Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Virgins, homosexuals and dead babies

WARNING DISTURBING CONTENT now everyone will read to the end

Virgin alert!
About 100 Islamo-Terror-Fascists at G’itmo are on a hunger strike. What’s the problem? Except for the 7,200 wasted virgins, I see no down side to this development.

Homo Alert
Some guy named Jason Collins came out as being homosexual. Whoopee! Who’s Jason Collins? Apparently, he plays basketball. He is the “first” player of a major professional sport to come out as homosexual. Whoopee! Beside I recall Martina Navratilova coming out a long time ago. But then let’s face it, lesbians don’t face the same stigma as homosexual men.

I didn’t care before. I don’t care now. I suppose that makes me a homophobe. LB, Billyboy Clinton and all manner of people are heaping great praise on Collins for having the courage to come out. Why on Earth is the proclamation of anyone as being homosexual deemed courageous in this day and age? Let's face it, it takes more courage to come out as a conservative in Hollywood these days than to come out as a homosexual in the NBA. It took more courage for Chris Broussard to come out as a Christian than for Collins to proclaim his homosexuality.


A baby before Kermit Gosnell, a dead body after.  Yeah, this is disgusting and disturbing.  This is what Demo-Dopes celebrate as a woman's right to chose.  Demo-Dopes label any attempt to try to prevent this infanticide a "war on women."  LB voted 4 times to allow this to continue in IL.  As much as anything else, this why MSM lapdog will not cover Gosnell.

QUESTION: If LB had a son who was a doctor, would he look like Kermit Gosnell?

I started watching the Vikings series on the History Channel. I thought it barbaric that the Vikings rather casually offered up human sacrifice to their gods. Then, with the Kermit Gosnell case in the news, I thought, holy crap the Demo-Dopes do the same thing. They offer up taxpayer funded human sacrifices to secure the votes of soulless fools like Sandy Flucke who are too stupid, lazy and have such a sense of entitlement that they believe their neighbors should be paying for their birth control and abortions.

According to many on the left, it is much better to abort a baby than to have that child grow up in poverty. There is a theory among the left that abortion is good, because we don’t want to bring more people into an already crowded world where it is getting tougher and tougher for the government to provide for their needs. Yeah really – for the government to provide for their needs.

Never mind the moral and dare I say racist nature of that argument, haven’t many of our most prominent citizens risen from poverty? But if you accept that absurd argument, then why not kill the current class of welfare addicts? Why not kill them when they demonstrate that they are drain on society rather than when they are innocent babies with nothing but potential for greatness?

Monday, April 29, 2013

Guns and the Boston police state

Because some unfortunate chose to commit suicide with a handgun at the NRA 500 in TX, the local fish wrap ran the NRA as a “loser” in its Weekly Scorecard of “winners” and “losers”. That happened the same week the NRA was handing miniscule Barry his scrawny @$$ on gun control. So Lex sent the JG a note which –surprise- they printed Fri last:

JG’s skewed sense of winners, losers
The NRA was listed as a loser in the April 20 Journal Gazette…again. Weird. I could have sworn it was the NRA, constitutional rights and reason that carried the day over the president, his compliant media lapdogs and emotional propaganda last week.

Who was it acting like a “loser” after the Senate failed to pass a single gun-grabbing, Second Amendment-trampling measure last week? The NRA? Nope. It was the president who was whining and stomping his foot like a petulant child because he didn’t get his way.

Ironically, the harder the president tries for a gun ban, the more guns and ammunition fly off gun store shelves. When it comes to the very weapons he would like to ban, the president is, as one gun store owner put it, salesman of the year. Maybe the JG should run him as a “winner” for that accomplishment in next Saturday’s Weekly Scorecard.

More on Boston
Is lefty loon Bill Maher coming around to Lex’s way of thinking? Twice within a week, Maher has stumbled upon the truth. First, Maher corrected a fellow lefty loon guest for saying all religions are equally violent. Then, in a truly brave move, Maher scolded the Boston police and claimed the US was moving toward a police state.

Let’s review. The mayor places the entire city of Boston under house arrest. The people comply. The police, in full combat gear, riding armored vehicles, go house to house and without warrant order people from their homes so that they could conduct an unauthorized search. The people comply.

All of this mind you is in search of ONE TEENAGE GUNMAN.

Then, when the little bastard is caught, the feds heap all manner of civil rights protection upon the Islamo-Terror-Fascist that was denied law abiding Bostonians. The people of Boston cheer U-S-A, U-S-A.

Boston’s response to a lone teenage terrorist was anything but in keeping with the derring-do that made America great. We’ve gone from a nation born in the cauldron of revolution, exploring the west, winning two world wars and traveling to the moon to “sheltering (aka hiding) in place.” WTF (Win the future)?

The Boston mayor acted like a dictator. The Boston police acted like all powerful police state bullies. The people of Boston acted like sheep.

Even more on Boston
Billbo O’Really is supposedly encouraging people to visit Boston and spend some money. Fine, if Boston is your thing go. Maybe take a gun into the city so the mayor will lock the whole thing down and as the only one with any guts, you can have the place to yourself. Lex dollars are going to red states. Leavenworth, KS and Austin, TX are on the list of places to visit.

Friday, April 26, 2013

You WILL be assimilated

The Boy Scouts of America are considering an incomprehensible policy on homosexuals. A policy that would allow gay Scouts but not gay leaders is being contemplated. Genius!

How does that work? In the words of a lying sack of crap, what difference is that going to make? Johnny doesn’t have to worry about Bob the homosexual Scoutmaster but could end up in a threesome in his tent with Bruce and Harlan. They cannot be THAT stupid.

Here’s what will happen, heterosexuals with church affiliations will leave in droves. Homosexuals will not join in any greater numbers than exist right now. The Boy Scouts of America will be ruined. Mission accomplished for the left wing radical homosexuals, another treasured American institution ruined.

And it never stops. Right now there is a firestorm in Columbus, OH where Bishop Watterson Catholic High School fired a teacher for being involved in an openly homosexual relationship.

Now, if Bishop Watterson is anything like St. Francis, teachers sign a contract part of which says they will not defy Catholic teaching. Makes sense, no? It’s a Catholic institution. Are they allowed to require that their employees toe the “company line” so-to-speak?

I’m sure companies all across the country have similar contractual clauses whereby an employee is not allowed to trash the company in public. Apparently, in these things the Catholic Church has no rights what-so-ever. All the rights are ceded to the radical homosexuals.

Listen to the tone of the 6 on Your Side report. Any questioning of the lawyer about Church rights and 2,000 years of deeply held religious belief. All that is trumped by one woman who in all likelihood is in violation of contract law and who, like a jihadi, insists that we all conform to her way of thinking.

