Friday, January 31, 2014

A third party idea after the Rats commit suicide on immigration

Chain smoking crybaby John Boehner has decided to throw in with the Demo-Dopes on immigration.  Is anyone really surprised about that?  Here’s a word of advice to Mr. Boehner:  Whatever you think you are passing, our lying BS artist of a king will interpret it as a license to do whatever he wants to with regard immigration.  Using Robertscare as a model, immigration security requirements will be delayed, English requirements will be waived and fines will be ignored.  In a word the king is: untrustworthy.

Here’s the problem Mr. & Mrs. America.  John Boehner and other Republi-Rat swells already know this.  They don’t care.  The big difference between Boehner, his entrenched Republi-Rat buds and corrupt lying sacks-O-crap Demo-Dopes is the amount of crap that can be forced into the sack.  They are birds of a feather.  Blubbering wine sucking wimp Boehner and his buds want to get something done on immigration, not because they believe it’s the right thing to do, but rather to please the growing Hispanic community.

How did that work out for Republicans with their votes on civil rights?  Republicans supported civil rights legislation in a greater percentage than Demo-Dopes.  Today blacks vote democrat by a 96% to 4% margin.  The civil rights movement at least had the advantage of being the right thing to do.   What Rats are engaging in with regard to immigration right now is straight up pandering.  It will not work for the Rats or the country.

I’m not yet a fan of a third party.  But what the sobbing slobbering wino Boehner and his dumbass buds are doing will destroy the Republican Party.  So, a third party will have to spring up out of necessity.  What I’d like to see is the Two Term Party (T2P).  Ideology would be less important than the fact that no one in the T2P could serve more than two consecutive terms in Caligula D.C.

I think removing the necessity to constantly be raising money for reelection and worrying about doing what is right for the Chamber of Commerce at the expense of the country, would free our representatives up to tell the CoC and Harry the roach Reid to go eff themselves in just about those exact terms.  Pols wouldn’t worry about the lapdog media, their Republi-Rat “friends” or late night TV mocking them because they would have no intention of staying in Caligula D.C. They would do what is right and then go home to a real job.

Super Bowl
Enough of this stuff that just pees us all off.  It’s Super Bowl weekend.  We will be having, “kitchen sink” bloody Mary’s, handcrafted beer, venison sliders, cheesy balsamic parmesan dip, buffalo fries and venison steak and ale pie on our menu.  Oh, there’s a football game?  It’s a pick ‘em game, so I’ll pick Denver 27-24.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

King breaks Army takes nation off war footing

I saw where King Dolt said, “America must move off a permanent war footing.”  As Lee Corso might say, “not so fast my friend.”  Does that mean the war is over?  Seems to me, you move off your footing when the war is over.  Sadly, the enemy gets a vote on when that event occurs.  As long as the terrorist say they are at war with us, shouldn’t we take them seriously?

The day after King Airhead’s stupid remark, the king’s Director of National Security and admitted liar Jimmy the fib Clapper told congress that al Qaida elements in Syria are training cells to return to their home country to carry out terror attacks.  We assume Clapper wasn’t lying…again.  He went on to say that, “more established groups like Yemen's al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula are still more capable of carrying out attacks against the U.S.  If he wasn’t lying again, that sort of flies in the face of King SFB plea to take us off our “war footing.”

But screw Clapper.  He’s a liar and everyone knows it.  A less famous liar Dianne Feinstein warned that Syria could become "a launching point or way station for terrorists seeking to attack the United States or other nations."  On second thought Feinstein probably isn’t a liar per se.  She’s probably no more than a delusional idiot.  After all, she claimed with a straight face that the Senate report on Benghazi wasn’t an indictment on the incompetency of former SecState Shrilldabeast Clinton.  OK if it wasn’t, why the hell wasn’t it?

But here we go again.  The war is over.  There will be peace in our time. Islamo-Terror-Fascists are our friends, except when they are blowing us up in pizza parlors, airliners, and on marathon routes.  These are perfectly reasonable people when they aren’t hacking someone’s head off.  And like leftist loons, the ITF are a tolerant bunch as long as you agree to everything they say.

ASIDE:  This experiment just popped into my head.  The next time you defend traditional marriage and are called a “homophobe” for it, say to your accuser, “Oh, I’m sorry.  I didn’t know you were a homosexual.”  Watch the reaction.  The oh so tolerant accuser will probably deny it in every manner possible.  Then you can ask, “OK you’re not.  Why all the fuss?  It’s not as if I called you a racist, right?  You aren’t a racist, are you?”

Anyhoo, where was I?  Oh yeah war footing.  I would contend that King Incompetent, by his neglect of our military, has unilaterally taken us off our war footing.  Real Gen Bob Scales reported that 85% of Army units are not combat ready.  So if 85% of the nation’s primary war fighting force is incapable of doing so, I’d say we’ve pretty much lost our war footing.  I have not noticed the line in his STOU address where the king noted to the American people that their Army is broken.  Seems to me the state of readiness of the nation’s Army is a pretty important component of the State of the Union, but not as important as a $10 min wage or 10,000 weeks of unemployment payments.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

State of the King SFB reign

I didn’t watch King Pretender lie his lying azz off for an hour last night.  I did catch some the reaction to King Pantload’s remarks though.  What struck me as I surfed around were the number of people who thought the speech was the State of King Quack’s Reign.  These pundits traded SOKQR for SOTU if you will.  Did the king do enough tonight to repair his tattered reputation from lying his scrawny azz off for the last 5 years – was the meme for many.  The answer seemed to be a universal, no.

