Friday, June 29, 2012

Don't quit. Do sometihing.

Rise one more time

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I dunno. Wow! Just some random thoughts.

I did the only two things I could do after the decision yesterday. I sent Mitt Romney $125 and bought some more ammo.

I did not know that the Supremes where supposed to re-write unconstitutional laws to make them constitutional. That’s what the court majority did when they called the “mandate” a tax. The mandate was supposed to fall under the commerce clause of the constitution. That was struck down. The Supremes took the extraordinary step of interpreting congressional intent and called the mandate a tax. Demo-Dopes refused to utter the word “tax” and lambasted anyone who claimed the mandate was a tax during the debate over Little Barrycare.

So can congress now do anything they want to under the guise of taxation? You must buy a Chevy or pay a tax on car that isn’t a Chevy volt?

I thought the Supremes were in the business identifying remedies and then letting legislators revise laws to meet constitutional muster. In this case the Supremes took it upon themselves to insert the remedy into the decision. It is a remedy that could never pass in the legislature that originated the piece of crap bill in the first place and certainly could never pass in the current congress.

I’m no lawyer, thank goodness, but this decision will have to go down in the history of the court as one of the most twisted in history. It seems insane to this untrained mind.

If we’re saddled with this monstrosity, you know who will be hurt the worst – ironically sick poor people. As the system becomes more and more bloated and unresponsive, as all government programs do, the rich will pay for decent medication. The healthy don’t have to worry. The poor sick will be stuck in some line that will make the line at the DMV look like being the guy next on deck at a five chair barber shop.

I do agree with John Roberts when he wrote that it wasn’t the Supremes job to protect people from the  representatives they elected. Well, actually John when those representatives pass unconstitutional law that is EXACTLY your job. But OK I get the point. I don’t like it when some judge overturns an election or a law I like. So, John, why did you vote to overturn an AZ law enacted by that states duly elected officials? Why did you vote to strike down the Stolen Valor act passed by elected representatives?

Well there is an election this Nov. Get registered. If you’re already registered, check it. Do what you can with your money and more importantly time. While donating yesterday, I signed up as a Romney volunteer. I’ve never done anything like that before. I did it because I get the feeling the country is like man at the absolute edge of a cliff trying to catch his balance to keep from going over. You gotta do what you can. Doing nothing is not option.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

It does not matter

Let’s face it. It doesn’t matter. No matter which way the Supremes rule today on Little Barrycare the fight will start all over. If the Supremes up hold the whole thing, there is an election in Nov. Like the AZ ruling, if played correctly, Romney could be the big winner, because like the AZ law most thnking people are against Little Barry's position. If the thing is tossed in whole, Little Barry and his MSM lemmings can scream RAAAAACISIM at the top of their lungs until Nov. The only question with that scenario is if you’ll be able to hear them over EVERYONE else screaming RAAAAAACISIM at the top of their lungs over every and any criticism of Little Barry no matter how small.

The most dangerous scenario in my opinion is if the Supremes half kill Little Barrycare. Then Little Barry will throw a tantrum like he did in the AZ case. Who knows what extra constitutional crap Little Barry will come up with. He will have his sail ears to the ground looking for some way to show the Supremes and us mere surfs, he is the emperor. We mere mortals must bow down to his keen affirmative action trained mind.

What’s the big lesson in all of this? Sure, affirmative action doesn’t work. But it is larger than that obvious failure. What we’re getting is that affirmative action never ends. An affirmative action pass through can never be held accountable for his foul ups less it ruin continuing affirmative action.

Today Eric the wad with-Holder is likely to be held in contempt of congress, ironically, not for being the arrogant incompetent buffoon that he is but rather for being a damned liar and try to cover it up. So an incompetent lying buffoon is being held in contempt. What’s the reaction from the affirmative action pass through crowd? Well they are in fit. According to them, the wad is doing a heck of job killing Mexican citizens and Border Patrol Agents. The ONLY reason the wad is in trouble is because he’s black. NEWS FLASH: He’s in trouble because he’s an idiot.

Now the Congressional Black Caucus* is planning to walk out of the vote. Trouble is about 20 otherwise Demo-Dopes will be voting for contempt. That will make the vote on the wad what the vote on Little Barrycare wasn’t - bipartisan. It’ll be hilarious to listen to the Lemmingstreamedia try to spin this one. No doubt more time will be spent discussing the race of the Demo-Dopes voting for contempt than the bipartisan nature of the vote in general. Post racial my ample butt. Little Barry and the wad have caused more racial tension than George Wallace.

*ASIDE: Would Little Barry belong to the Congressional Half-Black Caucus?

The wad will go down in history as the Michael Phelps of Attorney Generals. He’ll have more firsts and mosts than anyone else. America’s first black Attorney General. The first Attorney General held in contempt of congress. The Attorney General responsible for the most Mexican murders. The first Attorney General to cover up his department’s complicity in the murder of a US Border patrol Agent. The most arrogant Attorney general. The most incompetent Attorney general. Way to go wad. You’re doing a heck of a job.

