Friday, April 30, 2010

Fri. round up

More racial profiling.

Well now I know how it must have felt to be a black man under Jim Crow laws. Yesterday I showed up for my annual physical and the receptionist demanded my ID and insurance card. Oh, damn that racists woman. My self esteem has taken a huge hit and I just feel so used.

I cannot imagine why I must be subjected to the harassment of profiling 2 to 3 times every day of my life. Oh the humanity! I'm just not sure I can go on anymore.

Two timing Charlie

Faced with an @$$whippin' of monumental proportions from a real conservative, Charlie I love P-BO Crist bolted his "beloved" Republican party. Fine that's his right. But like Arlen "not proven" Specter, the move has absolutely nothing to do with principle and everything to do with self-serving political expediency. If it were the former, Chuck would have left the Republican Party when it was block P-BO care at every turn.

Phoenix nixed as All-Star site?

MLB is being pressured to move the all-star game from Phoenix. Fine move it. Do what you have to do. But then we'll do what we have to do, spend our entertainment dollars on an activity that IS more exciting than watching paint dry, visiting the international sock museum probably offers a bigger thrill than 98% of MLB baseball games.

A Few of things from the YGBSM dept:

1. Illegals are planning to leave AZ over the new immigration law. The thought is that Arizonians will be so upset at the thought of having to bus their own plates that they'll be begging for a return in a week or so. That's probably true, but they won't be begging for the murderers and kidnappers et al. See it's working already. As Lex has noted, if you enforce the law, illegals will self-deport.

2. The Fairfield County OH health dept was closed for three days a week ago. What a funeral? Building repairs? Water main break? No, No and NO. The county health dept. building was closed because it was infested with fleas. I know, I itch everywhere now too.

3. Iran has been appointed to the UN commission on women's rights. Huh? A police chief in Iran is talking about jailing women if they have a sun tan. An Imam there is talking about earthquakes being caused by scantily clad women. Whats next, Hitler being named the Anti-Defamation League's person of the century? Ever so slow Joe the sloth Biden being named the smartest politician ever?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

All of this ID checking has to stop!

Good morning you violent racists, homophobic, world hating, gun toting, SUV driving, fried food eating, beer drinking, Bible thumping, redneck, trailer dwelling, unwashed white trash. Well that's pretty much how you must feel if you support the Tea Party Movement or the new AZ illegal immigration law. Seems every time someone comes up with some common sense measure, oh like say, enforcing the law, the left and their MSM butt sniffers label that common sense and anyone who believes it with every slur imaginable. Or they'll just use the shorthand knock out version of Nazi and Un-American if they don't have time or space for litany of epitaphs above.

I guess the left just doesn't know how many minds they have changed when geniuses like Sean Penn and Janean Garafolo label us in this manner. When I see an idiot on the other side railing against me and using such terms it sort of makes me think, hey maybe I'm on to something good here." I'd worry if Sean Penn came out and said, "You know, Lex has made a good point."

So ponder this imponderable. Today is one of the twice a year Vera Bradley sales at the Ft. Wayne Coliseum. Women from a 500 mile radius will descend on Ft. Wayne knocking each other over, risking great bodily harm in order to grab the last Vera bag that looks like every other Vera bag but yet is somehow different enough to risk jail time in a five way brawl for the bag.

Anyway, get this. In order to enter the Vera sale, customers must register and produce an ID. Those damn racists at Vera are profiling! You just know that everyone at this sale is going to be white. Where are the churchless reverends when you need them.

I'm organizing a protest. No ID! No justice! Wait that's not right. It sounds good but it sort of supports the idea of having to produce an ID. How about, "Nobody need NO ID!" It captures the whole Ebonics thing and gets the message across. I like it. And I need a rhyme. You can't buy no Vera; if you appeara, to be illega. OK, that one needs work.

And hell yes Lowe's is racists too. The other day was buying some stuff in order to support Jimmy Johnson's run for a fifth straight, or is it eighth straight, NASCAR title, when the racists clerk - who was black for crying out loud, what an Uncle Tom - asked for my military ID before she'd give me the 10% military discount! The outrage! Profiling pure and simple.

Oh and how about the racists at the YMCA? They are the worst racists ever. Everyday I have to produce my membership card which required a drivers licence to obtain. How can that be legal?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Welcome to all legal immigrants

If you want to see true idiocy, watch the lefty try to justify the MSMs treatment of the peaceful Tea Party movement juxtaposed to the riots in AZ in this piece. And just for the record, absent any proof the contrary, yes John Lewis is a liar or the victim of an over active imagination. I understand Mr. Lewis's "imaginary friend" Johnny also heard the slurs.

And how lucky is AZ? First San Fransisco threatens a boycott, now the Mexican government is issuing a travel advisory warning Mexican citizens traveling to AZ to have their paper ready. We all have to have our papers ready, driver's license, registration etc. But, is anyone else laughing out loud at that one. Hey, you corrupt bunch of Mexican governmental trash, why don't you do everyone a favor and put up a wall to keep all Mexicans in Mexico?

No I'm not a racist. The Mexican government - like most governments - is a corrupt bunch of self-serving fools. It's hilarious that they warn legal immigrants about coming to America while they promote the free passage of illegal aliens across our southern border.

It is a bizzaro world. In America, it is now more important to protect the "rights" of alien law breakers than to protect the rights of American citizens. In Mexico, the corruptocrats warn legal immigrants to be wary of American police while the same corruptocrats shuffle pimps, prostitutes, gang members, drug runners, murderers, rapists and slave labor across our border as if they were crossing the street in Tijuana.