Lex opined early on in the homosexual marriage debate that the real goal of radical homosexuals was not the right to marry, but the right to destroy religion in America.

They will be standing at Catholic alters demanding that priests administer the marriage sacrament or face the wrath of 55,000 angry tweeters. Some clueless 6 on Your Side dope will be stirring the pot advertising the correct hashtag to get after the church.

So I think we should all stand by and do nothing. After all, what can one person do? Better to get home, keep quite and hope no one harasses you for your beliefs.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Everyday assault

Reaction to the headlines:

Shrilldabeast lied about Benghazi – What difference does it make? The Clintons lie about everything.

Harry the roach Reid compares the Tea Party to anarchists – Not yet. Like the Clintons, the roach is a despicable lying sack of excrement.

Gosnell defense rests – Defense? The soul of the nation rests with this case. LB supported this very activity when voted against protecting a child who survives an abortion attempt.

LB to speak at Planned Parenthood – Margaret Sanger encouraged abortion as a means to limit the number of black Americans. Now LB is in bed with Sanger.

Boston terrorists received welfare – So they must be part of the 47% who would never vote for Mitt Romney. If I were Romney, I’d wear that as a badge of honor.

Ricin suspect released, charges dropped – The Benghazi film guy is still in the slammer. Boston terrorists were cleared by FBI, CIA, DHS. Ricin guy arrested, then released.  Film guy still in jail.  Way to go FBI. You’re doing a heck of a job.

RNC fund raising down 27% - Good! Told them to go to hell myself the other day. Until someone in the RNC grows a pair and starts to tell it like it is, I’ll support candidates directly.

Slow Joe shoot ‘em thru the door Biden says America will never give in to terrorists – Speaking at officer Collin’s funeral yesterday the Grand Dope made the pronouncement. That pronouncement after a city of a million people shut itself down for 24 hours because of one guy with a gun. Today the organizers at the Kentucky Derby, shouted HELL YEAH! U-S-A, U-S-A… Then they banned coolers and backpacks from their event – which is sort of giving in. Isn’t it?

Background check BS – A Washington ComPost poll shows what Lex and anyone with a brain already knew. 90% of Americans don’t support anything, including background checks.  But if LB, the Dopes and their lapdog media repeat the lie enough times, people begin to think it might be true.

Sadly, every day since the know-nothing, affirmative-action, pass-through took his oath everyday has been the same. There is never just one thing being destroyed by this commie, Islamo-Terror-Fascist loving administration. That would be easy to defend. There are always 5-6 things or institutions under full scale attack – everyday.

But still, while Johnny cry baby Boehner thinks he’s a hero for maneuvering to drive the country off the cliff at 60 MPH instead of the 100 MPH LB wants to go, we fight the good fight to hit the breaks.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Prospect of President Phony Joe Biden sends market crashing

A fake news report of the White House coming under attack yesterday sent the stock market tumbling triple digits.

This is weird on a couple of levels. When is the lapdog MSM NOT making it up as they go? Seems to me, if false reports out of the MSM were the criteria for the markets crashing, they’d crash about every day.

Besides, the economy is in the tank, so wouldn’t investors be excited by the prospect of new policy? Uh oh, that’s it. Who would be setting the new policy? The markets tanked on the prospect of Slow Joe garden variety slap Biden taking over. That being the case, only a 153 point drop? With the prospect of two blasts and a garden variety slap phony Joe running things, the floor should have dropped out 700-800 points – at least.

You try to capture a terrorist alive so that you can interrogate him. Then the geniuses in the White House decide that he’ll be Mirandized and treated like the guy who double parked at the library with all of the requisite civil rights.

So you spend a ton of money to take the little bastard alive. You spend another ton of money to save his worthless life with the best medical care (for now anyway) in the world. Then you spend another ton of money to try the worthless piece of human debris in civil court. Then you spend another ton of money keeping the little excrement smear alive in prison for decades while he exercises his endless line of appeals. Then after he lives a rather long life, maybe the little bastard gets the needle. WTF?

What’s the point? If you’re not even going to try to get information via enhanced interrogation from the guilty as sin creep, why take him alive in the first place?

After the administration decided not take a hard line with the terrorist, I’d have convened the Robertscare death panel at Beth Israel Medical Center.

In other shocking news, it turns out the Shrilldabeast was lying her ample extra wide butt off when she told congressional investigators that she didn’t know anything about requests for additional security in Benghazi. But hey, what difference does it make?

As far as Clinton lies go this is just one more in a line of Clinton lies longer than the center markers on US 70. Given the state of the American electorate, 4 dead Americans on her watch at state should have no bearing what-so-ever on the Beast’s 2016 prospects.

Lex isn't the only one who thinks it's weird that a lone gunman can shut down an entire city.  Check this out.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Admit it! Radical Muslims are the problem.

Yesterday, there was news of a terrorist attack on trains stopped by the Canadian Mounted Police. IN true head in the sand fashion, US official immediately assured the public that there was NO CONNECTION between the train terrorists and the Boston bombing terrorists. This is believable only if you’re a child of four and have to ask daddy, “Daddy, what’s a Muslim?”

Of course there is a connection. It is the same connection that runs between 99.99% of the events where cowards blow up innocents. The religion of peace is that connection.

Yet LB and merry band of dopes refuse to even utter the words “Muslim terrorist” or “jihadist.” Better to just close your eyes and play peek-a-boo pretending that if you cannot see them, they cannot see you. Hey, it works for babies, and that it would seem is who is running our government.

You have to ask yourself how do you fight an enemy that you do not admit exists? I’m for going back to the good old days when we knew who the enemy was and called them by name.

WWII is a good example. The enemy was the Germans and consequently the only good Kraut was dead Kraut. MR. Lex (Lex’s dad) was a WWII vet. Rarely, if ever, do I recall him using the word Japanese. They were the Japs, usually with an expletive in front of the operative word as in, “Don’t park that damn Jap junk in front of my house.”

Yeah sure, it’s crude by 2013 standards, but they won…big. That was perhaps the last big win we had as a nation. They knew who the enemy was. They called them by name and they killed them wherever they dared raise their heads with no apologies. They had little sympathy for those who tolerated their enemy. If you were not loudly condemning the enemy, you were part of the problem.

Today we are in constant search for the “moderate Muslim.” We shouldn’t be looking. They should be seeking us out to avoid becoming a target.