But because he’s a black affirmative action pass through like Little Barry, the wad cannot be held accountable. We cannot have a black in a position of authority held to any standard. To do so would, of course, be RAAAAACIST. That’s it. And no matter how many dead Mexicans there are as a result of the wad’s incompetence, there is no amount of evidence to convince the CBC and race baiters Revs? Jesse, Al and Jerry that the wad lied to cover up his and his department’s incompetence.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

When scientist are more interested in politics than science

The global warm-mongers have issued the iron clad statement that “the debate is over.” Why? No more good arguments pro or con? No. A plethora of data is accumulated every year. Some of it is even accurate and not subject to the manipulation of NASA and East Anglican University. Well then everyone must agree with warm-mongers then. No, not at all. Not by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, once ardent warm-mongering scientist are changing their minds:

James Lovelock, the maverick scientist who became a guru to the environmental movement with his “Gaia” theory of the Earth as a single organism, has admitted to being “alarmist” about climate change and says other environmental commentators, such as Al Gore, were as well.

No, there is no good explanation as to why “the debate is over.” It’s over because AlGore says it’s over because he’s a nit wit incapable of defending his “alarmist” views of global warming, cooling, climate change or whatever the term of art is this week. That’s it. That’s the sum total of their argument: “We don’t have any good arguments. So the debate is over. We win.”

I believe in global warming, cooling and climate change. The globe’s climate has been changing since day one. It continues to change. Right now in Indian it is unseasonably hot and dry. Two years ago it was unseasonably cool and wet. So I guess the debate is over. We don’t know what we’re going to get year from year.

One thing for certain is that the Farmer’s Almanac is more accurate than the long range weather predictions offered up by “climatologists.” Definition of a weatherman: Someone who looks out the window and based on that 10 second observation predicts the morning weather while warning of the end of the world if we don’t more give power and money over to the government and the UN. A climatologist, however, is much more scientific. A climatologist generally is a liberal who manipulates, covers up and hides data to support whatever hare brained theory is in vogue at the moment to predict the end of the world if we don’t give more power and money over to the government and the UN.

But “scientist” more interested in the politics of a theory than the science sadly is not confined to global warm-mongering. In a stunning affirmation of the obvious:

Baylor University’s Program for Prosocial Behavior recently concluded a nationwide study on Eagle Scouts. As noted by Rodney Stark, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of the Social Sciences at Baylor and co-director of ISR on the study’s website, it was found that Eagle Scouts, in comparison to regular Boy Scouts and non-participants, are much more likely to “exhibit significantly higher levels of health and recreation, connection, service and leadership, environmental stewardship, goal orientation, planning and preparedness, and character.”

Hence when a guy is so embarrassingly squeaky clean he’s referred to derogatorily as a “Boy Scout.” People who won’t stray one centimeter left or right of the line, don’t swear, don’t drink, won’t lie cheat or steal and shun people who do are referred to as “Boy Scouts.” So to me this a stunning confirmation of the obvious.

Not to the “scientific” community who is more interested in the Boy Scout’s allegiance God and free association.

Today Dr. Byron Johnson, the study’s principal investigator, gave a brief lecture and Q&A at the Heritage Foundation, where he mentioned his attempt to have the extensive findings published by the prestigious American Psychological Review.

Dr. Johnson explained that usually, a submission can be simply denied, or it can be denied with recommendation for changes to be resubmitted. Apparently the study was given very high marks but was actually rejected because the reviewers felt that “Eagle Scouts are homophobic and this duty to God thing.”

Wonderful! Sexual orientation and the “God thing” trumps science. Well there you have it.  The debate on Eagle Scouts is over.  They are all homophobic Bible clinging Neanderthals.  There is no science in that formula.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It cannot be explained

I do not know how five dopes in robes can come up with such a convoluted decision as the one handed down on the AZ immigration law. Essentially a state cannot protect its own border because that is a federal responsibility. If the Feds choose not to do that, so sad too bad. States cannot enact a law that echoes a federal law to do the work the feds refuse to do.  Maybe if AZ had hired illegals to do the enforcement, the P-BO would have let it go.

How does this square? The feds argue that they must husband scarce resources so that they cannot purse every aspect of every immigration law equally. Well, it seems to me that the AZ law was actually mitigating the fed’s problem by throwing state law enforcement assets into the federal fight. But the feds don’t want the help, because they do not want to enforce the law, because illegals are a 98% Demo-Dope voting block.

Then in a true head scratcher, the Supremes let stand the part of the AZ law that allows police to determine if a person in contact with law enforcement is in the US legally. On that basis, AZ Gov Jan Brewer claimed victory. Later in the day the feds announced that they wouldn’t deputize any AZ lawmen to enforce federal law with regard to immigration. That means that AZ must rely on the feds to deal with any illegals apprehended under the provision the Supremes let stand. Only thing is the feds as much as told AZ don’t call us if catch anyone in the country illegally.

