Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Russian interference is a given

As near as I can tell the argument for investigating the circumstances of possible collusion between PDJT and Russia goes something like this: “Currently there is no evidence of collusion.  That’s why we need to investigate.”  Well, there is no evidence that Lex is a Werewolf – from London* or anywhere else.  So I suppose that means that there are calls from somewhere in the deep state to investigate Lex to prove that he is in fact a Werewolf

*NOTE: Don’t bother.  I was curious as well.  The song Werewolf from London was recorded by Warren Zevon in 1978 and is on the Excitable Boy album.  You just don’t get this stuff anywhere else.

Here’s the bombshell of all bombshells in all of this.   Brennan admitted what we all knew.  The Russians have been interfering in US elections since the 1960s.  So why all of the sudden interest in Russian interference in our election?  ANSWER:  Because Shrillda the Hutt took a historic and embarrassing azzwhippin’ and there needs to be a reason other than her total incompetence and lack of a coherent Demo-Dope message other than *uck whitey, *ucK the working class, *uck everyone that isn’t a like-minded fringe lunatic bent on the destruction of America.  What used to be the fringe lunatic wing of the Dope Party is now its base.

Russian interference in US elections has been on-going since at least the 60s.  The government has known about Russian interference in the 2016 cycle for well over a year before the first vote was cast.  No one gave a $h!t about it until the Hutt took her epic well-deserved azzwhippin’.  Then it was all Russia all of the time.  The 3,000 federal investigative bodies have been investigating PDJT and his campaign staff for over a year now and have turned up exactly nothing, squaduche, zero, null, nil, nada, zip, zilch…yet we still need to get to the bottom of this.  We’ve reached the bottom and are now digging to other side of the world to get to the top of it.  This is a perfect example of your incompetent federal government wasting your hard earned Yankee tax dollars. 

NOTE: I’m off for a few day for a few days.  The back up well here at the compound is acting up; I need to rotate ammo stocks; fam fire the 106; relocate the quad 50s; reinforce the tank traps; restring some of the barbwire coils and lube all of the belt fed ammo.

This always happens.  Whenever the site meter goes over three the momentum is broken by maintenance here at the compound.  I’ll try to post now then.  But you are on your own for the most part over the next week.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

By today's standards, Germany's invasion of Poland was a series of "lone wolf" attacks

Every public statement following every act of Islamo-Terror-Fascist’s inexplicable carnage follows the same form:  The terrorists will never win blah, blah, blah, lone wolf blah, blah, blah, religion of peace blah, blah, blah, will bring the perpetrators to justice blah, blah, blah, no backlash against peaceful Muslims blah, blah, blah, we will continue to live our lives as free people blah, blah, blah…

If you parse the never ending government statements following never ending ITF cowardly acts of terror you quickly realize it is all BS.  Standard statement:  The ITF will never win.  BS.  They have beaten the spineless a-hole ruling class globalist politicians into submission.  These ruling class azzbags are open borders dirtbags arguing to allow ITF $h!theads to flow freely from country to country under the guise of being refugees.  Here in the US the Caligula, D.C. ruling class azzbags, who cannot win elections, resort to the Lefty Lib courts to suspend the most common sense of common sense laws regarding entry into the country.  The sentiment “the ITF will never win” may be correct, but the defeat of fifth column that the ruling class scumbags have allowed to live among us will have a lot more to do with ordinary people (who, by the way, are the only ones ever killed in these BS attacks) taking on the ITF through elections and, yes, direct action than a bunch of effete, elite, clueless, globalist BS artists with armored cars, gated living accommodations, private and/or government security.

Standard statement:  This appears to be the work of a lone wolf.  BS.  Seems to me if these events occur every-other-day, it cannot be the work of a “lone wolf.”  What does the word “lone” mean?  According to globalist excrement heads it means any number from between 1 and infinity.  If there is a common underlying motive for the attacks – and there are 100s of attacks – the attackers are not lone wolves.  The underlying motive may be singular, but the attacks certainly are not.  Also, would these azzbags globalists consider Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin etc. lone wolves? 

Standard Statement:  Islam is a religion of peace.  BS.  It may be a religion of peace if you happen to be 100% in lock step with the most radical elements of the religion, but for the rest of us it is a religion spawning violence against ANYONE who might vary by one mil left or right of its BS 12th century way of thinking.

Standard Statement:  We will bring the perpetrators of this heinous act to justice.  BS.  The perpetrators will either be dead or gladly enter western court systems to make their cases in a court of law.  There is no justice for the dirt bags but a very public execution with a bullet dipped in pork fat after every last bit of information has been wrung out of by months of enhanced interrogation.

Standard Statement:  We have to be careful of a backlash against peace loving Muslims.  BS.  There should be a backlash of decent people against anyone who doesn’t openly condemn the action.  The fifth column among us should not be able to go about their business praising and excusing the actions of the barbarians, using our laws, freedoms and customs to further undermining our way of life.  They should be deported surveilled and their views made very public and condemned across the board.  Yeah, you are either with us or against us.  Guess what, Black thugs Matter, AntiFa, Revs? Jesse, Al, Louie and Jerry along with about 90% of the SJW crowd would come down against us. They all deserve a backlash.

