Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The death of shame

A flash mob of 30 or so teens who mostly happen to look a lot like Little Barry and Eric the wad Holder’s “people” robbed a Chicago store of $3,000 worth of merchandise. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel implored the teens to save those kind of “Chicago values” for any Chick-fil-a store that might want open in the cesspool known as Chicago. Last week a mob hit a supermarket and pretty much picked the shelves clean. What they didn’t steal they trashed.

When a society gives people a house, pays their utilities, buys their food, gives away free cell phones, condoms, medical care, cable access, computers et al is it really going to be too long before those people feel that they are entitled to everything and can just take anything they want without paying for it? Or are these just the vaunted “Chicago values” Mayor Emmanuel was talking about? No doubt Revs? Jesse, Jerry and Al are on the way to urge the teens return the stolen merchandise or make restitution to the store.

Oh, and speaking of “free cell phones,” if you want to get your blood pressure up, watch this YouTube of a woman who looks a lot like Little Barry’s sister, if he had one.

No, not at all. I don’t feel this post is even one bit racist. Little Barry is the one who injected himself into an on-going criminal proceeding irrevocably tainting the judge, prosecutor and jury pool by comparing a dead teen to a son he doesn’t have. It was Eric the wad Holder who admitted he tended to put a thumb on lady Justice’s scale to favor his “people.” It’s Little Barry who has an organization within his campaign called “African Americans” for a failed half black incumbent dope. It’s the Demo-Dopes, Hollywood know nothings and their MSM lemmings who want to deflect every legitimate criticism of the colossal failure known here as Little Barry as racist. Effemall.

They are the racists. They say nothing when mob after mob rob and beat white people. They ignore it - like the latest terrorist attack - as an isolated incident. BS! The worst is that there is no outrage from the Revs?, Little Barry or the wad. If the Knights of Columbus went on a rampage, they would be roundly condemned their charter suspended or I’d be out. If former Marines were involved in such activity, I’d be ashamed and condemn it.

Frankly that’s what is missing in today’s society. There is no shame anymore. Every conceivable aberrant behavior is called a "disease" out of the perp's control.  Criminal pols check themselves into rehab for week and run for and are elected to another office. Judges ignore the constitution then go home and sleep soundly. Public unions bankrupt entire cities and states and the membership marches in defiance when someone points out the obvious – that the arrangement for public unions is unsustainable.

Thomas Sowell wrote about it – a lot more eloquently of course. You cannot create an entitlement society without having people feel they are entitled. Sadly that is where we are with about 47% of Americans.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Four words every American needs know: We will not comply

Chuckles Chucky Schumer has a great idea - banning high capacity magazines. High capacity, of course, meaning a very reasonable 10 rounds. Fine do it. Now, do you suppose that a guy like James Holmes, a doctoral student in neuroscience, can’t find a way around Schumer’s lame-brained idea?

Give me two 10 round magazines, a hacksaw, soldering iron, metal file and in half a day and I’ll have you a 20 round magazine. I know that Chucky knows this. Holmes’ AR-15 jammed. His shotgun caused most the damage. The shotgun Holmes chose for his deed was a Remington 870 Express Tactical pump shotgun (not semi-auto Chucky) with an ammo capacity of…drum roll…3 to 4 rounds – 5 max if it is loaded with one in the chamber.

Anyone who knows anything, that excludes Chucky and most Demo-Dopes, can figure out that in a crowd at close quarters a shotgun will be way more effective at causing casualties than a rifle. Whatever these dopes come with will easily be overcome by smart guys like Holmes and even dummies with a lot time on their hands.

The big problem with gun control zealots is that they seem to know so little about guns. They tend to judge a gun by how it looks. They tend to think that criminals, intent on indiscriminate killing, will give a damn about a ban on high capacity magazines. The Chuckys of the world believe that their hare-brained ideas are all that’s necessary to keep the James Holmeses of world at bay. There are currently about 24,000 gun laws on the books. Murder and attempted murder are themselves crimes. Yet Chucky thinks limiting the capacity of a magazine is going to solve the problem of nut cases getting and using guns.

How about we just round up all the nut cases and put them institutions where they belong? Congress would never go for that. Half of them would have to be rounded up.

And in a rather chilling development over the weekend, reliably constitutionally minded Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said Sunday the extent of gun ownership “will have to be decided in future cases.” That should shock everyone but surprise nobody. A court that takes it upon itself to rewrite unconstitutional law from the bench is going to do anything else it damn well pleases.

When it comes time to turn in our weapons, Americans may just have to echo the Catholic Bishops’ stance with regard to paying for Julia’s abortion, we will not comply.

Yeah, I am passionate about the Second Amendment.  I believe it is the only thing standing between us and an even more onerous government.  Once the people's guns are gone and if Little Barry has "more flexibility" in a second term, America is truly screwed.  It'll be game, set, match.