So if you’re an drug smuggler, terrorist, human trafficker or anyone trying to get into the country without the hassle of a visa, work permit or green card, AZ is now the place to make your crossing. It’s hard to determine who the greater threat to America is, the flood of unchecked illegal aliens up to who knows what crossing our borders or our own in-justice department.

This is a truck sized opening for Mitt Romney, if he chooses to drive through it. When asked about the ruling, Romney can say:

It wouldn’t happen on my watch, because I’d insist on enforcing the existing laws passed congress with regard to immigration. I wouldn’t have my justice department ignoring laws such as immigration and defense of marriage to pander to a couple of far left interest groups. And I sure wouldn’t be mandating policy rejected by congress from the Oval Office as this president did with his end run around congress on a DREAM Act overwhelmingly rejected by the American people and the Congress of the United States. I will not be picking fights with individual states to pander to the most extreme elements of my party. I plan on being a president for all 50, or is it 57, states.

Then in the most stunning development of all, little Barry and his squirrel brained leader in the senate, Scrawny Harry Reid are demanding that the Republicans come to table and hammer out a comprehensive immigration deal before the election. This issue breaks about 60-40 in favor of the Republicans. They should tell the little Barry, no thanks this is as good an issue as any to base the election on. We’ll see what we can do after Nov.

This doesn’t give me great confidence that the Supremes will strike down Barrycare. You have Roberts and Kennedy defending the indefensible on the AZ case. Anything is possible I suppose. They could come out and say that yes the commerce clause does allow the government to force you buy something you do not want. And conversely they can force you to return something you do want, like that gun in your dresser drawer.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Catching up is hell

A good week for America = a bad for the P-BO
This week has all the potential in the world to be a very good week for America. That of course means it could be a very bad week for Demo-Dopes in general and the P-BO in particular. We could hear as early as Monday that the Supreme Court, to paraphrase the dumbest woman in the world Nanny Peloser a woman Rep SC Rep Trey Gowdy called “mind-numbingly stupid”, has found out what’s in the P-BOcare bill and found it unconstitutional. That will set the usual suspects in the left wing into a binge of calling the Supremes and anyone who agrees with them RAAAAAAAAACSISTS! Aren’t they forgetting the P-BO’s half white? Maybe the Supremes are lashing out at the white half.

Next, the house is almost certain to declare the country’s first black and probably the most incompetent Attorney General, Eric the wad with-Holder, in contempt of congress. No doubt the charge will have nothing to do with the deaths of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and hundreds of Mexican citizens due to DOJ’s criminal negligence but rather because the wad looks like the P-BO’s brother, if he one. They are all RAAAAAACISTS. It’s plain and simple as that.

If Moochele rode the bus
If Moochele Obama rode the bus instead of mooching off the taxpayer for her transportation, it’d probably look like this. Now if the guy were packing a small weapon, say a .32 pistol, and shot the woman, (yeah I know it’d be like shooting an elephant with a BB gun), would we have another Trayvon Martin case? Here we have a woman that looks like the P-BO’s wife attacking a white white man. If the white white man decided to defend himself and shot the woman would Revs? Jesse, Al and Jerry be on the scene before sundown? You cannot watch the video, but there is no report of anyone on the bus coming to the man’s aide. Hmmm, wonder why that is?

Square this one if you can
Catholics have kicked off a two week a campaign protesting the P-BO’s HHS mandate on birth control, contraceptives and basically a if I want it you have to pay for it insurance scam perpetrated on the church by failed Catholic Kathleen Sebelius.

Here’s where it gets curiouser. The campaign started in Baltimore where Archbishop William E. Lori, head of the “Fortnight for Freedom” initiative, was greeted by a standing ovation and applause as he entered the STANDING ROOM ONLY Baltimore basilica.

Meanwhile there were a paultry FORTY protestors outside the Basilica. Some nit-wit named James Salt told a reporter, “"We think that the decision to have a 'Fortnight for Freedom' really is a political attack on President Obama, and it doesn't reflect the moral priorities of Catholics sitting in the pews”.

Hmmm? Uh James, ponder this. There is STANDING ROOM ONLY “in the pews” supporting the bishop. There are 40 P-BO acolyte losers outside the pews protesting the bishop. Now James, using all of the deductive skills you learned in your public school indoctrination, uh, em, “education,” who is it, revealed in that reality, that doesn’t reflect the moral priorities of Catholics sitting in the pews?

Cy 7 Roger Clemens
The one thing I was able to keep up on during vacation was sports. Every bar and restaurant had several big screens going 24-7 with sports. Laughed my butt off when the verdict came back on Roger Clemens. Way to go wad, you’re doing a heck of a job. You don’t pursue the most slam dunk voter intimidation case in history because the perps look like the P-BO’s sons, if he had any, and are “your people,” but you go after Clemens with the full weight of the federal government for FIVE EFFING YEARS.

