Friday, September 28, 2012

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Little Barry's America
Here's what Little Barry's America looks like.

#1 reason to ignore polls. 
In the brilliant post under about why not to trust the polls, in my rush to get my car over to Mort’s, I omitted the real #1 reason. The ONLY poll that matters in all of this is the one tallied on Nov 6.

I've been trying to tune out the news cycles, even Fox News.  But last night on Special Report they had a guy telling us how far ahead Little Barry was in every state in every category on every issue.  The guy wound up the report with good news for Romney.  It seems though Little barry is ahead is ahead 100% to 0% except for Chicago where he's ahead 150% to 0%, the poll found 73% of those polled thought America needed to change its policies.  How does that make sense? 

It doesn't.  If 73% want to change policy, why on Earth would they vote for Little Barry?

Arrest “the film” maker!
There’s a notion that in football a penalty can be called on every play, health inspectors can close any restaurant they choose to and parolees can be arrested at anytime for parole violations.

Well the feds just rounded up a guy known as Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. Nakoula is supposedly the guy behind the film that nobody had seen until numb nuts Little Barry and his @$$clowns started promoting the film to cover up their own incompetence.

Nakoula has been determined to be a “danger to his community.” Hmm, really? Is Nakoula the threat for making some quadruple Z movie, OR are perpetually offended Islamo-Terror-Fascists the real danger because they are, as is ALWAYS the case, offended? This time it just happens to be with Nakoula’s stupid piece of work that has been endlessly promoted by the clueless douche at 1600 PA Ave.

How pray tell is the movie such a danger that the movie guy has to be rounded up, but the murdering burning rioting ITF get a pass? Only in Little Barry’s world does this make any sense.

But hey, remember after the election, Little Barry will “have more flexibility.” Then he can start rounding up just about anyone he wants to.

Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter sat down with the hags on the View, which would be like Einstein trying to have a conversation on relativity with five bothers from Delta Phi frat house on Sat night after 10 hours of heavy drinking before, during and after the big game.

Coulter was on the show to promote her new book Mugged. The book is about how Demo-Dopes have been using racial politics for their advantage since the end of slavery.

Notice how no one on the view talks to points Coulter is making. Notice how it’s all recycled pap about voter ID BS. As always with Libs, facts make no difference. What’s important is the liberal meme. Like Big Chief Lizzy Lyin’sak-O-$h!t Warren, Whoopie place what granny told her over what the facts are. Granny told me 2+2 = 8, so that pretty much ends the conversation on that story.  Goldgerg pretty much reminds of the cell phone woman at the top of this post.

Coulter nicely put the Whoopster in her place when Whooples says what do you know about being black, Coulter tells her the book is not about being black it’s about being a white liberal.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Don't throw yourself off a tall building, the polls are all BS!

I was going to do a top 10 reasons why you shouldn’t worry about the polls, but I have to get my car over to Mort’s Wayside Garage for service first thing this morning, so here are the top 6 reasons that the polls are BS.

6. Sample. Rassmusen’s poll on voter identification showed over 4% more voters identified themselves as Republicans than Demo-Dope. Not surprising that number for Republicans is so low. Though strictly conservative, because of RepubiRats like McCain, Gramnesty, Collins, Snow, Boehner et al, I do not identify with the Republican Party. Rassmussen’s poll showed about 29% of those asked identified themselves as independent. Nearly all of the samples in the polls skew heavily toward Demo-Dopes. They do not model the reality in that they all have more Demo-Dopes in the sample than Republicans and account for only 1% independents in some polls.

5. Who is conducting the poll. The MSM is doing most of the polling, not to find out who is winning, but to prop up Little Barry and make the poll the news. Ironically, a poll says over 60% of Americans do not trust the MSM. The other 40% misread the question. Yet after reading a bunch of bogus polls from people that they say they do not trust, the same 60% are saying: “Well it’s over honey get another 3 month’s supply of food and ammo for the bunker.” Why? We don’t trust them, but we’ll take their word on a poll? That makes no sense. Like everything else with this crowd, the polls are all BS.

4. Historic inaccuracies of polls. Even when done without bias, poling is an inaccurate science. If you want a heavily Demo-Dope sample conduct the poll on Fri night when Republicans are out with the family at the high school football game. Or during normal working hours when most Republicans are at work and most Demo-Dopes are waiting for the Price is Right to come on. Where were the polls in 2010? They did not catch the ground swell of discontent with Little Barry his dope queen of the house Grand Fran Nan Peloser and pederast Harry the roach Reid. They completely missed it.

3. The debates. The debates will decide this race and the first one is still about a week out. The MSM will say Little Barry won no matter what. They will spin and BS, but all Mitt Romney really has to do is come off a bit better than the Simon LeGree character the dopes have spent 100s of millions to make him out to be. Little Barry has fouled things up so badly at home and abroad, all the people want to know is that Romney is not as an incompetent boob as Little Barry. No amount of spinning will be able to cover up 90 minutes of Little Barry off teleprompter ummming and uhhing his through a question on the Middle East. More on the debates next week.

2. There’s only so much you can do anyway. Vote, send in money, write an OpEd to the local newspaper, run a crummy little blog that…no wait make that…run an insightful opinion shaping blog that is read world-wide, call a Dope leaning friend in a swing state and make an impassioned plea for Romney.

1. Other than #2 there is little you can do. So why be suicidal? That is what the MSM wants. You gotta fight the good fight and go forward. What would be a shame is if you let the polling data in Sep fold up you’re tent and go home before doing EVERYTHING that can to save the country. After all, it’s still worth saving and the polls probably had George Washington down by 75% against the British. So go forth happily and fight the good fight.

The good news in Ft. Wayne is that for the first time since moving here in 2006, the Catholic Church is actively registering voters. When confronted with the HHS mandate it was Ft. Wayne’s Bishop Rhoades who famously said, “We will not comply.” There is little doubt which way the bishop plans to vote this time around.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The roach speaks

Just when you think a scum bag like America’s favorite pederast Scrawny Harry Reid couldn’t sink any lower, the filthy little roach scurries from under a drain cover somewhere to spread more BS. The most scrawny one took time away from photo shopping himself into his expansive kiddie porn collection, to say that Mitt Romney has “sullied” the Mormon religion.

