Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Did Bush blame his intell? Uh, no. He didn't.

Back in the good old days when Iraq’s missing weapons of mass destruction was the big topic of discussion, I recall one explanation from a bright guy, I don’t remember who:  “Everyone thought Iraq had WMDs.  Now the world is surprised that none have turned up.  Even Saddam Hussein is surprised that he doesn’t have WMDs.” 

Of course the lefty loons were happy to throw the world’s best intell agencies under the bus with the clever meme “Bush lied people died.”  It’s much easier to call Bush a liar than explain than how so many (including Dopes like Billbo and his rape enabling hag of a wife) got it so wrong or what actually happened to the WMD.

Now the shoe is on the other foot.  The Empty Suit could not possibly have predicted the rise of ISIS because his intell apparatus is too incompetent.  Well known lying azz Jimmy the lip Clapper didn’t see ISIS coming and apparently neither did anyone else in TES’s inner circle.

Here is plain simple truth.  TES didn’t want to see ISIS coming because that narrative shot a rather large whole in his campaign slogan that al Qaeda was dead and GM was alive.  It turns out to be the exact other way around.  GM has recalled everything with its bowtie logo that rolls and al Qaeda is on the rise.

Well Lex that’s not al Qaeda.  It’s ISIS.  Yeah, sure.  Al Qaeda in Iraq is now ISIS and al Nusra and Khorasan.  They are all birds of a feather made up of the same membership.  Like ACORN, they simply change their name when things get too hot.  Coke becomes New Coke and al Qaeda becomes ISIS.   

After TES’s 60 Minutes interview the ditz sisters at state and TES’s chief lie protector Josh Ernest are spinning like an Iranian centrifuge to figure out how to paint all of TES’s inner circle as clueless dopes but maintain the illusion that TES himself is brilliant.  Well if he’s so damn smart, why didn’t he figure it out? 

It’s all BS TES was warned about the danger of ISIS.  Most notably by Defense Intelligence Agency head Lt Gen Michael Flynn.  Flynn was asked to leave his agency for not being sufficiently sympathetic to TES’s al Qaeda is dead line of BS. 
It’s time to accept that TES is an incompetent boob.  His goal was to “transform America.”  Transforming we are in many ways, none of them good.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Two posts under and before the Islamo-Terror-Fascists in OK beheaded anyone Lex warned that ITF “lone wolf” attacks have been going on inside the US for some time.   Alton Nolen is just the newest in a long line of lone wolves.  What’s really creepy is that the initial reports out of OK were that there was “no indication he had been in contact with terrorists groups such as ISIS.”  So…what is the definition of a “lone wolf?”  Probably something along the line of an ITF not openly affiliated with a known terrorist group.  If they were associated with a “group” they necessarily wouldn’t be a “lone” wolf.  They’d be part of a pack of wolves.

Early on, the dopes investigating Nolen went so far as to say a search failed to turn up any connection between Nolen and fundamentalist Islam.  Umm, except for the severed head on the floor, that is.  Now we all know Nolen was a practitioner of the “religion of peace” and a radical one at that.

So if the cops can’t put 2+2 together and get 4 on Nolen, do we believe that there were no Muslim protests at the cop’s news conference on Nolen just because they say so?  Uh, no.  I don’t.

The way things are going I this country, it seems to me that if you don’t have a high powered rifle and at least a 1,000 rounds of ammo by now, you’re behind the power curve.

Putin Vs. The Empty Suit
Some time ago Lex noted that Putin was engaging in a lobster strategy in Ukraine.  Putin is slowly increasing the heat on the Ukrainians so as not to attract too much attention from the west.  Before the west understands what is happening, Ukraine or much of it will be lost.  Now The Empty Suit seems to be trying that with ISIS.  A sort of feckless half war at ¼ speed so as not to pee off his anti-war anti-American base too much before the mid-terms.

What’s the difference between The Empty Suit’s lobster strategy against ISIL and Putin’s lobster strategy in Ukraine?  People take Putin seriously.

When announcing his no strategy strategy for ISIS, TES cited Yemen and Somalia as examples of success for his no strategy strategy.  That’s enough right there to indicate just how screwed we are.  That’s like the airline industry using Malaysia Air as an example for air travel safety.  Yemen is falling apart faster than a Lindsey Lohan stint with sobriety.  Falling apart?  No. Make that, Yemen is being “fundamentally transformed” faster than Megatron in the last 10 minutes of a Transformer movie.

Friday, September 26, 2014

The hag movement, the NFL and ISIL

There’s something funny about Lefty Libs.  They get their shorts in wad because the NFL commish only fined Ray Rice half a mill for decking his girlfriend, but they’ll make excuses for Eric the wad Holder getting a border agent and hundreds of Mexican citizens killed with a hare-brained gun running scheme.

They want Roger Goodell fired for meting out a half million dollar fine but yawn when it’s pointed to them that not one person has been held responsible in any way  - not a fine, not a reprimand, not fired, not charged with a crime -for Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s death due to their negligence and incompetence.  

It’s a bizarre world we’re living in these days.  There’s more outrage directed at the NFL Commissioner by American hag feminists than there is at ISIL.  Roger Goodell is the ONLY person who took some action against Ray Rice.  That includes law enforcement officials in NJ where the assault took place.  That includes the Ravens organization who employ Rice.  That includes Rice’s girl friend who was the victim in this case.  Hell she went on to marry him.  But Goodell is descended upon by the feminist hag community as if he were the one who beat the girl.