We wring our hands and whip ourselves and accept national disgrace over the dumbest stuff. Little Dick RC Turdbin condemns the nation because a few guards at an Iraqi prison overstep their authority. If the incident had occurred in WWII, the perps would have gotten a weekend of guard duty case closed. We apologize for flushing korans that were never flushed in the first place at G’itmo. We apologize for burning korans that were defaced by Muslims, while US HQs orders the burning of Bibles in the Middle East. We try Marines who relieve themselves on a couple of dead Talis. Crude and unacceptable for sure, but for crying out loud where is the proportionality? These guys pee on a dead guy and are run up the river while “workplace violence” murdering @$$weasel Hassan grows a beard and continues to receive Major’s pay in prison. Meanwhile the numbskulls in the military judicial system worry if he’s suffering from PTSD by proxy. And what was the main concern of the Army Chief of Staff after the murders? The victims or their families? No. He was worried about a backlash against Muslims. WTF?

I’m quite sure if a major had gunned down some of Patton’s boys in similar event during WWII, that major wouldn’t have lived long enough to worry about where he was going to send his laundry out.

Monday, April 22, 2013

No victory in Boston

While the MSM lapdogs actually wonder aloud what the motive for the Boston bombing was, they ignore the most obvious link – the religion of peace – which of course, will not rest until there is no peace. I tried to watch a Sunday talk show for the first time in well over a decade and had to shut if off for fear of throwing a coffee cup through the screen. When asked about motive, the Boston police Comish actually said he had no idea. The matter was under investigation. That’s it. Turn it off.

But blowing up the marathon last Monday may not be the biggest crime these two @$$ weasels committed. It seems the two “forgot” to comply with MA strict gun laws for the guns used in the crime. No doubt, for Libs, that will mean we need more laws restricting the freedoms of the law abiding.  Better get Slappy Joe shoot through the door Biden on it ASAP.

Well after all, it’s for the children.

Then there’s the idea that this some big victory for America. Let’s add up the score.

Cost to each side: Terrorist - about $300   US - about 300 million
Lives lost:  Terrorist - 1 dead 1 wounded  US - 4 dead hundreds wounded

The city of Boston is shut down for a day while authorities chase ONE GUY around. Victory? I’m delighted that they caught the bastard alive. But we should be honest about the outcome. We shouldn’t be counting this as a victory. It was a massive failure. It demonstrates how vulnerable we are and how difficult it is to catch one guy in a big city.

I cannot believe that authorities shut an entire city down to chase this one guy. I can’t believe Americans listened to authorities and allowed themselves to be “shut down” or as the term of art became “shelter in place.” What the hell are we, a nation of cowards hiding under the bed sheets until the mayor gives the all clear? My goodness, if this is the reaction to two guys with guns and a few pressure cookers, what’s the response for a serious attack involving several cells and locations?

Authorities ought to do cost benefit analysis of this whole thing. Whatever the total cost of the ensuing manhunt, some large percentage of that cost needs to be put into prevention. And seriously, when are we, in the name of political correctness, going to stop treating the Little Sisters of the Poor the same as 17-26 year old Muslim males?

Maybe we should begin to take the Second Amendment seriously and start to organize our own neighborhood militias. No wait. We’ll all end up like white Hispanic George Zimmerman if we kill a Muslim with a pressure cooker, batteries and explosives in his backpack. That dead Muslim terrorist will end up looking just like LB’s boy, if he had one and all hell will break lose.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Guns, religion of peace, conspiracy theory and immigration

There is mayhem in Watertown, MA this morning. Boston Marathon bombing suspects have made their getaway and arrived there - one dead, one still on the lam. At 5:41 am Fox News is reporting there is a 15 block cordon house to house search. Residents are being instructed to lock their doors and stay inside.

Questions for LB, Joe Manchin, DiFi and the rest of the psychopathic gun grabbers:
If you had your family in Watertown, MA right now, would you want a gun?
Would like to have a semi-automatic AR-15 type rifle?
How many rounds would want in your magazine 10, 15, 20 or 30?

For Slow Joe two blast and garden variety slap Biden:
Should everyone in Watertown start shooting from their balconies or from their second story windows right now to scare the terrorist off?
Or should they wait, to shoot through the front door if some unknown person should walk by?

If they do not already have a gun, I’ll bet every family in Watertown has just added a new “to do” to the top of their list: Get to a free state and buy a gun and ammunition.

Religion of Peace back in action:  In another blow to Libs everywhere, the perps in this appear to be practitioners of the religion of peace. I think I heard an audible “damn why couldn’t it be the Tea Party” coming from news rooms and faculty lounges across the nation when that fact became clear.

Conspiracy theory #4-13: DHS Sec Janet Incompetano claimed that there were no indications that the type of attack that was staged on the Boston Marathon was in the works. Several months ago there were stories about DHS purchasing thousands of bomb resistant vehicles for federal and state use. Hmmm, coincidence or did they know something? Odd that a short time after buying a stock of bomb resistant vehicles, bombs start going off. I think this is enough information for the Shrilldabeast to take to the floor of the senate and claim that LB knew the attacks were coming.

Immigration reform: No doubt these events will turn the focus to our broken immigration system. The two big reforms we need right now are to enforce existing law and secure the border. After that I think the problem takes care of itself.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

LB didn't get his way, throws foot stomping tantrum

Does this make any sense to you? Little Johnny gets a D in math on his report card. To correct the problem, you decide to get the entire family up an hour earlier before school and use that time to make them all study history. Little sis screams, “Why do I have to get up early? I got an A+ in math! And what does history have to with it?” You explain, “Johnny got a D in math. We have to do something. I’m not very good at math. It’s easier to study history. Besides, it’s for the children.”

Idiocy right? It makes no sense. It doesn’t address the problem. The same is true of the Manchin –Toomey gun grabber legislation. As Demo-Dopes shamelessly stood on the bodies of dead children in an effort to usurp the Second Amendment, when asked if anything they are proposing would have stopped the Newtown shootings, they all answered no. Given that most Demo-Dopes will lie about anything and everything to advance their agenda, that’s amazing.

So LB’s PROP-aganda ploy using the Newtown survivors as props while standing on the bodies of their dead children has failed spectacularly.

The lesson here ought to be that if you’re going to exploit a tragedy to advance a political issue, legislation proposed to exploit that tragedy at minimum should prevent or mitigate the damage of the tragedy.

THE REAL LESSON: Nothing in the Dopes gun grabbing agenda has a single thing to do with the safety of children. I’ll go further than anyone else will. When it comes to gun control, the Demo-Dopes don’t give a damn about the safety of children. What they care about is gutting the Second Amendment.

So LB’s gun grab went down in flames yesterday. A cause for celebration? Sure. Any win these days, no matter how meager, is cause for celebration. Just remember, the majority voted in favor of the gun grab. If the Dopes go the way of Robertscare they can jam this thru with a simple majority.