Legal Mexican immigrants have more to fear from their own corrupt Mexican government than they do from any police department in America.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

AZ Law and Fed law the same except for enforcement

I have to laugh at all of the criticism of AZ's attempt to do the job the feds refuse to do. I caught the author of the AZ law on Gretta last night. As it turns out, the media - all of them even Fox - have gotten this thing wrong. How weird is that? State Senator Russell Pearce sets the record straight. Apparently the AZ law mirrors the federal law on illegal immigration - with the exception that state officials intend to enforce their law.

Well that changes everything doesn't it? The police in AZ will NOT be asking people to prove their citizenship except pursuant to other suspicions. So if your Hispanic standing at a bus stop you're ok. If your Hispanic standing at a bus stop exposing yourself, the police can ask you for your papers. Oh the outrage!

Creepy people are starting to line up against AZ. All sorts of race baiting churchless congregationless Revs - guess who - are going walk on AZ. This may be good news. A majority of Americans (60%) including a majority of black Americans agree with the AZ law. So maybe the Revs have picked the wrong issue to race bait over. Better to stick with burning down a Jewish merchant's shop in Harlem. San Francisco is urging its citizens to boycott of AZ. In an almost unheard of turn of events with regard to boycotts, citizens of AZ are urging the citizens of San Fransisco to support the boycott.

There's already been some trouble in AZ. No doubt Billbo Clinton and the every Lib who smeared the Tea Party movement with charges of violence will be out condemning the mobs in AZ. Holy cow was that a pig that just flew by?

So it has come to this. States are condemned for passing and enforcing a law that is the same as the federal law that the feds refuse to enforce. It has become more important in Washington D.C. to protect the "rights" of people breaking our laws and threatening our citizens than to protect the citizens who are paying the bills.

Now the race-baiter-in-chief stopped short of saying that the people of AZ acted "stupidly." The last time he tried that line, he proved that the only person acting stupidly was himself. But he did refer to the AZ law as misguided. By being enforced, the AZ law is 180 degrees out of phase from the "guided" federal law which P-BO and his administration refuse to enforce.

Hey Lex, what happened to the new tone? Ain't "race-baiter-in-chief" a little over the top? Perhaps, but there is sufficient evidence to make the case:
"My white grandmother..."
"Bitter clingers"
"The cops acted stupidly"
"AZ is misguided"

And this gem where P-BO purposefully attempts to fracture America along racial lines to stave off the 2010 landslide. So, yeah race-baiter-in-chief is about right.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Do we need a secret police?

"We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded."
Candidate B-HO July 2, 2008

I don't think that he's referring to some kind of AmeriCorp (or would it be AmiriCorpse?) that would fan out across America to minister to the nation's poor and sick. No need for a "powerful" AmeriCorp to do that. And think about that word. Why would we need any "powerful" civilian national security force to do anything in America? We've already got federal law enforcement - border patrol, FBI, ATF and others. So what is this CNSF? Is this the kind of "civilian national security" force that P-BO is talking about? Probably, but who knows for sure?

Nobody knows for sure because our guardians of freedom of speech the MSM never asked candidate B-HO what he meant. Like how about a couple of follow ups like:

- A CNSF to do what?
- Who would command such a force?
- How would such a force be armed and equipped - tanks?
- How large of force do you anticipate?
- In a local crisis, riots, floods etc, would the CNSF usurp state and local authority?
- Would this CNSF be any thing like Hitler's SS?
- If Libs don't want to pay for our current military, why do you think they will want to pay for a CNSF?

Hey Lex, why all of this sudden worry about a nearly 2 year old B-HO political gaff that was ignored by a compliant media? Well three reasons. One, the state of AZ has taken it upon itself to enforce federal law. This has not set well P-BO. Two, this piece about IL pols wanting to use the National Guard to police the streets of Chicago.

And three, the Tea Party movement. We know that, like everyone who criticizes P-BO, his automaton robot supporters do their level best to destroy that person or group. In the case of the Tea Party, Libs portray this movement as a bunch of violent, racist, homophobic, anti-American trouble makers - despite not one shred of evidence to support a single charge. In fact, we know that leftists are trying to infiltrate the movement in order to cause the exact kind of trouble that they "worry about" and that the movement itself is careful to avoid.

This summer I think there will be a concerted effort by the left to discredit the Tea Party movement by violent means.

I can see these three events being used by P-BO and his lemmings to resurrect the CNSF idea. If it does come back around, Americans should demand that P-BO answer the questions above and about 10,000 others. I'm telling you, of all of the harebrained ideas P-BO has come up with, this is the scariest.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Franklin Graham finds out that truth is not a defence

When you stumble across an organization that has the words "freedom" and "religion" in its title, it usually means freedom from religion. Take the so-called Military Religious Freedom Foundation. No doubt the organization would like to see an end to military chapels, chaplains and images like the one above of servicemen praying.

