such a thing. Maybe I need to get the name of your accountant.”

Test for every government program, “Is it so essential that it’s worth borrowing money from China to pay for it.” AWESOME! Good bye Post office, Amtrak, the UN, NEA, etc.

Jimmy public money Lehrer looked like a female 22 year old first year substitute teacher who majored in English trying to control my senior year VoAg class. About half way through, if he could have, public money Lehrer should have called in our principal Mr. McCann to restore order - just like the substitute did. He should have at least polled the audience, like they do during a medical emergency (Is there a doctor in the house?) is there a moderator in the house?

Public money Lehrer’s big tell about how deep in the tank he was for Little Barry was during the debate on the deficit. He kept saying to Little Barry “So you prefer the balanced approach?” Way go Jimmy. You’re doing a heck of a job. Also, clock keepers note Little Barry managed to talk for 4 minutes longer than Romney while not saying anything.

Also, NOT including closing statements, Little Barry both opened and closed the debate.

Next debates:
In the lamestreamers never ending effort to drag Little Barry and Slow Joe across the finish line, the moderators from here on in will be even more in the tank for the Demo-Dopes. They will attempt to make Romney/Ryan stay on point of their dopey Demo-Dope talking point questions. When that happens, a well placed, “Excuse me _______, you are not on the ballot. You ask the questions. I answer them. The people decide if my answer is on point. Not you. Now, please don’t interrupt me again.”

Little Barry will be much more aggressive from now on, so he’ll screw up somewhere down the line for sure, because he’s an undisciplined punk.

Left on the table:
Not much. When Little Barry talked about what he is "going" to do, Romney could on every occasion have said, “Little Barry, you’ve had four years. What in the world are you waiting on? Get off the golf course, skip a vacation or two, and get to work.”

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Debate primmer

Yeah, Slow Joe dead and buried middle class Biden is colossal jackass unqualified to be part of a marathon help staff handing out drinks to runners at a water station. But this is about the debate.

First. No matter what, the Pissy Matthews types in the lapdog media will declare Little Barry the over whelming winner no matter what. Little Barry could have a mental break down – spending the entire 90 minutes weeping uncontrollably - and Pissy would be telling us Little Barry has worked so hard for us. He just needs more time. He cares so much he weeps for us. Etc. etc.

Second. Little Barry will, as usual, be lying his skinny @$$ off. If you think the “fact checkers” will expose him for the pathological lying punk he is, fuggetaboutit. The “fact checkers” are all Demo-Dope sops in the lapdog media. They have no interest in fact checking anything the lying little d-bag says.

With regard to lying, the biggest lie hurting Romney in the swing states right now is Little Barry’s whopper that Romney is going to raise taxes on the middle class. Romney has to drive a stake into the heart of that lie. The only middle class taxes that are going to go up are all Little Barry’s and all associated with Little Barry care. And mark my words on this, when Little Barry raises taxes on the rich, the economy is going to sink further. Then he will have no choice but raise taxes on the middle class, because, Mr. and Mrs. America, that is where the real money is.

Third. It’ll be Romney Vs. hapless Little Barry and the lapdog media screw “moderating” the debate - Jimmy public money Lehrer. Romney ought to put Jimmy public money Lehrer in his place early on. Newt Gingrich was the master at destroying the “moderator” for stupid questions that start with a BS Demo-Dope talking point premise like: Mr. Romney, as a Godless, woman hating, money grubbing, polygamist Mormon, we all know you will raise the taxes on the poor and the middle class so you can cut taxes for your rich buddies at the country club, but do you really think that is a fair tax policy?

Rejoinder to the inevitable stupid boxer or briefs type question: Look I’d love to go on Letterman in 8 years when we have this thing turned around and Paul Ryan has been elected President of the United States and address such silliness, but right now we’re 16 trillion in debt, the Middle East is on fire and 23 million Americans don’t have work. We really don’t have time for such foolishness during a national debate right now. Next question.

Take away line when the “47%” issue comes up: Look if you’re looking for the government to buy you a “free” (air quotes) phone or pay for your contraceptives with your neighbor’s money, vote for this guy (thumb point to Little Barry). If you want a good job so you can buy the things you need on your own, vote for me. I’ll get the job done.

UBL: When Little Barry brings up “I killed bin Laden,” Romney’s response strait faced and dead-pan, “To paraphrase someone on this stage, you didn’t do that. The SEALs made that happen.”

Whatever the question, relate it back to 40+ months of unemployment over 8%, 16 trillion in debt, record gas prices, record number of poor, record number of food stamp recipients, record low labor participation, as in “war on women.”

There is no greater war on a women than is being waged by this president whose policies have led to record unemployment among women. There’s no greater battle for these women than try to drive around looking for work when gasoline cost are the highest in history. They are forced onto food stamp with a record number of Americans and into poverty with another record number of Americans. There's nothing more crippling to the future of the children of America's women than the 16 trillion dollars of debt this president is willing to saddle them with.  I’ll break this cycle of poverty with policies to get the American people back to work. I’ll get the job done.