And for what? As the Griffin put it, because he’s suspected of lying to 535 (Congress) of the biggest lying jackasses in America. Lying to liars ought to be protected speech. No it’s not hypocritical at all. The wad isn’t being held in contempt for lying, which he did at least three times. He’s being held in contempt for not producing documents that would shed the light of day onto his lies.

Besides, as noted below, I’d wear a contempt citation from congress as a badge of honor. A bunch of pompous, preening, pinheads. There might 20 people of the 535 with a shred of integrity. Think of it. You face jail time for lying to the likes of R.C. our troop are no better than the Soviets who ran the gulag Turdbin, Nanny Peloser, Scrawny Harry the land thief Reid, Sheila dumbass Lee, Maxine makes Peloser look down right smart Waters and on and on and on.

And for what? The country is burning to the ground and these feckless losers inject themselves into baseball. It’s like running past your sleeping kid’s rooms during a house fire to save your thimble collection.

Friday, June 22, 2012

It just keeps getting worse

Lex is back. Where to start? How about where we left off? The P-BO and his incompetent jackass of an Attorney General are both punks of the highest order. Eric the wad Holder is lying sack of crap whose DOJ aided and abetted the murder of a Border Patrol Agent and the wad is now personally involved in the cover up. Now the wad is on the verge of being held in contempt of congress – ok I’d wear that as a badge of honor. But for the wad it’s bad news. Now the left wing lemming MSM will have to pay attention to the story. And at the heart of the story is dead Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. In addition to Terry, there are untold hundreds of Mexican citizens who have been gunned down with guns that the wad let walk. Then his timeline that has been revised, I think, three times now will be reveled.

But when a Border patrol agent and hundreds of Mexican citizens are gunned down using weapons the wad let walk, anyone who thinks that’s a bad thing is NOT a concerned citizen they are just racists bastards. Then the question will have to be asked, what did the P-BO know and when did he know it. That’s easy one. He knew nothing because to this day he knows nothing about anything.

It turns out that the king punk doesn’t even know much about himself. The P-BO broke onto the scene by publishing two autobiographies, Audacity of Hope and Dreams from Father. Now that someone has bothered to take a look at some for the fantastical in Dreams, it turns out that either the P-BO does not know that much about himself and family or he’s a G-D liar or as Jonah Goldberg charitably puts it:

It’s becoming increasingly clear that [the P-BO] is not burdened with too heavy a commitment to honesty.

That’s a nice way of saying he’s a damned liar and a stupid one as well because he put his fabrications into writing. It’s one thing after a few beers to say that you were the state high jump champion in 1972. If everyone is as drunk as you, nobody will even remember the claim. And if they do, you can laugh it off with a, “Hmm, yeah, well that was Mr. Buzzwiper talking. What I meant to say was that I was the in the state of getting high when I jumped out of a second story window and broke my arm. Stupid little Barry wrote it all down. I suppose he could still make the very believable claim that he was high when he made those stories up. His book Dreams from my Father it turns out is, like the author, full of BS. But hey, that’s RAAAAAAAACIST. Leave poor little Barry alone.

The best one was when the P-BO said he didn’t start on his high school basketball team because “he played black” and the coach “coached white.” Forget that the truth is he didn’t start because he sucked. Does he play basketball like he throws a baseball? I know he never took MA Senator Scott Brown up on Brown’s bet that would pit Brown and his DAUGHTER against the P-BO and any other congressional Demo-Dope. But stop and think about how racist the P-BO’s statement is. Played black? Coached white? What the hell does any of that mean? It’s just plain old race baiting excuse making BS and as noted in the post below these days people who make charges of racism are themselves probably the racists.

I’d like to say it’s good to be back, but 10 days of tuning out and not taking too much time to think about what mess we’ve gotten ourselves into with this bunch of lame brained idiots was nice. And I get back and start to catch up and it’s worse yet. The P-BO unilaterally decrees he’s giving amnesty to a group of illegal aliens. WTF (win the future)?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

There must be answer for incompetence this monumental

Is there one simple all-inclusive answer to the P-BO’s total incompetence? Thankfully, yes. According to some deep thinker over at the Congressional Black Caucus named Angela Rey, anyone who notices the P-BO’s total and complete incompetence is a racist.

Take Eric the wad Holder, please. The wad is a complete jackass and accomplice to the murder of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. What’s the P-BO’s stand on the wad with regard to F&F? Well the wad looks a lot like the P-BO. In fact if the P-BO had a brother, he’d probably look a lot like the wad. The P-BO has no stand on the wad. Why? He’s never been asked why he hasn’t fired the wad or at least the lame brained idiots that thought up the F&F fiasco. Instead they all got bonuses and promotions. Buying some silence maybe? RAAAAAACIST!