While wasting money to fly banners over NFL stadiums with the incredibly clever hash tag #GoodellMustGo, the hags remain silent on Islamo-Terror-Fascists who would rape them before cutting off their heads if they didn’t submit to Sharia, convert to Islam and obey all of the misogynist tenants of that BS religion.   

Yeah, BS religion.  It seems harsh because it's a truth that no one will say aloud.  I do not care one wit what anyone’s religious beliefs or lack of belief entail as long as they do not include forcing those beliefs on others.  It’s about time we stop sugar coating it.  Today’s Islam is an abomination in desperate need of reform.  It may be the “religion of peace,” but as construed today there is absolutely NO evidence that that assessment is accurate.

What truly “peaceful religion” encourages killing people or forcing them pay tribute if they do not convert?  What “peaceful religion” endorses killing people if they chose to abandon the religion?  What "peaceful religion" issues fatwas against any and all who dare criticize or lampoon it in public?  What "peaceful religion" encourages its followers to blow themselves up in the midst of non-believers?  Today’s Islam is menace to free people – particularly women.  Period.   

As such, if the hags truly cared about “women’s rights,” they’d be focused on Islam as the greatest threat to a woman’s rights, her wellbeing and her life in the world today.  Instead they want the head of the NFL Commissioner.  It’s insane.  It’s like a mother disciplining a child for screaming in the mall when a band of murderous cretins are killing scores of people indiscriminately in the name of their BS religion.  You’re focused on the wrong thing honey.

I’m pretty sick of the whole thing.  I will not take the hag movement seriously until they buy their own birth control; pay for their own abortions and consider ISIL a bigger threat to women than Roger Goodell.  The hags go after Goodell because he's an easy target and won't cut their heads off.  Like most Lefty Libs, the hag movement is populated with cowards.
Aside:  Ding Dong the wad is gone.  Good riddance!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lone wolf attacks: They've been here for awhile

I sensed a disturbance in the force yesterday as the masses were denied their daily dose of Lex.  The wailing and gnashing of teeth echoed across the fruited plain.  I was travelling.  I thought I could get to it, but didn’t.  10,000 apologies.

While having a cup of joe in the hotel lobby I was forced to watch CNN.  Their lead story was the “new danger” of lone wolf Islamo-Terror-Fascist attacks on the homeland because of The Empty Suit’s half-hearted bombing campaign in Syria.  Ponder these names:
John Allen Muhammad (6) [6]
Hesham Mohamed Hadayet (2) [4]
Nidal Malik Hasan (13) [32]
The Tsarnaev brothers (3) [264]
Ali Muhammad Brown (4)

John Allen Muhammed is the beltway sniper who terrorized the Caligula D.C. area from Feb to Sep in 2002.

Hesham Mohamed Hadayet is the ITF bastard who attacked the El Al Airline ticket counter at LA Airport on July 4th, 2002.

Nidal Malik Hasan is the fake Army major who attacked troops at Ft. Hood in 2009 and is the Army’s show case of what happens when PC BS trumps common sense.

The Tsarnaev brothers are the screwballs who used pressure cookers to attack the Boston marathon in 2013 and are the FBI’s show case of what happens when PC BS trumps common sense.
Ali Muhammad Brown has admitted to randomly killing four innocents as payback for US military operations in the Middle East. 

The number in the parenthesis is the number killed by each.  The number in the bracket is the number wounded by each.  Call me crazy, but I believe the “lone wolf” ITF syndrome has been with us for some time.  Of course when you pull the sheets up over your head or look away and fool yourself by referring to these incidents as workplace violence, or some kind of manmade disaster you never really address the problem.
Well what’s the problem?  Radical Muslims are the problem, and they are here among us.  How long will it be before one these cowards blows himself up in crowded pizza shop after a Friday night football game here in America?  Goes on a shooting spree in a mall during the Christmas rush?  Attacks a school or daycare center? 

We know all and any of these are a very real possibility because the ITF are cowards and have done all of these things in Israel, Russia and Kenya. 

Now throw into the mix that The Empty Suit and his DoJ are refusing to allow the FBI and other law enforcement agencies from using “religion” to target or trigger investigations.  So the FBI is forced to waste manpower staking out the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Little Sisters of the Poor so they don’t appear to be racist when they set a tail on a radical NY City imam.  Oh, and do we still have 40 FBI agents in Ferguson, MO?  That’s a pretty judicious use of a valuable and limited resource when the threat is lone wolf ITF attacks. 

Sadly I think it’s pretty apparent that TES and Eric the wad Holder are content maybe even intent on letting us get blown up a little at a time. 