Nice. All the pederast is doing is reminding people that Romney is Mormon. Nothing else explains it. It’s like Hucksterbee saying, “They believe the devil is Jesus’ brother, right? I don’t know. I’ve heard that.” It is nothing more than the Scrawny one saying, “Hey, in case you have forgotten, Mitt Romney is a Mormon.”

Like the 47% remark Romney ought to run with it using these talking points:

Mormons believe in charity, I donate over a third of my income to charity. Harry what were charitable contributions last year?

I donate more of my time to worthy causes, like saving the Olympics, than Harry does to his 24/7 effort to expand his already voluminous child porn collection. Harry what have you ever done? For the last four years, you have failed to pass a budget that is required by law. Child porn aside, doesn’t that make Harry Reid a criminal of sorts?

All my life, I have sat in a church where we proudly thank our Heavenly Father for our good fortune rather than sitting in the pew of church where the pastor damns America.

Harry Reid is clearly off one of his 5-8 prescription medications and on some illegal substance. He ought to take time away from funneling billions of tax payer dollars to ChiCom energy companies that hire his otherwise worthless offspring, to check himself into rehab.

I pray for Harry Reid’s full recovery.

If I could draw

Obama Campaign Removes Obama Flag Poster From

I’d take this obama-nination and have it flat on the floor of the consulate in Benghazi. Around it lay three dead Americans whose oozing blood trails forms the O. The stripes are formed by the blood dripping from the fingers of our dead ambassador as his body is dragged out by a couple of Isalmo-Terror-Fascists.

Michael Ramirez, take this idea and run with it.

Slander the Prophet of Islam
While kowtowing to the creeps at the UN yesterday and while throwing the Catholic Church under the bus at home Little Barry Said:

The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.

So Little Barry can dictate rules for Catholics and that’s OK, but we’re supposed shut up about a violent dysfunctional cult masquerading as religion. So riddle me this Batman, who does more “to slander the prophet of Islam,” non-believers who draw cartoons of him or murdering scumbag believers of the prophet who kill innocent people because they are offended by the cartoon? The greatest slander to the prophet has to be from followers of the prophet who cannot leave the 7th century and insist on acting like savage @$$bags at the slightest provocation.

So before the UN makes it illegal to do so, let me say, F*&K Islam. Until the “moderate Muslims” become the loudest voice in that religion, they shouldn’t be given credit as a “great religion.” It is a violent cult that is responsible for the majority of what’s wrong with the world today.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Little Barry at home in the UN

Fresh off his interview with a Spanish speaking outlet where he was pummeled like Wiley E. Coyote touring an Acme company warehouse, Little gafftastic Barry had his skinny @$$ handed to him on 60 Min.

Ever the sensitive one, Little @$$bag Barry referred to the recent deaths of 4 Americans at the hands of perpetually angry 7th century @$$wipes as a bump in the road. He didn’t even bother with usual BS euphemism of “tragedy.” It’s now just a bump in the road. Getting an off-sides penalty inside the 20 yard line when you’re down by 4 in the last minute of the game is a bump in the road. Skipping the family vacation to pay for car repairs is a bump in the road. 4 Dead Americans on American soil at the hands of a terrorist mob is NOT a bump in the road or even a tragedy. What it is Little Barry is an act of war.

But Little Barry and his @$$clown administration cannot bring themselves to condemn the perpetrators of this evil. Instead they insist the entire event was the result of an American citizen exercising his freedom rather than a bunch of vile d-bags using any excuse available to peddle their non-stop violence.

So after an arduous hour of tough questions from the hags at the View, Little Barry is off to the UN. Little Barry should fit right in with that bunch of America hating, freedom squelching, Islam @$$ kissing, know nothing, free loading dolts. Rumor has it Little Barry will condemn, once again, the Innocence of Muslims film maker. The film maker should be getting a medal for once again exposing what a farce religion Islam is or at least what a bunch radicals make up that religion. And where, pray tell are the “moderate Muslims” in all of this? Are they out condemning the radicals loud and clear? NO! Not so much as a peep.

I clearly recall when Piss Christ came out and Catholics around the world were murdering artists and burning embassies threatening to turn the world upside down, the Pope calling for calm. No wait. None of that happened. The president didn’t even come out and call the work vile. It was pretty much ho hum. The government response to Piss Christ was the same response then as it is now with the HHS mandate on contraceptives – F^%K the Catholics.

But let poor Mohammed get depicted in an accurate light and all hell breaks loose and the response is for Little Barry to apologize for the truth. How great exactly can Mohammed be if he is so fragile as not to be able to take a bit of mocking from non-believers? Not great at all. He’s like the drunk at the bar always looking for a fight to prove how tough he is. Most people just try to ignore the @$$wipe, but when push comes to shove, the loudmouth gets his ass kicked and the entire bar cheers and buys the guy who did the ass kicking a drink. Get ready to set ‘em up for Bibi and Israel.

Now the apologizer-in-chief is going to go to the world-wide clown convention known as the UN and once again apologize for American freedom. Little Barry will once more apologize for the non-existent nexus between some unknown and unseen film and inexcusable Muslim violence. In doing so Little Barry is tacitly giving the Islamo-Terror-Fascists the go ahead for more violence, because after all it’s the film’s fault.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sending more terrorists to the Middle East is the answer

When the Middle East is a blaze primarily from Little Barry's clulessness, the only answer is to send over another 55 terrorist from G’itmo.

From the we don’t give a damn file, Little Barry is set to release 55 Islamo-Terror-Fascists from the G’itmo he never shut down. This move comes after it has been learned that the attack on our consulate in Libyan was master minded by…you guessed it…a G’itmo prisoner transferred back to Libya in 2007. The deal was that ITF Sufyan bin Qumu was never to be released. But when there is s civil war raging in your country the paper work on these things gets lost and the details of the arrangement forgotten. That’s understandable.

