Friday, July 21, 2017

"Hands up don't shoot" treasonous MSM lie of our times

In a couple of the posts under Lex demonstrates how the case can be made, that over the last 40 or so years, no one person or institution has been more subversive to the order and well-being of America than the American press.  It has since occurred to me that the MSM lie of our time, the Wally Cronkite the Vietnam War is lost moment of 1968 if you will, has to be the total BS lie “hands up don’t shoot.” 

The media liars still insist on spreading this proven and provably false BS.  The main difference is that, while I’m will to give Wally the benefit of the doubt that he had no way of knowing the total operational and strategic loss that Tet was for the VC, this generation of traitors knew full well that they were spreading a lie.  It made no difference.  To rip off the Clinton’s little BSer - Chelsea - They Persisted. 

The little lying bastard that started all of the trouble by making the false claim that thug Mike Brown had his hands up and was shot in the back, got off Scott free.  No obstruction charges.  No interfering with investigation charges.  No making a false police report charges.  The little s**t walked.

The media has gotten off Scott free.  Have any of the liars issued a public retraction and apology?  The only one to pay a price so far has been Officer Darren Wilson.  Ferguson was burned over a lie that little lying bastard started and the MSM has perpetuated.  The lie gave rise to Black Thugs Matter movement.  Darren Wilson was forced from the Ferguson PD and the PD itself is now under the thumb of the incompetents in the DoJ.

The sports world is not exempt.  In that world Tim Tebow is a creep and Colin Kaepernick is some kind of hero.  Nobody was worried about another team picking up Tebow when the Denver Broncos brought n Peyton Manning.  They just opined that teams didn’t want to deal with the controversy of player that prayed openly.  They’d bring an accomplice to murder back into the league, but a player that prays?  That’s outrageous. 

Yeah I know, Tebow’s throwing motion is a mess by NFL standards.  That’s the real problem.  Kaepernick is the poster child for adage “never hire a known problem.”  The NFL is a business.  Why would any team want to bring in an average player well past his glory days that is going to blow up the locker room and be a total PR nightmare?  What’s the upside for any team hiring an anti-American interception machine like Kaepernick?

But the sports media insists Kaepernick is unemployed because the league is racist.  Well, why doesn’t ESPN hire him?  They must be racist.  That’s the only answer.

Monday Preview
I’m considering doing something on Trump Alone.  Think of a Randolph Scott movie where Scott single-handedly faces down a gang of bandits running roughshod over a small western town while the “respectable” town folk hide out behind closed doors and peek out from behind drawn shades.  Guess what part PDJT plays in that scenario?  Who do suppose the “town folk” are? 

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