ASIDE:  Since we’ve mentioned Ferguson, why in the heck is TES mentioning Ferguson to the clown parade at the UN?  Has that case been resolved?  I must have missed it.  All I knew for sure was that a big, fat, thieving, bully and dope smoker got shot by cop.  I read that the bully attacked the cop and may have severely injured him before the cop shot the bully.  I thought the case was still under investigation and as such should have been off-limits for conjecture by TES.  I missed the part where it was resolved as a shooting motivated by racial animus. 
As one who believes that even the worst cop does not get up in the morning hoping to shoot anyone, I was surprised that TES thinks that what happened in Ferguson is an example of racism in America in spite of what we know for sure.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First, you have got to want to win

You know, I missed something obvious in my assessment of why The Empty Suit’s “no strategy” strategy will fail against ISIS:  He has no intention what-so-ever of winning.  TES is guy who insists on calling a jihadi attack on Ft. Hood “workplace violence.”  This is the guy who calls terror attacks “man made disasters” and our response to those “disasters,” “overseas contingency operations.”  This is a guy who believes the US is more likely to suffer an attack from old people carrying clever signs and wearing funny hats than from Islamo-Terror-Fascists.  This is the guy who targets returning veterans as a bigger danger to our security than home grown terrorists.  This is a guy who doesn’t believe the Islamic State is Islamic.  This is a guy who thinks it's good policy to swap five ITF generals for a single US sympathizer/deserter.  This is a guy who, when trying to build support for bombing Syria after it reatedly crossed his redlines, assured Syria and the world that the strikes would “be unbelievably small.”  This is a guy who “reset” relations with Russia, Assad, Egypt and Libya before those countries ether imploded or took full advantage of TES’s fecklessness. This is a guy who straight faced and repeatedly blamed four deaths in Benghazi on “spontaneous riots” as a result of a video no one had seen.  This is the guy who bragged about getting all the troops out of Iraq.  Then he blamed the Iraqis for not agreeing to a Status Forces Agreement.  This is the guy who scoffed at arming the Free Syrian Army when it made sense to do so, but hails that initiative as a grand strategy now that the FSA has been overrun with all manner of radical jihadi and ITF scum – and in fact now arming it makes no sense to me.    

Two points about all of this.  First, TES didn’t say/do everything above but dumbazz people in his administration did.  Next, individually each of these BS positions can be excused as political correctness, naïveté or raw political maneuvering at the time they occurred.  Taken together they represent a clear and present danger that the inmates have indeed wrested control of the asylum from rational thinking people.  You cannot accidentally make so many boneheaded errors.

Now add to the list a tepid half-hearted effort to kill ISIS from 30,000 feet.  TES gives the enemy aid and comfort by giving him detailed information about what he won’t do while actually doing very little.  Now TES is preparing to go to the UN hat in hand to make his case for an international coalition to take on ISIS.  So if you’re a foreign leader and the guy who is organizing the coalition declares to the enemy and the world that he won’t put ground troops in harm’s way to destroy ISIS, would you be willing to offer up your own youth for that task?   I doubt it.

I saw a bit of Billbo O’Really last night before I was reminded what pompous azz the guy is and changing the station.  He had on a couple of smart people to talk his idea of the US raising a mercenary army of 25,000 elite forces to take on terrorist world wide.

It’s a dumb idea Billbo.  First and most obvious is the military axiom that you are responsible for your own security.  You do not trust the French unit on your left flank for security in that zone and you certainly do not rent the responsibility out to a hodgepodge of international mercenaries.

Billbo thinks we need the mercenaries because Americans don’t want to go back into Iraq.  Americans are tired of war.  To the first assertion, I say tough.  Sometimes you don’t get to pick when or if you go to war.  It’s called leadership Billbo.  You make the case.  You get the congress behind you and then you go.

To the assertion that Americans are tired of war, I say Americans are tired of half wars.  Americans are tried of rules of engagement that put our forces in grave danger while letting ITF scum hide behind the wall of a mosque.  Given a clear objective - drive organized ISIS forces from Iraq - then letting our forces lose to do so in violent no holds barred conflict that there was no question that we intended to win would have the support of the majority of the American people.

We get into trouble when we do not pursue victory.  When we get more concerned with why a couple of Marines are reliving themselves on some dead enemy instead of wondering why they weren’t able to kill more of the enemy in a target rich environment - we are in trouble.
Our “no strategy” strategy against ISIS is likely to fail because TES wants it to fail.  What’s the one institution left that TES hasn’t tainted top to bottom with his special kind anti-American BS?  The military.  George Will quoted someone last night saying, “the quickest way to end a war is to lose it.”  TES doesn’t want an influential America on the world’s stage.  The best way to set us back 50 years in the Middle East and taint the US military is to lose the war he started against ISIS.  Sad but I believe it to be true.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Why The Empty Suit’s ISIS efforts will fail

The headline should read, “Why The Empty Suit’s ISIS strategy will fail.”  That’s the problem.  There doesn’t seem to be a strategy.  There doesn’t even seem to be a clear operational objective.  The administration Dopes are fond of combining the terms “degrade” and “destroy” in the same sentence when referring to what we’re trying to accomplish.  It may sound good but those are two entirely different objectives. 

The only thing the administration has settled on is a “strategy of hope” that the tactic of, what so far has been, a tepid half-hearted bombing effort will destroy and/or degrade ISIS driving them from the field.  As one great military thinker once quipped, “Hope is NOT a strategy.” 

What a strategy might look like: The strategy should be to attack ISIS in Iraq while holding them by the nose in Syria.