What is not understandable is the Little Barry assclown administration ignoring this evidence and announcing that it will release another 55 of the worst of the worst. It can only be described as the policy of we don’t give a damn. If you think it’s bad now wait until after the election when the little affirmative action pass through has more flexibility.

If you want to empty out G’itmo safely, you have to kill all the prisoners.

Being Breitbart
Pamela Geller is the fearless Andrew Breitbart. Ms. Geller has taken the initiative to place ads on public transit in San Francisco, DC and New York pointing out the obvious . One ad reads:
"In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad."

Another says:
"It's not Islamophobia, it's Islamorealism."

Of course all the right people have their shorts in a wad over the ads. Lib nut jobs who apparently support the Muslim war on women, gays, Christians, Jews and just about anyone else of a mind NOT to submit to a 7th century way of thinking have taken to showing their tolerance for opposing points of view by defacing and removing (aka stealing) the paid ads. Judges have been called in to explain free speech to the transit folks who refuse to put the ads up. Yet the transit people are still dragging their heels. Dan Stessel, some weak kneed loser spokesman for the DC Metro, said:
"To be clear, we have not rejected the ad, but merely asked the advertiser to be sensitive to the timing of the placement out of a concern for public safety, given current world events."

Hey Dan instead of suppressing free speech, how about asking the ITF not act like, what’s the word now, oh yeah SAVAGES! What’s the problem here? Is it the exercise of free speech or the ITF killing, beating and burning the people and their property responsible for the free speech?

This is the kind of BS the Little Barry administration has spawned. By trying to blame their total incompetence in Middle East on some unrelated film, they have set up the standard for OKing bad behavior on free speech. IN France, after the riots, a French magazine published cartoons depicting Islam in not so favorable light. The reaction of ITF confirmed the cartoons’ pretext. The “not so favorable light” was the light of truth. That light showed the ITF to be the intolerant bunch of murdering creeps that they are. Incendiary grenades were thrown into a Kosher store in Paris and the artists were threatened with death.

If you thnk squelching free speech is the way to get along with these @$$wipes watch this.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Need to cancel Little Barry action movie

During the Cairo riots at the US embassy, Islamo-Terror-Fascists were reported to have been shouting “there are a billion Osamas Little Barry.” I guess that rhymes in Arabic. That means Little Barry’s running to and fro spiking the football for single handedly taking out the human garbage know as Osama bin Laden (21 mentions at the DNC) is pretty much blowing up in his ugly sail eared mug.

Never one for the truth, Little Barry and his d-bag water carriers took to blaming the fiasco on some here-to-fore unknown film. So insistent was Little Barry, Shrilldabeast, UN Ambassador Rice, and J the carnny barker Carney that they could barely put more than 3 words together without mentioning “the film.”

So riddle me this Batman, if some unknown film led to these jackasses rioting and murdering and shouting “there are a billion Osamas”, what affect is the release of the professionally produced, relentlessly promoted Little Barry docudrama Zero Dark Thirty: Little Barry’s fearless take down of Osama bin Laden going to have these creeps? Will Little Barry be hauled out of the White House by police at 1:30 in the morning for questioning? Will we finally learn who released state secrets for the production of the Little Barry love film? Will the libs be calling for censorship of the Little Barry epic? Hmmm, we’ll have to wait and see, but I seriously doubt it.

Then a terrible thing happened to Little Barry. Couterterrorism Director Matt Olsen let the cat out of the bag that “the film” wasn’t cause of the nut job up rising. To put a finer point on it, when asked about the deaths of the four Americans Olsen said, “They were killed in the course of a terrorist attack on our Embassy.” Pretty plain huh.

Well not plain enough for an affirmative action pass through like Little Barry. Yesterday during an interview with the Spanish Speaking Network, Little Barry just couldn’t help getting the lie in one more time. When asked by the guy who tells Little Barry what to say why he insisted on telling the lie again after it had been debunked, Little Barry whined, “Well, what do expect? There’s no teleprompter out there. What was I supposed to do think for myself?”

In the same interview Little Barry was confronted by the host about not passing immigration reform as he had promised to do during his first year. Little Barry blamed his utter failure on Republicans. Little Barry went on to school the audience that he only controlled one branch of government and that it took all three. ASIDE: I know Little Barry is the “constitutional expert” but what does the judiciary have to do with passing laws?

Nice try Little Barry. There is only one flaw in that assessment. The Demo-Dopes controlled both houses and the Oval Office. They had an ironclad lock on the Senate with 60 votes during the first year. ASIDE II: Could the constitutional expert possibly be thinking the house and senate are each a separate branch of government?

Debate strategy
I read a bit about the senatorial debate between Scott Brown and High Chief lies her @$$ off Warren in MA. Squaw Warren had a good argument in the heavily Demo-Dope state of MA. She knows Brown has more integrity than she does, so she made a direct appeal to Dopes to reject Brown because if Brown wins Demo-Dopes may lose control of the senate. “Vote for me or OK senator Jim Inhof will become chairman of the Senate Committee on climate change.”

Seems to me that when you don’t much else that may be a good strategy for Republicans as well. Vote for me to kick Scrawny Harry Reid out his leaderless “leadership” position.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Litttle Barry: king of the straw man argument

Something weird is going on. The world is on fire because a clueless waif, aka Little Barry, and his @$$clown administration were warned of forthcoming attacks in the Middle East to coincide with 9-11. The Shrilldabeast took these threats seriously enough to prohibit Marine Guards from loading live ammo into their weapons in Cairo and went to all of the trouble to hire a British “security company” for Libya that would abide by the no ammo rules of engagement set by the world’s smartest woman, the Shrilldabeast herself. The predictable result is a dead American ambassador along with three others and al Qaeda flags flying over embassies all over the world.

OK that’s not really that weird. All of the players in this drama are acting to form. Little Barry is acting like the clueless affirmative action pass through pass through dumb@$$ that he is. And the Islamo-Terror-Fascists are like the hate mongering religion of perpetual rage that they are.

What’s weird is the MSM is more interested in Mitt Romney’s response to the Cairo embassy’s response to the ITF than Little Barry’s lack of one. When someone with a brain wrote Little Barry’s response 16 hours later, it was remarkably in tune with Romney’s. But the story was Romney jumped the gun. Not that Little Barry was slow on the draw and when he finally did he act, he acted just Romney just 16 hour late on the draw.