Standard Statement:  We will continue to live our lives as free people.  BS.   We are standing in line at nearly every public place to allow “the authorities” to poke through our stuff.  We are stripping down at airports.  We change our language and speech so as not to offend the people intent on killing us or worse being labeled an islamophobe.  We are not living as free people.  If we were we would have the common sense to secure our border.  We would treat ITF as enemy combatants not perps of crimes as if they were caught j-walking where they lawyer up attack us using our own western values that they despise.  Look at the video of the stampede to get out of the concert hall last night after the explosion and tell me that is how free people act.

Bottom line:  We will never be free people again until we admit and state clearly and forcefully in a loud voice, “ISLAM IS THE PROBLEM!”

Monday, May 22, 2017

The sad case of Tony Carlos Danger Weiner

Chuckles the clown Schumer’s political protégé, Anthony Weiner (AKA Carlos Danger), pleaded guilty to sexting with a minor on Friday morning last.  I never liked Mr. Danger.  On alternating days I thought he was either a loud mouth SOB or an arrogant loud mouth POS.   It turns out he was neither.  What he was, was an arrogant loud mouthed SOB, walking talking POS and pervert.  I guess the political protégé apple does not fall from the tree, huh Chuckles.

For some reason I have none of the delightful schadenfreude for Carlos’s demise that accompanies every outburst of rage from some Lefty Lib suffering from a clear case of Trump derangement syndrome.  I still marvel at PDJT’s ability to drive the Lefty Libs absolutely nuts using nothing more than a 140 characters.  PDJT’s absolute Svengali like control over his deranged adversaries is a joy to watch.

PDJT has so taken over the minds of the MSM and the Demo-Dope Party, but I repeat myself, that any anonymous sources can leak nearly anything about PDJT and it dominates the news cycle for 48 hours.  It all started, if you recall, with a report that PDJT wanders around the White House living quarters in robe.   So what?  FLASH!  FLASH! FLASH! PDJT wears a robe!!!  Why not?  Hell when I’m home alone I regularly forego the robe altogether.  Just yesterday, I went down to barn in my underwear.  Try to get that mental picture out your mind before lunch.

I love to turn to PMSNBC and see the seething uncontrollable rage that is making the lives of the hosts at the Lefty Dominated cable franchise miserable if not shortening them all together.  It’s going to be interesting to see which is more sustainable the rage or the schadenfreude. 

But back to the point of this post which is, huh let me think, oh yeah, Carlos Danger.  I cannot must a bit of joy for the pathetic downfall of Chuckles the clown’s protégé.  The sad end of arranged royal/political marriage of Chuckles the clown’s protégé to Shrillda the Hutt’s right-hand girl Huma Abedin is nothing to find joy in.  The fall of the once powerful and respected Carlos Danger for repeatedly being proven to be a letch and pervert – sexting a minor with the power couple’s young child in the frame after being chased from congress, the NY Mayoral race and finally public life for repeating the same offensive behavior -  demonstrates what a pathetic figure Carlo Danger is. 

Watching the total destruction of Carlos Danger has been like watching a man with palsy trying to complete a 5 mile race.  You hope he makes it on his own, but it is very hard to watch.   So the man has fallen again – perhaps for the last time.  Perhaps his race is over.  My hope is that he gets up, puts the damn phone down, raises his child and finishes the race.

I do not know why I’m rooting for an arrogant loud mouthed SOB, walking talking POS and pervert.  Maybe we both need therapy.

Caligula, D.C. investigations explained
Andrew Klavin offers the clearest explanation yet of how Shape Shifter Comey’s firing affects Caligula, D.C. investigations.  If you can follow the thread, it actually makes perfect sense and proves Lex’s point in the post under – congress cannot get to the bottom parking lot puddle, because they do not want to. What they want is a political stick with which to beat the opposition with.  So the endless never ending investigations go exactly nowhere.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Some people just might have too much money

YGBSM!  Does this look like a $110.5 million dollars to you?  Somebody paid that much for the painting - by some guy named Jean-Michal Basquait*.  Art, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder.  Look buddy it’s your money, and you can do with it whatever you like, but for crap’s sake -  $110.5 million!!??  I say again, YGBSM!!???

*NOTE:  I assume the artist is a Frenchy guy with an AC/DC name Jean-Michal, Gene Michael as we would say, not a chick Jean-Michelle, but who knows and I’m probably invading someone’s safe space by even wondering.

The piece does remind a bit of what a neurotic Dali painting, with none of Dali’s colorful whimsary*, might look like.  Sure, I know less about art than a lot of the other things I know nothing about, but none-the-less pontificate endlessly on this page with the certitude of teaching Lex jr. that 2+2=4.  If art is in the eye of the beholder, well that implies that all opinions are equal.  So my opinion counts as much as the art critic at the NY Times.  Given the current standards for reporting at the Times, maybe my opinion is worth more. 

*NOTE:   Yeah “whimsary” is a made up word. I’m feeling artistic this morning. It’s called “artistic license.” 

My shock is more with the price paid for the art work than the art work per se, which would look kind of cool in the barn.  No.  That’s not a slam on the piece.  It’s just a factual statement of where Mrs. Lex relegates EVERYTHING I think is cool.  “Hey, can you take the ¼ sawn oak roll top desk that you spent 6 months building with your own hands down to the barn?  It doesn’t go with anything in the house.”  So for Jean-Michal having his masterpiece “relegated to the barn” is high praise from Lex.

