Monday, May 08, 2017

So far, the AHCA has changed exactly - nothing

Sonny Bono’s e-wife is dead broke - she’s only worth $305 million- and whines about the government – i.e. you and me - not buying her asthma meds after the house passed the AHCA – which hasn’t changed one damn thing yet.


Very Smart tweet Cher. Glad I'm not you, what with no funds for your meds and all.

If the Republicn Party had any sense, something I give them no credit for, they would slow roll the AHCA in the senate while begging the Demo-Dopes to come onboard to Make American Healthcare Great Again.  All the while, Robertscare would descend into its death throes and would collapse under its own weight.  Republicans should try and try to get the Dopes to engage on healthcare.  Chuckles the clown Schumer will refuse, because that is what azzbag base demands.  Robertscare will go belly up.  It is inevitable.  When that happens, there will be a healthcare crisis of the Demo-Dope Party’s making.  Then the Demo-Dopes will be forced to put their best people on healthcare reform to try to explain it.  That means a dueling dumbazz contest between Hank the island might capsize Johnson and Maxine Waters who is as crazy as she is stupid, traits she compensates for by being the most mean-spirited woman on the planet.  

If Republicans play this right they can hang the entire fiasco around the Demo-Dopes necks.  Your system was collapsing.  You knew it.  We knew it.  Everyone with a brain knew it.  Yet your hate for PDJT runs so deep, it was more important for you to deny him a legislative victory than to cooperate to try to fix the mess you created.  Well, now your precious Robertscare has $h!t itself, and now millions of Americans are suffering.  Way to go Chuckles.  You’re doing a heck of a job.

Here’s a terrible secret no one wants to let out of the bag.  Republicans don’t mention it and Demo-Dopes don’t mention it.  The Republican plan which pours 8 billion into preexisting insurance conditions, among other things, is NOT free market healthcare.  Is it better than Robertscare?  Hell yes.  Letting Robertscare die on the vine and replacing it with nothing would also be better than Robertscare.

The preexisting condition argument rests on the flimsy notion that healthcare is a right.  Everyone has a right to healthcare and that right, like free speech, ought to be free.   So, the new healthcare system will have us showing up at the ER at 9am and the government will guarantee that - by 3:30 the next morning - you will have seen a doctor  with some qualifications, one of which is NOT guaranteed to be an understanding of the English language.  Some people get Dr. Marcus Welby, others get Dr. Kermit Gosnell.  You might get a spirit healer or witch doctor.        

As with everything the Lefty Libs only want equality.  To achieve that they make no effort to bring people up, but rather bring everyone down to the lowest common denominator.  Their answer to auto safety isn’t to put everyone into a larger safer vehicle.  Lefty Libs want everyone driving a Yugo. 

So the lefty Libs are on a tear invoking Jimmy Kimmel’s lie at every chance.  “Republicans want to kill your children!”  It is a nutty argument.  But the nutty lie is told over and over again - even though the only time a child is not cared for in this country is after a child survives a botched abortion.

When is racism not racism?  When it is directed at white people, particularly white, Christian men.  Bill Maher, is a lot of things but, is he’s not stupid.  That didn’t Stop Maher from telling his audience, with the passage of the AHCA in the house, the GOP told Jimmy Kimmel’s baby – go screw yourself.  Nonsense.  No one told Jimmy Kimmel’s baby “go screw yourself.”  Jimmy Kimmel’s baby was covered before Robertscare, after Robertscare and will be covered under the new AHCA, if it is ever passed into law. 

The very first question for any Hollywood swell or Dope pol should be, “Are you cover under Robertscare or do you have your own special insurance plan?”

BS is all the Lefty Libs have left.   So they are dumping so much BS in American they are like the Chinese dumping crushed coral into the Pacific to make one of their man-made islands.  The Dopes are making man-made BS islands all across America.  They are called urban areas run by Demo-Dopes.  They are dangerous, broke, dysfunctional welfare states managed under the banner of hope and change.

My hope is that all illegal aliens will listen to the Hollywood swells and the Demo-Dopes.  Every day the Dopes and swells say that America sucks and is no longer safe for sick children.  So stay away.  Please, for the love mercy, for your own safety, for your children, just stay away.

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