Then when the scope of the administration’s negligence in preparing for the attacks they’d been warned of began to surface so did the tape of Romney pointing out the obvious. So now as the world burns, the MSM is aflutter with stories about the 47%. Wait, I guess the MSM is also acting true to form as well – water carrying butt boy lackeys for Little Barry.

This morning everyone in the MSM talking about how smart Little Barry was to go on gap toothed unfunnyman Letterman’s show. There, as he is wont to do, Little Barry constructed the perfect straw man to knock down. Little Barry stuttered and ummed and ahhhed his way to this piece of BS about the Romney tape:

“If you want to be president you have to work for everyone.”

Nice little bit of work there Barry. First off, you’re a lying sack of $h!t. In the tape, Romney never said he wouldn’t work for everyone. This is proof positive what clueless moron Little Barry is. Romney was talking about votes he wouldn’t get - the 47% sitting around waiting for Little Barry’s people to turn on the gruel machine. He never said, “You know what? I won’t do one thing for those people.”

Little Barry set up the straw man then knocked it down and the MSM are running with what a compassionate guy Little Barry is. He isn’t. He couldn’t care less about non-union working people in this country. If he cares so much about working for everyone, why do we have Little Barrycare? No one but Demo-Dope pols wanted that piece of crap. Then they didn’t even read the bill but were sure to exempt themselves from it. That isn’t exactly what anyone but Little Barry and his water carriers in the MSM could call working for everyone.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Work place violence up in Afghanistan

There has been a rash of what are euphemistically known as blue on green deaths in Afghanistan. Blue on green is what Little Barry, Leon Panetta, Eric the wad Holder, and their butt boy, bag carrying four star Marty shut up Dempsey call “work place violence.” In the fashion of Maj. Malik Hassan who murdered 13 in the Ft. Hood shootings, Islamo-Terror-Fascists are using their positions inside the military and the police to kill NATO personnel.

Seriously, isn’t that EXACTLY what Maj. Hassan did? Yet the brain dead inside the Little Barry administration termed that savage and cowardly act “work place violence.” Marty is so worked up over the whole thing he had drop the bags he was carrying, stopped calling on private citizens to stop exercising their constitutional rights, put on a light gown, took a powder and has laid down on the chase lounge in a dark room. Patton would pistol whip this coward.

Note to Little Barry and his @$$ clowns: It’s not “work place violence.” It’s war.

The 47%
Lex has noted at least a million times here that this election will pit those who are looting the US Treasury against those who are trying to fill it. The 47% who pay no taxes and wait with cups and bowls in hand by the flat screen in their 500 sq ft 3 bedroom government provided apartment for the government to turn on the gruel machine for their daily ration are Little Barry’s people.

The MSM is trying to make a big deal of Mitt Romney stating the obvious:

"There are 47% of the people who will vote for the President no matter what. Alright, there are 47% who are with him, who are dependent on government, who believe that they are victims, who believe government has the responsibility to care for them, who believe they are entitled to healthcare, to food, to housing."

That is a 100% true statement. It encapsulates 99.9% of Little Barry voters. The other .1% are the rest of the lock step 98% black vote and guilty whites who don’t fit the description – Hollywood dopes, MSM creeps, university profs etc.

Monday, September 17, 2012

It's all Little Barry's fault for building those "shovel ready" roads

Rush Limbaugh once famously opined that while the country could survive a second term of Little Barry and his dolt of VP, it surly could NOT survive being populated by a majority of people so stupid as to vote for him…again.

So while the Libyan government insists that the attacks on the American ambassador were pre-planned and probably included al Qaeda, Jay the carnny barker Carney and what can only be described as the delusional UN ambassador Susan Rice insist the riots were spontaneous and occurred as a result of some triple Z movie that can be found here.

Who is going to buy this kind of BS? The exact same people stupid enough to have voted for Little Barry in 08 and are stupid enough to ignore the mess we’re in and vote for the dope again.

The movie that had a respectable 500K hits on You Tube on Fri, is now over 5 million. Awesome marketing. Imagine if you could come up with an Allah Sucks candy bar. The religion of perpetual hate and rage riots for a couple of days, an activity they would be engaged in anyway, but this time they insist it’s all because of the candy bar. Then lame brained dopes in Little Barry’s administration go tv over and over claiming the riots are due to the candy bar and wa-la, you have 5 million units out the door. Be sure to coordinate the release of your candy bar just before Sep. 11 of any given year.

Has anyone noticed that remembrances of 9-11 have now been hijacked by the very kind of people who perpetrated the crimes? We go solemnly to half finished memorial sites and read names. The perpetrators take to the streets and kill more Americans. But don’t worry. Little Barry is on the case. More apologies for a film that has nothing to do with the murders are forth coming.

While Little Barry insists the Catholic Church must shut up and quietly do what ever he demands of them in spite of the church’s deeply held beliefs, he’s out rounding up the people behind a movie, that can be found here. The movie is so bad nobody would have sat through it had SFB dopes in Little Barry’s administration not tried to pin the murder of an American ambassador on it.

We should start rounding up the government officials who made this film happen. Using Little Barry’s own logic, isn’t the film the Government’s fault? After all the film makers certainly “didn’t build that. Someone else made that happen.” By constructing the roads and bridges used to get actors and supplies to and from filming locations, it’s all Little Barry’s fault. He made it happen.

The fed ought to be looking into exactly what roads and bridges were used in the production of this film and start tearing them up. Oh and we can’t forget the teachers. The feds need to find out what classrooms the people who produced this film sat in. Round up the teachers and school administrators and bring them in for questioning. If anyone associated with the film ever received food stamps, housing assistance, a welfare check or Medicare the administrator’s of those programs need to be hauled into the gulag for intense questioning and re-education.

While the fools in our government go about chasing the imaginary demmentors that insult Islam, the rest of us need to buy more ammo. While government “leaders” have their collective heads shoved so far up their collective @$$es that they refuse to acknowledge the war that has surely been declared on us by Islamo-Terror-Fascists, the rest of can breath fresh air and see what is plainly right before our own eyes.

