Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Just how big a phony is Cambodian War hero John Francois Kerry?

After insulting Israel when he thought no one was listening – a true window into someone’s soul, just ask Donald Sterling -  Cambodian War hero John Francois Kerry said, "I will not allow my commitment to Israel to be questioned by anyone…”  OK Johnny big pants, I question your commitment to Israel.  There. Now what are you going to do about it?  Have me audited by IRS?  Oh jeez, sadly, that’s a very real possibility these days.

Kerry’s commitment to Israel is as phony as:
- his war record.
- - being sent into Cambodia by Richard Nixon.
- - the wounds for the, what seven or eight, Purple Hearts he put himself in for.
- his commitment to the troops when he voted against funding operations while troops were engaged in combat in Iraq.
- his asinine cover story for that vote of having actually voted for it before he voted against it.
- his commitment to hunting which was on full display when he asked an Ohio store owner, “Is this where I get me a huntin’ license?”
- King SFB’s commitment to Israel.
- the unnatural and perpetual orange “tan” of fellow phony traveler John boner head Boehner.

ASIDE:  While we’re on boner head Boehner.  Yesterday, no doubt after reading Lex’s scathing post on the subject, boner head Boehner walked back his immigration reform criticism of fellow Republicans a bit.  It turns out he was “just kidding.”  That’s too bad.  Aside from removing his skin with a cheese grader, I wasn’t.  Besides, it’s too late John boy.  10 seconds of candor trumps a lifetime of posturing lies.  When a lying sac-O-crap tells you he is going to do something, do you believe him?  So why in the world would you believe the same lying sac-O-crap if tells you he’s NOT going to do something?

Now, let’s get back to what a phony Cambodian War hero John Francois Kerry is.  He is as phony as:
- that bowl of fruit that has been on grandma’s kitchen table for the last 15 years.
- a three dollar bill.
- professional wrestling.
- the “gold” bathroom fixtures at a Motel 6.
- the crab in a “crab meat omelet” at Denny’s.
- the flower on a clown’s lapel.
- the contest announcing that you’ve won a million dollars but need to pay a $1,000 administrative fee before your winnings can be sent to you.

In short Kerry’s commitment to Israel is as phony as Kerry himself.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday highlites

Lex warned of Republicans sabotaging their own chances in mid-terms
On the cusp a wave election in Nov ruling class Republi-Rats are going about sabotaging their chances in the mid-term election by totally peeing off their base.  While Dopes empty the jails to bolster Dope voting rolls before the mid-terms, Reps are making noise that they are willing to keep Robertscare and grant amnesty to illegal aliens.  Brilliant!   That’s exactly what the base has been demanding.  Idiots.  What’s next?  John boner head Boehner no doubt will declare that it’s time for more restrictive gun laws, revoke tax exempt status for religious organizations, declare polygamy and bestiality the same as traditional marriage and legalize euthanasia for “fetuses” up to two years of age.

Boner head Boehner should have that orange skin of his stripped off with a cheese grader for his willful stupidity.  Oh that’s harsh.  OK then, no tanning bed, cigarettes, or wine for a week John.  The result will be the same.  He’ll die a slow miserable death.

Crooked as hell US Attorney
US Attorney Loretta Lynch is looking to claim NY Republican Congressman Michael Grimm’s scalp.  After mysteriously holding Grimm’s indictment until after filing deadlines for NY’s congressional primaries, Lynch claimed, “as an accountant, attorney, former Marine and ex-FBI agent, [Grimm] was poised for success as a small business owner.  He made the choice to go from upholding the law to breaking it."  Lynch went on to huff, “[He] never met a tax he didn’t lie to evade.”

OK fine, throw the book a Grimm.  But if we’re going to go after business people who evade taxes by paying employees cash under the table, doesn’t that put every business employing illegal aliens at risk?  No.  It doesn’t. As we all know, salt of the Earth saintly illegal aliens and their compassionate employers are exempt from the law.  Republicans on the hand are targeted for extra special attention from the IRS, FBI, BLM, NSA etc. The 14th Amendment doesn’t apply to conservatives.

The new Cliven Bundy
Are we nearing the point where judges need to be impeached for such stupidity?  I’d say we are well past that point.  If the ruling class swells in Caligula D.C. will not act against judges who steal people’s homes, reject the will of the people as expressed in legal statewide referendums, turn murders, rapist, and the worst vermin imaginable back on the community, how long will it be before aggrieved citizens shoot one two of them in the face?

Well, just like everything else King SFB promised and subsequently turned into $h!t, we can pitch his “post racial” BS atop the SFB burning inferno that is destroying the US economy, gutting the military, ruining trust in government and making the US the laughing stock in the world.  Comments from Cliven Bundy and Clippers owner Donald Sterling have the race baiters in full throated outrage.  Yawn.  What else is new?  What Sterling should have done is walked up behind his girlfriend and knocked her out.  If history is a guide, no race baiting pant load would have said a word about that kind of behavior.  The exact same people feigning outrage at Sterling’s thoughtless racist comments are quite mute when black gangs beat the hell of white people.  The reaction when four black kids gang up on a white guy is always the same, “We don’t know believe the crime was racially motivated.”  BS.  Some of the biggest racists in the country are black, starting with Eric the wad I won’t prosecute “my people” Holder.  Then there’s King SFB himself who sat silent in church run by an anti-American racist POS.