This sort of proves one conservative point.  Good art will stand on its own and does not need to be subsidized by widows with 6 kids living month to month on dead hubby’s Social Security, also known as federal subsidies.  It’s sort of like Field of Dreams, you know, “If you build it, they will come.”  If you paint it, and it’s worth a crapola, and it catches the eye of a wealthy patron, they will pay an absurd price for it.  Okay, not exactly like Field of Dreams.  The point is that good art is probably self-sustaining.  PDJT should de-fund the NEA before Maxine Waters impeaches him. 

That was a long way to go to get to the point that the NEA needs to be de-funded, but there you have it. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Almost one day without an anonymously sourced PDJT scandal

Well it has been nearly one day in a row that a bombshell news story from anonymous sources has hit the PDJT administration.  I fully expected a FLASH news story from the LA Times at about 6pm last night stating that, “Anonymous sources close to the president have told the Times that PDJT ordered nuclear submarines to proceed under the polar icecaps and expose their nuclear reactors in order to melt the polar ice to flood the Lefty Lib capital of the world, New York City.  When the Times asked the Pentagon if there were nuclear subs under the icecaps, in a clear attempt to cover up, the Pentagon refused to confirm or deny the location of the nuclear sub fleet.”  “If true, this allegation is clearly an impeachable offenses,” the story goes on to state with certainty. 

The first real news in a couple of days is that the DoJ has appointed a Special Counsel to look into Trump/Russia collusion.  Oddly, this real news has an actual named source, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.  How did a story with an actual source make it into the lead last night?  That’s highly unusual for the MSM these days.

I don’t know this Mueller cat, but if he’s like most Special Anythings, it will take him 10 years to find his office.  He’ll spend 10 of millions of dollars.  To justify his existence and millions spent, he’ll end up charge some ancillary third tier flunky for some totally unrelated crime.  Then he’ll write a book and retire to Aruba. How do I get one of these special counsel/prosecutor jobs?

So will the newly minted special counsel cause the less than worthless congressional committees looking into the same issue to stand down?  Oh hell no.  The Caligula, D.C. ruling class azzbags will never let go of “getting the interloper - Trump.” 

CDC Azzbag:  This is our town.  No outsiders allowed. 

Lex:  Well, what if the outsider is helping the American people? 

CDC Azzbag:  Doesn’t matter.  We know what is best for the rubes who populate 98% of the counties in America. 

Lex:  Well, then why don’t you debate that with the outsider?

CDC Azzbag:  Look the yokels don’t know what is good for them.  They keep guns, read Bibles, eat meat, drive pickups with “F*ck Government” bumper stickers, do I really need to keep going.

Lex:  So the debate is over?

CDC Azzbags:   No, this isn’t climate change.  The debate rages but only here in Caligula, D.C. and only among us elite ruling class grandees.  We know what’s best, and we’ll continue to unleash our AntiFa army on middle class working people who refuse to knuckle under to our grand plan for equality and social justice and globalization that brings everyone down to the same low standard.  Trump has to go.  If the swamp here in Caligula, D.C. is ever drained, our mission is at risk.

The shape shifter admitted under oath – no pressure to halt FBI investigation
Here’s the Shape Shifter congressional testimony making the rounds.  Sounds like he’s referring specifically to the DoJ not POTUS in the bit, but it seems to my untrained legal mind (I know, why limit it to legal matters) withholding alleged PDJT obstruction at this point would be a lie of omission.

No doubt the Shape Shifter, the Dopes and the MSM will say that Comey’s statement was referring to the DoJ only. So if Jimmy asks his wife if she is having an affair will Bill and she says no, but doesn’t mention that she is having an affair with Bill’s boss Barry, it’s hard to think that her hands are clean.

Putin’s an azz, but even an azz can tell the truth occasionally
Putin hit the nail on the head when he said this about the frenzy the MSM and Dopes – the Venn diagram has the MSM circle nearly totally inside the Dope circle:

"What surprises me is that they are shaking up the domestic political situation using anti-Russian slogans. Either they don't understand the damage they're doing to their own country, in which case they are simply stupid, or they understand everything, in which case they are dangerous and corrupt."

Putin capsulizes one of Lex’s favorite points, if the Dopes and MSM are not anti-American how would what they doing be any different if they were? 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Memorandums for the record are tools for paranoid azzbags

Lex has just learned from two anonymous sources that the anonymous sources in the Caligula, D.C. Compost story on the PDJT/Russia meeting were Shrillda the Hutt, Jeb! Bush and Tony aka Carlos Danger Weiner.  My anonymous sources told me that their anonymous sources told them that they read it on an anonymous blog on the dark web.  In big league journalism, this is as solid as it gets.  Take it to the bank folks.

Comeygate II (It’s sad when you have to start numbering them.)
Way back when, when I was the lone officer at a duty station, some staff puke encouraged me to keep MFRs, or memorandums for the record, to record my side of the story of any controversy that occurred.  Over the three years I was stationed there, I think I wrote maybe less than 5 MFRs and all were probably within the first month.

Surprisingly all of the MFRs I wrote placed my own heroic level-headed and totally appropriate actions to maintain good order and discipline at a mutinous duty station teetering on sheer pandemonium only held together in some functioning manner by my own superb leadership in the best possible light. 

When I confronted the staff for not being at work on a Thursday, in my MFR I noted that not one of them was sober alert and fit for duty at their assigned station at the normal starting time.  I noted that I was in early, in the proper uniform and manning my station in the most professional fashion. I didn’t mention that the event occurred on the 25th of December.  The layabouts were not there.  Case closed and duly noted in my MFR.      