But really, who gives a crap?  Everyone who does not have their head firmly planted up their butt knows that King Fraud treats the truth like a piece of .20 gage wire that is there solely for the purpose of the king to bend in any manner he chooses to fit his narrative.   This idea of a malleable truth goes all the way back to the 2009 stimulus that was supposed get unemployment below 6% in a year with “shovel ready” jobs.  When nothing of note was produced from a barrowed trillion dollar effort, King Douche shrugged and claimed the “Bush economy” was worse than he knew.

Then there’s the king’s unilateral effort to “give America a raise.”  This idea is troubling on a couple of levels.  First, the government doesn’t “give America a raise.”  Employers give their employees raises based on the effort of the employee and the health of the company.  Government should have no seat at the table negotiating the wages of employees.

But King Clueless took it upon himself to give a 40% raise to contracted government employees.  If I recall my freshman economics class during one of my five-and-half years at THE Ohio State University, there was this guy Adam Smith who claimed that money in and of itself was worthless paper.  If it had real value the government could just print it up, hand it out and we’d all be rich.  What the money represents is a good or service that some one has sold.

What King SFBs has decided is that the least skilled among us are now worth $10 an hour.  The king has decreed such weather or not the employee can provide a service that brings a $10 an hour or greater benefit to the employer.  When the employer has to pay the employees more for their services than those services provide in return, the company goes broke unless the employer lays off some of his employees, or charges more for his goods and services.  As the cost of goods and services increase to keep pace with government’s interference, the $10 an hour wage is eroded to true market value.

If it didn’t work that way we could hire a teenager to do a lousy job cutting our grass and pay him $35 an hour for his half-hearted effort and everything would be fine.  We’d all be driving Corvettes and living like the swells over in Twin Eagles.  But it does not work that way.  When such schemes are attempted instead of raising the standard of living, the standard is in fact lowered.  It’s easier to lower the standard for everyone than it is to raise everyone to higher standard.

Instead of driving Corvettes and living in Twin Eagles under such schemes it is about 10,000 times more likely that the scheme will reduce us all to living in 400 sq ft apartments and taking broken down public transportation to the beet farm where we’d still be 60% short of meeting the government’s five year goal for beet production.  But hey, we’re all making the government’s minimum wage, so everything is fine…right?

Then there’s King Turdmerchant’s claim that “climate change is a fact.” Uh, yeah, no one disputes that.  The climate has been changing on Earth since the planet first started to cool.  The questions are:  Is man responsible for the change?  Is the change necessarily a bad thing?  Can US government policy unilaterally correct the natural or man-made climate change?

Here’s your Three Stooges unintended consequence event of the day courtesy of the Griffin.  In an effort to get their corn crops to market, farmers used an inordinate amount of propane fuel to dry the corn so it could be turned into ethanol.  So there’s oddity #1, using a fossil fuel to dry a crop so it can be turned into an eco-friendly fossil fuel.  It is so stupid on the face of it, that it could ONLY happen with substantial government subsidy and interference.  Why not just run the cars on propane?  Oddity #2 the crop drying has created a propane shortage in one of the coldest winters on record.  King Dope said CLIMATE CHANGE not WARMING!  So now we have people freezing and their pipes busting during a period of global warming because the government insists on subsidizing the burning of our food for fuel.  Meanwhile, as we dry and burn corn, the cost of propane, meat and cereal continue to rise through the roof.  Mark Steyn said that America is one of the dumbest societies in history for burning its food.  For those with empty propane tanks with temps below zero Styen is right.

Meanwhile in Caligula D.C. Larry, Curly and Moe insist that everything is fine because, after all, we’re reducing our carbon footprint and everyone's making $10 an hour.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Liar takes to airwaves tonight to lie his skinny azz off

A well known celebrity liar will take to airwaves tonight for an hour.  What do you call it when a well know celebrity takes to the airwaves for an hour and lies to you to sell you a worthless piece of crap?  An infomercial!  Wrong!  Well ok, you get partial credit.  In America it could be an infomercial, but in Jan it’s as likely to be King Crapweasel – America’s own Billy Maze reincarnate - doing his annual BS marathon our Constitution calls the State of the Union.  That being the case, tonight might be a good night to go to the movies or catch up on I Luv Lucy reruns on channel 257.

If you’re an oldster playing King SFB SOTU BINGO tonight, look for a card with words “opportunity”, “inequality” “I”, “me” and “fair” in a row.  You’ll take the pot early and can still catch the last half of the Golden Girls on channel 259.   If you’re a millennial playing a STOU drinking game, avoid those words or you’ll be drunk about 10 minutes in and end up with a blistering headache when you show up for your part time job at the Gap that your unpaid college degree in 13th century Bolivian banjo music didn’t prepare you for.

Inequality, what does that mean?  I was told by my high school football coach that I couldn’t be an offensive end because in his world of coaching winning football teams, I lacked the “foot speed.”  What the hell difference does that make?  They should just allow me a head start on the pattern.  That would give me an equal chance.

When basketball season rolled around inequality raised its ugly head again.  I was riding the pines in favor of a guy who was 4 inches taller than I was, could shoot just a bit better and had “foot speed.”  That’s BS.

I coasted through high school and college and as a result was solidly in the middle of my class.  I don’t think it’s fair that people should have gotten better grades than me just because they applied themselves and studied harder.  That’s bourgeoisie BS.  If I had applied myself, I could have easily been in the upper middle of my class.