The reason we make so little progress on race is that, like the Arabs in the Middle East, one side is dependant on the status quo.  If the race issue were truly addressed and solved the pandering Dope party would cease to exist.  So we continue to have one party offering equal opportunity and the other offering excuses, hand outs and assurances that the deck is stacked against anyone who isn't white, except Asians who do well and illegal aliens who get hired all the time, and Hispanics.  Other than that whitey hates everyone.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Two idiots, sadly, in leadership positions

I was under the impression that the SecState’s job could be boiled down to warning off our enemies and defending our friends in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty.  As JFK put it:

Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty.

Apparently Cambodian War hero John Fran├žois Kerry hasn’t gotten the word.  He has turned JFK’s sentiment on its head with his – oh what’s the right word?  Dopey?  No. Foolish? No.  Asinine?  Close. I’ll need two words to capture Kerry’s utter idiocy – stupidly asinine comment that if Israel doesn’t make peace soon, it could become “an apartheid state,” like the old South Africa.  Notice how Neville Chamberlin Kerry places 100% of the burden for peace on Israel.

Here’s the problem to my way of thinking.  Short of disbanding itself as a nation state, Israel can not make peace with the Arabs in general or the Palestinians in particular.  How do you make peace with people who want to destroy you?  The only option is to destroy yourself and in the end when the deed is done say, “Israel is gone.  Now, can we have peace?”

Undoubtedly the answer from the Arabs will be a resounding HELL NO!  Without Israel, who can they blame for being an azzbackward state trapped in the 12th century and unable to pick up the trash or keep the electricity and water running?  Besides, by Israel committing suicide they have deprived Arab kids the heroic death of blowing themselves up in a Jewish pizza parlor or on a Jewish bus.  For that Arabs cannot forgive Israel.  Also, what are the Arabs going to do with all of the missiles Iran just sent them?  There’s no one left to indiscriminately shoot them at.

It’s rich that while Arabs are killing Christians and homosexuals in record numbers, forcing women or more accurately little girls to marry as early as age 9, mutilating their genitals, covering them from head to toe, stoning them for wandering about without a male family member escort, banning them from driving and voting this pompous colossal dumbazz saves his sole criticism for Israel.

Well here’s kind of a counter intuitive response to Neville Chamberlin Kerry.  How much better off would Arab people, nay the entire world, be if Arabs were forced out of the 12th century - be it by apartheid or any other means?  Just because a majority votes to remain bound by a 12th century logic of murder and suppression does not mean it’s OK or that the rest of us have to go along with it.  But for John boy and King SFB it’s all about supporting any foe against any friend.

Blubbering crybaby nit wit John boner head Boehner mocking SOMEONE ELSE whining is like Clippers owner Donald Sterling, or Harry the roach Reid, or Eric the wad Holder, or King SFB calling someone else a racist.  Does Boehner the boner head - himself the biggest whining chain smoking drunken d-bag on the hill - have any idea what a Richard Cranium he looks like when he mocks SOMEONE ELSE for whining.  My goodness is there not one person on this cretin’s staff to hold up a mirror and say, “Uh, with all do respect, as a world class whining POS yourself, you’re kinda of the last person alive who should be ridiculing anyone else as a whiner.  Maybe you could try some of that male enhancement gel for a couple of months and see if anything will grow ‘down there.’  If it does, maybe you could spend a bit of your time taking on the Demo-Dopes and leave your own party out of your verbal assaults.”

OK I just went back and looked at the above.  It’s all pretty harsh and not in keeping with the “new tone.”  I don’t have time to clean it up now.  I’ll try to do better tomorrow.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Say it ain’t so Cliven

Just when you think you have something genuine, it blows up in your face.  Cy 7 Roger Clemens = fraud.  Live strong Lance Armstrong = fraud.  Jim Tressel = liar.  Tiger Woods = sex crazed addict and liar.  To name just a few sports heroes of mine that turned out to be not exactly heroes.  What's next?  Professional wrestling is fake?  Harlem Globetrotter's games are fixed?

Yesterday a folk hero fell when we heard the oddest line of logic about blacks since the 60s – 1860s that is - from Cliven Bundy.  According to Bundy blacks were better off as slaves.  Yes.  That’s what he said.  There’s no parsing it.  There’s no context that the statement can be placed in to make it sound even the least bit reasonable.

I am not shocked about what Cliven Bundy has said.  I’ve heard respectable politicians and even black leaders condemn what the federal welfare state has done to the black family as an institution.  Maybe that was the point Bundy was trying to make.  That is far cry, no make that an intergalactic cry, however from Cliven Bundy’s actual comment that blacks were better off as slaves.  Huh?  Really Cliven?

Using his own logic then, maybe Bundy would be better off under the onerous thumb of the federal government.  Funny how it’s always someone else who’s better off under the control of others.  That’s always the left lib argument.  (Insert victim group name here) are better off with a leg up in life and being wards of the federal welfare state than having nothing more than the equal opportunity in life to try their own hand at carving out their own niche.

Bundy’s comments remind me of a couple of old sayings.  The first is from comedian Ron White.  While describing an encounter with a local constabulary White quipped, “I had the right to remain silent, but I didn’t have the ability.”  Why in the world is Cliven Bundy holding forth on the state of blacks or anything else for that matter in America in the first place?   Just STFU.

The second was advice from a wise old Marine Corps colonel.  He told me before a particular decision briefing to a general officer, “Once the general agrees to your proposal.  Shut the projector off.  Collect your papers.  Thank him and leave.  If you keep on talking, you might just say something to change his mind.”  Cliven Bundy had won his point and should have just STFU, but he rambled on past the point of decision and now has lost much of what was gained.

Harry the roach Reid pounced on Bundy’s lunacy.  The roach has painted everyone who supported Bundy’s stand against an over-armed and over-zealous BLM as racists.  The despicable roach and his worthless no talent hatchlings are seizing upon Bundy’s incomprehensible statements to renew their plans to divvy up Nevada for their own profit.  Anyone who opposes their self-serving plan is now painted a Cliven Bundy type raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacist.