NOTE: LBcare is now Robertscare on this page. The Chief Justice had the chance to single handedly run a stake through the heart of the monstrosity. Instead he rewrote it from the bench. He owns it.

So LB fumed, stomped his foot, wailed like a baby, and called his opponents liars. For some reason, while acting the part of a punk 5th grader, he didn’t call them cheaters, cheaters pumpkin eaters. LB calling someone a liar is akin to Slow Joe give ‘em two blasts and a garden variety slap Biden calling someone a buffoon.

LB will ascend atop the bodies of the dead and wounded of Boston today to demand pressure cooker control and promise that the perps, like those of the Benghazi attack, will be brought to justice. Ha! Sure they will Little Barry, now here’s a cookie and some milk before your naptime.

Now that background checks have been shot down in flames, the nation is abuzz with the 90% meme. That is, 90% of Americans support background checks. I’ll call BS on that one. 90% of Americans can’t agree that Mother Theresa was a good person. The 90% number is the same as the 40% number LB keeps spouting – a lie.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Warm-mongers, gun grabbing psychopaths one and the same

So what do global warm-mongers and gun grabbing psychopaths have in common? Well, let’s review. Warm-mongers attribute whatever the conditions outside are, it's due to global warming. It makes no difference if it’s hot, cold or just right. Whatever the conditions are outside right now it's due to global warming.

Then they take it a step farther. Any weather phenomenon that might occur, tornado, hurricane, heavy rain, snow, draught, clouds and winds – everything that occurs naturally in our atmosphere is attributed to global warming. Naturally occurring weather cycles, sun spots and natural variants be damned, if there is weather outside your window today, it is due to global warming.

Next, all the beautiful people and loudmouthed pols are on board with the grand hoax. While sipping wine from one of three 28,000 sq ft homes, or from their rehab location, stars lament the future of the world for our children after global warming turns the planet into some featureless, desert wasteland. Pols jet to and fro warning the little people that airline traffic is killing the planet. When faced with their hypocrisy, the stars buy a Prius to park in the garage while they motor about in one 15 or so gas guzzling luxury cars. The pols note that their travel is okay, because they have purchased carbon off-sets from…themselves.

Next, the warm-mongers just make $h!t up to support their point of view. NASA is more interested in their Muslim outreach than providing honest climate data. The University of East Anglica was caught red handed fudging data, making stuff up and burying information that didn’t support their case. The nuts running the temperature monitoring stations place them on runway tarmacs and next to air conditioner discharge units. Still, if the numbers don’t add up correctly, NASA can be counted upon to omit Nov and count Oct temperatures twice. People who have strong arguments don’t need to lie and make stuff up.

Last, they refuse to debate, because only the flat earth society doesn’t yet know that, with regard to global warming, the debate is over. Their best argument right now for global warming is that if you don’t agree with them, you are a Holocaust denier. Name calling is all they have left.

So what about gun grabbing psychopaths? Whatever violent tragedy happens, the psychopaths trace the cause back to the Second Amendment. For these idiots a bomb going off in Boston is a clear indication that the Second Amendment must go. Some clueless twit named Jay Mohr tweeted:

“What bothers me most about today is that we’re getting used 2 it. ENOUGH. 2nd amendment must go. Violence has 2 stop. Culture MUST change,”

A bomb in Boston is an indication that the 2nd Amendment needs to go? You have to be some kind of Wile E. Coyote super, hyper genius – or a colossal dumb@$$ - to make that leap. What does one have to do with the other? Based on Boston, it makes more sense to ban pressure cookers than guns. Also, it’d be easier to do. Besides, I could have sworn the microwave did to the pressure cooker what the telephone did to the telegraph.

As with global warm-mongering, the very hypocrite stars that glorify gun violence in their movies, are the first and loudest to try to grab a headline with some over the top gun grabber diatribe.

Global warm-mongers have nothing on the gun grabbing psychopaths when it come to just making stuff up. LB insists that 40% of guns are purchased without benefit of a background check. BS. It’s not true. If someone tells you it’s not true and you insist on repeating it anyway – you are a liar. That’s LB in a nut shell.

They refuse to debate. Instead they insist on name calling in the Nanny B fashion when he insisted that anyone who would sell his son a gun is sick. Maybe. Hey DAD! Most of us just give our guns to jr. when he needs one or we’re done with them.

Everything with the gun grabbing psychopaths is “common sense” this and “common sense” that. Well, if it’s so much common sense why has it taken since 1787 to get to it?

So yeah, the gun grabbing psychopaths and the global warm-mongers are using the same playbook. Don’t fall for any of it. One is as full of crap as the other.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mission: Readiness leftist BS group, Boston

The Sunday Journal Gazette published a letter entitled - New school standards big step in obesity fight. Scroll down here to read it.

It’s filled with the usual nanny state BS. Washington D.C. bureaucrats know what’s best for us. Evil US corporations are blocking all of Washington’s good deeds. Then the tried and true Lib pabulum and the biggest BS line ever – it’s for the children.

The letter was penned by retired Air Force LtGen Norman Seip. Seip uses his retired rank to gain credibility, and frankly 20 years ago that would have worked. Seip claims obesity is national security issue because it is a disqualifier for military service. In another presentation Seip claimed Pre-K was a national security issue. Huh, 4 year olds going to federally funded day care is a national security issue?

Seip is a member of a group called Mission: Readiness. The group claims to be non-partisan but shills for the usual left wing nanny state BS. Check out Mission: Readiness here.

I used the contacts link on the web site to forward Seip this note:

General Seip:

Re: New school standards big step in obesity fight (Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette Apr 14, 2013)

I laugh out loud when I hear people who have sworn an oath to support and defend the constitution, a document that is supposed to protect we the people from government harassment and overreach, advocate for that very government harassment and overreach.

There it was our trusted and beloved government - the Department of Agriculture in particular, telling us, nay hectoring us about what we should eat at school. Then those pesky free market, free thinking food lobbyists ruined everything by offering us a choice of food we actually like to eat. What’s next, mom slipping a Twinkie into little Johnny’s lunch box thereby flaunting DoA’s prime directive?

When will we learn to just shut up and do what the lifetime bureaucrats and know-it-alls in Washington D.C. tell us to do? After all, any group that can run a country 17 TRILLION DOLLARS into debt certainly should be able to tell us all what we have to eat. Ahhh, but it’s for the children. Yeah, and they are our children NOT THE GOVERNMENT’s.

If obesity is a problem for recruiting, do what the military has been doing for the last 20 or so years in the name of social engineering and diversity, simply lower the standards and then ignore the results.

