Monday, July 31, 2017

PDJT shaking things up

There’s been a shakeup at the White House.  This has the usual suspects up in arms claiming confusion at the White House and wondering why PDJT is shaking things up. 

It’s easy.  There’s a management style - Deming I think - that uses the maxim, constant change, constant improvement.  Para phrased by USMC wise guys – constant change, constant confusion. It may look like confusion to the outsider but it makes perfect sense to the manager. 

It’s like the baseball manager that make a 7 player changer in the bottom of the 8th inning. As nearly every player takes up a new position, it looks like confusion to outsider.  The play by play guy tries to explain it but has no idea what’s going through the mind of the manager making the player changes.  It all plays out as batter by batter the reasons for the changes – confusion - reveal themselves.

PDJT’s changes will all play out in time.  Pribus is out.  Kelley is in.  Opening DHS for a move for Sessions to allow for a new AG who will not recuse himself on the Russia thing and will rein in Muller, appoint a special counsel for the Dope collusion with Russians and open an investigation into all things Shrillda the Hutt, Billbo Billy Boy Clinton and their dumb as a hoe handle off spring and their money laundering “foundation.” 

That will cause the MSM, Lefty Libs (1 in the same) and Rat establishment Republicans to just about come off the rails.  Sara Huckabee Sanders and the Mooch - part of the 7 player change - will keep them in line, one with no non-sense answers to questions, the other with profanity laced tirades about what one-sided losers they are.  

Meanwhile ReRs warning about a “constitutional crisis” if Sessions or Muller is fired will be left with nothing.  Sessions wasn’t fired.  He was moved to left field.  Muller isn’t fired, he’s being overseen by an AG doing his job and being counter balanced by a Special Counsel doing a tit for tat “investigation” of Dopes and Clinton Crime Family Foundation.

When Muller indicts anyone PDJT can let be known it’s a waste of time as a full Presidential pardon will follow any indictment.  When Comey, high-level Dopes and the Clintons are faced with indictment, Dopes in congress will beg the new AG to fire Muller and the Special Counsel looking into Dope reprobates. 

Sessions was lone voice of opposition in the go along to get along Republican Party fighting Dope/ReR amnesty proposals.  Moving Sessions to DHS is a smart move for PDJT and Sessions.  PDJT might consider nominating and use a recess appointment to place a guy like Joe Degenova as new the AG.  That move – putting a no non-sense partisan in as AG – would scare the excrement out of the crooked as hell Dopes and send the Trump Derangement Syndrome crowd heading for the fainting couch. 

White House Petition
The White House Petition started Friday by Lex calling for the recall of AK Senator Lisa the liar Murkowski already has one person signed up.  Only 99,000 to go.  Thanks for the overwhelming support.  One more push ought to put it over the top.

PDJT channels Lex
It isn’t over until PDJT says its over.  That well known paraphrase from Animal House is the best way to explaine PDJT’s refusal to let the repeal and replacement of Robertscare issue go. 

Lex said a long, long time ago the first move in repealing and replacing Robertscare was to strip Congress of their healthcare subsidy.  These Caligula, D.C. ruling class weasels have exempted for the BS that foist on the rest of us.  PDJT is threatening to end that BS today. 

Friday, July 28, 2017

Rat establishment Republicans chicken out – SHOCKING!

Hard to believe ReR backed out of a 7 year promise.  Let’s hit it

While at VA’s Lake Anna over the 4th of July Weekend, I witnessed a young girl standing the edge of a low bridge getting ready to jump into the water, as we’d seen scores of kids do throughout the day.  She stood there while a boat load of friends and family encouraged to take “the last step.”  We putted by watching and hoping she’d screw up her courage and jump in. 

There she was, probably after years of telling the family for the 4th or 5th time, “This year I’m going to jump off that bridge.”  Probably in previous year’s mom and dad had told her, “Not this year honey.  Maybe next year.”  In previous years she’d begged to make the jump and got mad when mom and dad said no.

This year all signals were go.  She’d been asking for years to take the plunge.  Mom and Dad wouldn’t allow it.  This year they relented.  This year she was finally going to do it.  She probably had texted all her friends, “Going out to take that long awaited leap!  So excited!”  She might have had someone taking a picture from the waiting boat.  There she was one step from glory.

The longer the drama of the girl on the bridge went on, the more obvious it became she was not going to jump.  We watched as the girl got smaller and smaller as we putted away.  Then we turned back and the girl began to get larger.  Still standing in the exact same spot.  Looking down.  Hearing the encouragement of friend and family in the recovery boat. 

At last, another woman was seen walking across bridge.  She talked to the girl for a minute.  Then the girl climbed back over the bridge’s safety rail and walked off the bridge with the other woman.

That’s a true story.  That girl is an exact metaphor for the Rat establishment Republican Party’s Robertscare repeal/replace.  She was too afraid to take a step to glory.  The big difference between the girl and ReRs is that the girl’s decision hurt no one but her own self-esteem.   