Operational objective I:  Drive ISIS from Iraq.  Using Kurdish and reliable Iraqi forces backed by US air power and SF to eliminate organized ISIS resistance from Iraq.  This worked well to get the Taliban in Afghanistan.  The Turks may not like it, but the Kurds are essential to getting ISIS out of northern Iraq. 

Operational objective II:  Concurrent with objective I attack ISIS command and control, reinforcements and material in Syria with air strikes and SF raids against high value ISIS targets in Syria. (Yeah, that’s boots or at least the threat of them on the ground.)

Operational objective III:  Engage in the long war in Syria.  Once driven from Iraq, attack ISIS in Syria.  I would look for means to get a reliable successor to Bassar Assad.  Given the duplicity of people in the region, could we back a military coup Syria.  Get to a general and promise air power and political cover if he organizes the coup.  Then I’d attack Assad from within.  Once Assad is driven from power, then co-opt the Syrian army to take on ISIS.  Vetting and arming the Free Syrian Army for the job just doesn’t seem like a good option to me.  Better to try to deal with a single Syrian military strongman than the myriad of tribal factions of the region.  We’d begin the vetting and training of the Free Syrian Army as an option, but realistically it looks like a 10 year option.   

Oh, we’d need to be prepared to tell the MSM to go to hell when they started to complain about “our military strongman’s” purging process to ensure his security.  It’ll be messy, but isn’t it already messy?  We’d also need to be ready for an Iranian reaction to Assad’s ouster.  We might need to go after them as well.  It’ll have to be done sooner or later, so we might as well get on with it.

I’m not a grand strategist, but I know bombing a few ISIS armored vehicles every day for a short term tactical gain is not a strategy.  Playing small ball rarely get you anything in the Middle East.  Some smart guy has to develop a strategy that gets reluctant NATO ally Turkey on board maybe by the threat of Kurdish expansion if necessary and one that deals with Iran while we’re at it.  Sound like WWIII?  Where are we headed if we do nothing?  Or - worse than nothing, some feckless bombing campaign that serves more as an ISIS recruiting tool than a deterrent to ISIS aggression.

Army looking for women Rangers
Need more proof that the administration and their sycophantic “yes men” who populate the Pentagon are not serious?  Look at this.  Of all of the BS in this story, they save the biggest line of BS for near the end: “All of the course requirements and standards would remain the same.  We know from experience that that’s BS.  Lower the standard ignore the results will be in play when an unacceptable number of females fail to make the grade.     

Roger!  Quick, get a neck brace!
I saw some of Roger Goodells’ presser on Fri and concluded that Goodell is a dead man walking.  We’ve seen it 100 times.  If you accept responsibility and apologize you’re hammered.  If you lie, deny, defy and attack your critics you stand a chance.  When Trent Lott apologized 17 million times for saying America would be better off had it elected former Dope segregationist Strom Thurmond president, did it do him any good?  Lott’s “offensive” comment came at Thurmond’s 100th birthday celebration and was meant as nothing more than a throw away line to comfort an old man.  Contrast Lott’s groveling response to rapist Clinton’s.  Billbo, his rape enabling wife and all of their acolytes relentlessly attacked Ken Star.  Billy boy is a hero.  Lott is an asterisk.

My advise to Goodell at this point is to don a neck brace a la Teddy I only drowned one woman in the backseat of car Kennedy and talk about your repeated attempts to dive to the murky bottom of the Ray Rice story.    
So, lemmesee, if you leave a woman – not your wife – to drown helplessly in the backseat of your car you become a Lefty Lib icon re-elected to the senate until you die.  If you rape, assault, expose yourself to, grope and harass a long series of women, the Lefty Libs hail you as the greatest president ever and a senior statesman for the Dope Party and the nation.  In addition they will work tirelessly to get your rape, assault, grope and harass enabling witch of wife elected president.  But, if you fine a guy who has not been charged civilly or criminally with anything half a million dollars, the Lefty Libs will cast you as an ogre and demand your resignation.  Weird huh?

Friday, September 19, 2014

FSU lowers (half) the boom on Jameis Winston

Current college troublemaker and future NFL troublemaker Jameis Winston took time out from stealing everything on campus not nailed down to act like an incredible azz at the student union where he stood on a table and yelled obscenities.  Winston is a petty thief with a petty mind who can throw a football so whatever he does is all OK at Florida State University.

Word is that Winston is a “smart kid.”  I don't know him, but given what I can read about him, I doubt it.  Smart kids don’t get accused of sexual assault, theft –twice, and don’t act like azzes in the student union.  I suspect Winston is smart in the same way The Empty Suit is smart.  He’s just a smarmy Eddie Haskle type putting on a show until the adults leave the room.

FSU football coach Jimbo Fisher, figuring he’d only needs his star for two quarters in Saturday’s contest against Clemson, suspended his foulmouthed thieving quarterback for the first half of the game.  That’ll teach him.  That will teach him that no matter what he does the adults at FSU will cover for him.  Assault a coed?  No problem, campus police will so mishandle the case the charges will be dropped.  Steal food from the grocery?  No problem, just do it during the baseball season and sit out half an inning.  Steal fountain drinks?  No problem, it’s not as if it were diamond ring.  Stand on a table in the student union shouting misogynist obscenities?  No problem Jimbo’s got you covered.