Once I tried drawing.  That activity took too much practice and discipline.  But for the life of me I don’t know why Thomas Kinkaid’s work should sell for far more than something I scratched out.  Where’s the equality in that.  I worked hard.  OK not that hard really, but I probably worked harder than Kinkaid did after he hit his stride and painting and drawing came easy to him.  So, why should he make more money for his stuff?  For him it was easy.  I struggled like hell.  I struggled so much I quit.  Kinkaid’s talent and white male privilege shouldn’t necessarily catapult him ahead of me.  There’s no equality in that.

Equality, Mr. & Mrs. America is leftist BS code for socialism and communism.  Leftists promise equal outcomes for all “workers.”  Workers will toil in the same dead end jobs to live in the same crappy apartments, ride the same unreliable public transportation and receive the same ration of gruel.  In order to secure this “equality,” all the “workers” need to do is surrender their individuality, creativity, their spirit to live free and turn their dreams over to the state.

Sport is the perfect example of why these leftist Utopian dreams of “equality” fail.  How many little kids started out in little league football at the same time as the players in Sunday’s Super Bowl?  Millions upon millions I suppose.  Only the players and coaches of those two teams possessed the skill, commitment, savvy, strength, speed, derring-do and luck over many years to make it to the Super Bowl this year.  Some players worked much harder but lacked the “foot speed,” strength, size, hand eye coordination to make it to the big game.  That’s the type inequality we each face every minute of everyday of our lives.  It's natural law and no government program or man made law can change it.

I marvel at and respect the intellect of my three neighbors who happen to be medical doctors – and specialists at that.  But I also marvel at and respect my neighbor who is a high school grad who can fix anything with moving parts.  At one time he sold cars, tuxedos, and clothes.  He’s an accomplished mason, fixes Harleys on the side, fixes, trades and sells jet skis in the summer and snowmobiles in the winter and has a thriving DJ business.  It is unusual when there isn’t something unusual going on at his house.  On the weekends, Mrs. Lex and I have a running bet on how many diesel trucks will be packed into his driveway at one time.  But I wouldn’t go to him if I was sick.  Nor would I call on one of the doctors if my chainsaw wouldn’t start.

There is great inequality in the God given talents and skill sets of my neighbors.  I’m glad that, in the name of “equality,” they were not all forced into farming in order to reach the state's five year plan for beet production.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Chuck you Schumer: Racist dolt

Racist douche bag Chucky Chuckles Schumer said that the Tea Party opposed amnesty for ILEGAL aliens because doing so would make America “less white.”  The corollary to that, I suppose, would be that Scummer supports amnesty for ILEGAL aliens because it would bring more people like him - ignorant and with little or no skill - into the country.

Let’s be clear what we’re talking about here.  We aren’t talking about creating amnesty for doctors, engineers and other highly skilled, highly educated people.  The Chamber of Commerce put it best when it says, “America needs the workers.”

Who the hell in America advertizes for “workers?”  When is the last time you saw a sign “Workers wanted?”  That’s a commie word.  In America we hire help, employees, associates and our lay about brother-in-law.

But “workers” is what this ILEGAL alien battle is all about.  Low skill uneducated predominately Latino laborers to pick lettuce, cook in restaurants, paint and roof houses – workers.  Any list that includes the word “work” is a starter list of things people like Chuck Scummer can’t and won’t do.  So these crap weasels think it’s time to scrap our laws so that the swells in Caligula D.C. don’t have to pay a fair price for meal out. Just as in all the commie countries, the “workers” are exploited for the political swells and their chums who make it possible for the swells to line their pockets and live in luxury on the cheap.

I’m all for immigration reform.  But what is being proposed is not fair.  It favors felons who happen to share our southern border.  It isn’t wise.  Whatever Caligula D.C. pols rush through under the euphemism of “immigration reform” will have more unintended consequences than the Three Stooges moving a piano.  It isn’t what is best for the country.  An open immigration policy that, at a minimum, puts highly skilled and highly educated immigrants world-wide on an equal footing with our law breaking neighbors would be a start.

What the Dope solution is, is easy.  Wave a wand and millions of felons – a core Dope voting block – become legal.  What it is, is best for the Demo-Dope party.  This after all, Dopes are the party that specializes in 2,700 page bills that no one reads.  The Dopes pass these bills in the dark of the night.  Then they sit back and watch unelected bureaucrats enact the gobbledygook with reams and reams of regulation that carries the weight of the law but has not one elected politicians finger prints on it.  Nice scheme.

And let me ask this.  If the need is “workers”, and America has lost an estimated 56 million potential “workers” to abortion, are the Chamber of Commerce and Demo-Dope party going to come out as pro-life?  Riiiiiiiiiiight.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Just before the shooting starts, the ruling class uses the law to control the surfs

In his book Ameritopia, Mark Levin describes how the “masterminds” - referred to on this page as the ruling class - control us surfs.  One of the ruling classes predominate tools is the “law.”  Right now, King Classless and the other Caligula D.C. swells don’t have to send their army of armed bureaucrats into our neighborhood to shoot us.  They can use “the law."

Look what they are doing with the IRS - harassing, denying status and auditing American citizens for nothing more than exercising their constitutional right to organize.  The EPA is a thug agency to anyone wanting to develop America’s resources or their own land.  TSA is possibly the most intrusive government agency with regard to the privacy of your own body since the Allies caught up with Dr. Josef Mengele.  OK that’s way over the top, but that’s what came into my mind so that’s what you get.  Janet Incompetano trained the DHS to stalk American Vets thinking they are a bigger threat to the swells in D.C. than Muslim terrorists.  The NSA sweeps up every bit of electronic communication in America and stores it for future use.  All of this is done under the color of law.  These unelected agencies lay over 80,000 new regulations on the American people every year.