After years of tough talk about killing Robertscare, knowing that The Empty Suit would veto their effort, with a president with pen and hand to sign their efforts, the ReR Party chickened out at fixing a bill that everyone knows the current situation is untenable.

Specifically three ReRs, Collins (no surprise), Murkowski (liar) and John I think I’ll take a walk across the aisle McCain. Every reasonable moderate Demo-Dope supported the bill.  Here’s the list:

Now there will be a “bi-partisan” bill, read Demo-Dope bill.  I guess we’ll see what we will see. 

Lex set up a White House Petition asking PDJT to travel to Alaska and announce the recall effort of lying Senator Lisa Murkowski.  Sign on here:  URL:  

I’m sure the response will be overwhelming forcing PDJT to adjust his plans and travel North to Alaska – Johnny Horton 1960 – this weekend.

Powerline channels Lex (Or maybe it’s the other way around)
Lex has made the same points made in this Powerline post – though not as cogently – several times.  I think the same case can made for the Lefty Libs assault on the US military with women in combat, gays, transgenders, dwarfs, paraplegics, the blind and mentally unstable, the usual “if they can do the job they should be allowed to serve” crowd whose only goal is making the US military a second-rate force.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Transgenderedness nothing but a social justice ploy to weaken the US military

PDJT is correct.  My guess is that the only doctor about 98% of “transgender” people need is a psychiatric doctor.  A country that is 20 trillion dollars in debt has to make choices.  Dumping hundreds of millions of dollars in medical care and life-long drug therapy on .2% of the force/population for non-life threatening…hmm what is it  an illeness*….no it’s like the military paying for boob jobs, well it is paying for boob jobs come to think of it when it comes to the transgendered.  What’s next, penis enhancement?  Well, why not?  I woke up this morning feeling like Johnny the wad Holmes.  The military now must fix my nether regions to correspond with my feelings.  It’s crazy…literally.

*Note: I’m sure that referring to transgenderdness as an illness is some sort of micro aggression worthy of being expelled from most American colleges these days.

So if a man is crazy enough to believe he’s a woman he’s probably sane enough not to want to foot the tens of thousands of dollars required for the “change”.  Just join the military and Uncle will foot that bill.

But money in military matters is not the main thing.  The main thing for all things military is answering a simple question in the affirmative: Does it enhance military lethality?

But this just like blacks serving.  There was a time when blacks were thought to be unsuitable for service with whites.  That’s true, but blacks were not seeking expensive life altering surgeries and a life time of drug therapy to become white. 

Well then what about women?  Okay does anyone seriously suppose putting a couple or so women in a barracks with 40 guys is a good idea?  Does anyone think putting a 60 pound pack on a woman’s back and asking her to trek across the desert with a squad of 13 men isn’t going to slow the unit down? 

Okay what about gays?  My own thinking is that serving in the military openly as a gay is an unnecessary distraction that accommodates a tiny percentage of the population and does not enhance military lethality. But admittedly I’m too old for most of this stuff.

It’s not even a matter of “being able to the job.”  I’m sure there are blind and mentally challenged dwarfs who could do some jobs in the military.  There are good reasons why the military does not accept such people.   

My own thinking on this is this simple:  Never hire a problem. Transgenderedness in the military is going to create problems drain scarce resources and do not one damn thing enhance the lethality of today’s military. 

This whole thing has nothing to with military lethality.  It’s just another social justice experiment foisted on the military by Demo-Dopes who would be quite happy to see the US become a second rate military power. 

There may come a day for this experiment.  Today is not that day. 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Quick shots

Another day friends.  Let hit it.

PDJT should go on the road 2 days a week
Loved the sound bites of PDJT in OH last night.  He needs to do this a couple of days a week.  Go to Alaska and put some heat on Murkowski.  Mention to the crowd that they can “recall” politicians who lie to them for seven years.  Tell them how easy that would be.  All of the Dopes would support a recall as an opportunity.  Better to have truthful anti-American Dope than lying “pro” American wolf in sheep’s clothing. 

He should start the mid-Term right now by rallying in states with vulnerable Dope senators.  A couple of pick-ups would make Murkowski as inconsequential as a liar ought to be. 

Robertscare vote
The senate took an unbelievable 50-50 vote open debate on the failing Robertscare disaster.  50-50?  Everyone knows the current situation is untenable.  Why 50-50?  Because a liar like Lisa Murkowski and a “reasonable” guy like Joe Manchin would rather carry water for Chuckles the clown Schumer than do the right thing.

These people should be ashamed of themselves.  Sadly shame is something completely absent in Caligula, D.C.