In a post under, Lex noted that we do not have a problem raising boys.  We have a problem raising pampered athletic boys.  The break always seems to go to the offender.  Jim Tressell former head coach at The OSU was always covering for his players.  The meme went that these are young people who make mistakes.  We don’t want to ruin their lives.  Hey coach!  Their lives are being ruined by people like you who constantly cover for their poor decisions and criminal behavior.  One name - Maurice Clarrett. 

Given his past record, if anyone at FSU was looking out for Winston instead of the next National Championship or Heisman Trophy, they’d suspend him for two games - minimum.  They’d make it clear that one more violation of team or campus rules will lead to the revocation of his scholarship.  No matter how much Winston desperately needs or deserves such discipline, that will never happen. 

This is why the NFL has problems.  The entire league is made up of Jameis Winstons.  Not that they all have the same thieving instincts as Winston or tendency toward stupid behavior and disregard for rules and the people around him as Winston.  The overwhelming majority do not.  They are all star athletes who have had doors opened for them from a very young age based on their athletic ability.  Most are model citizens who give back to the community in ways never known.  That’s the problem.  We don’t know about the 90%.  We are now experiencing it’s always the loud obnoxious 10% that get 99.9998% of the attention.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

TES says no ground troops to Iraq - better pack your bags boys

The Empty Suit was in Tampa, Fl yesterday giving aid and comfort to the enemy again by telling them that they didn’t have to worry abut American troops dropping in to pay them a visit.  TES assured the troops at Macdill AFB over and over that they wouldn’t be going to fight in Iraq.

Now given TES’s past assurances on closing Gitmo, keeping you doctor, finding “shovel ready jobs,” a video causing the attacks on Benghazi, not a smidgen of corruption at the IRS etc. if I were in the infantry I’d be getting my will in order, breaking out my desert gear and finding my maps of Iraq.

TES is of the delusional opinion that just because he says it, it is so.  There is a highly motivated enemy out there and they get a vote.  Americans don’t lose wars.  American politicians lose wars – “This war is lost.”  Harry the roach Reid.  By ruling out ground troops TES has given the enemy a clear path to victory.  They ratchet up the violence in Iraq and Syria or in America forcing the TES commit ground combat troops and the politics of the BS artist fall apart.

Gens Dempsey, Odiarno, SecDef Hagle as well as former SecDef Gates have all indicated that American combat ground forces may be required at some point if the idea is to destroy ISIS. 

Now consider this.  TES assures us that it’s the Iraqi army who will provide “boots on the ground” to fight ISIS.  But TES’s chief military advisor, Gen Dempsey warns that half the Iraqi army is useless and the other half needs to be rebuilt – which makes them...what?  Next to useless?  In Syria the once declared “reformer” Bassar Assad has been rumored to have reached some kind of agreement with ISIS to cool it while he concentrates his firepower on the Free Syrian Army (FSA).  So how is the FSA going to trained up while under fire by Assad?  Who will do the training?  Now consider not one Middle East country has committed to offering up ground forces. 

ASIDE: The house passed a bill giving TES authority to arm the FSA.  Bad move.  I don’t know what you do in Syria but giving weapons to any of those duplicitous, side switching bozos doesn’t seem to be the smart way to go.  I’ll bet those weapons end in ISIS hands by force or by corruption.
I saw a bit of Hannity last night and learned that a couple of pampered Caligula D.C. ruling class losers called the Benghazi whistle blowers liars.  The Benghazi contractors asked for a “debate” with congressmen Adam Schiff (Dope CA) and Adam Smith (Dope WA).  My greatest hope today is that the congressmen take the two up on their challenge.  It’ll be interesting if the congressmen have the guts to call them liars to their faces.  I’d love to see Schiff and Smith get their worthless lying azzes beat to a pulp by the two former special operators – which is exactly what Schiff and Smith deserve. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy Constitution Day, while we have one

While we still have one, we should celebrate Constitution Day today.  Sadly, today we have The Empty Suit trampling our nation’s most sacred document.  Using his pen and phone TES has rendered the checks and balances found within the constitution moot.  His go to line on a whole host of issues these days is, “If congress won’t act, I will.”

Hmm, I don’t see where in Article II it says that the executive can act unilaterally if the legislative branch fails to act the way the executive branch wants it to act.  I think that’s where the whole “checks and balances” thing comes into play.  The executive can check the legislative branch with a veto and the legislative branch can check the executive with impeachment and the power of the purse.

Two presidents have been impeached, Andrew Johnson and rapist reprobate Billbo Billy Boy Clinton.  Neither was convicted by the senate.  Every time congress tries to assert itself through the power of the purse the government shut down.  That’s a good thing I my opinion, but it’s a dysfunctional way to govern.

So while the executive has a very reasonable way to check to legislative branch, the legislative branch has only the most draconian means to check the executive.  Essentially it has to use a sledgehammer to kill a fly and in the process destroy or damage everything in the fly’s path.  If you couple that with the fact that the legislative branch is comprised by almost 100% by life-time ruling class nit-wits with more in common with the Caligula D.C. ruling class than working Americans, you will arrive at the conclusion that there is no check on the executive branch.

Rush Limbaugh once noted that, because of the lack of a workable check on the executive branch, presidents have been on the honor system to act within the confines of the constitution.  That arrangement worked well until TES.  For the honor system to work the president must have honor. 