It probably does not stop in Nevada.  Anyone who opposes any aspect of odious federal over-reach will now be labeled a raaaaaaacist along the lines of Cliven Bundy.

When I first commented on this story I noted that Bundy was stealing grazing rights.  In a later post I noted that Bundy was committing an act of civil disobedience which necessarily means he was breaking the law.  I continue to support his stand against the feds sending 200 armed storm troopers to seize his property, disrupt traffic, establish “free speech zones” and generally threaten and intimidate him and his family in order to collect an as yet undefined penalty.  

Cliven please issue a full, careful and sincere apology in writing and then just STFU.  It's not as if you are some type of Slow Joe Biden, Harry the roach Reid, Rev? Notso SHARPton  or Alec Baldwin left lib who can make repeated racial, homophobic, anti-American and anti-sematic slurs that will be ignored or laughed off by other left libs and their lapdog media whores.  

Thursday, April 24, 2014

BLM draws attention to unlawful federal ownership of lands

The feds screwed up.  I know.  That’s not exactly a shocker, but rather a daily occurrence on a grand scale.  But the BLM’s heavy handed assault on Cliven Bundy exposed something I think most Americans were only minimally aware of.  That some thing is:  the feds own huge percentages of the western states.

The governor of Nevada is in fact governor of only 16% of the state.  The other 84% is under federal control.  By square miles, Nevada is currently ranked 7th of the 50 states.  When you strip out the federal land, Nevada sinks to 42nd.  Were I a politician in Nevada I’d make that an issue the upcoming election and every election until the feds relinquished their control of lands within the state borders.  Why do the feds control 84% of Nevada?  Under what constitutional authority is such a land grab authorized?
I suspect the land grab in Nevada can be summed up in four words (three words for Slow Joe Biden) – Harry the roach Reid.  No doubt the roach understands that it is much easier for him to conduct his underhanded land thieving under the lackadaisical watch of the feds than under the watchful eye of state and county land commissioners.  If the land were to revert back to state, the roach and his worthless no talent spawn might run into people who actually have an interest in how the state’s resources are developed.  That would definitely gum up the roach’s land thieving enterprise.
The feds are now thinking about taking on Texas in a land grab.  Big mistake.  Gov Rick Perry and State’s Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbot have told the feds in so many words to piss off.  That’s a good reaction by state officials.  It’s a bit harder for the Cliven Bundy’s of the world to stand alone against the onerous land grabbing federal government.  What Bundy has accomplished, if nothing else, is to draw attention to the obscene amounts of land the federal government unlawfully owns in the western states.
You’d think states like California, past the point of being just plain broke and well into whatever it is that comes next, would want the land and mineral, timber and water rights that accompanies that land as a means to ease their financial burden.  Of course in California they would just blow through the money and be right back were they are in a couple of years – but you get the drift.  There is money in the land.  If you don’t believe me, ask the lying thieving Harry the roach Reid.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This is the type of equallity that leftist libs hate

The Supreme Court upheld a Michigan voter endorsed proposition that affirmative action at state universities and state government jobs should end.  My first reaction was, what about all of the state referenda affirming traditional marriage that were struck down willy nilly by unelected federal judges.  In these cases a couple of judges canceled the votes of millions of state voters.  So will these cases get a second look from the Supremes?  I doubt it.  The homosexual marriage band wagon is the new borg sweeping the country.  In the true tolerant lib left style it assimilates or destroys all in its path.

The second thing that crossed my mind is the same that crosses every single thinking person’s mind when one of these cases comes up.  How is the affirmative action type of discrimination different from the garden variety back of the bus discrimination?   It is state sponsored discrimination.  Period.  Affirmative action is the true snap shot of leftist thinking.  We’ll encourage discrimination to end discrimination.

The Marine Corps used to celebrate black history month by promoting two opposing theories at the same time.  They would promote “equal opportunity” at the same time they promoted “affirmative action.”  When I pointed out the opposing points in the two promotions I was told to be quiet and get on board.  It was absurd and everyone knew it.  Affirmative action by design cancels equal opportunity.

The third thing that crossed my mind was how long do we have to live under affirmative action tyranny before past wrongs committed by people long dead against people long dead are sufficiently paid for?  Whites are due to become a minority in America in 2020 something.  Will it all end there?  No.  Government programs are harder to kill than Freddy Kruger.  Once established, they go on forever.  That’s why this election is import to unwind Robertscare before it is too deeply rooted.

It is totally lost on leftist that the solutions that they propose to problems NEVER solve the problems for which the solutions are first proposed.  Then, as the problems continue or get worse, the program itself becomes the leftist’s goal. Affirmative action: apparently no progress has been made on the most liberal of bastions - the college campus. Head Start: our schools get worse and we just keep getting dumber and dumber. Food stamps: rolls are the highest they’ve ever been.  Green energy subsidies: they blow up, catch fire and just plain do not work; energy is expensive and getting more so as coal is shunned in favor of solar and wind.  Sec 8 housing: still affordable housing problems persists. 10,000 EPA regulations: the Earth is still – what, warming or is it cooling again?  Problems persist or get worse, yet all the government programs designed to end the problem continue and grow with the problem.  In many cases the problem is actually subsidized by the program that is supposed to fix the problem.

Last, it struck me how many libs took the Supreme’s decision as a slap at affirmative action.  I wish it were so.  It wasn’t.  It was an affirmation of voters rights and states’ rights and said noting about the propriety of affirmative action per se.  It’ll be interesting to see how King SFB – Mr. Equal this and equal that – will respond to the Supremes telling the state of Michigan that they can have an equal admissions process to state universities if they chose to.