Why hasn’t any enterprising young MSM reporter been trying to get to the bottom of F&F? Well the wad looks a lot like the P-BO and anyone who notices the total incompetence of either will be labeled a racist. If you want your MSM career to come to an abrupt end, criticize the stuttering stammering buffoon who currently occupies the White House.

So if you want answers to F&F, you’re a racist.

If you think a president who spends more time talking about his NCAA bracket and playing golf than getting to the bottom of the murder of a Border Patrol agent aided and abetted his DOJ is unseemly, you’re a racist.

If you question whether the private sector of the economy is doing fine, you’re a racist.

If you think it odd that our president was once a card carrying, dues paying member of the socialist New Party, you’re a racist.

If you wonder about dumping half a BILLION DOLLARS down a green hole called Solyndra, you’re a racist.

If you think the racist Rev? Jerry Wright and anyone who listened to the creep are themselves a bit creepy, you’re a racist.

If you’d like to see the P-BO’s college transcripts, you’re a racist.

If you think anyone who would appoint a dolt like oh, so slow Joe J-O-B-S is a three letter word Biden their VP must themselves be a bit doltish, you’re a racist.

If you think the P-BO’s policy of dividing Americans along economic, social, racial and religious lines is down right un-American, you’re a racist.

This of course could and in fact has gone on for reams and reams. The fact of the matter is that if you choose to utter even a mild criticism of the nation’s most successful affirmative action pass through, you are a racist. What better way to stifle debate? Anyone who disagrees or has a different point of view is simply dismissed as a racist. In fact it goes much further than that now. It is now to the point that anyone who would even consider voting for another candidate is not interested in a different way but rather is just a racist.

Well in Lex world the race card is maxed out. I do not accept it any more. In fact, I’m more inclined to believe that people who pull the race card are themselves more likely than not to be the real racist. The P-BO is an utter and complete failure, not because he’s black, but rather because he is an utter and complete failure.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Leaker better look like the P-BO's son, if he had one

As usual there are way too many things going on to comment on all of them, but other than plumbers and home owners, who doesn’t love a good leak? Thinking that the P-BO’s national security cred might need a bit of burnishing, someone in the White House has been burnishing away. “Someone” in the White House has been leaking highly classified national secrets in a hopeless bid to make to our skinny, jug eared, dope of a president appear to be something he’s not - a leader.

And it may even be necessary to lie or as the polite like to say enhance the truth a bit to drag the P-BO into a roll as a leader. Take the Stuxnet virus that set the Iranian nuke program back by fouling up their centrifuges. The P-BO’s leaker would have us believe that the whole thing was Barry’s idea. He fearlessly called for the program and demanded “that it be done now! To hell with any political or international consequences if it fails! Drive on! Do it! Now I gotta run. I’m late for my second round of golf today.”

Ahhh, but the Israelis are not cooperating with the leaker who, no doubt, thought that the Israelis would be the last guys to come out and shine a light on themselves by disputing the P-BO. It turns out that the Mossad has a quite a different account of how the Stuxnet virus came to be. Turns that little Barry had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the program the Israelis initiated. But hey an ally dragging this piss ant president along by his Alfred E. Newman like ears isn’t quite what the leaker had in mind. So he massages the details a bit to make the P-BO seem as if he actually gave a crap about the Iranians getting a nuke.

Then there’s tiny little Barry’s own reaction to leaks. During a Fri presser, the P-BO, sans golf shoes and a smoke, let rip with this:

"The notion that my White House would purposely release classified national security information is offensive. It's wrong,"

First off, it’s NOT your White House assbag! It is the people’s White House. The correct way to phrase this if you insist on a personal pronoun referring to yourself in EVERY sentence would be “anyone on my White House staff…”

Second, notice he doesn’t say flatly that it is not true only that it is offensive.

Last and most important, this little man thinks that the accusation of White House leaks is more offensive than the leaks themselves. He doesn’t condemn the leaks. He condemns the notion that they are coming from the White House, or as this narcissistic creep likes to put it “his” White House.

Whoever the leaker is better hope he looks like the P-BO and is one of Eric the wad Holder’s people or his @$$ is grass. Given that even some Demo-Dopes are PO’d about these leaks and during a hotly contested presidential campaign, if caught, the P-BO will have to throw the leaker under the bus.

Check this out.  Lynn Cheney said on Fox News Sunday that until the investigation is complete there’s nothing to say that the president himself didn’t authorize the leaks. I don’t believe that for a second. Not that he wouldn’t do it in a heart beat if he were clever enough to have thought of it, but sadly he hasn’t had an original thought since he made the big dope buy for the Choom gang and then was placed on the affirmative action fast track where no thinking has been necessary.

Then there’s this
Check this out. Click on the dog with a gun to his head. Load it onto your i-pod. OK have one of your kids load it for you. It’s HILL-R-I-US only because it’s so true.