ON A HAPPY NOTE:  Madison Rising topped 1 million on their Star Spangled Banner Challenge.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Shrilldabeast and Little Barry knew

It is usually fun to mock Little Barry and his assclown menagerie of an administration. That is as long as he’s just destroying the economy with QEIII and culture with interviews with the Pimp with a Limp. It’s fun as long people aren’t being killed due his total incompetence.

The little dip $h!t who accused Romney of shooting first and aiming later, said Egypt wasn’t an ally and wasn’t an enemy. Then the State Dept. put the lie to Little Barry’s statement. Why yes Egypt remains a key non-NATO ally with all benefits associated with that designation. Then a la “the cops acted stupidly,” the White House itself had to walk the shoot from the lip look up the facts later comment on Egypt back.

Now there are reports that the State Dept was warned of the attacks 48 hours in advance and did nothing. So I guess some enterprising Republican can take to the floor of the Senate and hold up a New York Post that screams with a banner headline SHRILLDABEAST CLINTON & LITTLE BARRY KNEW!

As bad as that is, it is not the worst sign of this administration’s total incompetence and hell just plain indifference to the death of an American ambassador. Intell is a murky business. You cannot be paralyzed by every threat. But you should at least be aware of the threats. Not Little Barry. Little Barry continues his campaigning and has no time for intell briefings. He has continued his practice of skipping his daily intell briefings since the attacks.

Then there is the absurd notion that the idiotic film Innocence of Muslims caused the events of 9-11-12. The film can be found here. It’s gotten over 500K hits. Let’s push it over a million. If you click on the link, you might even get a surprise call from Gen. Marty can I carry your prayer rug for you Dempsey begging you not to exercise your freedom.

Here’s the big problem with blaming the film. The film was released in June. It seems to me waiting 4 months to become outraged about a dopey film and having that outrage mysteriously manifest itself on 9-11 is a bit all to convenient. It is, in the words of Ben Franklin, bull excrement.

Here’s another mystery associated with the film. All of the 80 or so of the “actors” involved with film are claiming that they were duped into doing the film. Yeah, right. A couple maybe. All 80 or so? I do not believe it for one second.

The film had no more to do with the events of 9-11-12 than Carl the leviathan catfish in my pond. Google Innocence of Muslims and read the descriptors. Nearly all attribute the violence on 9-11-12 to the film. If not for the film it would be cartoons, if not for cartoon, it would be burning of korans defaced by Muslim prisoners, if not that false reports of guards urinating on korans. All we know for certain is that there would be some perceived slight to Islam sufficient to justify murder.

ASIDE:  Note to the MessNBC crowd.  If Terry Jones and the makers of the film should be prosecuted as accessories to murder, what do we do with the folks over at Newsweak who ran false reports of guards urinating on korans that led to several deaths at the hands of followers of the religion of peace?

Yet there was Shrilldabeast Clinton the great ignorer of intell holding a tutorial directed at Muslims about how we deplore the film. Huh? Deplore the film? No we don’t. We don’t give a crap about the film. Make 10,000 more and we’ll care even less. What we care about Madame Shrilldabeast is the ever growing population lunatic murdering Islamo-Terror-Fascists that populate the world. They and they alone are responsible for the events of 9-11-12.

So as Charles Krauthammer would say to the ITF, go to hell. The creeps at the State Dept are too busy trying to cover their extra wide Shrilldabeast @$$es to say it, so Lex will, go to hell.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Want a call from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, promote anti-Islam film

If you thought that Lex was over the top with his blanket condemnation of military flag officers, consider this. The top GOFO, Joint Chief Chairman Martin Dempsey took time out of his busy day to call FL Pastor Terry Jones. Jones has been promoting an unflattering film of Islam. The film is said to have been the cause of the riots in Cairo and the general rage over the last several days of Islamo-Terror-Fascists who are in a perpetual state of rage anyway. If the film had never been made the murdering scum bags would have found or created out of whole clothe another excuse to act like murdering scum bags.

I’ve always wanted a call from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, so let me lend my whole hearted support to whatever film Pastor Jones is promoting. And there is a point in that last sentence. Did anyone even know about the film before the ITF started acting according to form about it? Let’s be plain about this, this entire hubbub with the ITF and the JCS Chairman is doing a lot more to promote the film than anything Pastor Jones could possibly have dreamed up.

But for those who missed it, you have the nation’s top military man calling a private US citizen and asking that citizen to stop exercising his First Amendment rights. Those are the very rights that Gen. Dempsey has sworn to defend. The military swears allegiance, not to some skillet eared punk in the White House, but rather to the Constitution.

Can you imagine any president coming to George Patton and telling him to call a US citizen and asking that citizen to stop promoting a film that exposes Nazis for what they are? What’s next, Eric the Wad Holder calling Dinesh D’souza and asking him to stop promoting his movie 2016? By the way, 2016 is a very good film.

Dempsey is a coward. A real general, hell a boot lieutenant, would have told the White House, “Go to hell. Make the call yourself. Leave the military out of your domestic politicking.” Further requests would result in a very public visit to White House to resign.

And if having the top military man call a FL pastor isn’t creepy enough, the nit wits over at MESSNBC actually had a conversation about whether Jones should be prosecuted by DoJ as an accessory to murder. Wow promoting a movie = accessory to murder. And that Mr. Mrs. America is why Lex does not do movie reviews. Well that and the fact that I rarely go to movies.

This is exactly the kind of stuff Lex’s conspiracy theory # whatever is made of. Create a crisis. Get the military involved. Start rounding up dangerous people. Not terrorist mind you, but rather movie critics and the like. Next thing you know things are too dangerous for the American people to hold elections. And no doubt Dempsey would be on board. “Yeah too dangerous boss. Whatever you say boss. Troops in the streets, no problem boss. Can I lick your boot boss?”

On a lighter note, here is Little Barry’s entire first term summed up in a single sentence.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Little Barry comedy show...of errors

There’s too much information this morning. Some stream of thought bullets.