I stopped the practice of telling myself what already knew when it occurred to me, “You are a Marine officer.  If your integrity is on such shaky ground that you have to write notes to yourself to cover your azz, you are either crazy or a pee poor officer.  If you think 13 Marine staff NCOs and NCOs are so unprofessional that they going to organize an effort to bring about your end, you are a delusional paranoid idiot and probably deserve to be gone and notes to yourself are only going to be more proof of that.  Stop it!”

So Jimmy the shape shifter Comey got moved off the headlines for a day by the BS story that PDJT gave the Russians classified information.  Comey couldn’t stand being second fiddle to the Russians, so one of his flunkies in the FBI released a note he wrote to himself about a meeting between Comey and PDJT. 

In that note to himself, Comey allegedly records that PDJT asked him to end his investigation into Michael Flynn.  No one but the leaker, Comey and a few others have seen Comey’s phantom memo and of course the leaker is anonymous.  Based on an alleged memo released by an anonymous source, the MSM Dope water carriers are already calling for impeachment.  YGBSM!  You’d think they’d at least wait until the leaker faxed over the memo. 

Remember Dan Blather’s Texas National Guard letters?  Fake.  Fake. Fake.  Show us the memo.   Show us the computer used to generate the memo. 

The most hilarious thing on PMSNBC last night was the repeated calls for congress “to get to the bottom of all of this.”  It’s a two YGBSM morning.  Congress couldn’t get to the bottom of a parking lot puddle.  The only thing the preening azzbags in Caligula, D.C. are capable of getting to the bottom of is a liquor bottle. 

Was congress able to get to the bottom of:
Fast and Furious
IRS targeting
Shrillda the Hutt’s illegal e-mail server  
VA waiting list scandal
AP wire tapping
Solyndra and other EPA payoffs or selected prosecution

With congress populated by such intellectual powerhouses as Maxine Waters and Hank Johnson, were they to “get to the bottom” of the bombing of Pear Harbor in 1941 it is as likely as not that we would end up declaring war on Canada.

Here’s what happened, and who that cares that I don’t have a clue of what actually happened.  Aside from Jimmy the shape shifter and PDJT neither does anyone else.  In a private meeting, PDJT laid out Flynn’s extended service to the country.  PDJT notes that Flynn is an otherwise “good man” who has been humiliated.  PDJT tells Comey, the he (PDJT) thinks Flynn has been punished enough.  PDJT sums it up to Comey rhetorically, “given his service to the country and his current life-long humiliation, I hope you can let this go.”

Also, PDJT is a kickazz business guy – not a lawyer.  Comey is a paranoid azzbag who needs to write CYA memos to himself and also happens to be a lawyer.  So the MSM is shouting OBSTRUCTION!  By who?  The untrained lawyer or the guy trained in the law who hid the evidence of a crime?  Also, Jimmy shape shifter Comey, was there any intent to obstruct?  Remember, that’s why you let Shrillda the Hutt off the hook.  Show me the intent.

For the Record:  I have just placed two MFRs in the file.  In one I noted that the Griffin promised me $10,000 if I encouraged him to retire on time.  Also, AFBro promised to bequeath to me his roadster – the Babe – in the unlikely event that I outlive the ageless one.

So, if either of you are thinking about reneging on your promises to me, I have ironclad legal documents to support my claim.  So, don’t even think about it.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Lex has anonymous sources that say Caligula, D.C. Compost story on PDJT is total BS

“The story, as reported, is false.”  “It didn’t happen.”  That sounds pretty ironclad.  UNLESS, the “as reported” part means some oddball fact is inaccurate rather than the substance of the story.  If “the story” is about a kid riding a bike and goes on to say, the kid was riding his bike on Elm Street when he was a block over on Oak Street, to say, “The story, as reported, is false,” would be accurate, but a bit disingenuous.  The kid was riding a bike.

To say, “It didn’t happen,” is perfect Caligula, D.C. double speak.  “It”?  What is “it”?  Could be literally any bit of inconsequential information in the story.  So again, the statement, “It didn’t happen,” could be 100% accurate, but the “it” might not apply to the substance of the story.

The “it” in the Caligula. D.C. Compost story is the naming of a certain city in the Middle East with regard to intel about bombs in computers on airplanes.  So, did PDJT release the name of the city?  Was that release a “big deal”?

The messenger sent out to clear up the controversy cleared up nothing.  That’s probably the best policy until the story within the White House can be put together accurately.  We know the MSM goes nuts and shouts “COVER UP” when the White House story, or the truth changes one mil over the first 100 explanations.

First, I don’t know anything about the PDJT Russian meeting.  Neither does the foaming at the mouth MSM.  As always, I turn to PMSNBC when these things happen to see the Lefty Libs going nuts and becoming more unhinged than a stall door in the men’s room at a rowdy campus bar.  I was not disappointed.  If I had just a nickel for every time the word “if” was used to develop the most nefarious conspiracy theories imaginable, I’d be free and clear on my Bugatti Chiron1.  The gal that spilled the beans on The Empty Suit’s efforts to wiretap the Trump campaign, Evelyn Farkus, was in full blow outrage over something she had no knowledge of: IF PDJT disclosed this information to the Russians, the world will tip on its axis to the point south will become north.  If this is true, DJT will be responsible for the deaths of every man, woman and child that dies over the next 50 years.  If the Compost’s story is accurate, we will all die a fiery miserable of death.