Scooter Libby was railroaded by a lying dishonorable prosecutor, turd scarfing Richard the dick Armatige and his disgraced boss Colin Powell.  A video maker was jailed for over a year because Shrilldabeast needed a fall guy to cover her extra wide incompetent azz.  Police demand citizens “shelter in place” while the cops conduct warrantless searches of their property.  Caligula D.C. cops shot and killed an unarmed woman with a child in her car and were hailed as heroes.  Shoot to death an unarmed woman and you’re a hero?  Mind boggling.  Cops stop people for open carry where open carry is legal.  Cops look more and more like our military in black tactical get ups with armored cars, automatic weapons, and all the other trappings of a Marine platoon on the assault in Fallujah.  Protct and serve my a$$.

This morning we learn that Dinesh D’Souza is under investigation in NY for a poultry $20,000 campaign contribution to his college pal running for the US Senate.  Billy Boy Billbo Clinton raked in hundreds of millions from the ChiComs, but his D.C. buddy John Glenn ran out the clock on Fred Thompson’s committee investigating the matter.  As a reward John Glenn took the spot of a more qualified astronaut on a subsequent space shuttle mission.  King Blockhead failed to require security code verification on credit card donations to his two presidential campaigns, so we do not know to this day who was giving that crap weasel money.

D’Souza isn’t alone.  Kill the babies, anti 2nd amendment advocate and pro Sodom and Gomorrah NY Gov Andy Cumo is rounding up James O’Keefe and Project VERITAS for shining the bright light of truth on the “masterminds” and their corruption.  It would seem Gov Cumo is acting on his opinion that there is no place in NY for Pro life
ASIDE: That still sounds weird to me.  Who alive isn’t pro life?  I notice that everyone who is pro abortion have themselves been brought to term.

Pro assault weapon
ASIDE: Whatever that means and we are certain the Gov doesn’t know what it means.

and Anti gay. 
ASIDE:  Again whatever that means.  I guess if you’re anti Christian as in condemning people for protecting life that’s OK but some ambiguous all-encompassing “anti-gay” indictment is spot on to this crowd.

Not only does the Gov believe his own crap, he is acting on it under the color of law. 

Seriously, can a shooting revolution be far behind.  What will the “masterminds” do when one guy says, “Hell no you cannot come into my home without a warrant, and not only that you cannot confine me to it.”  I believe they will shoot him and be hailed as heroes for doing it.  We have the proof with the woman in D.C.

The king’s imaginary son is back

Yes this is certainly the seed that spawns great athletes
King Clumsy told the New Yorker magazine that he “would not let [his] son play pro football."  Wow.  We’ve seen the king throw a baseball, ride a bike, bowl a blistering 37, ride the pines on his high school basketball team, miss 8 free throws in a row and golf.  If genes mean anything, does King Dolt truly believe the one determining factor in his make believe son’s pro football career would be King Douche’s permission?  And besides, how old would his make believe son be when he was eligible for the NFL, 20?  So King Blockhead would forbid his grown make believe son permission top play in the NFL.  No doubt he would forbid him to join the Marine Corp, uh excuse me, make that the Marine Corpse, work in construction, drive a cab, play in a band etc.  In short, he’d want his make believe son to be just like his lazy azz dad and NEVER work a day in his life.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lex what do you think about the Richard Sherman controversy? The world wonders.

Not much.  I read somewhere in a military book on leadership that nearly everyone who is at the top of their game in whatever field has a huge ego and that’s a good thing.  Who wants to follow a general into battle that is unsure of himself?  I have ever since transferred that notion to nearly everything else.  Pro football is comprised nearly 100% of type AAA personalities.  Sure you’d like to see people be humble in victory gracious in defeat, but that’s not how these guys are set up.

I will tell you this though, since 2009 the NFL has taken on a concerted effort to attract women to the sport.  That’s why NFL players and coaches dawn that down right annoying pink gear in Oct. in support of breast cancer.  There are many more severe and wide spread forms of cancer that the NFL apparently doesn’t give a $h!t about. Richard Sherman set the NFL’s out reach to women back 10 years and painting the entirety of every field in the NFL pink won’t fix it.

When Sherman came on after the game Mrs. Lex, a Seahawks fan, said, “Oh, brother.  Why do they have to do that?  Why can’t they just be happy they won?  Why do they always have to act like idiots?”

What’s more interesting than Sherman’s post game out burst is all the reaction to it.  Sherman has said people who call him a “thug” in reaction to his tantrum are racist and that the word “thug” is another way to call to someone the n-word.  Uh, no.  It isn’t.  Several posts under Lex referred to Chris Christie’s administration as “thuggish” for closing lanes on the GWB.  My intent wasn’t to secretly refer to Christie as the N-word but as a thug.  So I looked to see what Mr. Webster had to say on the matter:
noun \ˈthəg\
: a violent criminal
:  a brutal ruffian or assassin :  gangster , tough

Nope.  Substitute for the N-word isn’t there.  But Webster, being a white guy, may just be hiding the white man’s super secret language.  After all we can’t have everyone with a white man’s racist decoder ring.  Lib loons and the PMSNBC creeps have already broken the code on niggardly, Chicago, apartment, food stamps, golf, angry, Constitution, affirmative action, experienced, Obamacare, etc.etc.etc. all of which have been termed racist when applied to King Dopes-A-Lot or Queen Wideload.  Whenever something comes up that places King Pantload in a bad light, that something is dismissed as racist.