Friday, June 08, 2012

110% voter turn out in Madison

Eric the wad Holder was all over it on Tuesday’s recall. Madison was reporting turnout of 110%. Way to go wad. You’re doing a heck of a job. That sounds freaky, but same day registration allows for such anomalies. What is a bit more suspicious is that Demo-Dope challenger Tom Barrett got 120% of the 110%. These turn out totals remind me of communist election where voter turn out 98.9% and the commie party candidate wins 99% to 1%.

But hey it’s Madison, once described as the left coast of WI, thirty square miles surrounded by reality. Once you understand that, this video isn’t so hard to believe. I watched it 3 times so far. First, calling what is going on there “singing” ought to be a crime, false advertising or something. Put plainly, it sucks.

The solidarity “sing” along has been going on for 16 months now. I wondered what kind of lunatic would commit 16 months of their lives to this BS. The video gives you some sense, teachers, professional students and nit wits. Some are easier to pick out than others. Take the appropriately named Michael Dickman, clearly he’s in the nit wit category. He’s the guy who says “we didn’t lose last night.” Uh, excuse me Mike, you got your butts kicked good. When he gets to part where he says, “this isn’t over,” the only thing I can see is John Belushi in Animal House saying, “Over? Nothing's over until we say it’s over. Did we quit when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?”

Then there’s Mike Kristen and Thistle Pippy Longstockings Petterson. You have to watch several times to truly appreciate the shear stupidity of these two. Spoiler alert, Thistle is sad, which for some strange reason makes me very happy.

Some observations,
-  Except for the bus driver, where are the minos in this film? This film is whiter than Mr. Clean's T-shirt.
-  Can’t we give Tom Barrett a trophy or something? This election was so unfair to him.
-  CAUTION: If you name your kid after a thorny weed she’s likely to act like one.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

When flexibility is a bad thing

Moochelle will have more "flexibility" to, uh, well, butt-in after the election as well

The most dangerous thing about the P-BO is not that he’s a clueless affirmative action pass through, it’s this bit of honesty from Mar 12, 2012:
"This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility."

That was the P-BO, clueless as ever, telling the truth when thinks no one can hear him but talking into an open mic to Russian President Dimitry Medvedev about selling out to the Russians on missile defense. Here’s the entire exchange:

The P-BO: "On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space."

President Medvedev: "Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…"

The P-BO: "This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility."

President Medvedev: "I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir, and I stand with you."

What else will the P-BO have “more flexibility” with after his election? A conversation with Planned Un-Parenthood might indicate “more flexibility” in prosecuting Catholics for not kowtowing to the HHS nit wit after his election. A conversation with union thugs might indicate “more flexibility” in enacting a nation wide card check after his election. A conversation with illegal aliens might indicate a “more flexible” position on open borders after his election. A conversation with Euro trash drowning in a sea of unsustainable and failed government programs might indicate “more flexibility” in raiding the US treasury after his election. A conversation with the EPA might indicate “more flexibility” for $5 plus a gallon of gas and “crucifying” coal out of existence after his election.

Sadly, anything is possible with this narcissistic smarmy creep. So yeah, he needs “space” until after Nov 6th. Then What? Remember he forced the 2,700 page abomination known as P-BOcare through at mid night just before Christmas without a single Republican vote. His justice Dep let NBP thugs walk in a clear case of voter intimidation. He trampled the 1st Amendment with his dopey HHS mandate and then, to gain some “space,” he made an accommodation that wasn’t an accommodation at all with the Catholic Church. He went after the 2nd Amendment with his hare brained Fast Furious BS. His EPA was out to crucify anyone willing to bring Americans the energy required to live their lives. So what will this dope do when he’s unencumbered by the need to stand before the American people for re-election?

This “flexibility” it’s not limited to the chief dope. After the election, his meddling gas bag wife will be directing what goes into your kid’s lunch box and how many fries McD’s can stuff into a sack. No doubt her hectic vacation schedule is only being curtailed until after the election to give her dope husband “space.”

Chief mooch - Moochelle Obama - came out in support of NY City Nanny Bloomberg’s ban on sodas over 16oz. To give her sailed eared dope of a husband some “space,” she went on to say that she supported it at the local level and wasn’t advocating a federal ban. That is until after the election. Then she’ll have “more flexibility” to insert her ample butt into matters that are none of her concern.

Four years of reckless incompetence has been bad enough. Unencumbered reckless incompetence with “more flexibility” will be much, much worse.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012


For obvious reasons, the unhinged left is in despair this morning. Scott Walker beat the Dope Mayor of Milwaukee Tom Barrett ~53% - 47%, which is about 4% more than Walker beat Barrett the first time around. It might have been 10 points had the wad not been there inspiring voter fraud.

After trashing the state capitol to the tune of millions of dollars to get the recall going and spending millions on the recall itself (all money well spent by the state of WI wouldn’t you say?),what was accomplished?