Well the MRFF can't get that done by May 6th, so they'll settle for having the Pentagon cowards organizing the National Day of Prayer for the military dis-inviting Rev Franklin Graham to their event. Weird huh? Graham is this year's national chairman of the Day of Prayer. Seems he just might have something worth listening to.
But because he spoke the truth about Islam after 9-11, he has to go. There has been so much perversion and violence committed in the name of Mohamed, it seems impossible to argue against Graham and his assertion that Muslims are "enslaved by their religion" and that as a result of the evil committed in Islam's name, Islam is an "evil religion." In effort to prove Graham wrong, pissed off Muslims blew themselves up in crowded Israeli pizza parlors.
There! Now stop calling us evil or we'll get a nuke and set it off in downtown Manhattan and that will really prove that we're not evil! A compliant weak MSM do exactly as they are told. Brave edgy atheist comedians like Bill Maher roll in on Catholics but NEVER mention Islam because they know that the Pope won't issue a fatwa on their cowardly @$$es while some nut-job Imam in Detroit will.
It seems very much akin to the Tea Party bashers. They bash a peaceful movement because it might become nasty while ignoring the violence of leftie loons, anti-Tea Party mobs, border violence etc. Maher and his buds attack the Catholic church without ever condemning Islam. They attack the Catholic church for an admitted problem with HOMOSEXUAL priests molesting children but never have a word to say about perverted homosexuals in the "Act Up" movement or Hollywood pervert pedophiles like Roman Polanski and Woody Allen. Extra extra weird huh?
These same leftie loons attack Franklin Graham for speaking the undisputed truth while ignoring the lies and vile hate filled speech that came out of P-BO's Chicago "church." I'd like to end today with one word - unbelievable. But it is not unbelievable. MSM and Hollywood cowardice and fear of Islam is as predictable as a 5 year old asking dad to buy the red balloon from a circus vendor.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Your papers please

There is an interesting battle going on in AZ. Sans any serious efforts by the feds to do their job of enforcing the border, the AZ state government is on the verge of passing a law that requires AZ police departments to perform ID checks on suspicious looking people (read Hispanics). Now the Libs and the the Catholic Cardinal in L.A. are up in arms. "Profiling," they shout! Well yeah, it is, duh.

When the clerk at the 7-11 says the perps that robbed him escaped in black Lincoln Towncar, the cops don't go around pulling over third car at a stop sign in hopes of appearing to be fair and catching the crooks by happenstance. They focus on large dark colored sedans. In the real world, it's called common sense. In the Lib world, the "pigs" are racist homophobic gay and transgender woman hating Nazi bastards intent on destroying the world.

I'm not crazy about the cops anywhere asking people for "their papers." We've been remodeling here at the Lex compound for - lemesee, what is it now, 20 years? - no it's only been 9 months but it seems like 20 years. Anyway a good many of the talented hard working people who have helped on the project have been Hispanic. It has never once crossed my mind to ask anyone for their papers. I just assumed that the people were here legal because the government was doing its job.

In AZ that is NOT the case. Phoenix, AZ is now the kidnapping capitol of America. Narco terrorists are killing people willy nilly on both sides of the border. AZ remains a highway for human trafficking of illegal aliens for cheap labor, prostitution, and gang muscle. The local cops and citizens feel overwhelmed and endangered. Yet the Libs are more concerned with violence at a Tea Party - a non-event - than with the daily and very real violence perpetrated by Mexican gangs in AZ.

I can understand the frustration. My initial response to Libs and the L.A. Cardinal who oppose the proposed law is, "Hey why don't you go live down there for a while and experience what they are up against." Then I'm reminded of the Ben Franklin quote, "Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither."

The Lex points on curbing illegal immigration:
1. Fine the crap out of the employers.
2. Put illegals in jail for 6 months cleaning highways and parks.
3. No public benefits, less life saving medical treatment.
4. No anchor babies.

That would pretty much put an end to illegal aliens coming across the border and would cause the self deportation of millions of others. It will do nothing to stem the flow illegal narcotics into the country. For that we need a wall and a sophisticated mobile air traffic interceptor system.

The last point on all of this. It's quite OK for Americans to debate the proposed AZ law on both sides. Great, have at it. But I read on Drudge this morning where the Mexican government is weighing in on on the law. Well, screw them! Were it not for their corrupt and useless federal and local governments we wouldn't have this problem to begin with. I'm not interested in what a bunch of corrupt Mexican government officials have to say about the chaos on OUR border. The bastards are probably profiting from all the the illegal activity to begin with. Screw 'em! Oh, I already said that. Well it bears repeating. Screw the corrupt Mexican government!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Who's is the least qualified man in American government to run a business?

The government is trying to take over business. Hidden somewhere inside the 1,300 page "Wall Street Reform" bill that nobody has read, is a provision whereby the executive branch of the federal government can take over any company it deems to be acting recklessly. Who knows what "acting recklessly" means. Knowing this crowd, not contributing the maximum allowable contribution to the DNC and all Demo-Dope candidates might be considered "acting recklessly."

But ponder this. The executive branch is the president. So we've got the guy who hasn't run anything but a campaign and a midnight basketball program ready to take over American businesses. Isn't that how Hugo Chavez got started - taking over the oil companies. Who can forget MaxiDope Maxine Waters in this golden oldie. It sounds funny. Why the government would never dream of taking over the oil companies. The government taking over the auto industry probably sounded just as funny before it took over GM and Chrysler.

This is scary stuff. The price of oil is set skyrocket this summer. Prices in lowly Ft. Wayne, IN where common sense abounds, are nearing $3 already ($2.75 - $2.84). If this bill passes and we have a spike in gas prices over $3, what do suppose the government will do? It will exercise its power to nationalize the oil companies. Depending on how high the prices go, the government might even enjoy popular support for such a move. They will lower prices just in time for the mid-terms staving off a Republican landslide. Then just after the elections, prices will rise as a means to pay down our debt. But the debt will never get paid down.

