Thursday, July 13, 2017

Nope, still don't care one wit about DJT Jr.'s meeting

Salutations truth seeker.  Let’s hit it.

"To meet with an adversary to try to get information to hijack democracy, the investigation is now more than just an obstruction of justice investigation, more than just a perjury investigation, it's a treason investigation." 
Moonbat Tim Kaine (Dope – Mars)

Shrillda the Hutt flunky and former failed VP candidate who, you might recall, could not keep his uninformed mouth shut during the only VP debate, Tim Kaine, let his ignorance show again when the ditz actually accused DJT Jr. of treason for taking a meeting with a Russian lawyer.  That’s a laugh.  THE PARTY of treason accusing anyone else of treason is crazy.

Yesterday someone, Corry Lewandowsky I think,  mentioned that Kaine is an ass.  He noted that he’s failed lawyer evidenced by the fact that he has no idea what constitutes treason.  Lewandowsky noted that if Tim Kaine, with no real estate experience, had out foxed Trump in a real estate development deal, Trump would be done as a developer.  That’s exactly what happened to the Hutt and Kaine.  They were skunked by a novice.  But only in politics and baseball mangers is failure a springboard to your next job.  

Let’s be clear.  Americans put treasonous bastards (except Demo-Dope pols) to death for treason.  So Kaine would be advocating for the death penalty for DJT Jr. for sitting in on a 20 minute meeting with a foreign national from a “hostile power.”  Hostile?  But Lex, The Empty Suit assured us during the 2012 campaign the Russians were not hostile anymore.  Exactly.

These are the exact same azzbags who ignored the world’s most famous rapist*, Billbo Billyboy Clinton, funding of his 1996 presidential campaign with Chinese money.   Why the heck aren’t the Republicans beating that drum?  Then American hero John Glenn sold his integrity for a chance to go back into space when he obstructed the senate committee hearing into Billbo’s crooked dealings with the ChiComs.*  Seems to me DJT Jr.’s sins pale in comparison.

NOTE 1:  Bill Cosby is a distant 2nd.

NOTE 2:  Yes that is a long time Lex conspiracy theory:  John Glenn was told by Billbo, if Glenn wanted to go back into space, the senate investigation into Billbo’s crooked as hell Chinese campaign money had to go away.  Glenn complied.  

Then there’s the whole Clinton Foundation Slush Fund selling access to the inevitable next President of the United States, Shrillda the Hutt.  Millions on top of millions of foreign money changed hands to benefit the Clintons with the expectation of buying favor with the prohibitive favorite to become the next POTUS.  Russia bought off the Clintons to gain access to 20% of US uranium production.  Treason?

If Kaine wants to uncover actual treason he needs to look no further than his former running mate and her rapist husband.

If a guy single handedly put a sworn enemy of the United States on the path to becoming a nuclear power, a la the Rosenberg’s, he’d probably get the chair.  If that guy happens to be The Empty Suit and that enemy happens to be Iran, the perp is hailed a hero by the Dopes.

One of Lex’s favorite notions is:  Maybe the Dopes aren’t anti-American treasonous bastards, but how would their actions be any different if they were?  Answer:  They wouldn’t be.

Republicans could take the pressure off PDJT by getting something done on Robertscare and/or taxes.  They can’t/won’t help their president out.  

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