Unlike the MSM, let me say up front, I don’t know what happened in a private meeting between PDJT and the Russian Foreign Minister and Ambassador.  Apparently PDJT, Rex Tillerson, DNI McMaster and his deputy do.  All have issued denials of the Caligula, D.C. Compost’s story, which hinges entirely on “anonymous sources.”  So there are three high placed named government officials telling us that the Compost is full of BS. 

My sense, as always in these things, is that the truth lies somewhere in the middle.  PDJT may have shared some sensitive material.  To my way of thinking, that’s something that might happen when you are trying to coopt a reluctant partner.  You share something that might be valuable to the reluctant partner to get them on board because they want to get more of what was offered up.      

 The real story here is total disregard for America by some deep state a-hole that has placed “getting Trump” above national security.  The leak of the content of PDJT’s meeting with the Russians is itself is far more dangerous than anything PDJT might have shared with the Russians.  Seems to me, once a secret is shared you’d like to limit the number of people who know the secret. 

So I have three possibilities. 

First:  A deep state a-hole with a severe case of Trump derangement syndrome leaked the information in way to put PDJT in the worst possible light.  The information may be true but linking it to PDJT may be totally false.  The Compost’s source knows the name of the city.  He tells that name to the Compost telling them PDJT released the information to the Russians.  Maybe PDJT did release the name of the city.  Maybe the Russians already knew the information.  Maybe the information isn’t that big of deal.  Maybe it’s 3 years old and worthless.  Maybe it was a carrot presented by PDJT to secure Russian cooperation.  Who knows?  I don’t know who knows.  Neither does the Compost.

Next: A Chicken Little type sees the information and, believing that the sky is falling, tells the Compost who is all too happy to run with the story to cause more chaos for PDJT.

Last: A Walter Mitty type who sees himself as saving the world by telling the Compost the one thing that he knows that means something to someone other than himself tells the Compost who is all too happy to run with the story to cause more chaos for PDJT.

You can live with Chicken Little and Walter Mitty types.  You cannot live with deep state a-holes. 

My advice to PDJT is to tell the truth, the whole truth – to the extent possible with classified material - about this today and let the chips fall.  In the process place as much blame on the leaker as possible.  The leaker is a much bigger threat to national security than PDJT.

The trouble with anonymous sources is, I have 63 million anonymous sources that indicate to me that the Caligula, D.C. Compost is an anti-American commie rag.  So, just sayin’.

Dopes shooting in the dark
Shrillda the Hutt has joined “the resistance.”  What exactly are they resisting?  Dope response:  The duly elected Republican President damn it!!!

We need a special prosecutor to look into Russian interference in the 2016 election.  To prosecute what?  What is the underlying crime that needs to be prosecuted?  Dope response:  Being a Republican President damn it!!!  

Monday, May 15, 2017

Boob Schieffer on how the Kennedy Assassination is just like a Little League baseball game and the Comey firing

If you had any doubt about the post under and PDJT living rent free inside the Lefty Libs’ empty heads, check out this piece on the 190 year old Boob Schieffer’s take on Comey getting axed.  You cannot make this stuff up.  Comparing the Comey firing to the Kennedy assassination is ridiculous on its face.  Schieffer somehow is perfectly comfortable making the comparison.  PDJT has to go to bed every night laughing his butt off at his effect on these ultramaroons.

NOTE:  I do not know why the term ultramaroon is flagged by Bill Gates as a spelling error.  Doesn’t anyone at Microsoft watch Bugs Bunny?  For clarification, the Urban Dictionary defines ultramaroon as an “extreme moron.” 

You’re exactly right, Boob.  Except for:
A Rifle
A book Depository
A motorcade
A governor getting shot
A president getting killed
A harried drive to the hospital
A nation-wide man-hunt
A world-wide military alert
An assassin himself being assassinated
An assassin's assassin then dying of of cancer
A real Russian connection
A real Cuban connection
A Zupruder 8mm film capturing the shootings
A grassy knoll theory
A vice president being sworn in on board AF 1
A funeral covered world-wide
30 days of mourning
50 years of reflection 
1,000 conspiracy theories  

And about 10,000,000 other polar opposite differences, The Kennedy assassination and the Comey firing are EXACTLY the same, Boob. 

The ONLY similarity I see is the 24-7 salivating coverage by the news.  But even that isn’t the same.  Back in 1963, it could probably be argued that 100% of the MSM wasn’t 100% fake news.  When we saw JFK’s casket we were pretty sure the body of JFK was inside.  If the hacks running the MSM these days were in charge, they'd probably fake the entire thing.

Exit question:  If white males are soooooo $h!tty to lefty Libs, why are these fossilized dried up old prunes, like Schieffer, Rather, Brokaw, Woodward and Bernstein, still relevant to them? 

Jimmy the fib clap Clapper
When a woman suffering from an extreme case of Trump derangement syndrome claimed that PDJT was undermining the American people’s faith in the MSM, Lex’s response was: PDJT is not undermining the American people’s faith in the MSM.  The MSM is undermining the American people’s faith in the MSM.  PDJT is only pointing out what a vast majority of us already know – the MSM is crooked.