Friday, July 27, 2012

When you don't know $h!+, just keep talking

The left knows so little about the things they talk the most about. All manner of leftie was out spouting their ignorance about guns after the movie shooting. Diane Feinstein actually opined that had someone in theater other than the madman had a gun, it probably would have led to MORE deaths. There is absolute statistical evidence that proves when good guys with guns show up the bad guy stops shooting. Movie critic Roger Ebert idiotically opined that the movie shooting proved that issuing concealed carry permits doesn’t work. The one point Ebert omitted was that, like VaTech, Cinema 16 was a “gun free zone.” So law abiding respectful citizens were not carrying in the theater – not one. So, like VaTech, Cinema 16 was a free fire zone for the perps, until the good guys showed up with…drum roll please…guns. The celeb ignorance on guns runs form George Costanza (Jason Alexander) to Cher, from DL Hugley to Michael Moore and just about everyone in between.

When our grand nit wit, Little Barry, first chimed in, he had Jay the carny barker Carney issue this gem: President Obama would only work to curtail violent crime with "existing" gun laws. Then this week, not wanting a crisis to go to waste, Little two guns Barry began pandering to far left lefties. This week he said:

“A lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals. They belong on the battlefield of war, not on the streets of our cities.”

There is a lot of ignorance in that statement.

1. The movie shooter was carrying an AR-15 not an AK

2. The AK is the model like Little Barry himself, preferred by communist and others who oppose the American way, cheap, cheap looking, loud, not as accurate or stable

3. Most of the deaths and injuries in theater shooting were caused by a shot gun not the AR

4. Shotguns presumably are guns that do belong “on the streets of our cities” or will Little Barry ban them after the election when he has more “flexibility?”

5. AKs are the variety most popular with your Justice Dept for giving to known criminals, which is, if I’m not mistaken, ILLEGAL.

Little Barry went on with his stupidity:

“Every day, the number of young people we lose to violence is about the same as the number of people we lost in that movie theater. For every Columbine or Virginia Tech, there are dozens gunned down on the streets of Chicago or Atlanta, here in New Orleans.”

All Demo-Dope controlled cities where mayhem reigns, you'll note.  And yet the mayor of Chicago is more interested in making sure Chick-fil-a doesn’t gain a foothold in his city. Can’t have family values in Chicago. That might mess up the gangs up.

But wait the great “constitutional lecturer” wasn't done.  Little Barry had this to say:

"We recognize the traditions of gun ownership that passed on from generation to generation, that hunting and shooting are part of a cherished national heritage,"

Hunting and shooting have NOTHING to do with the Second Amendment. Constitutional scholar my ample @$$. Constitutional dumb@$$ is more like it.

So add guns to the long, long list of things Little Barry knows nothing about, like the economy – “the private sector is doing fine,” “you didn’t build that,” “our plan worked.” Idiot.

Invariably, because they know so little, lefties are more concerned with how a gun looks than how it operates. Semi-automatic “military style” weapons get hammered by know-nothing lefties while hunting rifles that operate the exact same way are ignored. It is insane, but that’s your Demo-Dope party where insanity, like sexual misconduct, voter fraud, gun trafficking, obstruction of justice by choosing sides in a controversial case, theft, perjury, ignorance and downright stupidity are all considered resume enhancements.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Don't count on the cops

There is an old adage in the Marine Corps (or is it corpse) that goes every unit is responsible for its own security.  Never, ever, under any circumstance expect that some other unit has more interst in your unit's security than you do.  When push comes to shove, they will be taking care of their own unit first. 

I was working around the compound on Sat. The folk at the neighboring compound, which is completely obscured by woods and a large marsh, began shooting. The rounds began to whistle through the woods and were actually landing in my tree line and woods. I hollered over at them to stop on three different occasions. They didn’t.

I got my own gun and weighed my options. A) Show up armed at the neighbors unannounced and ask them to stop shooting. B) Call the police. I thought, well who knows what they’ve been up to drinking, drugs etc. The situation could get ugly and my little .32 was going to be no match for what they were shooting. So, I called the cops, twice. THIRTY MINUTES later a unit rolls up the driveway.

It wasn’t a 911 call so there wasn’t the emergency nature of that kind of situation - but still a thirty minute response time for call involving wild shooting in a neighborhood? That’s why we need guns and why everyone should have at least one and know how to use it. The police cannot protect you - particularly in a rural neighborhood like mine. The best they’ll be able to do is send in the CSI team and find the perps. Then if the perps happen to look like Little Barry’s boys, if he had any, or are Eric the wad Holder’s “people” no doubt the cops will have acted stupidly and they’ll walk.

Americans are taking Lex’s advice and giving brain-dead Libs the finger. Gun sales in CO and around the country are spiking partly because Americans know what Lex knows. The cops cannot protect you, and in the wad’s world, if you’re of the wrong bent, they don’t even need to try to protect you.