Union thugs were exposed as union thugs.
Proved the Tea Party is alive and well.
Proved Rev? Jesse Hymietown Jackson and Billy Boy put some ice on that Clinton are worthless surrogates unless you’re trying to shake someone down for cash.
Left wing nut cases like Eddy Schultz even more unhinged than normal.
Proved what a craven “leader” the P-BO really is. Once the polls showed that it wasn’t going well for his dark forces, he never stepped foot in WI and even avoided mentioning it.
Gave rise to a famous Andrew Breitbart moment when he told union thugs disrupting a Tea Party rally for Walker to, “Go to hell. No really, go to hell.”

Other than that, I wouldn’t draw too many conclusions. This is like winning a divisional game that gets you into the playoffs. A loss would have been devastating. But the victory means that you now have to get right back to work for the really big game.

Besides if you think the Demo-Dopes will let this go, you’re nuts. Until there is a system where the loser pays, they will keep on keeping on spending public funds to undermine elected, now twice elected, officials from doing what they were elected to do.

Case in point, defeated Dope Lt. Gov candidate - some creep union bastard named Mahlon Mitchell - said he wasn’t done fighting. After getting a king sized 9 point @$$woopin’ from a girl, Mahlon wants to go another round. Great. How many millions of public dollars is Mahlon willing chuck down another sewer so he doesn’t look like the weak creep loser that he is? Suck it up Mahlon. You got your arse whipped good. Now crawl back under the union rock you came from. Maybe they’ll let you act like a big shot there. If they are smart, they will fire you then kick your worthless @$$ out into the sun where you’ll dry up and die in few hours.

From the YGBSM dept:
The Ag Dept. has ruled that a Forest Service ranger who called the Border Patrol to help with translation of Spanish-speaking woman stopped for some minor infraction violated the woman’s civil rights. I guess the ranger was supposed to call my old high school Spanish teacher, Mrs. Brooks.

One of the many, many, many jackasses that populate the P-BO’s administration, Joe Leonard said calling the Border Patrol for assistance with someone who has run afoul of the law but cannot speak English is “humiliating.” What’s humiliating for a whole lot Americans is having a government so bloated with PC lunatics bereft of even tiniest amount of common sense and more interested in PC BS than doing what their job description calls for that idiots like Mr. Leonard are quite happy to put the entire country at risk rather than find out what people who are breaking the law are up to.

Mr. Leonard needs to have his head pulled from his @$$ long enough to tell him that he’s fired and then it can be put back where it belongs.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Recall day

DOJ poll watchers?
In WI today there is a referendum on how much power public sector unions ought to have. Oh yeah, they are also deciding whether or not to recall Gov. Scott Walker, his Lt. Gov and a handful of state senators.

Don’t worry. There will be no hanky panky at the polls today. The nation’s #1 coward - Eric the wad Holder - has dispatched his crack team of poll watchers to the cheese head state to insure Holder’s people and those who look like the P-BO’s son, if he had one, can vote as many times as they wish.

No. There is no requirement to show any type of ID to vote in WI. What can go wrong? Given the disdain for law and order among union thugs and the nature of this DOJ, being run by a colossal creep, you can safely add bout 3 percentage points to Walker’s vote count to make up for union and DOJ inspired voter fraud.

The Rev? Jesse Hymietown Jackson left his congregation briefly – OH THAT’S RIGHT, HE HAS NEVER PREACHED TO A CONGREGATION HE BUILT – to inject himself into the WI recall debate. That should work to Walker’s favor. Most people don’t like it when race baiting, race hustling, congregation-less “preachers,” roll into town, stir up trouble and leave.

In an absolute oddity Jesse love child Jackson took on the one industry doing well under the P-BO’s worthless leadership – guns. That’s right gun and ammo sales have spiked under the P-BO’s “leadership.” So much so that the gun industry has actually seen about a 30% increase in employment under the P-BO. To hell with mandatory P-BOcare, the P-BO ought to consider telling the wad Holder to begin to read the 2nd Amendment as requiring all Americans to own a gun.

Anyway the Rev? Jesse rhyme time Jackson called for a march on gun shops. Jackson said:

There is no fun
When you have gun
Unless you’re a stalker
Out to shoot Scott Walker
So don’t miss the boat
Get out and vote
Show no fear
Eric the wad is here
You need no ID
And voting is free
So, get out, be a precinct rover
You can vote over and over
After Walker is done
We'll march and take down big gun

Polls in WI close at 8 pm central. SO by 10 or 10:30 we should know if we’ve slipped a little further over the edge.

Monday, June 04, 2012


More proof the wad is a wad
A few posts under, Lex made the point what a wad Eric the wad Holder is. A guy, much smarter and more articulate than Lex, makes the same point here. The only conclusion to be drawn from this “coincidence” is that Sowell is reading Lex and lifting the stuff, that or he too knows what a creepy race hustler Eric the wad Holder is.

