Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Lex has anonymous sources that say Caligula, D.C. Compost story on PDJT is total BS

“The story, as reported, is false.”  “It didn’t happen.”  That sounds pretty ironclad.  UNLESS, the “as reported” part means some oddball fact is inaccurate rather than the substance of the story.  If “the story” is about a kid riding a bike and goes on to say, the kid was riding his bike on Elm Street when he was a block over on Oak Street, to say, “The story, as reported, is false,” would be accurate, but a bit disingenuous.  The kid was riding a bike.

To say, “It didn’t happen,” is perfect Caligula, D.C. double speak.  “It”?  What is “it”?  Could be literally any bit of inconsequential information in the story.  So again, the statement, “It didn’t happen,” could be 100% accurate, but the “it” might not apply to the substance of the story.

The “it” in the Caligula. D.C. Compost story is the naming of a certain city in the Middle East with regard to intel about bombs in computers on airplanes.  So, did PDJT release the name of the city?  Was that release a “big deal”?

The messenger sent out to clear up the controversy cleared up nothing.  That’s probably the best policy until the story within the White House can be put together accurately.  We know the MSM goes nuts and shouts “COVER UP” when the White House story, or the truth changes one mil over the first 100 explanations.

First, I don’t know anything about the PDJT Russian meeting.  Neither does the foaming at the mouth MSM.  As always, I turn to PMSNBC when these things happen to see the Lefty Libs going nuts and becoming more unhinged than a stall door in the men’s room at a rowdy campus bar.  I was not disappointed.  If I had just a nickel for every time the word “if” was used to develop the most nefarious conspiracy theories imaginable, I’d be free and clear on my Bugatti Chiron1.  The gal that spilled the beans on The Empty Suit’s efforts to wiretap the Trump campaign, Evelyn Farkus, was in full blow outrage over something she had no knowledge of: IF PDJT disclosed this information to the Russians, the world will tip on its axis to the point south will become north.  If this is true, DJT will be responsible for the deaths of every man, woman and child that dies over the next 50 years.  If the Compost’s story is accurate, we will all die a fiery miserable of death.

Unlike the MSM, let me say up front, I don’t know what happened in a private meeting between PDJT and the Russian Foreign Minister and Ambassador.  Apparently PDJT, Rex Tillerson, DNI McMaster and his deputy do.  All have issued denials of the Caligula, D.C. Compost’s story, which hinges entirely on “anonymous sources.”  So there are three high placed named government officials telling us that the Compost is full of BS. 

My sense, as always in these things, is that the truth lies somewhere in the middle.  PDJT may have shared some sensitive material.  To my way of thinking, that’s something that might happen when you are trying to coopt a reluctant partner.  You share something that might be valuable to the reluctant partner to get them on board because they want to get more of what was offered up.      

 The real story here is total disregard for America by some deep state a-hole that has placed “getting Trump” above national security.  The leak of the content of PDJT’s meeting with the Russians is itself is far more dangerous than anything PDJT might have shared with the Russians.  Seems to me, once a secret is shared you’d like to limit the number of people who know the secret. 

So I have three possibilities. 

First:  A deep state a-hole with a severe case of Trump derangement syndrome leaked the information in way to put PDJT in the worst possible light.  The information may be true but linking it to PDJT may be totally false.  The Compost’s source knows the name of the city.  He tells that name to the Compost telling them PDJT released the information to the Russians.  Maybe PDJT did release the name of the city.  Maybe the Russians already knew the information.  Maybe the information isn’t that big of deal.  Maybe it’s 3 years old and worthless.  Maybe it was a carrot presented by PDJT to secure Russian cooperation.  Who knows?  I don’t know who knows.  Neither does the Compost.

Next: A Chicken Little type sees the information and, believing that the sky is falling, tells the Compost who is all too happy to run with the story to cause more chaos for PDJT.

Last: A Walter Mitty type who sees himself as saving the world by telling the Compost the one thing that he knows that means something to someone other than himself tells the Compost who is all too happy to run with the story to cause more chaos for PDJT.

You can live with Chicken Little and Walter Mitty types.  You cannot live with deep state a-holes. 

My advice to PDJT is to tell the truth, the whole truth – to the extent possible with classified material - about this today and let the chips fall.  In the process place as much blame on the leaker as possible.  The leaker is a much bigger threat to national security than PDJT.

The trouble with anonymous sources is, I have 63 million anonymous sources that indicate to me that the Caligula, D.C. Compost is an anti-American commie rag.  So, just sayin’.

Dopes shooting in the dark
Shrillda the Hutt has joined “the resistance.”  What exactly are they resisting?  Dope response:  The duly elected Republican President damn it!!!

We need a special prosecutor to look into Russian interference in the 2016 election.  To prosecute what?  What is the underlying crime that needs to be prosecuted?  Dope response:  Being a Republican President damn it!!!  

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