I have never eaten there. I will eat there today. You want to know what tyranny looks like check out Boston and Chicago where the mayors of these cities have made it known that they will use the power of local government to keep a particular business from doing business in their cities. That is downright un-American. These same cities no doubt have chapters of the New Black Panther’s, KKK and all manner of actual hate groups. Chicago is the home Rev? Jerry Wright’s church of Efff America and whitey now. What’s the mayor’s response to those groups? Well the NBP can stay but the KKK definitely has to go.

And what is Chick-fil-a’s crime? The COO said publicly Chik-fil-a is a family owned and yes Christian business that supported traditional marriage. That’s it. That’s in line with the thinking of the vast, vast majority of Americans. What he didn’t say was anything about gay marriage good or bad. Not one thing. He offered his support for traditional marriage and has been at the center of a fire storm ever since. I guess to favor chocolate ice cream means that you will not tolerate any other flavor. To be in favor of traditional marriage in Boston and Chicago – the same position Little Barry held until a few months back when he needed money from the gays more than to stand on principle – apparently is now some kind double secret crime punishable by vendetta by a city’s mayor.

The mayors of Boston (Thomas Menino) and Chicago (Rahm Emanuel) deserve what all tyrants deserve, a good horse whipping.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Little Barry's mass murdering administration

Remember when Richard the dick Armitage outted the bad Joe Wilson’s wife Valerie Plame as a person who drove through the front gate at Langley – aka an employee of the CIA? How many people died in that episode? Oh, nearly one. Yeah, exactly nobody.

Yet the left went through the roof and a prosecutor was assigned. Even though special prosecutor Patty Fitzgerald broke the case in the first week by IDing the dick Armitage as the perpetrator of the uh, em, “crime” the investigation dragged on for over two years.

The “investigation” resulted in the perp, the dick Armitage, of the supposed crime of outing an already open employee of the CIA Plame walking with no real consequences. Meanwhile, Lewis scooter Libby got sent up the river for obstructing an investigation where the investigators knew who the perp was BEFORE there was any obstruction. Miscarriages of justice such as this are why we all need to keep our guns. If they can send a powerful guy like Libby up the river for “obstructing” a case that had been solved before his first interview, do you really think that they will not be able to find something on you, if you get in their way?

OK now fast forward to today where Diane Feinstein has indicated that there is a security leak in the White House that has damaged national security and resulted in the “loss of assets.” Hmm, I wonder what that means. What do we get - a big yawn from the left and the MSM. Couple these national security leaks with the Fast and Furious debacle and this administration is responsible for more deaths than the movie shooter, Columbine shooters, Ft. Hood shooter, Tucson shooter and VaTech shooter combined. As such, wouldn’t be more practical for congress to concern itself with prosecuting Justice Dept, ATF officials and White House leakers than assaulting the Second Amendment of the US Constitution…again?

RepubliRat Sissyboys
You can always count on “conservatives” to start shooting one another over one issue or another in the completely hopeless effort to make themselves appear reasonable to leftie loons in the MSM. Take Mitt Romney’s tax returns. Who really gives a crap? DemoDopes. That’s it. If he releases 12 years, they’ll want 15. If he releases 15, they’ll want 20. The only reason they want the returns is to dig up crap that can be twisted into 100’s of 30 second spots in FL, OH and PA. That’s it.

They have no other interest in what is in those returns. You can bet they will not be dwelling on Romney’s 10’s of thousands of dollars to charity compared to Slow Joe’s annual $200 contribution. You can bet they won’t dwell on the fact that Romney didn’t take a dime in salary from the state while serving as Governor. You can bet they won’t sing him great praise for squaring away the Winter Olympics for free.

So what do expect from “loyal conservatives”? Here’s what we expect. “Go to hell! Yeah, as soon as Little pass through Barry releases his college transcripts, we’ll release more tax returns.” How great would that be?

But what we get is chorus of “even-handed,” “open-minded,” “reasonable” cowardly RepubliRats calling for Romney to do what the Dopes are demanding. Just go ahead and release the returns and be done with it. All manner of weak kneed RepbliRat from the editors at National Review to former RNC Chair Michael Steel seem to think it’s a good strategy to cave to the Dopes on every inane issue they raise. That’s how we got into this mess. Too few RepubliRats are willing to fight the good fight.

Now look what the “Rats” are doing to Michelle Bachman. She asks a simple question to the scumbags at the State Dept – Was Huma Abidin properly vetted for her job at State given her family’s close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood? Perfectly reasonable to me. But not to weak Rats, like John McCain and John Boehner who are demanding that Bachmann apologize for asking a legitimate question. Why is it that Republican women seem to have more manly virtue than most RepubliRat men? No doubt these Rat men would have left their dates to fend for themselves in that movie theater or worse would have expected the women to protect them.