Well if works for King SFB, why shouldn’t it work for Richard Sherman?  I don’t know Richard Sherman.  I understand he’s a highly educated Stanford grad.  That being the case, I doubt that he’s thug in the way either he or Mr. Webster understands the word.  But the trash talking Sherman doesn’t like being called one.  So, like King Excrementsmear, Sherman calls it racist to make the taunting stop.  Well if I learned one thing from the locker room it’s that if something really bothers you, don’t let on or that particular brand of harassment will be continuous.  And isn’t it rich that the trash talker can dish it out but can’t take it.

NFL extra point
The NFL is considering doing away with the point after touchdown.  According to the NFL swells the PAT is too automatic, only 5 misses in over 1,200 tries.  Rather than doing away with it why not make it a bit more challenging?  Give 7 points for a TD.  Allow an optional kick where the line of scrimmage is the 40 (total 47 yard kick) and the defense gets to pick the hash mark for 1 point.  However if the kick is missed, 1 point comes off the scoreboard.  Continue to allow a 2 point attempt from the 2 yard line.

NFL field goals
And while we’re on it, is anyone else sick of soccer players kicking 3,4 or 5 field goals in a game from as far away as 60+ yards?  I think the structure of the field goal needs to be changed as well.  The closer a team moves the ball to goal line the more a field goal is worth.  It’s a bit counter intuitive, but think about it.  The team should get more points for a closer field goal that comes after driving the ball inside the 20 yard line than for one where the defense held them outside the 35 yard line.  So here’s my proposal when the line of scrimmage is outside the 35 yard line a field goal counts for 1 point.  35-20 it counts for 2 points.  Only after a team enters the “red zone” does the field goal count for 3 points.

OK that’s two major problems in NFL that I’ve solved this morning.  I’m done doing this stuff for free.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Roe V Wade 40 years old today

Lyin’ Wendy Davis
Democratic TX State Senator Wendy Davis is a liar, but you already knew that because the first in the sentence is “Democratic.”  You remember Davis?  She earned her chops in the Demo-Dope party by advocating for abortion through the 20th week of a pregnancy during an 11 hour filibuster of the TX state senate.  Hmm that’s weird; Davis a hero for an 11 hour pointless filibuster against the will of the people of TX;  Ted Cruz a villain for a 21 hour filibuster in the US Senate that expresses the will of a majority of Americans.

Davis it seems embellished her biography and left out the parts where she’s a money grubbing gold digger.  I know, I know, this stuff works if you’re a Cambodian War hero like Johnny Kerry, but Davis is but another Harvard lawyer.  She managed the prestigious degree because it was paid for by her 2nd ex-husband.  Davis divorced him the day, no make that, THE DAY after the final payment was made on that degree.

Davis lost custody of the couple’s children in the divorce proceeding.  You are more likely to find the pot-O-gold at the end of the rainbow than a responsible woman who lost custody of the children in a divorce.  But if you think lying will hurt Davis, remember Billy Boy Billbo Clinton and MA’s most famous fake Indian Fauxcahontas Lizzy Warren.   As Rush is fond of saying, getting caught lying, cheating or stealing is a resume enhancer in the Demo-Dope party.   We’ll see.

Science will be the end of abortion
In Dec of 1799, George Washington inspected his plantation on horseback in a light rain.  What?  Rain in VA in Dec?  Global Warming?  One wonders.  Anyhoo, when he returned to the house, he sat down to eat before changing out of his wet clothes.  Two days later George Washington died of an upper airway obstruction, probably due to acute epiglottitis - whatever that is.  Washington was attended to by three physicians. His personal physician Dr. James Craik along with Dr. Gustavus Brown and Dr. Elisha Dick.

At the time of his death, Washington was a beloved figure in America, so it’s unlikely that any of the three doctors were unqualified quacks.  They probably were the best that could be had at the time.  They applied what was the standard treatment in those days, bleeding the already weak patient of his life providing blood.  These were not stupid or cavalier men.  They were doing the very best they could.  While it looks very stupid and irresponsible to us today.  In 1799 this was a state of the art, excuse the horrible pun, cutting edge treatment.

When Washington’s condition didn’t improve and his breathing became more and more labored, Dr. Dick discussed a procedure he’d read about called a tracheotomy with his collogues.  Dr.s Craik and Brown rejected the procedure out of hand.  It was considered too radical and unproven a procedure to attempt on a man of George Washington’s stature.  Weakened by the “state of the art” bleeding and unable to breath due to a blocked airway, George Washington died Dec 14, 1799.

What the heck does that story have to do with abortion?  Here’s what it has do with abortion.  Medical science could have saved George Washington.  Medical science in the form of ultrasound technology is now changing the minds of all but the most ardent abortion supporters.  Here’s the proof:
I saw this poster in shop window in Germany.  Sorry for the angle.  Taking the photo head on produced a glare, but you get the picture.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Gov Cumo certified Idiot

Staking out the radical left for 2016, NY Gov Andy Cumo told NYers that there was no place in a pretty big state for NYers who are “pro life,” who are “pro assault weapon,” and/or are “anti gay.”  There’s a lot there to parse.  First off in an effort to walk back his idiocy a bit, the Gov took exception to certain people on the right saying Gov. wanted pro lifers, pro gun, pro traditional marriage people to leave the state.  Gov Cumo says he never said they “should leave the state."  OK fine those words were never uttered, but if you “have no place” in NY where do stand, sit, lie down or live in a state that has “no place” for you?  I would think if you pulled up to a motel and walked into the office and the manager said there’s “no place for you", you’d go back to your car and drive up the road, so.