Jeff Sessions
Okay.  Okay.  Okay, I’ve got it.  PDJT is disappointed with AG Sessions.  I don’t need another word about it.  PDJT reminds of Meatchicken Coach Jim Harbaugh after the double overtime loss to The OSU last year.  During the post-game interview, Harbaugh was disappointed.  Then he was very disappointed.   Then he was bitterly disappointed.  He wasn’t disappointed that his team couldn’t beat the Buckeyes or his unsportsman like conduct penalty that aided the Buckeyes.  He was disappointed that the officials made a few calls that didn’t go Meatchicken’s way.  There’s an old woodworking adage that goes, “It’s a poor craftsman who blames his tools.”  The sporting corollary to that adage is, it’s a poor coach who blames the refs. 

So we were talking about…what?  Oh yeah, leave Jeff Sessions alone.  Jeff Sessions is the current state of play. I agree he quit recused himself too soon and too easily.  It’s done. 

For now, Sessions is still the best option PDJT has for AG.  If Sessions quits or is fired, PDJT will be left with Sessions’ deputy.  That is not a good option.  Further, the likelihood of Chuckles the clown Schumer fast tracking Sessions’ replacement is about as likely as Chuckles avoiding a TV camera. 

My advice to PDJT:  Have lunch with Sessions.  Tell him you’re disappointed.  Then go out to the Rose Garden and tell the press Sessions is the man for the foreseeable future, and then not another word.

Lex goes Vogue

It’s time for a another shallow post.  I contrast the photos of FLOTUS with her predecessor not to be cruel to Moochel.  Few women would want to have to compete in photo ops with a super model.  The reason Lex “goes there” this morning is to point out that MSM hypocrisy isn’t confined to PDJT.

I recall a fawning press talking about Moochel’s fantastic arms and how fit she was, although they were asked to avoid photographing “Ms. Fit” below the waist as that angle would demonstrate that Ms. Fit is – hmm how to put this – Ms. Fit is just a tiny bit thick through the backside and thighs.   

No.  Make that, hell no, I do not care.  I’ve been on weight control for the last 20 years.  I understand.  Besides we’re Americans.  We appreciate the curvy, full-figured Daisy Duke look.  But why does the MSM have to lie about how wonderful the Mooch is in all things?  Let's face it, the Mooch has the fashion sense of a circus clown.

Meanwhile not so much as a word about the elegant and beautiful Melania.  They won’t even take the beauty and the beast approach of Melania and PPDJT to demean the POTUS.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

McCain plus PDJT wows the Boy Scouts

Greetings all.  Let’s hit it.

John McCain’s heroic journey
Days after brain surgery, John McCain is traveling to Caligula, D.C. to make a procedural vote to open debate on repealing and/or replacing Robertscare.  He is being hailed as a hero for making the trip.  There is something heroic about making a life-threatening trip just to cast a vote in the senate for the national good.  God’s speed John McCain.

In my mind, what would be truly heroic for McCain is to step aside and let someone else represent the state of AZ.  His health is obviously an issue.  Sadly, it’s unlikely to improve over time. 

Then there’s the whole idea of having to be physically present in the Capitol Building to cast a vote.  It’s the 21st century.  Why is being physically present in Caligula, D.C. still a requirement for making your state’s voice heard? 
Seems to me about 75% of what happens in congress can be accomplished just as easily outside the Capital.  If we want to drain the swamp, move the swamp creatures out.  Imagine the problem having representatives spread across the country would create for influence peddlers who love having all 535 representatives co-located in Caligula, D.C. where they can pretty much go door to door to spread their goodies and BS around. 

I’m beginning to think keeping representatives close to home under the influence of voters rather than in Caligula, D.C. under the influence of high paid lobbyists is going to begin to gain traction.  It might be a good legacy for John McCain if he could promote that idea. 

Boy Scouts love PDJT
PDJT stood in front of tens of thousands of Boy Scouts chanting “We love Trump” at the Boy Scout Jamboree in WV last night.  It was interesting to watch.  A campaign rally at the Boy Scout Jamboree.  It was vintage Trump.  The Scouts loved it.  That caused the Lefty Libs to display their usual hate and unhingedness* toward anyone who dares to disagree by comparing the Scouts to the Hitler Youth.

 *NOTE:  Bill Gates is alerting me that “unhingedness” is not a real word, but you know what I mean.

I’m not sure the Jamboree is the best place for a political type rally.  I sure wouldn’t have wanted to listen to The Empty Suit rail against me at the Jamboree.   But I cannot see me calling the Scouts names because of what TES had to say at a Jamboree - that he never once attended by the way.  Which proves someone’s point – was it Woody Allen - that half of life is just showing up.  PDJT showed up.  TES didn’t.  Whatever PDJT had to say was less offensive than calling his audience “Hitler Youth.”

Having spent a number of years as a Scouter, I think meetings and Jamborees ought to be politics free.  But starting every meeting with a prayer, the pledge, the Scout Law and Oath ought to be enough to get the message across.  What was amazing to me was the response from the Scouts.  They seemed to genuinely enjoy the visit and the content of the speech.  That’s the real reason why the Lefty Libs are lashing out.  The Scouts enjoyed PDJT’s visit.  Therefore, they must be the enemy.  Therefore they must be destroyed.  Therefore we have to compare them to the Hitler Youth. 