Why not take the same approach to Bachmann’s reasonable question as they do to the Dope’s unreasonable demands for Romney’s tax returns? Just answer the question and be done with it. Effemall.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Guns - Penn State

Idiots on the left, as if there were any other kind of people on the left, are arguing for gun control by saying that the kind of guns the movie shooter used on his victims have no legitimate hunting or recreational use. OK fine. I agree. So show me where in the constitution our right to keep and bear arms is limited to hunting and recreational use.

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Ha, I didn’t think so. Not one word about hunting, recreational use or even self defense. It does however mention “A well regulated militia” and what better way to “regulate” the militia than for the militia to know that their fellow citizens are well armed. I’d argue that the primary reason our founders wanted the American citizenry armed was to protect ourselves from an onerous and tyrannical government.

That’s the kind of government we have now - a government that will on the one hand ignore laws and statutes passed by the congress while at the same time issue new regulations by fiat from the oval office. If he thought for one second it’d help him, Little sail eared Barry would order the IRS to go house to house and round up all the 300,000,000 guns from the 80,000, 000 or so gun owners.

The fact is that Jug Ears own party, except for farthest left of the lefties Nanny Bloomberg, Chuckles Schumer, Diane Feinstein et al., want NOTHING to do with another fight over taking guns from Americans. But remember, if re-elected, Little Barry “will have a lot more flexibility.” Then no matter what and constitution be damned, he’ll have the flexibility to start issuing orders from the Oval Office that the guns have to go. And after the tortured Supreme Court ruling on Barrycare, who is to say John Roberts won’t get out of bed and decided once again that what was written and ratified in our constitution is subordinate to his own view of how things “should” be?

Penn State
Ouch! I agree with everything the NCAA did to Penn State with the following modifications. 60 Million is a good start. In addition to no bowl games for 4 years, I wouldn’t let them have a single home game. Even the inter squad spring game would have to be played out of state. Penn State wouldn’t make a nickel off of football for 4 years.

There has been a lot discussions about “taking away the wins” dating back to 98. I have no problem with that. Had the scandal broke and handled then, there no doubt would have been a recruiting problem for Penn State. Who knows who would want to play at university that hired a pedophile as its defensive coordinator? So fine, the wins go.

That said, it’s like the old Pharos of Egypt who would go about destroying the statues of their predecessors as if they never existed. Or the pictures in the Pentagon where some PC idiot had cigarettes airbrushed out of WWII photos that hang in one corridor. It’s a foolish exercise. Everyone will know who really won.

After some of the interviews though, Penn State, particularly the students, don’t get it. The UNIVERSITY and Paterno are guilty of covering up Sandusky’s despicable criminal behavior. That’s why in part the wins had to go. Many made the argument that players didn’t do anything wrong. That MAY be true, but teams being teams, I’ll bet AF Bros pay from his next “five year plan” that the rumors were flying around the locker room and if they didn’t “know” there was at least a healthy suspicion.

The next argument is that “they didn’t cheat” to win those games. Yes they did and much worse. They covered up criminal activity of the worst kind so as not hurt the recruiting possibilities of their beloved football program. It was an institutional problem within the university at the highest levels.  The punishment should reflect that.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Guns are the answer

Which offers your family more protection in a movie theater?

Now would be a good time to head to your local gun dealer and stock up on ammo. The Aurora, Co movie shootings already have anti-second amendment dopes in an up roar. But ask yourself this, when did the shooting stop? It stopped when the good guys with guns showed up.

Cinema 16 has a foolish policy calling their theaters “gun free zones.” How’d that work out for you on Fri morning? Maybe kinda wish at least one guy in that theater other than James Holmes had a gun and knew how to use it? No, even with the proof of their insane policy in front of them, I doubt that they do. That would be so American. They will probably just change the signs out front from “No Guns Allowed” to “Positively No Guns Allowed.” Yeah, that’ll show those 2nd Amendment zealots who’s boss and keep the James Holmeses of the world at bay.

It’s so much better to fall back on liberal policy that punishes everyone. If “eco-friendly cars” are unsafe – even when they are not on fire – rather than improving them, just make everyone else equally as unsafe.

If I were running Cinema 16 today, I’d be offering discount tickets to the first 10 patrons to show a concealed carry permit at every showing. The first 5 openly carrying a gun get free popcorn and a large Coke. Then 10 minutes before show time, no matter how many actual discounts had been issued, I’d post a sign in the ticket window that read, “Sorry all concealed carry permit discounts for the XXX showing of XXX have been issued.” An armed society is an orderly and polite society. This policy would have the added benefit of driving liberals crazy. Instead the theaters will raise ticket prices to hire Paul Blart to stand in the lobby and give foolish patrons a false sense of security.

Even before the victims of the movie shootings had reached room temperature, the great thinkers of liberalism, Cher, DL Hugly, Michael Moore et. al. were calling for gun control. The same dopes who do not want us to control our own border are calling for us to ignore the 2nd Amendment and control guns. The same dopes who tell us it is impossible to round up a few million illegal aliens who have and continue to break our laws are now telling us that we can round up the 80 million or so Constitutionally protected guns from law abiding Americans. In LiboLand that makes sense.