I know. It sounds crazy. But what has P-BO done in the last 15 months that a year and a half ago, didn't sound crazy? The point is that bill makes such a scenario possible.

Oh yeah, anyone who thinks that this Goldman Sachs law suit is a coincidence is more naive than a five year old at a magic show. That whole thing was timed purposefully to enrage the public against Wall Street. The reason I know this for certain is that on the Monday after the SEC's announcement on GS, the communist front group AARP started running an ad against Wall Street. That in itself wasn't so eerie. But the production quality of the spot was such that it had to have been in the can months ago. It was no simple voice over the the usual dramatic music. It had an original song and score and a voice over. They did not put that piece together over the weekend. They were ready for the precipitating event.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Leftie Loon Definition of sedition: Any peaceful protest of the liberal agenda.

Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh were accused of sedition by couple of brain dead scaredy cats on Pissy Matthews's Sunday show. And what are they afraid of? I doubt that they are really afraid that the three named seditioneers are going to lead an armed mob on D.C. What they are really afraid of is that the three will lead millions and millions to the polls in November. That leadership will result in the greatest mid-term set back for sitting president and party in power in the history of the nation. That is what they are really afraid of.

I suppose, at this very minute, there are groups on the left and the right who would like to over throw the government. Those groups are not being led or encouraged by the three. Neither are those the groups the ones that pose the biggest threat to continued Demo-Dope rule. Joe Klein, some doof named John Heilemann, Pissy Mathews and the entire MESSNBC crew know this. In an effort to stave off the inevitable political @$$ whipping they are about to receive, they try to link the time-honored tradition of peaceful political descent and assembly to nut jobs plotting armed revolutions. In November after the votes are counted, no doubt, these weasels will be all over the the air waves saying that there has been a coup against our elegant first half-black president. They might even call on the military to intercede and protect their power.

And isn't it ironic that the Klein and Heilemann show up yakking about sedition just after the guy who pardoned very real and violent FLAN terrorists - Billbo oily slick Willie Clinton - was bemoaning peaceful assembly because it MIGHT turn nasty; and after a leftie loon's ham-handed attempt to encourage lefties to infiltrate the Tea Party so that they WOULD turn nasty; and after P-BO's derision of Tea Party marchers. That's rich. The guy who sat through hate filled, vile, anti-American sermons for TWENTY YEARS; a guy who hangs out with the guy who bombed the Pentagon, is suddenly worried about hate speech and anti-government activity. Rush put it best yesterday, Clinton and Obama cut their chops protesting the American government. Now they are protesting then protesters. Weird huh?

To all; organized peaceful political descent IS NOT SEDITION. If violence breaks out at Tea Party event, you can bet it was started by leftie loons. The only thing the three seditioneers want us to "punch out" is a ballot in November.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

We'll never get the slick off of Willie

William the Slickster warned America about the Tea Party becoming so angry as to become violent. What the hell Tea Party is he looking at? The Tea Parties I've seen resemble a state fair atmosphere more than a G-7 meeting where lefties are smashing windows and throwing stuff at the cops. But when was the last anyone heard the Slickster warn us about violent left wing agitators?

The only violence in or around Tea Parties so far has been SEIU thugs beating Party goers for carrying a don't tread on me sign or being black in supposedly all white movement. And does the Slickster come forward to tell his side to knock it off? Hell no. Instead in this bizzaro world the threat of violence on the right is worse than actual violence on the left.

Yesterday, a friend asked me what I thought of the Slickster's remarks. I was going to argue the facts of the case - the Tea Party has never started or advocated any type of violence or even civil disobedience. Instead I blurted out, "F**K him! What's the one thing that the Slickster is going to be remembered for? That's right. He could find a cure for cancer tomorrow or figure out how to turn piss into gasoline and he'll still be remembered for one thing. Hitting on interns in the Oval Office. Some legacy. He's no better than Carter, Sharpton or any other washed up lefty loon. He's the advocating violence. Giving the lefties the idea. He's hoping for it. Screw him."

My friend was a bit taken aback, especially since the conversation took place in the church sacristy - just kidding, and asked if I was "going to get violent?" Not yet.

Friday, April 16, 2010

2010 Census is BS

If you believe the near constant - and expensive - hectoring from the Census Bureau over the airwaves for last 7 months in order to get you to fill out the 2010 census, then you have to believe your local government is incompetent. Your local government may in fact be as incompetent as a Three Stooges painting crew, but does anyone seriously believe that the central planners in Washington D.C. have a better handle on local issues?

As the ads go, if you don't fill out the census form and return it, we won't have enough buses, teachers, traffic lights, roads, and will never know exactly how may licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop. If the central planners in Washington D.C. are taking care of everything, why do we need to pay the salaries of mayors, city planners, high way departments, school superintendents, and 1,000s of other state and local bureaucrats?

The ad tell us it's not about an onerous and incompetent federal government usurping state and local control, it's about the distribution - redistribution if you will - of federal funds. Well why are we sending our tax dollars to Washington D.C. for the central planners to redistribute in the first place? Why not just keep our money at home rather than let 534 clowns in D.C. decide who gets what? I know. I'm one clown short. You can decide who the one non-clownish clown is.