Bottom line: Like most Americans, I don’t need you, the Department of Agriculture or a First Lady who could stand to trim a few pounds and inches off her own ample backside dictating to me what I should be feeding my family.

Doug Schumick
Ft. Wayne, IN

Stream of thought on Boston:

Quick question for LB and Eric the wad Holder, are the events in Boston terrorism or workplace violence?

So, LB, is al Qaeda still on the run?

LB promised to bring the perps of the Boston massacre to justice. I know the perps of the Benghazi attacks are laughing their butts off at that one. But then he also promised that the sequester would “never happen.” Still, the only one in jail for the Benghazi attacks is an innocent film maker.

Was Eric the wad Holder running another Fast & Dumb@$$ operation that sold explosives to al Qaeda so it could track them but then never bothered to track them? No really, sadly, I think that someone should ask the question: Was this another DoJ sting operation that went bad?

Is Janet Incompetetano rounding up recently discharged veterans? Like the Ft. Wayne local fish wrap, we know Incompetentano considers veterans a likely source of domestic violence and terror.

Is al Qaeda a bigger threat to the US than the NRA, the Boy Scouts or the Catholic Church? Before yesterday, reading any lapdog media outlet, you’d think the NRA was the biggest threat to national security since Khrushchev put missiles in Cuba. Other than the NRA, is anyone catching more flack than the Boy Scouts and the Catholic Church? You’d think Wayne LaPierre, the Boston area Boy Scout Council and Boston’s Cardinal O’Malley would be the chief suspects in all of this. According to the lapdogs, who has more hate in their hearts?

Are the events in Boston more important than homosexuals being allowed to get married?

What most of this indicates is that the federal government tends to concern itself with easy feel good things while pretty much ignoring the tough things like terrorism.

Monday, April 15, 2013

JG tries but doesn't answer the question

What follows is an e-mail exchange between Lex and an editor at the local fish wrap. Regular readers will know that recently Lex fired off a letter asking why the JG focused on the background of vets who run afoul of the law but not others. Here’s that note:

Re: War vet gets 50 years…& A different court for vets?

As it seems one’s service to one’s country can have a direct influence on one’s behavior, I’m okay with identifying Anthony Ochs and Justin York as veterans in the Saturday and Sunday headlines of the JG.

Will the JG extend the policy of identifying the backgrounds of all criminals?

How about these:
Lifetime welfare addict convicted of fraud.
Illegitimate son of lifetime welfare addict gets 25 years for drug dealing.
High school drop out and 4th bastard son of lifetime welfare addict gets 50 years for murder.

Military service, welfare dependency, illegitimacy and high school drop outs are backgrounds that all correlate to overall higher crime rates. I’ll wager that of those groups, veterans far and away return more to society than any of the others – probably combined.

So, why is the JG’s emphasis only on veterans’ crime?

The JG responded with the following note that doesn’t even try to explain why the background of the other criminal classes inquired about in the note above are never exposed in the JG.

Hello Doug,

Thanks for your interesting questions via email.

In those stories Sunday, the individuals named had cases where their post traumatic stress or injuries related to service were relevant to the cases. In all stories, we try to make determinations based on what information is relevant to telling the story at hand. We believe readers deserve and desire such context.

I recognize that you and other readers may not always agree with the choices we make. But we do to give these specific and sensitive situations the conscious thought that we should before naming names and providing background.

Thanks for being a reader.

Lisa Green

So, Lex gave it another try here:

Hi Lisa,

Nice try. As stated in my letter, I don’t have a problem identifying veterans who run afoul of the law as veterans. Although, I do believe PTSD is used as a crutch by some vets who hit a period of bad luck, are anti-social by nature or just don’t want to get up in the morning. The question I pose is why ONLY veterans? Why not, welfare recipients, illegitimate children or high school drop outs? All of those groups are statistically more likely to be involved in criminal activity.

For example, in Saturday’s JG there is a story on one Arriaga Walker who received an “8 year sentence for neglect of his daughter.” Neglect? That’s a nice term for one who beats and burns a helpless child. Wouldn’t “abuse” be a better word?
What was Mr. Walker’s background? What would you like to wager that Mr. Walker wasn’t born into a home where his father was present, that his family wasn’t receiving some type of government assistance or that he didn’t finish high school? I’ll wager that one or more of those conditions were present in Mr. Walker’s background. Don’t “the readers deserve and desire the context” of Mr. Walker’s background?

And while we’re on the subject of abused children, what does the JG staff know about this “doctor” Kermit Gosnell character? If Gosnell had used an AR-15 to gun down a dozen or more babies in the maternity ward of a hospital, would the JG be mute about that? It is a very sick mind that considers the death of a baby by a gun shot murder and the death of baby having its spinal cord severed at the neck with a pair scissors a “procedure.”

Who knows, maybe they will get Gosnell for neglect.

But hey, as long as everyone in the Ft. Wayne area knows that Colin Chaulk is retiring from the Komets, the staff at the JG can rest knowing that they have done their level best to print all of the news that matters most to the Summit City.

Very Respectfully,
Doug Schumick

The last reference is to a long time Ft. Wayne minor league hockey player who announced his retirement and recieved a four coulumn above the fold picture and story on the front page of the Saturday JG as well as wall to wall coverage in the sports section. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Homosexuals don't want to join the Boy Scouts, they want to destroy them

Lex noted that if SCOTUS affirmed homosexual marriage that it wouldn’t be six months before Bruce and Harlan sued the Catholic Church for not performing their wedding. Well, it didn’t even take that long. The assault has come even before SCOTUS’ decision. CA is moving to strip nonprofit status from the Boy Scouts for refusing to allow gay Scoutmasters.

This is a First Amendment issue:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The right of the people peaceably to assemble is freedom of association. Unless you consider corny joke with no swear words or bad loud singing violating the peace, in all my years of association with the Scouts they have never once been anything other than peaceable. While they do not choose to associate with all variety of people, they do not condone racism, sexism, homosexual slurs, political attacks on either party etc. etc. They start every meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance, the Scout Oath, the Scout law and at St. Vincent’s a prayer. Yeah, that’s one hateful organization.

Some stream of thought on this in no particular order:

How many homosexuals want to become Scoutmasters for purposes other than making a sociopolitical statement? I’ll bet damn few.

I think the goal for here for militant homosexuals and their fans is more to destroy the Boy Scouts than join them.

For the Boy Scouts, it’s a fool’s errand to try to attract the very people who want to destroy your organization.