Chicago’s striking teachers are hard at work…on the picket line. Some have been photographed wearing Che t-shirts. So either they don’t know Che was murdering commie bastard or they do. I seriously don’t know which would be the worst case for Chicago’s school children.

In 2009, Little Barry went to Cairo and apologized to the Islamo-Terror-Fascists there for America. Everything you need to know about that speech is captured by the invaluable VDH here. Little Barry went on to change NASA’s mission from a space agency to Muslim outreach agency. He sided with the Muslim Brotherhood during the “Arab Spring.” He has stood by his moronic fixed timetables of withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan while both countries slide further and further into chaos.

Now Egypt and Libya have exploded with anti-American violence. Our flag has been burned in Cairo and the US Ambassador and 3 others are dead in Libya. The proximate cause of the latest round of violence from the “religion of peace” is that a supposedly anti-Muslim movie was produced in America. Little Barry’s response to the violence so far has been to give the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood a billion or so tax dollars and to apologize to the perpetrators for the movie, then recant on the apology when Romney slammed him, then to apologize again.

While the Middle East was exploding again and as Iran continues its quest for nuclear weapons, an understandably nervous Israel is even more nervous this morning. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu asked to meet with Little Barry when Bibbi visits NY in a couple of weeks. Little Barry, fresh off his interview with a hip hop DJ Laz (AKA the pimp with a limp) where he discussed rap and football, apparently is too busy to meet with our best/only ally in the Middle East. After all, he just signed on to do late night un-funnyman David Letterman’s show. No doubt they will be talking about Little Barry’s devastating 3 point shot.

While the US continues to slide into a fiscal and moral abyss and as the world seems to be shaking apart before our very eyes, the LameStreamMedia and the all of the Hollywood smarties who read other people’s lines for a living assure Little Barry and his moron VP are the best we can do for leadership in this country. WTF (win the future)?

With regard to our own stupid government and the ever raging Islamo-Terror-Fascists, at some point we may all have to take the stance of the Catholic Church, we will not comply. Screw the ITF. Our own stupid government condemns free speech in a country built on free speech in order to mollify a crowd brain-dead lunatics that WILL NEVER BE MULIFIED who are trapped in the7th century. If you don’t like the movie jackass, turn it off, walk out or don’t go see it in the first place.

So we’ve got a dead US ambassador and 3 others, the ever present threat of violence throughout the Middle East and what's Little Barry's response?  Why apologizes for the movie having been made in the first place of course. Incompetence doesn’t begin to describe this clueless little dolt. Willful incompetence is closer but still not even close to the mark. America hating willfully incompetent moronic boob only begins to nudge the accuracy needle of descriptors for this creep.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Little Barry the fake

Here we are 11 years from the Islamo-Terror-Fascist’s attacks NY, Washington, DC and PA and we learn that the know nothing, do nothing, be nothing dope Little Barry is skipping more than half of his daily security briefings. Wonderful.

The Little Barry flaks that populate the media tut tut the whole story reminding us that Little Barry is the most sophisticated most technologically advanced man in the entire universe. Except that he can’t work an i-phone. He still has a Blackberry. To the tech savvy, that’s the equivalent of having to ring an operator to have your call connected to your neighbor’s phone.

But as is always the case with Little Barry, it’s so much better to have people THINK you’re something than actually doing the work required to become what they THINK you are. Better to have them think you’re smart than doing the work to become smart. Better to have the media tell everyone that you’re good basketball player than go out and get your @$$ kicked by a guy who “plays white” and where you’d be lucky to score even a singe basket.

But such is the world of Little Barry. Everything is a fa├žade. His entire life’s record is like the Styrofoam Greek columns as his first DNC acceptance speech – FAKE!

Little Barry is fond of saying that HE saved GM. FAKE! To the extent GM has been “saved,” the American taxpayer saved it. It still owes us billions of dollars and to pay that money back, GM is selling Little Barry’s signature car the GM Combustible, uh, make that Volt, at a loss of $46K PER UNIT.

So let’s do some math. This is for the ChiTown kids whose teachers are out on strike. GM still owes the US taxpayers 46 BILLION dollars. How many Chevy Combustibles will GM have to sell at a $46K loss to pay back the 46 BILLION?

Oh and this is rich. Who is GM’s biggest customer for the Combustible? That’s right the US government. So, GM owes the US government 46 BILLION and the government is further subsidizing GM by buying 100’s upon 100’s of the GM loss leader. If a dictator found out about such an arrangement, several government bureaucrats would be headed for a firing squad this morning.

The Chevy Combustible is a microcosm Little Barry’s entire “green initiative.” It’s all FAKE! Car’s that catch fire. Wind turbines that explode. Solar plants that take 500 BILLION dollars of taxpayer money then close in a couple of months.

And while Little Barry pours Hundreds of BILIONS upon BILLIONS of dollars down the “green energy” rat hole, he’s doing his best to bankrupt and regulate out of business any proven source of reliable energy. Coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear energy are all being “crucified” by the Little Barry administration. So for Little Barry it’s BILLIONS for FAKE energy, and a billion regulations, court suits and a thousand miles of red tape for real sources of energy.

Little Barry the biggest FAKE every perpetrated on the American people or as Clint Eastwood put it hoax.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Gaga, Clint and the Dancer

If Romney wins, Lady Gaga will move to new planet, or as she likes to say, go home:

#If[LittleBarry]Don’tWin i say we try to build a new planet and all go live there.

That’s a tweet from the intellect of the Demo-Dope party, no wait, Slow Joe chains Biden is the intellect. That’s a tweet from one of the usual suspects, Lady Gaga. Grammar aside, it’s a pretty silly tweet. If you build it, they won’t come and Little Barry will insist that “you didn’t build that. Someone else made that happen.” So what’s the point?

It’s that four year cycle where Libs swear they will leave the country if the Republican candidate wins. Fine, go ahead. Make my day. Sadly, they never do actually leave.

Clint Eastwood

Anyone who thinks that Clint Eastwood’s speech at the RNC was a flop needs to reconsider. The fact that people are still talking about it is proof positive that he hit the mark. The fact that every time anyone sees an empty chair they think of Little Barry is further proof. The new catch phrase for Little Barry and Slow Joe, is we “gotta let them go.”