My response to Jimmy the fib clap Clapper’s assertion that US institutions are being “eroded” by PDJT is the same.  PDJT is not eroding US institutions.   US institutions are eroding US institutions.  PDJT is only pointing out what a vast majority of us already know – US institutions are being eroded by scandal.  To wit:
An FBI that lays out an ironclad case against a white collar criminal but offers no charges
The IRS targeting conservative organizations
Snoops spying on American citizens
Congress exempting themselves from insane laws they force onto the rest of us
DoJ running guns to Mexican drug cartels
EPA criminalizing conservative business models
Police standing about watching someone getting mugged for wearing a MAGA hat
Feral know-nothings, acting like Islamo-Terror-Fascist, shouting down and assaulting anyone who has a different point of view.

Eight years of The Empty Suit militarizing “US institutions” against the American people and US institutions going along with it, have eroded US institutions.  PDJT is just pointing out what most of us know – US institutions are the deep state put in place to undermine PDJT and the will of the American people.  

Scoopgate and Tapegate
The latest thing the MSM and Demo-Dopes are in a tizzy about, other than PDJT getting two scoops of ice cream after dinner*, is PDJT “threatening” Jimmy the shape Shifter Comey with releasing tapes of the their dinner conversation. 

*Note:  The only big deal about ice creamgate is that the Timers at the dinner are so petty that they noticed that PDJT got an extra scoop, like a cry baby at a 6 year old’s birthday party, are so supercilious as to report it as real news, and were too timid to say to the White House staff, “Hey do you think you could scare up another scoop of ice cream fro me?”

Do you believe in coincidents in Caligula, D.C.?  Me neither.  So PDJT tells Comey to watch what he says about their conversations because there might be tapes.  Later that day Comey declines to testify before congress.  2 + 2 = (what)? 

My guess is that everything at the White House is recorded twice.  First by PDJT and second by the deep state spying on PDJT hoping for an impeachable offense.  

Friday, May 12, 2017

The Russia investigation is never going to end

After Ethel Rosenberg’s brother ratted out her husband, Julius, as a Russian spy in June of 1950, it took the FBI less than a year to investigate, try and convict the Rosenbergs.  Jimmy the shape shifter Comey announced his second investigation into Shrillda the Hutt’s e-mail on Oct 28th (a day that will live in infamy).  It only took the FBI 9 days to clear the Hutt a second time. 

So how long will it take the FBI and congress to investigate the Trump/Russia collusion non-story story?  It will take as long as necessary for the Caligula, D.C. ruling class azzbags to get a scalp, a la Scooter Libby, or weaken PDJT.  When PDJT has Mike over to the White House in Jan of 2021 before Pence’s inauguration, PMSNBC will be running stories about PDJT meeting with Pence to turn over his secret Russian contacts Rolodex to the President Elect. 

In short it is never going to go away as long as PDJT is in the picture with a trash pump and a coil of well pipe for the purpose of draining the Caligula, D.C. swamp.  Rat establishment Republicans, who know that they are as likely as not to be drained along with Demo-Dope azzbags by PDJT, will be hiding deep in the swamp under the Russian collusion swamp weeds along with the usual Dope suspects.

The Trump/Russia BS cannot be ended.  Then the swamp rats will have nothing.  

I wonder what it’s like to be PDJT.  How great would it be to be able drive your enemies into a deep anger, rage, depression and blustering frenzy just by showing up or releasing a 140 character message about fake news?  I’d spend all my time up in Ishigan driving Meatchicken fans crazy – short drive for most. 

I wonder if the Keith Olbermanns, Maxine Waters, Hollywood late night “comedy” personality types know that PDJT and his supporters like Lex enjoy their unending rage.  I’m pretty sure PDJT gets up in the morning hoping to do his best.  I’m also pretty sure he knows that whatever he does, cures cancer, feeds the poor, clothes the naked, educates the ignorant, whatever he does no matter how noble and/or good is only going to serve to drive the Lefty Libs further down the path to their own destruction by Trump derangement syndrome. 

I think it is amazing that the Lefty Libs let PDJT live rent free inside their heads.  They scream FIRE COMEY! PDJT fires Comey.  They scream COVER UP!  Robertscare is collapsing all around them.  They scream PRE-EXISTING (insurance) CONDITIONS!  PDJT arranges 8 billion to cover pre-existing (insurance) conditions.  They scream PDJT WANTS TO KILL YOUR CHILDREN!

I mean seriously how great would it be to be able to drive your archenemy nuts just by giving them what they want.  007 shows up in Dr. Doom’s laboratory and solves the problem with Dr. Doom’s climate machine.  Doom goes nuts.  “You bastard!  Get out of here!” Then, out of spite and uncontrollable anger, Doom blows up the perfected machine that would have allowed him to rule the world.  That’ll show Bond.

I’m sure PDJT is like the Rodney Dangerfield character in Caddy Shack.  He just goes about his business oblivious to the hand wringing rage and angst he causes among the elite Judge Smails types who populate the Bushwood Country Club.

I just think it would be cool to be the Tasmanian Devil whirling around disrupting everything among the people who literally cannot stand you and then going on your way as if everything is fine and dandy.   Maybe a word as you leave the scene, "Anyone going to clean that mess up?"  Then you whirl away.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

When is whitewashing not whitewashing

The ever feeling Hollywood azzbagas are in an uproar – but then again since Jan 20th, when have haven’t they been in an uproar – over a white actor playing a Hawaiian war hero.   They cleverly call the film a “whitewash.”  Get it?  A white guy playing a Hawaiian – a whitewash.  Get it?  Fine.  Get a black guy the play the Hawaiian guy and everything will be okay.