Whoa, there Lex you cannot say TES lacks honor.  That’s over the line.  Really?  If you swear an oath to protect and preserve the Constitution of the United States and then proceed to ignore and undermine it, is that not a dishonorable act?  It’s not even debatable that TES has trashed the constitution.  Here’s the short list:
Unconfirmed unaccountable Tsars
Siccing the IRS on political enemies
Unilaterally enacting a DREAM act that failed in congress
Myriad unauthorized changes to TEScare
Waiving the work requirement for welfare
Selective enforcement of laws passed by congress and signed into law by the president (DOMA, drug laws, and others)
Recess appointments to NLRB
Ignoring at best and bastardizing at worst the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 10th Amendments

No.  Sorry, it’s not close.  TES views the constitution as an impediment to his own power that must be overcome and/or ignored rather than a construct within which to exercise his lawful powers.  He has no honor.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Building a coaltion with smug, lying, incompetent cluelessness

Coalition building is proving harder for The Empty Suit than finding all of those “shovel ready jobs” that it turns out weren’t so “shovel ready” after all.  Why is The Empty Suit having trouble getting his coalition together?  Is it because he’s a liar?  Maybe.

I think by now world leaders are discovering what about 89% of thinking Americans have discovered - The Empty Suit is a liar.  TES on Jan 27:  When the New Yorker pointed out during an interview on Jan 27 that the flag of Al Qaeda is now flying in Falluja, in Iraq, and among various rebel factions in Syria; Al Qaeda has asserted a presence in parts of Africa, too TES responded:  "The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn't make them Kobe Bryant."  Then on Sep 7 TES stammered this lie: “Keep — keep — keep in mind I wasn't specifically referring to ISIL.”  Well who was it then that was in Falluja and causing trouble in Syria on Jan 27th?  It’s all a BS lie as transparent a lie as, “If you like your doctor.  You can keep your doctor. Period,” or “There not a smidgen of corruption in the IRS.”

But I think it’s deeper than TES consistently keeping the truth at arm’s length.  More important to these people who TES is asking to go to war with him is that know he’s incompetent.  On Jan 22, 2009 TES ordered Gitmo closed within a year.  Today is Sep 16, 2014.  Gitmo is still open. 

Now you could call the order a lie, but it’s much deeper than that.  TES made a great fan fare of signing theorder.  Then before signing the executive order, TES asks the room how the closing will be accomplished.  That’s a good question to ask before everyone files in for the signing ceremony.  It’s telling that no one in the room has the slightest clue how it will be done. But hey it made for good press.

TES issued a red line to Syria on the use of chemical weapons.  When Syria used them the first time, TES said we weren’t sure they were chemical weapons or that Assad was the one who used them.  When it happened again, TES said what red line?  When questioned further about it he said he didn’t draw the red line the world did.  BS. 

These are examples of a far deeper problem than simple lying.  He’s totally incompetent.  He does not know what he’s doing.  Worse he has surrounded himself idiots who are as clueless as he is.  Chief among the idiots around TES is Slow Joe Biden.  Then there are the ditz sisters Tweedle dee (Jen Psaski) and Tweedle dum (Maria Harf) at the State Department.   You could not go to central casting and get two people who inspire less confidence that the government is being run by adults than these two hashtag queens.  How’s that #BringBackOurGirls thing working out?

Then there’s the smug Pentagon wannabe Adm Kirby trying to explain away the “we’re NOT at war”, “oh yes we are” argument among administration grandees.  Describing someone in this administration as smug pretty much covers the waterfront starting with TES himself.  Smug AND incompetent is not a good combination for any administration.

So lying incompetence are not the things strong coalitions are made of.  If you throw in the cluelessness that this administration prides itself in, you have the trifecta of how not to build a coalition.  When DOJ gun running scheme surfaced TES claimed not know a thing about it.  Eric the wad Holder took the same alibi.  The lapdog MSM covered for them, as if not what knowing what the hell is going on is good thing.  When the IRS scandal broke TES claimed he read about it in the papers.  At first he was outraged.  Then he called it a “phony scandal.”  Then he told America there’s “not even a smidgen of corruption at the IRS.”  TES and the Shrilldabeast claim not to have had the slightest indication that things were going bad in Benghazi.  They blamed the whole thing on a video.  Then dismissed the entire incident with a, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

So why in the world would anyone with a brain sign onto a coalition with a lying, incompetent and clueless bunch of smug buffoons?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Goodell should ask Billbo Billy Boy Clinton to take over

“Women’s” groups are calling for Roger Goodell’s resignation.  As far as I know Goodell didn’t hit anyone.  In fact, when he learned of Ray Rice’s altercation with fiancé in the NJ elevator he suspended Rice for two games costing the Raven’s running back hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Think about that.  A guy gets fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for doing something that did not result in his arrest, a civil fine, a ticket or even charges being filed by the victim.  That’s pretty stiff punishment under those circumstances.

Now consider it wasn’t even the guy’s boss who leveled the fine.  It was the governing body of the guy’s boss’s company.  That’s like the Coca Cola Corp. in Atlanta fining the janitor at the independently owned and operated bottling facility in San Jose $200 for a drunk and disorderly report at the office Christmas party.