Had the Scouts booed PDJT, the Lefty Libs would be hailing them heroes.

After TES’s first election, I clearly recall an elementary school teacher leading her classroom in the chant “Barak Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm”, but there’s nothing creepy about that.  I didn’t call the kids creepy.  I called the deranged idiot teacher creepy.

PDJT should comply with the special investigator’s orders
The overpaid unbound PDJT/Russia Special Investigator Bobby Muller’s team has ordered the White House to preserve all e-mails, texts, tweets, notes et al pertaining to its Russia investigation.  PDJT should tweet back, “Roger.  We’ve got Crooked Hillary’s IT team working on it right now.  15,000 e-mails already deleted only 18,000 to go.  Destruction of I-Phones and servers next.  Is that a problem?”

Monday, July 24, 2017

No better guy to go it alone than PDJT

When The Empty Suit took office with the intention “transforming America”, read destroy America, he had the undying support of the MSM, Hollywood, nay nearly all of the entertainment, nearly all of the sports world, all of the Demo-Dope party and ¾ of the Republican Party i.e. Rat establishment Republicans.

They carried water for lying buffoon through a dozen very real scandals.  When TES said he’d been to all 57 states, they actually set out search for the missing 7.  Eight years later we’ve found them all.  The state of confusion, weakness, division, racial tension, failing healthcare, government coercion against Americans and America in decline.  The only voice of reason in any of this was Rush Limbaugh who accurately opined about TES in a four word OpEd, “I hope he fails.”   

Fast forward 8 horrible years for the US.  DJT launches a campaign with two major themes, America first and Make America Great Again.  What happens?  The exact same people who fawned over TES for “transforming America” are aghast at the notion of putting “America First” and “Making America Great Again.” 

None of the weasels were willing to give PDJT even a day to gain his sea legs.  For six months there has been a steady daily drip of BS Russia news.  NEWS FLASH!!! Russia tried to interfere with the 2016 election and 2012 election, and the 2008 election, and the 2004 election, and the 2000 election, and the 1996 election…continue that back to the 1956 election.  And here’s another NEWS FLASH!!  We do the exact same thing.  As the matter of fact, there were reports early on that the reason that the Russians wanted Trump to win was because of Shrillda the Hutt’s effort to subvert Putin in his election.

Since day one PDJT has been on his own.  Well what about VP Pence?  He was on board until DJT Jr.’s problems cropped up.  Then he too headed to sewer on that one.  Instead of taking the neutral ground by saying something as innocuous as, “We’ll wait to see how this unfolds.”  Or even better telling the MSM to go pee up a rope, this is the 1,000th time in 6 months you’ve tried to get PDJT and failed every single time, Pence said it all happened before he came on board.  Thanks Mike.  That was a great help.

Usually reliable “conservatives” put the establishment ahead of the country.  I count George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Britt Hume, National Review and about half of the “conservatives” on Fox News in that category.  Even about ½ of the Republican Party is more interested in subverting the president than fulfilling a 7 year promise to unwind Robertscare, defund Planned un-Parenthood, reform the tax code and secure the Sothern border.    

The #NEVERTRUMPERS over at National Review will not relent.  I haven’t seen the “We missed the rise and election PDJT by a mile because we’re part of the ‘establishment’” OpEd from the editors.  Instead they, with exception Victor Davis Hanson, are reliable PDJT opponents, critics and to a point as much part of the resist movement as AntiFa losers, sans, of course, any actual physical resistance that might place them in close proximity of any of us lowly common people that they seem to openly disdain. 

Most of the NR guys are people who I enjoy reading like Jonah Goldberg and Kevin Williamson to name two.  In their latest efforts at NR, Goldberg slams PDJT for the Muller fiasco.  See, it’s all PDJT’s fault that Comey illegally leaked a memo to himself after being fired in order to trigger a special investigation with no boundaries, no budget and no integrity headed up by Comey’s best friend who hired every Demo-Dope hack lawyer in Caligula, D.C. in an effort to turn up dirt on PDJT.  It’s PDJT’s fault Jeff Sessions surrendered to Al Franken without firing a shot by recusing himself for…nothing.  It’s PDJT’s fault Session’s deputy appointed Muller who’s law firm donated 98% of their presidential donations to Shrillda the Hutt.   

Williamson’s latest effort is to lampoon PDJT’s Made in America Week.  Williamson points out the undeniable truth that nearly everything “made” in America has foreign content.  Okay fine.  Let’s call “Profits for America Week.”   Will that make Williamson happy?  Not a chance.  He’s a dyed in the wool unrelenting #NEVERTRUMPER.  Nothing will change his mind. 