No Lex they will be in an uproar about the blackwashing of a Hawaiian war hero.  No they won’t.  In his action packed thriller movie Unstoppable, Denzell Washington played the role of hometown hero Billy Knowlton who “is whiter than Frosty the Snowman after he fell into a vat of whiteout.”  That is a Mark Steyn line – I think.

I don’t recall any outrage about Denzell playing the role of a white hero.  In fact it was quite the opposite.  The hometown was all abuzz about an actor of Washington’s heft and abilities portraying our hometown hero.  They were less concerned about Washington’s skin color than they were about his acting ability and his name recognition’s ability to get cheeks in the seats to watch the movie portraying an actual event involving a local man who saves the day.

NOTE:  At the end of the movie there’s a tribute to Knowlton’s wife who sadly passed away before the movie’s release.

Then there was outrage when Clint Eastwood made the movie Flags our Fathers about the flag raising on Iwo Jima.  The social justice warriors were in a tizzy about the lack of black actors in the movie.  Eastwood pointing out that, historically speaking, there were no blacks involved in that action made no difference to the know-nothing azzbags.  Just throw a couple in to ease race relation, and while you are at, get rid of anyone smoking a cigarette – even though nearly everyone had the habit back then. 

Lex often notes that it is the Lefty Libs who are a most intolerant bunch pushing fascism.  These free speech freedom fighters shout down, protest and threaten with physical harm anyone who shows up with an opinion that varies with their own.  In an effort to airbrush history, the fascist are all for banning flags, statutes, high school names and buildings like Lee, Hood, Bragg etc.  in an effort whitewash southern war history.  I’m not totally opposed to that.  When they start burning books that accurately depict the southern war effort – and seriously can that be far off – it’ll be time to raise the BS flag.

Here's an idea.  If you want to make a Civil War movie about Robert E. Lee, just get Denzell Washington to play Lee and you’ll be fine.    

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

No surprise, shape shifter Comey has been axed

Jimmy the shape shifter Comey has been swatted down by PDJT like a fly that has taken one too many runs at the sugar bowl.  The MSM and their lackeys in the Dope Party are confused.  What’s new?  Why now, they demand.  Well now is the perfect time.  Shrillda the Hutt just laid the blame for her pathetic campaign at Comey’s feet.  So, with Shrillda the Hutt on her broom flying top cover for the move, PDJT dumped Comey.  How can Dopes complain now? 

Well I saw it on TV.  When Fox first broke the story they reported that Comey had resigned.  At that time, Demo-Dope Zeke Emanuel’s take was more or less – good riddance creep you cost the Hutt the election.  When the story was corrected that PDJT fired Comey, the Dope turned on a dime and started to lambaste PDJT. 

Let’s be clear, Comey didn’t cost the Hutt an election.  Had he kept his mouth shut and let the investigation into the Hutt’s private e-mail continue for who knows how long with who knows what outcome, that would have been the worst case for the Hutt.  Comey threw the Hutt a life line.  He laid out an iron clad case for an indictment. Then inexplicably came the famous “however.”  However, Comey declined to prosecute – which is not his job by the way – because there was no intent.  Hmm, seems to me if you lie about something that sort of proves intent. 

So Comey was a dead man walking 10 seconds after that stupid presser.  By laying out the airtight case that the Hutt is a crook, he peed off the Hutt and her supporters.  By failing to bring charges against a caught-in-the-act crook, he peed off PDJT and his supporters.  So what is the surprise here? 

Well why didn’t PDJT fire Comey day one after inauguration?  Remember Chuckles the clown Schumer was slow rolling PDJT’s Attorney General nominee, so an Empty Suit appointee was running DoJ at that time.  Comey’s deputy was/is also a dyed in the wool Dope whose wife was a Dope congressional candidate.  Comey at least was a target for the Dopes which made him a better choice than someone who wasn’t until PDJT could get an ally at the DoJ.

The only thing more satisfying than the shape shifter increasing the unemployment numbers by one last night is the MSM/Dope reaction to the firing.  As on election night, I tuned into PMSNBC to wallow in the glory of their misery.  Yeah, I know.  I’ll get to confession and beg forgiveness once the delicious notion of “*uck you, take that you bastards” subsides.  

PMSNBC was in total meltdown and I loved it.  The more over the top they got the better it was.  It was salivating hyperbolic over-reaction all of the time with a good measure of feigned outrage for comic relief.   Poor darlings.  Had we gotten a whiff of Comey’s canning we could have invested in Prozac and Xanax and made a huge killing in the market when the run on those two drugs began after the news of Comey’s canning hit at about 5:30 last night.

Every time the Lefty Libs mentioned PDJT it was followed with a Russia reference.  They joined Trump and Russia like normal people join the words cuff and link.  I’m considering changing PDJT to PDJTR.  Naaa, it’s an extra key stroke

My only hope is that this morning PDJT passes over the Dope FBI Assistant Director McCabe in favor of some non-partisan underling maybe two or three levels down to fuel further conspiracy theories, and just drive the Lefty Libs further and further down into the rabbit hole.  Best case is that pushes the poor lefties, still smarting over the Hutt’s thumping and reduced to wailing and gnashing of teeth over Comey, to the window of a tall building to hurl themselves out.