But look at the language.  There is no place for someone who is “pro life.”  Odd huh?  Does that mean people who oppose capital punishment should leave Cumo’s state?  Yeah he’s arrogant enough to regard NY as “his state.”  When did Pro life become a bad thing?  Separate that term from the abortion issue and you’d think about 99.99999% would be pro life.  The fact is that with the advances in ultrasound technology, on the eve of the Roe Supreme Court decision, more and more people are becoming “pro life.”   And here’s the crusher for the left, the largest growth is among young people where a majority when confronted with an ultrasound picture believe that what they are looking at is a baby.  The rest are just trying to kid themselves.

With regard to “pro assault weapons,” I’d accept the Gov’s premise if he could define the term “assault weapon” in less than one type written page that didn’t include nearly every weapon out there.  The fact is Cumo, like most on the left, is absolutely clueless about guns.  Are semi-automatic hand guns OK?  No.  Are revolvers OK?  No.  Are pump shotguns OK?  No.  Are double barrel shotguns OK?  No.  Are rifles OK?  That depends, is it an assault weapon?  Semi automatic hunting rifle?  No.  Bolt action then?  No.  Here’s the truth about Cumo and most on the left, unless it’s used by someone assigned to protect their own worthless azzes, they are against ALL guns.  If they cannot control the gun, they will control the ammo.  If not the ammo, then they will control the sale of the weapon.  If they cannot control that, they will control where and when you can carry it.  Hey America, it’s all CONTROL.

Anti-gay?  What’s that?  I assume he’s talking about anti gay marriage.  So if you hold the same position as every other prominent Demo-Dope as little as a year and a half ago, you’re a bigot.  If you read and believe the Bible, but hate NO ONE like Phil Robertson, you’re a bigot.  As is often the case with those on the left, there is more hate and intolerance in Como's own statement than there is in anyone at whom his intolerant statement is directed.

I’ve telling Mrs. Lex that we should go to NY and see the sites.  I want to go to the city and to West Point.  I will probably opt to go somewhere where I feel bit more welcome.  Omaha, NE is intriguing now for some reason I can’t quite put my finger on.

From the YGBSM file
Apparently Staples has a plan to team with the Post Office to provide some postal service in Staples stores. In 3, 2, 1, right on cue Postal Union thugs started whining.  The move, they claim, will threaten union Postal jobs.  Huh?  Hello!  Postal union!  Anyone home?

Staples is going to kill the Post Office?  Earth to postal union, you’re on your death bed now, IDIOTS.  You’d think that anyone willing to team up with a dying dinosaur would be appreciated by the sick dinosaur.  Nope.  “Let me die in peace, quickly, you bastard” shouted the sickly dinosaur.  Staples asked, “Please just let me take the 9 inch knife called the Internet from the middle of your back.”  “No!  I’m fine.  Go away.”  Suit yourself.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Just a couple of things

Defining success down
Yahoo picked up a piece from a web site called  The article ran under the hopeful headline “9 Detroit vehicles that prove the auto bailout was a success.”  Turns out 3 of the 9 vehicles listed were Fords.   Does and Yahoo know that Ford didn’t take the bailout?  3 of the vehicles on a list of 9, on the list are Fords.  That's a pretty high fraction for an article about a "successful bailout."  And if the bailout was sooooooo successful, why the hell doesn’t GM pay back ALL the money it owes us?  GM still owes 13 billion and change.  Maybe Paul Ryan could draft a 38,000 page bill requiring them to fork over 6 billion of the 13 they owe over the next ten years and leave retiree’s pensions alone.

A fitting tribute to our first half-black king on MLK day
King Crybaby played one of his race cards from his never ending stack of race cards Sunday.  In an interview with The New Yorker King Whiner claimed that his approval ratings had been falling through the floor due to…wait for it…wait for it…wait for it…RAAAAAAAAAAAACSM.  King SFB said, “There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black president.”  Hmm, well HALF black anyway.

As a percentage, I’d guess there are as many minos who didn’t like your 43 predecessors because they were white.  The really big difference is that other 43 were not whining hyper sensitive crybaby PsOS.

See, King Pantload can’t be unpopular because Robertscare is an unmitigated disaster.  No.  That CANNOT be it.  Nor can it be due the two dozen or so scandals King SFB has “unwittingly” presided over.  (See the post under.)  Nope. Not at all.   Nor the fact the King Clueless has held exactly ZERO people responsible for any of the scandals.  No, never.  A failed TRILLION dollar stimulus and five years of 7+% unemployment cannot be contributing factors to King Airhead’s falling numbers.  No way.  Why even bring that up?   It can’t be because even the king’s Lib enablers recognize him as the SFB lying piece of excrement that he is.  Oh no.  That’s not it.  The ONLY reason King Knownothing’s numbers are in the toilet is because he’s half black and the same America that elected him twice is racist as hell.  Yeah, there you go.  That’s the ticket.

Will our next president, if we get to have one, be able to play the race card in lieu of admitting that he’s a clueless dumbass and just not up to the job?

Friday, January 17, 2014

Scandals King SFB Vs. Chris Christie

An abridged list of King Dope’s scandals in no particular order

“Bitter clingers” term used to describe white Americans who read the Bible and own guns

"We need to spread the wealth around" King Weasel's response to Joe the plumber before the king and his Dope henchmen set out to ruin and destroy Joe for asking a question.