James Holmes is insane. Nothing short of having him committed to a psych ward could have prevented him from causing mayhem somewhere - if not guns, gasoline - if not gasoline, a knife – if not a knife, a baseball bat – if not a baseball bat, a bomb – if not a bomb…

Thursday, July 19, 2012

If Barry can't do it, everybody can't

Suppose there is a punk, let’s call him Barry. Suppose Barry has not accomplished one single thing in his entire worthless life with out someone ignoring his mediocre effort or fixing his foul-ups. Suppose Barry mysteriously gets into exclusive schools. Suppose Barry is somehow put in an exclusive position in an exclusive club on campus. Suppose Barry uses his exclusive education to organize things instead of building things. Suppose Barry writes a couple of autobiographical books that turn out to be full of lies and half truths. Suppose Barry’s friends clear the field of competition to get him elected to a state senate seat. Suppose they again clear the fields and get Barry elected to a US senate seat. Suppose Barry runs for and wins a presidential election with his ONLY qualification being that he’s running for president. Suppose the Nobel committee gives Barry a peace prize for winning the election.

Now suppose Barry tells the business leaders of the nation, “If you've got a business -- you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen.” If you knew the first paragraph, you’d know why Barry said what he said and would not be surprised by it. In Barry’s world, he’s never had to do ONE DAMNED THING that somebody else didn’t make happen. It is not at all surprising that a guy who has been passed through his entire life thinks that is the way it is for everyone. After all, if Barry can’t do it, nobody can.  Or is it, if Barry can't do it, everybody can't?

Now suppose we don’t have to suppose any of this. Yeah, we’re screwed.

Now suppose that nearly one half of all voters do not pay any taxes on their income. Now suppose nearly one half of all voters are receiving some kind of federal aide. Now suppose that the government that is trillions in debt is actually advertising for more people, including illegal aliens, to go public assistance.

Now suppose you don’t have to suppose any of that either. Yeah, we’re doubly screwed.

What all of this means is that there is an ever growing number of Americans who are trading the American dream of success based on equal opportunity and individual drive for one where “someone else” makes things happen for them. And we’re being “led” by a dope that through his own life’s experiences believes in the latter model.

Yeah, we’re triply screwed.

Romney’s tax returns
I couldn’t care less. Romney ought to stipulate that he made a lot of money, something his opponent is totally incapable of doing. He ought to stipulate that he didn’t pay one dime more in taxes than he was legally obligated to and still that sum amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars. That is something that Little Barry supporter and “Tax me! Tax Me!!” loud mouth Warren Buffet cannot say. He’s involved in litigation to have his tax burden reduced while lying and bitching about his secretary paying more in taxes than he does. First, pay your damn taxes Warren. Then, we’ll see where your secretary stands. Next, if she pays more, pay your secretary more money you cheap bastard. Last, if you want to pay the government more money go ahead and then STFU about it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A little more grape Mr. Lex

Demo-Dopes are continuing their absurd attack on Romney that he’s a felon for his work at Bain. An artillery story: As the enemy was closing on US troops at the Battle of Buena Vista during the Mexican War, Gen. Zachary Taylor calmly turned to his artillery officer, Captain Henry Bragg, and said, "A little more grape Captain Bragg."  "Grape" referring to grape sized pellets loaded into cannons making the cannon a huge shotgun and a very awesome anti-personnel weapon.  Romney needs to hire someone like Lex who will fire grape with both barrels like this:

“Felon huh. I’ll tell you exactly who the real felon in all of this is – Little sail eared Barry. By his own admission Little affirmative action pass through can’t get a real JOB Barry smoked dope and used cocaine. If you’re buying and using, you’ve probably sold some on occasion. That’s a felony Little Barry. How many young kid’s lives did you destroy by dealing dope and cocaine Little Barry? You want to see my tax returns? Go to hell. When you tell America who you were buying and selling drugs from and to I’ll show you my tax returns.

And while we’re talking felons Little Barry, how did you get that nice house in Chicago? You got oh so Little One from a FELON! You have been hanging around with that felon Rezko for a long time. What other felonious activities have you two engaged in?

I’ll tell America this. I’ve done something Little Barry is totally incapable of; working to earn a good living. I have made a lot of money in my life time and paid the taxes I was legally obligated to pay. And NO. NOT ONE DIME MORE.

You want to see my tax returns Little Barry? Show me your transcripts. Until then you lying little scum bag - you, that ugly hag Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the entire Demo-Dope party can go straight to hell.”

It’s unlikely Mitt will see this and say, “That’s the guy we need. Go hire Lex. I don’t care how much money he wants. Get him on our team.” But he’d better do a little better than the current approach of “Gee that’s just not true dog gone it. You should apologize.”