While we’re on the religious nature of Scouting, why are Muslims excluded from the gay fatwa? Why are the Scouts, who do not tolerate any homosexual slurs, descend upon while Muslims get a pass when they openly attack homosexuals in the streets?

Shouldn’t CA be repealing Muslim nonprofit status?

Like moderate Muslims, apparently moderate homosexuals do not exist. Where has one prominent gay man or woman stood up and said “Leave the Boy Scouts alone. They are doing great work ministering to young boys and men. We do not need to be a part of that if we are not welcome.”

Scout troops mostly associated with religious organizations. Mormons and Catholics need to establish some kind of Boy Scout defense fund and counter sue anyone who comes after the Scouts. They need to take the broke state of CA to court and seek damages in the 10’s of millions of dollars.

When Bishop Rhoads issued his “We will not comply” decree on LBcare (hereafter to be known as Robertscare), I was approached by a friend to join the Knights of Columbus. The pitch was, the Bishop is looking for men who will stand with him against an encroaching government. So I joined. Surprisingly as a Catholic men’s group there are no women, Jews, Protestants, Muslims, homosexuals or even Catholic men not in good standing with the church.

Given this open discrimination, this must be a group the most hateful men imaginable. No not at all. In fact money raised by the Knights and service provided by Knights, like the Catholic Church, is issued in accordance with need irrespective of religious affiliation, sexual orientation or any outward social markers.

Practicing openly homosexual men will never be welcome in the Knights of Columbus. Will the Knight's nonprofit status be revoked in CA?

How about any group that excludes anyone into the membership? Isn’t that discriminatory? Why can’t I join the high school marching band, other than I’m not in high school, can’t play an instrument and don’t want to march.

It seems to me that people ought to be able to associate with like minded people based on politics, religion, hobbies, interests etc. and if they don’t infringe upon, denigrate or harass others they ought be left the hell alone.

Right now, ironically, it’s Scouting and religious freedom that are being infringed upon by people, who in the name of diversity, insist we all act the same.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The poor, unskilled, unmotivated and un-trainable deserve at least $30 an hour

In his State of the Union address, LB called for a $9 an hour minimum wage. Chief Dopes-a-Lot doubled down on that insane idea in his 60+ day late budget.

Why is it insane? Black teenage unemployment is over 33%. Now, suppose a black teen stops by your shop and tells you, “Look, I need a job bad. It’s prom season and really need to earn some money to take my date to the dance. I’ll work for $5 an hour. I’ll do anything. I just really need a job.”

As shop owner, you might think that at $5 an hour it might be worth hiring the kid to get the back room and the alley behind the store cleaned out. Right now, no matter what hourly wage the teen is WILLING to work for, you must pay him $7.50 an hour. So, your calculation will change. At $9 an hour, you’re probably not going to hire an unskilled teen to do work that you can stand not having done for now.

Here at the compound I have a standing offer for young Lex. I’ll pay him $2 an hour to rake leaves, pick up sticks and sweep walks any time he wants to after school. He has yet to do single hour’s work for $2 an hour. According to him, it’s not worth it.

Okay, fine, It’s not worth it to me to pay him more. Here’s why. I can “ask” him to perform those exact same tasks on the weekend for free. Over spring break he probably worked 20 hours at the same tasks for free that I would have paid him $2 an hour to do after school. So he hasn’t quite caught on yet that he can earn $2 an hour doing work after school that he’s going to have to do for free on the weekend when his mom or I ask for help.

The point being, I have a job I’m willing to pay $2 an hour to have done. When Lex jr. wakes up, he’ll gladly do the work for $2 an hour. Why do we need the government to get in the middle of this transaction?

According to LB, no one should work for an hourly wage that he cannot live on. Again, that’s a calculation I’m willing to leave to employers and employees to decide. But really, young Lex needs a living wage? I don’t think so. He needs to get out of bed before noon and get a job to learn the responsibility of showing up on time, clean, in serviceable clothing and ready to work. Or, as my Navy friend used to say, he needs to learn to show up sober, alert and fit for duty.

Besides, think about it. If LB is right, yeah it’d be the very first time, but the minimum wage would need to about $25 and hour. That’s outrageous! How do you figure? Well, I figure by doing Mrs. Ralph 8th grade math.

Follow me here. We know an experienced welfare king or queen can earn up to $40,000 scamming all the different “benefit packages” available. So 40K divided by 52 weeks equals a $769.23 weekly check. $769.23 divided by a 40 hour work week equals a $19.23 hourly wage.

But who is actually going to get up and go to work five days a week for the same money they could “earn” driving around collecting “benefits?” No one, that’s who. Actually, $25 an hour wouldn’t work to get them up off the couch. They’d probably stand pat at 40K for doing nothing until you offered them $30-$35 dollars an hour for doing not much work.

So the $9 an hour minimum wage is an insult to the poor. They should continue to do nothing until some enlightened soul realizes what their talents are really worth. Right now that’s about $30 an hour for unskilled, unmotivated and probably un-trainable workers.

I might try an experiment to see at what wage young Lex is willing to hit the woods after school. The only problem is, I’d be stuck at that wage and he’d end up owning the compound.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Living large with the Little Barrys

Little Barry declares our White House open for the evening

While the tiny people struggled to make it on $40K a year of government handouts, the swells gathered in our White House for the Sequester Soul revival. How nice. While the little people are locked out of our White House, LB and the Mooch with the broad beam, invite in an army a-list talent, their bands and their roadies.

How long could the White House leave its doors open to the public for the money the jug-eared dope just spent for his private concert?

You’d think that, under the circumstances, any normal person would cancel or tone down the gala. The Little Barry’s are not normal people. Raised on affirmative action, they are tone deaf entitled people. They do not see one thing wrong with the photo above. And the swells see nothing wrong with it either. Hey, this is how we live, F__ you small people.

They all believe that they are entitled. If the Mooch wants to leave 10 minutes ahead of her dope husband on one of her 50 yearly vacations, well then the Air Force better have a separate aircraft fueled stocked with arugula and ready to go. It’s the least the little people shelling out the several hundred thousands of dollars for the trip can do for her. After all she’s done so much for us.

Again, this reminds of the scene n the Hunger Games where clueless swells in the capital are all living high on the hog completely oblivious to the condition of the people in the districts.

Here’s an interesting story. Not because a gun grabbing Chicago Demo-Dope won the seat vacated by the drug and booze addled thief Jesse Jackson Jr, that was always a given.

Look near the bottom of the article where it’s noted that even in his drug and booze addled state, JJ Jr was able to bring a BILLION dollars of federal money back to his Chicago district. That’s obscene.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Veterans and Thatcher

Back to back front page stories in the local fish wrap on Veterans run afoul of the law got me to thinking, what other backgrounds do the media exploit in a “news story?”  We rarely, if ever read that gang violence is largely due to drop out illegitimate children of welfare mothers.