Something tells me King SFB is interested in Animal Farm equality where all animals are equal, just some more equal than others.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Quiet comtemplation Vs. napping

First off, I am NOT an intolerant leftist Dope and I DO NOT CARE how one practices his faith.  That is as long as they are not lopping off heads, blowing up pizza parlors, buses, schools, churches, mutilating women, stoning homosexuals, issuing death sentences against anyone and everyone who “blasphemes” their religion by, oh say, drawing a cartoon of their prophet etc. oh yeah or flying air planes into tall buildings.

ASIDE:  How great a prophet can one be who is so easily blasphemed?  Jesus was mocked, ridiculed, spat upon and died like a common criminal in the midst of common criminals.  Christians wear that experience as a badge of honor.  His image is dipped in urine and his mother’s likeness fashioned out of cow dung as “art” and the ONLY protest to such things is that public fund were used to create and display such non-sense but NOT the non-sense itself.  Try that with Mohammad.  Let Mikey Weinstein and the Freedom from Religion crowd go after Islam.  I’d love to see it.  It’ll never happen.  They are cowards who rightly know that their life expectancy is enhanced by limiting their attacks to Christians.  They are not so much against religion per se, but rather opposed ONLY to the religions that won’t lop their heads off as a matter of course for opposing them.

OK we’re out of that rabbit hole.  The purpose of this post was to lampoon Queen Wideazz.  Let’s get back to it.  Queen Mooch told Live with Kelly and Michael that Sunday’s were for napping over church.  What she really meant was, “Now that Rev? Wight isn’t available to damn America, white people in general and the Clintons in particular, we don’t go to church.”  Fine.  Fewer and fewer care about such things.

But napping?  How long does that nap last?  St. Vincent’s here in Ft. Wayne runs a Saturday night 5pm mass and 7:15, 9, 11, 12:45 and a 6pm masses on Sunday.  You’d have to be on one massive nap – perhaps a coma - to miss all of them.  I suspect that in Caligula D.C. you could find a service at about any hour of the day on Sunday, if you really wanted to find one.

Besides, aren’t most church services on Sunday in the morning usually around 11 o’clock?  Who gets up and then takes an eleven o’clock nap?  What time would you have to get up to make an eleven o’clock appealing, 4am?  Traditionally the Sunday nap is at about 2pm.  Isn’t it?  After chores before dinner.

The Mooch is an idiot married to a bigger idiot.  First off, Mooch, you don’t have to explain.  But if you choose to explain, make it something coherent.  How about, “We have found that our presence at a church service disrupts that service.  We don’t want to do that.  So we practice our faith here at the White House on Sundays with quiet contemplation (aka napping).”

Not to put too fine a point on it, I suspect that King SFB and the Mooch feel it beneath them to worship anything other than themselves.  Yes.  I really mean that.  I think they are so arrogant and full of themselves they see no point in seeking assistance from a higher source.  In their minds, they are the higher source.  We are the higher source we've been waiting for, if you will.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday's fast five

Liberalism summed up in a tiny piece of papyrus.
Some gal scientist discovered a tiny piece of papyrus that has Jesus saying, “my wife.”  No other context such as, “My wife is my church,” or “A man asked me, ‘Who’s that lady?’  That’s no lady.  That’s my wife.” Rim shot.  For libs the debate is now over.  No matter the mountain of evidence to the contrary that Jesus was not married or perhaps in this case the mountain of missing evidence that would surly exist if Jesus were married, dopes are quite happy to hang their hats on a newly discovered slip of papyrus.  It does not matter the dubiousness of the authenticity of the contrary speck of affirmative evidence.  That evidence is all that matters now.

For dopes that piece of papyrus is the like the vote count from Cook County, IL.  When asked how many voters were in the county, a Dope county official once famously answered, that depends on how many we need.  The new papyrus piece is like Liberals counting votes in Chicago or MN with Al Franken’s stolen election, the papyrus counts for and is weighted as much as necessary.

Here’s what Cliven Bundy is fighting for

The red is federally owned land.  How can Nevada even call itself a state?  It appears to be a wholly owned subsidiary of the federal government.  I think Bundy is on to something here.

Rules for cops and warriors are different.  So why dress cops like warriors?
For months Lex has been ranting about law-enforcement agencies and other government bureaucracies (most recent example is the BLM in Nevada) acting as if they were a Marine platoon on patrol in Fallujah. John fund takes on the subject in a more coherent fashion but arrives at the same conclusion.  From his piece:

Radley Balko writes in his 2013 book Rise of the Warrior Cop. “The war on drugs and, more recently, post-9/11 antiterrorism efforts have created a new figure on the U.S. scene: the warrior cop — armed to the teeth, ready to deal harshly with targeted wrongdoers, and a growing threat to familiar American liberties.”

One major problem with these SWAT units is that the unit is like the a new tool a guy buys.  He looks for excuses to use it.  You just can hear the calculus in the chief’s office.  “Well if we expect to get funding for our SWAT unit, we’d better get them out of the barn a bit more often.  Take them over to Elm to help get MRS. O’Leary’s cat down out of the tree.  While you’re there, kick down her door and conduct a warrantless search for drugs and that felon who escaped his work detail last week.”

This isn’t new stuff though.  Remember Elian Gonzales?  Remember Waco?  The ATF could have arrested David Koresh without incident when he went into town unarmed.  Some bone headed AFT idiot insisted on raiding the compound.  At the time, Wayne LaPierre referred to the ATF as “jack-booted government thugs.”  LaPierre was lambasted for that comment.  We probably should have listened way back then and put the breaks on all of these paramilitary government bureaucrats whose ONLY target is the American citizenry.