On the VP
The overriding requirement for being VP is adding someone to the ticket who can do the job while cracking one of Little Barry’s coalitions to win the election. Condi Rice would crack two, women and blacks. She’d be fine but do we really want an academic? I don’t think so. Marco Rubio is the man.

Another consideration is that Romney’s VP pick has to be able to out smart Oh so Slow Joe J-O-B-S is a three letter word Biden in a single debate. That sets the Bar at about the Homer Simpson level. I’d pay money on pay per view to watch Chris Christie dismantle the slow one and the Lamestreammedia for 90 minutes.

Monday, July 16, 2012

What is the "American Dream"?

Last week Little Barry the sail eared wonder-boy took it upon himself to dismantle the part of welfare reform that requires work or least an earnest effort to find work. Now the secretary can waive the requirement that Little Barry’s base, those on welfare, have to engage in any sort of effort to find work before picking up there welfare check. Remember, in MA that check can be spent on pornography and tattoos.

It all makes sense in Little Barry’s world. How can you ask welfare recipients to work when there are no jobs? Requiring work or looking for work would only demonstrate to Little Barry’s largest voting constituency what complete and utter failure he is. So to avoid that embarrassment, Little Barry has just waived the requirement. We have returned to pre the Clinton welfare policy of: Here’s your check. Sorry it’s so little and took so long to get here. You really deserve so much more; more porn, more cheep liquor, more tattoos all paid for by your neighbor. Get it by voting Demo-Dope in Nov.

This waiver is in addition to an active effort by Little Barry’s boys advertising to increase the food stamp rolls. The ads tell how to get food stamps – which aren’t stamps at all any more but a credit card – and how there really is no shame what-so-ever in picking your neighbor’s pocket to pay for your groceries. After all, nearly everyone who isn’t a rich Republican is doing it. It’s true. Food stamp usage has increased 60% under Little Barry. And it’s not just for Americans anymore. 51% of illegal aliens are collecting food stamps under the Little One. Yet they are advertising for more.

This is a pretty stark choice for Nov. The idea of the American dream is on the line. Are we a land of opportunity where everyone makes it on their own talents and work ethic? Or are we the land where the people huddle against the cold in their hut under a single 40 watt light bulb and wait for the government worker to turn on the gruel fountain so we can eat and hope we get an extra meat ration at Christmas, uh sorry the non-specific federal holiday at the end of Dec?

Seems to me Little Barry wants as many people on public assistance before Nov to increase his chances at the polls. I don’t think it’ll work. The people Little Barry is targeting are probably already the loudest voices in his give me more government handouts choir. Still the handout of other people’s money to Little Barry admirers may help motivate them to get to the polls.

Friday, July 13, 2012

A few, Oh, no $h!+. Who Knew? Moments

I was getting exhausted Jesse Jackson Jr. style last night with a bud, when a few things crossed my mind

Lex has been telling his three readers that Little Barry is a liar since he was merely B-HO the candidate. Now Mitt Romney has stumbled upon the truth that the jug eared dope occupying the White House will say anything and expect that the MSM lemmings will run top cover for whatever line of BS that spills from his mind. His bio Dreams from my Father turns out to be a huge line of BS. From composite girlfriends to events that never occurred, it's all just plain BS. Harry Potter stories are more grounded in fact than Little Barry's life story. He's the Jon Lovetts pathological liar of American politicians. “You know that pathetic government dependent avatar chick, Julia? Yeah, I did her.” Yet no publisher is offering a refund for a piece sold as non-fiction that turns out to be a Jack and the Beanstalk piece of crap tall tale fabricated to make Little Barry look like anything but what he is, a smarmy d-bag.

OK it may get a little nasty from here on.

Anderson Copper is gay. Knock me over with a feather from Anderson's favorite boa.

Louis Freeh's report on Jerry Sandusky's sex crimes with boys reveled that the university “leadership” including Joe Pa were more concerned with how it would look for the university if it became public knowledge that Sandusky was using the Penn State athletic department as an unlimited supply of sex toys than how criminally negligent it would look if they did nothing about it for 16 YEARS. Hell yes that was one long sentence. Diagram it yourself and add commas and periods as necessary. Send me the results and I'll pick the best one as an editor.

Liberty lovers over in Egypt want to deconstruct the great Pyramids. Seems these great thinkers trapped in the 12th century think the Pyramids are symbols of paganism. Of course under their rules, EVEYTHING other than the koran is a symbol a paganism. Well truth be known the numbskulls over there have been deconstructing the Pyramids for years. They have been stealing blocks from them to build new buildings. The clerics should just let things run there course and the Pyramids will deconstruct themselves.