Goodell should stop apologizing for the original punishment.  Go on offense.  Talk about casino’s, the cop’s, the Raven’s and the victim’s responsibilities in the matter.  Goodell is the only one in the whole mess who took any action and he’s the only one getting hammered.  

I’ve already commented on the “new” video showing Rice hitting the gal.  So what?  We already knew he hit the gal.  So, to quote the smartest woman in the world, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

One dope woman commentator said that we needed to change the way we raise boys.  Hold on there.  No we don’t.  We need to hold everyone accountable for their actions.  People need to know that they are responsible for their life’s decisions.

If you put the argument in those terms – accountability and responsibility - you’ll have all the Lefty Libs backtracking and saying “Hold on there.  Let’s not go all Tea Party crazy now talking about accountability and responsibility.”

It’s probably more of an issue of how we treat star athletes than how we treat boys.  Starting very early on these kids are pampered and given special privilege.  Weather in the classroom, with law or school rules they seem to get all the breaks.  Here’s just one example.  I listened to an interview of a player after a game yesterday.  The guy couldn’t speak English.  I mean the words were some form of English but sentence structure and pronunciation were non-existent.

Now I do not take the man’s poor English skills as an indicator of his intelligence or as an indicator of his character.  But he clearly has not been educated.  So how did he get through high school?  How did he stay on a college campus for more than one term?  Privilege, that’s how.  It not “boy’s” being raised poorly.  It’s star athletes being raised poorly and being passed along when Lex jr. would unceremoniously be kicked to the curb.

Then there’s Cam Newton.  I saw him on tv and great praise was being heaped on him because he can throw and rush the football.  Ignored is his theft of another student’s laptop computer in college and his family’s blackmail marketing of his talents to colleges.  All of it is brushed under the rug.  Accomplice to a double homicide Ray Lewis has a sweet deal with ESPN while that network’s commentators  lambaste the NFL and Roger Goodell for the Rice incident.  YGBSM. Not too put this in racist terms, but isn’t it predominantly Eric the wad Holder’s people engaging in most of this behavior? 

Colleges need to get back to recruiting college athletes not football players.  Never happen too much  money in the game now.
If Goodell wants to shut the Lefty Lib women's groups and the lapdog media up he should agree to resign but ONLY if that paragon to a women virtue and honor Billbo Billy Boy Clinton agrees to take his spot.  These hags and the MSM (g)assbags ignored rape,  serial groping, and harassment for the reprobate to stay on as President of the United States but they can't take a guy fining the azz off a guy a guy who hit a woman?  Weirder and weirder. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Kerry insists that the cat is not a cat: Let's not get into a cat scratch fever

It’s tough to wage a successful war when you won’t admit that you're waging war, won’t clearly identify the enemy and won’t use ground troops.  The last surviving Cambodian War hero, John Francois Kerry, prefers a less brutal euphemism “major counterterrorism operation” to “war.”  Kerry doesn’t want to “get into war fever.”  It’s a BS effort to muddle already addled Lefty Lib brains about what it is we’re doing - at least until after the mid-term elections.  No doubt they will be reminding us that The Empty Suit has a Nobel Peace prize throughout the war – No.  Strike that - operation.  Let’s put this in terms that even the Dopes can understand: When you bomb a sovereign country, say Syria, THAT IS AN ACT OF WAR not an act of “major counterterrorism operation.”

The Empty Suit continues the BS charade from Caligula D.C. swells that we’re not at war with Islam.  After all, according to TES, the “Islamic State” isn’t even Islamic.  That’s good to know.  We all know that just because at least 43 terror organizations around world are using the koran as justification for killing, raping, kidnapping, brutalizing and terrorizing people in every corner of the world in the name of Allah they cannot be construed as “Islamic,” radical Islamists or even jihadist.

I am of the opinion that if it’s important enough to bomb some undefined entity for three or more years from the air it might be important enough to get your army involved in the campaign.  What does it say about the seriousness of the threat if the only commitment we’re willing to make is to kill thousands from 30,000 feet but won’t risk getting our own boots dirty?  That doesn’t mean I’m looking for a fair fight.  I’m not.  I’m looking to get serious about the war.  Surrogates won’t do.  Ask the British about Trenton.  If we’re going to arm the “free Syrian army” and other “moderate Muslim” militias, we’d better get Eric the wad Holder involved.  He’s an expert at running guns that end up killing Americans and our allies.   

I called an exterminator the other day.  I told him I had a small fury animal in my basement.  He said, “A rat?”  No, no, no.  Now let’s not get into a rat fever here.  Let’s just say a small animal with fur that in no way represents what 99% of peace loving rats stand for.  He said, “Look bud if you want me to kill it, it’ll go hell of a lot quicker if tell me what we’re dealing with.”  Kill it?  No.  I just want a major counter operation of some sort.  He said “YGBSM.  These things breed like crazy.  We gotta get in there right away and poison it, trap it and kill it.”  Oh no.  No poison and only live traps.  He said, “Are you nuts buddy?  You won’t tell me what we’re dealing with, and you won’t let me use the most effective tools I have to deal with these things.  You’d better get a big mean cat for your basement.”  So I got a panther.  Now the only thing the panther wants to kill is me.