My advice Romney over all would be to ignore public money Lehrer and Little Barry.  Look into the camera and irrespective of the question make your case to the American people. In that regard, I really believe the bar for Romney is rather low. He needs to come of as a competent executive with new ideas that include American physical and fiscal security by once and for all developing America’s energy resources, EPA be damned (70% issue for Republicans) relate this back to Little Barry's failed Middle East policy,securing our borders (60%+ issue for Republicans), cutting the size and reach of government (60%+ issue for Republicans) relate this one back the “You didn’t build that” comment.

On social issues:
Don't be afraid. 

Partial birth abortion is about a 70%+ issue for Republicans. Relate abortion questions back to partial birth abortion and tie Little Barry to his four votes in favor of allowing a “doctor” to murder a baby that might survive an abortion.

Border security is a 60%+ issue for Republicans relate this back to Fast and Furious, Brain Terry's death and the death of another Border Patrol Agent yesterday.

Voter ID is 60%+ issue for Republicans. Talk open borders combined with little or no requirement for voter ID to voter fraud and foreign intervention into our electoral process.

Be tough.  Be clear. Don’t take any crap. Use the CIA tactic: Admit nothing.  Deny everything.  Make counter charges.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Debate preview tomorrow

Tomorrow I’ll have a debate night preview, but today, I’ve got nothin’. So for a good read check out Victor Davis Hanson’s take on Middle East agitators.

If your in a lighter mood, the People’s Cube has this hilarious piece on what happens when no one draws a picture of the prophet with a bomb in his turban for a couple of days. Hint, there’s a sign that reads: Slay those who don’t insult Islam as a clever underhanded way to insult Islam. As always with the Cube, the fun really starts in the comments section.

Monday, October 01, 2012

The power of the office and a lap dog MSM trouble for Romney

It’s difficult enough to unseat an incumbent. It’s nearly impossible when the incumbent is an unprincipled excrement smear like sail eared Little Barry who is actually willing to use the US treasury as an unlimited campaign contribution. It’s made even more difficult by a MSM that is so deep in the tank for Little Barry that they barely even try to hide their preference for their favorite failed Bozo any more.

There is a story that over a million Little Barry phones have been issued in Ohio alone. Fortunately, nearly all of them went to un-shameable colossal ignoramuses like this pathetic loser. It is unlikely that this cretin would ever even consider voting for Romney or anyone else who would politely tell her to get a job and buy her own damn phone. So essentially, Little Barry is buying votes he already had. But WTF (win the future) it’s not his money. So, why not?

A month or so back Lex linked to another woman, only a point or two on the stupidity scale behind the un-educateable creep in the video, who opened her purse to reveal 5-6 Little Barry phones that she’d picked up and was actually unashamedly bragging about it. I mean why be ashamed, the Little Barry phones are "free."  So the money is coming from Little Barry’s stash - right? In what is apparently a Chicago style strategy, Little Barry is now expecting 5-6 votes from the woman.

We now know how cheaply Demo-Dopes’ votes can be bought. A Republican would demand an iPad, a lap top or better.

But hey what’s little vote buying with tax payer money? The Dopes have been doing that for 60 years. How about using the federal government to cover up a stunning foreign policy failure? How about misinforming your press secretary and UN ambassador and having them go out repeat a lie about some hokey film being responsible for an incompetent Sec State that didn’t take even a cursory interest in the protection of an American Ambassador. Now you have to believe that J the carnny barker Carney and Susan the sock puppet Rice are two of the dumbest people alive to buy into the line of crap Little Barry was filling them with or they are in on the cover up of the murder of an American Ambassador at the hands of Islamo-Terror Fascists.

But don’t worry. The cover up continues. The intell guys are now telling us the current Middle East mess is entirely their fault and Sec State and Little Barry have nothing to with the monumental failures there. Well, at least they aren’t blaming it on Bush…yet. And that whole "the buck stops"...uh...ummm... where?  Oh yeah, with the intell guys and/or Bush.

And how’s this for irony, Ambassador Stevens is dead, the ITF have gotten away Scott free and a Christian American “film maker” is in jail for exercising his first amendment rights. WTF (win the future)?

Not to worry. Demo-dopes are demanding a thorough investigation…AFTER the election.

Then there’s the pack of Wyle E. Coyotes over at justice who have gotten away with running a mind numbing and criminally stupid gun running program into Mexico. That stupidity has resulted in hundreds of murders including US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. And…nothing. They claim Bush started the program. But he didn’t. The Bush program, something called Linebacker, actually tracked the guns and arrested the people buying them. The program Bush started ended under Bush, because it was deemed to be too risky.

Then there’s this. Read the whole thing about the ITF attack on Camp Bastion. How can this have slipped by our watchdog media. Simple, they were out watching Mitt Romney and busy splicing tape to make him look bad and manufacturing polls.