Mitt Romney was booed at the NAACP when he vowed to repeal Little Barrycare. I just didn't see that one coming. What the Lamesteamers are ignoring were the cheers he received when touted traditional marriage. He also got a standing O at the end of his address. Were there an honest media in this country , that would be the story: Romney cheered at NAACP for supporting traditional marriage.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Some stuff

I'm going to go get exhausted tonight
Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. took a few days off from is arduous duties in the house that required three days of work a week 40 weeks a year claiming “exhaustion.” Now we find out he's checked himself into an AZ rehab center. I had a few too many last night and I'm hung over this morning. No. Make that “exhausted.” I recall the left going into a feeding frenzy of joy when Rush Limbaugh checked into a rehab center for an addiction to painkillers. So let's not do a victory lap. Let's pray for Hymietown Jr.'s speedy recovery so he can get back to work destroying the country. I wonder if he had to produce a photo ID when checking in.

Little Barry's tax hike hits a big snag
Senate Demo-Dopes blocked a vote on Little Barry's tax increase yesterday. After blocking a vote to give their jug eared “leader” what he wanted, Scrawny Harry Reid took the floor and blasted the Republicans for “obstruction.” So if you want a vote on little Barry's new greatest idea, you're an obstructionist. If trying to give the weasel what he wants make you an obstructionist, I guess Republicans should just take up a policy of telling Little Barry to go to hell. That would make them what? Facilitators?

Get a tattoo and have your neighbor pay for it
MA Governor Deval Patrick vetoed a bill that would have made it illegal to use food stamps to pay for pornography and get a tattoo. Now, if we cannot agree that people on public assistance should not be using that assistance to ink themselves up and buy porn, we truly are screwed. But that's MA.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Low taxes for everyone

Bush tax policy for everyone
When first proposed, Demo-Dopes called Bush tax policy “tax cuts for the rich.” Now it turns out that they were tax cuts for everyone. Little sail eared Barry now wants to keep “Bush tax cuts” for the middle class and anyone below 250K. The obvious answer from Romney would be:

Great! Little Barry is learning. Let's go one better. We'll keep the individual Bush tax policy for the rich as is and lower middle class taxes, capital gain taxes and corporate tax rates another 5%.

Romney did respond with a Little Barry “doesn't have a clue.” For a guy like Romney that may be as hard hitting as it comes.
We have had a very hot summer. AlGore swears it's global warming. He's right to the extent that the hot temps make the globe warmer. It's the cause of the warming that pours cold water on the warm-mongers theory. Turns out that the big gas ball in the sky may have something to do with what is going on this summer. Solar flares 15 times the size of the Earth have been cropping up.

The odd thing about the article is that it doesn't say thing about linking solar flares to global warming, although it does say the flares are incredibly hot at 100,000,000 degrees c. Now I'm not a global warming scientist, but could there be a correlation between the solar flares and Earth temperatures? Could some of that 100,000,000 degrees possibly be reaching the Earth? Naaaa. More like it's me driving my F150 to Lowe's. The sun could not possibly be responsible in any way. It has absolutely nothing to with it.

It's weird how this article can be written without a single reference to global warming, no?

Race baiters
President of the NAACP (Or as Rush calls it, NAALCP, the L is for liberal.) Ben Jealous said that voter ID laws are like Selma and Montgomery. Really? Voter ID for everyone is like Demo-Dopes turning dogs loose on black marchers? Voter ID is Demo-Dopes forcing blacks to the back of the bus? Really?

When asked on the Rush Limbaugh show by guest host Walter E. Williams, how we can take Eric the wad Holder up on his demand for serious discussion about race I this country, Thomas Sowell said, “You can't.” Black today have no interest I having a serious discussion. Comments for race baiting @$$bags like Jealous give the proof to Sowell's comment.

Monday, July 09, 2012

The wad's "people" at it again

If Little Barry had a son he might look like one of the thugs who gunned down a 40 year old white woman who confronted car load of Eric the wad Holder's people speeding through her neighborhood.

In Mobile, AL a car load of the wad's people who looked a lot like Little Barry's son's, if he had any, shot and killed (aka murdered) Wendy Fisher when she confronted the Little Barry look-a-likes for speeding through her neighborhood. Revs? Jesse, Al and Jerry are rushing to the scene to protest the high cost of ammo the thugs have to pay to gun down defenseless white women. Affirmative action demands that the thugs get their ammo for free of at least a discount. Rev? Al wants all of Holder's people who look like Little Barry's son, if he had one, to be able to use their food stamps to buy their ammo.

Well hell yeah. Every time someone tells me to slow down, I pull out a gun and shoot them. Same with when someone tells me to speed up, shut up, eat my dinner, clean up my mess, stop swearing, well just about anything. Just shoot them. That's the answer. So go buy a gun and some ammo and start shooting anyone who expects you to act like a civilized human. Well at least get a gun and some ammo and protect yourself from the wad's people. And when you do be prepared to be treated like a white Hispanic.