In his latest move to ensure the maximum voter fraud possible in Nov, the wad’s DOJ has ordered FL to stop purging ineligible voters from its voter rolls. Well there you have it - a clear indication of the wad’s intent. In Wad World anyone can vote anywhere as many times as he wants as long as he looks like the P-BO’s son, if he had one. Lex has noted here before that when the people become aware that elections do not matter because their votes are not being counted accurately or their vote is being cancelled by fraud organized and condoned by the ruling class, can a shooting revolution be far off?

Like cartoons?  Check out Ramirez.
The best guy in political cartoon business these days for my money, and I pay absolutely nothing to look at political cartoons, is Michael P. Ramirez. Check out his stuff over at Townhall.

How nice

Just when you thought the country was going to hell in a hand basket a heartwarming photo like this shows up to remind you that, no we are not heading over the precipice of the cliff at 100 miles per hour, everything is just fine. WTF? (Win the future). The only saving grace is that these hard core killing machines and defenders of democracy are in the U.S. Air Force. As such, we’re not entirely sure if wet nurse isn’t an actual military occupational specialty in that organization made up of death defying, snake eating, low crawling naked over a 100 meters of broken glass to slit the throat of the enemy sentry and the epitome of war fighting excellence. They could actually be performing an essential service - freeing up another airman to fight. YGBSM, I'm way too old.

Euro Trash
The Euro is doomed. I don’t know much about economics, OK I know nothing about economics, except that it’s foolish to spend money that you don’t have. I think that makes me some sort of cutting edge economic savant type genius among today’s lame brained idiots like, hmm what goes with lame brain better than oh so slow Joe J-O-B-S is a three letter word Biden who once famously insisted that we needed to spend money to keep from going bankrupt.

The Euro is not doomed mainly because of any underlying economic hocus pocus. It is doomed mainly because nobody gives a crap about it. OK, European muckity mucks care about it, but only because they are the ones getting over on the masses. But the masses do not give one hoot in hell about it. Why? It has nothing whatever to do with them. The rule of thumb when things start to go south in the Euro zone is for the masses to call for the withdrawal from the Euro. Greece, Spain Portugal all threaten to withdraw when the Euro dopes don’t agree to cough up more cash to sustain the unsustainable for a couple of more months.

So how long can the Euro survive when its chief means of survival is for the weak nations to extort the rich nations? At some point won’t Germany call the other Euro trash bluff?

Friday, June 01, 2012

Creeps, idiots and good guys

Huge Creep
John Edwards is proof positive that it is still perfectly legal to be a craven self-loving creep in America. One of the talking points for one the 5 million or so talking heads opining on the Edwards verdict last night said that the trial was his punishment. Yeah, right. That little weasel has already forgotten what the trial was even about. He is a creep of the highest order. Which means - PMSNBC has already contacted him to host a prime time show on that joke of a network.

Huge Idiot
Queen of the dolts, San Fran Grand Nan Pelooser once famously said about P-BOcare, “We have to pass the bill to find out what is in it.” Hmmm, that’s weird enough, but now our most eminent constitutional scholar is indicating she may have known what was in the bill all along when she dropped this turd into the national punch bowl when asked why she was so confident that the Supremes would find P-BOcare constitutional:

Because I know the Constitution. This bill is ironclad. It is ironclad.”

So now the Pelooser would have us believe that a 2,700 page bill, that not one person responsible for voting on has to this day read, is constitutionally “ironclad.” I’ll bet she’s too damn lazy and dumb to read the dozen or so clearly reasoned and plainly written pages that make up our constitution let alone the 2,700 pages of gibberish so steeped in legalese it’ll take an army of lawyers 10,000 years to decipher. Is she delusional, a lying POS or just a raging idiot? Yes, she is.

She’s just like Pretendian Lizzy Highcheeks Warren, the Pelooser can say absolutely anything she wants to, no matter how foolish, knowing full well lamestreamers in the media will run cover for her as long as it supports the Lib quest to ruin the country and doesn’t run afoul of any other aggrieved Lib group.

But really, even the Pelooser cannot square her first line of idiocy, we have to pass the bill to find out what is it, with the second, this bill is ironclad. It is ironclad. And if anyone thinks this know nothing bag of botox has taken the time to study the bill since it was passed, I have some choice ocean front property in AZ that you might be interested in.

Mitt on the march
While the P-BO’s chief political hatchet man, David Alexhead, was being drown out at a Boston event, Mitt Romney was taking a large carving knife to the P-BO’s claim that in business matters government knows best by showing up outside the 500 MILLION DOLLAR Solyndra government waste project.

Now, Romney needs to visit Israel and have a very public private meeting with Cardinal Dolan. Then visit the US-Mexico border in CA, AZ, NM and TX. Contrast border crossings in the fenced areas of CA with unfenced areas in the other states.

Consistency is the hob goblin of small minds
Dr. K has a spot on piece on the P-BO’s incoherent policy of condemning enemy prisoner interrogation and treating them with kid gloves while in custody but killing them outright in their beds with no Miranda, no habeas, no judge, no jury - only an executioner - the P-BO - in the form of a drone attack.