This thing will blow up TES’s face.  The enemy gets a say in these matters.  He may not sit around waiting to be bombed or for us to train up our surrogate ground force.  He may just go on a killing spree that makes Hitler and Stalin look like Mother Theresa.  Then what?

They may strike the homeland with hundreds of “lone wolf” operations or as TES refers to them acts of “work place violence.”  Then what?  They may attack the fragile and vulnerable east cost power grid in the middle of winter.  Then what?  They may do something so off rails and unpredictable that it will leave us as gob smacked as we were after 9-11.  Then what?  Ground troops?

It’s best to enter war violently and whole heartedly using all means available and necessary.  The coming out position in these matters should not be promises to the enemy of what we won’t do.  Even if you have no intentions of doing certain things, the enemy should not be able to take comfort knowing that.
Now if I were OJ Boehner, I’d put forth a resolution supporting any and all means to crush ISIS.  I’d make sure that the resolution said all of the things TES and Kerry refuse to say.  It would clearly lay out the nature of the enemy at hand and call it by name - murderous, backward, hateful, vile radical Islamists.  It would demand TES prosecute the “war” fully and with all means necessary and available.  I’d make sure the resolution called for the complete destruction of ISIS and other radical Islamist organizations as necessary.  Get the Dopes and the RATS on record as supporting or opposing such an effort before the mid-term.  We have a right to know.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

If you're going to hit your girl friend or cut off someone's head, make sure there's no video of the deed

This is mind boggling.  When you saw the first video of Ray Rice dragging his unconscious fiancé from a hotel elevator how did you assume she became unconscious?   Oh, she slipped, fell and hit her head.  OK.  After Ray Rice admitted he cold cocked his fiancé, how did you assume she became unconscious?  He hit her.  OK.

So everyone in the free and oppressed world knows Ray Rice knocked his fiancé out in an elevator in a NJ casino.  Right?  Ray Rice gets a two game suspension and marries the girl he knocked out.  There’s a big hubbub about the punishment for hitting his then girl friend.

Now a new video of Rice hitting his fiancé shows up and everyone is shocked that Ray Rice hit the girl.  Why?  We already know he hit the girl.  He admitted to it.  Why does the video showing Rice doing what we all knew he did shock anyone? 

I dunno either, but the Left Lib sports media is in a tizzy to see who can feign the most outrage over an event everyone already knew occurred and was already extensively covered.  What facts in this case does the video change?  None.  He hit her.  We knew he hit her.  He admitted he hit her.  The video shows him hitting her.  So…  Next these dopes will discover just how brutal the murders of Ron Goldman and Nichol Brown really were and the race will be on to see how much scorn one of these idiots can lay on OJ.

Now when Billbo Billy Boy Clinton was racking up a long line of sexual assaults and harassment charges the Lefty Libs assured us that as long as he could do his job, it didn’t matter.  And besides if the Shrilldabeast is OK with it, who are we to complain?  As far as I know Ray Rice can still rush the football and he married the gal he assaulted.  On that account, he’s probably a better example of manhood than Billbo.

The Lefty Libs are also outraged saying the NFL had the video week ago.  So what?  That doesn’t change anything.  The NFL suspended Rice for two games for hitting the girl.  What does the video change in that equation?

I dunno either.  Had ISIS just announced that they had beheaded two Americans The Empty Suit could have spent last night reading – no make that looking at the pictures in – golf magazines.  But because ISIS put footage of the barbaric deed on YouTube, TES had to feign outrage and take 10 seconds out from a round of golf to comment on the first death and had to address the nation after the second.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy we’ll be in the business of killing these Islamo-Terror-Fascist bastards again.  No wait.  I did learn something from reading about TES’s speech last night.  TES says the “Islamic State” isn’t Islamic.  Hmmm, I wonder if they know that?

Some other mind benders from last night’s cover his azz exercise:

Using Somalia and Yemen as “go bys” for the ISIS campaign is like The OSU using its defensive game plan against VA Tech as a go by for the rest of the season. Except for not be able to stop the run or pass, the plan was perfect.  That’s the Chuck Box-O-Rocks Hagle description of the recue plan for the journalist – except for them not being there - the plan was executed to perfection.  Hell they could have landed in downtown Ft. Wayne and achieved the exact same result with none of the risk.

Does anyone else find it ironic that TES thinks it’s important enough to go after ISIS to keep them from coming to America, but then of so little importance that he trusts the ground portion of the operation to Iraqis who have demonstrated that they are no match for ISIS?

Is anyone else gob smacked that we are now going to arm the exact same Syrian people that TES told a buffoonish and nodding Tommy Friedman that was no match for ISIS just a couple of month ago?   

What exigent circumstance is there in a three year campaign that prevents TES from getting congressional authority for his plan?  TES says he hopes that congress will give him authority but he doesn’t really need it.  Well at least not until after the mid-terms when it won’t affect Dope turn out for war mongering Dope candidates.  After all TES has a phone and a pen.  What else does the chief executive of a constitutional republic need?  Can't think of anything either.

Will Harry the roach Reid and other Dopes lampoon TES’s coalition like they did GWBs?  Will the Roach declare the war that TES lost – lost?

TES says we’ll go after ISIS wherever we find them.  Are we looking in Detroit and MN?