The purpose of the census is not to decide how many buses a community needs. By the words in our constitution, it is an enumeration to determine how many seats each state will have in the House of Representative. It should not be used as a tool for D.C. bean counters to redistribute wealth.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

For the maximum refund: Use Turbo Cheat

Well, it's finally here. The day that all government bureaucrats wait and hope for, April 15th tax day has arrived. Today is the day that a little over half (53%) of working Americans pay their taxes and half of tax-paying Demo-Dope high government officials lie, cheat and steal on their taxes.

Demo-Dope cheating has become so prevalent that Turbo Tax has a new edition out called Turbo Cheat. The ad goes something like this:

Are you tired of paying your fair share? If you are, and you are a Demo-Dope high government official, try Turbo Cheat. Turbo Cheat has a specially designed Demo-Dope tax cheat calculator that allows you to un-claim any service fees. That's right, Turbo Cheat allows you to "forget" about paying the nanny, maid, gardener, pool attendant and ehum "masseuse."

Get the Deluxe Tubo Cheat and "forget" about additional income from speaking fees, drug sales, prostitution income and "forgotten" property assets. The Super Deluxe Turbo Cheat has a charity calculator that actually allows you to make charitable contributions to yourself. If you are AlGore you can even buy carbon credits from yourself!

Remember, "talking about" the rich paying more in taxes is for Demo-Dopes. Actually paying higher taxes is for rich Republicans. Take Charlie Rangle's advise:

Voice over:
Turbo Cheat allowed me to eh uhm, "forget" to pay millions in taxes on foreigner property, local property, walking around money, gifts, unpaid parking fees and my House of Representatives bar bill. As the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, I write the tax code. Turbo Cheat helps me to ignore it.

Only saps and losers pay their taxes. Take Charlie's advise and cheat your @$$ off with Turbo Cheat.

Turbo Cheat is a licensesed product of the Democrat National Committee. Copying this program or redistributing this product in any way without the the express written authorization of the DNC and without a maximum campaign contribution to the DNC can result in you being hauled before Henry Waxman's Committee for interrogation and intimidation.

Not all tax cheats get away with it. Some actually go to jail, but they are mostly Republicans. Protect yourself today. To ensure a favorable court case, make the maximum donation allowable under law to your local DNC office and local Demo-Dope candidates.

If you are busted, don't worry. It's probably a racist Republican hatchet job. ACORN lawyers will be provided to you free of charge by Turbo Cheat. In the worst case Chairman Rangle can write e new law retroactive to your case and get you off scott free.

If caught cheating, take Charlie Rangle and Tim Geithner's advise, lie. The most effective lines are:

- I'm not "cheating." I just forgot to claim my beach front property for the last 15 years.
- No shit, a driver and limo provided by the company should be treated as income? Who knew?
- What do you mean, taking the family to Disney World for a week can't be deducted as "child care?"

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thanks to all of the creative hard working people out there

Well tomorrow is tax day. Which would be the perfect day for the government to send out "thank you" fruit baskets to the 1% of American taxpayers who foot about 70% the tax burden. Instead P-BO and the Demo-Dopes will continue to trash the very people who are footing the bill. They will continue the class warfare that ingratiates them to the 47% of American who pay no taxes in the hope of boosting that percentage to 50.0001%. And when that happens, we are cooked.

If I had the money, the time and the know how, I 'd run a study to find out what percentage of the 47% who pay no federal taxes are thankful for the government breaks they receive. If what I learned in college - OK the ONE thing I learned in college - is true, most of them probably think that they deserve that break - and MORE. In a study on cognitive dissonance, researchers found that if you paid people a lot of money for doing very little work, they were more likely to become disgruntled workers than ones who did the same job for very little pay. So it stands to reason then that those who pay nothing are the ones bitching the most about what they are getting for their money...uh er non-payment.

The national sales tax solution discussed in several posts under to even the burden is probably a bridge too far. If that's the case, we need a flat tax of no more than three brackets and no higher than 10% at the top. As the old saying goes, if 10% is good enough for God, why should the government and your waiter get more?

Now, what if 47% of the 53% who are paying taxes decided to withhold all or some part of their tax payment? A sort of tax revolt by civil disobedience. First off, it would create administrative chaos in the IRS. As the old school troublemaker's taunt goes, "they can't get us all." I would love to have a nationwide movement to "withhold one dollar" of your payment. It would drive the bean counters in the IRS nuts. They'd spend 100s of millions of dollars maybe billions trying to collect those one dollar bills. When they wise up and let the one dollar go, we bump our withholding up to $5.

As one of the guys at the bottom of the tax scale and a government pensioner to boot, I'd like to thank all of the hard working, creative people out there who pay way more than I do and continue to make this country work in spite of an overbearing, onerous and incompetent government. Sadly, that's about the only thanks you can expect for all that you do.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shhhh, let's wreck the tea party

What is the first rule of any conspiracy? Keep the conspiracy a secret! If you hire a hit man to knock off your wife so you can enjoy the insurance money, you don't go posting your plans to head off to Aruba as soon as she's dead on your Facebook page.

Lib idiots (yes a redundant statement if ever there were one) didn't get the memo on secrecy. Jason Levin - one said Lib idiot - actually created a web site - - to instruct lefties how to infiltrate "the tea party" and make the partyers look like racists, homophobes and morons. When asked about it Jason said, "Damn, someone just explained the 'world wide' part of the 'world wide web' to me. I think my privacy is being violated."