Michele Fiore for president
Sure would like to see a lot more Republicans act like this during an interview with the Lapdog media.

Useful idiots or traitors?
George Will says Lenin had a name for people like Snowden – “useful idiots.”  I’ve got name too and it applies to Harry the roach Reid as well – traitor.  Until we shoot a few, we will continue to have the problem.

Friday, April 18, 2014

As punishment Reid forces Robertscare on all domestic terrorists

It’s Good Friday and we should be able to come up with an inspiring piece for just one post.  Alas, this is King SFB’s America; Harry the roach Reid continues to draw breath and the left’s non-stop assault on the sensibilities of the nation is…well, non-stop.

During his presser yesterday, King SFB insisted Dopes should embrace Robertscare as a huge success.  That would be a brilliant strategy if Robertscare were some nebulous entity like “brunch” which is neither breakfast nor lunch and a strong case could be made for either.  Or if were like the colors salmon that is at the same time pink and orange and fusia that can pass for pink and purple.

Robertscare stands on its own as an unambiguous full blown disaster.  From its pathetic roll out to the lies of the millennium that propped it up during the hard sell to the American people that the American people have NEVER bought, Robertscare has been a life altering calamity for anyone unfortunate enough not to have been given a lawless waiver by a lawless SFB king who it seems exchanged his brain for a three pound bag of excrement in order to become a member in good standing of the Choom Gang.

Hey, who are you going to believe, your increased premium and deductable, your lost healthcare plan and the doctor that you liked, your reduced hours and skimpy paycheck because your boss can’t afford to keep you full-time or King SFB?  King SFB says Robertscare is working.  The debate is over.

I suppose he’s right.  It is working.  It’s working like pouring a pound of sugar into the gas tank of a finely tuned automobile.  That purposeful act will “work” precisely as intended.  It will destroy the engine.  No wait.  That's a bad analogy.  King SFB is requiring higher blends of ethanol which will accomplish the same thing.

Then there’s Harry the roach Reid and his ferret faced sex partner son Rory the rat Reid.  I read that sex partner thing on the Internet. It must be true.  When the roach and the rat aren’t involved in depleting the treasury for their own gain these two despicable oxygen thieves are pitting one group of Americans against another.  When the dust clears from the brouhaha, there are the roach and the rat ready to profit from the altercation.

Yesterday, the roach claimed that supporters of Cliven Bundy were domestic terrorists.  Here’s the thing.  The Caligula D.C. crowd had better hope that the roach is wrong.  When you refer to people as “domestic terrorists,” then draw down on them, then use the machinery of federal government to persecute them, then steal elections from them you leave them very little recourse but to embrace the self-fulfilling prophecy you’ve laid out for them.  If that is the course that we’re on, the roach and other Caligula D.C. swells will soon learn what the BLM pant loads learned, there are a whole lot more of us than there are of them.

In other news in King SFB’s America; a high schooler was chastised by a teacher for bringing a Bible to school; having learned nothing from Solyndra the US government has set aside another 4 billion in energy loans; in a move sure to sabotage the mid-terms for Republicans Rat cry baby Boehner pledges to move on immigration; paragon of tolerance and virtue AlGore called people who disagree with him despicable, immoral and unethical. That reminds of the great Peewee Herman's clever rejoinder, I know you are but what am I?

In really, really good news apparently 6 NFL teams are interested in homosexual Michael Sam.  Those teams not interested are, of course, intolerant raaaaacsist homophobes who should be shunned, ridiculed, boycotted and called into the human rights court in the Hague to explain themselves.

Have a great and blessed Easter.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A six pack

As has become the norm in King SFB’s America there are about half a dozen things to be concerned about this morning.

Ukraine:  I actually heard someone argue against sending weapons to Ukraine because the Ukrainians will just get slaughtered by the superior forces the Russians have assembled.  So, what do you think will happen if we don’t send them arms?   I suppose this nit wit thinks that the Ukrainian army will turn into the BLM in NV and just run away.  That is doubtful.  Only the American left thinks of national sovereignty and established borders are nothing more than chips on the table with which to barter.  Something tells me Ukrainians with fresh memories of Soviet domination may want to stake a claim for something better for their children.

While we’re on the BLM:  I’m certain if you look on the BLM web site, review their employment sites, check their training material and talk to the swells running that bunch of _____ (pick your own word), you’ll find the word “professional” thrown around as if they know what it means – as in “BLM is comprised of professional…”  or “BLM expects and exhibits the highest standards of professionalism blah, blah, blah.”  It’s all BS.  Check this out.

Given the treatment of the animals by BLM, where’s PETA?  Given their wanton destruction of the land and the “environment,” where the hell is the EPA?

Political correctness:  Several posts under Lax asks if we can survive political correctness.  Given the number of “protected classes” and the extent to which they are willing to go to shut people up and most importantly our willingness to be silenced to avoid being ostracized by a shrill but powerful minority, I have to say no.  Check out Mark Steyn’s take.  Long but as always worth the read.

Higher education:  There was story yesterday where the government was making billions of dollars on student loans by resting that activity from the private sector and creating a monopoly for themselves – the only way our government who couldn’t sell pardons at Folsom Prison without going 10 billion in debt - can run a profitable business.  Do you recall why the government took over the student loan program in the first place?  Well, it was because King SFB didn’t think it was right that banks should be making a profit on the dreams of kids trying to get a college education.  I guess it’s OK if the government makes the money then reinvests back to King SFB’s political cronies.