What is the point of Rat establishment Republicans “resisting” PDJT at this point?  Why did they prefer Shrillda the Hutt?  Isn’t PDJT’s agenda pro-growth, lower taxes, a more conservative judiciary, etc?  What is to be gained by this opposition from his own side at this point?  Well my honest opinion is that these swamp creatures are just fine dwelling in the swamp.  Who the governor of the swamp happens to be is irrelevant as long he is a swamp creature.  The swamp hates non-swamp creature.  The swamp is a closed club.  Only swamp creatures need to apply.  All others will be destroyed by the swamp.

Fear not America.  PDJT fears no swamp creatures.  The swamp creatures fear PDJT.  Any other Republican would have quit under the unrelenting pressure from all quarters that has persisted against PDJT for the last 6 months.  Instead PDJT is carrying the day.  PDJT is relentless.  He is like the 1st MarDiv at the Frozen Chosin.  Surrounded by enemies that want to see his presidency destroyed, PDJT’s outlook is the same as Gen Chesty Puller’s.  “We’re surrounded.  That simplifies the problem.  We can attack in any direction.”  My advice to PDJT is pick the easiest target and destroy it.  WV Sen Capito is the likely target.  Destroy her.  The rest will get the message.

Imagine where we’d be if PDJT had even minimal support from his own party? 

Today in England some powered wig wearing right royal high commission of over lords for the little people will decide if Charlie Gard’s parents can bring him to America for possibly life-saving treatment. Let that set in for minute. 

Play Jeopardy music in your head.  Okay that’s enough. 

Whatever the powered wig wearing right royal high commission of over lords for the little people decides, it’s bad news for the little people.  The best thing for the masses of little people, which is the worst news for Charlie and his parents, is that the powered wig wearing right royal high commission of over lords for the little people decides openly that they have decided that Charlie MUST die according to their will and on time.  At least that decision would lay bare what is going in England.

If they let Charlie’s parents seek the life-saving treatment it might perpetuate the illusion in England that the little people have the right to seek life-saving medications and procedures sans the permission of the powered wig wearing right royal high commission of over lords for the little people.

This whole thing is stunning.  If you think it’s not coming here, wait for single payer.

Firing Muller w/o firing Muller  
PDJT needs to put a time and dollar limit on Muller’s unbound investigation.  This investigation has been going on for a year with nothing.  Demo-Dopes admit there is nothing of note to report at this time.  Ironically they use that fact as an excuse for continuing the investigation.  That means the Dopes want the investigation to continue until something – anything – is turned up. 

PDJT or the Dep AG needs to tell Muller, “If you cannot get to the bottom of this by (pick a date)) and/or under (pick a dollar amount), you and your staff are incompetent boobs and will be fired.  If your staff leaks, you are an incompetent boob and you’ll be fired. 

RIP Roy Swartz
It’s a wakeup call when your high school classmates start to pass away.  I woke this morning with news that good buddy Roy Swartz lost his battle with cancer.  I didn’t even know he was battling cancer.  This happens over 40 years of travel.  You lose contact.  Fortunately I was able to sit at lunch and share a beer or two and a bunch of laughs with him and the Griffin a year or two back.  We said we’d do it again.  We never did.  My memories are all of high school shenanigans.  During a test, Roy once raised hand and asked the improbable question, "Mr. Seigrist, on question four, do you want the right answer or the one you gave us?"  He went into the hospital for something that I now know was related to the cancer.  I sent him a note telling him that I was embarrassed to admit that I still found some of that high school stuff funny as hell.  That proves the point, you have to get old, but you don’t have to grow up.  Today I'm down one buddy, and I never had that many to start with.

Friday, July 21, 2017

"Hands up don't shoot" treasonous MSM lie of our times

In a couple of the posts under Lex demonstrates how the case can be made, that over the last 40 or so years, no one person or institution has been more subversive to the order and well-being of America than the American press.  It has since occurred to me that the MSM lie of our time, the Wally Cronkite the Vietnam War is lost moment of 1968 if you will, has to be the total BS lie “hands up don’t shoot.” 

The media liars still insist on spreading this proven and provably false BS.  The main difference is that, while I’m will to give Wally the benefit of the doubt that he had no way of knowing the total operational and strategic loss that Tet was for the VC, this generation of traitors knew full well that they were spreading a lie.  It made no difference.  To rip off the Clinton’s little BSer - Chelsea - They Persisted. 

The little lying bastard that started all of the trouble by making the false claim that thug Mike Brown had his hands up and was shot in the back, got off Scott free.  No obstruction charges.  No interfering with investigation charges.  No making a false police report charges.  The little s**t walked.

The media has gotten off Scott free.  Have any of the liars issued a public retraction and apology?  The only one to pay a price so far has been Officer Darren Wilson.  Ferguson was burned over a lie that little lying bastard started and the MSM has perpetuated.  The lie gave rise to Black Thugs Matter movement.  Darren Wilson was forced from the Ferguson PD and the PD itself is now under the thumb of the incompetents in the DoJ.