I have always suspected that, if someone called a US Representative a N----r during the health care debate, he was an SEIU member in good standing posing as a Tea Party member. But right now we have to think that John Lewis was just hearing things he was hoping to hear or is a liar. Why? Because there is absolutely no proof that anyone - SEIU or otherwise - shouted the N word at Lewis. No proof in spite of 100s of cameras, scores of police accounts, a $100,000 reward for any video evidence supporting Lewis' claim and a compliant news media who would have run such a clip 10,000,000 times by now.

Now I could be like Billbo O'Reilly and say in effect, Well, Lewis is an honorable man. If he said he was called that, I believe him. If he says that the sun rises in the west, I believe that as well.

I don't know Lewis. Absent any evidence that should be readily available given the nature of the accusation - that the N word was shouted at him 15 times - I have to say he is mistaken or a liar. And everything Lewis says from this day forward is immediately suspect as well. If he will lie about this, he will lie about anything and everything. I don't believe him.

The ONLY thing worse than actual racists are the people who accuse innocent people of being racists. That goes for Mr. Lewis, Mr. O'Reilly and the rest of the dying because they are lying MSM.

Tea Party beware. Crowd out stupid signs. Shout down SEIU member shouting inappropriate thing. Photograph and record everything. Ask for ID from people acting inappropriately. If they refuse, photograph them for later identification.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hey let's have a really expensive party and talk about nukes

Well there is a whole ship load - or is it pant load? - of High Asses - or is it highness's? - Royal Highness's and whatnot's arriving today for P-BO's nuclear confab. Israel isn't playing though. That's a good thing for us, because given P-BO's promise not use the nukes we have and not to build anymore, we may need to come under their nuclear shield.

Given P-BO's naivete, if the others say, "Look we'd be happy to destroy all of our nukes if you destroy yours first" P-BO and the Demo-Dope majority would no doubt begin destroying weapons. At least then, we'll have Israel to fall back on.

I suppose when you have enough weapons to destroy the planet a couple of times over, it doesn't hurt to talk about getting rid of some of them. George Bush destroyed obsolete and unnecessary weapons. But George Bush didn't say he would never use the ones that remain. Some 8th grade teacher needs to show up at the White House, and soon, to explain the concept of a deterrent to P-BO. If everyone knows you have no intention of ever using your weapons, they are not a deterrent. At that point they become expensive props.

I guess it's time once again for Lex's lesson on the death penalty. Nukes are a nation's death penalty. The government shouldn't be in the business of killing its citizens. But the citizens shouldn't be going around killing each other either. It's the government's business to protect us from each other -ehum not from ourselves as Libs are prone to think. I support the death penalty only insofar as if killing 100 murderers deters even one other murder, it's worth it. But the government has to be willing to use the deterrent.

What if a Governor said look we're going to keep this death penalty thing on the books but I swear to you it'll never be used again. If there were even one would be murderer reconsidering his plot based on that information, the governor would have done the people of his state a great disservice. The same can be said of nukes. If we have them but swear we won't use them, why have them?

Let's face it while there is no sin in talking about nuclear disarmament, absolutely nothing - save the waste of 100s of millions of dollars - will be accomplished at P-BO's nuclear confab. And that is the worst thing about this fancy masquerade party.

And if you think P-BO's confab is expensive, wait till you see the Defense Dept. budget without nukes. Nukes have proven to be a fairly cost effective means of maintaining the peace. Some smart guy ought to start asking administration officials what they see as end strength and modernization costs for conventional forces when the nukes go away. You can bet Libs will no more want to foot the bill that than have a nuclear silo in their own backyard.

Friday, April 09, 2010

The tax man cometh...but not for 47%

AF Bro tipped me off to a piece yesterday that indicated that 47% of Americans pay no federal income taxes. A large percentage of the 47%, not only don't pay into the system but, actually get a return or refund or on their non-payment in the form of an earned income refund. To make matters worse, if that's possible, the top 10% of wage earners pay 70% of all federal income taxes.

I heard some guy explain this away yesterday by saying, "Well that 10% own 40% of all American assets." To which Cavuto said, "Fine reduce their tax burden to 40% of the total." Of course that would be a huge tax cut and led to a stunning silence from the guest.

For their efforts, hard work and their disproportionate contributions to the federal government the "rich" are being demonized like never before. Seems until the top 10% are paying all of the federal taxes, they will be a target for Libs in general and this administration in particular. Seems to me that at a minimum the government ought to be sending this these top teners a fruit basket and a thank you note every April 15th. Instead they are demonized, threatened, harassed, mocked and ridiculed. At best, the federal government would flatten the tax burden out a bit so that, as P-BO put "everyone had some skin in the game."

Try raising taxes when the "working poor" are paying 2-5%. When they have some of their own skin at risk with higher taxes, there will be hell to pay for Pols. Right now, some of the "working poor" look forward to tax increases so that they might get a bit more at the end of the year for not paying anything into the system. This is dangerous. When the non-payers reach 50.1% and figure out that they can vote themselves a pay raise by voting Demo-Dope, the Golden Goose will have been cooked.