That’s only part of the irritation with that story.  Some government azzbag actually said that we need a government involvement in the student loan industry to ensure “everyone gets a college education.”  YGBSM!  Everyone?  Think back to your high school days.  Did “everyone” need a college education?  Wasn’t there at least one drug running idiot on whom a college education would have been a complete waste?  I think it’s all BS.  It’s worse today than ever.  Go back to the politically correct parts of this page.  Where are most of the “free speech” Nazis located?  In the schools that’s where.

You can bet if the government is involved, this year’s privilege is next year’s inalienable constitutional right.  Not only will it become a right it will become a right that must be paid for by the recipient’s neighbors.  Besides, while you’re on mom and dad’s health insurance and because there aren’t any jobs anyway, why not get a degree in transgendered 6th century sub-Saharan sand art taught by some belligerent know-nothing professor hired by the university because he, she, it provided top cover from the federal diversity police responsible issuing tax payer funded grants for the study of such things?  That is a beautiful sentence…or two, maybe three.

Taxes:  Tax day was yesterday.  An encounter with the IRS is the closest most of will come to a Cliven Bundy type interaction with the federal government.  The IRS cannot be trusted.  If some auditor wearing his, hers, its King SFB t-shirt gets you return and after googling your name or running it against the NSA data base stumbles upon your highly entertaining and popular blog spot, you could be in serious doo-doo.  Seriously, that’s all it takes to start the wheels in motion under this petty vindictive SFB dictator to ruin your life.  That’s why talking a about getting a Pit Bull dog and a sporting rifle is only half a joke in SFB’s America.

Nanny Bloomberg:  The nation’s self appointed nanny, Michael Bloomberg, announced he’s dumping 50 million dollar into a gun safety program.  Don’t expect safe shooting instructions in America’s schools.  The “safety” program is about enhancing “background checks” to disqualify as many buyers as possible.  As always with libs, the program will be targeted toward the new feminist which is a helpless woman too stupid to buy, store or shoot a gun let alone buy her own birth control.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

We'll all be vegetarian Pit Bull owners

Warm-mongering news
Global warming is alive and well.  The concern here in the heartland is that late frosts, an inch of snow and night time low of 21 yesterday here on the compound, will keep farmers out their fields until late May.  Only 3% of the corn crop is in so far.  The late start may affect harvest if the growing season is shortened even more by an early fall.  Which gives rise to the question: Would it be easier for man to survive slightly warmer and longer growing seasons or shorter ones?  The answer to anyone who put grass down in the fall last year only to have a weeks worth of 20 degree days ruin their effort knows the answer.

I think all of this is what the Caligula D.C. swells want.  Beef prices are already through the roof due to draught, mismanagement of BLM lands, water being diverted to save a smelt rather than grow crops in CA and the federal the government’s insistence that we burn our food for ethanol.  Pork prices are next due to some unknown virus killing off hundreds of thousands of pigs.  If the government targets chickens next, you’ll know for sure Queen Fatazz Mooochele is behind the effort.  We’ll all become vegetarians out of necessity.  There won’t be any meat.

A new necessity for the Compound
The Bundy ranch stand off got me to thinking.  We need a “working dog” here on the compound.  When Americans gathered at the Bundy ranch BLM’s response was to literally sic the dogs on them.  BLM invested in German Sheppard dogs.  A noble and smart breed.

I’m thinking I’ll invest in a Pit Bull.  Then when Mr. Macho BLM man wearing $2,000 worth of tactical gear, M4 lashed across his chest doing his best impersonation of a real man fighting a real war shows up on the compound with his dog, I’ll show up in shorts, flip flops and a tank top with Mils my 3 year old pit bull on a leash.  George the family dog will be his usual self chasing squirrels and peeing on everything he can lift a leg to, but Mils will be all business.

Then I’ll ask Mr. BLM, “You like your dog?  If you do, you’d better be moving on.”

That of course is all bluster and BS.  The closest I’ve ever come to that scenario is chasing not one but two greasy census bureau workers off the compound.  That’s not exactly the thing movies and heroes are made of, but hell yeah, I tell the story as if I were John Wayne reins in mouth a six shooter in either hand galloping on ol’ Ty across an open field single handedly taking on the Ned Pepper gang.

The fact of the matter is that when the full weight of the federal government comes down on us, 99.99% of us cave.  It’s the smart thing to do, and the government counts on that response. That’s why the Bundy ranch thing is encouraging to a lot of Americans.  It gives us hope and maybe just maybe we too will be able to stand up to the next federal intrusion into our lives.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cowboy militia routs BLM

The Bundy ranch stand off is over…for now.  Bundy has a long argument about why he refuses to pay the federal government for grazing rights so he isn’t paying anyone.  It seems to me he ought to be paying someone something for grazing his cattle on land that does not belong to him.  Basically, he’s stealing grazing rights.

That said, the Bureau of Land Management and the 200 thugs they sent to seize Bundy’s cattle while pointing high powered rifles at any American citizen who came within rage are a bunch of brain dead dopes and yes cowards.  Please do not give me the, “They were just defending themselves” defense.  BS!  Double BS!  You don’t show up at someone’s house with 200 strong armed to the teeth in tactical gear with helicopters, dogs, tazers, snipers, surveillance equipment, communications equipment and a motor pool’s worth of vehicles and claim “defense” against a family rancher.  You cannot create a crisis and then claim your reactions were in response to the crisis you created.  That’s a kin to, “I had to shoot the police officer.  He drew his gun on me.”  “Azzhole!  YOU WERE ROBBING A BANK!”  “Yeah, well he drew his gun.  It was self defense.”