The sports world is not exempt.  In that world Tim Tebow is a creep and Colin Kaepernick is some kind of hero.  Nobody was worried about another team picking up Tebow when the Denver Broncos brought n Peyton Manning.  They just opined that teams didn’t want to deal with the controversy of player that prayed openly.  They’d bring an accomplice to murder back into the league, but a player that prays?  That’s outrageous. 

Yeah I know, Tebow’s throwing motion is a mess by NFL standards.  That’s the real problem.  Kaepernick is the poster child for adage “never hire a known problem.”  The NFL is a business.  Why would any team want to bring in an average player well past his glory days that is going to blow up the locker room and be a total PR nightmare?  What’s the upside for any team hiring an anti-American interception machine like Kaepernick?

But the sports media insists Kaepernick is unemployed because the league is racist.  Well, why doesn’t ESPN hire him?  They must be racist.  That’s the only answer.

Monday Preview
I’m considering doing something on Trump Alone.  Think of a Randolph Scott movie where Scott single-handedly faces down a gang of bandits running roughshod over a small western town while the “respectable” town folk hide out behind closed doors and peek out from behind drawn shades.  Guess what part PDJT plays in that scenario?  Who do suppose the “town folk” are? 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The breakdown of "breaking news"

Here we go friends.  I’m in a hurry.  So, read fast.   Let’s hit it.

Jeff Sessions
PDJT is a truth teller. I’ll wager Melania never asks, “Do these jeans make my butt look fat?”  One, because nothing can make that beauty look fat.  Second, because he’d tell her the truth.  Okay if the first is true, maybe she does ask just hear how wonderful she looks, because she knows PDJT will level with her.

Jeff Sessions just found out how truthful PDJT can be.  His comment on Sessions was the truth – and Sessions knows it.  Sessions has been in Caligula, D.C. too long.  Faced with BS charges of Russian collusion, he quit too soon.  He should have taken a que from his boss and told Franken and squish Rat establishment Republicans to go to hell when they called for his recusal.  He didn’t.  He rolled over for them.

Given PDJT’s statement, I’d expect Session to resign in the next couple of days.  How/why the hell would anyone stay when the boss has indicated that he would have picked someone else?  PDJT should tear Sessions’ resignation letter up in front of him.  Tell Sessions he made his bed.  Sleep in it.

If Sessions quits PDJT will be without an AG for, well given Chuckles the clown Schumer and feckless ReRs in the senate, who knows how long.  PDJT should tell Sessions that he’s the man until Muller finishes his work.  That should leave Sessions in place well past PDJT’s second term.

Yes!  By all means parole him today.  Let this man get back to the important work of scouring every golf course in America looking for Nicol Brown and Ron Goldman’s killer.

John McCain
John McCain is sick with cancer.  That’s a shame for him and his family.  McCain spoke at a forum at Quantico, VA when I was but a mere 2nd Lt.  The only two things I remember from the talk was that McCain was 100% pro military and his opening remark.  He told us that the former AZ Senator Barry Goldwater, once told him, “John, if I’d been elected president in 1964, you’d never have been a prisoner of war in Vietnam.”  McCain quipped that his response was, “Yeah, Barry I’d have been a prisoner of war in China.”   I thought it was a funny line back then, but little did I know that I would be able to trace that line back as the very first time I heard McCain cross the aisle to trash his own party.

That said, McCain is nearly 81.  He’s been hanging around Caligula, D.C. for THIRTY-FIVE years as a congressman and senator.  McCain is the poster child for the corrupting power of Caligula, D.C.  No one, it seems, can resist the long-term effects of that cesspit.

McCain is the perfect example of why we need the convention of states.  Yeah I know, whatever happened to that?  We need term limits on those who want to make milking the treasury a lifetime pursuit.  We need to repeal the 17th Amendment, which took the election of senators out of the hands of state legislators and put it in hands of the public.  The framers had it right.

Look at everything that has gone down while McCain sat in the hallowed halls of Caligula, D.C.  Look at the debt.  Look at the cultural rot.  Look at the ever creeping welfare state.  Look at the ever creeping government control over aspect of life. McCain's been there for all of it.

Why not rotate some fresh blood in, fresh ideas in and spread the blame around?

I’ve never been a McCain fan.  I wish him no harm.  I hope he tolerates his treatment well, makes a full recovery, decides to quit the senate and live to 100.   

Up the ante on the Rat establishment Republicans
In the brilliant post under, Lex proposes that the RNC promise to run a recall effort and primary challenge to any “Republican” senator that does not get on board with some form of repeal and replace for Robertscare.  On second thought I think the RNC needs to up the ante.  Promise the lying conniving cowards a recall effort, a primary challenge and a third party candidate if the one of the weasels manages to win the primary.  Make it clear that they are done.