Oh, and get your gun before the UN enacts the Shrilldabeast approved Small Arms Treaty that, among other things, would require that register your guns with the UN. What Demo-Dopes cannot do through US law they hope to achieve international law. And don't think for a minute that a lame duck Little Barry administration and Demo-Dope senate wouldn't push this through in the manner that they pushed Little Barrycare through. There is a 2/3rds requirement for a teaty ratification, so it would seem we are safe for the time being. But hey, after the Supreme's ruling on Little Barrycare, let's face it any extra constitutional unconstitutional BS is possible.

Riddle me this Batman

If the Little Barrycare is not a tax, why is IRS hiring 16,000 new agents to collect the, uh, er, penalty? If it's a “penalty,” why isn't county sheriff collecting the money?

Friday, July 06, 2012

A few things

Eric the wad Holder is complaining that the Republicans are out to get him. They are. That's what happens when you are lying incompetent d-bag. That's what happens when your department is responsible for some Wiley E. Coyote plan to grab American's that blows up in your face and ends in the deaths of hundreds of Mexican citizens and an American Border Patrol Agent. Hat's what happens when you chose not to hold anyone responsible for the debacle. That's what happens when you try to cover the whole thing up. So yeah, they are lout to get you.

On the 4th a notion struck me. We've heard forever from Libs that America was founded by racist dead white men. OK. Let's run with that. Where did that get us? The greatest, most powerful, most energetic, richest, most creative planet on Earth. Now fast forward 235 years. Where are we now? After let's say 40 years of affirmative action and manner of diversity BS where are we? Libs like to tell us that we're on a downward slope, a nation in decline. They are right. So what can we learn? Better to trust a bunch of dead racisit white men than the @$$ managerie currently running things. And if they where honest, the Libs would have to agree. Wait. A Lib being honest? Never mind.

I read where Homeland Security was ordering their agents to run away, hide and wait for the cops if they ever encontered a perp with a gun. Reminds of Monty Python and the Holy Grail where Brave, Brave Sir Robin chickened out and ran away. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4SJ0xR2_bQ

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Take the Challenge

FIRST: Click on the link


SECOND: When the page opens, find the blue link titled “Press and Tosh” and click on it.

THIRD: Click on the red start button and get ready for one @$$ kickin’ rendition of the Star Spangled Banner and accompanying video.

FOURTH: Download the song at a link provided or even better buy it for 99 cents at the i-pod store.

FIFTH: Forward the link - especially to any commie libs you might know. It’ll ruin their day.

Generally, usually, almost always, I’m a fan of singing the National Anthem the way it was written. I make an exception in this case.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Happy 4th of July

If you don't do anythihg else on the 4th, you have got to see this:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=c8C7i9kdEf8

America's image before Little Barry.  The least we can do is fight for it.

America's image today.            

Wow, tomorrow’s the 4Th of July. Of course Little Barry has headed to Paris to celebrate our nation’s birth in Europe. Moochele probably wanted to get some shopping in before the whole EU goes kaput. I wonder if he’ll see anything over there that reminds him of his own destructive policies? Oh, and no doubt he’s taking the transnational rail road over there. I understand they’ve completely re-worked the presidential coach.

I for one am quite happy to have Little Barry out of the country on the 4th. It’s just like I’m happy when the little urchin doesn’t bother with Arlington on Memorial Day to pay tribute to all of our corpse men. In that the little sail eared creep doesn’t really care for America as founded in the first place, he should be out the country on the day that celebrates our founding. Screw him. It’ll be a much better party without him showing up on every channel ruining the day by reading some line of crap and acting the punk that he is.

We’re not sure exactly who Little Barry will be bowing down to while he’s over there. Word is that the Grand Duke of Luxemburg is PO’d that Little Barry hasn’t showed up to bow down in his presence yet. No doubt we can count on the famous line that America is no more exceptional than Luxemburg while the smarmy little creep kisses the Grand Duke’s boot.

Oh well, I guess we’ll just make the best of possibly our last real 4th of July.

Monday, July 02, 2012

A second P-BO term in pictures

There is a lot at stake come this Nov.  Here's a second P-BO term in pictures.  Sadly, we're well on our way. 

Here's American team work before the P-BO

The P-BO's America (all 57 states)

Here's our image of cops before they started acting supidly before the P-BO

The P-BO's police and neighborhood watch.

Pre P-BO, the American fighting man was the most feared weapon on the battlefield

The P-BO's Military?  Not so Much.

America's idea of energy solutions pre P-BO

The P-BO's energy policy

America's transportation dream pre P-BO

The P-BO's transportation policy

America's Dr. pre P-BO.

The P-BO's Healthcar Czar or perhaps a Navy Corpse Man

Real patroitism

The P-BO's patriotisim

The American Woman pre-P-BO

The P-BO's idea of a governemnt dependent woman

An American Hero

A post P-BO lunatic disrespecting the White House and an American Hero

American Symbols pre P-BO

The P-BO's new national symbol

SEAL Team 6 Pre P-BO

The P-BO's SEAL Team 6