We know the Sec of Homeland Security has nothing but contempt for returning vets.  Now it seems to me we are on the verge of Hollywood and the lapdog media turning every veteran into some hapless drug addled loser using PTSD as crutch for not being able to get out of bed in the morning. The lapdogs want to give Ft. Hood murdering bastard Hassan a pass for PTSD even though the coward never so much as visited Iraq or Afghanistan.  They claim he got it by proxy from interviewing returning war vets.  Does the BS get any deeper than that?  Vietnam vets know the treatment. 

So I sent them a letter.

Re: War vet gets 50 years…& A different court for vets?

As it seems one’s service to one’s country can have a direct influence on one’s behavior, I’m okay with identifying Anthony Ochs and Justin York as veterans in the Saturday and Sunday headlines of the JG.

Will the JG extend the policy of identifying the backgrounds of all criminals?

How about these:
Lifetime welfare addict convicted of fraud.
Illegitimate son of lifetime welfare addict gets 25 years for drug dealing.
High school drop out and 4th bastard son of lifetime welfare addict gets 50 years for murder.

Military service, welfare dependency, illegitimacy and high school drop outs are backgrounds that all correlate to overall higher crime rates. I’ll wager that of those groups, veterans far and away return more to society than any of the others – probably combined.

So, why is the JG’s emphasis only on veterans’ crime?

RIP Margaret Thatcher
If Thatcher was the Iron Lady, what does that make John Boehner and most Republicans?
Jello man
Silly string boy
Dead soft malleable metal man
Tin foil man
20 gage copper wire boy
Silly putty man
Shifting sand man
Spine of thread man

It’s not that our guys put up the good fight and get beaten. Our guys never fight for anything. It seems they are always in retreat in the hope of finding a better position for the next fight.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Trust us. We're from the government.

For last several election cycles, congress’s approval rating has been lower than a World Cup soccer score at half time. Yet we the people manage to send 90+% of them back to their entrenched jobs election after election.

The only slight blip has been on the Republican side. They have at least tried to change the formula that has gotten us 17 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT through a series of primary races to replace beltway barnacles on our side. Several times this has blown up in the Republican’s faces. We want a new slate of candidates. The further from the Washington D.C. experience the better. But as soon as the new candidates make an error on the stump, we dump them and pine for the old bastard.

So, for good reason, congressional approval is in the dumpster. These are the American ruling class that heap great praise and benefit on one another and themselves while doing very little to make things better for anyone but themselves.

But we’re a dopey people. We send the same representatives to Washington election after election and some how expect that by sending the same dope back to Washington, we’ll get a better result.

Now we are engaged in great debates on the meaning of the Second Amendment, the meaning of the word marriage and meaning of national borders. Irrespective of which side of the argument you support on these issues, why the in the world would you trust anyone in congress to do what is right for you?

You support background checks. Fine, done by whom? Can you trust the people doing the background checks? Anyone who thinks the government ought to determine whether you’re fit to exercise the rights that are there to protect you from the very government you’re willing to let determine your “fitness” to exercise those rights has lost their mind.

For my money and according to the Second Amendment, I already have all the background check required for a gun purchase, a driver’s license and/or a military ID. If I make a major purchase with my Master Card the merchant can check my ID immediately and I get a call from the bank within 30 minutes asking about the transaction. So, why is it there needs to be a 3 day waiting period to buy a gun while background checks are done? Master Card can check immediately. It’s simple. The Washington power elite don’t want you to be able to buy a gun.

And answer me this. Why is it that many of the people who want to infringe on your Second Amendment rights with IDs, waiting periods and background checks, think anyone who walks into a polling place on Election Day ought to be able to vote with no ID, registration or proof of residency? They want an ID, a waiting period and a background check to perform a constitutionally protected activity like the purchase a firearm, but they squeal like stuck pigs if anyone dare suggest we require a photo ID for voting.

But I’m sure if we just send the same people back to Washington one more election cycle, they will start to listen to us.

A realistic insight into blogging and MSNBC
Finally someone nails it! For big sis whose kids travel PMSNBC. The headline of the post about covers it.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Moochelle O'Little Barry new spokesperson for Travelocity

Moochelle O'Little Barry

See if you can watch this without throwing up. Moochy Moochelle flubs the lines. First the mooch calls herself a “busy single mother.” We know from the post a couple under that, if she were, she’d be granted instant hero status.

Then the chief mooch corrects herself and calls herself a busy mother. Busy? Doing what? Packing for vacation? Scolding people for eating a piece of pie? Tending her garden that she does not tend?

Then the mooch slips back into fantasy again and calls herself a busy working mother. Work? Cleaning the house? No. Cooking? No. Working doing what? What she is and probably always has been is a leach, sucking in millions of dollars for no show jobs in Chicago because LB is some slimy Chicago pol.

Since moving to the white house, the mooch has been on more vacations than that gnome that does the Travelocity ads. It’s hard to keep up with them, but that ain’t “working.”

But it’s not the Mooch’s fault. She’s married to an idiot who makes things up all the time while his lapdog media cover for him. Some of his greatest hits:
We’re going to close G’itmo in the first year.
We’re going to cut the deficit in half in the first term.
The sequester will not happen.
You can keep your plan if you like it.
There’s no money available to continue the White House tours.
I will not do anything that adds one dime to the deficit.
And just yesterday:
20 kids in the Newtown shootings were killed with a fully automatic weapon.

Like most gun grabbers, LB either doesn’t know the difference between semi and fully automatic or knowing his lapdogs will cover for him, is content to lie his skinny @$$ off for political gain.

LB has been lying for so long with a lapdog media covering for him, by now, he probably believes his own BS.

So when the Mooch says she’s a single mother, working mother or even a busy mother she’s a lying sack in the form of her punk husband.

Several posts under, Lex noted that we may have already tipped and as a society are accelerating toward terminal velocity before hitting the ground – hard.

If you don’t believe that, consider in FL there is debate on a Born Alive Bill that protects babies who survive abortion. OK it’s bad enough that a bill to protect a baby born alive is even needed or worse that it needs to be “debated,” but Planned Parenthood’s rep to the debate, Alisa Lepolt Snow, actually advocated letting the baby die.

Here’s an organization that makes millions upon millions of dollars every year performing abortions. Yet the organization is given millions more of tax payer dollars for “reproductive counseling” and "women’s health issues."

A country that cannot or better put will not open the people’s house to the people and is currently denying cancer patients life saving medications because of funding cuts but is funneling millions of dollars to an organization that supports infanticide is in serious trouble.