Grand Nan from San Fran Peloser stirs violence
Like most everything that spews forth from this moron’s mouth, it’s unclear what the old, old bag means.  Is she saying that an increase in the US defense budget inspires violence world-wide?  Anyone who can click onto the Internet knows the world is an excrement hole.  The US defense budget is what is keeping it from descending father into the abyss of violence and chaos.

If by increasing the defense budget the old, old bag means that there will not be sufficient fund to stop violence here at home, she’s wrong again.  Much the violence is Demo-Dope, MSM and Hollywood inspired violence, violence that Dopes have yet to condemn in any meaningful way.  

I’ll make her a deal.  If she’ll send her staff into a LA bar anonymously wearing MAGA hats and stay for an hour, I’ll go into a bar in WV wearing a I’m with her hat and we’ll see gets violence visited upon them first.  My guess is that the Dopes will get their butts kicked by their own like-minded “violent” racists on the left. 

Make some popcorn that would be fun to watch.

Proof that they have not one scintilla of a sense of humor
This video is not racist.  It’s anti “gap” and it’s hilarious.  But hey, when everything is racist, nothing is.  She’s lucky the Griffin and I were not in her class.  She’d need therapy.  The problem with these Lefty Libs is obvious.  They cannot take a joke, and anyone with a brain knows this woman is herself a joke.  

But it’s okay, because she’s a teacher.  YGBSM.  And we wonder why the country is circling the drain.  The only thing this woman appears to be qualified for, evidenced by the video, is asking people if they want fries with that.   But she’s somehow she’s “qualified” to teach children.  Can you say, “Homeschool”? 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Recall Rat establishment Republicans

Greetings masses.  Let’s hit it.

As any of the 2-3 regular readers of this page know, Lex hasn’t been a big fan of any of the repeal and replace bills that seem to leave most of Robertscare in place and spend hundreds of millions of our tax dollars (the mob calls it a bribe) to coral a couple of recalcitrant senators.  My thinking has always been when you have a halfhearted work force you just have to get started getting the job done.  Bit by bit progress is made.  If you work hard enough and long enough at the task, eventually you reach an acceptable result.

Apparently there are more than a couple of Rat establishment Republicans who fear that very model and refuse to even start the process of unwinding Robertscare.

Who knew the Republican controlled senate was rife with lying, two-faced, BS Republican azzweasels?  Uh, well, everyone.  Okay repealing and replacing Robertscare was harder than the people with brains thought.  Having taken a dozen or more votes to do the deed when they were certain The Empty Suit would veto their efforts, now given PDJT’s vow to sing the bill, the lying, two-faced, BS Republican azzweasels are headed to the sewer grate to hide out with their butt buddies in the Demo-Dope Party where they are always the most comfortable.

Liars and cowards is not strong enough condemnation for these few, these precious few lying scumbags.  They are despicable, low-life weaklings akin to the guy that picks a bar fight with a biker gang then ducks out the backdoor as the trouble starts to let his “buddies” take the azz whippin’.

So repeal and replace is off the table.

On to a repeal alone vote.  Since the brave, brave ReRs voted this through a year or two ago, it should sail through, right?  Wrong.  The same weaklings are now pulling a John Fran├žois Kerry.  They voted for the bill before they voted against it.  The weaklings should consider how that worked out for Fran├žois who is now a washed up, has been, gold digging, fake war hero, lying politician.

If you believe the MSM, and why should you, there are currently four ReRs that say they will not even support a repeal alone bill with a two year window to “fix” Robertscare.  They are Rob Portman (ReR – OH), the reliably full of BS Susan Collins (ReR – ME), Lisa Murkowski (ReR – AK) and Shelly Capito (ReR – WV). 

Okay fine.  If I were the Ronna Romney-McDaniel, I’d pick a last name.  Then I’d call the four in and promise every one of them a primary challenge.  Then I’d promise each one of them a recall challenge.  I’d promise each one of them this is their last term.  There are 4-5 winnable seats coming up in mid-term election.  Better to have 3-4 known quantity azzbag Demo-Dopes than 3-4 lying, two-faced, BS Republican azzweasels.   I’d remind Capito PDJT won WV with 64% of the vote.  She’s done.

My guess is that if the four survive and Dopes take control of the senate more than one will pull an Arlen Spector and a la Benedict Arnold switch sides.

Fox News idiocy
I was forced to have FNC on in the background last night.  There were the usual suspects, Charles Krauthammer, Shep Smith, Brit Hume etc., all #NEVERTRUMPERS, calling the ReR betrayal on Robertscare a death blow. 

I’m not in that camp.  The continuing death spiral of Robertscare is 100% on the Demo-Dopes, and I think, if Republican vow to follow the Demo-Dope lead and do nothing it will collapse under its own weight.  That will achieve the end result - the death of Robertscare.