Besides, unless the rancher is John Wayne, Rambo, Tony Stark or Clint Eastwood the overwhelming show of force is provocative.  The BLM was looking for confrontation and they were confronted.  When Americans showed up in force with their own high powered rifles the steroid fed federal BLM agents with macho beards and moustaches turned tail and ran away.  Chalk one up for the cowboy militia.  Chalk one up for the second amendment.

Americans across the country stood with the Bundy’s.  Not because the Bundy’s refused to follow what were probably lawful orders of the BLM but rather because the BLM is emblematic of a run away federal government.  The BLM who is ordered to let illegal aliens run amok on federal lands along our southern border draw down on American citizens over a couple hundred head of cattle.  That Mr. and Mrs. America is total BS.  I wonder if even one of the BLM agents called BS and holstered their weapon.

Harry the roach Reid weighed in on the stand off yesterday:
"Well, it's not over. We can't have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it's not over."

We can have non-American people that violate the laws and then just walk away from it and reward the lawbreakers with citizenship though, right roach?  Amazing.  No one sees the hypocrisy.  No one in the lapdog media asks, “So, roach, does that statement include illegal aliens?  Oh, and how’s Rory?  Is he ever going to recover from your repeated molestations?  Or are you going to have to continue to pay off your worthless spawn with hush money from the US treasury until one of you dies?” NOTE:  This has to be true.  I read it on the Internet right after the roach accused Romney of not paying his taxes.  The roach needs to respond.

Conspiracy theory XX-14
The entire Bundy deal is a further effort by Queen SFB Moochele to wean Americans off beef by driving the cost up to the point only the ruling class swells in Caligula D.C. can afford it.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Can America survive Political Correctness?

I read this piece by actor Robert Davi and one line reached out a grabbed me, “…class and racial warfare and a dangerous political correctness that causes more chaos, creating paranoia and fear.”  I really, really do not understand King SFB obsession over how much money someone makes compared to someone else.  Unless they received an unfair advantage by being a King SFB donor or one of Harry the roach Reid’s useless no talent offspring, who really has time to envy what their neighbors, siblings and friends have managed to achieve?  Within a five minute horse ride of the compound are three very accomplished doctors whose compounds are more expansive than my own.

I don’t get angry at them when I see what they have earned.  I think hmm, if I ever break anything I can have Dr. XXX.  He’ll read my x-ray.  Then  I’ll call Dr. XXXX, and he’ll fix the break.  Then if I need a pain specialist, I can call Dr. XXXX and help manage my pain.

I see those compounds and think, thank goodness that there are people who are bright enough and disciplined enough to endure 12+ years of higher education.  I couldn’t do it.  I am not nearly smart enough.  I do not have the discipline to forego a normal life for 12 years.  I do not know of a single person who would say, “If I was ever sick, I hope I have a guy like you performing the surgery.”  You don’t want a guy like me performing your surgery.  They would have BSed their way through med school taking 20 years to get a 12 year degree.   My motto is, “Not perfect, but better than it was.”  And empathy?  I can’t even fake it.  When someone looks like crap my first reaction is, “Man, you look like crap.”

For King SFB those guys who have dedicated their lives to healing are not good people. They are gold digging bastards driving up the cost of healthcare.  If SFB gets his way guess what?  You’ll have guys like Lex ripping out your kid’s tonsils. At least it’ll be at a cut rate.  That will make everyone – but the patient - feel better, right?

As far as race goes, we have Henry Aaron calling anyone who points out King SFB can’t throw a baseball a raaaaaaaaacist.  Anyone aggravated by an Attorney General who announces publicly that he will not pursue cases against “his people” is a raaaacist.  Anyone who dares not to vote for the black girl who sings really loud on American Idol is a raaaaaaaaaaacist.  Anyone who thinks the “knock game” is a racist hate crime, is themselves a raaaaaaacist.  Anyne who thinks Travon martin was a punk and thug – not that he deserved to be shot – but that his history was that of a punk and a thug is a raaaaacist. 

The truth is that incompetents calling anyone pointing out their incompetence raaaacists as a means to cover up their incompetence are the real racists.  Follow that?

We can probably survive the class and racial BS stirred up by neo-liberals as a means to distract from the mess they’ve made of the country.  We’ve had to put up that BS since the founding.  What we cannot survive is what Mr. Davi refers to as the “dangerous political correctness that causes more chaos, creating paranoia and fear.”

Need proof.  Brendan Eich:  How can a country survive when the best and brightest are fired from a company they founded for donating to a cause the people who fired him supported two years earlier?  Seems you must have a crystal ball to predict which way the Politically Correct rat will turn in our new social maze.  Often the rat will backtrack.  Then what?  Ask Brendan Eich.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali:  Had her Honorary Degree from Brandeis revoked because neo-liberal academics thought her stance on Islamic genital mutilation, slavery, forced marriage of children under 15 years old ect. were a bit extreme.  Not the practices of genital mutilation, slavery and forced marriage of children under 15 years old mind you, the fact that Ms. Ali is shining a light on these practices is extreme.  It is not PC to show radical Islam for what it is.  Better to contrive a lie about Christianity than tell the truth about radical Islam.

Hobby Lobby:  A company offers a range of birth control and healthcare options to women.  That’s not enough for the Sandy Flukes’ of the world.  Hobby Lobby must bow down at the altar of political correctness and also pay for abortifacients and abortion itself.   Religious convictions be damned.  It is not Hobby Lobby’s convictions that matter.  It’s the politically correct convictions of helpless women who can’t come up with or don’t think they should have to come up the cost of birth control.