What’s more interesting is the total unscripted nature of Eastwood’s talk. As it turns out, the chair was on stage for Clint. At age 82, convention organizers were not sure if Eastwood might be more comfortable sitting. When asked were he wanted “his” chair placed just before going on stage, Eastwood only then got the notion to use the chair as a prop.

Since the convention, Eastwood has claimed that Little Barry is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people. Here-to-fore I’d have sworn it was the Cincinnati Bengals, but OK, Little Barry it is.

When a Dope runs afoul of real dopes
I was listening to a Chicago, ooops forgot that according to PMSNBC the word “Chicago” is racist. Make that - I was listening to a ChiTown radio station yesterday when an ad came on paid for by the ChiTown teacher’s union. The message was usual blather about the need for more teacher’s pay for the 9 months a year that they are actually employed. But the ad also advocated for music, art, PhysEd and foreign language programs. OK great. If you have the money, throw in the diversified universal tolerance for transgendered multiracial unisexual non-denominational religious studies, or Can’t We All Just Get Along for short, as well.

The sad fact of the situation is that ChiTown apparently DOES NOT HAVE THE MONEY. If they did, you can bet Demo-Dope Mayor Dancer Emmanuel would have spread it around to his union thug buds. The union doesn’t give a crap. Raise property taxes or we will strike. Effem! The “them” in effem being tax payers.

If a gangster tried these tactics, wait gangsters are trying these tactics, anyway it would be called extortion. This is the perfect case against public unions. The only joy in any of this is that it is an intramural fire fight among key Dopes - Demo-Dope Mayor Dancer and Demo-Dope union thugs.

I’m hoping it goes on for three or four years and both are cast on the ash heap that is failed Liberalism.

Friday, September 07, 2012

The empty chair leaves the stage, we're all empty chairs now

The DNC Freakshow: The Weird, The Bizarre, The Unnatural Parody

UPDATE:  In the last paragraph of this post, Lex warns not to fall for LamSteamers, fake polls and manipulated unemployment numbers.  Right on schedule the fake unemployment numbers come out that reveal a .2% drop in unemployment to a still pathetic 8.1%.  BS!  A lousy 96,000 jobs were “supposedly” added to account for that drop.   BS!  The workforce of a nation of 300 million cannot be budged by let alone dropped by .2% by a measly 96K.  Then take into account that same report revised downward by 41K the number of jobs reported in Jun and Jul.  That means a net job growth of 55K has moved the needle .2%.  I say again, BS!  It cannot be.

Thankfully, mercifully, alleluia, it’s over! The freak show known as the Democratic National Convention began with tribute to woman drowning, crime scene fleeing, lying, arrogant, bloated, drunken (g)assbag Teddy where’s my neck brace Kennedy and ended with lying, arrogant, waif Little sail eared Barry. In between there was Moochelle taking a break from vacationing, a fake Indian, a real rapist, a professional college slut, a Cambodian war hero, an illegal alien, a turncoat, and the man so dim and so obtuse he started his speech telling us his dead father respected Little Barry. Not bad except for the fact that his old man, who apparently judged people by their budgets, died in 2002 long before Little Barry made a blip on the political scene. Yeah, long before the little punk started prying open sealed court records.

Having solved the problems of the rising oceans and having cooled the Earth, elephant ears’ promises of 2008, in 2012 Little Barry has set his sights on more Earthly ambitions. Jug ears says if you trust him for another 4 years, things will really get going. If you can stomach it, the speech can be found here preceded with a blow by blow of the lies contained therein.

Take aways
It’s been over a decade since philanderer, groper, rapist, and exposer Billy boy Clinton’s sexcapades dominated the news. I think it would be worthwhile for some Republican Pac to, uh excuse the pun, “expose” the former president for the creepy letch that he is to younger voters who missed what a total miscreant he actually is. Given the state of public schools, younger voters probably have very little idea of what a user and abuser he really is. Yeah, I know. That’s a resume enhancement among Dopes.

With the conventions over, the media and all the pundits will be focusing on three brain dead “undecided voters” left in the country. If I were Frank Luntz, here’s the fist question I’d ask my focus group of “undecided voters,” “How can you be so stupid?”

Yesterday Lex thought the shenanigans on the floor of the Dope convention to, excuse me for this, reinstate God into their platform could be used against the Dopes. Fearless FL Rep. Allen West has already got a pretty good ad using footage from the floor fight. It can be found here.

LameStreamMeida would have us believe, after that stellar convention, most accurately described in the opening of this post, that the election is over and Little Barry is going to sail onto his second term. These fools live in a bubble. Don’t believe them, their manufactured polls, manipulated unemployment numbers or anything else. Little Barry and his jerk of a VP are in serious trouble. Until those last three “undecided voters” decide. It’s on.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Barry's $500K and God's not dead at the DNC

Here’s a shocker I never heard before. Little Barry inherited ½ million in stock options from his grandmother when she passed away. Wow! $500K! Doesn’t that sort of shoot a rather large hole in Moochy the mooch Moochelle O-PBo’s claim during her speech at the DNC that Little Barry, who was raised by granny, struggled growing up? How do you amass ½ a million while struggling? If that’s struggling, give me some of that.

Some have also pointed out that both Moochy and Little Barry attended the top high schools in their areas and went on to get Ivy League educations and both attended Harvard Law. Oh the humanity, such a struggle. It has also been pointed out that through it all Little Barry, not surprisingly, never held a summer job. Instead he took expensive vacations to Indonesia and Pakistan. So, no, really she’s full of BS. The only struggle they ever faced was whether or not the local market in the neighborhood where someone got them an apartment carried arugula.

And here’s another point that should be made loud and clear by the Romney camp. When Mitt inherited a large sum of money from his father, he donated ALL OF IT to Brigham Young University. What did Little Barry do with his $500K?

RC Turdbin sliced and diced by FOX and then thrown under the bus by own party
This is a hilarious clip of RC repeatedly trying to tell FNC anchor Brett Bair he cannot call Demo-Dopes Godless for removing the ONE reference to God from their platform, something Bair never did.