“You didn’t build that” phrase used to describe anyone’s achievements who is capable of taking care of themselves and their families without King Azzbag or government handouts.

Bill Ayers unrepentant Pentagon bomber and anarchist widely reported to have penned King Cheat’s two best selling books started King Cheat in politics and current advisor

Van Jones communist green jobs Czar

Rev? Jerry wrong way Wright, King Numbnut’s race baiting, anti-American, anti-Semitic, Loooy Farrakhan loving whacko preacher of 20 years.

Tony Rezko the crook who sold King Douche his house and property at about half the appraised value

Breaking open sealed divorce records of opponent in state senate race

Breaking open sealed divorce records of opponent in US Senate race

Called the cops “stupid” when friend Skippy Gates was questioned about breaking into a house that turned out to be his own - led to famous beer summit

The IRS targeting scandal that King SFB was as “outraged as the American people” about, then called it a phony scandal

Lawless Robertscare delays, exemptions and waivers for unions bosses, cronies and ruling class Caligula D.C. swells

Benghazi scandal times 6  -  1) Failing to reinforce the mission before 9-11 2) Failure to respond during the attack on the mission 3) Lying about the attack calling it a demonstration  4) Blaming attack on a video  5) Jailing video maker for one year  6) Unlawful hacking of CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s computer for her reporting on Benghazi.

DoJ burning the constitution by investigating AP phone records to track down a leak

DoJ tapping James Rosen’s phone (and Rosen’s parents) and e-mail accounts because he dared report the truth about King Azzwipe

Eric the wad Holder dropping a case against “his people” in the New Black Panthers

DoJ head Eric the wad Holder lying to congress when he told a committee that the DoJ didn’t target journalist for prosecution for reporting on the King Sailears court of jesters, then the Rosen scandal broke.

Eric the wad Holder’s complicity in 100s of murders south of the border and the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry as a result of the harebrained Fast and Furious scheme.

Eric the wad Holder lying to congress about his knowledge of the Fast and Furious operation.

GSA’s near billion dollar Las Vegas boondoggle.

“If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.  Period.”  Lie of the year and probably century.

Robertscare website roll out.

Robertscare website repair.

Robertscare enrollment numbers.

Solyndra the flagship for probably a dozen or more failed “green energy” companies funded with government handouts.

King Clueless claims to have known nothing about any of these.  Yes, it’s a scandal that the puppeteer can seriously claim that he has no knowledge of what the puppets are doing.

A nearly complete list of Chris Christie’s scandals

He’s abrasive.

His administration thuggishly shut down lanes on the GWB as payback to a NJ mayor.  Accepted responsibility and fired people.

The lapdog Media response 

Media spent more time in the first two days of the GWB shutdown hammering Christie than it did in total for the list of King Corruption’s scandals.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

House Rats pass unread legislation to balance budget on the backs of military retirees

Lex's letter to his representative:
Dear Representative Stutzman,

I see where you supported HR 3547.  Why?  Did you read the 1,600 page bill?  Or are you of the opinion that legislation should be passed so “we can find out what’s in it?”  If you did not read it, why not?  Did you learn anything about unread and unwieldy legislation from the ACA? 

Paul Ryan’s bill attempts to bring a runaway budget under control by penalizing military retirees.  Are there no other places in a trillion dollar budget to achieve a 6 billion dollar savings over ten years?  Are there no duplicative government programs that that could be combined or eliminated to achieve these savings?  Is there no fraud waste and abuse that can be eliminated for the savings?  Are there no down right foolish and wasteful government programs that could be eliminated?

I understand that my government will continue to advertise for food stamp recipients in Mexico.  Why?  Why are we advertising for food stamp recipients at all?  How much is it going to cost to exempt and/or subsidize congress and their staffers from the ACA?  How much is being spent on government conferences like the GSA boondoggle in Las Vegas?  How much is being spent on the platoon of unelected, unconfirmed and unaccountable White House Czars and their staffs?  How much did it cost to shut down open air monuments in D.C. and across the country during the supposed government shutdown?  How much is being funneled to one failed “green energy” experiment after another?  Would AL Senator Jeff Session’s plan to achieve the 6 billion in savings by closing tax loopholes for ILLEGAL aliens have been a better idea than balancing the budget on the backs of military retirees?  Is HR 3547 really the best this congress and house Republicans can do?

As a retired military man, I’m happy to do my share.  I consider it my duty to do my share.  But it would seem “my share” is the only share.  Why not cut every single federal pension in the same fashion as HR 3547 cuts military pensions?  Why not cut welfare, unemployment, section 8 housing, food stamps etc. in the same fashion?  Why does this burden of “sacrifice” fall solely on military retirees?

I’d like to think that I’m a typical 3rd District Republican voter.  I know this because when I sent Senator Lugar a note telling him I’d never vote for him again, he was out.  When I sent Mark Sauder a note telling him I’d never vote for him again, he was out, admittedly by his own hand but none-the-less out.  My one vote means nothing to you, but I think I’m representative of a whole bunch of votes in this district.

"Irresponsible” is the one word descriptor for your vote in favor of this monstrosity.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

In defense of Jameis Winston

Winston is by no means the exception when it comes to “student” athletes.  It would be easier to find bigfoot using the payphone outside a S.S. Kresge’s five and dime with his Delorian double parked than a big name “student” athlete on the campus of a major American university.  Athlete, sure.  “Student” uh, no.