Any climate change denier:  Better to be a child pornographer than a skeptic of the “settled science” - an oxymoron if ever there was one – of climate change.  The PC warm-mongers are getting worried as nothing is adding up for them. Unable to make their case with phony studies they are now demanding prison sentences for anyone who dare challenge their straw man arguments.

Any conservative speaker on campus:  These bastions of left wing PC tolerance and acceptance cannot stand a speaker who is Christian, practicing Jew, pro life, climate change skeptic, Republican, conservative, second amendment advocate, pro American, capitalist, advocate for traditional marriage etc., etc.  These speakers are shouted down, refused entry on campus for safety reasons or physically assaulted by the tolerant left.

Late night TV:  The PC is in an uproar because the late night slots are all filled with white men.  The dopes cannot see that they are all like-minded white men.  How about giving a slot to Ann Coulter?  Never happen.  If they get a woman or person of color you can bet that the person chosen will march in lock step with the PC crowd.   

It’d be easy to fill a book with examples of the tolerant PC left being intolerant.   The Koch brothers offer several chapters.  Little Sisters of the Poor offer a case study.  American activities such as hunting, fishing, shooting, ranching, farming, oil exploration and on and on offer examples where the nation is being paralyzed by loud obnoxious minority.  So the rest of quietly tip toe around these whiners hoping not set off wild rant where you are called a bigot, raaaaaaaaacists, homophobe, anti-woman, gun toting, flat Earth climate denier.  

Friday, April 11, 2014

Fri round up

Vance McAllister
A LA, Republi-Rat, Vance McAllister, got caught kissing a woman, not his wife, on video.  The “family values” Rat is now in big trouble, but not necessarily with his wife.  We haven’t heard from her.  He’s in trouble with Dopes and Republicans calling for him to step down.  I don’t know if McAllister needs to go or not.  I suppose that’s up to him and his wife. I do know the best line yet on this subject has come from Greg Gutfeld on FNC’s The Five.  After admitted drunk, drug addict, sex addict (but only with ugly women) and political loser Bob Beckel condemned McAllister, he threw it over to Greg Gutfeld who kind of matter of factly asked Bob, “What does Hillary think he ought to do?  I’m waiting to hear to hear from Hillary on this.”  Beckel responded with – silence.

The Bundy Ranch
A bunch Bureau of Land Management thugs armed with firearms, tazers and dogs confronted a group of protesters yesterday (Check out the video).  The protesters got their way.  What amazes me is the absolute arrogance of the BLM officers.  Not one of them has the presence of mind to explain what it is they are doing.  Put the dogs up.  Explain what is being done and why.

The only answer for why that did not happen is because this particular group of steroid raged officers were out specifically looking for trouble.  Another indication that this particular mission was not sanctioned by anyone with a brain is that the weasels turn tail and run away without so much as an arrest or even issuing a warning.

I believe Lex predicted such confrontations.  This one is complete with local militias confronting federal authorities, cowboy stealing back the cattle that the BLM stole and a federal officer claiming he didn’t want to be there, but alas it’s his job.  I think Lex saw this coming.

Jack the barber.  The rest of the story.
Several posts under I mention Jack the barber who ran a shop outside the front gate at Ft. Leavenworth, KS.  I got to know Jack – as much as you can get to know anyone during a 15 minute haircut every other week over 9-10 months - while attending Army Command and Staff College on post.

One Fri I stopped in just before closing.  Jack told me had just gotten off the phone with his wife.  Jack had asked “What’s for dinner?”  According to Jack she replied, “Whatever you want, because you’re taking me out for dinner tonight.”  He must have liked that story because I heard it again several times before leaving KS.

Jack had a wounded right hand and arm up to elbow.  His right forearm was about half the size of the left.  During a cut one day I asked him what happened.  He told me he got caught in a Chinese mortar attack one night and took a bit of shrapnel.  That’s were the story got good.

He told me in the morning they evacuated him to the rear.  Then the rear evacuated him all the way to Tokyo for surgery.  After the surgery he had weeks of rehab.  Well one night he and bunch of other staff sergeants decided they were taking “whether leave” – they were taking leave whether the old man said they could have it or not.  They were going to go AWOL.  So that night they sneak out of the hospital and proceed to get rip roaring drunk.  So much so someone called the MPs to come get them.  The MPs haul them back to the hospital and they are charged with being AWOL.

The very next day they are all hauled up to the Colonels office.  As Jack put it, “That’s back in the day when the old man was everything, defense attorney, prosecutor, judge and jury.  So, we’re all in there standing at attention and the old man asks, ‘What do you sons of bitches have to say for yourselves?’  One of the guys starts to say, ‘Well sir..’ and the colonel shouts, ‘Shut up!  There’s no defense for being AWOL.  You are either where you are supposed to be or you aren’t.  You sons of bitches were not where you were supposed to be last night.  Get out of here.  Wait outside until I call you back in.’  So we all left and sat outside the old man’s office talking about getting shipped home as privates.  After about five minutes the old man calls us back in.  We’re all lined up at attention and the colonel says, ‘OK you sons of bitches, it’s your lucky day.  They need Staff Sergeants in Korea.  They need privates back home.  The choice is yours.’”

“Holy shit Jack, what did you do?” I asked.  He chuckled and said, “Oh hell I went back to Korea.  That was before I was married.  I didn’t give a shit.”  It was only after the war that the Army decided that they didn’t need a wounded guy like Jack and he was medically retired, I believe still a staff sergeant. 

It was always a delight to show up at is shop and ask him about some photo on the wall or listen to him hold forth on the issues of the day in a rather unvarnished fashion.