It’s like a VoAg teacher asking you question about the gestation period of a Hereford cow that you cannot answer. So you lash out, “How dare you call my dad a drunk!” The next 20 minutes are spent with the teacher trying to mute the false claim.

But sadly for RC, Brett Bair isn’t a VoAg teacher. Like so many things in his world, RC didn’t know he was just making things worse by reframing a rather straight forward question, because Baer insisted on making the point that no such accusation was made while re-asking the question another 2-3 times.

After RC’s miserable performance on FNC, Demo-Dopes sensed trouble dogging them through the Nov election. So they went to the convention floor to “fix” things. The fix was even more hilarious than the pile of crap RC stepped into.

After three tries at a voice vote to reinsert God into the platform, none of which had the 2/3rds majority, required by rules, the Dope chair simply over ruled the convention and declared the measure passed. Sort of like Little Barry over ruling the congress on the DREAM Act. Little Barry just waved his paw and it was so. Embarrassingly so it was for the brown face, LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, that the DNC trotted out preside over this undemocratic debacle at the Democratic National Convention. I mean after all, better to embarrass a brown man than a red woman like Lizzy heaps big lies on lies Warren.

After "the vote," FNC asked RC back on with Brett Bair.  Again not surprisingly, RC was "unavailable for comment."

Anyway, it’s stuff that you just cannot make up. There have to be a few campaign ads in the footage of RC and “the vote” on the floor. How about a theme of Demo-Dopes fixed vote on the floor juxtaposed with Eric the wad Holder’s efforts to sue states for voter ID laws as an effort to fix election? I’m just thinking something can be done with it.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Convention for the Let's Talk About Anything but our Record Party: Day one

Harry Reid mugshot parody

America’s most famous pederast, Harry Reid, pictured above in a mug shot after an @$$ whippin’ from 78 year Hillda Grimes who caught the Scrawny one peeking into her grandson’s bedroom window, put down his collection of kiddy porn long enough to lie his way through a 30 minute speech to the DNC.

The most Scrawny one gives Little Barry credit for moving heaven and Earth to get bin Laden. One problem Scrawny, having removed the last reference of God from the Dope platform it’s pretty clear not too many Demo-Dopes believe in heaven or the deity who resides there. So you’ll need revise that reference to he moved Earth and…what? Besides is prosecuting the CIA agents who got the information on bin Laden’s where-a-bouts really moving Earth and Earth? Or is it just plain stupid?

Never one to give up on a lie, Scrawny Harry brought up the number one issue among thinking Americans, what’s in Romney’s 1996 tax return. Keep lashing that dead horse Harry he’s a winner. If only he’d get up and run.

Harry also whined about having a front row seat to the Tea Party take over of the Republican Party. Yes you did. In 2010 they gave the Dope a real, now how did Little Barry put, oh yeah, shellacking. After 2012, you’ll have a back row seat Harry.

What the Scrawny one didn’t bring up was Little Barry’s record of record 5.2 trillion in deficits leading a 16 trillion dollar debt. He didn’t bring up 8.3% unemployment and tell Americans what we need is 4 more years of Little Barry to get America back to work. He didn’t bring up the price of gas or the decline in American household income. Wonder why?

Oh and while we’re on the Scrawny one, his worthless off spring, Rory Raccoon Reid, stands to make a sweet profit off of his old man’s thieving of US Taxpayer dollars. Scrawny Harry is directing 5 Billion or so of your tax money to a ChiCom green energy company that hired Harry’s worthless and incompetent boob boy son to lobby for them. Nice work, if you can get it. But you cannot get it unless you’re part of the CorruptoCrat machine.

But the night belonged to Moochy the mooch Moochele O-PBo. Moochy had a tough task - finding someone new to blame the incompetence of her punk husband on. What she did quite amazingly was make the case that the government is the only answer. We are all the avatar Julia now. Cradle to grave security from the government, when they decide to turn on the gruel machine and if they allow us to move into our very own 110 square foot apartment in 27 story building of 110 sq ft apts. Isn’t that what Cabrini Green in Chicago was?

Anyway, with unemployment at 8.3% and gas at $4 a gallon and debt so deep few see an easy way out, many will be willing to jump on the government gravy train. Why struggle to pay for other people’s stuff with a job when you can hop in the cart and have other people pay for yours?

There is a stark difference in the tone of the two conventions so far. The Demo-Dope bitter whiners message of if you can’t build it, we’ll redistribute it to you including sex change operations for convicted murderers.   And the Republican message of we’ll give you opportunity to build your own future.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

National Empty Chair Day

In honor of Clint Eastwood’s mocking of Little Barry, yesterday was National Empty Chair Day. Oh you missed it.  Too bad. Above is my entry to Facebook and Michelle Malkin. The structure is the deluxe outhouse on the Lex compound. Notice the seat is down. Little Barry has to sit while peeing. There is the unused basketball from the Scott Brown basketball challenge. Like the punk that he is, Little Barry likes to talk a good game and the Lamestreamedia are happy to perpetuate the lie that Little Barry can play but for some reason Little Barry is afraid of someone who “plays white.” That’s a lady’s set of golf clubs and the “White House beer.” The bottle makes clear Little Barry didn’t build the beer recipe. Like everything in Little Barry’s life, the “White House Beer recipe” isn’t no talent, no driver, no know how Little Barry’s. Someone else made that happen. Here are some of the entries. Many are quite funny. I particularly like the one of the chair bowing to the Saudi King. And The People’s Cube slams as usual.

Alan West is great. Watch this.

Billybo put some ice on it Clinton isn’t a great guy. America’s best know philanderer, groper, rapist, exposer is flaking for Little Barry. Watch the heartbreaking way this Navy SEAL’s mom destroys both Little Barry and the disbarred embarrassment know as Billy boy Clinton.

Unless there is something very unusual, like a Demo-Dope telling the truth, there won’t be much news on the Demo-Dope convention on Lex website. I cannot bring myself to watch even 10 seconds of it. Will have to recap from info on Breitbart.