Given grade inflation and the pathetic academic standards at most universities these days, you’d think it would be easy to be a good student.  Bill Bennett said America has a great K-12 education system.  It just takes 16 years to get through it.  Sadly, America’s universities are providing the education that mom and dad received in high school.  I suppose that is why people say, “These days you have to have a college degree.”  You have to have it because it really means, after college, you might know what the last generation knew in high school. Not having it I suppose is the equivalent of being a high school drop out 20 years ago.

So why isn’t something done?  There are two reasons.  The first is money.  As long as universities stand to gain so much money from TV and logo merchandizing, they are incentivized to field good teams no matter what.  Poor grades?  No problem.  Stole a computer from another student?  No problem.  Rape charges?  No problem.  Assault charges?  No problem.  Drug charges?  No problem.  I cannot think of one thing short of murder that universities have not been willing to cover up in the name of protecting coaches, players and teams.

The second is racism.  Of course it is.  In today’s post racial King Dopesalot era, racism taints everything.  Weird huh?  We elect a half black president twice, yet according to the race baiting industry we are more racist than ever.  Post racial my big butt.

Big time college football and basketball – the cash cows in the athletic departments of most universities – are dominated by black athletes.  So anything that is done in a good faith effort to strengthen academic or character standards of college athletes is seen as racist.

To fix this I’d do the following:
Scholarships would be tied to the graduation percentages of a program.  So if you have a 100 football scholarships but your graduation percentage for the football team over a 5 year period (sure give them an extra year) is 65%, you only have 65 scholarships available for that year.  If the percentage goes up next year so does the number of scholarships.  Here’s why this is important.  When Johnny football Manziel left Texas A&M after just 2 years, he wrote a letter to the university thanking them for the opportunity to play football at Texas A&M.  An ESPN commentator noted that his good bye letter was probably the longest paper Manziel ever wrote while at Texas A&M.  Who in the name of Pete is being well-served by this kind of system?  The focus of college athletics should be returned to the “college” portion of the equation.

Next, freshmen should be required to sit out their first year.  The NCAA used to require that athletes sit out their first year.  This was considered racist because it was keeping the black athlete from jumping to the pros for a full year.  What is the point of college athletics?  Field teams of student athletes or provide a regular supply line of uneducated athletes to the pros?

Last, I’d consider some scheme whereby universities had to recruit local athletes first.  Concentric circles based on population could be established with fewer and fewer scholarships being available the further from the university the athlete had to travel.

I know.  The college football season is long over.  Iran has been given the green light by King SFB to develop a nuke bomb.  Al Qaida is on the march.  N. Korea is a mess.  Liberty is being eroded bit by bit day by day.  The world is basically going to hell in a hand basket, so why a post on college “student” athletes?  First, I think the system is symptomatic of bigger problems in America, race, privilege, ever decreasing standards, etc., but it’s just what was bugging me this A.M.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Yes, count me against government enforced "equality"

Jameis Winston’s post game interview explained.

AJ McCarron’s mom was right about Winston's speaking ability, but we all now know that truth is no defense when dealing with a protected class.  We can expect more and more protected classes as King Flimflam’s “equality” push takes hold among the young know nothings.  Instead of seeking to raise young Jameis’ ability to speak the King’s English to an average level, we will instead, under King Subpar, bring everyone else down to Jameis’ level.

Instead of raising Jameis up a level where he is capable of speaking like an average guy, so as not sound like an ignorant fool or worse stupid thug, the king’s equality program will seek to make everyone sound as ignorant as Jameis.  Or at least not ask, “How the hell does a guy that cannot speak graduate high school and get accepted to a well known college?”  We all know the answer to the second question.  He can throw a football with great accuracy.  The link above explains the answer to the first.

In the name of diversity, our universities are now monuments to sameness of thought, to the extent that any thinking is taking place on today’s campus.  Victor Davis Hanson noted that there is a rise in the number of degrees in “studies” of all sorts, African studies, women’s studies, transgender studies, etc. where the only criterion for grades is the degree with which a student is able to demonstrate that he agrees with the professor.  Sameness!

There are two ways to achieve “equality.”  First, endeavor to raise the Jameis Winston’s of the world up to a minimally accepted standard. Second is to bring everyone else down to a lower standard whereby Winston is the average.  Unachievable utopias start by trying to bring people up.  When that task proves to be too difficult, there is but one alternative, bring everyone down.  That is much easier.  Through taxes and regulation and an Attorney General who protects “his people” above all others, an onerous government can punish achievers and reward sloth.  That is were we are.

Banking regulations reward spending and punish saving.  They encourage loaning money to people who have no reasonable expectation of being able to repay the loan while making it appear downright foolish to save money at1-2% interest.  You can make more money spending it with a credit card that gives you 2-3% cash back on your spending.

Idiocy like Robertscare gets passed through congress because when the law is passed or shortly thereafter congress exempts themselves and their cronies from the sting of liberty sapping legislation they pass on the rest of us in the name of equality.

These things never end well for the societies that engage in them.  Liberty is drained in almost unnoticeable bits until it becomes apparent that we have neither liberty nor equality.  At that point it is too late.  The swells have taken control.  They are the draconian upper crust pols, famous personalities and media found in the capital city of the movie Hunger Games.  They are isolated, disconnected and exempt from their notion of “equality” that they force onto the masses in the districts, which ensures nothing more than wide spread human suffering typical of the Soviet Union, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Cuba, North Korea etc. etc. etc. and every single other place such “utopias” are attempted.

And remember, it all starts with the nearly unassailable notion of government forced “equality.”  Who is against “equality?”  When it proves too difficult for the government to raise people up, it will resort to bringing people down.  All in the name of “equality.”