When faced with a problem, doing nothing is always the first option. The Republicans ought to take it, and beat Demo-Dopes like a drum with it.  It’s theirs.  They passed it sans even one Republican vote.  Dopes offer not so much as one vote to start the fix. 

On that note, is anyone else tired of hearing about what moderate and reasonable guy Joe Manchin is?  I’m am.  The guy is 100% a Chuckles the clown Schumer water carrier.

Flash mob of 500 teens throw bottles taunt officers in Philly
Yup, profiled it.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Robertscare, MSM treason linked to civil war

Welcome friends.  Let’s hit it.

Robertscare LIVES
Shocked!  Shocked, I tell you.  Rat establishment Republicans cannot unwind Robertscare.  The only thing that can be drawn from that is that ReRs, given 7 years to get it done and failing miserably, don’t want to repeal and replace it.

If Rat establishment Republicans can pass a clean repeal bill, it should be okay.  They can hang the failed Robertscare healthcare disaster around the Dope’s neck for more election cycle.  The bill in the senate, as near as I can tell, was total BS anyway.  I don’t think you get hurt for not passing a BS bill.  You do get hurt if you don’t pass the clean repeal bill.

Note to ReRs:  Politically doing nothing is NOT an option. 

The pitfall in that plan is that the replacement will come over the next two years supposedly with Demo-Dope “help.”  I’m not the least bit optimistic that the feckless ReRs won’t get rolled like beach balls at every turn by the Dopes as they are, after all, opposite wings of the same bird.

It may not be an option under the current political environment, but the best option in my mind is let Robertscare crash and burn under its own weight.  Dopes are fond are of pointing out that billions, nay tens of billions maybe a trillion or more will die under any proposed Republican bill even before the bill is published.  Well how many will die if we do nothing?  Why aren’t ReRs asking that question?  Well, let’s just find out. 

Lex, you cold hearted bastard.  Yeah, well what’s the alternative?

NRA proves Lex’s point
In another hard hitting video, the NRA pretty much destroys the Washington com-Post for attacking Dana Loesch’s effective ad condemning the violent left.  In the first link, the NRA proves Lex’s point made so brilliantly in the post under.  The NRA points out that the WaPost or is it the Waah Post has done more to harm America with their keyboards than the entirety of the NRA membership in its history. 

Also scroll down to the meme - “Law-abiding gun owners have more than 600 million firearms and roughly 25 trillion rounds of ammo.  Trust us, if we were the problem, you’d know it.”

On one of the Sunday shows Carl Bernstein claimed that America was in “a cold civil war.”  I disagree.  As Loesch’s video points out, the left is already engaged in a hot one.  Shots have been fired.  Assaults are on PDJT supporters is now the norm.  I bought a sporting rifle before the election, because I thought Shrillda the Hutt and the Dopes would ban them again.  Now I’m looking at another one because I think I might actually need it to defend the compound from increasingly unhinged Lefty Libs.

If you doubt this assement, wear your MAGA hat downtown in Chicago, NY City or any major in city across the fruited plain and see what happens.  Put a TRUMP bumper sticker on your car and drive it around Detroit.  You are actually likely to be assaulted and your property damaged.  In other words, there are no-go zones in America for half the population.  That’s the definition of civil war, right? 

But it’s only on one side.  Bernie and Shrillda the Hutt supporters are unlikely to be assaulted in the heartland, laughed at and mocked sure, but not assaulted.

Every Demo-Dope who fails to condemn the Lefty Lib violence ought to be linked to it by Republicans starting right now.  Have Chuckles the clown Schumer or Grand Nan from San Fran Peloser offered a word of condemnation of the “resist” movement’s violence?  Dopes need to be linked to the violence they refuse to condemn and that their MSM string pullers promote every day.

1st ever CORRECTION*: In the same post under, Lex infers that the pope is a communist.  That is likely incorrect.  My favorite definition of a communist:  “A communist is just a socialist with gun.”  I‘ve not seen where the pope has taken to packing, so he must just be a socialist and commie sympathizer. 

*NOTE:  1st ever correction doesn’t mean 1st ever mistake.  It just means what it says – correction.  It’s the first time Lex has ever taken the time to correct a page rife with mistakes.  Remember the tagline here:  The truth, as I see it. So if I see it that way, it’s the truth at that time.

As the USMC monitor – the guy that makes assignment decisions – told a guy when he said to his monitor, “Last week you told me I was getting a special joint assignment with the Army Ranger Battalion.  This week you are telling me I’m going to the Pentagon.  Which is the lie.”  The monitor told him.  “Both are true.  The Ranger Bn assignment was true at the time but sometimes the truth changes.  The current truth is that you are going to the Pentagon.”

Turns out some general’s aide took the Ranger Bn assignment, but there was absolutely no undue pressure brought down from on high on the monitor to change the assignment, and that’s the truth.  

Noooo.  Not at all.  That guy is in no way still carrying a grudge.  He’s long ago let that BS double dealing lying POS monitor off the hook for ruining his life.