Yeah, I think we’ve already tipped.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Standards, thumpers and fiscal responsibility

Relax the standards. Then ignore the results.
Hard to believe but, two women Marines failed the physically demanding inventory Combat Endurance Test at the Marine Corps’ Infantry Officer’s Course. They will continue to fail it en mass until the test is eased to accommodate them.

Neither will women be able to perform the tasks of men at artillery and tank schools. Yet at some point great fanfare will be made of the first woman graduate of these establishments. No one will note the myriad of special accommodations that had to be made to facilitate the “graduation.”

That’s not important. What’s important is that women are proven to be equal to men - even if they aren’t. But we will not truly have evolved as a society until the first lesbian couple graduates IOC.

News flash to the Department of Defense – Men and women are different.

O’Really and Bible thumpers
Rush Limbaugh apparently got under Billbo O’Really’s skin when he pointed that O’Really referred to anyone relying solely on Biblical reference to oppose gay marriage as thumping the Bible.

First, if you have only one argument against “gay marriage,” basing that argument on the greatest most widely read book in history wouldn’t be a bad thing and wouldn't be disparaged by most people.  Try basing it on the koran and see if anyone pipes up in opposing you.

Next, I have yet to hear the single argument theory O’Really is railing against. If there is a single argument, it’s the slippery slope argument i.e. if you allow “gay marriage,” why not let Ted marry Alice and Jane? And so on.

In an effort to minimize opposition, I’d say the lapdog media are portraying the opponents of gay marriage as a bunch of – in O’Really’s words – Bible thumpers. Billbo fell for it and joined in.

Full disclosure, I got off the O’Really band wagon during the ’08 campaign. It was then that O’Really became a baby splitting simpleton. Reactionaries on the right, reactionaries on the left, and there’s Billbo comfortably in the middle mocking everyone. It was Billy who assured us that LB wasn’t far left bomb thrower and would govern from the middle. How’s that working out for you Billy?

Back in the days when Billy Boy was chasing Larry King, he seemed more enjoyable and less an overbearing jerk. Since he’s been on top, he’s become a Chris Matthews shouting at and hectoring guests. Soon he be spitting all over them as he shouts just like CM over at PMSNBC.

For me, he’s pretty much unwatchable. I try to catch Dennis Miller, but even that is a pain, because O’Really can’t stand to pitch Miller the set up and let Miller run with it. O’Really has to interrupt and try to one up Miller. Fox should give Miller his own show. I’d watch that, unless he had Billy O’Really on as a guest.

If you doubt this assessment, see how much of this you can stand to watch.

$h!t that you cannot make up
When I first heard this, I thought it was an April Fool’s joke. But it’s true.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013


A common phrase these days is: We’re approaching a tipping point. Well, I think we’ve tipped, and like when a heavy object – let’s say a large safe - tips off a tall building, there’s little chance of recovery before that object hits the ground.

One clear sign that we have dropped off the edge and are now accelerating toward terminal velocity is the cultural rot that is at best taken for granted and at worst actually celebrated.

Illegitimacy used to be something that was rare and something people tried to keep quiet. Today it is nearly as common place as a child born to a married couple. Today about 40% of all babies in America are born without the benefit of a father.

Illegitimacy scorned? No. There are tv shows about it and the single mothers are celebrated as heroes for raising families “alone.”

First, the problem is wholly preventable. It is not as if these people deserve the hero worship and benefits of people who through no fault of their own are stricken by cancer or some other debilitating disease and who go on to fight the good fight.

Second, the last thing these unwed mothers are doing is raising the family alone. They are in line for every benefit imaginable paid for by governments that are broke. Because they were raised on the dole, the off spring of single mothers are about 80% more likely to end up in line for public benefits. They are more likely to fail in school. They are more likely to end up in trouble with the law. Even if everything goes well for them, statistically they will earn less money than a child raised with a mother and a father.

We can all sit back and laugh at Modern Family on tv until the real world intervenes. Then we discover that what looked funny on tv proves to have very real and dire consequences.  We want to blame someone or something.

Look at the video link two posts under. Hundreds of teenagers disrupt activity on one Chicago’s largest tourist attractions in one of its most expensive neighborhoods. One lady complains that she pays $17,000 in taxes as if she can pay enough to keep the unwashed masses out of her line of sight.

The community activist in the video warns parents to look after their children. That’s good advice. Except given what we see on the video, statistically 70% of those children (blacks) only have ONE parent. A warning to “parents” carries some weight. A warning to a single parent about her kids is a signal to social services to step in.  And we all know that that always ends well.

Monday, April 01, 2013

"Even one death is too many" logic is BS

Rush Limbaugh popularized a simple irrefutable argument against the minimum wage. If someone thinks the min wage ought to be $10 an hour, you agree. Then say, “It ought to be $15.” When they agree you say, “It ought to be $25.” When they finally reach the point that they say, "well $50 an hour is just too much," you have them. Why is $50 too much? Wouldn’t we all be better off making $50 an hour?

Dana Loesch uses this argument in reveres on a couple of CNN simpletons who don’t even know they have been schooled. If the argument is that a 30 round magazine contains too many rounds to kill too many people, Loesch asks how many dead children are acceptable?  The answer is of course zero. Then Loesch says, so you do want to get rid of all the guns, because if even one death is too many, you’d have to ban muskets as well.

But this “one child’s death is too many” argument has always bothered me. If that were truly the case we’d put our kids in bubbles and hover over them 24-7. Wait, we already do.

Anyone who does not believe in miracles need look no further than any 18 year old boy. Lex has noted on this page before that, given all the things that can wrong, from the complexity of the human genome at conception, choke hazards, electricity, water, animals, disease, bikes, cars, motorcycles, and yes guns etc., it truly is a miracle that any kid manages to make it to age 18. The human race should have died out thousands of years ago. But, somehow here we are.

If “one death were too many” we’d ban driving, swimming pools, plastic buckets that hold more than half a gallon, sharp objects, step ladders, airplanes, cars, bicycles and on and on. If the “one death is too many” logic held, we’d all have to live in a maximum security prison where we’d be locked up for 23 hours a day.  That Mr. and Mrs. America is the Lib definition of utopia.

The sad fact is that we tolerate risk and death everyday to live free lives. Demo-Dopes cannot stand it. Nanny B wants to substitute his judgment for our own and the people of NY NY seem to think that that is OK.  How long will it be before they dodgeball in the schools?  Wait, they already have.

If that is too depressing for an Easter Monday, try this story of living in a “gun free zone.” Really why would anyone need a gun in Chicago?