OK, apparently this can never be said enough. To fix the tax problem:

1. End the income tax. This MUST be done first. Do not punish the high achievers.
2. Adopt a consumption tax. A federal sales tax would leave taxes in the consumers hands. Everyone would have "skin in the game." Let congress try to add .05% to the sales tax and EVERYONE would be up in arms. The only thing congress could do to get more money for their hare-brained programs would be to lower taxes - which always leads to more revenue - or kill some other program and redirect the money.
3. Every single rich guy heard saying, "The rich don't pay enough" (Ted Turner, Ben Stein, George Soros, et al.) should be fined 50 million dollars each time. Yes of course, that's a 1st Amendment violation, but it's the best kind. Let them put as much of their own money where their mouth's are.
4. In conjunction with a balanced budget Amendment, consider a onetime tax on unearned wealth to retire the current deficit. This will shut the trust fund bums like the Kennedy's, Rockefeller's, Kerry's and other compassionate Libs who never earned a dime on their own the hell up. It's so easy for these pampered weasels to talk about raising taxes on people working their @$$es off earning it so that the government can attend to the poor (which never works) or reduce the deficit (which never works). They know that none of their huge unearned piles of cash will be touched in such schemes. Come up with a plan to tax wealth along with income, and watch these "do-gooders" turn into the greedy bastards they accuse everyone working for a living of being.

There you have it. The tax problem has been fixed. Tomorrow world peace.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

What's in a name?

Somehow it's news that the Obama administration has decided to stop calling Islamo-Terror-Fascists radical Muslims. And surprisingly that's all it took. bin Laden has turned himself in to UN troops. All the miscreants in G'itmo have joined in a prayer circle and praised the US for its enlightenment. Iran nut job Ahmedinijad has announced an immediate halt to all nuclear programs in Iran.

See, I'd have thought the these people would be in their respective caves laughing their backsides off at the complete naivete of Obama. Besides hasn't the Dep. of Homeland Security already made such a statement? Didn't that bit of insanity do the trick among the insane? So this is news, why?

It is just another foolish move by an administration that does not seem to understand or care that there are serious people around the world that mean us harm. Using Obama logic, fat people should just stop calling ice cream and double stuffed Oreos "fattening." If they'd simply do that, they begin to shed some pounds. Why all this hostility among fat people to "label" their foods? Don't they know that it just causes the food to lash out to seek revenge.

Oh, to answer the question, what's in a name? Truth.

Gotta run, 10 Scouts arriving to earn the woodworking merit badge. The goal is to leave with as many fingers as we arrived with, and if we happen to make something useful all the better.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Closer to doomsday

While the other kids running lemonade stands are starting to use more lemons and larger cups while reducing price, the kid who is running ours thinks it's time to start reusing the old lemons and raising the price. This is what happens when you have someone with no experience running things. If you take P-BO's decision on the use nuclear arms, you have pretty much the exact same dynamic.

As I understand the Obama scheme, if you do not have nuclear weapons and have a current IAEA nuclear inspection sticker, you're home free. I suppose that's true even if you have nukes but have managed to keep that fact a secret from the UN's Keystone cops. Or have imported one secretly from another country. Obama has also said that the US will not develop any new nuclear weapons. Wow, what heretofore has been our biggest military advantage - innovation -
has been taken off the table for - uh mmm er, well nothing.

While the rest of world goes about building more and more modern nuclear weapons, P-BO thinks it's the perfect time to announce to the world, "we won't make any new ones and won't use the ones we have." This cannot be good.

Just the threat of the use of nuclear weapons has kept the world a pretty safe place - doomsday clock be damned - for the last 60 years. It kept the overwhelming conventional force of the Soviets at bay during the cold war. It continues to keep the N. Koreans at bay today.

Why tell everyone what your plan is? Why not just bluff? Why does Obama feel the need to tell the world every hair-brained thought that enters his head? Wouldn't you love to play poker with guy using the same rules. Look, I have a a pat hand, 10 through ace of spades, but I won't use it if you ante up, and place the proper number of chips into the pot when you call.

In lieu of nuclear annihilation, potential foes will face the wrath of "overwhelming conventional force." I could have sworn that during the campaign Obama told the American people that our conventional forces were stretched thin. That's why he promised and has followed thorough on bringing all of the forces home from Iraq. Uh, oh yeah he hasn't. So our conventional forces must still be stretched thin as they were during the campaign. Where is this "overwhelming conventional force" supposed to come from?

No threat of nuclear retaliation + a conventional force that is stretched thin = No deterrence = A more dangerous world.

Whatever that doomsday clock was set at before this announcement, it needs to be advanced toward midnight now.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Just something else we shouldn't trust the MSM on

Obama missing the plate by a mile, while throwing out the first pitch at yesterday's National's game, isn't the story. We all knew that that he threw like Paris Hilton in heels and a tight skirt since last year's All Star game when he two hopped one to the catcher. The MS told us that the pitch was a strike. Video proved Obama can't throw a baseball and the MSM to be Obama's unpaid cheering squad, saying whatever Obama needs them to say.

Well this year the pitch was so high and outside that Obama had the blimp pilots ducking. And this year it wasn't the MSM making excuses for Obama's throwing motion that resembled Steven Hawking's motion. It was Obama himself. In true little league style, Obama told the nation that just moments before the errant pitch he was "throwing strikes" with "heat" and then for the pitch that counts, he says, "the thing slips out of [my] hand." He went on in Little League style to complain that Bush put the sun in his eyes; Bush made him wear a cup that was too big; Bush greased the ball; he inherited a terrible first pitch economy from Bush and Bush wouldn't let him wear the comfortable jeans that were such a hit at the All Star game.