Then there was the reaction the part of PDJT’s letter firing Comey that references the three times Comey told PDJT was not under investigation.  Nice touch.  That little bit of extraneous information had the Lefty Libs projecting every bit fantasy they could muster into that part of Comey’s firing.  Dopes and the MSM horses’ azzes explain that those words clearly mean that there is something there.  So not being under investigation means PDJT is guilty of something.  I suppose that is true.  After all, we are all guilty of something.  I wonder if the statute of limitation has expired for painting the school roof with a 12’ [class of] 74?

That bit of information is classic PDJT, a tweet within a letter, a distraction to the main point, a left jab to set up the roundhouse right.  The Lefty Libs are so bereft of any original thought that 10 seconds after the firing the Dopes were rolling out Watergate references.  Good.  99% of millennials have not a clue of what hell they are talking about, but then Dopes as general rule don’t know what they are talking about either.   

Please, please, please PDJT do something today that will make the PMSNBC pukes faint dead away.  Here you go. I understand former Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio isn’t doing much these days.  Appoint him as FBI Director.

No doubt Rat establishment Republicans will be heading for the hills by Friday. 

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Dope goal, as always, is single payer

Demo-Dopes want a single payer healthcare system.  Fine.  The argument for a single payer system is one we ought to have.  But the Dopes don’t to have that argument.  They whine about the weather, but they don’t want an argument on global warming cooling warming change disruption, because after all, the debate is over.  They want to ban all guns, but don’t want to argue the plain meaning of the 2d Amendment or how to amend it, because to do so would let the cat out of the bag. 

New Dope 2d Amendment:  Private ownership of any gun, rifle, smooth bore or rifled, long, short, semi-automatic, automatic, single shot, muzzle loader, gas powered, rubber band operated or anything made to propel any projectile to include but not limited to bullets, spitballs, potatoes, rocks, stones, peas (frozen, thawed, cooked, blanched or otherwise) through a hollow tube to include straws, pipes, wood dowels bored for the purpose, washers (lock and regular), nuts (wing and other wise) stacked soldered, welded or glued together to create a tube,  are hereby banned.  All weapons currently owned or stored by any private citizen must be turned over to authorities immediately.  A $10,000 tax deduction will be provided to anyone ratting out a neighbor, family member or friend not in compliance with this amendment to proper authority.  Anyone in violation of this amendment will be fined not more than $1,000,000,000 and subject to not more than life in federal re-education facilities.  This amendment is passed primarily for the good of children.

So we know that the Demo-Dopes want to drive the US into a single payer healthcare system.  The Empty Suit said as much.  Like everything of substance, Dopes don’t want to debate their harebrained idea and are hiding the ball.  Single payer is the goal.  Anything short of that – a crummy healthcare system for everyone but the elite – is a failure.

Here is the dirtiest of the Demo-Dope dirty secrets.  Single payer isn’t going to be single payer at all.  It will be a two tiered system.  There will be one system for the elites.  The elites exempted themselves from Robertscare.  What makes us think they won’t do the same if single payer is ever made law?  The elite will walk into spacious, clean facilities staffed by the best and brightest who are cheerful and helpful.  There will be no waiting.

The rest of us will be forced into tier two.  That tier will be like the DMV meets the VA staffed by postal workers, administered by former United Airlines security personnel. 

Tier one will have Doctors like House, Welby, Carson, Oz, Phil etc. While tier two facilities will get Doctors like Gosnell, Frankenstein, Mengele, etc.  The waiting rooms in the tier two system will look and smell like the port-a-john on day three of Woodstock.

Remember, the Lefty Lib notion of equality is never to raise the lower level.  Their idea of equality is to bring the rest of us down to the lowest common denominator.  I think deep down, Lefty Libs know that it is futile to lift a certain percentage of their constituency.  The Maxine Waters, Hank Johnson wing of the party is just too stupid.  The Hollywood wing of the Dope Party is too cowardly.  The Revs? Jesse Jackson, Not-so-Sharp-ton, Wright wing is too hateful.  The Antifa wing of the Demo-Dope Party is just too lazy. Combined that is pretty large percentage of the party.  So what to do?  If you cannot attain equality by lifting your stupid, cowardly, hateful and lazy base, then the only option left is bring everyone else down to their level.

So you have two kids.  One is an Air Force Academy grad who flies large aircraft.  The other took 5 years to get communications degree from The Ohio State University that qualifies him to clean up 30 pounds equine excrement every day.  Wadda you do?  Well if you’re a Dope, you tell your pilot son he’s a thief.  You tell him the only reason he’s succeeded in life is because of the 5 year sacrifice of his brother to obtain a worthless degree from a diploma factory.  You demand the pilot surrender 60% of earnings to his excrement shoveling brother so that his brother can afford NASCAR season tickets, dance lessons and the Harley Davidson he’s always wanted but whose beer budget wouldn’t allow him to get.  Then, when AFBro agrees, you never, ever say thanks.  Instead you continue to bitch about the remaining 40% of AFBro’s income.

If you’re a parent with a brain, you tell your excrement shoveling son to take a part-time job, pay for his own NASCAR tix, dancing lessons and Harley and stop bitching about the success of his older brother.  The excrement shoveling brother knows bitching is easier than getting a part-time job.  He will continue to bitch until AFBro relents.  Then excrement Bro be able to bid on that Beanie Baby collection on e-bay he's had his eye on.

Woops, this kind of slid off the rails.  I’ll try to do better tomorrow.