The media tells us that this guy is a great athlete. He isn't. He is just a guy that likes to play. That would be good enough for most presidents. But not for this president and not for this sycophantic press corps. For this press corps, Obama has to be awesome at everything. He isn't. The video proves he can't hit a golf ball; he can't roll a bowling ball; he can't throw a baseball and even "his famous jump shot," as Harry Smith insisted on calling it, is all wrist and no follow through. Clark Kellogg had to throw a game of H-O-R-S-E during the half-time show of the NCAA tourney to make Obama look good. In the process he made himself look horrible. How could Clark Kellogg lose to a guy who can't shoot?

There is more proof, perhaps conclusive proof, that Obama cannot play basketball as well as the press corps wants us to believe he can. After his victory in the MA Senate race, Scott Brown challenged Obama to a game of two-on-two. Brown would play with his daughter and Obama could pick any Demo-Dope White House staffer, Rep or senator he wanted. Harry Smith, who was too busy slobbering on himself, never asked Obama when he'd take up Brown's challenge.

Look we don't elect a president for his athletic prowess. It's nice if they go out and just do the best they can. When the throw or shot is a bit off, they need to laugh it off with a, "now you know why a chose politics" or "I guess the MLB record book is safe for now" or "I'm going to have to fire the White House pitching coach" or "I've been too busy lately to work on my split finger fast ball." Why the, "it slipped out of my hand" BS? It's a character flaw. A small one to be sure, no one wants to be embarrassed on national tv -twice - but a flaw none-the -less. How about, instead of excuses, Obama says, "I'm gonna keep throwing out the first pitch until I throw a strike. You might see me at a lot of games this year." Isn't that a bit more endearing than, "the ball slipped out of my hand?" The next White House hoops game should be a game of P-U-N-K.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Abortion, Cry Baby and Easter

Dems to turn pro Life to fund health care (Sorry April Fools was yesterday)

Sec State Shrillda beast Clinton is in hot water with her boss. Why? Because she's out pushing abortion in Canada. Whoa there Lex, these are Libs and they ain't seen a baby yet that's worth havin'. So what's the big deal? Well that was before the health care/student loan program passed. Now the Dopes are left to figure out how to pay for it. One sure fire way would be to require every woman in America to birth at least five kids during her child bearing years.

Why? When you're running a Ponzi scheme, the only way to keep it going is to keep a a generous supply of suckers at hand. Our current demographic will have poor Lex jr. paying for Mom and Dad and three others by the time he turns 40. We need more saps - ASAP or we'll end up having to pay for our own band aides!

We need to start today to begin to bend the cost curve down. The only way we can do that is for more suckers, uh er, taxpayers to enter the pool of payers. We cannot continue to kill off the very people - yes people - who can get us out of the mess we're in.

So can we expect a change of heart on abortion for Libs to fund health care? No. They will, as always, just plan on raising taxes on the last man working.

P-BO diminishes office takes on private citizens

Obama called out Rush and Glenn by name yesterday for "troublesome" "vitriol." Damn, their ratings are going to go through the roof now. How do I get him to condemn Lex? If he'd just single me out, I could get millions of hits and sell ad space. maybe I should end that whole "new tone" biz. Vitriol is where the bucks are. Really, vitriol? Was he alive during the Bush administration? That was vitriol. What a cry baby. Hmm, I don't know is "cry baby" vitriolic?

Easter is upon us

Enough of this stuff for now. The most holy of Christian days is coming. Easter Sunday celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus and is THE reason for the Christian faith. I'll leave you with the thoughful words of Father Paul during his Palm Sunday homily in 2006, "If you're coming next week, come early and be prepared for the smell of moth balls."

Have a blessed Easter.

More government loans

Good morning racists. The government taking over another loan program is like hiring the Three Stooges to paint your house. You know how it will end before the first can of paint is opened.

As part of "health care reform" our great and wonderful government has decided that it will take over the student loan program. What could possibly go wrong? After all, look at the bang up job the government has done with Fannie May and Freddie Mac. Those two government run lending institutions only NEARLY destroyed the country with toxic mortgage loans made to people who had no hope in hell of ever repaying them.

I can just see the government run student loan program being run by Charlie Rangle, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. It'll become a prison release program. I can see the ads now:

A thug is a terrible thing to waste. Getting out of jail? No job, no money, no place to stay, NO PROBLEM! Get your life back on track with a full ride student loan to Harvard. That's right, thanks to health care reform you are eligible for room, board, books and tuition at one of America's most prestigious universities, all paid for you by your federal government. You can earn additional "walking around money" if you join a union!

Worried about grades? Don't. This is the age of social promotion. Self-esteem is way more important than those pesky judgemental grades that are achieved mainly through hard work. Who needs the headaches? Just sign the loan papers and let the government worry about the rest.

This fully funded federal program is brought to you by your neighbor's hard earned tax dollars and the Destroy America Now Foundation also known as the DNC. See your prison doctor today and get started on the paper work.

Who knew that getting a college loan required a banker AND a doctor? But when you think about it, in an age where every human weakness is reduced to disease status to give us some cover for our own lack of self control, this makes sense. It's not the four bags of double stuffed Oreo cookies a day making me fat, I have an eating disease damn it! Now pass me my milk shake and fries.

From personal experience I know that a student loan can be obtained without a doctor. In my illustrious 5 1/2 years at THE Ohio State University, I received loans on two occasions from the Huntington National Bank in Canal Winchester, Ohio and didn't have to bother getting Doc Jepsum to co-sign. My, my, how things have changed. I have just one other question, will the loan program be run out of the Education Secretary's office or the Surgeon General's office?